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Crew/Discovery Guide by Kenshin Leo

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/04/00

Eternal Arcadia - Crew members and discoveries.
Copyright 2000 By Kenshin Leo ^.^x <Resmeiy.Keat@int-evry.fr>
Ver. 1.0 - Complete - Last Update 12.04.2000

This FAQ contains some Japanese text in S-JIS encoding.

 Permission granted by author to duplicate (unaltered) this document in its
 entirely for non-profit purposes only. All other rights reserved. If you
 would like to publish this FAQ publicly, on a web site or like, please
 inform me at : <Resmeiy.Keat@int-evry.fr>

This faq contains information about the crew members of the Delphinas and the
list of all the discoveries in the world of Eternal Arcadia.

******   Introduction   ******

This faq works for the japonese and american version of Eternal Arcadia. The
order of the crew members and the discoveries are the same.

This is my first faq, be lenient please. I am a French student learning
japanese. So I don't pretend to be fluent in japanese. My knowledge are based
on courses at school but morstly by self-learning. If you see any mistakes in
my translation, let me know it ASAP. I create this faq to help evryone who
would like information about Eternal Arcadia and not for commercial reasons.
I hope to answer some of your questions. Now the real thing !

|------------------------------  Update  -----------------------------------|
 Ver 1.0  -  Complete - 12.4.2000
 - List of all discoveries (64 / 64).
 - Change in the condition to obtain Ryukan.
 - More precisions about the crew members and the discoveries.

 Ver 0.7  -  11.20.2000
 - Correction and addition in the information of the crew members. Half of
   the discoveries with name and location.

 Ver 0.5  -  11.13.2000
 - List of the crew members of the Delphinas with names, locations and ways
   to make them join. Other information will be added soon.

************************  TABLE OF CONTENTS  ********************************

I. How to obtain the crewmembers ?
II. How can I use my crewmembers ?
III. Where is this island ?
IV. List of the crewmembers.
V. How to find new discoveries ?
VI. List of discoveries.
VII. Conclusions and credits


******  I. How to recruit the crew members ?  ******

Some of the crew members of the Delphinas have some specific ways to recruit
them. First, you have to possess the super battleship Delphinas 
(デルフィナス) and Vayce (ヴァイス) must be the captain and chief of the 
group. Some members join the group automatically.
Here are the information that I will give :

- Name : Obvious, isn't it ? ;)
- Job : What does he or she do on board ?
- Location : The island where the member is.
- Condition : This the way how to recuit him or her.
- Description : A little description of the crew member.
- Effect : Advantage given when you use him or her in battleship fights.
- Crew Crew : Description of what the member do in the special attack
              クルー クルー.

******  II. How can I use my crewmembers ?  ******

The crewmembers can be used in three different situations :

-> Support in your battleship fights
 Some crewmembers are here to increase the characteristics of your ship like
 Lorentz. These are support who can't be chosen in the [Crew] option in
 the battleship fight (their names are in grey).

-> Give advantages during battleship fight.
 Other crewmembers can be activated in the [Crew] option in the battleship
 fihgts. If you choose one of them, you use gauge points and permanent or
 temporary effects give you advantages to your ship or your party members.

-> Special technic クルー クルー
 To use this special Crew Attack, your gauge (upper part of the screen) must
 be at its maximum and Vayce has to be the captain of the Delphinas. You have
 then two choices : an attack with an enormous amount of damage (well, you 
 make the moon crash on the ennemy O.Ox) and a special attack called クルー
 クルー in which your crew members come with fun animations. This is what I 
 describe in the [Crew Crew] section.

******  III. Where is this island ?  ******

Funano Island 船乗島 : This is the second island that you visit, behind the 
                       mountains. The Poly's bar is there. There is a big 
                       lighthouse on it. The island is in the center of the 

Esperanza エスペランザ : This is an abandonned town by the Balua Empire. The 
                         sky is orange there. The drunken sailor Don lives 
                         here in a restaurant. This island is in the south of
                         the Nacel Empire. It is at the lower right part of 
                         the map.

Horteka ホルテカ : This is the aboriginal town, capital of the Montesma 
                   Empire. It lies on the left part of the map (wooden part).

Headquarters 本拠地 : This is the island where Vayce lives during three 
                      months alone. It will become the headquarters of Vayce
                      crew members. It lies on the upper right part of the 

Naslaad ナスラード : Capital of the Nacel Empire, built in the desert. It 
                     will be partially destroyed by the Balua armada.
                     It lies in the right side of the desert area of the map.

Dobra Restaurant ドブラレストラン : This restaurant is in the North Ocean. It
                                    lies in the center of the area, quite
                                    in high sky but can be reach without
                                    the upgrade.

Malamba マランバ : This is a desert island in the Nacel kingdom. Two light-
                   houses are next to it. It lies under the sunken rocks in 
                   the southern part of Nacel.

Yaftomaa ヤフトマー : It is the chinese town protected by the Great Wall.
                      It lies in the right part of the map.

Ryukan's island リュウカンの島 : It is an isolated island where the Chinese
                                 blacksmith Ryukan lives. To reach it, start
                                 from Yaftomaa and go to the north where you 
                                 have to go through white clouds. The islands
                                 lies in the area (small island with a house 
                                 on it)

Alkyumis' Palace アルキュミの館 : This palace lies in the high sky (you must
                                  upgrade your ship). It is in the north of
                                  the Balua continent, in the middle of the
                                  empty area on the map.

Salgassor サルガッソー : This is the vortex region. You can find Robinson 
                         like this : in the first area, go to the left upper
                         vortex then in the rightest vortex in the next 
                         region. His ship lies in the middle of the area you

The sky rebel's island 空賊島 : It is the starting island ...

******  IV. List of the crew members  ******

|1| LORENTZ ロレンス
    Job : Navigator 航海士
    Location : Funano Island 船乗島
    Condition : You must have 10.000 rich to pay him.
    Description : 船乗り稼業をビジネスと割りきる航海士
                  It is a navigator who works for money.
    Effect : 手なれた操艦で、砲撃戦時のスピードを上昇させる
             With his dexterity, the battleship shooting speed inscreases.
             スピード +30
             Speed +30
    Crew Crew : He comes and jumps in front of you saying : "It's my job !"

|2| DON ドン
    Job : Navigator 航海士
    Location : Esperanza エスペランザ
    Condition : You must be on the second CD and talk to him.
    Description : 元はバルアの貴族とのウワサもある酔いどれ航海士。
                  It is said even nowadays that this sailor was a Balua
                  nobleman. Now, it is a perpetually drunken sailor.
    Effect : そのフラフラした操艦は、航の回避率を上昇させる。
             With this drunken member, the evasion rate increases.
             回避率 +15
             Evasion +15
    Crew Crew : He drinks wine for the sake of everyone.

|3| HANS ハンス
    Job : Mechanic 機関士
    Location : Horteka ホルテカ
    Condition : You must be on CD 2 and talk to him twice (leave the area 
                before talking again to him!)
    Description : サンチーム譲りの技術をもつ、まじめな少年機関士。
                  He inherits Santeem's knowledge and abilities. He is a
                  very serious mechanic.
    Effect : 装甲に独自の工夫をこらし、煌防力を上昇させる。
             Using a diagram of a special armour, the magic defense is 
             煌防力 +20
             Magic defense +20
    Crew Crew : He holds a wrench and a big machine works behind him.

|4| BRAPAM ブラパム
    Job : Mechanic 機関士
    Location : Headquarters 本拠地
    Condition : Automatic after the construction of the headquarters.
    Description : 老いてますます機械への情熱練の機関士。
                  A mechanic passionate by older mechanisms.
    Effect : 装甲をメンテしてくれ、船の防衛力が上昇する。
            By strengthening the armour, the defense of the ship increases.
            防衛力 +20
            Defense +20
    Crew Crew : He yawns lying on the floor.

|5| BELLE ベル
    Job : Gunner 砲手
    Location : Headquarters 本拠地
    Condition : You must be on the second CD and talk to her.
    Description : 砲術を学びにきた、クローネー家の砲手の女の子。
                  She studied really hard the artellery. She is the gunner
                  of the Kurone house.
    Effect : まだ大きな砲は撃てないか、副砲の威力は上昇する。
             By attacking with a big cannon, the cannon power increases. 
    Crew Crew : She fires with a BIIIIIIIIIIIIG cannon.

|6| KATSUMU カツム
    Job : Gunner 砲手
    Location : Naslaad ナスラード
    Condition : After the ennemy attacks Naslaad, talk to him.
    Description : ナスル1の腕を自認する、血気盛んな荒くれ砲手。
                  This rude gunner was known for his zeal and he is the prin-
                  cipal guard of Nacel.
    Effect : 巨砲を扱うのか得意なので、主砲の威力が上昇する。
             His strong point is manipulating big guns, so the power of the
             main cannon increases.
    Crew Crew : He holds two cannons and fires with them.

|7| TIKA TIKA テイカテイカ
    Job :  Watch keeping guard 見張り
    Location : Horteka ホルテカ
    Condition : You must discover[モンテスネスの村](see discoveries 
                section) then talk to him.
    Description : 推定7。0の視力を誇る、モンテスマの狩人。
                  The Montesma guard is proud of his perfect eyesight.
    Effect : その干里眼を発揮して、魚雷命中率を上昇させる。
             With his perfect eyesight, the aiming of the ship increases.
    Crew Crew : He fires 4 arrows in the same time.

|8| DOMINGO ドミンゴ
    Job : Watch keeping guard 見張り
    Location : Dobra Restaurant ドブラレストラン
    Condition : You must find at least 30 discoveries, then talk to him.
    Description : 世界をまたにかける、軽めのトレジャーハンター。
                  He travels the world to find all the discoveries.
    Effect : 彼の鋭いヤマカンは、クリティカル率を上昇させる。
             With his excellent sight, the critical attack's rate increases.
    Crew Crew : He finds a wonderful treasure chest with his telescope.

|9| KALIFFA カリファ
    Job : Businesswoman 交易商人
    Location : Malamba マランバ
    Condition : You must find the[モノノフの剣] (you have to buy it in the
                weapon shop of Yaftomaa), then talk to her.
    Description : 月煌石を使って未来を読む、年齢不詳の占い師。
                  She can read the future with a moon stone. She is a
                  fortune teller which age is unknown.
    Effect : 船に乗せることで、特殊アイテムの入手率上昇。
             When you put her on board, you have more chance to find
             special items.
    Crew Crew : She uses a moon stone. A ray of light shines through out the

|10| OSMAN オスマン
    Job : Businessman 交易商人
    Location : Naslaad ナスラード
    Condition : After the ennemy attacks Naslaad, talk to him.
    Description : とにかくお金が大好きな、ナスルの交昜商人。
                  It is a seller of the Sun Asociation of Nacel who loves 
    Effect : 船に乗せることで、金目のアイテムの入手率上昇。
             When you bring him on board, the item's value that you have in-
    Crew Crew : He is so happy to see so many gold coins.

|11| KIRARA キララ
    Job : Carpenter 大工
    Location : Yaftomaa ヤフトマー
    Condition : After discovering her house, talk to her.
    Description : ちょっと勝ち気な、ヤフトマーの大工の女の子。
                  With her winning spirit, she is a carpenter of Yaftomaa.
    Effect : クルーコマンドで、船のHPを全回復してくれる。
             With the [Crew] command, the HP of the group are restored.
    Crew Crew : She jumps and then throws some shuriken.

|12| IZRELE イズレール
    Job : Carpenter 大工
    Location : Headquarters 本拠地
    Condition : Automatic after building the headquarters.
    Description : 小さい休からは想像もつかぬ怪力をもつ大工。
                  This carpenter has a huge power and a very big imagination
                  since his retreat.
    Effect : その技衛力を活かし、月煌砲の威力を上昇させる。
             With his special knowledge on defense, the magic power is in-
    Crew Crew : He throws a big tree trunk.

|13| URARA ウララ
    Job : Cook コック
    Location : Yaftomaa ヤフトマー
    Condition : Kirara [11] must be a crew member. Then talk to her.
    Description : ちょっと内気な、ヤフトマーの料理の上手な女の子。
                  A little shy but an excellent Yaftomaa cook.
    Effect : クルーコマンドで、ガッツを回復してくれる。
             With the [Crew] command, your gauge is restored. 
    Crew Crew : She arrives with a lot of chinese food, saying :
                "Sorry for make you waiting"

|14| POLY ポリー
    Job : Cook コック
    Location : Funano Island 船乗島
    Condition : Talk to her
    Description : オーシャンでは有名な、船乗り島の酒場の女主人。
                  A celebrity of the wholt Ocean, she owns the bar on Furano
    Effect : クルーコマンドで、誰かのKPを回復してくれる。
             With the [Crew] command, the KP of one member is fully restored.
    Crew Crew : She gives a BIG kiss O.Ox

|15| RYUKAN リュウカン
    Job : Blacksmith 職人
    Location : Ryukan's island リュウカンの島
    Condition : After going to Yaftomaa, you must have a good reputation
                He will then join you.
    Description : ガンコー徹、究極の剣を作らんとする鍛冶屋。
                  Always attacking, he is a blacksmith searching for the
                  ultimate katana.
    Effect : クルーコマンドで、攻撃力 防御力がー定時間上昇。
             With the [Crew] command, your defense and attack power
             increase simultaneously.
    Crew Crew : He makes a katana and then shows it to the sky.

|16| ALKYUMIS アルキュミス
    Job : Blacksmith 職人
    Location : Alkyumis' Palace アルキュミの館
    Condition : After learning Raizon ライゾン, talk to him twice (leave
                the area where is Alkyumis before talking to him again)
    Description : 独自の研究でさまざまな薬を調合する薬剤師。
                  He is an alchemist who mixes drugs for his special
    Effect : クルーコマンドで、全能力値がー定時間上昇。
             With the [Crew] command, the whole party are all cured.
    Crew Crew : He reads in his book and makes a fireball appeared.

|17| ROBINSON ロビンソン
    Job : Sailor 水夫
    Location : Salgassor サルガッソー
    Condition : When Poly [14] is a crew member, talk to him.
    Description : 漂流生活をしていたが、航海歴は長いベテラン水夫。
                  His whole life is dedicated to the sea. He is a veteran 
                  sailor who has travelled a lot.
    Effect : クルーコマンドで、1ターンだけ消費ガッツ軽減。
             With the [Crew] command, you use less gauge for your spells and
    Crew Crew : He drinks wine and he spits of fire.

|18| MARCO マルコ
    Job : Sailor 水夫
    Location : Inside the Delphinas デルフィナス内
    Condition : Automatic. You have to find him to continue.
    Description : 船乗りにあこがれ密航してきた、元気な熱血少年。
                  A little dynamic boy who really wants to become a sailor.
    Effect : クルーコマンドで、1ターンだけガッツ回復量2倍。
              With the [Crew] command, during one round, the gauge is filled
              two times faster.
    Crew Crew : He throws a BIG dropping of nose (yurk !)

|19| PAU パウ
    Job : Mascot 人気者
    Location : Sky rebels' island 空賊島
    Condition : "Talk" to him.
    Description : すばしっこく船内を駆けまわる、ー家のマスコット。
                  This is the Delphinas mascot who runs around in.
    Effect : クルーコマンド、1ターンだけ先制攻撃率上昇。
              With the [Crew] command, the anticipation rate is increased
              during one round.
    Crew Crew : He jumps everywhere, barking.

|20| MELIDA メリダ
    Job : Mascot 人気者
    Location : Horteka ホルテカ
    Condition : You must have Bin's letter [ビンの手紙]then talk to her.
                Bin's letter is in the lighthouse of Furano island 船乗島.
    Description: 父を殺したバルアへの復讐を?、若き踊り子。
                 She wants to get revenge from Balua, which are responsible 
                 of her father's death. She is a young dancer.
    Effect : 華麗で躍動感あふれる踊りで、船の豪華さが上昇。
             With her animated dancing mouvements, the glory of your heroes
             increases (?)
    Crew Crew : She is doing an aborigenal dance.

|21| MOEGI モエギ
    Job : Guest ゲスト
    Location : Yaftomaa ヤフトマー
    Condition : Automatic.
    Description : 争いのない平和な世界を願う、ヤフトマーの皇女。
                  Imperial princess who wishes for a world of peace.
    Effect : クルーコマンドで、1ターンだけ煌術を無効化。
              With the [Crew] command, the magic spells has no effect on the
              group during one round.
    Crew Crew : She prays for the sake of everyone

|22| PINTA ピンタ
    Job : Guest ゲスト
    Location : Funano Island 船乗島
    Condition : Talk to him
    Description : 世界中のアイテムを集めることを夢見る冒険少年。
                  This young adventurer dreams of having all the items of the
    Effect : クルーコマンドで、1ターんだけ敵の砲撃無効化。
             With the [Crew] command, the ennemy bomb attack has no effect
             during one round
    Crew Crew : He whirls his 

******  V. How to find new discoveries ?  ******

The discoveries can be found by using the compass on the bottom right of the
screen. When you are near a discovery, the compass begins to panic. A lot of
clues can be bought in the guilds. There is also a ship in the north of
Horteka who belongs to the guild.

Some discoveries are invisible and need a bit of luck to find them. But the
guilds should give you enough clues to find them ... Except if you have
bought the japanese version :)

But 8 discoveries are not known from the guilds. You should then talk to
ships that sail on the Ocean. For exmaple, There is a plant boat flying above
Horteka and indicates you how to find the yellow butterflies.

How can I use the discoveries ?

-> When you have 30 discoveries, you can recruit Domingo in your crew.

-> When you have 50 discoveries, you can go to your base and see Domingo in
   the meeting room, at the top of the base. He will give you interesting

-> You have found all the discoveries ? Domingo will offer you other

Here is now the complete list :

******  VI. List of the discoveries  ******

|1| 青の空賊の墓標 - The sky rebels' tomb
    The tomb is on a little island in the north west of the 1st island
    (hometown). It is between two big islands.

|2| 水先案内の碑 - A stone trafficator
    From the first island, go to the north, you will encounter a little 
    island. It lies on it.

|3| 空中珊瑚礁 - Coral barrier
    From the first dungeon, go to the south east. Go through the sunken rocks
    then you will see a row of islands. Take a look at the last one.

|4| 銀の月煌石の鉱脈 - Moon stones layer
    From the first dungeon, go east. You have to look at the side of a big
    island with no vegetation.

|5| だんご岩 - Dango Rocks
    Go to the southern part of the Malambar island. It lies on the top of the
    mountains (east side).

|6| さまよえる湖 - Samayoeru Lake
    It lies in the Nacel desert, on the east of Malambar. Click on mid-air.

|7| オアシス - Oasis
    In the south east of Malambar, it lies in the thin desertic region, on
    the ground.

|8| 流砂の滝 - Sand waterfalls
    There is a big island in the south east of Malambar. The source of this
    waterfall is in high altitude, above this island.

|9| ピュラミス神殿 - Pyramis Temple
    Temple where you search for the red stone. It is an Egyptian-style 

|10| クチバツ岩 - Kuchibatsu Rock
    Very difficult to find. It is a rock which lies in the south-western part
    of the South Ocean. It is on the ouest part of the last big island before
    entering in a region without island.

|11| ソラギンチャク - Soraginchaku
    It is a rock which lies in the south eastern part of the South Ocean.
    There is a thin swirl near it.

|12| モンテスマ大陸 - Montesma Continent
    It is in the north of the south Ocean ... Impossible to miss.

|13| ぶどうイモ - Potato culture
    The Montesma people harvest below the island where they live. It lies
    under Horteka.

|14| ダスカの地上絵 - Ground drawing of Daska.
    This is a drawing which is near the big lake on the Montesma continent.
    There is an area with no vegetation next this lake.

|15| 黄金像 - Golden statue
    This is the statue which lies in the mountain, on the west side of the 
    big tree where lives the Montesma's King. It is really next to it.

|16| ドラドの門 - The Dorado doors
    Following the direction of the nozzle of the bird (14) and the finger of
    the golden statue (15), you should find Dorado on the bottom of a moun-

|17| モンテスマ王都跡 - Ruins of the Royal capitale of Montesma
    Start from the golden statue (15) and searching on the ground, go in the
    south-south west direction. Click in the area ecause it is not visible
    and in the middle of the forest.

|18| モンテスネスの村 - Montesnes town
    From the island where you free the Montesma sorcerer, go north. You will
    see a big island. Click in the area with no vegetation.

|19| 謎のサークル - The round labyrinth
    From the will-o'-the-wisps (20), there is a big invisible island. Click
    in the area south of the will-o'-the-wisps.

|20| 謎の光球 - Will-o'-the-wisps
    From the gate between the Montesma kingdom and the North Ocean, go north.
    You will see a quite big island. Click on it.

|21| ロック島の巣 - The Rock island's nest
    From the gate between the Montesma kingdom and the North Ocean, go north
    west, you will see an island. Click on the area with no vegetation.

|22| 巨人のイス - The Giant's chair
    East from the Dobura restaurant lies a rock island. Click on it.

|23| 大灯台の跡 - Ruins of a big lighthouse
    On the west extremity of the Balua continent lies a quite big island.
    Click on the west side of the island.

|24| 伯爵の城 - Castle of a noble
    From tht Tartas ruins (where you find the yellow stone), go south west. 
    After the big crater, you will find some mountains. On the bottom of one of
    them lies this castle

|25| ドクロ岩 - Dokuro Rock
    Find the eastern extremity of the Balua continent on the map. Visit the
    south side of the extremity. You should it there.

|26| 岩壁住居の跡 - Ruins of a rock house.
    In the north side of the Balua continent, there a stone crumbling. On the
    side of the mountain, west of the stone crumbling lies this discovery.

|27| 船の墓場 - Sunken boats cimetery.
    The North canal of Danel (on the map, this is the whits clouds separating
    the Balua continent from the Nacel Empire) contains a column of clouds.
    Visit the inside of this column (mid-air).

|28| 船乗りの詩碑 - A sailor's writings
    From the stone crumbling in the north of Balua continent, you should find
    a little island where lies this discovery.

|29| 風船花 - The wind boat's flower
    From the Dokuro Rock (25), go north by clicking without interruption. You
    will finally find it.

|30| 水の大陸 - The Ice Continent.
    This continent is on the lower left part of the map. No way to miss it :)

|31| ペンギン - Pinguin
    On the west part of the Ice Continent (30), there a purple ice area. In
    the north of the mountains that splits this west zone, visit the area near
    the mountain.

|32| 毛長像の水像 - Ice statue of a haired head.
    In the bottom right of the map, lies the ice continent. This discovery
    is on the side of the continent (on a iceberg very near to the continent).

|33| オーロラ - Aurora
    In the middle of the Ice Continent (30), click in the air. Easy.

|34| 気球の残骸 - Wreck of an airship
    At the entry of Salgassor lies a very big island. South of it, there is a
    small island. Click on it.

|35| クラーケンの巣 - Kraaken's Nest
    From the treasure island (the dungeon where Vyse, Fina and Aika finally
    met each other), go north. You willf ind a big island behind the white
    clouds. Click over one of the craters.

|36| 黒い月煌石 - Black moon stones
    In the vortex area exit, you will be in an area where lie a lot of shining
    stones but black ones. Click in the center of the area.

|37| ヤフトマー - Yaftomaa.
    From the exit of the vortex area, go north. No way to miss.

|38| シバクラメの巣 - Shibakurame's nest.
    From the vortex area exit, go in the north east direction. Near the white
    clouds, lies a little island. Click on it.

|39| ギョクモン関 - Gyokumon Barrier
    From the vortex area exit, go to the north east direction. Behind the
    white clouds, you will find ruins of the Great Wall. This is it.

|40| トキワドリ - Tokiwadori
    North west of the Fugaku mountain (near Yaftomaa), you will find some white
    birds flying around. Catch them all !

|41| ウマシカ - A dean
    East of Yaftomaa, a big island lies on the Great Wall. Click on the east
    side of the island.

|42| 嘆きの皇子像 - Statue of a crying imperial prince
    This statue are like those on the islands. If you look on the left side of
    the map, you can see a green big island isolated by the rock barrier.
    Click on the west part of it. 

|43| 香料の島 - Spices' island
    Very difficult. See the map and you see a text under the Wall surrounding
    Yaftomaa. The discovery lies in the area under the first letters of this

|44| ホウライの島 - Hourai's island
    It is an invisible island (mid-air). Search in the empty area in the lower
    right part of the map. It is in the middle of this area.

|45| 逆さ島 - An upside down island.
    Go north from Ryukan's island, skirting the white clouds in the east. When
    you see the black clouds in the north, search in the area (mid-air).

|46| 世界一周航路 - Do a world round
    Automatic when you try to go back to your headquarters after the Blue
    Moon Stone is acquired.

|47| ロウラン王都跡 - Ruins of the Royal capital Rouran.
    In the south east of the Nasland continent, there is an area between the
    black clouds and the mountains. The ruins are in an area with no 

|48| 南十画学島 - The South cross island
    In very low altitude, in the north of the Ice continent, click on the
    island you will find there.

|49| 虹のふもとの島 - Rainbow island
    In the high skies, over the headquarters, there is a rainbow. Click where
    the rainbow seems to stop.

|50| 月煌石の滝の水源 - Source of a moon stones waterfall.
    From the sky rebel's island, go west in the high skies. You will see the
    source of a cascade on an island.

|51| 鋼鉄の星 - The steel star.
    A red plane or satellite flies, east of Naslaad in very high altitude.

|52| モンテヒヒ - Montehihi.
    Over the Montesma continent, on a very high altitude, lies a big island
    with a lake in the center. On the north east side lies this discovery.

|53| 天文台跡 - Ruins of an observatory.
    From Montehihi (52), in high slies, go north west. It lies on the top of
    a moutain.

|54| 浮遊雷球 - Electric flying spheres
    Under the Balua continent, on the east part and in low altitude, there are
    two yellow spheres which turns around each other.

|55| ダイダラスギ - Daidarasgi.
    It is tree which lies on an island, south of Tenkou island (where you meet
    the son of the chinese emperor). I can't remember if the island was visible
    or not.

|56| 幽霊船 - A haunted ship.
    See the map and you will notice a circle of white clouds sorrouding Salgas-
    sor (the vortex entry and exit). In very high altitude, follow this circle
    clockwise. You will meet this boat.

|57| ワタリチョウ - Yellow butterflies Watarichou.
    These yellow butterflies seems to fly in high altitude from west to east.
    Their track goes over the Furano island (the lighthouse island)

|58| 月蝕ポイント - Eclipse point
    From the Elmo's Nest (59), go north in very high altitude. You will see the
    screen getting darker. Click now !

|59| エルモの巣 - Elmo's Nest
    West from the Dobura Restaurant, behind the white clouds barrier, lies a
    grey and green island. Visit the east side of the island.

|60| 古代の沈船 - Sunken ship of ancient times.
    From the secret base Dangraal, in very low altitude, go south-south-west.
    You will find a little island. Click on it.

|61| バルア沈船戦艦 - Sunken battleship of Balua.
    In very low altitude, from the column of white clouds dividing the Balua
    and the Naslaad continents, go west. You will see a little island. Click on

|62| さかさウサギ - Reversed rabbit.
    From the Electric flying spheres (54), go north in very low altitude, by
    clicking without interruption.

|63| 地獄の煙突 - Chemneys of the hell.
    From the first dungeon, in very low altitude, go west. After going through
    two barriers of white clouds, click without interruption.

|64| 古代魚 - Fish of the ancient times.
    From the Kraaken nest (35), look around in very low altitude in west direc-
    tion. Look up and you will see a big fish moving around.

******   VII. Conclusion and credits  ******

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Great thanks to :

- The guy or girl who has listed all the crew members and discoveries in
  japanese :
  Without it, I would never be motivate to make this FAQ.
- Shirokawai for giving the website above ...
- GeoCool for giving the website where you can find the discoveries.
- JIrwin for his FAQ about the last discoveries. I missed three and find them.
- All the people on the message boards who help me to advance in this wonder-
  ful game.

NB : The next update will have all the discoverie, I hope :) So stay tunned.
     Ja ne minna-san. O tanoshimi ni !

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