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Game Script by metal_cherry

Version: 0.75 | Updated: 06/13/08


For Sega Dreamcast


By Metal_Cherry

(Leah Taylor)


Hi there. :D Just a quick rundown of the script. This is
the game script for the Dreamcast game 'Skies of Arcadia'.
This dialogue is transcribed directly from the game's


As of now, the script is still unfinished; typing up an
entire game script is no easy task, but I hope to have
the completed version posted in the very near future.

At various points in the script, you will find dialogue
choices where the game prompts you to choose between two
courses of action. As you can only choose one, there are
many dialogue choices missing from the script. I hope to
add these soon, but if you would like to contribute any,
I'd be very grateful. :D

This game has no chapters, but I have divided this script
into chapters to (hopefully) make it easier to navigate.
Just type the chapter number into your search box (Ctrl + F)
to find the chapter.

I'm still brushing up and tweaking the script, getting rid
of typos, filling in missing bits, etc. So I apologize
for any mistakes. Again, if you'd like to correct any, please
feel free to contact me!

A rather obvious but important, as this is a game script, it
have not completed the game yet, or just don't mind being
spoiled. Don't say I didn't warn you. :O

Finally, I shouldn't have to point this out, but I have put a
TREMENDOUS amount of effort into accurately transcribing every
sentence of story dialogue. I have no problem with having this
script hosted by other sites, as long as you gain my permission
first. Contact details can be found at the bottom of the script.
Thank you!




**DISC 1**


1.01 - The Raid
1.02 - Fina
1.03 - Shrine Island
1.04 - The Bombing


2.01 - Drachma
2.02 - Sailors Island
2.03 - Valua (Lower City)
2.04 - The Coliseum
2.05 - The Rail Car


3.01 - Back to Pirate Isle
3.02 - Maramba
3.03 - Temple of Pyrynn
3.04 - The Red Gigas


4.01 - To Ixa'taka!
4.02 - Horteka
4.03 - The Chameleon
4.04 - Moon Stone Mountain
4.05 - Rixis
4.06 - The Green Gigas


5.01 - Back to Valua
5.02 - Rhaknam
5.03 - Stranded
5.04 - Clara
5.05 - Survival
5.06 - The Claudia
5.07 - Treasure Maps
5.08 - Daccat's Island
5.09 - Reunion


6.01 - Attack on Nasrad
6.02 - Prisoners
6.03 - Escape
6.04 - The Delphinus

(7.00) TO THE EAST

7.01 - Crescent Isle
7.02 - Esperanza
7.03 - Admiral Gregorio
7.04 - The Dark Rift


8.01 - The Tenkou
8.02 - Yafutoma
8.03 - Mt. Kazai
8.04 - Betrayal in Yafutoma
8.05 - Exile Island
8.06 - Delphinus Takeover
8.07 - The Blue Gigas
8.08 - Where next?

**DISC 2**


9.01 - Return to Crescent Isle
9.02 - The Lands of Ice
9.03 - The Purple Gigas


10.01 - Upgrading and Planning
10.02 - The Yellow Gigas


11.01 - Gilder Returns
11.02 - Exploring Sangral
11.03 - Galcian & Gregorio

(12.00) FINA'S SHIP

12.01 - Modifications
12.02 - Into the Vortex
12.03 - De Loco
12.04 - Blackbeard II


13.01 - Celebrations & An Attack
13.02 - Recovery
13.03 - The Great Silver Shrine
13.04 - The Truth
13.05 - Back to Dangral
13.06 - The Rains of Destruction

(14.00) GALCIAN

14.01 - Regrouping
14.02 - The Hydra
14.03 - Confrontation
14.04 - The Elders' Sacrifice

(15.00) SOLTIS

15.01 - Ramirez
15.02 - Zelos
15.03 - Ramirez & Zelos
15.04 - It's Finally Over...





1.01 - The Raid


Alfonso: Hah hah hah...
         We've finally found her...

Vice Captain: Admiral Alfonso, her ship's in range of our

Alfonso: Excellent. Prepare to fire Concussion Shells on
         my command but avoid hitting her ship directly.
         We need her alive so we can "question" her.

Alfonso: Fire!

(The girl's ship is hit with cannonfire.)

Vice Captain: Your Excellency, the girl has been knocked
              unconscious, but she's unharmed. She's been
              taken aboard our ship.

Alfonso: Hah hah hah. The Empress will be very pleased
         with me, I'm sure to be rewarded...
         rather handsomely, I might add.

(There is a loud rumbling sound...)

Alfonso: What? Where did that come from?
         It sounded like an explosion.
         Status report, now!

Observation Soldier: Th... the lower hull has been hit!
                     Someone is attacking us!

Alfonso: Attacking us?!
         Who would dare attack a vessel of
         the Imperial Armada?

Observation Soldier: There's a small ship hiding in the clouds off
                     the port side!

Observation Soldier: Th... that flag... Air Pirates!!!

Valuan Soldier: Air Pirate scum!
                Don't you know that we're Valuan Imperial

Vyse: Of course I know.
      That's why we attacked your ship.
      You guys have the best stuff.

Vyse: I'm Vyse of the Blue Rogues.
      And in a few minutes, I'll be relieving you of
      all your valuables!

Valuan Soldier: Heh heh... Attacking us all by yourself? You're
                either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid.
                We'll be tossing you overboard.

Aika: Wait for me!!

Aika: Vyse, you left without me! I'm not going to let
      you have all the fun.

Aika: Oh, hi, I'm Aika.
      I'm a Blue Rogue like Vyse...
      And we're robbing you.

Valuan Soldier: You dare mock the Valuan Empire with your
                insolence? Kill them! And toss their corpses
                over the side!


Vyse: There's no point in resisting. Throw down your
      weapons and hand over your ship.

Valuan Soldier: Imbeciles!
                What do the two of you think you can do against
                the five of us? Take 'em down.

(Bang, dead soldier.)

Dyne: I think you miscounted. I only see four of you.

Vyse: Dad!

Dyne: We'll take care of these guys. Make your way to
      the bridge and shut down the engines.

Dyne: And, when we're out here, remember, it's
      "Captain" ...not "Dad." Got it?

Vyse: Yeah, yeah... Aye aye, "Captain."
      Heh... Aika, shall we go introduce ourselves to
      the captain of this ship?

Aika: I'm ready when you are!

Vyse: Alright! Let's go find the bridge!


Alfonso: Well... well...
         Air Pirates have decided to... infest my ship.

Alfonso: I am Alfonso, cherished son of Valua's most
         distinguished family, and an Admiral of the
         Imperial Armada.

(One of the soldiers has the girl dressed in white slung
 over one shoulder.)

Alfonso: Normally, lowlifes such as yourselves would
         never have the opportunity to bask in such
         greatness. Consider yourselves fortunate.

Vyse: Yeah... right...
      Who's the girl?
      I never thought someone of your... stature would
      stoop to kidnapping.

Alfonso: Hah!
         You're very observant for a Rogue. However,
         I cannot waste my time dealing with you.
         I simply must get going. I think I shall have
         you exterminated like the pests you are...
         Dispose of them!


(Upon approaching Alfonso.)

Alfonso: What?! How did you defeat my soldiers?
         Heh... If you want my ship that badly, you can
         have it. I'll get another.
         I am very busy. I do not have time to deal with
         you personally. Now, if you'll excuse me...


(Big gate opens.)

Vice Captain: Your Excellency, the sun is up and visibility is

Alfonso: Good work.
         I have finished my preparations as well...
         ... preparations to dispose of a traitor.

Vice Captain: W... what?
              P... please!
              Your Excellency!!!
              What are you doing?!

Alfonso: I cannot tell the Empress that I lost my ship to
         the Air Pirates in a fair fight. I am going to
         need a scapegoat and you'll do quite nicely.
         To keep my glorious reputation from being
         tarnished, you must be sacrificed...

Vice Captain: N... no!
              You can't do this!

(Vice Captain flies off the edge of the ship.)

Vice Captain: Aaaaaaahhhh!

Alfonso: Even in death, he'll serve me well.
         I can't wait to tell the Empress...
         "But Empress, my own Vice Captain betrayed us
         and allowed the Air Pirates on board. I could
         do naught but dispose of the traitor myself."

?: So, this is how Valua treats its people...

Alfonso: What?!

Vyse: Now that we've taken control of your ship, we'll
      be taking the girl as well.
      There's just one more thing I need to do.

(Vyse draws his sword.)

Vyse: After seeing you kill an unarmed man in cold
      blood, I can't allow you to walk away from this.
      Draw your blade, Alfonso!

Alfonso: Hah... An uncivilized Rogue such as yourself
         wants to challenge me?
         You aren't worth my effort, but perhaps you'd
         like to meet one of my pets.
         Come, Antonio!

(The door is smashed in, and a huge, armoured, four-legged
 beast stomps into the room.)

Vyse: What? What is that thing?!

Alfonso: He's my personal war beast.
         I was going to leave him here, but it seems I've
         found a use for him after all.
         Antonio! Trample the pests... and make their deaths as
         painful as possible.


(After defeating Antonio)

Alfonso: Bah!
         Perhaps there is more to you than meets the eye.
         Well, Vyse of the Blue Rogues...
         You will rue this day... the day you stood
         against the Valuan Empire. We shall meet again.

(Alfonso escapes on a lifeboat.)

Aika: You coward!
      What kind of a commander sacrifices his own men
      and his ship to run from a fight?
      Well, even though he was a coward, he was a
      coward with gold...

Vyse: True... I suppose that the ship and everything on
      it officially belong to us now.

Aika: We haven't had a catch this big in quite some
      time! The people back home are going to be

(Vyse and Aika turn to look at the girl in white.)

Aika: And look at this girl.
      I've never seen anyone dressed like that before.

Vyse: You're right. She sure doesn't look like she's
      from around here. I wonder why Valua was trying
      to kidnap this girl in the first place.

Aika: Hmm...
      I wonder where she's from...


1.02 - Fina


?: This place...
   Am I...
   Am I home?

?: Fina...
   You... replace... Rami... the... moon...

?: Elder...

?: However, watch... yourself.
   ...do not... allow... trust...

?: Elder...

Aika: How is she, Vyse?

Vyse: Hmm... her breathing's more regular now.
      I think she'll be alright.

Aika: Hey!
      Look! She's coming to...

Girl: Wh... where am I?

Vyse: You're aboard our ship, the Albatross.
      I'm Vyse.
      Don't worry, there aren't any Valuan troops
      around, so you'll be safe here.

Girl: Y... yes.
      Um... thank you very much.

Aika: Haha... you don't need to thank us!
      The Blue Rogues are always there to help people!
      My name is Aika. It's nice to meet you.
      Hey, could you tell us your name?

Girl: My name... my name is Fina.

((If you choose "That's a great name."...))

Vyse: Fina, huh?
      It's a great name... it's so... so feminine.

Fina: R... really? You think so?

Vyse: Geez, you try and compliment someone... And
      nothing... No reaction whatsoever.

Aika: Ahahaha!
      Vyse, that wasn't much of a compliment.
      Looks like you have a lot to learn about women.

Fina: Umm... excuse me, but I have a question.
      What exactly is an Air... Air Pirate?

Aika: What? You were out sailing all by yourself and
      you don't even know what Air Pirates are?

Fina: Oh... I...
      I'm sorry... it's my first time traveling.

Vyse: Basically, Air Pirates are sailors that attack
      other ships and steal their cargo.

Fina: Attack?!

Aika: Ahaha... you don't have to worry about us.
      We're "Blue Rogues."
      See, Air Pirates are divided into two factions:
      the Blue Rogues and the Black Pirates.
      The Black Pirates will attack anything in the
      sky... especially merchant vessels and unarmed
      However, we Blue Rogues only take cargo from
      armed ships, especially the Imperial Armada.

Vyse: We rob from the rich and keep the gold.
      But, we use the gold to save people that need
      our help.
      That's why we helped you. Don't worry, we aren't
      trying to kidnap you or anything. Just relax and
      enjoy the trip.

Fina: Umm... sure.

(Through the pipe.. thingie...)

Dyne: Vyse, Aika...
      How long are you going to sit there
      chitchatting? Come the bridge now.

Aika: Oh no!
      I completely lost track of time!

Vyse: Oh well... I guess that means we have to go.
      Alright Fina, we'll see you later!
      Try and get some rest.

((If you choose "That's a strange name."...))

((If you choose "So, where are you from, exactly?"...))


(Talking to Dyne.)

Dyne: You're late, Vyse.
      I told you that you need to be on time for your
      You know the routine. Swab the decks...
      And they better be clean.

Vyse: But... but Dad!!
      I was only a little late!!

Dyne: On a ship, being a little late can cost lives.
      And one more thing... while we're on board,
      it's not "Dad," it's "Captain," got it?

Vyse: Yeah, yeah... I got it.

Dyne: We're heading home to Pirate Isle.
      Go report to Briggs... See if he needs you
      for anything.

(Talking to Briggs.)

Briggs the Vice Captain: Oh, there you are, Vyse. You finally decided to
                         join us on the bridge, huh? Well, we're heading
                         back home to Pirate Isle.
                         Pirate Isle is southeast from here. Just
                         head south first and it's just past the
                         valley of islands.

Vyse: Head south through the valley
      of islands? Aye aye!

Briggs the Vice Captain: Alright, let's get moving, then.
                         Full speed ahead to Pirate Isle!


Dyne: Vyse, before we set sail, do you have any
      questions that you wanted to ask me?

((If you choose "How do I steer this thing?"...))

Vyse: Just to be safe, how exactly do I steer this

Dyne: I never thought I'd hear you ask something like
      that. Heh... Nevertheless, pay close attention.
      Using the analog stick, you can move forward or
      backward, and turn left or right.
      You can control your altitude by using the R and
      L triggers. The R trigger will move the ship
      upward and the L trigger will do the opposite.
      Whenever you want to search anything or whenever
      you want to dock at a harbor, just press the
      A button.

((If you choose "How do we get home from here?"))

Vyse: Um... don't laugh at me, Dad... er... Captain, but
      I don't remember the way home from here. Could
      you tell me where to go?

Dyne: How do you expect to become a good sailor if you
      don't pay attention to where you are?! Just head
      southeast from here.
      You'll recognize the island when you see it...
      hopefully. If you get lost, you can look at a
      map using the Start button.
      Also, you'll run into monsters on occasion as
      you're sailing. If you do, run out to the deck
      and take 'em out.
      One word of warning: there are these monsters
      called Maroccas that live around here. They're
      pretty tough.
      If you're not doing much damage on your enemy,
      try hitting the Y button to change the
      properties of your weapon. It might work better.

((If you choose "No, not really." (Game continues.)))

Dyne: Well, then! Full speed ahead! Destination,
      Pirate Isle!


(Finding the 'Pirate's Grave.')

Dyne: Wait... that's the legendary "Pirate's Grave!"

Briggs the Vice Captain: Good job, Vyse! I'm sure that the Sailors' Guild
                         would be more than happy to pay you for making
                         this discovery!

Vyse: Guild?
      Pay me for a Discovery?

Dyne: Much of this world is uncharted and shrouded
      in legend. Ruins, strange creatures... all
      sorts of things are waiting to be discovered.
      Any major port city will have a Sailors' Guild.
      They pay explorers well for any information on
      Discoveries that they've made.
      When you're flying through the skies and your
      compass starts spinning around rapidly, that
      means there's a Discovery nearby.
      If you try searching the area, you'll probably
      find a Discovery. Just head over to the Sailors'
      Guild afterwards and collect your reward.
      But, the longer you wait, the greater the chance
      that someone else will beat you to it. So, you
      should visit the Guild as soon as you can, okay?


(Nearly there..)

(Fina stands on the deck.)

Vyse: Hey Fina.
      How are you feeling?

Fina: I'm feeling much better.
      Thank you for your concern.

Vyse: Heh... no problem. I'm just happy
      to see that you're well.
      Looks like we'll be reaching the island soon.

Fina: ... Island?

Vyse: You can see it right over there.
      That's our base... Pirate Isle.

Fina: Pirate Isle...

(Happy stuff. Fina smiles. The ship goes into a big
 underground cave. :D)



Timmus the Gunner: Weapons, armor, gold...
                   Now THIS is a great catch!
                   One of our best yet!

Mabel the Raider: Tonight, we should celebrate!

Everyone: Yeah!!!

Aika: Well Fina, this is what we do! What do you

Fina: Well...
      It certainly looks challenging.

Aika: Hahaha... challenging, huh...
      Well, now that you mention it, it isn't easy.
      But it is fun!

Vyse: This is the underground port inside of Pirate
      Isle. From the outside, this island looks like
      a quiet, peaceful village.
      But the inside of the island is where our
      headquarters are located.

Aika: There are armories, shops, and even a tavern
      inside here.
      Come on, we'll give you a tour.

Dyne: Vyse!

(Vyse looks up to see his father standing on a higher platform.)

Dyne: Come to my office immediately... and bring that
      girl with you.

Aika: Vyse... I wonder what that was all about.

Vyse: ... I'm not sure, but we'd better hurry.
      You know how my dad gets when we're late.


Vyse: Vyse and Aika reporting for duty.
      And we've brought Fina like you requested.

Dyne: Hmph... you're a little late.
      I'll let it slide this time... Come on over.

(Dyne addresses Fina.)

Dyne: Young lady, I am Dyne, the Captain of the Blue
      Rogues. There are a feq questions that I want to
      ask you. Will you answer them for me?

Fina: Of... of course.

Dyne: I've been sailing for a very long time, but
      I've never come across anyone wearing clothes
      like yours.
      What country are you from and why were you
      traveling alone out there?

((If you choose "Defend Fina."...))

Vyse: Dad, you're worrying too much.
      Fina is just a normal girl.

Dyne: ... Vyse.
      Even though I am your father, I am also the
      leader of the Blue Rogues.
      Therefore, it is my duty to not only protect
      the safety of my family, but the safety of my
      crew as well.
      If this girl is a danger of any sort to you or
      any of my men, I cannot let her live.

Aika: But... but...

Dyne: Fina...
      It is your turn to speak.

Fina: ......

Aika: Fina...

Fina: ... I... I cannot say.

Dyne: Why is that?
      Is it because we are Air Pirates?
      Don't you trust us?

Fina: No, that has nothing to do with it.
      I thank you with all my heart for saving my
      But I cannot tell any living soul about the
      purpose of my quest. Even if it means
      sacrificing my own life.
      I have no intention of endangering any of your
      lives. If you believe anything that I say,
      please believe this.

Dyne: ......
      ... Alright then.
      Heh... looks like I lost this one.
      I understand your dilemma. And I can see in
      your eyes that you are true to your word.
      Although we're Air Pirates, we also have a
      strong sense of honor.
      You do not need to divulge the details of your
      quest. Understand that you now have my trust...
      Be careful that you do not lose it.

Fina: Captain Dyne...
      Thank you kindly.
      I will not disappoint you.

Dyne: Vyse, Aika...
      Bring the girl... Fina topside and give her a
      tour of the village.

Aika: Now that's more like it!

Vyse: Way to go, Dad!
      You're the best!

Dyne: ... It's not "Dad". It's Captain!
      I swear... how many times do I have to remind
      You're excused.
      Don't be late for dinner.

((If you choose "Sit quietly and listen."...))


(After exiting the Undeground Port.)

Aika: Vyse, go on ahead.
      I have to stop by my house for a second.

Vyse: Why? What's wrong?

Aika: I just want to freshen up.
      Don't worry, I'll catch up with you guys in a
      few minutes! See you at your house!


(At Vyse's House.)

Vyse's Mother: Oh! Welcome back, Vyse.

(She turns to Fina.)

Vyse's Mother: So, you're Fina. It's very nice to meet you.

Fina: The pleasure is all mine.
      I... I hope I am not intruding.

Vyse's Mother: Oh, don't be silly! It's been a long time since
               we've had guests.
               Well, I have to finish cooking dinner. I'll call you when
               it's ready.

Aika: Hey guys!
      Sorry to have kept you waiting!
      I was just fixing my hair.
      Hey... the sunset outside is beautiful.
      Why don't we go outside and check it out?

Vyse: Well, we still have some time before dinner...
      why not?

Aika: Okay, great!
      Come on! We can get a great view from up top on
      Lookout Island.


Fina: It's so beautiful...

Vyse: I love it up here, it's so peaceful. I come up
      here to relax and watch the sunsets.
      When I'm up here, I often wonder what lies
      beyond the sky...
      Beyond the sunset...

Fina: Beyond... the sky...?

Vyse: Some say there're monsters. Others say there's
      a maelstrom that either blows
      ships away,
      or pulls them in... and they're never seen again.
      And there are others that just say it's...

Fina: ......

Vyse: I want to know what's out there...
      Besides, I don't like giving up on anything
      without giving it my best shot.
      Someday, I will be the captain of my own ship,
      I'll go beyond that sunset, and I'll see what's
      out there.

Aika: Wow... I bet if you could go beyond the sunset,
      the sky would look even more beautiful.


Vyse & Aika: Hey!!


Vyse: ...That was a Moon Stone!

Fina: ... a Moon Stone?

(Another lands on Shrine Island.)

Vyse: ...It landed on that island over there.
      I think that's Shrine Island.

Aika: It's been a long time since we've seen a Moon
      Stone fall!

Fina: I don't understand. That was a Moon Stone?

Aika: That's right.
      Find, you've heard of Moon Stones before, right?
      They're pieces of rock that fall from the Moons.
      They usually crash land on the islands. They're
      a really powerful source of energy, too. We use them for
      all sorts of things.
      They power our air ships and we can also forge
      weapons out of them.

Fina: Oh, yes. I know of Moon Stones.
      But, it's my first time seeing a Moon Stone
      actually fall from the sky.

Aika: Vyse, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Vyse: Yeah, we should try to recover the Moon Stone.
      Let's go first thing tomorrow.

Vyse's Mother: Vyse! Aika! Fina!
               Dinner is ready!
               Come on down!

Vyse: Let's go, Fina.
      You're going to eat with us, right?

Aika: We're so lucky!!
      I love your mom's cooking...
      Fina, let's go eat while it's still hot!

Fina: Yes, thank you for your gracious offer.


1.03 - Shrine Island


(The next morning...)

Aika: Vyse!
      Good morning!
      We're going to Shrine Island today, right?

Vyse: Yeah... I'll be right down. Give me a second.


Dyne: Hold on a second, Vyse.
      Vyse, here... take this. It's your share of
      the loot from yesterday's raid.

(You received a "Purple Moon Stone.")

Dyne: That Moon Stone has been processed already, so
      you should be able to use it on your weapons.
      Now you'll be able to change the color of
      your weapon to Purple, and give it the power
      of ice in battle.

Vyse: I see. Thanks, Dad. I'll use it carefully.

Dyne: One more thing. When you win a fight, you will
      be awarded "magic experience" in the color of
      magic that you have equipped on your weapon.
      When you accumulate a certain amount of magic
      experience, you will learn a new spell. So,
      if there is a spell that you want to learn...
      ... by changing the color of your weapon to
      match whatever type of magic you want to
      learn, you can learn it much faster.
      You can easily change the color of your weapon
      by using the "Equip" command or by pressing the
      Y button during battles. Make good use of it.


(Outside Vyse's home.)

Aika: Good morning, Fina!
      Did you sleep well?

Fina: Yes. Thank you.

Vyse: Fina, we'll be heading over to Shrine Island to
      get that Moon Stone in a few minutes. You can
      stay here and relax at my place if you want.

Fina: That will be fine. Thank you.

Aika: Alright Vyse, let's get going.
      The boat is on the upper dock,
      and it's ready to go!


(At Shrine Island...)

Aika: Vyse! Over there! Look at the size of that hole!

Vyse: The Moon Stone must have caused that.
      It must be huge... Aika look!
      Water is flowing into the shrine!
      In the Old World, this island was a sacred
      place. These ruins used to be some sort of
      temple. Nobody's been here for generations.

Aika: Yeah, I've heard stories about this place, too.
      I've heard that there are monsters crawling
      around inside.
      But Moon Stones that big are rare!
      We've got to go in and get it!
      You know how I can't pass up a treasure hunt.
      Besides, how bad can it possibly be?

Vyse: You're right.
      We're going treasure hunting!


(Vyse and Aika enter the ruins. They are flooded with water.)

Vyse: This is just great... The place is flooded.
      ... Aika!
      Look! The Moon Stone is at the bottom!

Aika: Wow! It's so bright!
      That Moon Stone must be huge!
      So, Vyse... How do you plan on getting it out of
      there? The water is getting pretty deep...

((If you choose "Find a way to drain the water."...))

Vyse: Let's try and drain the water from this place.
      That way we can just carry the Moon Stone out of

Aika: Well, considering that I can't swim,
      I like that plan better...

Vyse: But there's still one problem... how are we
      supposed to drain all of this water, anyway?

Aika: Hey, Vyse.
      Look over there!
      There's a door over there.
      Maybe if we can find a way to open it,
      we can drain the water out of this place.

Vyse: Hmm... You might be right.
      We'll use the doors as drains.

Aika: Alright! Let's go!


Aika: We finally made it!
      That wasn't too bad!

Vyse: Yeah. But look at the size of that Stone! It'll
      be an adventure and a half just to get that
      thing back outside!

Aika: Aaaahh!

Vyse: Aika!? What's wrong?

Aika: Vyse...
      Those rocks...
      They're... they're moving!


Aika: Whew...
      Looks like it won't be getting up anymore.
      What was that thing?

Vyse: Some kind of ancient guardian, I think.
      Who knows? Okay Aika, we need to hurry up and
      secure the Moon Stone.

Aika: That's my kind of plan!

(Aika apporaches the Moon Stone.)

Aika: Wow...
      This moon Stone is huge!

Vyse: Yeah, it was definitely worth going through all
      that trouble. We won't have to worry about fuel
      for a while!

Aika: It's beautiful...
      Treasure hunting is definitely my favorite part
      of being an Air Pirate!
      Wait till everyone back home sees what we found!


1.03 - The Bombing



Ben the Lookout: Ahhh...
                 It looks like it's going to be another nice day
                 today. Not too windy...
                 Well, there's the bell...
                 Time to get to work...
                 I gotta loosen up a little.


Ben the Lookout: Oh... oh no!
                 Ships!!! Ships approaching!
                 From the North - Northwest...
                 distance: 1.5 leagues!
                 It's the Imperial Armada!!!
                 They've got a full battle squadron!
                 They're in attack formation!!!


Dyne: Everyone get underground!
      Women and children first!

      I never thought they'd find us...
      That flag...
      It's Galcian's Flagship!

*Insert Ship O' D00M here*

Ramirez: Lord Galcian.
         We've blasted the island with cannon fire and
         our troops have begun the invasion.

Galcian: Good...
         They seem very organized for a small village
         that is under seige.

         I don't know who their leader is, but he
         seems very capable. Perhaps Alfonso was in
         over his head.

Ramirez: ... Perhaps.

Galcian: No matter, it appears the battle is over.
         Retrieve the girl and bring her to me.

         Capture the Air Pirates. We'll need to
         interrogate them when we return to Valua.
         And be sure to destroy their ship as well...

Ramirez: And if they resist, Lord Galcian?
         What does your Excellency wish me to do if the
         situation arises?

Galcian: I don't think they're foolish enough to resist.
         However, if something should happen...

         Burn the village and kill them all. Let the
         bodies rot in the sun and leave one of our flags
         to set an example for others who may defy us.


Vyse: Mom!!!

Vyse's Mother: Vyse! Aika!
               Thank the Moons you two are safe!

Aika: What happened here?

Vyse's Mother: It was the Imperial Armada...
               They came out of nowhere and attacked us.

Vyse: What happened to Dad?
      Where is everyone else?!

Vyse's Mother: Your father said that if we fight, too many
       lives would be lost. So, he... he surrendered.

Aika: So Cap'n Dyne... and the others...

Vyse's Mother: They were taken prisoner by the Armada and taken
               to Valua.

Vyse: Damn!
      ... Fina! What happened to Fina!

Vyse's Mother: I'm sorry, Vyse...
               The Armada took her too.

Aika: In Valua, the punishment for Piracy is death!
      Fina will probably be killed, too!
      Vyse, what should we do?!

((If you choose "Try and save everyone!"...))

Vyse: What do you think, Aika?
      We have to save our families... and Fina!

      I know rescuing everyone isn't going to be easy,
      but it's not impossible!
      We can't let them get away with this.
      Don't worry, we'll get them back... somehow.

Aika: ... Yeah, you're right!
      It's up to us.
      We can't give up now!

      Alright, let's go! Let's show those Valuans what
      happens when they mess with the Blue Rogues!

Vyse's Mother: Wait...
               You won't be able to do anything against Valua
               in the shape you're in right now.

               Don't just rush after them. You'll need a plan
               first. It's not going to be an easy fight.

Aika: But, but...
      If we don't hurry, everyone might...

Vyse's Mother: My husband always said, "Acting quickly and
               rushing are two completely different things."

               Especially in times like these, you must calm
               down and plan every move carefully.

               Don't worry... everything will be alright.
               He... your father won't let things end like this,
               not him.

Vyse: Yeah Mom, you're right.

      Aika... Let's rest up today.
      We'll leave for Valua first thing in the

Aika: Okay!


*Meanwhile, on the FLAGSHIP OF D00M...*

Valuan Soldier: Lord Galcian.
                As you ordered, I brought the girl to
                see you.

Galcian: Excellent.
         You may leave.

Valuan Soldier: As you wish...

Galcian: At last we meet... Fina.
         You cannot imagine how much trouble the Armada
         has gone through to find you.

Fina: ...!
      How did you know my name?

Galcian: I am Galcian, the Sworn Protector of
         Valua and Supreme Commander of the
         Imperial Armada.

         I am under direct orders from Her
         Royal Highness, Empress Teodora, to
         find you and bring you back to Valua.

         As a citizen of the Silver Civilization,
         you have information that is useful to us.
         Will you help us?

Fina: ......

Galcian: I see.
         I did not expect you to help us
         without the proper motivation.
         However... I believe we have the same goals. So,
         wouldn't it be best for us to help each other?

Fina: ......

Galcian: ... We will reach Valua in half a day.
         Enjoy the comforts of the brig until then.


Lindsi: Vy~se!
        Good luck!

Alan: You'd better come back!
      Promise me, okay?

Aika: Of course! Don't worry...
      We'll come back with everyone else, too!

Vyse: Alright...
      Aika, let's go.

Aika: Aye aye.
      Valua should be on a landmass due north from

Vyse: I'm setting the course!
      Alright... Valua, here we come!




2.01 - Drachma


Aika: Visibility is horrible!
      Vyse, the fog's too thick!
      I can barely see!

Vyse: That's strange... there's never any fog in this
      region... I wonder what's causing it.

      The only way to get to Valua is through here...
      Slow to half speed...

Aika: Vyse, wait... we're too close to that island
      over there!

Vyse: What? Where?

Aika: Aaahh!

(An enourmous shape emerges from the clouds.)

Aika: Vyse! Look!
      It's... it's not an island!
      Whatever it is... it's alive!

Vyse: What the...?!
      It's an arcwhale!
      I've never seen one this big before!

Aika: Vyse, we'll get killed if we get too close to
      it, but we've got to hurry to Valua.

      Vyse, what should we do?

((If you choose "Retreat."...))

Vyse: What do you think we're going to do? Of course
      we're going to retreat! We don't stand a chance
      against that thing in this ship!

      I know we're in a hurry, but if that thing
      capsizes us, everyone we know will be executed.
      We'd better play it safe...

Aika: Okay.
      I can't argue with that.
      We'll be okay as long as it doesn't see us!


      It saw us!

Vyse: Grab hold of something and brace yourself!
      Don't let go!

Aika: But... but...
      The ship! It's breaking up!

(The ship is pulled into the whale gaping mouth.)

Vyse & Aika: Aaaaahhhhhh!!!


?: Hey...
   ...get up.

Vyse: Ugh...

?: Are you goin' to sleep all day?
   Get up!

Vyse: Oh... my head...

Aika: Uhhh...

Vyse: Aika, are you okay?

?: So... you finally decided to get up, huh?

Vyse: ......!

Man with an Artificial Arm: Because of you two, Rhaknam got away!
                            I was so close...

Vyse: Rhaknam...?
      Now I remember... that huge arcwhale
      that blew our ship off course!
      I thought we were finished, but you rescued us.
      Hey, thanks!

Man with an Artificial Arm: "Thanks?!... Thanks!!?", you say?!
                            Don't start with me!

(The man strikes Vyse with his mechanical arm.)

Aika: Vyse!

Vyse: Owwwww...
      I'm not sure why,
      but I keep getting hurt today...

Aika: Hey!!!
      What are you doing, you crusty... err rusty... old
      man?! He didn't do anything!

Man with an Artificial Arm: Didn't do anythin'?! I've been chasin' after
                            that arcwhale for years!!!

                            I was so close to finally capturin' him, but
                            because of you kids, he got away!

Vyse: I'm really sorry... That you didn't catch him...

Man with an Artificial Arm: Hmph... Debris from your ship hit my sails... I'm
                            lucky my ship is still airborne. You kids were
                            even luckier that I was here to grab you.

                            I was working all mornin' tossin' what was left
                            of your ship overboard. Now I'm stuck with the
                            two of you.

Aika: What!?
      Our ship... was destroyed?

Man with an Aritificial Arm: Aye... Now, this isn't a passenger ship.
                             Everyone on board needs to pull their own

                             If you don't like it, you can jump off... I need
                             to keep the load as light as possible anyway.

Aika: Wh... what?!

Vyse: Oh, great...
      What kind of mess have we gotten ourselves


Man with an Artificial Arm: Go down into the hull and bring the two supply
                            boxes up to the bridge.

Vyse: Bring two supply boxes up to the bridge?
      No problem. I'll bring them right away!

      Actually, sir...
      We were on our way to Valua when we were
      attacked. Where is this ship heading?

Man with an Artificial Arm: Where this ship is goin' is none of your
                            concern. Now get moving!

Vyse: I give up...
      I don't really have time to be doing this!
      But what other choice do I have?


(Vyse finds the supply boxes.)

Vyse: Well, this looks like the box the old man
      wanted me to get.

      What the...?!
      What's in this thing?

      Great, this guy is probably going to work us to


(Vyse hauls the first supply box to Drachma.)

Man with an Artificial Arm: Hrmph...
                            You look like you've got a little more than
                            lubber on your bones. What's your name, boy?

Vyse: My name is Vyse. I'm a Blue Rogue.

      I used to do this type of grunt work on the
      pirate ship.

Man with an Artificial Arm: An Air Pirate, huh?
                            Well... and what exactly would two Air Pirates be
                            doin' sailin' alone?

Vyse: Well...
      We have our reasons.

      ... Sir.
      We need to get to Valua. I beg of you, please
      take us there!

Man with an Artificial Arm: ... Valua, huh? Explain.

(Vyse explains the situation.)

Vyse: ... and that's why we have to get there
      as soon as possible.
      We need to save our friends.

Man with an Artificial Arm: Hrmph... tryin' to pick a fight with the Armada?
                            You've got to be out of your mind, boy.

                            I have no time to babysit you and your friend.
                            And I need to find Rhaknam again.
                            Try your luck with a different ship.

Vyse: I see... it would really help if you could bring
      us, but we can't force you to.

      By the way,
      why exactly are you chasing Rhaknam, anyway?

Man with an Artificial Arm: ......
                            There is no need to tell you.
                            And there is still one supply box left!
                            Get down into the hull and get movin'!

Vyse: Great, I spill my guts, he keeps quiet... and
      then makes me do more work! What's with this


Vyse: Great, now I gotta move boxes all day...


      What is in this thing, anyway?!


(Vyse carries the second crate to Drachma.)

Vyse: Sigh~
      I'm done, sir.

Man with an Artificial Arm: Alright, now onto the next chore.
                            Take the helm.

Vyse: What?
      Are you really letting me?

Man with an Artificial Arm: I want to see how well you can sail.
                            If you can't sail, then you'll be loadin' boxes
                            the rest of the trip!

Vyse: Wow!
      Most of my duties revolved around raiding, so I
      hardly ever got to actually fly our old ship!

      They're pretty old, but these gauges are in
      great shape!

      And the wheel is so light! It's really
      responsive, too! This ship must make really
      tight turns.

Man with an Artificial Arm: Heh... For someone who's hardly ever been at the
                            helm of a ship this size, you seem to know quite
                            a bit, boy.

Vyse: Hehe, I spent a lot of time on the bridge of the
      Albatross, so I picked up a lot.

Man with an Artificial Arm: Good. Now let's see if you can actually sail.
                            Our destination is Sailor's Island, about 40
                            leagues northeast from here.

Vyse: Wait a minute.
      You could at least tell me the name of this
      ship... and yours while you're at it?

Man with an Artificial Arm: Hrmph.
                            The ship's called the Little Jack.
                            And I'm Drachma.

Drachma: Alright, now stop foolin' around...
         The sun is going to set soon!

Vyse: Aye aye, Captain Drachma!
      Little Jack, full speed ahead!


2.02 - Sailor's Island


(The party arrives at Sailor's Island.)

Vyse: Wow...
      So this is Sailor's Island...

Aika: I've never been here before, but I can already
      tell that this place is lots of fun! Yup,
      I think I'm gonna like it here.

Drachma: Good, after I restock my supplies here,
         I'm leavin' again. You two can stay here.

Aika: Hey, wait a second!
      We have no ship!
      Are you planning to just strand us here?!

Drachma: I've got to find Rhaknam... and in the meantime,
         I have to find a cannon that is powerful enough
         to destroy him.

         I have no time to waste with you kids. You two
         can resolve your own problems.

Aika: This is just great!
      He's not listening to anything we're saying!

Vyse: I wonder if there's anything that will make the
      old man change his mind...

      Maybe we can dig up some information. Let's go
      around town and see what we can find.


(Vyse and Aika find Drachma at the tavern.)

Vyse: Captain Drachma!

Drachma: Will you stop callin' me that?
         You don't sail with me anymore. Therefore, I'm
         no longer your "Captain."

Aika: Really? Oh, that's too bad.

      I heard about a cannon that might be able to
      take out Rhaknam, but since you're no longer
      sailing with us... I guess it doesn't matter...

Drachma: ... What did you say?

((If you choose "Come right out and say it."...))

Vyse: Well, in Valua,there's something called a
      "Harpoon Cannon." It's the most powerful cannon
      there is.

      Cap... Err... Drachma, you could go to Valua and
      get one yourself... and take us along for
      the ride. what do you say?

Drachma: Hmm... It's probably just some trick to get me to take
         you to Valua...

Vyse: Wait a minute!
      I'm telling you the truth!

Polly: Now that I think about it, I remember hearing
       about something like that!

       Some Valuan soldiers passing through here were
       talking about it one day. They said it had
       enough power to destroy a small island...

Drachma: ...Polly, I hope you aren't takin' their side and
         lyin' to me...

Polly: When, Drachma, have I EVER lied to you, huh?

Drachma: Hmm...

Polly: And besides, I can tell these kids aren't lying
       by the looks in their eyes.

       I've been running this tavern for 20 years
       Drachma... I know people. I can spot cheats and
       liars... and these children are neither...

Drachma: ......

         ... Alright.
         I won't get my hopes up, but I'll take you to
         Valua anyway.

Aika: What?! That means...

Drachma: Hrmph...
         If you want to go, you'll have to work the
         ENTIRE way, but I'll take you there...

Vyse & Aika: Alright!

Aika: Cap'n, you're the best!
      And thank you, too, Polly! Thank you for
      believing us...

Drachma: Hrmph...

Polly: Don't sweat it. When you're done with your
       adventure, come back and tell us about it. This
       crusty old bunch is dying for some fresh tales.

Aika: Aye aye, ma'am!
      It's the least I can do!

Polly: Hahaha... alright... but be careful. Valua isn't
       known for their hospitality... They usually shoot
       first and ask questions later.

Drachma: She's right.
         Also, we'll need an entry passport to get in.

         Unfortunately, I don't have one... but I'm sure
         someone here on Sailor's Island has one!

Vyse: Valuan passport, huh?
      Alright! Let's go look for one...
      Captain Drachma!


Vyse: Is this the Sailor's Guild?
      I need some information...

Guildmaster: Oh!
             If you have any questions about sailing, you're
             in the right place!

Vyse: I need to get a Valuan Passport sometime... um...
      soon. Do you know how I can do this?

Guildmaster: Hmm...
             A Valuan Passport soon, huh?
             That might be a little difficult...

             After the initial application, there's an
             intensive background check... and that can take
             up to a full lunar cycle.

Aika: We can't just sit around for a lunar cycle!!!
      You're the guildmaster here, right?
      Can't you make a fake passport or something?!

Guildmaster: NO NO NO NO... No way!
             If anyone is caught making or carrying a fake
             passport, they're executed on the spot!

Aika: So, what you're saying is that all we have to do
      is not get caught, right? Or, if we do get
      caught, all we have to do is escape.

Guildmaster: I don't want the Valuans after me! If I make a
             fake, and you get caught, they might be able to
             trace it back to me! Then, I'm a dead man.

Aika: You call yourself a Guildmaster, huh?
      You're just a Valuan puppet...
      Let's go find someone else!

Nasr Merchant: Um... excuse me...

               So, you are looking for a Valuan Passport, eh?

               I was in Valua on business and now I'm on my
               way home. I don't need this one anymore.

               I have but one request to ask of you, and the
               passport is yours.

Aika: Really? You have a passport?! 
      What do you want? Anything... ask us anything!

Nasr Merchant: I'm a merchant from the Kingdom of Nasr.
               Nasr is located on a desert island to the east
               of here.

               I've heard rumors that the Black Pirate, Baltor,
               has been seen in the skies near there...

Drachma: Baltor, huh?
         I've heard of him. He's ruthless... He attacks
         unarmed ships and steals their cargo.

Nasr Merchant: And, what I wanted to ask of you was, well, if
               you could escort me back to Nasr.
               If you get me safely to Nasr, then I will give
               you the passport when we arrive.

               I think it is an even trade, yes?

((If you choose "We accept your offer!"...))

Vyse: We accept your offer!
      It's a deal.

Nasr Merchant: You accept?
               You are wise beyond your years, young one.

Aika: Just leave it to us! We'll protect you!

Drachma: Hrmph...
         Well, if we want to get into Valua, I suppose we
         have no other choice.

Nasr Merchant: I shall be waiting for you at the docks.

Vyse: Alright. We'll finish up here and meet you at
      the Little Jack.


2.03 - Baltor


Nasr Merchant: You see that stone reef straight ahead?
               Nasr is the desert land just beyond that reef.

               However, normal ships cannot pass through that
               reef. Therefore, you must fly alongside of it
               and go straight for a while.

               Eventually, you will see the Southern Dannel
               Strait, a valley-like area in between two

Vyse: So just fly alongside the reef and head due
      east, huh? Alright, let's move!


(Aboard the Blackbeard)

Air Pirate: Captain Baltor!
            There's a Nasr merchant ship coming into view
            off port-side!

            But, there's a strange ship following it very
            closely... I don't recognize its markings.

(Baltor spots the Little Jack.)

Baltor: Gahahahahaha!
        You have nothing to fear from a ship THAT old!

        Let's introduce these fools to the true meaning
        of fear! They will know that I, Baltor, sent
        them plummeting to their deaths!!!

        Alright men! Battlestations!!!

        Don't let them escape!
        And take everything on board that isn't nailed

Aika: Vyse, there's a ship straight ahead, heading
      right for us! I see a black skull and...
      They're Black Pirates!

Vyse: So that's Baltor, huh?
      What should we do, Captain?

Drachma: We're vastly outnumbered. Don't let them board
         us. We'll fight it out from a distance. Ready
         the cannons.

         If you see them attack, I want you to go into
         evasive maneuvers. Then, when they're in your
         sights, blast them.

Vyse: Aye aye, Captain!
      Let's rip 'em to shreds... Sir!


(Battle begins.)

Baltor: Gahahahaha!
        How do you like that! Feel the power of
        my ship, the Blackbeard!

        Now, I shall teach you to tremble in fear before
        the power of the Black Pirates!

Drachma: Listen up, boy!
         At the top of the screen, a 3x3 grid will
         appear. This is your input command screen.

         Think of it as a time gauge of sorts.
         Each turn is divided into three parts.

         For each part of each turn, you,
         Aika, or I can input one command.

(After first turn...)

Drachma: Every once in a while, you will see a column
         with a "C!" at the top of the grid.

         During that turn, you will have a tactical
         advantage over your opponent. Concentrate
         all of your firepower into that round.

         Also, certain turns have a different color
         shown at the top.

         These are the turns in which your enemy is goin'
         to unleash a powerful attack. Make sure to use
         your "Guard" command effectively.

(After another turn...)

Baltor: Hrumph! He's good...
        Turn hard to starboard! Let's
        try and maneuver behind him!

Aika: ... Something's not right, Cap'n. It looks like
      he's preparing for something. I'm getting a bad
      feeling about this...

Drachma: He looks like he's goin' to try to get behind
         us. Most ships have their engines in the back
         and that makes them more vulnerable from behind.

         But, if he tries to get behind us, in the
         meantime, he'll be wide open. What do you
         want to do, boy?

((If you choose "Try and get behind him instead."...))

Vyse: Now's our chance!
      He won't be expecting us to try and maneuver
      around to his backside!

(The Little Jack moves to the back of Baltor's ship.)

Drachma: Good job, boy!
         His ship doesn't have any cannons in the back...
         We've got a wide open shot at his engines.

(Upon defeating Baltor...)

Baltor: Blast! You were lucky this time!
        But I will hunt you down and have my revenge!

        This I swear on the code of the Black Pirates!
        You will rue the day you ever crossed paths
        with me! And somebody put out that fire!!!

Aika: Vyse, we did it!

Vyse: Yeah!

(Drachma smacks Vyse on the back of the head.)

Vyse: Ow!
      What'd you do that for, Captain?

Drachma: We're not there yet
         you idiot! Never take your
         hands off the wheel until we've come to a
         complete stop!

Aika: Yeah, you idiot! Why don't you watch what you're
      doing? It's a good thing Cap'n Drachma's here to
      keep you in line.

Vyse: Aika... why you little...

Aika: Hahaha... I'm sorry! I just couldn't resist...
      You just defeated Baltor the Scary, why don't
      you lighten up a little bit?

      We're almost there!
      Get ready!!!


Drachma: That reminds me... you should have receieved
         something called a "Captain's Stripe."

         You'll receive one for every major battle you
         win. It's sort of like a trophy.

         If you "Use" a Captain's Stripe, it will make
         your ship stronger.

Vyse: I see. Thanks for the advice, Captain.


Nasr National Guard Fleet: Greetings!
                           Welcome home!!!

                           We are the fleet that guards the Southern Dannel
                           Strait. We will escort you from this point.

Nasr Merchant: Oh, that would be greatly appreciated!
               Lead the way...

               Thank you very much.
               It would appear that you have safely brought me home.

               As I promised, here is the Valuan passport.

Aika: Alright!
      So this is what the passport looks like...

Vyse: We can finally get into Valua with this!

Nasr Merchant: I must get going!
               May the Red Moon watch over you and light your

(The Guard Fleet and the Merchant sail away.)

Drachma: Off to Valua! Let's not waste any more time!

Vyse: Aye aye!
      Little Jack full rudder! Turning 180 degrees...
      to Valua! Full speed ahead!


2.04 - Valua (Lower City)


(The group encounter a Patrol Ship at the entrance to Valua.)

Valuan Patrol Ship: Beyond this point is the Valuan Empire. Show me
                    your entry passport.

Vyse: A passport? I've got one right here. Take your
      time looking it over.

Valuan Patrol Ship: ... Hmm. Very well.

                    You may proceed.

Aika: Looks like we made it through. We just passed a
      Valuan Security Checkpoint. That's quite
      an accomplishment, don't you think?

Vyse: Yeah...
      I thought getting into Valua would be a lot
      tougher. Now all we have to do is sneak into...


(A bright searchlight passes over the Little Jack.)

Aika: Huh?
      What's that?!

(The group approach a gigantic gate armed with searchlights
 and surrounded by guard ships.)

Drachma: It's the only entrance into the city of Valua...
         The "Grand Fortress."

         Valua is surrounded by impassable mountains...
         so that is the only way in or out.

Vyse: Wow...
      I can't believe they actually built something
      that big...

Drachma: During the Valua-Nasr war, over 100 Nasr
         warships bombarded this fortress for days.

         However, all the shells were repelled by
         these walls. The Fortress may be the strongest
         structure of the new world.

(The gate rumbles and begins to rotate.)

Aika: Look!
      It's moving!!!

Drachma: The door of the fortress opens only once a day
         to allow ships to pass through.

         The backside of that wall is completely lined
         with cannons. It was those cannons that nearly
         wiped out the entire Nasr fleet.

Vyse: Defense and offense all in one...
      It's an invincible fortress.

Aika: That's where they're holding Captain Dyne...
      and Fina!

Drachma: No prisoner has ever escaped from that fortress.

         Although, I've heard that there's one way out.

Vyse: Really? Then it's possible?

Drachma: Yeah.
         After they execute prisoners, their corpses are
         thrown off of the island.

Aika: That's just great! What are we going to do now?

Vyse: Hah!
      No one's ever escaped, because I've never tried!
      I love a challenge!

      Don't worry. I will rescue our friends and
      escape from that fortress. Just watch me!

(Meanwhile, elsewhere...)

Ramirez: Lord Galcian. Your Admirals have assembled...
         As you have commanded.

Galcian: Excellent. Admirals of the Valuan Armada...
         Let me first offer my gratitude to each of you
         for assembling on such short notice...

         Let it be known that we have successfully
         captured a citizen of the Silver Civilization,
         as Empress Teodora requested.

Old Admiral: What?! How?!

Large Admiral: So, we've finally captured one...
               Who accomplished this?

Alfonso: Hah hah hah...
         Of course, I was the one to find her first...

         I crippled her ship and captured her. But I was
         betrayed by my own Vice Captain and she was
         taken from me...

Gregorio: I'm sure Empress Teodora is very pleased that
          she was recovered.

          Now, if we can persuade her to give us the
          information we need, it would be worth all of
          the effort we spent tracking her down.

Vigoro: You said that the citizen of the Silver
        Civilization that you found was a woman?! Now
        THAT'S something worth getting excited over.

        How old is she? Is she good looking?
        Does she wear leather?
        I like my women wild and crazy!

Belleza: You're out of luck, Vigoro.
         The girl is the exact opposite.
         She's very shy and demure.

         Her name is Fina.
         She is currently being escorted to see Empress
         Teodora in the Imperial Palace.

De Loco: Hehehehehe...
         Very good, Admiral Belleza. I see that you are
         our espionage expert for good reasons.

         Of course, being the head of weapons development,
         I have a deeply vested interest in the
         technology of the Silver Civilization! Hehehe!

Galcian: I will head to the Imperial Palace and
         await Empress Teodora's orders to commence the
         search for the Moon Crystals.

         Fina, our new... ally, shall aid us in gathering
         all six of the Crystals from around the world.

         ... As for you... Alfonso.

         You lied in your report.
         And as punishment, you are now relieved of your
         position as Commander of the Mid Ocean Fleet.

         And for an indefinite period of time, you shall
         be confined to Ixa'taka.

Alfonso: Y... you think that I lied in my report, sire?
         Ha... haha... w... what are you talking about?

Galcian: You were attacked by the Air Pirates and you
         deserted your crew and your ship to save

         Your ship and your crew were released by the Air
         Pirates and returned recently.
         They filed a full... and ACCURATE... report.

Alfonso: Bah...

Galcian: Our Armada is invincible.
         Showing any signs of weakness is unforgivable.
         I trust that you will not forget that.

         This meeting is over.
         I want all of you to be ready to depart at a
         moment's notice.

Valuan Admirals: Yes, Lord Galcian!


(Back on the Little Jack, the group are approaching
 the city of Valua.)

Vyse: So, this is the capital of Valua, huh?
      It's impressive...

Aika: It's beautiful...
      But the skies are so gloomy...

Drachma: Valua is a beautiful city, but because of the
         fierce thunderstorms caused by the Yellow Moon,
         the city is shrouded in eternal darkness.

         That's the Imperial Palace straight ahead of us.
         The area on the left shore is called Upper City.

Vyse: Upper City?

Drachma: The people of Valua are either very rich, or
         very poor and they detest each other. Only the
         richest people in Valua can live in Upper City.

         The less fortunate are confined to Lower City.
         It's on the right shore.

Aika: It doesn't seem right to force them to live in
      poverty like that!

Vyse: Hey, Captain...
      Where should we land?

Drachma: In Lower City.
         There is a dock that repairs and remodels

Vyse: Aye aye.
      I'll bring us into the Lower City Port.


(The party lands in the dark, poor slums
 of Lower City.)

Aika: Hmm...
      Lower City looks worse up close.
      Everything is so dirty and run down... and it
      smells like... garbage.

Vyse: We still need to check the place out.
      We need to find a way to save Dad and
      the others.

      Captain, what do you think we should do?

Drachma: I'm returnin' to the docks...
         I'll be overseein' the installation of the
         Harpoon Cannon.

Vyse: Let's split up. Aika and I will check out the
      city, while you get your cannon. When we're
      done, let's meet back at the Inn.

Drachma: Sure.
         I'll see you two later then.


(Vyse and Aika encounter a young boy near an elevator.)

Young Boy: Hm?
           Who're you?

           You guys look like sailors...
           Stupid ones, at that. Why else would you come
           all this way to see a dump like Lower City?

Aika: Well, well... aren't we a little obnoxious...
      Kind of reminds me of a particular someone when
      they were little.

Vyse: Hey! I wasn't this annoying when I was little!
      Give me some credit here!

Young Boy: What did you say?!
           Are you trying to start a fight with me?!

           The name is Marco!
           Everybody who is anybody in this town knows who
           I am!

Vyse: Haha... For such a short kid, you sure know how
      to talk big!

      Sorry, boy, but we don't have time to play with
      little kids right now.

Marco: What did you say?!
       I'll remember this! Fools!


(Vyse and Aika enter their room at the Inn.)

Aika: ... I'm so tired... I can barely stand.
      It's been a long time since I've laid down in a
      nice, warm bed... with pillows... and... blankets...

Vyse: I'm tired too, Aika, and it's not like we've had
      time to relax since we left Pirate Isle...

Aika: True... and I don't think I'll be able to sleep
      right now, even in a real bed. I can't stop
      thinking about Captain Dyne and the others.

Vyse: ...I'm sure they're okay. Let's at least try and
      get some rest while we can.

      Who knows when we'll be able to sleep in real
      beds again?

Aika: That's right... you've been cramped on a hammock
      in the engine room of the Little Jack for quite
      a few nights now...

Vyse: I don't mind the lack of space... it's just that
      the engine is so old... and it's so loud...

Drachma: Well, excuse me for having an old ship.

(Drachma enters the room.)

Vyse: Captain!
      I didn't expect you back so soon!

Drachma: If you don't like my ship, you can find yourself
         another one.

         My ship wasn't meant for anyone but me in the
         first place.

Vyse: I didn't mean anything by that!
      I'm really grateful! Honest!

Drachma: You two seem to be takin' things well tonight...
         especially considerin' that your friends are
         going to be executed tomorrow...

Vyse: What?!

Drachma: Tomorrow at dawn, at the Coliseum between Lower
         City and Upper City, they will be executed...

Aika: Vyse! What should we do?!
      If we don't do something, they'll all be killed!

((If you choose, "Let's sneak into the Coliseum!"...))

Vyse: Hmm...
      Tomorrow, we'll sneak into the Coliseum.

      Dad and the others will definitely be taken
      there tomorrow morning... we'll rescue them then.

Aika: What? You mean you're not going to try and save
      them right now?!

Vyse: If we start frantically searching everywhere,
      we'll probably get caught by the Valuan Guards
      and if that happens, we're all dead.

Drachma: Vyse is right. But, it may get a little ugly at
         the Coliseum tomorrow... but it's our best chance
         to save them.

Aika: So, tomorrow morning at the Coliseum it is!

      Now that we sort of have a plan, I feel a little
      better! I think it will work... besides, we have
      the element of surprise on our side.

Vyse: So, that's our plan.
      Tomorrow we will break into the Coliseum and
      rescue everyone!

(The party hear a noise from the roof.)

Vyse: Who's there?!

(The party runs out of the room and glimpses someone
 running across the rooftops.)

Drachma: Someone was spyin' on us!
         Don't let him get away!!!

Aika: Vyse! Need a lift?

(Aika boosts Vyse onto the roof. Vyse chases the spy
 across the rooftops, and eventually catches him,
 grabbing him and holding him up by his collar.)

Marco: Put me down, you glass-eyed freak!

Vyse: What the...?
      You're that kid from this afternoon!

Marco: So, what's it to you?

(Vyse drops Marco.)

Marco: Ow!
       You didn't have to drop me!

Aika: Vyse!
      Did you catch him?

      Oh, no... it's that annoying kid again.

Marco: Who are you calling annoying?!
       At least I don't have hair like a scarecrow!

       Heh, I heard EVERYTHING you said. Now, if I was
       to rat on you to the guards...
       you'd all be executed!

(Drachma raises his mechanical arm.)

Drachma: Well... that really leaves us no choice.
         We're goin' to have to kill you now, boy.

Aika: W... wait!!! Cap'n!

Marco: Humph! If you're going to kill me, then kill me!
       It's not like anyone would care!
       I don't even think the rats would miss me.

       I've pretty much given up on life in this dump!
       If I'm dead, at least I won't have to search the
       garbage bins for food every night.

Drachma: Really... good.
         Then you have no regrets...

Aika: Cap'n!!!
      He's just a kid!

Vyse: ...

      Hey, Marco.
      That hole in the ground next to you...
      What is it?

Marco: Oh... this? There's Catacombs under the city...
       I've heard that they've been around since the
       Old World.

       Now, they're just sewers...
       This is... where I live.

Vyse: Sewers, huh?
      Can you use them to get to the Coliseum?

Marco: Yeah, it reaches the Coliseum.
       W... wait a second.
       You were serious!?

Vyse: Yup.
      If we take the Catacombs to the Coliseum, we can
      sneak in without worrying about the guards.

Marco: AHAHAHAHA!!!!!
       What're you, stupid or something?

       You're going to get caught! There's no way!
       Why don't you just give up and go home?

Vyse: Can't do that. Blue Rogues never give up!
      Especially when their friends are counting on

      Marco, if you ever went sailing and ran into a
      storm, with the way you're talking,
      you'd probably just give up.

      "It's too rough! I shouldn't have gotten on this
      ship! I want my mommy!",
      is what you'd probably say.

Marco: W... what?! Take that back!

Vyse: Even if you run into a storm, there's always a
      way out. No matter how bleak things seem.

      I've been in really bad situations before and I
      always look for a way out. I'm in that kind of a
      situation right now, and I'm not giving up!

Marco: ... So, so what are you trying to say?

Vyse: Captain... Aika... tomorrow, we're taking the
      Catacombs to the Coliseum.

      Since we don't have to get there until
      tomorrow, we should rest tonight.

Marco: Hey!
       Aren't you supposed to kill me now?

Vyse: You're going to be at the Coliseum with us
      tomorrow, too.

      You said that you've grown tired of living,
      right? Well, I just want you to see something
      interesting before you die.

Marco: What?
       You can't be serious...


Vyse: Now we had a plan... With our objective in mind,
      we hurried back to the inn, crawled into our
      soft, warm beds, and were fast asleep.

      Morning came much too soon. The skies were so
      dark that it felt like the sun had deserted us.
      Quietly, we all hoped that this wasn't an omen.

(The party gathers outside the inn.)

Aika: It all comes down to today...
      I hope we can save them...

Vyse: ...Let's go to the entrance to the Catacombs and
      get to the Coliseum. Either we all go home, or
      none of us go...


2.05 - The Coliseum


(The party journeys through the sewers and eventually
 reaches a ladder leading upwards. Meanwhile, above,
 Dyne and the others are led to the execution block.)

Executioner: And now we present the executions of the
             notorious Air Pirates Dyne and his treacherous
             band of Blue Rogues!

             Their crimes include attacking Imperial Air
             Ships and stealing precious cargo.

             The price of stealing from Valua is high!
             And Dyne and his pitiful band will pay...
             with their heads!

Marco: Heh...
       Looks like he gave up after all...


(Vyse and Aika climb out from a grate in the ground.)

Dyne: ...Vyse!

Vyse: Hurry!
      Run for the opening in the floor!

Aika: Hi, everyone!
      I missed you guys! We're here to rescue you!
      Come on, let's go!

(Aika leads the Air Pirates into the opening.)

Executioner: Well... how very bold of you...

             You have deprived the audience from witnessing
             the deaths of a notorious band of Air Pirates!
             Now they will witness your execution!

Vyse: I don't know why you're all upset. The audience
      already got to watch us free our friends and
      trash your guards!

      Now they get to watch us beat the snot out of
      you. What more could they want?
      By the way, the name's Vyse!


(The party battles and defeats the Exectuioner. After,
 the party meets up with the other Air Pirates in the

Dyne: You were a little late, Vyse...
      If you were any later, I'd be a whole head
      shorter right now.

      Vyse, I always knew you were tough, but breaking
      into a public execution and freeing all of us...
      Now, I think you're crazy too!

Vyse: Heh heh... what can I say? I'm not ready to take
      over as head of the Dyne family just yet.

      Wait a minute...
      Where's Fina?

Dyne: Fina?
      When they captured us from Pirate Isle,
      they took her somewhere else.

      I overheard some soldiers talking about her...
      sounded like she was taken to the Valuan
      Imperial Palace.

Vyse: What?!
      Why was she taken to the palace?

Dyne: It appears that the Empress herself wanted to
      meet Fina.

      I've got a feeling that there's more to that
      girl than meets the eye. She knows something
      important enough to have Valua after her.

Vyse: Fina...

Dyne: ... Vyse, what are you going to do?

((If you choose, "We have to go save Fina!"...))

Vyse: Of course we have to go save Fina!
      The guards are scattered...
      The whole island is in chaos.

Dyne: Hmm...
      It'll be dangerous, but it looks like now is our
      chance to strike.

      Here, take this with you, Vyse. It's a little
      early to be giving this to you, but considering
      the circumstances, I'll make an exception.

Vyse: Wow! It's your Yellow Moon Stone! Thanks, Dad!

Dyne: If you use it with your weapons, they'll take on
      the properties of lightning.

Drachma: I will take all of the Air Pirates back to the
         Little Jack. We'll be waitin' for you.

         You need to be at the Little Jack when they open
         the gates!

Vyse: I know...
      When the gates open, it's our only chance to

Drachma: First, you'll want to go to Upper City. You
         might be able to sneak aboard a rail car that's
         on its way to the Palace.

Vyse: I see... Upper City, huh?
      Marco, how do I get to Upper City from here?

Marco: Um...
       If you go down that tunnel over there,
       you'll reach Upper City.

       But there are tons of guards in Upper City!
       You shouldn't go! It's too dangerous!

Vyse: I'm ready for anything, Marco. In the midst of
      the storm, I can see the one path that will get
      us out of Valua. I've got to try.

      Let's go, Aika!
      We gotta save Fina!


(Marco catches up with Vyse and Aika as they reach the
 sewers' exit.)

Marco: Wait, Vyse!

Vyse: Marco... you followed us?
      What's wrong?

Marco: Vyse...
       Don't go... please...

       My... my mother... and father... were both killed
       by Valuan soldiers while they were trying to
       escape from this city!

       There's no way out!
       Trying to get through the Grand Fortress...
       It's impossible!

       No one has ever escaped from Valua!
       You're gonna die this time!
       I just know it!

Vyse: Your parents...
      I'm... I'm sorry to hear that, Marco.

      But, I have to go... I don't have a choice. And
      every time I hear the word "impossible"... it
      makes me want to prove everyone wrong.

      A long time ago, a handful of sailors took a
      small boat out into uncharted skies.

      They had no idea what they would find...
      Monsters... a maelstrom... the end of the world...

      It was because these sailors challenged the
      unknown, that new lands were discovered.

      If we challenge ourselves, and never give up,
      our own horizons will broaden... in our hearts,
      and in our minds...

      I need to push myself every day. I have to know
      what I can accomplish... I never give up, and so
      far, nothing has ever stopped me.

Marco: But... but... Vyse...

Vyse: Don't worry about me.
      I believe that we'll make it out... I will find a
      way... that's what's keeping me going.

      I'm going to prove that it's not impossible to
      escape. Impossible is just a word to let people
      feel good about themselves when they quit.

Marco: ......

       Do you think I could ever be a sailor?
       If I could ever... sail the skies?

Vyse: Heh. Of course! You've got what it takes...
      I'll be waiting for you... out there!

Marco: Thank you...


(Meanwhile, inside the Imperial Palace, Galcian
 and Fina stand before Empress Teodora.)

Imperial Guard: Lord Galcian brings good news, Your Majesty.

Galcian: Indeed I do... Your Highness...
         I am sure you will be pleased.

         As you have requested, my forces have captured a

Teodora: Ahhh...
         Excellent work, Galcian.
         You have yet to fail me.

         So, this is what a Silvite looks like.
         Hmm... Such a beautiful girl. Her clothes are...
         interesting... A nice specimen...

         Today we have taken another step closer to our
         main objective. Soon the Valuan Empire shall
         rule the world.

Fina: ......

Teodora: You seem... sad, young one.
         Why do you not rejoice with us?
         You shall witness our finest hour.

         You have the knowledge that we seek.
         You can assist us.

         All who oppose us shall fall...
         Their islands will be reduced to ash and dust.

         Anyone who stands in our way will be destroyed!

         And you, young one, shall help us.

Enrique: Mother...
         Ruling the world by force is not something that
         I am sure I approve of.

         An empire that does not listen to the plight of
         its people is destined to fall...

Teodora: Enrique, you still have much to learn. You
         cannot walk the path of an emperor and concern
         yourself with the petty worries of the "people."

Enrique: But, Mother!

Teodora: Now now, Enrique... I am building an empire for
         you... Since you shall inherit the throne when I
         pass on, you should pay more attention.

         Well then, young lady!
         I know that there are 6 Moon Crystals and that
         they have been scattered all over the world.

         I also know that he who controls the Moon
         Crystals controls weapons of mass destruction...
         I believe your people refer to them as... Gigas!

         When the Gigas are ours, we shall rule the
         world!!! Now, young lady... You will tell me
         where to find the Moon Crystals.

Fina: I will die before I tell you.

Teodora: What did you say!?

Fina: You do not understand how powerful the Gigas
      really are.

      The Gigas were great weapons of destruction
      built by the Old World... they are more powerful
      than you can imagine.

Teodora: And that is precisely why Valua must obtain
         these weapons.

         Since we are the most powerful empire, we should
         have full control over them. And once we have
         them, we shall rule the world!

Fina: No!
      Humans must never control the Moon Crystals and
      the Gigas ever again!

      Power hungry dictators like you are the reason
      humans must never control them!

Teodora: You dare insult me?! The Empress of the great
         Valuan Empire?! In my own palace?!?

         Kill her! Kill her! Kill the little wench!
         Off with her head!

Enrique: Mother! Think about what you are saying!
         You cannot kill her, she's done nothing wrong!

Teodora: Are you saying that this girl is innocent,
         Enrique... even after she insulted me so?!

         Kill her! Kill her now!

Fina: Please! You must believe me! The power of the
      Gigas is not to be underestimated!

Imperial Guard: Silence, wench!
                You shall pay for your insolence!

(The guard hits Fina over the back of the head, knocking
 her to the ground.)

Fina: Ugh...

(A messenger enters the room.)

Messenger: Lord Galcian, I bring urgent news!
           Someone has broken into the Coliseum and freed
           the Blue Rogues!

Galcian: What?!
         I am on my way.

         Take the girl to the ship and bring her to the
         Grand Fortress immediately.

Imperial Guard: Yes, Lord Galcian!

Galcian: Your Majesty, I request permission to deploy the

         I will take the girl with me and she will guide
         me to the Moon Crystals.

Teodora: Very well, then!
         Use the power of the Armada and bring the
         Crystals to me!

Galcian: Of course, Your Majesty.
         However, I have but one humble request.

         I would like to request that a new addition be
         made to our highest ranking officers...

         I would like to recommend my Vice Captain,
         Ramirez, for the position.

Teodora: Do as you wish.
         In return, I want you to give me your word that
         you will bring me those Crystals!

Galcian: As you wish, Your Majesty.

Soldier: You heard the Admiral...
         Get up!

Fina: Ramirez?


2.06 - The Rail Car


(Meanwhile, in Upper City, Vyse and Aika find the
 rail car.)

Aika: Vyse, that huge vehicle over there must be the
      rail car.

Vyse: I think you're right, Aika.
      Looks like it can only ride on those rails.
      I guess it would be pretty hard to steal...

      Let me get a closer look!

(Vyse uses his glass eyepatch to zoom in on the rail car.
 He spots Fina being led inside by a pair of guards.)

Vyse: Fina!

Aika: What are you talking about?
      I thought Fina was supposed to be at the palace.

Vyse: That's what I thought, but it looks like that
      rail car is going to the Grand Fortress.

      If she gets taken into the fortress, we'll never
      be able to get her out! We have to move... now!

      It sounds like the engines are starting...
      We'll never get down there in time.

Aika: Vyse, what should we do?

Vyse: We've got to jump onto the roof!

Aika: What?!
      Isn't there a Plan B?

Vyse: Come on, Aika!

Aika: This shouldn't be too tough.

(Vyse and Aika jump onto the rail car as it passes by.)

Vyse: Fina should be at the front of the rail car.
      Let's go!


(Meanwhile, in the Coliseum...)

Valuan Soldier: Lord Galcian! We've just received a message from
                Central Station in Upper City... They've spotted
                some Air Pirates snooping around the rail cars.

Galcian: What?

         And the Air Pirates who escaped the execution...
         Are they still free?

Valuan Soldier: Yes, Lord Galcian.
                My humblest apologies...

Galcian: It matters not...

Valuan Soldier: I'll summon the City Guards and sweep all of the
                rail cars. We'll find them.

Galcian: That won't be necessary. We know where they are
         heading... they are going to try and rescue the

         What's the status of the Grand Fortress gates?

Valuan Soldier: They're currently open, sire.
                They aren't scheduled to close for a while.

Galcian: Close the gates immediately.
         Place all ships in the bay on full alert.

         Dispatch the Imperial Rail Car immediately.
         I shall deal with these pirates myself.

Valuan Guard: Yes, Lord Galcian.


(Vyse and Aika turn to see Galcian on the roof of
 the rear car.)

Aika: Who's that?! Vyse, there's something about this
      guy... I'm not sure what it is, but I don't think
      we can take him.

Vyse: Yeah...
      And he looks really mad, too!

      Aika, here's the plan...
      Run!!! We have to get Fina before he catches us!


(Galcian pursues Vyse and Aika across the roofs of the
 rail cars. They manage to outrun him and break into
 the front car where Fina is being held.)

Fina: Vyse?!

Valuan Soldier: Who are you?!

Aika: Sorry we took so long, Fina!
      We're here to get you out!

Valuan Soldiers: Insolent pests! You'll have to get past us

Vyse: Bring it on!


(Vyse and Aika battle and defeat the two guards.)

Aika: I'm so glad you're safe, Fina!
      We were worried about you.

Fina: Vyse...
      How did you... Why?

Vyse: Why do you think?
      We're here to save you!

Fina: You mean... you did all this... just for... me?

Aika: Aww, Fina...
      We're friends!
      We weren't going to let them take you away from us.

Fina: Thank you both so much!

      I... I was so scared.... I was all alone...
      I was afraid that they were going to hurt me.

      Oh, thank you... I'm... I'm so grateful!

Vyse: Everything is okay now, Fina.
      Now, let's get out of here!

Galcian: I can't allow that.

(Galcian appears at the doorway of the car.)

Vyse: What?!
      He found us!

Galcian: I am Galcian, Lord of the Imperial Armada.

         You have caused us a great deal of trouble, boy.
         What is your name?

Vyse: I'm Vyse of the Blue Rogues.
      I just thought you were the guy that cleaned the
      rail cars.

Galcian: Ah... so you are the one who made a fool out of

         That girl is worth nothing to you Air Pirates.
         Hand her over to me.

         I guarantee that your lives, as well as that of
         the girl, will be spared. Is it a deal?

((If you choose, "Never!"))

Vyse: Never!
      I don't know what you want with her...

      But you're Valuans. Whatever it is,
      it can't be good.

Galcian: Do you honestly think that after attacking the
         Valuan Armada you'll be able to fly the
         skies freely?

Vyse: We're Air Pirates. We don't need your permission
      for anything...
      If we see something we want, we take it.

Galcian: That's very disappointing.
         I'm afraid you leave me no choice...
         I must destroy you.

(The Little Jack sails past the window.)

Vyse: The Little Jack!

(The Little Jack's cannons fire at the bolts connecting
 the party's and Galcian's rail cars. The party's rail
 car breaks away and speeds ahead, leaving Galcian


(Back on the Little Jack...)

Dyne: You were late, Vyse.
      We decided to come get you and from the looks of
      it, we were just in time.

      Fina, are you alright?

Fina: Yes.
      Thank you very much.

      ... I'm very grateful that you've gone through
      so much trouble to rescue me...

Aika: Relax Fina... We're all okay right now...
      Save the mushy stuff for later...

Drachma: She is right. We can all be thankful after
         we've gotten out of Valua.

Timmus the Gunner: Captain, emergency!
                   They're closing the gates!!!

Drachma: If the gate closes, we're all dead!

Timmus the Gunner: We're under attack!
                   Valuan ships, dead ahead!
                   They're blocking the entrance!

Drachma: We've got to act fast!
         We need to take out that blockade!

         Looks like I'm goin' to be able to test out the
         Harpoon Cannon earlier than I thought!
         All hands to battle stations!


(Battle begins.)

Valuan Cruiser: We got a warning about you Air Pirates
                from the Coliseum guards.
                You're not getting through here!

(After first turn...)

Drachma: Boy, the Harpoon Cannon takes a lot of Spirit
         Points to fire. Also, you can only fire it
         when the target is in the right place.

         So, attack the enemy with your normal cannons
         and build up your Spirit. And when the time is
         right, unleash the Harpoon Cannon!

(After second turn...)

Drachma: In order to use the Harpoon Cannon, after you've
         built up enough Spirit Points, you need to use
         the "S.Cannon" command.

         But, regardless of your spirit level, you won't
         be able to use the "S.Cannon" command
         unless you have a clear shot at your enemy.

         You can only use the "S.Cannon" command on
         turns with a special marker at the top of the
         column. So, keep your eyes open!


(With one shot of the Harpoon Cannon, the Valuan Cruiser
 is obliterated.)

Vyse: Looks like that was the last of them!
      Now we just need to get through that gate!

(The gate is now almost completely closed, leaving only
 a thin gap.)

Aika: Vyse! It's closing! Hurry!!!

Vyse: Come on!!! Come on, Little Jack!!!!!

(The Little Jack just barely manages to scrape through
 the gap before the gate closes.)

Vyse: Woohoo!!! We did it!!!

Aika: Alright!!! I knew you could do it Vyse!
      You're the greatest!

Dyne: You got us through there by the skin of our
      teeth. You had me worried for a second there.

Vyse: We can finally say good-bye to Valua!

      Alright! Let's go back home to Pirate Isle!

(The Little Jack sails away, leaving Valua behind.)




3.01 - Back to Pirate Isle


(The party arrives at Pirate Isle.)

Fina: Vyse... Aika...
      Captain Drachma...

      I... just wanted to tell you how much I... I...

Vyse: Heh... don't worry about it. The Valuans went
      through a lot of trouble to capture you. We just
      like making them mad.

Aika: Vyse is just kidding, Fina. You're our friend
      now. But while we were there, I did want to grab
      some more loot...

Vyse: What? Aika! You wanted to stay in Valua!?
      We barely made it out of there!

Aika: Hey! It's an Air Pirate's duty to liberate any
      treasure that can help the needy.

(Everybody laughs.)

Vyse: Um...
      Fina... there's something I want to ask you...
      What is this mission that you're on?

      What are you looking for? And why is the Valuan
      Empire after you? We might be able to help...

Fina: ......

      ...Alright. I'll tell you...

      I am a Silvite, a descendant of the Silver

Aika: Silver Civilization?

Fina: Hundreds of generations ago, the world's
      population was divided into 6 civilizations.

      One existed under each of the Moons
      in the sky... Green, Red, Blue, Purple, Yellow,
      and Silver.

      Each civilization harnessed the power of its
      moon by learning how to use Moon Stones as a
      source of energy.

      The entire world went through a technological
      revolution. But technology advanced faster than
      the people wielding it.

      The leaders of each civiliation became
      corrupt... and their ambition led them to war.
      They used their technology to create weapons.

      These weapons are called "Gigas." They were
      gigantic living weapons that were capable of
      destroying whole islands.

Aika: I've heard about these Gigas before.
      There's a giant, and a dragon...

      But, I thought those were all tales parents told
      their children... I never thought that they were

Fina: Oh, Aika, they are very real. When the Ancient
      Civilizations went to war, they unleashed the
      Gigas on each other. So many people died.

      Then something happened...
      the Rains of Destruction fell...
      No one knows exactly what caused it...

      Moon Stones fell from each of the Moons... they
      fell for what seemed like an eternity. Thousands
      of Stones fell at a time... Like a rainstorm...

      It was almost as if the Moons wanted to make
      sure that their powers would never be misused
      again. Millions died in the Rains.
      The stones battered the lands and leveled the
      cities... All of the Ancient Civlizations were
      destroyed. Only a few survivors remained.

      But even if the Rains of Destruction never
      happened, the Gigas would have destroyed the
      world anyway.

      Now there are people who are trying to reawaken
      the Gigas.

Vyse: You mean...
      The Valuan Empire?

Fina: Yes. But, to command the Gigas, it is necessary
      to find the Moon Crystals. A Moon Crystal is a
      highly concentrated form of Moon Stone.

      The original Moon Crystals used to control the
      Gigas are scattered throughout the world.

      Valua is searching for those Crystals so they
      can reawaken the Gigas!

Aika: And that's why the Valuan Empire kidnapped you...
      to find out where they were hidden!

Fina: Yes. I was sent here to gather the Crystals
      before the Valuans could find them and put them
      somewhere where they can never be used again.

      ... Vyse... Aika...
      I know I have caused you enough trouble, but I
      have another favor to ask of you.

      I would like you to go with me.
      Help me travel the world in search of the

      Please... without my ship, I can't do it... and if
      Valua gets the Crystals... I don't even want to
      think about what would happen...

((If you choose, "Leave everything to us!"...))

Vyse: Heh... leave everything to us!
      We'll go with you and find those Crystals!

Aika: Yeah, Vyse... I guess this is your chance to see
      what lies beyond the sunset!

Vyse: You're right, Aika...

Fina: Thank you so much!
      If you two were to come with me, I would be so

(Aika hears a strange squeaking noise.)

Aika: Huh?
      Vyse, what was that noise?
      Was that your stomach?

Fina: Oh... I'm sorry.
      It's okay, you can come out now.

(Fina holds out her arm, and a small, silver-coloured
 creature emerges from under her sleeve.)

Vyse: Huh...?!

Aika: Wh... what is that thing?!
      Where'd it come from?

Fina: It's been with me since I was a baby.

      It's from my homeland... It can change its
      shape... And it's usually shaped like a bracelet
      around my arm.

Aika: Heh... actually, the thing is kind of cute.
      What's its name?

Fina: Its name is Cupil. Come, Cupil... say hello to

Aika: It's so cute! I'm very pleased to meet you,

Vyse: Well, Fina, we've got a long journey ahead of
      us. We'll do our best to help you get the

Fina: Thank you... I'm so glad that you're helping me.

Aika: Now, the only problem left is Cap'n Dyne...
      I wonder if he'll let us go.

Vyse: What are you worried about? Even if he does say
      no, we'll just go anyway!

      Once we're finished getting everything ready,
      we'll leave from the underground port!


(On the way to the port, Cupil starts to make squeaking

Fina: ......? What's wrong, Cupil?

Cupil: Squeak! Squeak!

Fina: Really? Here? I see...
      Vyse, Cupil tells me that there is a Cham
      around here somewhere.

Vyse: Cham? What's that?

Fina: Chams are little shards from Moon Stones
      that fell and shattered when they hit the
      ground. Cupil eats them as food.

Aika: Really? Wow... I didn't know that anything
      could eat Moon Stones! Where can you find
      them? What do they look like?

Fina: You can find them all over the place, but
      they're very small, so they're hard to see.

      But, I'm sure Cupil will let you know whenever
      we get close to a Cham. He can't seem to sit
      still or be quiet whenever there's food nearby.

Vyse: I see. So all we have to do is search the ground
      whenever Cupil starts to go a little crazy,
      right? Let's see if we can find anything here.

Fina: The more you feed Cupil,
      the stronger he will become.

      He'll be able to change into different shapes
      and inflict more damage on enemies in battle
      as he grows.


(The party arrives at the underground port, where Vyse's
 parents are waiting.)

Dyne: What's wrong, Vyse?
      You're looking uncharacteristically grim.

Vyse: Dad... Actually, there's something that
      I have to tell you...

Dyne: Don't worry...
      I have a feeling that I already know
      what you're going to say.

      I remember when I was your age... The feeling
      that I had to get away from my own little island
      and see the rest of the world.

      But when a man decides to step out onto his
      own path, he doesn't need to ask for his
      parents' permission.

      From now on, you are my equal, son.
      A man who lives by the skies. There is
      nothing more honorable than that...

      Heh... You're late on almost every other
      occasion, but you sure aren't wasting any time
      to try and get out on your own...

Vyse: Dad...

Dyne: Go on, get out of here, Vyse.
      Go make your mark in the world.


Vyse's Mother: I hear that you've decided to leave.
               You're father's told me all about it already.

               But, I know you well enough to figure that it
               wouldn't be too long before you'd yearn to travel
               the skies by yourself.

Vyse: Mom...

Vyse's Mother: It's okay, dear. Everyone ultimately has to fly
               away from their parent's nest. I knew it was
               just a matter of when.

               I knew this day would be coming sometime.
               It's just... It's just that it came a lot
               sooner than I expected... or hoped.

               So stand tall, son. Go chase after those dreams
               that you've always talked about. And make sure
               you take care of Aika, too, okay?


(The party prepares to leave Pirate Isle.)

Fina: Thank you all so much for rescuing me from the
      Valuans. I hope that I will be able to repay all
      of you, someday.

Dyne: Just worry about keeping those Moon Crystals out
      of the hands of the Valuans. And Vyse, we're all
      counting on you too.

Vyse: Don't worry Dad. I won't let you down!
      Well... I guess we should get going...

Aika: We'll be back soon! Bye Cap'n! Bye everyone!

Fina: Vyse...
      Are you sure you want to do this?

Vyse: Fina, there's no way we can turn this down.

      After what you told us about the Gigas, I don't
      even want to think about what the Valuan Empire
      would do if they got their hands on them.

      We're the only ones that can stop them.

      And... well, to be completely honest...
      I've always wanted to sail the world,
      and this is my chance...

      Moon Crystals, lost cities, strange lands... I
      want to see them all with my own eyes! This is
      my chance to find out what's really out there.

Aika: Fina, you couldn't stop us from going, even if
      you tried.

      This is the kind of adventure that Air Pirates
      dream of. If we passed this up, we'd regret it
      for the rest of our lives.

Fina: ... I understand. Thank you! Thank you all!

Vyse: Fina, do you have any idea where the Crystals
      might be?

Fina: Well, according to the ancient legends, there
      should be a Moon Crystal hidden in the lands
      under each of the moons.

      The closest ones from here are...
      hmm... the Yellow Moon of Valua...
      and the Red Moon of Nasr.

Dyne: Well, there's no chance of getting back into
      Valua right now. You should probably wait a
      while before going back there...

      If you go East from here, you'll reach Nasr.
      With a normal ship, you'd probably never make it
      through the stone reefs on the way...

      But, now that the Little Jack is equipped with a
      Harpoon Cannon, you've got a pretty good chance
      of making it through.

Vyse: Sounds like a plan.
      We're heading East to Nasr and we're going to
      get that Red Moon Crystal.

Drachma: We've been standing around here long enough.
         Let's get going.

Vyse: Well... Dad, I guess it's time to say good-bye.

Dyne: Remember everything I've taught you...
      Make us proud, son...


3.02 - Maramba


(After travelling East from Pirate Isle, the party
 approach the desert continent of Nasr.)

Aika: Wow!
      There's nothing but sand!

Vyse: So this is a desert...
      I've heard sailors talk about them before,
      but it's my first time actually seeing one.

Aika: Now that you mention it,
      I've heard sailors talking about them, too...

(Aika envisions Vyse's hair catching on fire, with
 her and Fina trying to put out the fire with water.)

Aika: They said that Nasr deserts are so hot,
      if you walk around in the sun for too long,
      your hair catches on fire!

      Everyone carries buckets of water around with
      them, so they can put their friends' hair out.
      And then...

Vyse: Oh come on, Aika... you don't actually believe
      those crazy stories. Sometimes I wonder what
      goes on in that head of yours.

Aika: Don't come crying to me when your head bursts
      into flames. That glass eyepatch you wear will
      intensify the sun's rays and fry your brain.

      ...I'm just kidding, Vyse. It's just a story that
      I heard a long time ago. I didn't really believe
      it either... Hehe... But you can't be too careful.

Fina: The Moon Stones that fall from the Red Moon
      give off a great deal of heat.
      It's too hot for most plants to survive.

      Because of this, the lands of Nasr have been
      reduced to a barren wasteland.

Vyse: I see... There isn't much down there besides sand
      and rock. The Red Moon Crystal should be hidden
      somewhere in the desert, right?

Fina: That's right, Vyse.

      It is buried deep within the ancient Temple of

Aika: An ancient temple? I'll bet there's all kinds of
      treasure in there! Maybe some gold and gems and
      magic stuff and nice clothes and... and... stuff.

      If we find a bunch of treasure, we'll be rich!
      We can go buy whatever we want!!!
      What's the first thing you'd buy, Fina?

Fina: B... buy?


      What does that mean... exactly?

Aika: What?!
      Fina... you don't know what that means?!

Fina: I... I'm terribly sorry.
      I've never seen the rest of the world before,

Aika: You don't need to look very far to find a shop...
      Everyone buys stuff...

      It's... it's normal.

      Well, Fina, you really don't get out much,
      do you?

      According to the map, there's a city nearby
      called Maramba. Let's go there first.

Drachma: I'm too old for this...


(After docking in Maramba, Vyse, Aika and Fina
 exit the Little Jack and look around.)

Vyse: So this is Maramba...
      It's so... hot!

Aika: ...Huh?
      Where'd the Cap'n go?

(Vyse turns and sees the Little Jack beginning to
 move away from the docks.)

Vyse: Hey!

Aika: W... wait!
      Cap'n! Where are you going?!

Drachma: This is where we part company.
         I've got my own quest to worry about.
         I've got to find Rhaknam.

Aika: What?!
      W... wait a second!

      What are we supposed to do?
      We're in the middle of a desert without a ship.
      How are we supposed to continue on our mission?

Drachma: That is not of my concern.
         I have no interest in crystals or temples.

         I must find Rhaknam.
         I cannot waste any more time babysittin'.

(The Little Jack sails away.)

Aika: Hey! Come back here, you eye-patch wearing freak!
      You rusty old man!
      Hey! Are you listening to me?!

Fina: Oh, my!
      This isn't good at all.
      What should we do?

Aika: We can't even get out of the city,
      let alone make it to the temple!
      We're stuck here.

Vyse: Well, we have no choice right now other than to
      start exploring the city. Maybe we can find
      someone who can take us to the temple.

      That's all we can do... for now.


(Upon entering the Maramba tavern, the party is
 greeted by a beautiful dancer.)

Dancer: Well, hello, handsome. I don't think I've seen
        you around here before.

        If you've come to rest your weary feet, you've
        come to the right place. Make yourself
        comfortable and stay a while.

((If you choose, "That sounds like a great idea!"...))

Vyse: That actually sounds like a great idea!
      It's been a while since we've had time to

Dancer: Please stay!
        Stay as long as you like! Sit down, sit down.

(The party sits on cushions around a small table.)

Aika: Oh...
      In Nasr, I guess they just sit on the ground.

Vyse: Yeah, it feels good to finally sit down.

Aika: Well, we shouldn't rest too long, we gotta go
      look for a ship. I wonder where we can find one.
      Maybe we should try the docks.

      I can't believe that Cap'n Drachma just left us

      I'm sure he had his reasons to leave, but I wish
      he said something sooner. He didn't have to
      leave us here in the desert, right Vyse?

Vyse: ......

Aika: ... Vyse?

(Aika notices that Vyse is staring at the dancer as
 she dances on the tavern's stage.)

Aika: ......

      Have you heard a single word 've said?!

Vyse: Um...
      Y... yeah... I'm listening...
      You were talking about the desert.

Aika: You're acting like you've never seen a girl
      before... If you could just pry your eyes away from
      that dancer for a few seconds...

((If you choose, "Hehe... Okay, I'll stop staring."...))

Vyse: Okay, okay. It's just that she's such a good
      dancer... I didn't want to insult her by uh...
      looking away. New lands, new customs y'know.

Aika: What kind of excuse is that!? You're undressing
      her with your eyes, not that it would take that
      long. You weren't zooming in, were you?

Vyse: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. But, seriously... don't you
      think she's looked over here more than just a
      few times? I think she likes me.

Aika: Yeah, right.
      Fina, will you try and talk some sense into him?

Fina: ... Do you really find it that hard to believe?

      Well, Vyse is very attractive...
      I don't think it would be strange at all if
      that dancer was looking at him.

Aika: Haha... You're kidding, right?
      Vyse wouldn't want someone like her... I mean...
      Who knows where she's been?

(Aika looks up to see the dancer standing next to her.)

Aika: Oh, umm... I, so umm... Do you travel a lot?

Dancer: Tell me something... You wouldn't happen to be
        the group of Air Pirates that escaped from
        the Grand Fortress now, would you?

Vyse: Huh?!
      How did you know about that?

Dancer: Well, if you hang out in places like this,
        you overhear all kinds of things... rumors,
        local gossip, news about the other lands...

        ... you even hear stories about Air Pirates
        needing a ship.

        If you want, I can give you a lift.
        What do you say?

Vyse: Really?!
      Thanks! That'll help us a lot!

Aika: Wait a second.
      Why would you help us?
      You don't even know who we are.

Dancer: Let's just say that anyone who can escape from
        the Valuan Grand Fortress interests me.

        My name is Bellena. I'll begin making
        preparations. Meet me at the port first thing
        tomorrow morning. See you around, handsome.


(Later that night, the Little Jack sails around the
 Nasr region...)

Drachma: ......

         Hrmph... Should I have left those kids there?
         Bah! What am I worryin' about?
         Someone else will take care of them.


(Drachma glimpses a ship partially hidden behind a stone

Drachma: Wait... that ship! It looks like...



(The next morning, the party gathers at the docks and
 prepares to leave for the temple using Bellena's ship.)

Bellena: Good morning.
         I trust you slept well last night...

Vyse: It was the best night's sleep I've had in a long
      time. So, I guess we should get ready and
      start exploring the desert?

Bellena: "Only those who have walked through the desert
          can truly know its size," is a saying we have
          here in Nasr.

          It's too difficult to cross the desert on foot,
          because of the heat. A mere half day's walk can
          be deadly... You'll need a ship to cross it.

Vyse: A ship, huh?
      Is this one yours?

Bellena: Ah, yes.
         It's not much, but it's very reliable.

Aika: Hmph...

      ... Umm, Bellena, why are you going out of your
      way to give us a ride? You don't even know us.

Bellena: You aren't very grateful are you? If you were
         dying of thirst, and someone offered you water,
         you would probably ask where it came from first.

Aika: What?!!!

Bellena: ... Alright.
         If you must know, then I'll tell you...

         ... My father was a soldier. He was a poor man
         and sometimes a little short-tempered,
         but he was a good man... and a good father.

         We struggled to get by, and my father was barely
         able to support us. We had nothing to rely on
         but each other... But we were happy...

         Until that day... 20 years ago...

         20 years ago, Valua and Nasr declared war on
         each other.
         And my... my father was killed in battle.

         When he died, we had nothing... no food...
         nobody to support us... nobody to raise us...
         We had to live on the streets.

         Some say that you can't die from a broken heart,
         but they're wrong... My mother died shortly after
         my father... She was so sad...

         I was alone... and scared. I had to fend for
         myself on the streets. And that is how I ended
         up living like... this.

Fina: Oh... Bellena... We're so sorry... We had no idea...

Bellena: Ever since then, I've hated war. Hundreds of
         people die... Hundreds more families have to go
         through what I went through.

         And that is why, I'm letting you...
         No, I want you to use my ship. Please...

((If you choose, "We'll do it!"...))

Vyse: We'll do it!

Bellena: ...Thank you, oh so much...

Aika: Bellena...
      I... I'm sorry for... what I said earlier.
      I... I shouldn't have spoken to you that way.

      I lost my parents when I was young, too.
      I know what you went through...

Bellena: Heh heh... that's quite alright.
         As long as you understand and don't take my
         generosity for granted.

         Alright everyone, get on board.
         The Temple of Pyrynn lies far to the east,
         in the middle of the desert. Let's go!


3.03 - The Temple of Pyrynn


(The party arrives at the gigantic, pyramid-like
 Temple of Pyrynn. A line of massive stone head
 statues lies near the entrance.)

Aika: This is the Temple of Pyrynn?!!
      It's HUGE! I can't believe it! It's the most
      amazing thing I've ever seen!

Vyse: The people of the Old World were able to build
      this thing in this heat!? And it's built on
      sand, too!! It's incredible!

Fina: Deep within this temple lies the Red Crystal.
      Be careful, though... According to Silvite lore,
      it is guarded by hordes of creatures.

Aika: Well then, let's get going!
      Oh, Bellena? What are you going to do?

Bellena: I'll be waiting out here.
         And besides... I won't be able to help you fight
         off monsters in this outfit.

Vyse: Well, it might be a little rough in there for a
      beautiful woman, like yourself...

Aika: Oh, really... what about me and Fina?!
      We're women, too, you know! Just what are you
      trying to say?

      Come on, Fina.
      Let's leave macho man behind and get the crystal

Fina: Hehehe...
      That might be kind of fun.
      We'd probably get it faster without him.

Vyse: H... hey! Wait a minute!
      I didn't mean...

Bellena: Hehehe... watching the three of you really cheers
         me up. You're all such good friends and Vyse is
         so funny.

Aika: Well... I'm sure a beautiful woman like yourself
      has got herself a much, Much, MUCH better guy
      than... Mr. Foot In His Mouth...

Bellena: Hahaha!
         Sorry... there's no one special in my life
         right now...

         Well, there is someone that I'm in love with...
         But he would never give me a second look...

         But I don't want to talk about it right now.
         You should probably get going.
         I'll be waiting here. Be careful in there, okay?

Vyse: Don't worry.
      We'll be back before you even notice that that we
      were gone.


(After battling their way through the temple and defeating
 its guardian, the party finds the Red Moon Crystal.)

Vyse: Wow...
      So this is a Moon Crystal...

Aika: It's so beautiful...
      I'm getting weak in the knees just looking at

Fina: A Moon Crystal is the most concentrated source
      of energy that you will ever see. It was created
      by distilling a Moon Stone into its purest form.

      Moon Crystals are pure energy.
      This Crystal alone has the power of thousands...
      no... tens of thousands of Moon Stones...

Vyse: So this Crystal is powerful enough to control
      one of the Gigas?

Fina: Look at the light radiating from the Crystal...

      Even though thousands of years have passed since
      the destruction of the Old World, the Crystal
      still shines as bright as ever.

      Between the power of these Crystals, and the
      destructive forces of the Gigas, it's easy to
      see how so much of the world was destroyed.

      It's sad... The people of the Old World had so
      much power, but they used it to make weapons
      instead of helping each other.

Aika: There's no way we can let Valua get their hands
      on one of these!

Vyse: Fina, leave it up to us. We'll keep it safe.
      The Valuans are going to have to take it off of
      my dead body before I hand it over to them.

      There's so much of the world that I still have
      to see... I'm not going to let them wake some
      ancient guardian to destroy half of it now.

Fina: Thank you, Vyse!
      I know you will do your best to keep it safe.


3.04 - The Red Gigas


(The party exit the temple to find Bellena waiting
 for them.)

Vyse: Bellena, sorry to have kept you waiting so long.
      I hope you weren't too worried about us.

Bellena: I'm so glad you're alright!
         Did you find the Moon Crystal?

Vyse: Heh, of course we found it!

Bellena: I knew you could do it!
         Um, would it be alright if I took a look at it?

(Vyse hands the Moon Crystal to Bellena.)

Bellena: Wow...
         So this is one of the legendary Moon Crystals...
         It's more beautiful than I ever imagined.

         Thank you, so much.
         I'm sure that Lord Galcian will be very pleased.

Vyse: What?!?!
      What are you talking about!?!?!

Bellena: Hahaha... Let me show you.

(Bellena raises her hand, and numerous Valuan soldiers
 appear from behind the temple's pillars.)

Vyse: Bellena...
      Who are you?!

(Bellena removes her disguise. She is now wearing a Valuan
 Admiral's uniform)

Belleza: Let me reintroduce myself. I am Belleza.
         The Fourth Admiral of the Imperial Armada!

         I specialize in covert operations. You don't
         need to get your hands bloody to win battles.
         Sometimes a little trickery goes a long way.

Vyse: You!!! You tricked us!!!

Fina: Bellena...?

      Or... umm... Belleza...

      So everything that you said...
      about your parents...
      about war... about your childhood...

      Was it all a lie?
      Did you just say that to get us to trust you?

Belleza: I told you the truth. I never said my father was
         from Nasr. He was a Valuan soldier and he did
         die in battle.

         Years later, I too, became a soldier...
         I want to put an end to all wars so nobody
         has to go through what I went through.

         Countries go to war arguing over borders and
         resources. If the world was united under one
         rule, there would be no more war.

(Belleza holds out the Red Moon Crystal.)

Belleza: That is why we need the power of the Gigas to
         make sure no one opposes us! Valua must rule
         the world.

Fina: Belleza!!! NO, DON'T!!!

(Belleza slots the Red Moon Crystal into a pedestal
 in front of the temple.)

Belleza: Red Gigas, Recumen! As bearer of the Red Moon
         Crystal, I command you to awaken and do my

(The ground begins to shake.)

Vyse: Umm... Fina?
      What did she do?
      This is bad, right?

Fina: Recumen...
      No... She can't be...

Belleza: Goodbye, handsome...

         Recumen, I command you!
         Engulf these three in your flames.

Fina: Vyse!
      Hurry! We must run!

Vyse: Fina! What's going on?

Fina: Belleza... she... she is summoning Recumen,
      the Red Gigas!!!

      She's using the power of the Red Moon Crystal to
      awaken him!!!

Vyse: ... She what!?
      I guess we are going to have to run!
      Aika, Fina... let's get out of here!

(The party flees across the desert, away from the temple. As
 they run, the four stone head statues at the temple's
 entrance begin to rise out of the ground. The heads are
 attached to a massive, four-legged body.)

Vyse: Is that...?!

Fina: Yes, that is the Red Gigas, Recumen.

Aika: So those weren't statues in front of the Temple,
      they were its heads!

(One of the Gigas' heads turns in the party's direction,
 and its mouth begins to glow.)

Vyse: It's looking at us...

(As they run, Fina trips and falls.)

Fina: Aahh!

Vyse: Fina!

Aika: Fina, are you alright?
      C'mon, we gotta go!

Fina: I'm sorry...
      I tripped...

(The Gigas' mouth glows brighter, apparently preparing
 an attack.)

Vyse: Aika, Fina! Take cover!

(Cannonfire from an unseen ship hits the Gigas in
 one of its heads, moments before a massive energy
 beam shoots from its mouth. The attack just
 barely misses the party.)

Vyse: ...It missed us... Something hit it in the head!!!

(Vyse looks up and sees the Little Jack.)

Drachma: I can't leave you three alone, can I?
         Stop gawkin' and get on!

Vyse: Captain!

Aika: Cap'n!
      You came back for us!

Vyse: Hurry, maybe we can take that thing out in the
      Little Jack.

(Belleza watches from outside the Temple.)

Valuan Soldier: Admiral Belleza, that ship is rescuing them.

Belleza: Ready the Lynx, I want to make sure they don't

Valuan Soldier: Yes, Admiral.

Belleza: Heh heh...
         Well handsome, now we can see what you're made


(On the Little Jack, the party is reunited with Drachma.)

Aika: Cap'n!
      You came back just in time!

Drachma: I didn't come back for you...
         My search for Rhaknam brought me back to
         this desert.

         And I wasn't about to watch the three of you get
         roasted by that... that thing...

Aika: Hey Fina, get a load of the Cap'n...
      I wonder how long he can act like
      he doesn't care about us.

Fina: Hahaha... Aika, you really shouldn't tease him
      like that.

Drachma: Who's actin'!? I just want to find Rhaknam!
         Rotten little brats always gettin' me into

Vyse: Calm down, calm down, Captain.
      But what should we do about that thing?

Drachma: Hm... well, let's treat it like a practice run
         for when I finally do fight Rhaknam.

         That thing packs quite a punch. Do not get hit
         by that beam, no matter what. I don't know if
         the Little Jack can take a direct hit.

Vyse: Aye aye!
      Let's go!


(Battle begins.)

Vyse: Hey, Captain...
      Do you have any ideas on how to fight
      this thing?

Drachma: Hmm...
         You know as much about this thing as I do, boy.
         Just stay up high and see what he does for now.

(During the first turn, the Little Jack is hit
 by the Gigas' Red Ray, causing massive damage.)

Aika: What was that?!
      A few more hits like that and we're done for!!

Drachma: I... I can't believe it.
         I've never seen such destructive power before...

Aika: What are we supposed to do to beat that thing,
      Captain?! There has to be something we can do!

Drachma: Hmm... I don't know if we can destroy him, but
         perhaps we can avoid his attacks.

         If you remember when I saved... I mean, when I
         picked you kids up, I attacked it with my
         cannons and threw it off balance.

         So, what I'm thinkin' is that if we were to
         concentrate our cannon fire right before it
         attacks, we may throw its aim off.

Vyse: I suppose it's worth a try.
      What have we got to lose?
      Let's give it a shot!!

(During the next turn, the Little Jack successfully
 manages to throw the Gigas' attack off balance.)

Vyse: Yeah! We did it!
      We knocked it off balance!

Aika: Yeah, but... well... it doesn't look like we
      did any damage to it, though...

Vyse: I don't know how long we can keep this up.
      It just feels like we're only prolonging our
      own deaths... He's got to have a weakness...

((If you choose, "Concentrate fire on its heads!"...)

Vyse: Let's try attacking its heads! We may get hit
      in the process, but we need to take a chance!
      Let's bring the Little Jack in closer!

(During the next turn, the Little Jack pummels the
 Gigas with attacks, but to no avail; even the ship's
 strongest cannons inflict absolutely minimal damage.)

Vyse: Damn... Nothing. We got in as close as we could,
      but our cannons did almost nothing to it.

Drachma: It's no use, boy. The only thing we're managin'
         to do is damage our own ship. We can't continue
         fightin' like this for much longer.

         We must retreat for now. Get us out of range
         of his attacks, boy. We need to think of a new
         strategy for now.

((If you choose, "Retreat and regroup."...))

Vyse: ... You're right, Captain.
      I suppose we've got no other choice.

Drachma: Well then, full speed ahead!
         Get out of range of that things attacks!


(The Little Jack sails safely out of range of Recumen's
 powerful attacks. On board, the party try to think of
 a new strategy.)

Vyse: Nothing is working! 

Drachma: If we keep fightin' it head on, we're going to

Aika: Hey Fina, can you think of a way to stop it?

Fina: Gigas don't make their own decisions,
      they only obey commands given to them by
      the ones who awaken them.

      Until Belleza commands it to stop,
      there's nothing we can do...

Aika: Hmmm...
      So if something were to happen to Belleza...

      I got it! I know how to stop that thing!

((If you choose, "You mean, attack Belleza's ship?"...))

Vyse: You mean, attack Belleza's ship, right?

      If we can stop her, we can force her into
      calling off the Gigas!

Aika: You got it!

Drachma: That's a good idea.
         Either way, we'll last longer against her than
         we will against that thing!

         Alright, full rudder!
         Target, Belleza's ship!
         All hands to battle stations!

Vyse: Aye aye, Captain!


(Battle begins.)

Belleza: Hahaha...
         Meet my flagship, the Lynx.

         Now, I will show you the true power of the
         Imperial Armada! My Magic Cannon will
         take care of that little ship of yours!

(After first turn...)

Drachma: Damn...
         The lady admiral's good. It's almost as if
         she can read our every move...

Aika: Vyse! I can't find any openings! Her defense
      is too good!
      What should we do?!

((If you choose, "Turn hard and try and catch her off guard."...))

(The Little Jack makes a sharp turn, surprising Belleza.)

Belleza: Hmm... That ship's quicker than it looks.

         They may have surprised me this time, but I
         always have a backup plan. Preparation is
         one of the keys to victory, handsome...

(After a while, the party struggle to find a good
 oppurtunity to attack.)

Vyse: Damn...
      She's too good! I can't find any

Drachma: Boy, we need to get into a good position
         to fire the Harpoon Cannon!

((If you choose, "Set engines to full speed and get behind her."...))

(The Little Jack increases speed and circles the Lynx.)

Vice Captain: Lady Belleza, the enemy vessel is
              trying to circle around us at what
              appears to be their top speed!

Belleza: Their ship may be fast, but we only need
         to ensure that they do not get into position
         to fire that Harpoon Cannon.

(The battle continues with Belleza having the advantage,
 making sure to give the Little Jack no chances to fire
 the Harpoon Cannon.)

Aika: This isn't fair!! Why won't she just sit still
      like everyone else does?! How does she expect us
      to hit her with the Harpoon Cannon like this?!

((If you choose, "Head straight upward!"...))

Vyse: Maybe we can catch her off guard if we
      pull into a steep climb...

Aika: B, but...
      That means they'll have a clear shot
      at our hull!

Vyse: That's why she'll never think that
      we'd do it. We need to try something
      completely unexpected!

(The Little Jack heads straight upwards.)

Belleza: ......!?
         Where did they go?!
         Vice Captain! What's going on?!

Vice Captain: Y, yes Lady Belleza!
              They pulled into a steep climb and managed
              to get behind us!

Belleza: What...?
         I can't believe they would risk
         leaving their hull open like that...

Vyse: Now's our chance! Her defenses are breaking
      down! It's time to open fire!

(The party, finally having the upper hand, unleash
 the Harpoon Cannon, crippling Belleza's ship.)

Vyse: Aika!
      Signal Belleza's ship!

      Tell them that we will attack if they don't
      call off the Gigas.

Aika: Aye aye that!

Drachma: Now, all we need is for that lady admiral to
         listen to our demands...

Vyse: Don't worry, Captain.
      Belleza is not the kind of person that would
      needlessly sacrifice the lives of her crew.

      I'm sure she'll call off the Gigas.

Fina: Belleza...

(The Red Gigas stops walking and begins to slowly
 sink into the desert sands.)

Fina: Vyse!
      Look! The Gigas...!

Aika: There was a reply from Belleza's ship:
      "We have called off the Gigas.
      We are making an emergency landing."

      I repeat: "We have called off the Gigas.
      We are making an emergency landing."

Vyse: We did it!


(On the ground, the party meet Belleza outside of her
 heavily damaged ship. Fina holds the Red Moon
 Crystal in her hands.)

Belleza: You may have won the battle, but you are far
         from winning the war. There are 5 Crystals left.

         The Valuan Armada never makes the same mistake
         twice. You shall not defeat us again.

Vyse: And we won't make the same mistake of
      underestimating you again either.
      We'll get those Crystals.

      Fina, where should we go next?

Fina: Southwest of Nasr, beyond the South Ocean...

      There is a continent under the Green Moon.

Vyse: Really?!
      There's a continent on the other side of the
      South Ocean?!

Fina: Yes.
      The Green Crystal should be there.

Belleza: Ha, that's the continent of Ixa'taka.
         Our soldiers are already there.

         Besides, the South Ocean has a strong headwind.
         You'll never make it across with that tiny ship
         of yours.

Drachma: No need to worry about that.

         We're takin' your ship's engine.
         With that much power, we can get across South
         Ocean in no time.

Belleza: What?!
         Then how am I going to get back?!

Aika: We all decided that you should go back on foot.
      You trick us... we take your engine...
      I think we're even now.

      What was that saying?
      "Only those who have walked through the desert
      can truly know its size."

Belleza: You want me to... walk?

         ... Heh.
         Well... I guess I don't have much of a choice.

         I never actually thought I would truly know
         the size of the desert...

         Hey, handsome...

         You win this time.
         But, Valua is more powerful than you can

         And the trip to Ixa'taka is long and perilous...
         The chance that you'll survive long enough to
         get there is pretty slim.

         Are you sure you still want to go?
         You still have time to reconsider.

Vyse: Real sailors aren't afraid of the unknown.

      I want to see the world...

      I'm not going to rest until I've left my mark on
      it, and I won't let anything or anyone stand
      in my way.

Belleza: ... I understand... You're rash and impulsive...
         I hope you survive long enough for us to meet




4.01 - To Ixa'taka!


(Before setting off for Ixa'taka...)

Drachma: It looks like we picked up a "Magic Cannon" from
         the lady admiral.

         Using this, we'll be able to fire cannonballs
         charged with magical energy.

Aika: Just like Belleza was doing, right? That's
      great! Vyse! Did you hear that?! We should
      really put this thing to good use!

Drachma: Be careful though, boy. Using the Magic Cannon
         uses up MP just like normal magic. So don't go
         too crazy with it.


(The party arrives at South Ocean.)

Drachma: Listen up, boy. This area is known as south
         Ocean. It's considered to be one of the most
         difficult places to sail through.

         There's a strong crosswind that blows from the
         west. Nobody has ever successfully sailed
         through it.

Vyse: But the lands of the Green Moon are through
      here, right?

      And besides, we have Belleza's engine now.
      It's not like we don't have a chance of making
      it through.

Drachma: Hmm...
         Perhaps. But my knowledge of this place is
         limited. You're on your own, boy.

         This isn't goin' to be an easy journey. Prepare
         yourselves for the worst, kids.


(After a long journey through South Ocean, Aika
 spots green leaves trailing through the air.)

Aika: Hey, look!
      There are leaves blowing in the wind.

Vyse: Which means...
      We're close to land!

      We've finally made it across South Ocean!

Fina: I'm sure these leaves came from Ixa'taka.

      Under the light of the Green Moon, ever since
      ancient times, the lands of Ixa'taka have been
      covered in lush forests.

      The life-giving Green Moon has blessed the lands
      with fertility...

Aika: Blessed lands, huh?
      If that's true, I'm sure there are all kinds of
      delicious things to eat there.

      I can see it now... piles and piles of fruits
      and vegetables... of all different shapes, sizes,
      colors, and tastes...

Vyse: I bet there are just as many carnivorous
      monsters roaming around the woods, too...

      Preying upon unsuspecting fools who sit there,
      stuffing their faces with fruit...

Aika: Hey!
      You don't have to crush my hopes like that!

Fina: Haha...
      If Aika was hungry enough, she'd probably eat
      the monsters, too!

Aika: Vyse!
      Look what you did!
      Now you've got Fina doing it!

Fina: Oh... I... I'm sorry...
      I didn't mean any harm...

Drachma: Get to your posts...
         Get ready to drop anchor.

Vyse: Aye aye, Captain!
      As soon as we see Ixa'taka, we'll look for a
      spot to land.


4.02 - Horteka


(Upon entering the village of Horteka, the party is
 surrounded by a group of masked Ixa'takans armed
 with spears.)

Aika: Umm...
      There are a bunch of people wearing masks...
      And they have spears, too...

Horteka Villager: Are you Quetya?

Vyse: Huh?

Horteka Villager: The girl... in the white clothes...
                  is she Quetya?

Fina: What?
      Are they talking about me?

Vyse: Umm... we're Blue Rogues.
      We came across the South Ocean.

Horteka Villager: You are not Quetya...
                  You are the same as the other men from the East.
                  It is best if you leave soon.

Vyse: What did I say?
      what do they mean "Quetya" and who are the
      "Men from the East"?

Fina: I have no idea.
      I don't know what they're talking about.

Drachma: We should meet with the leader of the village.
         He might be able to explain what's going on

         Also, that trip across South Ocean has depleted
         our fuel supply. We need to stock up on Moon
         Stones if we ever want to leave this place.

Vyse: Okay... let's find the leader of this village...
      Maybe we'll be able to find some Moon Stones
      here as well.


(Within Horteka, the party meets a young engineer
 working on his ship.)

Youth: Hello. You don't seem to be from this town.
       Who are you?

Vyse: We're not. Actually, we had to cross
      the South Ocean to get here.
      My name's Vyse.

Hans: Wow! you were able to cross the South Ocean?
      That's impressive.
      My name is Hans. It's good to meet you.

      We're Blue rogues under the command of Captain
      Centime. We had to crash land here after a
      hurricane knocked us off course.

Drachma: Centime...
         He's the Blue rogue that takes in orphans and
         trains them.

         I also heard that he's a brilliant engineer.

Hans: Yeah, he was...
      I mean is. The Valuans kidnapped him and are
      forcing him to build weapons for them.

      We're staying here and working on the ship until
      he returns.

Fina: Oh... I hope he returns soon...

Aika: Hey!
      Hans, I was wondering if you could help out some
      fellow Blue Rogues...

      We burned all of our fuel crossing South Ocean.
      Do you think you could spare a few Moon Stones?

Hans: Of course.
      We've got plenty to spare...
      Here, take these.

Vyse: Thanks! We owe you one.
      You really helped us out a lot.

Hans: You're welcome.
      Well, I need to get back to work.
      Good luck!


(The party meets with the Elder of Horteka.)

Elder: ...So you are the ones from the east who people
       have been talking about.

       So, you are from the East.
       Your people bring disaster.
       Leave this village immediately.

Vyse: Wait a minute!
      Why does everyone keep talking about these
      "Men from the East" and this "Quetya" stuff?
      I don't even know what a "Quetya" is!

Elder: Quetya is our god. Generations ago, when the
       giant came to destroy us, Quetya appeared and
       saved our village.

       Ancient prophecies say that Quetya's messengers
       will come from the East and save us if our land
       is ever in danger.

Vyse: I understand... and since we came from the East,
      that is why everyone thinks "Quetya" sent us.

Aika: But... if quetya's messengers are supposed to
      save you, why did you say that people from the
      East bring disaster?

Elder: Even now, the men from the East are destroying
       our land. They claim they come from a place
       called Valua.

Aika: Valua?!
      They're here, too?

Elder: When the people from Valua came, everyone
       thought that Quetya sent them. Even the king
       came to greet them.

       The people from Valua said they wanted Moon
       Stones. We took them to our Sacred Mountain
       where we keep Glow Rocks.

Fina: So, the Valuans came to steal their
      Moon Stones...

Elder: And then the people from Valua attacked us with
       fire-breathing iron ships. They took control
       of Scared Mountain.

       Everyone... even the king fought...
       But many were killed and the forest was burned.
       The survivors... were taken as slaves...

Aika: That's terrible!
      they are using your people to gather the
      Moon Stones so they can make weapons!

Vyse: So that's why everyone is so against the
      "Men from the East".

      You need to trust us. We are different from
      the Valuans... the "Men from the East".

      We fight against Valua so they can't hurt

      And that is why we've come all this way...
      We need a very precious stone, called
      a Moon Crystal.

Elder: ...

Drachma: You can't expect him to trust us...
         You're wasting your time, boy!

Vyse: ...Please, I am telling the truth.

Elder: ...If you fly north from this village, you'll see
       a small hut in the middle of the forest.
       That is where our king is hiding.

       The kings of our land have always passed down
       the Sacred Green Stone from generation to
       generation. This may be the stone that you seek.

       Your eyes. They are pure.
       I believe that you are here to help us.
       Please... save our people.

Vyse: Thank you...
      I will not betray you.

      Let's go!
      We've got a village to save...


4.03 - The Chameleon


(On the way to the King's Hideout...)

Aika: Hey...
      What's that smell?

Fina: It smells like something is burning...

Drachma: Look on the horizon.

Vyse: The forest!!!

(The forests in the distance are being consumed
 by flames. A green flagship armed with a
 flamethrower seems to be responsible.)

De Loco: Burn! burn!

         Witness the awesome power of my Flame Cannon!
         The thicker the forest, the more it burns!

         After I burn down the forest, I will be able to
         find the Lost City of Rixis, and the
         Moon Crystal will be mine!!!

Vice Captain: Lord De Loco!
              There's a ship approaching from the aft.

              It matches the description of those Air Pirates!

De Loco: Vyse is here?!
         He's the kid that escaped from the Grand
         Fortress and defeated Belleza!

         Perfect!!! PERFECT!!!
         He's just in time to feel the heat from my
         Flame Cannon!

         I wonder how Vyse likes his food...


         Or perhaps... Well-done!!!

         I hope he doesn't die too fast!

Aika: The forest!
      This is horrible!
      What kind of twisted psycho would do this?

Vyse: Whoever it is, he'll have to deal with me!

Drachma: If we get hit by that blast of fire, we're
         done for. We'll have to dodge the flames,
         and counterattack!


(Battle begins.)

De Loco: Heeheehee!
         Fear the power of the
         invincible Chameleon!

*After one round of attacks*

De Loco: Damn you, Vyse!!!
         You dare even scratch my precious Chameleon?!
         You will pay for your insolence!!!

Vice Captain: Lord De Loco...
              We must repair the damage to
              the ship as soon as...

De Loco: Silence!
         It may be damaged, but a perfect
         machine will never break down!

         Heehee... Just you watch!
         I'll make sure to give you a taste
         of each and every one of my cannons!!

(After second round)

De Loco: Heeheehee!
         It's time for the main event!

         You better watch out, Vyse!
         Don't get too close or you'll get burnt!!

*After Flamethrowering*

De Loco: Haahahahaha!
         How do you like that, Vyse!?

         That's what you get
         for scratching my ship!

Vyse: Damn! I didn't think that flying piece of
      junk could do that damage!

Drachma: Listen, boy. Focus our cannon fire on the turn
         right before he attacks. It will knock him
         off balance.

         His ship is relatively small.
         If we can knock him off balance,
         he might not be able to use that cannon!

(After defeating De Loco)

De Loco: What?! What?!!
         Impossible! My... my Flame Cannon! How!?!?!

         It can't be! It can't be! It can't be!
         There was no way they could defeat me!!!
         This must be a dream... A dream! I tell you!!!

Vice Captain: Sir... sir!
              Get a hold of yourself!
              We must retreat!
              Head back to Moon Stone Mountain!

Aika: Alright!
      We've got them on the run!

Vyse: They're probably searching for the Moon
      Crystal, too. We've got to hurry!


(The party enters the King's Hideout.)

King Ixa'taka: So, you are the people that have come from the
               Eastern skies. The high priests informed me of
               your arrival.

               They also told me that you drove off the fire-
               breathing ship that was destroying our land.

               I thank you on behalf of my people. the forests,
               and Quetya.

Aika: It was nothing... really...
      We were just doing what we thought was the right
      thing to do.

King Ixa'taka: I was driven from my land and forced to live in
               this... hut. I am sorry, but I am not in the
               position to compensate you for your bravery.

               However, I will do anything that is within my
               power as king to reward you. Is there
               anything I can do for you?

Vyse: Actually, your Majesty, we did have something to
      ask of you. We are looking for
      the Green Moon Crystal...

(Vyse explains the situation.)

King Ixa'taka: The Green Moon Crystal?
               Perhaps you speak of the
               legendary Sacred Green Stone.

               The men from Valua came looking for the same
               thing, but I don't know where it is.

               However, if the Stone did exist, it would
               probably be located in the Lost City of Rixis.

Aika: Lost City?

Fina: Rixis...
      I believe that was the name of the capital of
      Ixa'taka in the Old World.

King Ixa'taka. You are correct. And it is said that the
               buildings... even the streets were made
               or pure gold.

Aika: Gold?!?!?!?!?
      Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
      Let's find rixis right now!

Vyse: Calm down, Aika. You're embarassing me.
      So, do you know where Rixis is located?

King Ixa'taka: I'm afraid not. It has been hidden for
               generations... Our people call it the
               City of Mists. It may not even exist anymore...

               One of my High Priests knows a great deal about
               the Old World. His name is Isapa. If anyone
               would know, it would be him.

Vyse: I see...
      Would it be alright for us to meet Isapa?

King Ixa'taka: Hmm... Isapa is not here.

               The Valuans took him to Sacred Mountain...
               In the mountain is a mine that contains
               what you call "Moon Stones".

Aika: So, the Valuans kidnapped one of your High
      Priests and he's being held prisoner in
      Moon Stone Mountain... Vyse, what should we do?

((If you choose "Let's break into the Moon Stone Mines!"...))

Vyse: Let's break into the Moon Stones Mines!
      We can try to save Isapa!

Drachma: Hmm... it appears to be our only option.
         Breaking into a Valuan stronghold isn't
         going to be easy.

King Ixa'taka: You're willing to risk your lives to save

               Our Sacred Mountain is south
               of the Horteka Village. Be careful...

Vyse: Leave it to us!
      Onward to Moon Stone Mountain!


4.04 - Moon Stone Mountain


(While exploring the mines, the party steps onto a
 large panel. The panel sinks slightly and clicks.)

Aika: Uh-oh... I think we just stepped on some kind
      of switch.

Vyse: Hmm... well, it doesn't look like anything
      happened. It was probably nothing.

(Up above, Alfonso talks with De Loco.)

Alfonso: Well, De Loco...
         I've heard that the Air Pirates have crossed the
         South Ocean and that they are on their way here.

De Loco: Yes... I ran into them north of Horteka.
         They ummm... narrowly escaped my Flame Cannon.

Alfonso: Hehe... yes, well, fighting Air Pirates is a bit
         more difficult than burning down trees.
         But, I guess you alrready know that.

         Vyse was responsible for my demotion. I will
         make sure he suffers and I will prove to the
         world that I am Valua's greatest Admiral.

         Soon, Galcian will be taking orders from me.

         I simply don't understand why someone as
         noble as myself is forced to take orders
         from anyone other than Empress Teodora herself.

         Well, De Loco, I must be going.
         I have to exterminate some pests.

De Loco: Idiot. Perhaps you should have stared into the
         mirror a bit longer this morning... I think you
         have a hair out of place.

         As for you, Vyse, you damaged my precious
         Chameleon... You will pay for that...
         Oh, yes... You will pay...

         The next time we meet will be the last!


         Someone just set off the alarm!
         I wonder who it could be...

(De Loco looks through the window and sees
 the party.)

         Ah! Vyse! How nice of you to drop by.
         You saved me the trouble of finding you.

         Yes... I know that you are searching for the Moon
         Crystals as well... You must be trying to rescue

         Hehehe... good, good!
         You see Vyse, these mines are full of traps...
         Too bad for you.

         You can't escape, Vyse!
         You will never leave these mines alive!!!

(The door that the party just entered through
 suddenly slams shut behind them.)

Aika: Um... the exit just closed by itself.

Vyse: I don't know about you guys, but I've got a
      bad feeling about this place.


(The party finds a man imprisoned in a cell.)

Captured Man: Hm? You don't look like you're a Valuan...
              Who might you be?

Vyse: I'm Vyse.
      Are you Isapa?

Captured Man: No, it appears you have mistaken me for someone
              else. My name is Centime.

Aika: Then you're Hans' father!

Centime: You know Hans?!
         Then you must have been to the village
         in Horteka!

         That's where my wife and children are...
         Everyone was okay, right?

Vyse: Yeah, they were doing just fine.
      But, you should worry about yourself right now.

Centime: Oh, I'm okay. When I refused to help Valua,
         they threw me into these dungeons.
         I've been here for quite a while.

         You were looking for someone named Isapa,
         correct? If so, then you'll need to venture
         further into these mines. I think I can help.

(Centime takes the party to the nearby broken elevator.)

Centime: There are elevators scattered throughout the
         mines. You will need to use them to reach the
         other areas. I can get them working.

(Centime fiddles with the controls. The elevator

Aika: Woohoo!
      Wow, Centime, you're amazing!

Centime: Why, thank you.

         I must advise you, proceed with caution... there
         are all sorts of traps. I will travel ahead and
         see if I can disarm them for you.

Vyse: Thank you!
      You've been a great help to us already.

Centime: It's the least I can do for you.
         You rescued me, remember?
         I'm sure we'll meet again. Good luck!


De Loco: Hehehe... good, good!
         Soon, Vyse... very soon, you shall die!

         And when you die, I want you to die slowly!
         Yes... slowly... really slowly...
         I want your brains to gush out of your head.

Alfonso: Pardon me, De Loco.

         I didn't mean to interrupt one of your
         intellectual monologues. I came to tell you
         that Vyse has broken into the mines.

De Loco: ...And you figured this out all by yourself?
         What gave it away? Was it the alarm?
         Maybe it was the sirens.

Alfonso: Yes, well... the fact is he was foolish enough to
         deliver himself to me. I shall go dispose
         of him.

De Loco: You are the fool, Alfonso... Heh. The only reason
         that you were made Admiral was because of your
         family. You don't stand a chance against Vyse.

         I shall kill him. I want him to die!
         Die... DIE... DIE!!!

         Soon... very soon!!! Hehehehe!


(The party finds Isapa in one of the cells.)

Isapa: And who might you be?

Vyse: Are you the High Priest, Isapa?

Isapa: The one and only!
       I am Isapa.

Vyse: We're on a mission from King Ixa'taka.
      We're here to rescue you!

Isapa: Haha... well, the king knows what I like.
       Sending two beautiful women to come save me.

       I have no use for you men...
       Now if you'll just leave us alone for a while...

Aika: Oh, really...
      There's no way that this dirty old man
      is a High Priest.

Isapa: Oh... aren't you a pretty one?
       In all of my years, I have never seen anyone
       like you.

       I believe that you are a Silvite.
       Am I right?

Fina: What?!
      How did you know?

Isapa: Hahaha!
       Instinct, my dear... instinct.
       I am very observant... especially around women.

       I could probably guess that goofy girl's

Aika: Okay, that does it... I know we have to bring him
      back, but the king didn't say anything about
      bringing him back conscious.

Vyse: Relax, Aika...
      Right now we just have to worry about
      getting out of here alive. Let's go.


De Loco: So you've rescued Isapa... Very nice...

         Hehehe! But soon, you will die!
         You will die a horrible death and you will
         scream and I will laugh!

         I've prepared my favorite room just for you...

         Please, come in and stay awhile...
         Stay forever!!! Hehehehe!


(The party enters a suspicously large room, not noticing
 that the ceiling is covered with large spikes. The floor
 is heavily blood-stained.)

Aika: I don't get it.
      Why would the Valuans build such a huge room in
      these mines and not use it for anything?

Vyse: I don't plan on sticking around long enough to
      find out.

De Loco: Hehehehehehe!
         So, you've made it this far!
         I am impressed. But now you shall die!!!!!
         you will pay for what you did to my precious
         Chameleon! Oh yes, you will.

(The entrance closes behind the party.)

De Loco: I love it! HAHA!
         All of the slaves who tried to run have died
         in this room.

         Hehehe! Vyse, I want to hear you scream!

         Now I shall have my revenge!!!

         Let's start the show, shall we?

         Huh? Now what?

(The entrance opens, and Alfonso appears.)

Alfonso: Long time no see, Vyse.
         It is I... Alfonso.

         I came here to watch you die!

De Loco: What are you doing?! Alfonso, you fool!

         If you're in there, I won't be able to
         crush them!

Alfonso: Someone of my stature doesn't deal with
         filth like yourselves personally.

         Antonio 2!!! Finish them!!!

(A large beast, similar to the one Vyse and Aika fought
 on Alfonso's ship, crashes into the room.)


(The party battles and defeats Antonio 2. The beast
 rears up and begins to fall backwards.)

Alfonso: What are you doing?!
         Not this way!!!

(Antonio 2 collapses on top of Alfonso.)

Alfonso: Aaarrrrgggghhh!

De Loco: Serves you right, Alfonso! You got
         what you deserved!

         Oh, well... I guess I'll just have to skewer
         all of you.

(The spiked ceiling begins to lower, before stopping

Aika: ?

De Loco: What? What!? WHAT!?!?! What's going on?
         My traps have never failed me before!!!
         Crush them! Crush them! Crush them!

Vice Captain: Admiral De Loco!

              Someone has tampered with all of the machines in
              the mines. They are all malfunctioning!

De Loco: WHAAAT!?!?!?

         Why? Why? Why?
         How can this be!?!?! I don't understand!!!!!

         Vyse!!! Why won't you just die!?!?

Vice Captain: Sir?
              Snap out of it! Please get a hold of yourself...


(The party exits the room to find Centime.)

Centime: You made it out of the mines unharmed, I see.

         I made a few adjustments to some of the
         machinery in the mines. Did it help?

Aika: so that's what that was...

Centime: Yes... yes... well, let's be on our way.
         Ah yes, I managed to open the door to the
         outside as well.

         I must hurry back to see my family...
         They must be terribly worried about me.

Aika: You really know your stuff!

Fina: And he cares very much about his family
      as well...

Vyse: You're a good man, Centime...
      We're glad we could help you.

Centime: Thank you very much... Well, I must get going...
         Stop by and see me in Horteka when you get
         a chance.


(Back at the King's Hideout...)

King Ixa'taka: I thank you for saving Isapa!

Isapa: Heh heh heh...
       yes, thank you for rescuing me.
       I'd love to thank you two ladies personally...

       But I must return to my priestly duties.
       Well, it was nice meeting you.

Aika: Not so fast! You were supposed to tell us the
      location of the Lost City!

Isapa: Ah, that's right.
       I'm sorry, I completely forgot... Ahahahaha!

Vyse: King Ixa'taka, with all due respect...
      Where did you get this guy?
      Is he really a High Priest?

King Ixa'taka: Of course! He has much knowledge in ancient
               scriptures and history.

Isapa: Very well... I shall pass on to you the secret of
       the Lost City that has been passed down in my
       family for many generations.

       "The Great Bird with its wings spread and the
       kneeling Golden Man will open the way."

       That is all.
       So, you got it?

Vyse: What do you mean, "That is all?"
      I have no idea what you were talking about.

Isapa: To be completely honest,
       I don't know what it means either!

       You need to solve the riddle on your own.

Aika: I give up!
      If you didn't know, you should've said so
      in the first place!!!

Fina: Now, calm down Aika...
      Listen to what he just told us.

      "The Great Bird with its wings spread and the
      kneeling Golden Man will open the way."

      I know what it means!

      "The Great Bird with its wings spread" and
      "the kneeling Golden Man" are probably
      somewhere on this continent!

Vyse: So, if we find them, we'll find the Lost City!

      Alright, let's go find this Great Bird and the
      Golden Man.


4.05 - Rixis


Vyse: Hm? Hey, Aika... do you see something glittering
      on the ground? Right where the eye of that bird
      would be...

Aika: Hey, you're right! Let me go down and see what
      it is...

      ... Hey, Vyse! I found something! There was a gem
      stuck into the ground! I'm sure they won't miss
      a little, itty-bitty gem, would they?

      Besides, who knows when a nice little gem like
      this will come in handy?


Vyse: What's this? There's something set into the statue's eye

Aika: Hey, no one will notice if it's missing, right?
      And besides... we're Air Pirates!! Can you really
      blame us for taking a little bit of treasure?


Aika: Now I know why they call this place the City of
      Mist. But I don't remember seeing any mist in
      the forest.

Vyse: The air is thin... It's a little hard to breathe.
      We were going up for a long time.
      I think these mists are actually clouds.

      But this doesn't look anything like a Lost City
      of Gold... There's just a bunch of ruins up here.

Fina: In the Old World, Rixis was the capital
      of the Green Civilization.

      It was destroyed by the Rains of Destruction.

      Since then, it's been frozen in time.

Vyse: These craters must have been caused by the Moon
      Stones that were bombarding the city.

Aika: I'm not seeing any gold here...

Drachma: As time passed, stories about this city probably
         got more and more exaggerated.

Aika: We were supposed to find gold here...
      I should have slapped that dirty old man
      silly when I had the chance.

      What the...?


      If this city has been dead for generations,
      then who is that!?

Vyse: What?!

Aika: Over there!

Vyse: ... Where?
      I don't see anything.

Aika: ... Huh?
      But... but... there was someone there!

Vyse: Aika, this city has been dead for a very long
      time... Who else would be here? It's probably
      just your imagination acting up.

Aika: Why don't you believe me?
      I know I saw something.

      Do you think that maybe I saw a ghost?

Fina: A ghost?
      Umm... what's a ghost?

Aika: Heh...
      It's been a while since you said something
      like that...

      A ghost is... umm, how should I explain this...
      Well, it's something very scary, that's for

Fina: Really? Well, if you're this scared, Aika,
      this "ghost" must be something scary indeed.

Aika: The two things I hate the most right now are
      dirty old men and ghosts.

      Vyse... let's... let's not go! We'll be cursed!

Vyse: Oh, come on, Aika... We came all this way for the
      Green Crystal and we're not about
      to go back empty-handed.

      You could just wait here until we get back.

Aika: Oh no... I'm not going to wait here all by myself
      with those... things out there.

      Alright, alright!
      I'll go with you!
      I can't believe I'm doing this...


Vyse: ......!
      Who's that!?

Aika: That's it!
      That's the ghost that
      I saw earlier!

Fina: Oh...
      It's running away!

Drachma: Who'd be lurkin' around in a place like this?!
         Don't let him get away, boy!


4.06 - The Green Gigas


Vyse: Well, it looks like the Crystal is probably
      sealed in here...

Aika: Hey everyone... Look over here!
      The person on this wall looks like Fina

Vyse: You're right...
      I wonder if this is that "Quetya" the villagers
      were talking about...

Fina: "We, who have come from the Temple of the
       Silver Moon..."

Vyse: ... Fina?

Fina: "We, who have come from the Temple of the
       Silver Moon..."

       "have sealed within the forests, after the Rains
       of Destruction washed away the lands, the
       unsleeping giant, Grendel..."

       "And upon his sealing, the Green Crystal was
       kept within these walls..."

       This is written in the holy language of the
       Silver Temple. The Silvites must have inscribed
       these words when they were here.

Vyse: These are the ruins of Ixa'taka, right?
      Why would Silvites come here?

Fina: The Rains of Destruction nearly destroyed the
      Green Civilization.

      But even after the rains fell, Grendel still
      terrorized the lands for many generations to
      follow. The Silvites came here to contain him.

      But they came too late. The Green Civilization
      was destroyed and the people were reduced to a
      few primitive tribes of scavengers.

Drachma: The people from that village probably thought
         the Silvites were gods because they were able
         to contain Grendel.

Aika: It all makes sense now... That's why they thought
      Fina was this "Quetya" person.

Vyse: But... it says the Green Crystal is kept
      within these walls, right?

      But I don't see the Crystal anywhere.
      I wonder where it is...

Fina: You're right... it should be here.

(A figure runs past the shrine.)

Drachma: Who's there?!

         Don't let him get away!
         He might have the Crystal!

(Vyse tackles the figure.)

Aika: So this is the "ghost"...

Drachma: Who are you?
         And why are you following us?

High Priest: Please don't kill me!!!
             I'm a High Priest of Ixa'taka!

Vyse: A High Priest?
      So you followed us all the way from Horteka?

High Priest: No... I didn't follow you.
             I... I've been here... for a long time.
             It is my duty to guard these ruins.

             If anyone tries to loot what's in these ruins,
             or steal the Sacred Green Stone,
             I contact King Ixa'taka.

Aika: Wait a minute... you mean to tell me that the
      king knew where the Lost City was all
      this time?

High Priest: Yes.
             We figured out Isapa's riddle...
             and we found Rixis.

             And here, we found the Sacred Green Stone. The
             king and Isapa were very happy, because we
             could use the Stone to stop the Valuans.

Fina: Stop the Valuans?
      You aren't going to...

High Priest: ......

Drachma: Tell us?
         Or do you want me to crack your skull?

High Priest: Alright, alright!
             I'll tell you!

             The king and Isapa said that the Sacred Green
             Stone had the power to awaken the Giant.

             If the Giant were to come, he would chase the
             Valuans back to the eastern skies and we would
             be safe.

Vyse: What?!

(In the forests, King Ixa'taka and a group of villagers gather around
 a small pedestal.)

King Ixa'taka: Isapa, now that you are free, and the Valuans
               are busy looking for Vyse and his friends,
               we can summon the mighty Giant.

               Awaken, Giant of the Forest! I who hold the
               Sacred Green Stone, command you
               to destroy our enemies.

(King Ixa'taka inserts the Green Moon Crystal into the pedestal.)

King Ixa'taka: Vyse...
               Please forgive us...

Isapa: There is no other way for us to save
       the forests and people of Ixa'taka...

Vyse: What's that rumbling sound?

      Oh, no... not again!!!

Fina: Someone is summoning Grendel!

Alfonso: Look... Over there!
         So, King Ixa'taka was hiding the Crystal
         from us after all...

         Heh, this is going to be easy.
         All I have to do is take the Crystal from him
         and the Empress will be pleased.

New Vice Captain: Awaiting orders, Admiral...

                  Oh, and I heard that you were injured
                  in the mines. Are you alright, sir?

Alfonso: I don't ever want to hear you speak of those
         mines again! Understand?!

         All ships, prepare for battle!
         Follow my flagship, the Cygnus!
         Head towards the light and find King Ixa'taka.

(Grendel punches one of Alfonso's ships, sending it flying.)

Alfonso: Blast! Retreat!!!
         We cannot get past the gigas!

New Vice Captain: But... but... sir...
                  Th battle hasn't even started yet.

Alfonso: Why are you questioning my orders?!
         I refuse to die in these filthy lands!
         All ships, return to Valua at once!

Fina: Why would they awaken him?
      Don't they understand that the entire Valuan
      Armada will retaliate against them?

Vyse: Everyone! Back to the Little Jack!
      We have to stop that thing!


King Ixa'taka: Sacred Giant! Destroy our enemies...
               Chase them from our lands forever!

De Loco: Hehehe...
         Well, it looks like Grendel's awake...

Vice Captain: Admiral De Loco!
              The experimental Moon Stone Cannon is ready!

De Loco: Looks like it's time for me to test out my
         newest weapon! Target King Ixa'taka's ship!

Vice Captain: ... What?
              Sir, you're not going to fire at the Gigas?

De Loco: The Gigas only follows the commands of the
         person holding the Crystal.

         So, if we destroy King Ixa'taka's ship,
         the Gigas will be defenseless.

         This is what happens when you cross me!
         Fire the Moon Stone Cannon!

(The King's ship is struck by the Moon Stone Cannon.)

King Ixa'taka: Aaaaarrrrggghhh!

Isapa: Wake up... Wake up!!!

       This is not good... he passed out.
       We must retreat!

       King Ixa'taka was controlling the Gigas...
       Until he wakes up, it's going to destroy
       everything in its path!

(The Gigas continues to rampage through the forests.)

De Loco: Hehehe... So close!!!
         It looks like there is still some
         fine tuning the be done.

         I'm sure Vyse has seen the Gigas and he's
         probably on his way right now to try and save
         everyone. Be ready for him.

Vice Captain: Sir!
              A ship has been spotted off port side!

De Loco: He's here! He's here!
         I've been waiting for this!

         Well, Vyse... it's time to die...

         Wait till you feel the power of my Moon Stone
         Cannon! You should feel honored that you are
         helping me test out my greatest creation ever!

Aika: Grendel is in range...
      But, there's a ship in front of it!
      It'd De Loco!!!

Drachma: It looks like we'll have to get past De Loco
         first. Look out for that cannon.

Vyse: Aye aye, Captain!
      Bring it on, De Loco!


(Battle begins.)

De Loco: I've been waiting for you, Vyse!
         Now, you will learn the true power of the
         ever-changing Chameleon!!!

Drachma: It looks like he's serious this time, boy.
         He's trying to get behind us.

Aika: Vyse! Just make sure to watch out for that big
      cannon that he fired at King Ixa'taka!
      One hit of that and we're dead!

(After first turn...)

De Loco: Prepare to fire the Moon Stone Cannon!
         Halt all systems and redirect all power!

         Hehehe... you can't knock me off balance
         if my ship isn't moving, Vyse! Heehee...
         Now, feel the power of my Moon Stone Cannon!!

Aika: The enemy vessel has stopped!
      What's going on?!

Drachma: It looks like he's got somethin' up his sleeve.
         But, now's our chance. We need to hit him
         as hard as we can while he's stopped.

         We'll take a bit of a beating, but
         we can tak this chance and
         hit him as hard as we can...

         Or, we can play it safe and back away.
         We won't be able to do as much damage,
         but neither will he.

((If you choose "Take a chance and open fire!"...))

Vyse: We need to take a chance and hit him with
      with everything we've got! Let's take him
      out for good!

Drachma: Sometimes you have to take a risk to
         win. well, boy... open fire!!

(After being hit by the Harpoon Cannon)

Aika: They're still just sitting there!
      they probably used up too much energy
      on that last attack!

(After third round)

Aika: They've stopped again!
      Vyse, what should we do this time?!

(After fourth round)

De Loco: What's going on?!
         Why didn't the Moon Stone
         Cannon fire?!

Vice Captain: Lord De Loco! The last blast
              nearly drained all the energy from
              the ship! We must recharge the cannon!

              Perhaps firing this prototype Moon Stone
              Cannon was too much for it to handle. I
              think that maybe we should...

De Loco: Silence! Silence!!!!
         I don't want to hear any excuses! Fire! Fire!!
         Fire the Moon Stone Cannon!!


(After defeating De Loco)

De Loco: This cannot be!
         How could I lose twice?!

         No... No... No...
         No... this has to be a dream...
         It's all just a bad dream...

Vice Captain: Sir!
              Get a hold of yourself!

              We can't face the Gigas in this shape!
              All ships, back to Valua!

Aika: Alright!
      De Loco's retreating!

Drachma: It's still too early to celebrate.
         We still have to stop Grendel!

Vyse: But... he's too big! How can we stop him?

Drachma: See that canyon?

         No matter how strong that thing is, if it falls
         into the canyon, it will be stuck.

Vyse: I see...
      So, all we have to do is knock it down!

Drachma: Aye!
         Wait for him to pass in front of it,
         then hit him in the back!

Vyse: Got it!
      Alright everyone, let's take him down!


Drachma: We need to get in close to damage
         that thing... But, there's no telling
         what that thing will do.

         Just keep an eye on the damage levels of
         the ship, boy. We'll try and damage him
         little by little.

*After first round*

Drachma: It's too big. I don't even know where
         to begin attacking it. Boy, where do
         you think we should try attacking it?

((If you choose "Let's try attacking its head."...))

Vyse: Let's try attacking it's head.
      That might be its weak point.

Drachma: Very well.
         Increase our altitude.

*After a while*

Drachma: Okay, boy... you can continue attackin' if you
         want, or you can back off and make repairs on
         the ship.

((If you choose "Keep attacking."...))

Vyse: Let's continue attacking.
      We need to keep damaging that thing,
      even if we can only do it a little at a time.

(After enough damage)

Fina: Look!
      Grendel's acting strangely!

Aika: Uh oh...
      Why am I getting a bad feeling about this?

Drachma: Wait... This might be our chance.
         Watch it carefully...

         It's not actin' normally. If we attack it now,
         we might be able to knock it off balance.

         And if we can hit it hard enough, we might
         be able to knock it over into that valley
         behind it. That should hold it for a while.

(Grendel is hit in the back by the Harpoon Cannon, and
 topples into the valley.)

Vyse: Alright!
      We knocked Grendel into the valley!

Drachma: Good job, boy! Now is our chance to grab the
         Green Moon Crystal and send that thing back
         to where it came from!


King Ixa'taka: Vyse...
               You saved my people... and our lands.
               I don't know how to repay you...

               We were wrong. We should have never summoned
               the Giant.

Vyse: With great power, you need great responsibility.
      The Gigas are far too dangerous...

King Ixa'taka: Yes, we now realize that. And I am truly sorry...
               Vyse, you have proven yourself worthy...

               I entrust our Sacred Green Stone unto you.
               Use it to achieve peace...
               We have faith in you.

Vyse: Thank you King Ixa'taka...
      We will do our best.

Isapa: The Valuans have abandoned their encampments
       to the north.

       Now that they have left, perhaps you might
       be able to travel through the Iron Net.

Drachma: If we pass through there, we'll reach North
         Ocean. That will take us back to Valua.

Fina: The Yellow Crystal should be hidden there.

Vyse: Okay everyone, now we'll head back to Valua.
      They're really upset with us now... Getting the
      Yellow Crystal isn't going to be easy.

Isapa: Sounds dangerous... perhaps you ladies would like
       to stay behind here in Ixa'taka?

       It's an island paradise...
       We've got exotic foods, nectars, waterfalls,
       beautiful sunsets...

Vyse: What do you say, Aika?
      Who knows? Maybe you'll find some more
      ghosts, too.

Aika: Vyse!!! Don't even joke about them around me...
      You know I'm afraid of them... I've had enough
      ghosts to last me for a long time.




5.01 - Back to Valua


Drachma: King Ixa'taka spoke of an Iron Net to the north
         of this continent.

Aika: Yeah... But, if the Valuans escaped to the north,
      that means they probably had to take down the
      Iron Net, right?

Drachma: That means we'll be able to reach North Ocean
         that way. We'll head straight to Valua from


Fat Guy: Cold Ocean starfish, soup, Valuan chicken with
         onion sauce, and a mountain of flying fish!

         This is wonderful!
         The ship that we hit yesterday really had some
         great food on board!

Air Pirate: Captain Gordo!
            A ship armed with a gigantic harpoon has been
            sighted off the port side!

Gordo: I see... good, good!
       Another ship full of goodies is there for the

       I'll take on anyone if I think they have good
       food on board.

       I really hope they have something that goes good
       with fish...

Aika: Vyse! There's a ship heading right for us.
      And they're Black Pirates.

Drachma: I know that flag... It belongs to a pirate
         named Gordo. He's known as the Gourmet Pirate.
         He attacks other ships and steals their food.

         He rarely uses his cannons because he's afraid
         he'll burn the food on the other ships.
         He'll do anything for a good meal.

         As far as Black Pirates go, he's a strange one.

Vyse: You're telling me.
      He's getting awfully close...

Aika: They're boarding us! They're challenging us to
      hand to hand combat.

Vyse: Well, while they're here,
      we might as well kick their butts...


Gordo: Heh heh...
       We give up...
       You and your crew fought well...

       Your name was Vyse, right?
       I don't think I've ever seen you in North Ocean

Vyse: This is the first time we've ever been to North

      For now, we're riding aboard Captain Drachma's
      ship, the Little Jack...

Gordo: Drachma?

       Drachma, were you ever in North Ocean before?

Drachma: ...What if I was?

Gordo: Then it is you!
       I've heard all about you!

       You're the sailor that is chasing the arcwhale,
       Rhaknam. If I remember correctly, it was to
       avenge your son, right?

Drachma: Enough!

         I don't know what stories you've been hearin',
         but I suggest you keep them to yourself.

         And unless you want me to throw you overboard,
         you should get off my ship.

Gordo: Ahh... that's quite alright...
       we'll be going now...

Drachma: And what are you staring at?! Are you going to
         stand there all day? Get back up to the bridge
         before I throw YOU overboard!

Everyone: Yessir!

Drachma: Hrmph...



Vyse: Looks like we've reached Valuan airspace.

      So, this is where the Yellow Crystal is hidden,

Fina: Yes. It is sealed somewhere within these lands,
      along with the Yellow Gigas.

Aika: Considering how much trouble we've caused the
      Valuans already, we should be extra careful,
      right Cap'n?

Drachma: ......

Aika: ... Cap'n?
      What's wrong?

Drachma: Ah... um... nothing.
         I'm sorry... were you saying something?

Aika: Nothing really.
      It wasn't anything important.


Vyse: That chunk of metal is huge!!!

Fina: Beneath it is the "Maw of Tartas."
      It's an entrance to a series of caverns.

      These caverns are the resting place of the
      Yellow Crystal as well as the Yellow Gigas.

      This seal was built by my people after the Rains
      of Destruction in order to contain the Yellow
      Gigas. Now the Yellow Gigas lies dormant...

Drachma: Good... keep that thing locked up...

Aika: Well, I know this means that the Gigas can't get

      But, it also means that we can't get in!

Vyse: Hmm... I don't think there's any way we can get
      through this seal. What should we do?

?: Hey! Don't move!

Valuan Soldier: The punishment for trespassing near the Great
                Seal is death!


Valuan Soldier: We... we surrender!
                Please don't kill us.

Aika: Tell us how to open the seal, and we'll let you

Valuan Soldier: That's impossible!
                Our entire army couldn't open it!

                Our commanders aren't concerned with the Yellow
                Crystal right now because it's already in Valua
                and it's safe from you.

Drachma: Hmm...
         That makes sense. They'll go after the other
         Crystals first...

Vyse: Something's not right... You'd think that this
      area would be more heavily guarded. Where are
      the rest of your men?

Valuna Soldier: They're preparing for the raid on Nasrad.

Aika: What?!
      Valua is going to start a war with Nasr?

Valuan Soldier: I, I think so.
                I'm just a grunt, so I don't know any of the

                And there was a giant arcwhale...
                It destroyed a few of our ships recently...
                One of our Admirals is hunting it.

Drachma: A giant arcwhale?!

         Rhaknam is here?!
         Answer me!

Valuan Soldier: I, I don't know for certain. Some fog rolled in
                yesterday and there were sightings of a huge

Drachma: That means it's probably still in the area.

         I have to go after Rhaknam...

         I've been following you kids around looking for
         the Crystals all this time... but now it's your
         turn to follow me.

((If you choose "We understand. We'll go with you."...))

Vyse: Well, it doesn't look like we'll be able to get
      to the Yellow Crystal anytime soon. Okay
      Drachma, we'll go with you.

Drachma: Very well... Now the time has come for me to
         finally face Rhaknam.

         He was the reason that I got the Harpoon Cannon
         in the first place... I'm going to kill him... or
         die tryin'.


5.02 - Rhaknam


Drachma: We'll need to rest up before we attack Rhaknam.

         There's always a thick fog surrounding him. He
         knocks ships out of the sky and they never see
         him coming.

         We'll hide in this canyon and ambush him at the
         first sign of fog. Tonight we sleep here. Drop
         anchor, boy.


Vyse: Later that night...
      My heart was racing with excitement. I was too
      anxious to get even a wink of sleep.

      Rhaknam is nearby...
      That's all I could think as I lie there,
      trying to sleep.

      It doesn't look like I'm going to get any
      shut-eye. Maybe I'll take a little walk to try
      and calm myself down.


Vyse: Captain...

Drachma: ... Is that you, boy?

         What are you doin' up at this hour?
         You should be gettin' some rest.

Vyse: I was about to say the same thing.
      It's the middle of the night.

      What's that?

Drachma: Hrmph...

         ... Open it.

Vyse: It's full of...


Drachma: ... My son collects... used to collect those.

Vyse: You had a son?

Drachma: ... Aye.
         About the same age as you.

         A long time ago, I ran a fishin' boat in North

         My son was learnin' to be a sailor.
         He used to come out with us.
         His name was... Jack.

         He was a small boy, who liked to help out.
         The other sailors... they used to call him
         "Little Jack".

Vyse: ......

Drachma: One day, we went out fishin' as usual.
         Then Rhaknam came.

         We didn't know how powerful Rhaknam was,
         and we tried to fight him.

         But, there was no way a fishin' boat stood a
         chance against that thing. Rhaknam destroyed
         our ship. I barely managed to survive...

         But my crew... and Jack... weren't so lucky. Last
         time I saw Jack, he was clutching some feathers
         as he fell... like they'd stop him from falling.

         I can still hear my son scream as he fell... From
         that day on, I swore revenge on Rhaknam...
         for my crew and for Jack.

         I need to kill Rhaknam... to avenge my crew...
         and my son.

         ... Hrmph. I'm getting long-winded in my old age.
         Don't let it bother you... it's my problem.

Vyse: Captain...

      This fog! Could it be...

Drachma: Boy... go wake the others.

         It's him.
         Rhaknam is here.


Vyse: ...What's that sound?

Aika: It sounds like cannon fire...

Drachma: Boy! Dead ahead!

Vyse: Captain!

Drachma: ...It's him!

(Rhaknam smashes into the Little Jack.)

Fina: Aaahhh!

Aika: It's... it's HUGE!

Vyse: Hey!
      Look over there!

(A fleet of Valuan ships is firing on Rhaknam.)

Vyse: Captain, whose ship is that?

Drachma: While we were in Valua, I heard rumors that the
         Armada altered their chain of command.

         That must be Ramirez's ship.
         He was Galcian's Vice Captain... He's the most
         feared officer in the Armada.

Fina: Ramirez...

Aika: Fina... what's wrong?

Fina: Nothing...
      Everything is fine.


Vyse: We can't fight them both at the same time!
      Captain, what should we do?

Drachma: Take out the Valuan ships first. I don't want
         them interferin' in the fight with Rhaknam.
         I need to kill Rhaknam myself.

         Leave Ramirez's ship alone!
         Take out the two cruisers in front of us first!


Valuan Gunboat: Air Pirate scum! You will regret the day you
                stood against Lord Ramirez and the 6th Fleet of
                the Armada!


Vyse: Alright!
      We've got a straight shot at Rhaknam!

Drachma: I've waited for this for a long time...
         Harpoon Cannon... FIRE!

(The Harpoon Cannon fires at Rhaknam and stabs into his back.)

Drachma: Heh...
         There's no escape for ya now.

(Suddenly, the Little Jack is hit by cannonfire.)

Aika: Aaahhhh!

Vyse: Captain! Watch out!
      There's an enemy ship off the starboard side!
      It's Ramirez!

Drachma: He got behind us while we were concentrating
         on Rhaknam!

(The Little Jack is hit repeatedly; fires start burning.)

Aika: The Little Jack is on fire!
      Propelling power dropping rapidly!
      We're... losing altitude!

Vyse: This isn't good...
      If we keep this up, we're all going to die.

Drachma: NO! I've waited far too long!!!
         I may never get another chance!

Vyse: Captain! We've got to abandon ship!
      We need to get to the lifeboats down below!

Drachma: What...?!
         You're tellin' me to abandon the Little Jack?!

         You're tellin' me to let Rhaknam go?!?!

Vyse: YES!!!
      If you die, it won't bring back your son!

      And as long as you're alive, you'll always have
      another chance!

Drachma: Grrr...

Vyse: If you die now, then the lives of your crew...
      and your son... would have been lost in vain.

Drachma: Aaaarrrggghhhh!

Vyse: Alright, we're abandoning ship!
      Everyone! Get down below!


(Aika and Fina climb into one of the lifeboats,
 while Vyse gets into the other.)

Aika: Cap'n, hurry! Get on!
      The ship's going down!

Drachma: ......

Vyse: Captain?!

      ...Captain! Get on board!!!

Aika: Look...
      Rhaknam, is hurt!

      Cap'n! what're you doing?

Fina: No, don't!!!

(Drachma pushes Aika and Fina's lifeboat out.)

Vyse: Captain, hurry! Get in!

(Drachma pushes the lifeboat out, with Vyse in it.)

Vyse: Noooo!!!

Aika: Cap'n!

Fina: Why did he do that?

(The lifeboats are hit by cannonfire.)

Vyse: Ramirez...
      He fires at lifeboats!?!?

(The two lifeboats spiral downwards...)

Vyse: Aaaaahhhhh!!!

Fina: Vyse!

Aika: Nooooo!!!


5.03 - Stranded


(Vyse wakes to find himself on an empty island, alone.)

Vyse: I'm... I'm alive?

      It looks like I've been seperated from Aika and
      Fina... I hope they're okay.

      Where am I?


Vyse: Well, I'm definitely on an island...
      And an uninhabited one at that.

      Hmm... looks like a storm is coming in.
      I should find some shelter.


(Exploring the island, Vyse finds an old skeleton.)

Vyse: Well, I guess I'm not the first guy to get
      shipwrecked on this island. From the look of
      his clothes, he was probably a sailor, too.

      Looks like he's been dead for a long time.

      There's something embroidered on his collar...
      "Gonzales." I guess that was his name.

      There's something in his pocket...

      It's a map!
      It's a little old. Maybe it's a map of this

      Hmm... there aren't any of the same landmarks...
      It's probably a map of a different island.

      It may come in handy some day.
      I'll just hold onto this map for a while.

      Well, I'll give you a proper burial, so you'll
      finally be able to rest in peace.

      ... There...
      Well, I guess I should fine some high ground so
      I can check out the rest of the island.


(Vyse enters a small cave.)

Vyse: I guess my friend Gonzales had the same idea.
      It looks like he was living here for quite a
      while too.

      Well, it doesn't look like I have much of a
      choice, so I might as well set up camp in here
      and get some rest.

      Aika... Fina...
      Wherever you are...
      I hope you guys are safe...


5.04 - Clara


(Aika and Fina wake to find themselves in a large bed.)

Aika: Ugh... uh...

      How did we end up in this place?
      And where exactly are we?

Fina: This place does seem peculiar...
      I don't see Vyse or Captain Drachma anywhere...
      I hope they're okay.

Aika: ... They're probably fine...
      They're both too stubborn to die that easily...

      I wonder who saved us?

(A young woman enters the room.)

Young Woman: Oh! You're awake!

             There's no need to get up just yet.
             Let's see, what can I get you...

             How about a nice, hot bowl of soup?

Aika: Sure! That would be great!
      Oh, my name's Aika.

Fina: And I'm Fina.
      Thank you so much for saving us.
      We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Young Woman: Aika and Fina...
             You both have such pretty names!

             You two are lucky that I found your lifeboat.
             You were both unconscious.

             What exactly happened?
             I love exciting stories.

Aika: ......

Young Woman: Ah, don't worry about it.
             If you don't want to tell me,
             I won't force you to.

             But, by the looks of you...
             I'd say that you two are Air Pirates.

Aika: ......

Young Woman: Haha... looks like I guessed right.

             You don't have anything to worry about,
             my dear...

             Because I'm an Air Pirate, too!

Fina: What?

Aika: Really?

Young Woman: Yes.
             I am Clara, of the Blue Rogues.
             Pleased to meet you!

(Aika and Fina explain the situation.)

Clara: Ah...
       I see.

       I'm sure there's nothing to worry about.
       Vyse is probably fine!

       You girls like him, right?

       You have to have faith in your man...

Aika: Um... yeah...

Fina: ......

Girl Sailor: Captain Clara!

             We'll be reaching Nasrad in a few moments!

Clara: Okay...
       Prepare for landing.

       We'll be landing in Nasr's capital,
       Nasrad, very soon.

       Nasrad is a very large city. Who knows?
       Maybe you can find out where Vyse is while
       we're there.


Clara: It's about time for me to set sail. It was very
       nice meeting the two of you. I'm sorry we
       couldn't spend more time together.

       Here... take this. It's only 5,000 gold,
       but it should help.

Aika: Wow! Really?! Thanks for everything you've done
      for us. First you save our lives,
      then you give us gold...

Clara: Don't give it a second thought.
       After all, I too, am a Blue Rogue.

Fina: Where are you going now, Clara?

Clara: Me?
       Well, I'm going after the man I love.

       He's an Air Pirate, too...
       He's a little on the wild side, but he's strong,
       smart, and so...

       Yummy... I follow him wherever he goes. I know
       that someday, he'll come around and fall in
       love with me, too. Isn't that romantic?

Aika: Umm... sure!

Clara: Well, I'd better get going!

       I hope we see each other again! Good luck!

Aika: That was the nicest stalker that I've ever met.
      But at least it explains why her entire ship
      looks like a honeymoon suite.

Fina: Honeymoon?

Aika: I kinda figured you wouldn't know what that
      was. Don't worry about it. Let's go see if
      we can find a place to sleep tonight.


Innkeeper: Welcome! This inn is 240 gold a night.
           Would you like a room?

Aika: Um... we've actually been shipwrecked and we have
      no money. I'm trying to find a way to raise
      money, but...

Innkeeper: Bah... You girls look like good kids.
           I trust you. I will start a tab, and you two can
           settle it when you leave, okay?

(("Stay the night."))

Innkeeper: You can use the room all the way in the back on
           the second floor. I hope you sleep well.

*In room*

Aika: Looks like we're going to be stuck in Nasrad for
      a little while.

Fina: What are we going to do tomorrow?

Aika: Well, I was thinking about looking for a place
      to work. We have to save up some gold.

      Let's put aside the money that we got from
      Clara. If we save up some more, we can buy
      a small ship and go looking for Vyse.

      What do you think, Fina?

Fina: Yes!
      That sounds like a good plan.

Aka: Well, tonight let's just get some rest and hope
     for the best!

     But I wonder where Vyse is, though...

Fina: Vyse...
      I wonder if you're looking at the same moon
      right now...

(Meanwhile, on the deserted island...)

Vyse: Aika... Fina...
      Are you looking at the same Moon right now?
      I hope you're alright.

      And so I spent my first night alone on the
      deserted island.

      I woke up to some fresh, clean air and a warm

      Ah, that felt great!
      But, I'm really hungry right now...

      If Gonzales survived lone enough to settle into
      that cave, there's got to be food on this
      island. It's time to go hunting...


5.05 - Survival


Vyse: Hm... This meat looks
      pretty tasty.
      Maybe I'll look for some more.


Vyse: Oh man, I ate so much.
      Those things actually taste pretty good.

      I should have enough food to last me for a

      I wonder if this island is near any of the trade
      routes... A ship has got to pass by here sooner
      or later.

      I should prepare some sort of signal fire in
      case I see any ships.

      I spent my second day gathering food.
      Lucky for me that the island was inhabited by

      I started my third day with a big breakfast...
      Now it was time to get to work.

      I went to the highest point of the island that I
      could reach and cleared away an area for a
      signal fire.

      If a ship passes by, all I need to do is light
      it and they'll probably see it.

      *I've been stranded on this island for three

      That night...
      I had a dream about Aika, Fina, and even

      On the fourth day...*

      Ahh... this place isn't so bad...
      Let's see...

      I need to gather some firewood...

      Hmm... they're dry and they're just about the
      right size. I should look for more sticks like


Vyse: Hmm...
      This looks like it's about the right size
      for making a fire.

      This one's nice and dry...
      There's more here than I thought.

      Okay, this is the third one.
      If I can find just two more,
      I'll be able to start a fire.

      This is a good size.
      Alright, one more.
      This should be enough to build a
      decent sized fire!

      Well I have enough firewood to last me a while.

      It looks like it's going to rain soon...
      I should call it quits for today.

      *Well, it was my fourth day on this island and
      I'm really starting to miss sailing.

      I suppose I just have to think of this as some
      sort of vacation and deal with it...

      On the fifth day...*

      Well, it's been raining all day.
      I guess I won't get much done.
      I'll just rest for now.

      I don't just want to sit around all day,
      hoping for a ship to pass by...

      I wonder if I can fix the lifeboat
      from the Little Jack?

      *It rained all day.
      I spent most of the day resting in the cave.

      This is my fifth night on this island...
      First thing tomorrow, I'll try to fix
      the lifeboat!*

      Another good night's rest. It actually does feel
      good to take a break from fighting monsters.
      Well, I better get started on fixing the boat!

      Since this island has been deserted for a while,
      there should be some Moon Stones lying around.
      The rain probably unearthed a bunch of them.

      Here's one!
      But I'll need more than one
      to fly to the next island.

      Time to look for some more!


Vyse: Hey, found one! I guess I'm pretty lucky that it
      rained yesterday, otherwise I'd probably never
      have found any of these Moon Stones!

      Here's another one. I'm lucky this is a deserted
      island, or else these Moon Stones probably would
      have been found a long time ago...

      Oh, here's one.
      It's a Red Moon Stone...
      Which means I'm probably somewhere near Nasr...

      Heh... found another one.
      Hmm... One more would probably
      be enough.

      Last one!
      Man, I'm so lucky that there were plenty of
      Moon Stones on this island...

      These Moon Stone haven't been processed yet.
      They may not give off much power, but it should
      be enough to power this little lifeboat.

      It looks like I'll finally make it off of this


5.06 - Gilder


Vyse; *I started working on the boat.
      This island is full of trees, so I won't have to
      worry about running out of materials.

      Eating the food that I saved up, I spent the
      next few days hard at work on the boat.

      One week passed...*

      That should just about do it.

      I'm finally going to be able to get off this
      island tomorrow!

(The next day...)

Vyse: ... What?

      ... A ship!

      Heh... why couldn't it have come a little
      earlier? I wouldn't have spent all that time
      working on the boat!

      Yes!!! They saw me!! Well, looks like I'm
      finally getting off of this rock.

(Onboard the ship)

Air Pirate: Captain Gilder!

Gilder: Uhhh...
        Not again, Maria...
        Let me sleep a little longer...

Air Pirate: ... Captain!!!
            Uhh... Captain...
            You need to wake up!

Gilder: ... Huh?

Air Pirate: We just picked up a boy stranded on a deserted
            island. He says that he's been there for two

            Judging by the way he's dressed, he's probably
            an Air Pirate. He looks like he's about 17.
            He's pretty much still a baby.

Willy: Oh Baby!
       Oh Baby!

Gilder: He's a lucky kid... he was only stranded for two

        But, if it was me and I was stuck on an island
        without any women for two whole weeks...
        I'm not sure if I would have made it!!!

(On the deck)

Gilder: So, you're the guy that was stranded?

        Hmm... and you're dressed like an Air Pirate.
        What's your name, kid?

Vyse: I'm Vyse.
      Thank you for saving me.
      Are you the captain of this ship?

Gilder: Yes, I am.
        Just call me Gilder.

        The ship's name is Claudia.
        And this "beast" on my shoulder here is Willy.

        Come to the bridge.
        I want to hear about your adventures.

(On the bridge, Vyse explains the situation to Gilder.)

Gilder: Hahahahaha!!!
        You've defeated three of the Armada's Admirals
        and escaped from the Grand Fortress?

        I like you, Vyse.
        I wouldn't expect anything less from
        an Air Pirate.

        Personally, I'm constantly searching for

        Treasure, brawls... and women. There are tons of
        things in this world that make me happy.

        "Women are like sunsets... They're beautiful, but
        there will be a different one tomorrow,"
        that's my motto.

((If you choose "That's a good motto."...))

Vyse: That's a good motto.
      I'm sure with your looks, you get all the women.

Gilder: Hahhahahaha!
        Hey... I don't want another guy to tell me that!

        But thanks for the compliment.
        Oh, and I do get all the women.

        So, you've been away from your ship for two
        weeks, right? I'll bet you really miss sailing.
        Go ahead. Take the wheel.

Vyse: Wha?!
      Really? You'd let me...?

Gilder: I don't care...
        Anyone who's accomplished what you have knows
        his way around a ship.

        The Claudia's a little on the sensitive side,
        but you'll get the hang of her in no time...

        I'm heading to Nasrad. It's the capital of Nasr,
        due south from here.

        If you get lost, just look at the map and get
        your bearings. Alright! Let's go!


*Near Nasrad*

Air Pirate: Captain! There's a suspicious looking ship
            heading straight for us... it's coming in fast!
            And it's pink!

Gilder: What?
        I wonder who...
        Oh, no...

Clara: There you are, my love!
       You can't play hard to get forever.

       My heart belongs to you!!!

Gilder: Yup...
        It's Clara, alright...

        Hmm... in some ways, she's even more frightening
        than the Armada!

        Okay, here's the plan.

        Vyse, you and I are going to take a lifeboat to
        Nasrad and my crew will sail my ship in the
        opposite direction as a decoy.

        Whaddaya say?
        Sounds like a plan?

Vyse: Umm... Okay.
      But you're the captain...
      Is it alright for you to leave your ship?

Gilder: Heh heh... don't worry about it.
        Titles mean nothing to me.

        And I told you earlier, didn't I?
        I'm always searching for adventure.

        Alright, everyone!
        Time for Operation Clara...
        You know the routine. Catch up with us later.

Air Pirates: Aye aye!

Gilder: Haha... works every time.

        Alright Vyse, let's head south.
        Let's see what kind of fun Nasrad has to offer.


Gilder: I have some personal stuff to take care of
        first. You go on to the inn and rest up.
        I'll catch up with you a little later.

Vyse: I don't mind traveling seperately,
      but what is it you need to do, exactly?

Gilder: I need to stop by the tavern for a bit.
        There's a few women there that will
        be happy to see me. Don't wait up...


Vyse: This looks like the room.
      I guess I just have to wait for Gilder here.

Aika: It's payday!!!
      Working as a waitress is actually more fun
      than I thought!

Fina: I... I've never worked for gold before.
      It's... it's rather exciting actually.


5.07 - Treasure Maps

Tavernkeep: Oh! It is you.
            Here you are... this is your pay. You earned it.

            You both worked very hard, so I decided to help
            you out with a little extra bonus. Thank you for

Aika: Wow! Thanks! With this, we finally have the
      10,000 gold that we need to buy a ship!

Gilder: Well, well! I didn't know you had such pretty
        girls working here!

Tavernkeep: Gilder, you scoundrel... Keep your hands off the
            help, okay?

Gilder: They just stopped working here, right?
        You don't need to get so protective...

Tavernkeep: Some things never change...
            Gilder, you never were one to resist a pretty

            Aika... Fina... Be careful out there! You better
            take care of yourselves!

Aika: Thanks for everything!
      Alright Fina, let's go back to the inn and
      pay off our bill!


Aika: Sir!
      What's wrong?!
      Do you need help?

Old Man: Ugh...
         Starving... Thirsty...
         Need water... Need food...

Aika: Alright, just hang on.
      I'll bring you inside, we'll take care of you.

*In inn*

Old Man: Thank you for your kindness.
         My name is Pedro.
         I'm not sure how I can repay you.

Aika: That's quite alright. Don't give it another
      thought. Helping people in distress is what we
      Blue Rogues live for.

Pedro: Oh...!
       You're an Air Pirate?

       I can't do much to repay you, but please accept

Aika: What's this?
      It looks like an old map...

Pedro: I, I used to be a sailor.
       I used to travel with my friend, Gonzales.

       One day, we were lucky enough to find this...
       "Daccat's Map."

Fina: Daccat's... Map?

Pedro: About 5 generations ago, long before my time...
       There was a great Air Pirate named Daccat that
       terrorized the world.

       And this map supposedly shows where Captain
       Daccat hid all of his treasures...
       "Daccat's Island."

Aika: But, half of the map is missing!

Pedro: Well, Gonzales and I promised each other to look
       for it together someday...

       We tore the map in half and we each carried a
       piece with us.

       Right after we found the map, we were attacked
       by Black Pirates.

       We had to abandon ship.
       I don't know what happened to Gonzales, but I
       ended up here in Nasrad.

       I've been waiting for him in this town for a
       very long time... I don't think I'll ever see him

Fina: That's very sad...

Pedro: Now I am too old to be going off looking
       for buried treasure.

       I'm sure that Gonzales would have been happy if
       you found the treasure...

       ...Thank you for saving me.
       Good luck finding that treasure.

Aika: Fina, what do you think?
      Do you think this map is worth anything?

Fina: Hmm...
      He didn't appear to be the kind of person that
      would lie.

Aika: Yeah, that story did seem a little farfetched,
      but it might be worth checking out.

      Do you want to go searching for the treasure?

Fina: Sure, I would like that very much.
      It sounds interesting.

Aika: Sounds like a plan.
      Let's pay the innkeeper and get going!

Gilder: Why hello there. Do you want to grab a bite to
        eat? I have a friend that can come along too.

Aika: We'd love to, but we're about to go on a trip.
      Maybe some other time.

Gilder: I see. Well, that's too bad.
        Safe travels.

Aika: Thank you. Maybe we'll run into you later.

Gilder: Hey, we just got into town, and you've got your
        face buried in that map.
        Have a little fun, will ya?

        Hey! Where'd you get that map?!

Vyse: I found it on the deserted island I was on.

Gilder: That's the map to the hidden treasure of the
        legendary Air Pirate, Daccat!

        It is said that he traveled the world and has
        seen all six Moons with his own eyes.

        And it is also said that all the treasures that
        he accumulated on his adventures are hidden
        somewhere on a small island.

        And this is a map of that island.
        Vyse... you certainly know how to pick your maps!

Vyse: Hmm...
      But how do we know it's real?

Gilder: Look... it's Daccat's seal.
        It isn't easy to duplicate that seal.

        It's no fake, Vyse.
        This is a real treasure map!

        We can't just sit here...
        We have to leave right away!

Vyse: But Gilder, didn't you say something about
      meeting women and having some fun?

Gilder: Which do you think is more important? Women? Or
        Daccat's Treasure? Besides, with Daccat's
        Treasure, we'll be able to get more women.

        C'mon, Vyse... let's go!

*Outside Inn*

Vyse: Oh, I almost forgot...

      Before we head off looking for Daccat's Island,
      I should warn the king about Valua's plans.


Nasr Soldier: This is the Royal Palace of the Nasultan! If you
              do not have official business, then you are not
              welcome here.

Vyse: Nasultan?

Gilder: The rulers of Nasr always take on the title of
        Nasultan. And this is the Royal Palace.

Vyse: I see.
      So we should tell this "Nasultan" guy
      about Valua's plan to attack.

      We must speak to the Nasultan right away.
      Let us through.

Nasr Soldier: What?! You wish to speak to the Nasultan? Do you
              think we allow commoners into the Royal Palace?

((If you choose "We have important information."...))

Vyse: I have important information regarding the
      Valuan Armada. Please let us pass.

Nasr Soldier: Important information about the Valuans?

              Valua is our greatest enemy. If you have
              information about them, then perhaps we can let
              you speak to the Nasultan.

              Very well, I will grant you permission to enter
              the Royal Palace. Now, if you will follow me.

Gilder: Heh, not too shabby, kid. Who'd have thought
        that two ruffians like us would be able to meet
        the Nasultan?

Vyse: Well, I just figured that if they knew we were
      doing them a favor, they'd let us in.

(Inside the palace)

Nasultan: So you're the Air Pirate who escaped from the
          Grand Fortress, eh? I am the Nasultan of the
          Nasr Kingdom. What is it that you want from me?

Vyse: Valua is planning an attack on Nasrad.
      They are already organizing their forces.

      You should warn your people and assemble your
      fleet right away!

Nasultan: HAHAHAHAHA!!!
          You came all this way to tell me this?

          Do not fear, our navy is powerful enough to
          crush the Valuan Armada.

Vyse: But, Your Majesty... you shouldn't underestimate
      them. You need to assemble your fleet or
      many innocent lives may be lost.

Nasultan: HAHAHAHA!!!
          You seem very concerned about Nasr for
          an Air Pirate.

          Nasrad is shielded by mountains in the south and
          sky rifts to the east. It is impossible for them
          to invade.

          If they were to try and invade us, it would have
          to be from the north. And that is where our
          fleet is located. 

          The South Dannel Strait is properly guarded and
          the maelstrom blocks off the North Dannel

          In other words, it would be impossible for
          anyone to invade us! Hahahaha!

Vyse: But...

Nasultan: Do not worry... Nasr is protected by the Red
          Moon. Valua cannot touch us.

          And besides, if someone as young as you can get
          past the Armada perhaps they're losing their

          Imagine that... The once mighty Valuan Armada
          fooled by a boy!

Gilder: It's no use, Vyse. I don't think he'll listen to
        anything we have to say. Let's stop wasting our
        time and get to looking for Daccat's Island.

Vyse: I don't know. He seems way too overconfident,
      but I hope for his sake that he's right.
      C'mon, let's go.

(At the dock)

Aika: Alright!
      It's a little small, but we bought a ship!

Fina: Yes, but the gold that we got from Clara and
      from working is all gone now.

Aika: Don't worry about it, Fina.
      All we need to do is find Daccat's Treasure and
      we'll be fine!

      Let me see, did the map say where the island was

      "The dead will always watch over my treasure.
      It is located..."

Fina: Well, where is it?

Aika: Oh, no!!
      It's torn off! I can't see what it says!

      Looks like the only way we'll be able to find
      the island is by this clue. I think this skull
      on the map has something to do with it.

      Well, it's not going to do us any good just
      sitting around and doing nothing. We might as
      well start searching!

Fina: Yes!


Aika: On the treasure map it says, "The dead will
      always watch over me treasure."

      And there's a skull here on the eastern part of
      the Valuan continent. I wonder if that has to
      do with anything...


5.08 - Daccat's Island


Aika: Hey! Why won't this door open?! It won't even

Fina: There's something written here... It's an old
      language, but I think I can read it...

      "When the two become one, the path will
      reveal itself to you..."

Aika: What's that supposed to mean?! Why is Daccat
      being so stingy?! It's not like any of his gold
      means anything to him anymore!!!


Gilder: Well, then!
        Let's go find us some treasure!

Vyse: Okay. There are some directions on the map...

      "... to the north of the City of the Sands.
      When the two pieces become whole, the way
      to the treasure will be known."

      I can't read anything before that...
      It's torn off. That's all it says.

Gilder: "The City of the Sands" probably refers to the
        city that was here before Nasrad. I think it was
        called Oasis.

        So... it's to the north of here, huh?
        We can get there in no time with my ship.

Vyse: I'm a sailor without a ship at this point.
      There's no way I'll be able to search for my
      friends now.

      If we do find the treasure, I'd like to use my
      share to buy a ship.

Gilder: Hahaha, I like you Vyse, you never give up.
        Very well... off we go!


Vyse: This door is huge!
      I don't know how the two of us can open it.

Gilder: There's probably some sort of trick to opening

(The floor shakes, and the panel the two
 are standing on sinks slightly.

Gilder: What?!
        What was that!?

Fina: Aaaahhhh!

Aika: What was that!?

(The doors open)

Fina: Whatever it was, it just opened the door.

Aika: I don't know if that's good or bad.

Vyse: I didn't touch anything... Did you?

Gilder: Hmm...
        The map said something like...
        "When the two pieces come together..."

        I wonder if anyone else is here?
        Heh... nevermind... what are the chances of that?

Fina: Aika... what do you think we should do?

Aika: I'm not sure how, but the door opened, and
      there's treasure inside. We should go!


Vyse: A lever? I wonder what it's for...


Aika: Doors that open by themselves... Levers that we
      have no idea what they do... I really, really
      don't get this place.


5.09 - Reunion

Gilder: Hey, Vyse!
        I believe that's what we came here for!
        Heh, Daccat's Treasure.

Vyse: That's got to be it!
      Heh, now I can buy my ship.

Aika: Wow! Look, Fina! Look!!!
      That treasure chest is HUGE!!!

Fina: Oh, yes... I see it!
      Do you think it's Captain Daccat's Treasure?

Vyse: Who's there?!

Aika: Who's there yourself?

      Vyse...! It's Vyse!!

Fina: Vyse!!

Vyse: Aika!
      You're both okay!!

Aika: Vyse!!!

(Aika hugs Vyse.)

Aika: You're alive! We raised enough money to buy a
      boat and we were gonna go looking for you!
      As soon as we got the treasure, of course.

Fina: Vyse...
      I'm so glad that you are alright...

      Oh, I'm sorry...
      I'm a little emotional right now.
      I'm just so happy!!!

Vyse: Aika... Fina...
      I was so worried. I was gonna buy a boat to look
      for you, too.

Gilder: Heh! Well look at you...

        On top of that, I didn't know that your partner
        was the cutie I met in Nasr!

Aika: We're all together again!

(The floor begins to shake.)

Vyse: Aww... Now what?!


Gilder: Heh...
        Let's see what the greatest Air Pirate of all
        time has to offer.

(Gilder opens the chest...)

Gilder: ... What?

        What's this?!

Vyse: What the?!

Aika: A piece of paper...
      And a single gold coin?

Vyse: "Brave souls that come seeking my treasure, do
      not be discouraged. You already have the most
      valuable treasures in the world."

      "Comrades, trust, and cooperation.
      Those are the only true treasures in this world.

      I don't believe this...

Aika: that's it? No gems... No jewels?!

        I didn't know that Daccat had such a great sense
        of humor.

        I haven't laughed this hard in a long time! A
        good laugh beats a bunch of gold any day.

Fina: Well, this treasure has brought us all back
      together... and friends are more important
      than any treasure.

Aika: I understand that friends are important... but he
      could've at least threw in a little something
      for our trouble!

      First it was the Lost City... then it was
      Daccat's Treasure... All of these old legends
      haven't paid off one bit.

Vyse: Hahaha! I'll bet the greatest Air Pirate of all
      time spent all of his gold while he was still
      alive. You can't take it with you, y'know.

Aika: Some old bag of bones is in his grave laughing
      at us right now!!! We ran around like idiots the
      whole time. and we're still poor!




6.01 - Attack on Nasrad


(Meanwhile, on the Monoceros...)

Vice Captain: Admiral Ramirez...
              It is almost time.
              Everything is going according to plan.

Ramirez: Excellent...

Vice Captain: With the modifications to our engines, we were
              able to pass through the sky rift.

              Our spies have reported that the Nasr fleet is
              guarding the strait. Nasrad is defenseless.

              We can take the Capitol without destroying it,

Ramirez: I suppose we could...
         But I want Nasrad burned to the ground.

Vice Captain: As you wish, Admiral.

Ramirez: Begin the attack on Nasrad!

         All vessels, full speed ahead!


Aika: I was hoping to find a bunch of gold so I could
      buy a big ship...

Fina: Haha...
      If we all work together, perhaps you will still
      be able to buy one, Aika.

Gilder: ... Huh?

Aika: It's the Armada!!!

Vyse: How'd they get here?

(The palace is hit by cannonfire.)

Vyse: The Royal Palace!

Gilder: Looks like they're trying to make an example out
        of Nasr.

        Vyse, if we just stand around here, we're all
        dead. Head for the docks!

(The docks are severely damaged and engulfed in flames.)

Vyse: Our ship! It's on fire!!!

Ramirez: Fina...
         So, you are here.

         I've been looking for you.

Fina: Ramirez...

Aika: Fina, you know him?!

Fina: ......

Vyse: Did you lead this attack?!

Ramirez: Yes.
         From this day on, Nasr belongs to the Valuan

         I will be taking you back to Valua.

         Surrender or you all die.

Fina: Vyse!
      Please do as he says!

Vyse: Fina?!

Fina: Please... you won't be able to defeat him!
      Not yet! Do as he says...

((If you choose "Surrender."...))

Vyse: Grr...
      Alright... we surrender.

Ramirez: A wise choice.

         Capture the Air Pirates.
         Take them back to the Grand Fortress.

Fina: Ramirez...
      Why are you doing this?

Ramirez: ......


6.02 - Prisoners


(Meanwhile, in Valua...)

Teodora: Well done, Galcian.
         Nasr was our only enemy with a navy.
         Now we rule the skies unopposed.

         Soon, the whole world will bow before the might
         of Valua... And they will see me as their ruler.

Galcian: Yes, Your Highness...

Teodora: It is my understanding that the Silvite girl and
         those Air Pirates had the Moon Crystals in their
         possession when they were captured.

         Bring the girl and the Crystals to me.
         As for those Air Pirates...

         I want them executed in Lower City.
         I want the people to witness their deaths...

Galcian: I will personally see to it that everything goes
         as you...

Enrique: Wait!

         I just heard that our fleet destroyed Nasrad
         while it was defenseless.

         How could you...
         Why did you have to murder so many innocent

         I know that we are acquiring more lands, but if
         we use these brutal tactics, the people will
         rise up and rebel against us.

         Please, we've made our point...
         Pull our troops out of Nasr.

Teodora: Silence, Enrique!

         It is Valua's destiny to span across the world
         and bask in the glory of the six Moons!

         How do you expect us to conquer the world
         without a little bloodshed?

Enrique: But, Mother...

Teodora: How can you expect to inherit the throne of the
         empire I worked so hard to build. You're too
         much of a coward! Remove yourself from my sight.

Enrique: ...

         Very well...

(Vyse and Gilder sit in a prison cell.)

Vyse: I hate Valua.

      It's always so dark and gloomy here.

Gilder: Yeah, especially when you're locked up in a jail

        Valuans have no sense of hospitality...
        Hey guards, can we get some food in here?!
        How about a drink or something?

(Several floors above, Aika sits alone in her cell.)

Aika: I can't believe we're back in Valua.

      I wonder where Vyse and Fina are being held...

Manly Voice: Is this where the Air Pirate girl is being held?

Jail Guard: Yes, Admiral Vigoro. But sir...
            Why does that concern you?

Vigoro: Hey, don't worry about it. Now run along and go
        make yourself useful somewhere else.

        Well, what do we have here?
        Nice legs and curves in all the right places.

        Well, I suppose I've seen better, but
        she's not too bad.

Aika: Who are you?!
      And are you always this crude?

Vigoro: I am Vigoro, the toughest man in the Armada.
        I'm surprised you haven't heard of me.
        The women I've been with love to brag.

Aika: I've never heard of you before in my life!!
      Where are Vyse and Fina being held?!


      Get away from me, you creep! You're all sweaty
      and you've got a serious body hair problem.
      And what's that smell?

Vigoro: Aww, c'mon Red...
        You know I'm the man of your dreams...

        We were meant to be together.
        I'm sure you'll grow to like me.
        Just give me a chance.

Aika: Yuck, you're disgusting!


Vyse: This is shaping up to be a great day... Let's
      see, so far we got captured, seperated from Aika
      and Fina... And we lost all of the Crystals.

      What's next? Maybe they'll torture us...
      A perfect end to a perfect day.

Gilder: Vyse, you're only making things worse.
        Take it easy.

Vyse: ...Huh?

(Gilder's parrot flies in through the window.)

Gilder: Oh, Willy.
        How're you doing?

Willy: Very bad!
       Very bad!

Gilder: Haha, is that so?
        Well, you had to fly all the way over here.
        I'm not surprised.

Vyse: Gilder...
      There's a note tied to Willy's leg with a piece
      of wire...

Gilder: "We will begin bombarding the fortress at
        midnight, and will await your arrival
        just outside... The Claudia."

        Heh... This isn't the first time my men have had
        to break me out of a prison...
        They know the routine.

        Well, the Claudia may not be able to destroy the
        Grand Fortress by herself, but she'll cause
        quite a bit of a commotion.

Vyse: That's when we can make our escape!

Gilder: Exactly.

Vyse: But, there's still one problem...
      We need to get out of this cell.

Gilder: Leave that to me.
        There was a wire around Willie's leg for a

        I'll have this door open in no time.

Vyse: ...Of course!
      Heh... is there anything you can't do?

      ... What's this?

Gilder: What's wrong?

Vyse: There's some writing on the back of this letter.

Gilder: Oh...
        Well, what does it say?

Vyse: "To my darling Gilder, I will fight for your
      freedom as well! For you, my love!"

      "Your soul mate... Clara"
      ... and there're lipstick marks at the bottom.

Gilder: Clara?!
        She's here, too?!

Vyse: Well, according to this letter... yeah...

Gilder: Hey, Vyse...
        We don't really need to break out of here,
        do we?

Vyse: What are you talking about?! We'll be hanged.

Gilder: Hm... being hanged... and being stuck with Clara...
        tough choice. Ah... oh well...

(The cell door opens.)

Vyse: Wow!
      I'm impressed...

Gilder: Willy, tell the men to wait for me with a barrel
        of loqua! I think I'm gonna need it.

Willy: Aye!

Gilder: Well then...
        I'll grab our weapons. Let's go!

Vyse: Heh... Let's not forget about Aika and Fina.
      I'm not leaving without them.


6.03 - Escape


Aika: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Vyse: ... Hey! That sounded like Aika!!


Vyse: Hey Aika, do you want us to come back later?

Aika: Vyse!! Get this creep off of me!

Vigoro: Hey, beat it kid!

Vyse: Sorry to spoil your fun, but you heard the lady.

Aika: Who said we were having fun?!

Vigoro: I am Vigoro.

        No woman in Valua can resist me.

        I believe that the worth of a man can be
        measured by his popularity with the women.

Gilder: Hmm... I kind of like that. I should remember
        that for later.

Vyse: Where's Fina?! Give us back the Crystals and
      bring Fina here!

Vigoro: Fina?
        Oh, the Silvite...

        Ramirez escorted her to the Imperial Palace.

Aika: Is that so?
      Well, after we beat the snot out of you,
      we'll be rescuing her.

Vigoro: I love it when women talk tough.

        Lemme give your friends a lesson in brute force.


Aika: Heh...
      Looks like you were all talk.

Vigoro: Grr...
        Well... you got lucky...

        And... and... I didn't have my cannon
        or... my... armor.

Aika: On Pirate Isle where I was raised,
      we have a saying...

      "A true man never makes excuses for his

      And, going by that saying, you've got quite a
      ways to go.

Vigoro: Heh...
        You've got an attitude... I like that.

        You'll be seeing me again. You can count on it.


Enrique: So, this is where the Air Pirates
         are being held...

Guard: Yes, Prince Enrique.

Enrique: I wish to speak with them.
         Take me to them.

Guard: Sir... perhaps it would be best for you to wait
       out here. The cell is... not fitting...
       for one of your stature.

       I'll get the other guards.
       We will bind the prisoner and bring him to you.

Enrique: Well I'll finally get to meet the Legendary Air
         Pirate Vyse. If the rumors that I've heard are
         true, he'll look like a demon and spit fire...

         But, my instincts are telling me that he's
         fighting for all the right reasons.

Guard: Prince Enrique! It's an emergency!

       I found Admiral Vigoro unconscious in
       one of the cells. The rest of the cells
       are empty.

       It appears that Vyse and the others have

Enrique: What?!

         I see...
         (They're trying th escape from the Grand
         Fortress again.)

         Listen carefully. Do not tell anyone about this.
         Keep the doors to this area closed.
         Don't let anyone in or out.

         If you are questioned about it later, tell them
         that it was a direct order from me, understand?

Guard: Yes, Your Majesty! But...

Enrique: Very well, then. Good job. Stay here.
         There's an urgent matter that I must attend to.


Vyse: What the...
      This cannon's new... and it's HUGE!!!

Aika: This thing is big enough to wipe out an island!

Vyse: We can run through the barrel to the other side.

      ... Hey. What happened to Gilder?

Gilder: Sorry about that. Let's get moving!

Vyse: Hey, where did you go?

Gilder: I just had to take care of something.
        Heh, don't worry about it.

        We should get out of this dump.
        My men are about to attack.


Aika: Aaahhh!!

Gilder: My men are right on time.
        Heh... but we're running a little late.

Vyse: Whoa! Look at that firepower!
      Hey, what about Clara?

Gilder: I'm sure she can hold her own...
        I think.

*Big cannon goes boom*

Aika: That cannon we ran through... It just exploded!

Vyse: The explosion took out that whole area.
      They won't be putting that fire out any time

Gilder: Heh... I, umm, left them a little present...

        Are you two ready?
        Here's where the real fun begins.


Fina: Ramirez...

Ramirez: ......

Fina: Ramirez... why?
      Why are you fighting for the Valuans?

      What about our orders?
      What about the Elders?

Ramirez: ......

(There is the sound of an explosion in the distance.)

Valuan Soldier: Lord Ramirez, it's an emergency!!

                One of our cannons exploded and the entire deck
                is on fire. But no enemy shells hit that area.

Ramirez: Find out the cause of the fire and report back
         to me. In the meantime, stop firing and set the
         fortress in defensive mode.

         There are only two or three ships attacking.
         Their effect on the wall will be minimal.

Valuan Soldier: Yes, sir!

Ramirez: I fight for Lord Galcian.
         That is all you need to know.

Fina: Ramirez...


Vyse: ...Huh? I can hear someone talking on the other
      side of this door.

Ramirez: Everyone, remain calm.
         The Grand Fortress isn't about to crumble under
         the firepower of a few ships.

         Anyone who deserts his post will have to deal
         with me personally.

Valuan Soldier: Yes, Admiral Ramirez!

Ramirez: I will go investigate the cause of the
         explosion. Two of you stay here and
         guard the girl. The rest of you, follow me.

Valuan Soldier: Yes!!!


Vyse: Fina!
      We came to get you out of here.

Fina: Vyse!

Vyse: We got here as soon as we found out where you
      were. Are you okay?

Fina: Yes... I am...
      Thank you...

      It's strange...
      The first time you rescued me from
      the train, I was really surprised to see you.

      But this time, I knew that you would come for
      me. I knew you would find me.

Vyse: Hahaha...
      Oh Fina, after all we've been through together...

      I swear on my oath as a Blue Rogue that I will
      do everything in my power to keep you safe.

Fina: ... I know...

Gilder: Heh...
        Good one, Vyse. I didn't know you were so
        smooth with the ladies.

        Getting jealous, Aika? I bet you wish that Vyse
        would say stuff like that to you.

Aika: I don't need to hear him say those things.
      I know he would do the same for me.

      Whenever I'm in trouble, I have faith that Vyse
      will always be there to save me. He already
      saved me once today.

Gilder: Heh... Good point.

        Can we save the mushy stuff for later? We just
        broke out of prison, and we're still in Valua.

Vyse: Alright.
      But, how exactly are we going to get out of

Gilder: Well, since we're in the Grand Fortress, there
        should be Valuan ships docked all over the
        place. We can borrow one of those.

        We should be able to reach the docks from the
        bottom floors of the fortress. We'll have to
        backtrack a little, but we should be okay.

Vyse: So, we'll take the elevator back down and look
      for a ship. Alright! Let's go!


Aika: What's going on!?

Vyse: Hey! Look!

Gilder: The fortress is rotating.

        Now's our chance. We should find a ship and get
        out of here.


6.04 - The Delphinus


(The alarms are set off, and red lights flash on the walls.)

Aika: Oh, no!
      The alarm!!

Gilder: This isn't good...
        In a few seconds, this place is going to be
        crawling with guards.

Gallant Voice: Quick! Get on the lift!

Aika: Someone is telling us to get on that thing!
      I can't see who it is!
      Vyse, what should we do?

((If you choose "Let's take our chances and hop on."...))

Vyse: If we just stand around here, we're gonna get
      caught anyway.
      We should take the lift.

Gilder: That's true.
        It looks like that's our only option.

Vyse: ... Alright, let's go.

(The party takes the elevator up, and sees Enrique.)

Enrique: So, you're Vyse?
         I am Enrique.

Gilder: Enrique?!
        You're... the Prince of Valua!!!

Aika: You're the Prince!?

Enrique: Haha...
         Yes... I am.

         After you escaped from your cells, I figured
         you'd head for the docks to try and steal a
         ship. Please, follow me.

Aika: Alright, what's going on? Why is the Prince
      helping us?

Vyse: I have no idea.
      But, we should probably follow him.

(The party is taken to a large ship.)

Vyse: What the?!

Enrique: You've probably already figured out that we're
         on the bridge of a ship.

         Say hello to the Delphinus, the newest member
         of the Armada. This is my personal flagship.

         It is heavily armored, and can still match the
         top speed of our Cruisers. And it is equipped
         with the weaponry of a Heavy Battleship.

Vyse: It's amazing!

Enrique: This ship is the prototype. Soon, we will begin
         building a whole fleet of Delphinus Class Ships.

         Valua plans to use these ships to take over the

Gilder: With a whole fleet of ships like this, Valua
        would easily be able to take over the world.
        Especially since Nasrad has fallen.

        So, your Royalness... There's still one thing
        that I can't figure out.

        Why would you help us escape, then take us to
        the bridge of your flagship? You've gone through
        a lot of trouble just to show off...

Aika: Yeah.
      Gilder has a good point.

Enrique: I...

         I want you to take this ship...
         and I want you to take me with it.

Vyse: WHAT?!

Aika: Are you serious?

Enrique: Valua has been taking over other countries by
         force, destroying their lands, and murdering
         the innocent.

         As a Prince of the Valuan Empire, all of the
         innocent blood spilled by the Armada is on my

         I've done all I can to convince the Empress, and
         Galcian, that what Valua is doing is wrong, but
         I cannot convince them to change their ways.

         Everything I have tried has failed.
         I am powerless to stop them.

         My only chance for redemption is to aid you.

         Please! Take me with you!
         I will even go with you as a hostage.

((If you choose "Of course you can come with us."...))

Vyse: Of course you can come with us.
      But, there is one problem... the Blur Rogues
      don't take hostages.

      If you want to sail with us, you must do so
      as a Blue Rogue.

Enrique: ... Thank you!
         I will do my part as a member of your crew!!

Vyse: You know, I don't think we've been properly
      introduced. I'm Vyse of the Blue Rogues.

Enrique: It is an honor to be a member of your crew,

Aika: I never would've thought that I'd be riding in
      the same ship as a Valuan, let alone,
      the Prince of Valua.

      The Crystals are still in the hands of the

Fina: Yes... You're right...

Enrique: Well, technically, you are right.

Aika: What?!

Enrique: I have the Crystals. I stole them before I came
         to the docks to find you. I was going to destroy

         But perhaps it would be best if I returned them
         to you. Please, take them.

Aika: Wow! Enrique, you've done so much for us
      Thank you!

Gilder: Heh, you act an awful lot like an Air Pirate,
        for a Prince.

Vyse: Alright, start the engines!!
      Let's take the Delphinus and get out of here!!

Everyone: Yeah!!


Vyse: Let's go!
      Delphinus, full speed ahead!!!

(The gate closes.)

Vyse: They sealed off the entrance!

Gilder: I wouldn't worry too much about the fortress.
        The spot where I blew up the cannon should be

        And if this ship's got the firepower that the
        Prince said, we should be able to blast our
        way out.

Vyse: Well, here goes!


Enrique: Vyse, just to let you know, the Delphinus is
         equipped with Valua's newest, most powerful

         It's called the Moon Stone Cannon. Until
         recently, it was only an experimental weapon
         under development by Lord De Loco.

         He used data collected from the Red and Green
         Gigas to develop it. He says that this cannon's
         power rivals the power of the Gigas themselves...

         But, the manufacturing cost of this cannon is
         so immense that this ship is the only ship in
         the entire Armada equipped with one.

Aika: Wow!!
      That means this ship is as powerful as a Gigas
      then! I can't believe it!!!

Gilder: Well then... Vyse, let's give her a test run,
        shall we? Just use the "S.Cannon" command
        and we'll be good to go.


(The Delphinus blasts a hole in the Grand Fortress,
 and flies through.)

Vyse: We did it!

Aika: I can't believe it! We just broke through the
      Grand Fortress.

Gilder: You sure know how to break in a new ship.

Fina: Now, we can finally continue on our search for
      the other Moon Crystals!!

Enrique: Well, Valua, it looks like this is goodbye for


Vyse: We did it! We escaped from the Grand Fortress

Fina: Yes, and I'm happy that we're all together

Gilder: Some of us are happier than others...

Clara: Oh, Gilder!
       I'm so happy!
       I'll never let you go!

Gilder: Out of one prison, into the next.

Aika: Hahaha!
      What's wrong, Gilder? You guys make a cute

Fina: I am very happy for you, Clara.

Clara: Oh, thank you, Fina!
       This is too good to be true!
       This is the happiest day of my life!!!

Gilder: I'm really starting to miss that jail cell in

Enrique: Well, since we have a new ship, I believe it's
         time to decide on a captain.

         Even though this is my ship, I am not an
         experienced sailor. I would feel more
         comfortable with someone else at the helm.

Aika: I know who I'd cast my vote for.

      You're the best man for the job.

Fina: I agree with Aika. I would feel the most
      comfortable with you as our captain.

Clara: I know that I just met you, but there's
       something about you...
       I think you would make an excellent captain.

Gilder: You're a great sailor, Vyse, and a good leader.
        I think you'd make a great captain.

Enrique: Well, it seems unanimous...
         Vyse, will you accept the responsibility of
         being Captain of the Delphinus?

((If you choose "I'll do it!"...))

Vyse: I'll do it!
      I won't let you down!

Aika: That's what I wanted to hear!
      Besides, wasn't it your dream to be the captain
      of your own ship someday?

      Oh yeah!
      The Delphinus is going to need a new flag!

Gilder: You're right Aika! Every crew should have a flag
        that symbolizes what they stand for.

        Why don't we start working on one now?
        The Delphinus should have a flag as soon as

Enrique: You're right. I think Vyse, Aika and Fina
         should get together and design our new flag.

         Being a prince of Valua, I don't think it is my
         place to design an Air Pirate's flag, but I can
         judge any ideas that you have.

Fina: What? You want me to design one, too?

Aika: Sure, why not? It will be fun! Just give it a

      Hey, Vyse.
      I want to take a look around the Delphinus!

Vyse: I think we all should.

Gilder: We should split up and check out the ship. If
        something's wrong with it, it's better to find
        out now, rather than in the heat of battle.

Vyse: Sounds good to me!
      Break time, everyone!
      Meet back at the bridge when you're done.


Vyse: What's this?
      Is something in here?

Marco: Heh... Long time no see, Vyse!

Vyse: Marco!
      What are you doing here?!

Marco: I heard that the prince's ship was finished and
       was being prepared for departure.

       So, I snuck on board and I was planning on
       escaping Valua in it.

       Well, I'd heard that the prince was a really
       nice guy, so I figured he wouldn't kill me for
       trying to escape. Well, at least not right away.

       But I never would've thought that you, of all
       people, would get your hands on this ship! At
       least now I don't have to go looking for you!

       I'm gonna travel along with you whether you like
       it or not. But don't worry... I'll stay outta
       your way, okay?

Vyse: Heh... You're pretty pushy there, kid. Ah, why
      not... I'll make you my first crew member!


Gilder: I'm leaving. I'm going to head back and meet up
        with the Claudia.

Vyse: What?!

Gilder: I figured this is probably my only chance to
        escape from Clara.

        I don't think I'm ready to settle down just yet.

Vyse: Sure you are. You guys make a really cute

Gilder: Vyse! Don't even joke about that!

Vyse: Hahaha... alright, alright.
      Sorry, I couldn't resist.

      But seriously, we're all going to miss you.

Gilder: Thanks. Before I go, I have three pieces of
        advice for you.

        You'll need to get a crew.

Vyse: A crew?

Gilder: Yes. With a ship this size, you'll need
        a lot of crew members to take care of the
        specific duties.

        Get a good watchman, a cook, a gunner...

        I'm sure there are plenty of skilled sailors out
        there who will join the fight against Valua.

        If you run into anyone who can help you, bring
        them aboard. The more crew members that you
        have, the better your ship will operate.

        You'll need a base.

        You'll need a place to repair your ship, and
        your crew will need warm beds and warm meals
        every once in a while.

        Your father has his own base, right?
        You said it was on Pirate Isle. Well, you'll
        need your own headquarters as well.

        What about that deserted island that I found
        you on? I believe it's called Crescent Isle...

        That island looks just about right.
        Why don't you head back there?

        And most of all...
        No matter what happens, never give up.

        I don't know if you've realized it yet, but
        you've accomplished a lot so far... especially
        for someone your age.

        You've escaped from the Valuan Coliseum,
        crossed South Ocean, found Daccat's Treasure...

        Defeated three of the Admirals of the Armada,
        took two of the Gigas out of commission, and
        escaped from the Grand Fortress... twice.

        For some reason, everyone seems to follow you,
        myself included. Even though you're a
        little crazy.

        Actually... it's because no matter what happens,
        you never give up. Anytime something stands
        in your way, you never let it stop you.

        Your crew knows that you will always do
        everything in your power to protect them.
        I can tell by the way they all look at you.

        ... And on this bridge, with this ship, you're
        going to sail around the world.

        You'll probably run into things ten times more
        dangerous than you've already faced, but no
        matter what happens, don't give up!

        If you follow my advice, you'll accomplish
        things that you've never even dreamed of...

Vyse: Thank you...

Clara: Oh, Gilder!
       Where are you?

Gilder: Oh no!
        It's Clara!

        Sorry, Vyse... I can't stay and chat any longer.
        She'll catch me and it'll be all over!!!

        So long, Vyse.
        I hope to see you again someday...

        I usually just sail around in search of fun,
        but the time I spent sailing with you...

        ... was probably the most fun I've ever had.
        Keep it up, kid!

Vyse: Thanks for everything, Gilder.

Clara: Oh, Vyse!

       Hey, Vyse...
       Why did Gilder run off in such a hurry like

Vyse: Uh, um...
      He said that he was... um... going back to the

Clara: What?!
       Well, I've got to catch him right away!
       He's not getting away from me that easily.

Vyse: ... Well, it looks like Gilder is going to need
      more luck than me...

      I can't believe it. I'm finally the captain
      of my own ship. And the Delphinus is quite a

      Alright... let's go!!
      Full speed to Crescent Isle!!!


Enrique: In truth, the Delphinus has not yet been

         The hull hasn't been fully reinforced yet, so it
         would probably be impossible to fly through
         stone reefs at this point.

         And the engine's output settings haven't been
         properly adjusted yet either, so we probably
         won't be able fly through sky rifts.

         However, if we can find some way to fix the hull
         and the engine, I'm sure sky rifts and stone
         reefs would pose no problem for this ship.




7.01 - Crescent Isle


(The party arrives at Crescent Isle.)

Aika: Vyse, this is pretty amazing, huh?

      Hey, Enrique...
      How does it feel to be outside the Imperial

Enrique: Huh? Oh...

         Everything is so... ungh... so... beautiful.
         I've never seen anything like it before.

Aika: Looks like someone is a little airsick.

      Perhaps all of this traveling is a little rough
      for our sheltered Prince.

Enrique: Yes... Aika... you are correct...
         I... I never realized that sailing could be so...
         so... rough.

         But this was my... decision...
         I can't let a little airsickness...
         slow me down...


Fina: Enrique...
      Are you going to be alright?

Vyse: Well, it looks like this is going to be a long
      trip for Enrique.

Aika: Yeah, don't worry Enrique. Once you get used to
      sailing, you won't get sick as easy. I'm sure
      you'll be okay.

A gangly old man's voice: Hey!
                          It took you guys long enough to get here!

Small Old Man: Hey! Hey!
               It's good to meet you!
               You're Vyse, right?!

Gangly Old Man: Gilder told us that you needed a crew.
                We're here to report for duty.

Brabham: I'm Brabham!
         If anything's broke, I can fix it! I'm the
         greatest engineer that ever lived!

         That's a nice lookin' ship! If you want, I can
         get it running smoother than ever! Crank it up a
         few notches... give it more power...

Izmael: Ba-ba-bam! I'm Izmael. You want something built?
        I build it. You don't want something built?
        I build it anyway.

        I'll build some buildings for you! You're going
        to need a base, right?

Vyse: Uhh... sure... thank you.

Brabham: Leave it up to us!!!
         ... But, before we get started, we'll need some
         funds to cover expenses and labor.

         First, I'll fortify the hull of your ship so you
         will be able to pass through the stone reefs.

         Then, I will upgrade your engine so... You'll be
         powering through sky rifts in no time.

         But it will cost you...
         25,000 gold.

Izmael: I plan to build you a port and some living
        quarters first.

        Let's see...
        Cha-ching! I'll need about 75,000 gold.
        What a bargain!

Aika: What?!
      So all together, we'll need to give you 100,000

Enrique: Well, the Delphinus does need some
         modifications and we are going to need more
         than a couple of caves to call this a base...

Vyse: Enrique is right. Let's put off our search for
      the other Moon Crystals until we can get 100,000
      gold to pay these... umm... gentlemen.


Aika: Oh! I just remembered!
      We were talking about making a new flag, right?

      If everyone is finished, we can decide on one.

Enrique: I'd forgotten all about that.
         Alright, Vyse... you first.

Vyse: What? Me first?

      Um... well, I put a lot of thought into this.
      Don't laugh, people...

      This is what I drew.
      Being Air Pirates and all, I figured we should
      at least have a skull in the flag...

      And since most pirates use swords,
      I figured we should have one
      of those on the flag, too.

Aika: Hey!
      That's pretty good!

Enrique: Alright... Aika, you're next.

Aika: I figured the skull thing was overdone, so I
      tried to go with something quick and cunning.
      That's why I drew a cat.

      I drew some gold to show people that we'd sneak
      up on them and steal their gold before they knew
      what happened.

Fina: Haha...
      Aika, that cat looks just like you!

Aika: Well, I had to give the cat some personality.
      Do you think I got a little carried away?

Vyse: Waaay too carried away. Heh heh...
      Alright, Fina... it's your turn.

Fina: Well... I felt that skulls were a little too
      scary, so I wanted to make something happier.

      The word Delphinus refers to an ancient creature
      that lived in the seas. I drew one of them to
      show everyone what our ship was named after.

Aika: There's no reason to be embarassed, Fina!
      I don't think there's ever been an Air Pirate
      flag that looked like this! I like it.

Enrique: Well, that's all of them.

         Vyse, you're the Captain...
         Which one do you like?

((If you choose "Sorry, but I like the one I made."...))

Vyse: ...I hope I don't sound too selfish saying this,
      but I'd like to stick with my flag. It shows
      everyone that we mean business.

Enrique: I don't think there's anything wrong with that.
         It's very straightforward and it shows
         what the Blue Rogues are all about.

Aika: I agree!
      Then we'll use Vyse's.

Fina: I'll make a big one and put it inside the

Vyse: Oh, it's getting late...
      I'm starting to get hungry, too...

Brabham: Hey, everyone!
         Dinner is ready!

Aika: Great timing!

Vyse: Well, it looks like we're spending the night at
      our new headquarters... Crescent Isle.


Aika: Well, the improvements to our ship are almost
      finished. And pretty soon, we've have an actual
      base on this island.

Vyse: Yeah.
      Starting tomorrow, we should start searching for
      the remaining Moon Crystals.

Enrique: Yes... but I hope this time I won't get airsick...

Vyse: Hahaha... You'll have to get over that!

Aika: Oh, Fina, there's something that I wanted to ask

      That Admiral... umm... what was his name? Ramirez?
      How do you know him?

Fina: What?

Aika: When we met him in Nasrad, you seemed to know an
      awful lot about him.

Fina: ......

Aika: If you don't feel like telling me, it's okay...
      Don't worry about it.

Fina: ...No, I'm sorry. I should have told all of you
      about him sooner.

      I will tell you everything I know about...

      You know that I am a Silvite... a descendant of
      the Silver Civilization...

      Ramirez is a Silvite as well.

Vyse: What?!

Fina: Ramirez was our best warrior. He can channel the
      power of the Silver Moon through his blade,
      making it sharp enough to cut through light.

      We grew up together... A long time ago,
      he was one of my best friends.

      He didn't used to be so... so heartless and

      He used to care for me like a little sister.

      When we heard that the Valuans were trying to
      reawaken the Gigas, Ramirez volunteered to come
      down here to stop them.

      He went on a journey to search for the
      Crystals... alone.

      Shortly after he started his quest,
      we lost track of him.

      We never even dreamed that he would join forces
      with the Valuan Empire. Those were the people
      that he was sent here to stop.

      I don't know why he changed.

      I hope that the Ramirez I knew isn't gone

Enrique: Admiral Ramirez. Not only is he one of Valua's
         greatest swordsmen, but he is also a master

         He used to be Galcian's Vice Captain. But, I
         don't even think Galcian knows Ramirez's past.

Aika: Fina...

Vyse: ......

((If you choose "Try and cheer her up."...))

Vyse: Cheer up, Fina!
      We're here with you now!

      Two Air Pirates, a Silvite, two crazy old men,
      a snot-nosed brat, and an airsick Prince! Valua
      doesn't stand a chance against us.

      There's no other ship that can boast a more
      motley crew!

Fina: Vyse...

Aika: Fina, what Vyse is trying to say...
      is that you aren't alone...

Enrique: I'm not sure if I appreciate his comment about
         the airsickness, but we're all together now.

Fina: Vyse...

      When I came here, I was all alone...
      Now I have so many wonderful friends...
      Thank you so much.

      Thank you all.
      I... I will do my best.

Vyse: Alright! So, tomorrow, we continue our search
      for the rest of the Moon Crystals! We'll start

Aika: Oh, Enrique...
      Are you sure you can get up on time without a
      servant to wake you?

Enrique: Hey! I always get up on my own! I don't need any


Vyse: Well, it's time.
      Fina, where should we head next?

Fina: In the East, there is a land that basks in the
      light of the Blue Moon. That land is known as

      They harness the powers of the Blue Moon,
      and have control over wind and water.
      Their culture is very different from yours.

Enrique: Yafutoma... Yafutoma...

Vyse: You've heard of it, Enrique?

Enrique: Yes.
         According to Valuna historians...

         Yafutoma is a country far east of Nasr.
         It is scattered across several small islands.

         I remember the stories... The people are
         portected by scales and they eat by manipulating
         two sticks to pick up their food.

Aika: They eat with sticks?
      And are protected by scales?

      How are you supposed to eat with two sticks?
      And what do you mean "scales?"
      Are they monsters?!

Vyse: Hmm...
      Somehow, I don't think it's what
      you're imagining, Aika...

Aika: I wonder what these strange wind and water
      people look like... And I still can't
      imagine eating with two sticks...

      I was hoping that we'd get to eat all kinds of
      exotic food on our trip...
      This has me a little worried...

Enrique: To get to Yafutoma, we should sail around the
         southern tip of Nasr.

         Some time ago, during the Valuan - Nasr War,
         a cape was discovered by invading Valuan forces
         south of Nasr.

         That cape was named Cape Victory.
         There is a city there called Esparanza.

         If anyone knows how to get to Yafutoma,
         it would be the people there.

Vyse: Okay, so we're heading south of Nasr.
      Alright, everyone to their stations! Let's go!


7.02 - Esperanza


(Upon arriving in the town of Esparanza, the party notices
 a large, jet-black sky rift, not too far away.)

Vyse: That sky rift looks worse
      than any of the others...

Aika: If we tried to power our way through it, I think
      the Delphinus would get ripped to pieces.

Vyse: But, if we don't go through there, we won't be
      able to reach Yafutoma. Isn't there something we
      can do?

Enrique: Ungh...

Aika: Enrique, are you feeling any better?

Enrique: No...
         To be completely honest, I feel awful.

         Why don't you guys take a look around the city?
         I don't think it would be wise for me to move in
         my condition.

Fina: I'll stay here and look after Enrique.

Vyse. Alright. Aika, let's go check out the city.
      Someone here has to know how to get to Yafutoma.


(Vyse and Aika enter the nearby tavern and start a
 conversation with a sailor.)

Pitiful Sailor: You're not from around here, are you?

Vyse: Actually, we just came into town and we were
      wondering if someone here could help us.

Pitiful Sailor: So you came to me...
                Well, that's just great...

Don: By the way, the name is Don. Now ask me your
     question and be on your way.

Vyse: You know that sky rift to the east...
      How do you get through it?

Don: So, yer lookin' for a way to cross
     the Dark Rift, eh?

(The whole tavern stares at Vyse and Aika,
 apparently amazed.)

     So, the world is still full of fools...

Vyse: ...?

Aika: What?

Tavernkeep: Are you kids serious?
            You're trying to cross the Dark Rift?

Sailor: They don't stand a chance.
        Someone better tell their parents where they

Don: Kid, that's no ordinary sky rift...

     During the war, this cape was discovered...
     And this city was built.

     This place is the edge of the world. If you try
     and go any further east, you'll be killed.
     Hundreds of men... good men... have died tryin'.

     But, there's always a few fools that don't
     heed the warnin's. The Dark Rift
     usually claims 'em...

     Some of the best sailors from all over the world
     tried to cross the Dark Rift.
     They came from everywhere...

     One by one they tried to pass through
     the Dark Rift. All of them failed.

     The ships that enter the Dark Rift are either
     pushed away by the winds...

     ...or they get sucked in, never to return.

     My crew and I lost our ship. We were lucky to
     survive. After a while, sailors stopped comin'.

     All we do now is sit around here, and wait to

Sailor: Some things are just impossible, kid. Why don't
        you just go back to wherever you came from and
        have your mommy tell you bedtime stories.

Aika: What's wrong with you people?!

      Vyse, let's go!
      We're just wasting our time here.

Vyse: Thanks for telling me about the Dark Rift...
      Before I go, I just want to say that I've
      never met a more pitiful bunch in my life.

      If you lose sight of one dream, replace it with
      another. Think about how much you could have
      accomplished in the time that you've spent here.

      Just because you couldn't cross the Dark Rift,
      are you just going to sit here for the rest
      of your life?

      Because you tried something once and failed, are
      you going to throw the rest of your life away?

      There's a whole world out there to see!
      Don't you have any desire to sail again?

Don: ......

(Fina enters the tavern, looking panicked.)

Vyse: Fina, what is it?

Fina: Vyse! Aika!
      Come to the port! Quickly!

      The Armada is coming!!!

Aika: What?!
      What are they doing here?!

Vyse: Aika, let's move!
      We should hurry back to the port.


7.03 - Admiral Gregorio


(The party hurries back to port, where
 Enrique is waiting.)

Enrique: Ah, Vyse... you're back.
         I think you need to see this...

(In the sky is a large, heavily armored ship,
 along with a fleet of Valuan battleships.)

Enrique: That huge armored ship belongs to Admiral

         Gregorio is the best defensive tactician the
         Valuan Armada has ever seen.
         They even nicknamed him "Ironwall."

Vyse: Interesting... he's forming a blockade
      around the town.

(A Valuan Soldier appears.)

Valuan Soldier: Prince Enrique!

                I've come on behalf of Admiral Gregorio.
                He has an urgent message for you.

Enrique: I see.
         Well done.

(Enrique reads the message out loud.)

Enrique: "I hope my Prince finds himself in good health."

         "I heard that you had a change of heart,
         or were perhaps brainwashed by the Air Pirates."

         Empress Teodora has sent me to escort
         my Prince back to Valua,
         so that he may recover."

         If my Prince refuses to comply, my ships will
         regrettably begin firing upon the city tomorrow
         at noon.          Your Humble Servant, Gregorio"

         ...Hmm... Uncle Gregorio is asking me to

Vyse: Uncle?

Enrique: Oh, Gregorio was an Admiral in the Armada even
         before my father passed away...

         He helped raise me when I was growing up...
         He's always been like an uncle to me.

         I know that he doesn't want to fight, and he
         really does want me to surrender...

         ...But I can't go back. Not after everything
         they've done.

         Even if... even if it means I have to fight him.

Vyse: Enrique?

Enrique: Let's rest up for tomorrow. Gregorio is the most
         honorable man that I've ever met. He won't break
         his word.

Vyse: I understand.
      We should rest on land tonight and keep you off
      the ship until tomorrow.

      The last thing you need is for your "Uncle" to
      see you throwing up over the railing in the heat
      of battle.

Enrique: ...Great... now you're starting to sound just like

Vyse: Haha, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Come on, let's stay
      at the inn tonight. We're gonna need our rest.


(The next day, the party gathers at the port.)

Vyse: It's time to go fight Admiral Gregorio.
      It's going to be a tough battle.
      Give it everything you've got!

Everyone: Aye aye!

Don: Hey...
     You aren't actually goin' to fight against the
     Armada, are ya?

Vyse: Huh?

Don: You're planning to fight Admiral Gregorio by

Vyse: Yup. That's the plan.

Don: I don't doubt your abilites, but I used to be a
     Valuan Soldier. I know what the Armada can do.
     Going up against one of their Admirals is crazy.

Vyse: Our ship is the best there is. We're faster
      than Gregorio's ship, and I think we can match
      his firepower.

Don: But... even if you win...
     You'll never get through the Dark Rift!

Vyse: Like I said yesterday, our ship is the best
      there is. Our engines are more powerful
      than you think.

      And it might just be powerful enough to get us
      through the Dark Rift. Besides...

      Ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted to
      see what was beyond the edge of the world.

      That very edge is right in front of me. I have a
      chance to do what nobody has ever done before.
      I have a chance to make history today.

      If I said that I'm not scared, I'd be lying.
      But, I won't let this oppurtunity pass me by.

      The chance to fulfill my childhood dreams lies
      right in front of me. You don't expect me to
      just give up, do you?

Don: Heh heh... I suppose, then, no matter what I say
     you're not goin' to listen...

     The Dark Rift is a giant vortex. If you can get
     through one side, you'll reach the eye in the
     middle. It is rumored that the eye is calm.

     There are other calm pockets along the edges
     of the Dark Rift. If you find one of the
     pockets, you might have half of a chance.

Vyse: I see...
      Thank you!

      I'll come back here when I'm done... I promise!

(The Delphinus sails away, towards Gregorio's ship.)

Don: Heh...
     Kid, you're just like me when I was your age...


(The Delphinus approaches Gergorio's ship, preparing
 for battle.)

Vice Captain: Admiral, the Delphinus is approaching.
              It is moving into attack position.

Gregorio: My orders were to bring him back alive, or kill
          him if he refuses. We must do everything in our
          power to take him alive.

          All ships, prepare to attack! The Delphinus is
          the Armada's most powerful ship. Our adversaries
          may be young, but we can't underestimate them.

Aika: Vyse: The Armada is getting ready to attack us.

Vyse: This is it!

      Everyone, man your battle stations!
      We've got to get past Admiral Gregorio's

      We will defeat him! Then we'll get through
      the Dark Rift and reach Yafutoma!

Everyone: Aye aye!


(The battle begins, with the first opponent
 being a cruiser ship.)

Gregorio Cruiser: Air Pirate scum! Hand the prince over! You'll
                  pay for kidnapping and brainwashing him!

(The Delphinus defeats the cruiser. Below, the
 people of Esparanza cheer the Delphinus on.)

Former Sailor: Yeah! Go!
               Turn!!! No, not that way!!!

Sailor: You idiots! What are you doing?
        You're supposed to fire all your cannons right

Former Sailor: Yeah, get them!!!
               Hey, they're not that bad!!

Everyone: Huh?!

(Stray cannonfire hits the cliffs above the spectators.
 The cliff crumbles and rubble falls.)

Everyone: Aaaaahhhh!!!

Don: They still need to get past the next line of
     ships... They still have a long way to go!


(The Delphinus' next opponent is a battleship.)

Gregorio Battleship: You'll never deafeat the 2nd fleet
                     of the Imperial Armada!

(The Delphinus defeats the battleship.)

Aika: Alright!
      We're doing great!

Fina: Gregorio's ship dead ahead!
      He'll be in range shortly!

Enrique: Uncle Gregorio... I can't let you take me back!

Vyse: Alright... Full speed ahead!!!
      It's now or never!


(The battle against Gregorio begins.)

Gregorio: Prince Enrique...
          Please forgive me for taking up arms against
          you, but you leave me no choice.

          I will not allow you to escape! You will
          not get passed the Auriga!

(After first turn...)

Enrique: As I stated before, Gregorio has been nicknamed
         "Ironwall" by his peers. He is the Armada's best
         defense tactician...

         I have heard that he sets up a tight defense
         and waits for his enemy to make even the
         smallest mistake. It is then that he attacks.

(After a while, the Delphinus manages to successfully
 dodge the Auriga's deadly Ram attack.)

Vyse: Yeah! We dodged his ram attack!
      Now he's gonna pay...

Aika: The enemy vessel's wide open!
      Let 'em have it, Vyse!

(The Delphinus defeats the Auriga.)


(After the battle, Gregorio and Enrique talk from
 the decks of their ships.)

Enrique: I always thought that if we were ever in battle
         together that we'd be on the same side.

Gregorio: Prince Enrique.
          Is there anything I can do to make you

Enrique: ...No... I've made up my mind.
         I am not going back to Valua.

         I know that you've noticed a change in the
         Empire as well...
         They are headed down a dark path...

         Trying to rule the world with an iron fist...
         It will be Valua's downfall...

         This world... this sky... is not Valua's to rule.
         It belongs to the people.

Gregorio: ......

Enrique: And to right the wrongs that Valua has commited,
         I have decided to travel with Vyse and his

         Tell that to my mother.
         And also that I pray every day for her good

         This is goodbye.
         I must go. Be well.

Gregorio: Farewell, Young Prince.

(The Delphinus sails away, heading for the Dark Rift.)

Crazy Sailor: Those kids are great! They just took out the
              Armada with one ship!

Former Sailor: HaHaHa!
               They make me feel like sailing again!

Don: Vyse...
     You put on quite a show...

     If you make it back from the Dark Rift...
     I hope you come back here
     and take me with you...

     I can't believe I'm saying this...
     You hear me, kid?! You better make it back!


7.04 - The Dark Rift


(The party searches the Dark Rift for some kind of
 entrance. They find a small, swirling vortex.)

Vyse: It looks like we can get inside the Dark Rift
      through here. Enrique, are you ready?

Enrique: ... Yes, I'm ready. I don't suppose I have much
         of a choice at this point. We must get through
         the Dark Rift no matter what.

         Don't mind me... I will be fine. This is neither
         the time nor the place to be complaining about

(Slowly, the Delphinus sails into the vortex, entering
 the Dark Rift.)


(After a long journey through the Dark Rift, the
 party finds their exit blocked by a strange-
 looking creature. the creature's body is
 hidden, instead simply poking its head out
 of a tunnel.)

Enrique: Wha... What is that thing?!

Vyse: I don't know, but this is probably it's home.
      And it doesn't look like it's going to let us
      leave without a fight!


(Battle begins.)

(After first turn...)

Aika: Vyse, we're awaiting orders!
      Tell us what to do, Captain!

((If you choose, "Stay put and keep shooting."...))

Vyse: We might take some damage, but
      stay put and keep shooting at that thing.

Aika: Good idea! If we move around too much in this
      place, it's so dark that we might lose sight
      of our target!

(After next turn...)

Aika: It keeps disappearing into that vortex!
      I can't keep a lock on that thing!

Enrique: Its impossible to hit it while he's hiding
         in there, anyway. How can you expect to hit
         it if you can't see it?

(After a while, the creature emerges from its vortex.)

Vyse: Look!
      It's coming out of the vortex!

Aika: It looks like our attacks forced it
      out into the open! Now's our chance!

(Before long, the creature retreats back into
 its vortex.)

Vyse: Great... It went back inside...

Aika: Oh well...
      I was hoping we could pull off a few more shots
      before it decided to hide again...

(Eventually, the party defeats the creature and
 continues towards the Dark Rift's exit.)


(Finally, the Delphinus emerges from the Dark Rift
 and is greeted with clear, blue skies.)

Aika: We did it!
      We actually made it through the Dark Rift!!

Enrique: Well! I can't believe that we are actually going
         to be able to see what lies east of the Dark
         Rift! We're making history as we speak!




8.01 - The Tenkou


(While exploring the eastern skies, Aika hears something...)

Aika: ...Hey, do you hear anything? I mean,
      besides the wind...

Enrique: Now that you mention it...
         I can hear something...
         I'm not sure what it is.

(Suddenly, the Delphinus is struck by cannon fire.)

Vyse: What the?!

(The source of the cannon fire, an unusal-looking
 ship, continues to fire upon the Delphinus.)

Fina: Aaahhh!!

Aika: They just came out of nowhere and attacked us!

Vyse: It looks like we're going to have to take them

      Let's go!


(Battle begins.)

Tenkou Ship: Hahaha.. Do you really think you can defeat us
             with that big block of steel you call a ship?!
             Prepare yourselves, strangers!!

(After first turn...)

Fina: It appears that Yafutoman ships can climb to
      great altitudes. Our cannons can't reach them...

Aika: Vyse, our cannons may not be able to, but I'll
      bet that our torpedoes can! We should try firing
      those as often as possible!

(Eventually, the Delphinus defeats the Tenkou Ship.)


(After the battle, another ship approaches the Delphinus.)

Enrique: What appears to be the enemy's Flagship is

Aika: There are two boats! No... one boat!
      No... there's two... I think...

Vyse: Looks like they're planning to board us!
       All hands on deck!!!


(The party heads onto the deck.)

Deep Voice: Westerners...

Deep Voice: We've been waiting for you...

Vyse: ...!

(Vyse spots two men, who appear to be twins, watching the
 party from above.)

Vyse: Who are you?!

Jao: My name is Jao.

Mao: My name is Mao.

Jao: It is our mission...

Mao: ...to collect 1000 swords.

Jao: So, you must pick one...

Mao: ...of two choices.

Jao: Surrender, and give up your weapons...

Mao: ...or die, and we take your weapons.

Jao: It is up to you...

Mao: ...to decide your fate.

((If you choose, "Fight"...))

Vyse: How about we kick your butts and toss you
      overboard? Besides, you guys are unarmed,
      what can you possibly do to us?

Jao: If that is your decision...

Mao: ...then we must kill you now.


(The party battle and defeat the two twins.)

Jao: Westerners...

Mao: ...you are stronger than we thought.

Jao: We must report this...

Mao: ...to our Commander.

(The two twins jump over the railing of the Delphinus,
 landing on the deck of their ship.)

Jao: We rule the skies of Yafutoma.

Mao: And we are known as Tenkou.

Jao: Westerners...

Mao: ... we shall meet again.

(Their ship increases altitude, rising high above the clouds.)

Vyse: Wow...
      How can they fly so high?

Fina: Blue Moon Stones hold the powers of wind and

      The Yafutoman ships are powered by these stones.
      By harnessing the power of the wind, their ships
      can reach altitudes that we can only imagine.

Enrique: Well, looks like we chased them off for now.
         we should try and find Yafutoma.


8.02 - Yafutoma


(The party finds and enters the nearby town, not
 knowing exactly which town they are in.)

Aika: The water is so clear... it's beautiful...
      I wonder where we are?

Vyse: Huh?

(The party notices that a large group of the town'
 citizens are staring at them, apparently awed.)

Yafutoman: Wow...
          That ship, it's so huge!

Yafutoman: Are those Westerners?
           They dress funny...

Yafutoman: Hey, look!
           Their hair isn't black!

Yafutoman: I wonder what they eat to make their hair that

Aika: Haha...
      My hair is really going to stand out over here.

Loud Voice: Invaders! Why have you come to Yafutoma?!

(A soldier approaches the party.)

Yafutoman Soldier: These lands are protected by Mount Kazai and the
                   Blue Moon! Under the sovereign reign of Lord
                   Mikado, invaders will be punished!

Aika: Yafutoma?
      Is this really Yafutoma?

Yafutoman Soldier: Yes... you have invaded Yafutoman Lands.

Aika: We did it! We did it!
      We're in Yafutoma!!!!!

Enrique: Well done, Vyse!
         This will be recorded in the history books!

Yafutoman Soldier: How dare you invade our lands!
                   I shall strike you down where you stand!

Loud Voice: Wait! Don't attack them!

(Another soldier approaches the party.)

Yafutoman Soldier: Visitors, our primary responsibility is to
                   defend Yafutoma. Please forgive our rush to

                   Lord Mikado has said that he would like
                   to speak with you. Please, if you would
                   come with me.

Vyse: Lord Mikado?
      I suppose that he is probably the king of these
      lands. We should follow him.

(The party is led to Lord Mikado's throne room.)

Mikado: So, you came from the land where the sun sets.
        Welcome to Yafutoma.

        My daughter, Moegi, has always been intrigued
        with the West. Haven't you, my dear?

Moegi: Yes, father.
       Please, I would love to hear all about your

       And if there is anything that we can do for you,
       just ask.

Aika: Sure, but I don't want to be too much of a

Kangan. King Mikado... as an advisor of the Royal Court,
        I must say that I am opposed to the idea of
        foreigners entering our lands.

        Foreigners have only brought us disaster. We
        must cleanse them from our lands immediately!

Muraji: I agree with my father!
        The Westerners can only bring us trouble.
        We should dispose of them at once.

Mikado: They are our guests. We must welcome them. They
        can teach us a great deal about the West. And
        there is much we can teach them as well.

        ...But I would like to know why you have traveled
        to Yafutoma.

Vyse: We're searching for the Moon Crystals to prevent
      our enemies from using them to destroy the

      It is rumored that the Blue Crystal is here.

Mikado: The Blue Crystal?
        Hmm... I think you are referring to the jewel
        that has the powers of the Blue Moon.

        The object that you are searching for lies
        underneath Mount Kazai. Here in Yafutoma,
        we refer to the object as the Maga Sphere.

        Mount Kazai is considered by our people to be
        a holy mountain. And deep within the mountain...
        lies an azure-colored jewel.

        Our ancestors passed the jewel to the successors
        of the throne. After the cataclysm, the jewel
        was sealed inside Mount Kazai.

Aika: An azure-colored jewel?
      Vyse! That has to be the Moon Crystal!

Mikado: At one time, Mount Kazai was a volcano, and
        there is no known way inside. The Maga Sphere
        has been lost since the days of the Old World...

        If you were to retrieve it for us, we would be
        eternally grateful...

Vyse: So, the Maga Sphere is at the bottom of that
      huge mountain? Leave it to us.

      Don't worry... we'll get it back for you!


8.03 - Mount Kazai


(The party arrives at the entrance to Mount Kazai.)

Aika: Wow!
      The water here is so calm... it looks like glass.

Enrique: It's hard to imagine that this was a volcanic
         area covered in lava at one time.

Aika: What is that thing?!

(The party sees a gigantic, bird-shaped creature
 apparently encased in the stone walls.)

Vyse: What?!
      It looks like a huge bird!

Fina: That must be Bluheim.

Vyse: Bluheim?

Fina: Yes, Bluheim was the Blue Gigas.

      It looks like Bluheim was trapped in the lava
      and encased in stone.

Enrique: If that thing ever got free, we'd be in trouble.
         The Gigas that you faced so far couldn't fly.
         I can't imagine how tough this one would be.

Vyse: We should secure the Blue Crystal as soon as we
      can! Let's go!


(After fighting their way through the underground
 passages of Mount Kazai, the party discovers the
 Blue Moon Crystal.)

Vyse: So, this is the Blue Crystal...
      We've finally found it.

Fina: It's so beautiful...

Aika: Vyse, that's another Crystal, you know what that
      means... it's time to celebrate!

Vyse: Actually, let's include Fina on this one!

Fina: What? But I...
      I don't know what to do.

Aika: Aww, don't worry about it!
      Just give it a try!

(The party celebrates.)

Vyse, Aika and Fina: Yay!


8.04 - Betrayal in Yafutoma


(The party returns to Lord Mikado's throne room
 and gives him the Blue Crystal.)

Mikado: You have done exceptionally well!
        No one in Yafutoma has seen the Maga Sphere
        since the days of the Old World.

        You are the first to make it back alive from
        the depths of Mount Kazai. How can I
        repay you for risking your lives to recover it?

Vyse: Well... as we mentioned earlier, we were
      wondering if it would be alright if we
      borrowed it.

Mikado: Hmm...
        But it is the symbol of royal succession...

        I would like to keep it in my possession at
        least while you remain in Yafutoma.

Vyse: Umm... Sure...

Aika: Symbol of royal succession, huh?
      That makes sense why they want to keep it.

      Moegi... you're Lord Mikado's daughter, right?
      So does that make you the successor to
      the throne?

Mikado: Um...

Moegi: ......

Mikado: Well, thank you for retrieving the Maga Sphere!

        Let us begin the preparations for the feast!
        Make yourselves at home and enjoy the

Aika: Alright! That's more like it!
      I can't wait to see the gourmet cooking of

Vyse: We would be honored to join you,
      especially Aika.

Enrique: ......

         Princess... Hmm...


(Later, Moegi takes the party to the nearby guest house.)

Moegi: You must be very tired.
       You are welcome to stay in the Royal Guest
       House tonight.

Fina: Thank you for escorting us.

Vyse: That was some of the best food I've ever had.

Aika: And for some reason, I pictured those eating-
      sticks to be much bigger. It took me a while
      to get used to them, though.

Moegi: I am very happy that you enjoyed yourselves.

Muraji: Heh heh heh...
        So, the Westerners do have a sense of taste
        after all...

(Muraji approaches the party.)

Muraji: I came here personally to thank you for
        retrieving the Maga Sphere.

        I will be sure and take care of it when it is
        passed on to me as soon as Moegi and I are

Moegi: I will never marry you!

       And as long as Daigo is alive, you'll never be

Muraji: Have you forgotten that "Prince" Daigo has been
        exiled for treason?

        Heh heh... I find it very unlikely that
        a traitor could ever become king.

Fina: Moegi...?

Vyse: Okay, that's it...

(Enrique steps forward.)

Vyse: Huh? Enrique?!

Enrique: I don't know your motives, but this is NOT how
         a nobleman treats a lady.

         If you insist on insulting her, then you will
         have to deal with me!

Muraji: You think you can push me around just because
        you got the Maga Sphere back...

        I'm going to tell my father on you!

(Muraji leaves.)

Moegi: Prince Enrique...
       I... I'm terribly sorry...

       I'm sorry you felt that you had to defend me
       like that... I didn't mean to put you in that

Enrique: No no... That's quite alright. Where I come
         from, we have codes of honor on how a lady,
         such as yourself, should be treated.

         Well, honestly, not many people follow
         that code anymore.

Moegi: Prince Enrique...

Enrique: But, Muraji spoke of an exiled prince...

         Do you know what he was talking about?

Moegi: ......

       ...It, it is nothing.
       If... if you'll excuse me, I will be returning
       to my quarters. Pleasant dreams...

(Moegi leaves.)

Enrique: ......


Muraji: Those Westerners... they'll pay for speaking
        to me like that.

Female Voice: Hahaha...
              Well, what have we here?

Muraji: Eeek!
        Who... who are you?!

(Belleza steps out from the shadows.)

Belleza: Shh...
         I heard everything.

         My name is Belleza.
         And it appears that we have a common enemy.


(The next morning, the party meets Lord Mikado in
 the throne room.)

Mikado: Good morning, Vyse.
        Did you rest well?

Vyse: Yes, I slept like a rock.
      That was my first time sleeping on a...
      floor... mattress... thing.

Mikado: Hahaha, I see.
        I am glad you were comfortable.

(A Yafutoman soldier enters the room.)

Yafutoman Soldier: Lord Mikado! It's an emergency!

                   Black ships have surrounded the city! And
                   what appears to be their flagship is
                   attempting to dock in our harbor.

Mikado: What?!

Vyse: Black ships...? Oh no...

Aika: It must be the Armada!!
      Vyse, let's hurry back to the port!

Muraji: Father...

Kangan: Yes... Yes... I know...


(The party returns to port to find the Delphinus surrounded
 by the Armada.)

Vyse: No!!!

(Vyse sees Belleza and Vigoro.)

Vyse: Belleza!
      ... And Vigoro?!

Belleza: Well, well... hello there, handsome.
         Haven't seen you in a while.

Vigoro: Hey, Red!
        It looks like fate has brought us together

Aika: Oh, no!!
      What's he doing here?!

Vigoro: It's so cute how she pretends that she doesn't
        want me. Come aboard my ship, maybe the two of
        us can rock the boat.

Belleza: Vigoro, please...
         We are in the presence of Prince Enrique.

         Prince Enrique, I trust you are in good health.

         If you are wondering how we got here, we
         blasted a hole in the stone reef near
         Ixa'taka and travelled west.

         Our goal is the same, my Prince.
         We also seek the Blue Crystal.

Enrique: What?!

Vyse: Belleza...
      Do you plan to burn down Yafutoma as well?!

Belleza: Relax, handsome.
         As I told you before, I am against unecessary

         We have no intention of fighting with you.
         We were merely planning to dock and speak with
         the king of these lands.

Vyse: You are wasting your time. King Mikado is an
      honorable man. There's no way he would strike a
      deal with the Valuan Armada.

Belleza: We'll see about that...

         Everyone has their limits, their codes, their
         morals. But everyone also has a weakness.

         If you find that weakness and exploit it, those
         limits, codes and morals seem to fade away.

         I'd love to chat longer, but I have an
         appointment with the king. Stay out of our way.

Vyse: ...

Aika: Vyse!
      Shouldn't we stop them?!

((If you choose "Wait and see what happens."...))

Vyse: Sorry, but there's nothing we can do right now.
      There's no way we can take on all of these

Aika: We can't even get to the Delphinus right now...

Enrique: Belleza and Vigoro are here as Imperial
         representatives. Attacking them during a
         diplomatic meeting would make us criminals.

         Let's return to our quarters. There we will wait
         until they have concluded their talks.


(Meanwhile, in the King's chambers...)

Mikado: No! I will never let the Valuans occupy

Belleza: But, King Mikado... you do realize that your
         country's pitiful army wouldn't last
         a day against the Armada.

         To prevent unecessary bloodshed,
         I recommend that you surrender.

Mikado: We will never surrender! We will never hand
        Yafutoma over to a band of bloodthirsty
        warlords like yourselves.

        We are protected by the Blue Moon. In the past,
        whenever our country was threatened, the Blue
        Winds came to our aid and saved our lands.

        If you attack us, the winds will blow you into
        the Dark Rift. Valua will never occupy Yafutoma.
        Do you hear me? Never!

Belleza: I'm sorry you didn't see things our way.
         It appears that this meeting is at an end.

         Then, I will gain possession of Yafutoma...
         by my owns means.

(Soldiers barge into the room.)

Mikado: What sort of treachery is this?!

Muraji: Heh heh heh...
        If you do not keep quiet, you'll be a head

Mikado: Muraji... You traitor!

Kangan: Belleza, in accordance with our meeting last
        night, this country will fall under the rule
        of the Valuan Empire.

Mikado: Kangan! What are you saying?!

Kangan: King Mikado... as Lady Belleza stated, 
        we have no hope of winning a war against Valua.

        To save our people, we shall usurp your power
        and assume our role as leaders of Yafutoma.

Vigoro: Wow!
        Belleza... I'm glad we're on the same side!

Belleza: Don't relax yet, big guy.
         Not while the kid is still around.

         Take King Mikado prisoner and find those
         Air Pirates.


(In the guest house...)

Aika: ...It seems like they've been talking forever!

Vyse: Well, you know how formal those diplomatic talks
      are. It takes forever for them to decide who
      gets to sit down first.

(Moegi runs in.)

Moegi: Everyone!
       Quickly! You must get out of here!

Enrique: Princess Moegi?!
         What happened?!

Moegi: Kangan and Muraji have betrayed us!
       My father... has been taken prisoner!
       It was Belleza's doing...

Vyse: What?!

Enrique: Belleza! It figures. She probably met with those
         two before the meeting and had the whole thing
         planned out.

Aika: Vyse! What should we do?!

((If you choose "Run and hide."...))

Vyse: I'm sorry, but we have to run for now.
      Belleza has probably already convinced the
      Yafutoman Guards that we are criminals.

Enrique: I agree. We should run for now and figure out
         what to do next.

Moegi: Very well then.
       Quickly, follow me!

(Moegi opens a secret passage in the wall.)

Moegi: We can escape from the palace this way. Hurry!


(The party escapes from the palace and enters a small
 ship. The ship flies up high, soaring above the clouds.)

Aika: Wow! Incredible!
      I can't believe how high we are.

Vyse: Yeah... the powers of the Blue Moon are amazing...

Moegi: We will be safe here.

Aika: It's great that we escaped from the guards,
      but now what do we do?

Moegi: ...There is an ancient temple on a small island
       to the north.

       My brother... Daigo should be there.

Aika: What?!
      You have a brother?!

Moegi: ...Yes.
       He is the true heir to the throne.

       A long time ago, my brother directly disobeyed
       my father's orders. He was exiled from Yafutoma,
       and sentenced to live on the island.

Aika: Marooning him on an island was kind of harsh,
      don't you think?

Moegi: My brother had a tendency to go out sailing on
       his own and disregard his duties as Prince.

       But, I don't think that my father should have
       disowned him.

       I think that Muraji and Kangan convinced my
       father to exile him... With my brother out of the
       way, they have a chance of taking over Yafutoma.

Vyse: That makes sense.

Enrique: Vyse.
         It looks like we have no other choice. It looks
         like we're going to have to rely on Daigo.

Vyse: Yeah...

Enrique: Princess Moegi, do not worry.
         We will save the people of Yafutoma...
         and your father!

Moegi: Prince Enrique... Thank you.

       You can reach my brother's island by heading
       north from here.


8.05 - Exile Island


(The party reaches the island. After many fights, they
 encounter Jao and Mao.)

Jao: Westerners...

Mao: ...It appears that we meet again.

Vyse: Aww, not them again!
      What are you doing here?!

Jao: This is the headquarters...

Mao: ...of the Tenkou.

Jao: It was very foolish...

Mao: ...for you to come here.

Jao: The time has come...

Mao: ...for us to finish you.

Loud Voice: Halt!!

(A warrior appears.)

Warrior: Jao, Mao... Who's there?

Jao: Lord Daigo...

Mao: These are the Westerners...

Jao: ...that dared to defy us.

Mao: They came through the Dark Rift...

Vyse: I'm Vyse of the Blue Rogues.
      You're the leader of the Tenkou?

Moegi: Daigo!

Vyse: What?! He's your brother?

Aika: Huh?!
      This is Prince Daigo?!

Daigo: Moegi!
       How have you been?

       I never would have thought that you would bring
       foreigners to my temple.

Moegi: I never thought I would, either.
       But what are the Tenkou doing here?!

Daigo: A long time ago, the twins challenged me to a
       fight. They wanted my sword, so I beat them

       And for some strange reason, they pledged their
       loyalty to me. I've been their leader ever

       And I figured, as their leader, I could control
       them a little, so they'd stop attacking

       Besides, who else do you know that has twin
       bodyguards?! Hahahaha!

Aika: Moegi... Is he really your brother? It's hard to
      imagine that the two of you are related.

Fina: I know he is a Prince... like Enrique... but it
      seems that Princes is Yafutoma act differently
      than Princes in Valua.

Daigo: ...But what is the purpose of your visit, Moegi?
       Has Father changed his mind?

Moegi: Daigo... he...

Daigo: ...What's wrong?
       Did something happen to him?!

(Vyse explains the situation.)

Daigo: Kangan... that little runt! How could he backstab
       our father and hand our country over to the

Moegi: Daigo...

Daigo: Moegi... I'm sorry. If I was still there, this
       would never have happened. When I was exiled,
       I welcomed the freedom!

       I disregarded all of my duties and did whatever
       I wanted, here in this temple.

       But, now my people need me. I must go back there
       and reclaim my title as Prince of Yafutoma!

       Vyse, I can't thank you enough for saving my

       Now, I must get ready for battle. I will fight
       against Valua and give Yafutoma back to the

       I would be honored if you'd fight alongside me.

((If you choose "Of course!"...))

Vyse: Of course we'll help! We share the same enemy.

Daigo: Excellent!
       We will fight together and reclaim Yafutoma and
       the Maga Sphere!

       Also, Prince Enrique...
       I heard that you defended my sister from Muraji.

       My family thanks you for your bravery.

Enrique: I did only what is expected of a gentleman.
         Think nothing of it.

         ...And, Prince Daigo, I know how you feel.
         I, too, have been exiled from my lands.

         I wish to change the views of my country by
         changing the world around it.

         And that is why I wish to aid you...
         from one exiled prince to another.

         Also, the fleet that you are about to face... the
         Armada... was sent here by my mother, Empress

         As a Valuan Prince, it is my duty to stop them.
         This is not only your battle... it is mine as

Daigo: ...I understand. I will gladly accept your aid.

       Prince Enrique... you are a very noble man.
       Much more noble than I.

       If a man such as yourself were to be at my
       sister's side, I would sleep well at night.

Enrique: Um...
         I... um...

Moegi: Daigo...!

Daigo: And from the looks of it, the two of you
       wouldn't mind either.

(Everyone laughs.)

Daigo: Now then... Vyse. I need to prepare for the
       battle... Meet me at the port. We will depart for
       Yafutoma as soon as you are ready.


(At the port...)

Daigo: Hey! You can't expect to fight in that ship!

       Come ride with me on my ship!

       All ships, prepare for battle!
       We must take back Yafutoma!

       Our scouts have reported that the Armada and
       the Yafutoma fleet are patrolling Kazai Lake.

       Vyse, your ship is also patrolling with the

Vyse: Now, it's personal!

Daigo: Hahaha... I understand your frustration...
       If we can get your ship back, we can win this

       The Tenkou will attack the Armada from the front
       and keep them distracted.

       While they're keeping the Armada busy, I want
       you to get the Delphinus back. Without the
       Delphinus, we don't stand a chance.

Vyse: Sounds like a plan!

Daigo: Alright men! Get ready!
       Let's show them what the Tenkou can do!


8.06 - Delphinus Takeover


(Vigoro spots the Yafutoman fleet.)

Vigoro: HAHAHA! It looks like our pirate friends want
        some action. Things just got a little more

        I'm coming for you, Red.
        Soon, you'll be all mine.

(Meanwhile, inside the Delphinus...)

Muraji: Hehehehe...
        The Westerners' ship is nice, very nice.
        I think I am going to enjoy this!

        But, I never dreamed that I would be able to
        kill Prince Daigo so soon.

        Now, Moegi will be mine for sure...
        as well as the throne!

(Belleza watches the fleet from her ship.)

Belleza: I'm sorry, handsome...
         I didn't want to have to fight you...

         But, for Valua... and Lord Galcian... I must.

Valuan Soldier: Tenkou ships, straight ahead!
                They are in range of our cannons!

Belleza: Alright everyone, listen up!
         This is it! If we win this battle,
         we will rule the East!

         Let them feel the power of the Valuan Armada.
         Fire at will!


(Daigo and Vyse watch as the two fleets exchange cannonfire.)

Daigo: So far, the battle is even.
       We're more maneuverable, but we can't
       seem to break their lines.

       Vyse, keep an eye out for your ship!
       It's got to be around here somewhere.

Vyse: Alright, everyone!
      Be ready for action!
      When we find the Delphinus, let's take it back...
      Air Pirate style!


Kangan: How fares the battle?

Yafutoman Soldier: My Lord... the Tenkou are swarming all around
                   the Valuans, but the Armada is holding their
                   position. We seem to be at a stalemate.

Kangan: Heh heh... I see. Very well.
        It is time for us to join the battle
        and end this... once and for all!


Daigo: Hmm... We can't break their lines and
       our ships are taking serious damage.

       I don't think we can take much more of this.
       I'm going to give the signal to retreat!
       Today... Valua has won.

Vyse: ......

Watchman: My lord, a ship fitting the description of
          Captain Vyse's ship is heading our way!

Daigo: What?!
       Are you sure?

Watchman: Yes, my lord!
          I'm positive it's the Delphinus!

Vyse: Daigo... if you can get us close to the
      Delphinus, we can take it back and
      win this thing!

      We're Air Pirates, remember?
      We do this stuff all the time.
      All you have to do is get us close.

Daigo: Hahaha... I see.
       Okay, Vyse...
       You got it!


(Daigo brings the ship close to the Delphinus.)

Vyse: We're going to have to jump to the deck!

Fina: Huh?

Vyse: It's okay, I got you, Fina.

Aika: I'll be right behind you...

(The party jumps to the deck of the Delphinus, and they
 are quickly surrounded by soldiers.)

Vyse: I guess they were expecting us...

      Let's throw these goons off of our ship!


(The party fights their way to the bridge and confronts

Vyse: Muraji!
      We'll be taking back our ship now...

Muraji: !!!
        Do... do you think I'm afraid of you?
        You aren't so tough!

        Why are you fools just standing there? Get them!

Enrique: You betray those that trust you and needlessly
         endanger the lives of innocent people...
         all for your own personal gain!

         For the honor of Princess Moegi... and for the
         people of Yafutoma... I will strike you down!
         Face my blade, coward!


(The party battles and defeats Muraji.)

Muraji: Um... I... no... um... help...!

Enrique: ......

Muraji: I, I... I'll give back your ship!
        Just... just spare my life!
        Please... let me live...!

Enrique: You're too pitiful for me to run you through...
         I'll spare you, but you'll pay for all of your

Vyse: Alright! We got the Delphinus back!
      Now, let's even the odds.

Aika: There's a ship coming in from the starboard
      side. It's coming in fast!

      There's something about it... that disgusts me...

Enrique: That ship...
         It's the Draco...
         It's Vigoro's ship!

Aika: Talk about trying to compensate...
      That guy's got a complex.

Vyse: The Armada is being led by Belleza and Vigoro.
      If we can take out their ships, the rest of them
      will fall!

      Our next target... the Draco!


(Battle begins.)

Draco: Hey Vyse! My cannon's bigger than yours! Hahaha!
       Now, feel the destructive power of my ship,
       the Draco!!

(After first turn...)

Vigoro: Now this is more like it!
        A face-to-face confrontation!
        This is how real men should fight!

(After second turn...)

Vigoro: Wow! I knew the Delphinus was powerful, but...
        Damn! That thing's strong!

        But that will make my victory all the sweeter!
        I will prove that I am the strongest
        man in the world!


(The Delphinus defeats the Draco.)

Vigoro: I... I don't believe it!
        They survived my Vigoro Cannon!


Belleza: I wouldn't expect anything less from you,
         handsome. Not even Vigoro could stop you!

         As an Admiral in the Valuan Armada...
         I shall defeat you.

(A sudden powerful gust of wind blows away most of the
 Armada's ships.)

Belleza: ...What!?

Vyse: What was that?!

Aika: Aaaahhh!!!
      Vyse! Look!

(A large pillar of light is shining from Mount Kazai.)

Kangan: Hehehe... 
        Soon I shall be rid of both the Westerners and
        the Tenkou!

        Go, Bluheim! Blow them out of the sky!

(Bluheim blows away more of the Armada's ships.)

Belleza: This must be the "Blue Wind" that the King was
         talking about!

Watchman: The winds are too strong.
          Our ships are losing control...
          We can't hold our formations!

Belleza: If this keeps up, all of our ships will be
         destroyed... I didn't want to do this, but
         we have no choice. All ships retreat!

Fina: It's Bluheim!

Aika: We might be able to take him on with the

Vyse: I really hope so...
      It doesn't look like we have much of a choice.
      Alright everyone, let's go!
      It's up to us!


(The battle begins.)

Fina: Bluheim is the Blue Gigas.
      It will most likely attack with wind and
      wave attacks.

Vyse: Well, we don't have much time to think of a plan
      at this point, so we'll just have to look for a
      weakness as we fight it!

(After first turn...)

Vyse: I can't believe how fast that thing is! I never
      thought something so big could move so fast!

(After being attacked by Bluheim's 'Blue Wind'...)

Vyse: Alright!
      We got thrown back a little, but
      we're still in attack position!

Aika: Yeah! It looks like the ship can handle
      that big bird's wind attack if we just
      brace ourselves for it!

Enrique: Enough talk, everyone! Now is our chance!
         Vyse, we await your commands!

(After being attacked a second time...)

Vyse: Alright, we've withstood its wind attack again.
      Now it's our turn to fight back!


(The Delphinus defeats Bluheim. The Blue Gigas crashes
 into the side of Mount Kazai.)

Kangan: I, I can't believe it...
        The Air Pirates defeated Bluheim!

        I need to get out of here!!!

(Kangan finds himself surrounded by Daigo and his soldiers.)

Kanga: ...Huh?!

Daigo: Kangan! You cannot escape!
       Surrender or die!

Kangan: I... I... surrender.


(The party returns to the King's chambers.)

Mikado: Brave adventurers from the West...
        I thank you for saving Yafutoma.

Enrique: But it was my country that caused all of this...

         I am terribly sorry for all of the trouble
         caused by the Valuans... I don't know how I can
         make it up to you.

Mikado: Prince Enrique, please... raise your head.
        Daigo has explained everything to me.

        You feel responsible because you are a
        Valuan Prince, but it is not your fault.

Enrique: Thank you for understanding... but we have
         only won the battle. As we speak,
         the Armada is regrouping...

         Until Valua sets itself back down the path of
         righteousness, I will continue to fight them.

Mikado: I see... very well then.
        I will pray for your well being.

        And perhaps the Maga Sphere will aid you in your
        fight. Take it with you.

Aika: Really? Are you sure it's okay? Didn't you say
      it's necessary in appointing a successor to the

Mikado: Hahaha... it doesn't matter.
        Even without a symbol, I have such an
        accomplished successor already.

Daigo: I've also decided to return to my father and
       accept the responsibility of defending my

Vyse: That's great...
      Hey, what happened to Kangan and Muraji?

Daigo: They were exiled to Tenkou Island.

       We figured that if they spent some time in
       exile, they'd realize what they've done and
       become better people. Or kill each other.

Aika: Ahaha, I like that plan!
      It serves them right!

Daigo: That reminds me, I noticed that your ship isn't
       capable of going to great heights or depths.

       Here, take this with you.

       This is from my people. It contains all of the
       knowledge necessary to enable your ship to fly
       higher or lower than you've ever imagined.

Vyse: Wow! Thank you!

      I'll make sure we put it to good use!

Moegi: ......

       I have something to ask of you.

       Please, let me go with these people.

Mikado: What?!

Moegi: If what they say is true, then there are
       matters of great importance occurring
       in the West.

       You and Daigo both said you will stay here to
       protect our country.

       But I am helping defend our country...
       by helping these people on their quest.

Mikado: Hmmm...

Daigo: Well said, Moegi.
       I am proud to have you as a sister.

       Prince Enrique... I speak to you not as a fellow
       prince, but as a brother concerned for his
       sister's well being. Please take care of her...

Enrique: You have my word.
         I will defend her with my life.

         Let us join forces and return peace to
         this world.

Moegi: Yes.
       Prince Enrique...
       I entrust my life to you.

Mikado: Very well then...
        It appears I do not have much in this
        matter anyway.

Aika: Enrique! You're getting much more reliable by
      the minute!

      You seem like a different person! Just until
      recently, all I ever saw of you was the back of
      your head leaning over the railing of the ship!

Enrique: AIKA!!!
         Do you have to constantly remind me about that?!

Vyse: Ahahahaha!!!
      She's right, Enrique!

      Alright! Let's go home!


8.08 - Where Next?


Aika: It's great that we got the Blue Crystal
      and all... but where do we go from here?

Enrique: Perhaps we should return to Crescent Isle and
         study that Book on Ship Polarity in order to
         modify the Delphinus.

Aika: Go home?
      But that's to the west of here...
      How are we supposed to get back?

((If you choose "Let's try heading east."...))

Vyse: Hmm...
      Maybe we can try to go east from here.

Aika: Wait a second!
      We'll just be getting farther away from
      Crescent Isle!

Fina: Umm... Didn't Belleza say that she came here
      by going west from Ixa'taka?

      If that is true, then then if we go east from here,
      we should be able to reach Ixa'taka!

Aika: What?!
      So you mean that the east and west of the world
      are connected?!

Enrique: Hmm...
         I seem to recall hearing legends about the world
         being round.

         According to the geological studies of Valua...
         The world is a sphere. That means that the east
         is connected to the west, and the north is
         connected to the south.

         Of course, no one has ever proven this... and
         those that believe this to be true are branded
         as heretics.

Vyse: That's interesting...
      Well, it looks like we're going to see if
      Belleza was telling the truth or not.

      We came to Yafutoma from Crescent Isle by
      heading east.

      We'll continue on sailing to the east.

      And if we reach Crescent Isle...
      We will prove that the world is round!

Aika: Wow!!! You mean we're actually going to try to
      sail around the world?!!!

Vyse: Alright, everyone! Prepare for departure!
      We're going East!
      Destination Crescent Isle!




9.01 - Return to Crescent Isle


Fina: Vyse! Crescent Isle is straight ahead!

Vyse: Yup, that's Crescent Isle all right.
      But it looks... different.

Enrique: If we reached Crescent Isle by flying east from
         Yafutoma, that means...

Aika: We sailed around the world!!!

      Hey Vyse! How does it feel to have sailed around
      the world with your very own ship?

((If you choose "I want to see more."...))

Vyse: I want to see more! I don't think I'll be happy
      until I see the whole world.

      I know there's more out there.

Fina: Haha... to think that we just made it home and
      Vyse is already talking about sailing some
      more... How typical of him.


(The party approaches Crescent Isle to find new buildings
 and structures have been built.)

Fina: It looks like there are some new buildings that
      weren't there before.

Aika: Izmael probably built them while we were gone
      with the money we gave him!

Vyse: Alright! I can't wait to check it out!


Brabham: Welcome home.
         Well, how do you like what we've done with the

Vyse: I have to say that I'm really impressed with
      your work!

Izmael: Ba ba bam!
        What did you expect from the greatest
        builder that ever lived?

        If you keep the gold coming in,
        I'll keep adding on!

Brabham: I've been busy, too! I made new
         armor plating for the Delphinus' hull.
         It's super-sturdy!

         After I add it on to your ship, you'll be able
         to fly through those pesky stone reefs without
         a hitch!

Vyse: Thank you both for everything you've done
      for us. I would like you both to join my crew
      on board the Delphinus.

      That reminds me... I got this while we were in
      Yafutoma. Can you do anything with it?

Brabham: Well, shiver me timbers! I've never seen this
         type of technology before in my life!

         With this type of engine, you'll be able to fly
         higher than the clouds, and lower than you've
         ever imagined.

         I'll get started on this baby in a jiffy!

Enrique: Vyse, we should figure out what we're going to
         do next.

Izmael: I knew someone would say that! That's why I
        built a meeting room into the wall of the cliff.
        You can do all of your planning from there.

Vyse: You built us a meeting room? Wow... you're great,
      Izmael. Let's go check it out!


(The party sits around the table in the meeting room.)

Vyse: Hmm...
      It's still hard for me to believe that Izmael
      turned this deserted island into a base.

Fina: Vyse...

      Thank you for everything you've done. So far,
      we've managed to get three of the Moon Crystals.

      I never would have made it this far on my own.
      Thank you so much.

Aika: Come on, Fina!
      You don't have to thank us!

Vyse: Yeah, if it wasn't for you, I don't think we
      would've ever gotten the chance to sail around
      the world! We should be thanking you!

Enrique: Fina, I don't know if you realized it yet, but
         your mission has helped us all. And we've all
         grown to be such good friends.

Fina: Yes... Thank you... I mean you're welcome.

      Until recently, I lived a sheltered life. I was
      scared when the Elders asked me to search
      for the Crystals... And I was alone.

      Since then, I've made some great friends,
      and I get excited when we explore new lands...
      Even the ones with monsters.

Aika: Yeah... when you first heard what we did for a
      living, you seemed really surprised... almost

Vyse: You're sounding more like an Air Pirate every
      day. Before you know it, you'll be dressing like
      us... and Cupil will be wearing an eye patch.

      Hey, that reminds me.
      Do you know where we should go to get the next
      Moon Crystal?

Fina: Yes, I do.

     To the far south, lies a land that basks in the
     cold light of the Purple Moon.
     It is known as the Land of Ice.

     The Purple Moon Crystal should be hidden there.

Vyse: Land of Ice?

Fina: The Purple Moon is the source of power for
      all Ice Magic.

      And because of that, the lands under the moon
      have become encased in ice.

Aika: I've heard stories about that place. Some of
      the others back home used to tell me about
      the rumors they'd hear.

      I heard that the air is so cold, that anyone who
      goes there will be frozen solid in a matter of

      I don't want to have to chisel you out of the
      ice, Vyse.

Vyse: Where do you get these stories? First, I was
      going to catch on fire, then people were going
      to eat us with sticks, now I'm going to freeze.

      Getting the Crystal is not going to be easy,
      but I think your overactive imagination is
      getting the best of you.

Aika: What do you mean?!
      Alright... fine. When you become a Vysicle,
      don't come crying to me!

Fina: Hahaha...
      I'm sure everything will be alright.
      I doubt it's that cold, Aika.

Enrique: Well, according to our Valuan archaeologists...

         Beneath the layers of ice, lies the ruins of an
         ancient city. The ruins have been indisturbed
         since the Old World.

         Unfortunately, no one has ever been able to
         break through the ice... All we have been able to
         do is observe the ruins from the sky.

Vyse: So we don't really need to go there because
      it's impossible to get the Crystal.

Enrique: Well, I was thinking...
         Brabham said that the hull had been reinforced,

         If the hull is strong enough to break
         through stone reefs, perhaps it is strong
         enough to break through the ice!

Vyse: That might work! We could bust through the ice
      with the Delphinus!

Fina: If the Delphinus can get through the ice,
      then we can get the Crystal.

Vyse: Yeah.
      Then it looks like our next destination is to
      the south... to the Land of Ice!

      Well, it looks like we've got a long journey
      ahead of us. I think we should take the rest of
      the day off and celebrate!

Everyone: Aye aye!


9.02 - The Land of Ice


(The party locates and successfully breaks into the city
 beneath the Land of Ice. They explore a series of tunnels
 connected by doors until they reach the final one.)

Vyse: This looks like it's the last door.

(The party enters and finds the entire area nearly invisible
 due to a heavy fog.)

Aika: The fog is so thick... I can barely see what's in
      front of me...

Fina: It's so cold... even the air is freezing...

Vyse: Well, we can't let that stop us.

(Vyse walks forward and falls through the floor.)

Vyse: Aaaahhh!!!

Fina: ...Vyse?

Aika: ... Hey!
      Where'd Vyse go?

Vye: ... I'm down here...

(Vyse is hanging on top the edge of the gap. The sky
 is visible below.)

Aika: Vyse?!
      What happened?!

Vyse: That was close...

      If we can see the sky through the floor... that
      means we're at the bottom!

Fina: Hey... the fog is starting to lift.

(The fog clears away to reveal the city, a large complex
 of towers connected by bridges.)

Enrique: Oh... I never imagined that we'd find this...

Aika: Wow...
      There are buildings shaped like icicles hanging
      from the ceiling!

Fina: ...This is Glacia. In the Old World,
      it was the capital of this region.

      The people that lived here were powerful mages...
      Using the powers of the Purple Moon, they built
      this city.

      And because this city was built below the ice,
      it was unharmed by the Rains of Destruction.

      So, Glacia is as it was during the time of the
      Old World.

Aika: But wait...
      Then what happened to the people that were
      living here?

Fina: ... I, I don't know.
      According to the legends, the people of Glacia
      just disappeared.

      Nobody knows where they went, or why they left.

      Maybe they left their city to invade another

      And they perished in the war and in the Rains...

Aika: I can't imagine an entire culture becoming

      Think of all the knowledge that was lost...
      Everything that these people worked so hard for
      is going to stay buried here forever.

Vyse: ...Let's go.
      We should find the Purple Moon Crystal,
      before we get buried here forever.


9.03 - The Purple Gigas


(The party enters a large chamber filled with fog.)

Fina: It's so difficult to see...

Aika: Someone's there!

(The fog clears away to reveal Drachma.)

Fina: Oh...!

Aika: I don't believe it!

Drachma: ...Who's there?!

Vyse: Drachma?!

Aika: Cap'n!

Drachma: What're you kids doing here?!

Aika: It really is you!
      I never thought I'd see you again!

Drachma: Yeah... well... uhhh...

Vyse: It's been a while, Captain.
      Heh... I had a feeling you survived the attack!

Fina: But, Captain...
      What are you doing at the bottom of Glacia?

Drachma: ......

Aika: What?

(Vyse notices a large shape behind Drachma.)

Vyse: No... it's not...

(The fog clears further to reveal Rhaknam.)

Vyse: It is!!!
      What's Rhaknam doing here?!

Drachma: ...Follow me.

(The party approaches the subdued Rhaknam.)

Aika: Is... is he dead?

Drachma: No... he's still alive.
         But, he was badly wounded by Ramirez's ships.

         It is a fatal wound.
         Rhaknam is dyin'...

         When Rhaknam fled from Ramirez, I got pulled
         along... If I wasn't attached to him, the
         Little Jack would have been destroyed.

         This is his... home.

Vyse: Captain...
      You mean to tell me that you've been alone...
      here... with Rhaknam the whole time?

Drachma: Aye.

Enrique: Is that...?

(Enrique notices a sparkling light in Rhaknam's side.)

Enrique: Vyse!
         Look! That light...!

Vyse: What..?
      Is... is that the Moon Crystal?!

Enrique: It must be.
         Which would mean that... this arcwhale...
         Rhaknam... is the Purple Gigas?

Fina: I can't believe that Rhaknam is
      the Purple Gigas!

      The... the name of the Purple Gigas is Plergoth.

      According to the legends, the citizens of the
      Purple Civilization implanted the Purple Crystal
      into a living creature.

Vyse: Then... that means that Rhaknam
      was once a normal arcwhale?

Fina: Yes. I think after Rhaknam had been transformed
      into the Purple Gigas, his master perished... and
      he has been wandering the skies ever since.

      So this poor arcwhale was also a victim of the

Aika: But Cap'n...
      Why did you stay here all that time?

      If the Little Jack is here with you, why didn't
      you leave?

Drachma: ......

         I've spent my life... searching for Rhaknam
         to avenge my crew... and my son...

         I wasted all those years...
         Rhaknam saved me from Ramirez...

         I... I just thought that I could watch over him
         in his last moments. It's the least
         I could do.

Vyse: ...

Aika: Why is he making that noise?

Drachma: I... I'm not sure.

         What's wrong? I'm here for you.

Vyse: This isn't good.

Aika: Look... at his eye!

(Tears well up in one of Rhaknam's eyes.)

Drachma: Rhaknam...

         I see...
         It's time for you to go...

         Time for you to join your friends...

(Rhaknam closes his eyes and falls silent.)

Vyse: Oh, no...

Enrique: Look... the Crystal!

(The Moon Crystal falls from Rhaknam's side and
 clatters to the ground.)

Vyse: I'm sorry, Captain...


Fina: Captain...
      Are you really going to leave us?

Drachma: ......

         Chasin' Rhaknam was my reason for livin'.

         And now I've got to start over.

         When you're as old as me...
         It's not easy to change your ways.

         I... I'm sorry, but I cannot go with you.

Aika: Vyse...
      Are you sure we should let him go?

((If you choose "Yeah. We should just let him go."...))

Vyse: Yeah. We should just let him go.
      I can't imagine what he's going through right

      We finally met up again... but I guess this is

Drachma: Boy...

         You've become quite a sailor. I'm proud of you.

Vyse: Heh heh...
      It's a little strange to hear compliments coming
      from you...

      Before you go, there's something I wanted to
      tell you...

      You said that you and Rhaknam were both alone...

      But you're not alone, Captain.
      We've been with you the whole time.

      No matter how far apart we become, we'll still
      be sailing in the same sky.

      The same sky... the same clouds... the same wind...
      We'll always be together in one way or another.
      We'll never forget you!

Drachma: ...

Fina: Captain... take care of yourself!

Enrique: I wish you all the luck in the world...

Aika: Cap'n!
      You better visit us on Crescent Isle!!!

Drachma: ... Maybe I will... someday...




10.01 - Upgrading and Planning


Izmael - Ba ba bam!
         They're back!!! And the hull seems to be in one

Brabham: Of course it's in one piece! A little ice isn't
         gonna hurt it one bit!

         Captain Vyse...
         About that book from Yafutoma...

         I built an engine for ya',
         using the plans in that book.

         Until now, you haven't been able to fly above or
         below the clouds because the pressure
         differences were too hard on your engine...

         But now, that's not a problem!

Izmael: You'll be able to fly over mountains and beneath
        large islands! You'll be flyin' all over the
        damn place.

Vyse: Really? That's great!
      When can you install it?

Brabham: I'll install it tomorrow mornin' at the

Aika: With the new engine, we'll be able to travel to
      more places than ever before!

Vyse: Alright, everyone to the meeting room!
      Let's decide where to go next!


Vyse: Alright... we've got the Purple Crystal.
      All that's left are Yellow and Silver.

Fina: The Silvite Elders already have the Silver

      So we really only have to worry about the Yellow

Aika: It looks like our mission is almost finished.

      But wait... wasn't the Yellow Crystal located in
      the Maw of Tartas in Valua?

      Last time we went there, we couldn't get in
      because the opening was sealed.

Enrique: Yes, the Valuans have made several unsuccessful
         attempts at removing the seal...

         But, perhaps we might be able to bypass the seal
         with the Delphinus' new engine.

         According to the geologists of the Valuan

         The lower layers of the Valuan Islands are
         filled with cracks and fissures.

         In other words, there is a whole systems of
         subterranean tunnels running through Valua.

Aika: So all we have to do is fly around underneath
      Valua and look for an opening.

Vyse: I see...
      So, in other words, if we can't get in from the
      top, we'll try and get in from the bottom!

      We'll fly below Valua and look for an opening
      underneath the island! Once we get inside the
      tunnels, we should be able to find the Crystal.

Aika: Since we can fly higher and lower than we ever
      have before, we might as well take advantage of

Vyse: Exactly.
      Let's rest up today. We'll leave for Valua first
      thing tomorrow morning.


10.02 - The Yellow Gigas






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