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Treasure Chest Locations by DracoLord Haven X

Version: 1.05 | Updated: 01/06/09

Skies of Arcadia: Legends - Treasure Chest FAQ Version 1.05
Written by: DracoLord Haven X
Last updated on 1/06/09

Table of Contents

Section 1 - Timeline                                                      (1.1)
Section 2 - Introduction                                                  (2.1)
Section 3 - Chests                                                        (3.1)
Section 4 - Limited Time Chests                                           (4.1)
Section 5 - Checklist                                                     (5.1)
Section 6 - Questions                                                     (6.1)
Section 7 - Copyright and Contact Info                                    (7.1)
Section 8 - Credits                                                       (8.1)

1.1 - Timeline                                                            (1.1)

July 20th, 2006 - Started new game, began work on FAQ.

July 23rd, 2006 - Completed Dark Rift. This zone is a real pain to explain, so
I'm rather proud of myself.

July 25th, 2006 - Completed all treasure chests up to Soltis, and checked to
see if I had 100%. I did, so I guess this is the first version. Formatted and
uploaded it at Gamefaqs, too. Man, I'm good.

July 26th, 2006 - Fixed a small error - You do not need the Gold Hamachou to
get the Vyse the Legend title.

November 24th, 2006 - Grammar and spelling fixes, mainly. Nothing huge, likely
the last update, but who knows.

February 10th, 2008 - Fixed a small bit of misinformation, added a guy to the
credits. Looked at the dates between updates, gasped a little.

July 16th, 2008 - Didn't check my email for ages, fixed a small bit of
information involving Treasure Chests 61 and 62, added someone to the credits.
I'm very punctual.

January 6th, 2009 - Updated even more information, added someone to the
credits. Once again failed to do so in a punctual manner. To make up for it,
added a plain checklist that may or may not be printable.

2.1 - Introduction                                                        (2.1)

Greetings, yo. My name is DracoLord Haven X, or DLHX, if you want. If you 
couldn't guess by the title, this is a guide to getting all the treasure chests
in the game. The reason I'm writing a guide on such a thing is that there's a
certain title, Vyse the Legend, that can only be obtained after you have 100%
of all treasure chests. There are also quite a few treasure chests that can
not be obtained after a certain point in the game, which makes this goal quite
a bit harder. I won't be explaining all the other things you'll need to do to
get the Vyse the Legend title, as there are plenty of other FAQs on the
subject. This is mostly a spoiler free guide, but really, spoiler is a real
subjective term. I'll avoid saying major stuff like Vyse kills Aika, but there
will likely be minor spoilers on locations if you read ahead, so consider this
a fair warning.

Without further ado, let us begin.

3.1 - Chests                                                              (3.1)

I'll be listing all the chests you can get in this section. Self explanatory,
right? For the most part, yeah. Also, treasure chests that become unobtainable
after a certain point will be marked with a *. If you want to know when,
exactly, you'll have to scroll on down to Section 4.

3: 1 - Valuan Battle Ship
Treasures Chests: 4

(1)* Sacri Crystal "1" - The instant you gain control of Vyse, you will be 
facing this treasure chest.

(2)* Sacri Crystal "2" - Go south, down the hall until the cutscene plays. 
After it ends and you dispose of the guards, follow the railing to the east 
side of the room.

(3)* 50 Gold - Head south and go upstairs. Follow the path until the next 
cutscene plays. Once it's finished, keep going, but take a right at the next 
turn to find this treasure chest.

(4)* Magic Droplet "2" - Head north, following Alfonso into the next room. In 
this room is a save point and and the last treasure chest of the battleship.

<Side note: There is no treasure on the Blue Rogue ship you board. Just relax 
and enjoy the ride home, and don't forget to grab the discovery on the way!>

3: 2 - Pirate's Isle
Treasure Chests: 5

(5) 150 Gold - When Dyne stops talking to you, go to the bookcase, and inspect 
the right side of it. When it moves out of the way, go down the ladder to 
reach this chest.

(6) Sacri Crystal "3" - Once you can exit the base, do so and look south. 
You should see a treasure chest on a ledge above you. Go around the house, 
enter the tiny gate into the garden, and grab your reward.

(7) Magic Droplet "2" - Head to the south of the island and follow the 
catwalks upwards and to the south to a smaller, floating island. The treasure 
chest blends in with two other boxes on the island, so keep an eye out.

(8) Sacri Crystal "3" - Go back to the catwalks, but this time climb the 
ladder in the middle of them. After about three or four decades, you'll reach 
the top with this unsastifactory reward next to a few boxes. Enjoy climbing 
back down!

(9) Moonberry "1" - Head to the southeast side of the island, and look for a 
strange tablet made of rock. Treat it as you would a door, and it'll open for 
you, leading you inside the island with a treasure chest on a cliff 
overlooking the base.

<Side note: While this doesn't count as a treasure chest, before you leave for 
Shrine Island, talk to Vyse's mom to get a couple of Sacres Crystals.>

3: 3 - Shrine Island
Treasure Chests: 3

(10) Sacri Crystal "2" - From the landing, go north and enter the main door to
the shrine. This is a pretty straightforward dungeon, so just follow the path
counterclockwise until you reach a door above where you entered from. Once you
see the floating crystal, head east to pick up this treasure chest.

<Side note: If you've already activated the floating crystal, than just head
east of the main door to find it.>

(11)* Moonberry "1" - After you've activated the floating crystal, go back
inside and follow the path backwards, clockwise this time. It'll take you to a
new door, outside and under the ruins. Keep on progressing, heading down the
ladder and into the next door. Once you're back inside, go left a bit, heading
outside again. From there, just follow the path to the left, and you'll find

(12)* Sacres Crystal "2" - Go back inside and head to the right, following the
path up the stairs. Keep progessing in the dungeon, going outside and following
the path downwards to head inside again. Once there, you should see the final
treasure chest along the path.

3: 4 - Sailor's Island
Treasure Chests: 2

(13) Repair Kit "3" - The instant you enter the town, head to the right and
follow the side of the building. You should see the chest behind a billboard,
next to some boxes and a tree.

(14) 200 Gold - Go to the end of town, and head to the inn (The building next
to the lighthouse.) Head upstairs, and check the room on the left. You'll see
it next to the bed.

3: 5 - Valua
Treasure Chests: 2

(15)* Sacres Crystal "2" - From where you start, go south and follow the path
west until you can't anymore. Head north a bit until you see a passage inside
one of the buildings. At the end of the passage is the prize.

(16)* Moonberry "1" - Head east until you reach the cutscene, then head
eastwards again, down the lift. Activate it to enter the next zone. From
there, go forward a bit and turn around and head up the stairs, and follow
the path until you've gone down two ladders. Once you go down the small set of
stairs, check the barrels next to them. You can walk past them, which leads to
a small, hidden underground passage. At the end of this passage is a house. Go
inside and climb to the top floor, and you'll find it waiting for you.

3: 6 - Valua Sewers
Treasure Chests: 6

(17)* Curia Crystal "3" - From the entrance to the sewers, follow the path
west until you reach a ladder. Once you go down, keep following the path
south, a long way south, until you reach a turn. Head east, and follow the
path into a small room with these two chests.

(18)* Pyri Box "1" - It's in the same room as the Curia Crystals.

(19)* Assassin Blade "1" - Exit the room, heading south this time. Keep on
going south, ignoring the next path to the east, to head down a small set of
stairs and find these next two chests.

(20)* Heavy Armor "1" - Same room as above.

(21)* Magic Droplet "4" - Head north, except this time take the path to the
east. Keep following the path, saving the game and finishing a couple of boss
fights. Once you're set backtracking to the save point, a new area will be
opened. Go into the door, and you'll find the next two chests against the wall.

(22)* Sacri Crystal "4" - Once again, next to the chest. Isn't it nice how all
this stuff is located nearby?

3: 7 - Maramba
Treasure Chests: 7

(23) Magic Droplet "3" - After you enter Maramaba, head south and upstairs into
the main city area. Once you enter the city, head to the right and enter the
inn. Head upstairs, and go out the balcony. You should find the chest and, as a
bonus, a free Cham, too.

(24) Nasr Combat Mail "1" - After that, leave the inn and head east, to the
Dhabu Trainer. Once you're all up ons, head south a few paces and get on the
house with the half naked man whose strecthing. Avoid him like the plague, and
go inside, and downstairs. You'll find the treasure chest next to the pile of
junk blocking the front door.

(25) Slipara Box "1" - Get back on the Dhabu, and head to the northwestern most
house, which has both a treasure chest and a Moonfish on it, for your
collecting pleasure.

(26) 300 Gold - Go ahead and take the Dhabu to the south gate, which will lead
to the south part of town. Get on the largest building there. You'll find the
chest behind a few pots and boxes.

(27) Moonberry "1" - Board the Dhabu express and get on the smaller building
now, which has a ramp leading you down to the ground. Go west a few steps until
you find a destroyed well and a ladder leading downwards. You'll be in a small
cave system. Go forward, but take the first turn to the left, and follow the
path north as far as possible. You should reach a ladder sooner or later. Climb
it, and you'll find the chest at the top.

(28) Excavation Arm "1" - Go back underground, and follow the path south until
you reach a turn section. Go north and hit the first switch you see. This will
flip the door in front of you. Go to the newly opened path and make a left turn
to find the goods.

(29) Gem of Fluidity "1" - From that treasure chest, head west until a metal
grate blocks a treasure chest. Once you reach it, go south into the corrider,
and hit the first switch you see to flip a couple of doors in the area. Go
south, east, south, and east again past the tunnels to find another grate and
switch. Flip the switch, and head east, and then north. Once you reach the end
of the hall, go east to reach the chest that was inaccessible when you first
saw it. To get back out, just go back the way you came, hitting the switches
you already toggled once, 

3: 8 - Temple of Pyrynn
Treasure Chests: 8

(30) 527 Gold - Head north, past the save point and into the dungeon. Keep
going north until you reach the strange room with barrels inside. Roll across
to one side, and then get on the other barrel and roll back the way you came.
There's a small passageway that can be reached on the second barrel, heading
west. Go up the ramp and open the casket to start a fight with some Magma Tiki
monsters. Don't let them attack after Tremble, they have a rather annoying
attack called Lava Storm that does a fair amount of damage to everyone. After
you defeat them, the treasure is yours.

(31) Ancient Robe "1" - Go back to the barrel room, and continue going north.
You'll run into this large, square room with a bunch of ladders. Eventually
you'll find a place where boulders drop from the ceiling, ala Indiana Jones
style. There are two acloves you can duck into to avoid getting hit, but the
east aclove is actually a passageway. Follow it as far as possible (Be sure to
pick up the Moonfish on the way), to another room with a casket in it. Beat up
the Tiki for a slighty better reward than the last one.

(32) Sacres Crystal "3" - Go on back down to the boulder room, except going all
the way south this time. You'll enter a room with three barrels, and three
holes in the ground. Be sure to move the ones on the left and right first.
After all three barrles are in place, the door on the south side will open.
Go inside, and keep on keeping on. You should see a large casket in front of
you in the next room. Why are they putting Tiki heads in caskets, anyway?

(33) Dancing Arc "1" - After you open that casket, go to the east path to enter
another room, almost just like the last one. Open the casket and destroy those
same three Tiki heads, who I have affectionatly dubbed "Larry, Moe, and Curly".

(34) 774 Gold - Head north from there, entering another room, although this one
lacks a casket. If you head north again, however, you'll find another one with
our lovable trio waiting for us.

(35) Moonberry "1" - Head south, and than east. Head east again from there to
find a room with a bunch of barrels. Two of them are blue, and two of them are
red, and there are also two blue and red holes in the floor. Roll the ones on
the south side first, than get the last two on the west side. Doing so causes
the room to sink into the ground, and opens a door on the east side. Proceed
forward, and you'll end up in another one of the rooms with boulders trying to
squash you. You'll also find two acloves, much like last time. On the east side
is a Cham, but the west side leads to a passageway with another casket holding
our friends. Liberate them and the loot.

(36) Magic Droplet "5" - Go back to the path and continue north on the path.
Enter the door into the next area, which is a bit different from the rest of
the zone. Head north, down the stairs, and then south. Before you reach the
ramp, though, you should see a casket on the path. It blends in a bit, but
isn't hidden or anything. Go ahead and free the Stooges from their casket.

(37) Rune of Ill Omen "1" - Keep on descending into the dungeon until you reach
the next door. You should see a switch and a path to the right. Ignore the
switch for now (or don't, see if I care), and head up the ramp to the west.
Once you reach the top, and then head straight north as far as you can go.
You'll see a lonely casket at the end, but unlike all the other ones, you'll
meet Zivilyn Bane. I guess he didn't like the Tiki Heads. Anyway, Zivilyn Bane
is a somewhat tough baddie, so be prepared.

3: 9 - Horteka
Treasure Chests: 4

(38) Sacri Box "1" - From the entrance, head "blank" down the ladder, than go
forward a bit until you reach a pole. Once you reach the top of that pole, look
to the left and slide down the wooden slope. Go inside the building, and up the
ladder. Once there, climb on the middle of the room and inspect the picture at
the end of the room. It'll open up, revealing a free chest.

(39) Moonberry "1" - Climb up the next ladder and go outside of the tree fort.
Grab the Moonfish nearby, then jump down the next wooden slope and you should
be back at the pole again. This time, climb up the ladder back to the start of
the area, and go down the ramp. Keep going and then walk up the next ramp, to
another pole. Climb up that one, and walk until you see a small wooden raft
suspended by rope. Get on it, and ride it to the next treasure box.

(40) Paranta Seed "1" - Go back and slide down that pole again, and climb down
the ladder next to it, too. Walk past all the houses and rope rafts, and
through a small cave. After that, keep going down the path until you reach yet
another ladder. Climb up that to find another ladder, where you will find a
ledge with a Moonfish and a chest on it.

(41) Sacri Crystal "25" - Backtrack a bit more, until you reach another one of
those rope rafts. Board it, and take the next one you see to get next to the
pole near the start again. Climb up the ladder once more, and take the ramp.
This time, however, go down the next ladder instead of taking the second ramp.
Keep going forward into the next zone (Picking up the cham in the way), and
climb onto the old, rusted ship. Look for a path that leads to the other half
of the boat, and you'll find this chest here.

3: 10 - Moonstone Mountain
Treasure Chests: 10

(42) Curia Crystal "4" - First off, let me say that I have a deep, burning
hatred for this area. I don't know why it's this area in particular, but it's
just something about this level that just gets my blood boiling. Anyway, climb
up the mountain until you can go inside, saving the game just in case. Keep on
going forward, past the cutscene and into the next door. Go ahead and take a
small turn to the left to pick up the Cham, than take a right turn going up the
ramp. Once you get there, take a left turn up the next ramp. Walk across the X
to get by, and keep walking up ramps until you reach the next Tic Tac Toe
game-board. Walk across the Xs again and enter the next room, a large area with
a chain link floor. Take the left triangle, but be sure to check the backside
of the middle one for another Cham. Keep going forward, down the ramp and into
the first door you see. It'll be at the back of the room.

(43) 800 Gold - Walk outside and travel a few feet to find another door, with
another chest at the back of that room. 

(44) De Loco Mail "1" - Go back to the hallway and travel until you reach the
room with the chain link floor again. Take the left side again, which will drop
you down on a ledge with the chest.

(45) Zaal Seed "1" - After you grab it, go ahead and jump down. This will take
you all the way back to the start again, pretty much, so try to restrain your
urge to kill and remember that it's better to get it now than to come back
later. Once you're back to the room you dropped in to get the last chest, take
the path on the right to drop down to the correct area. On that platform, go
through the middle path to fall on another floor, with a passageway in front.
Go into the next door, which sadly doesn't have the treasure chest. Talk to the
man inside, and he'll activate the path to get to the next area. Climb on the
now operable elevator, and go into the next door you see for the reward.

(46) 3"Blaster "1" - Go out the door and head forward, ignoring the next turn.
You should go down a ramp and see another door, which will have a nice ship
part for you inside.

(47) De Loco Drill "1" - Go forward a bit more, ignoring the next door (The
room is empty) and going down the ramp. You should find a nice chain link
area with the chest in front of you. By the way, make sure the grab the
Moonfish nearby too. If you're like me, you don't want to have to come back
here again for anything.

(48) Glyph of Might "4" - Head back up the ramp, and take the first left turn
you see. Go forward onto the chain link area, but don't step on the trapdoor.
Instead, keep going along the path until you enter the cave passageway again,
and keep going that way until you reach an elevator. Go inside of it, and
follow the rather straightforward passage into the next area. Watch the
cutscene and go forward into the next area, where you'll fight a small patrol
of guards. Take the left door to get this chest.

(49) Glyph of Speed "4" - Go across from that cell to find this one.

(50) Healing Salve "2" - This time, get the one further down on the wall next
to you.

(51) Moonberry "1" - Go ahead and enter the last room, and watch the cutscene.
Afterwards, head down the next path, up the elevator, and into the room with
the boss. Once you defeat him, the next room will lead you out of the dungeon,
but we're not quite done yet. Go back inside, up the ramps that we took at the
start of the level, until you reach the chain link floor area. This time, head
to the far left, down the ramp into a room with an elevator. Go down, and grab
the last treasure chest in this god forsaken rock.
3: 11 - Rixis
Treasure Chests: 9

(52) Risan Crystal "3" - Enter Rixis and place the two gems into the eye
sockets, making sure to pick up the Cham in the area. Once the gate is open,
step onto the elevator/teleporter thingy, and watch the cutscene. This next
area is a bit confusing, but I'll try my best to explain. Head west around the
craters until you find a small passageway going north, to some stairs. Go up
those stairs, and then up the left set of stairs. Go inside the building, and
climb up those stairs to reach the roof, which has a floating platform. Board
the platform to be taken to a different building, and go down the stairs in
that one to find this lame reward.

(53) Stonecutter "1" - Go back up the stairs, and up the next set. Follow the
path on the building, going north as far as possible, then going downstairs.
Exit the building and head to the west, alongside the crater until you can
enter the next door. You'll find the chest against the wall.

(54) Sacrulen Crystal "2" - Exit that small building and head up the right set
of steps. Follow the path forward, viewing a minor cutscene in the process, and
head north. Before getting on those platforms, check behind you, to the east of
the stairs for this chest.

(55) Golden Mask "1" - Don't bother going up the steps to that platform, it
just takes you back to the start. Instead, head north and wait for a platform
to come. It should take you to the building on the left side. Once inside, head
south into the next room (or up the stairs if you want to grab a Cham real
quick), and open this chest with Zivilyn Bane waiting for you.

(56) 1186 Gold - From that last treasure, go down the steps into the next room,
and head north to grab this chest.

(57) Moonberry "1" - Go south and hitch a ride on another of those floating
platforms, to head to a building on the east side. Once in this building, head
south for yet another treasure.

(58) Light Coat "1" - Head north and up the stairs, and then head south again
to find yet another box filled with goods.

(59) Ruin Arm "1" - Go upstairs again, and head to the southmost platform to
pick up a Moonfish. Afterwards, head to bottom platform to the west building.

(60) Icyl Seed "1" - Get back on the platform, then head north and get on the
next platform to the west building.

3: 12 - Deserted Isle
Treasure Chests: 2

(61)* Moonberry "1" - When you gain control of Vyse, head to the north end of
the island, and enter the cave on the east. Once inside, take the first turn
to the left, and follow the path to find this.

(62)* 1827 Gold - When you gain control of Vyse for the second time (It's
impossible to get it on the first day), go back inside the cave and head to
the room with the bed. You'll find this along the wall.

3: 13 - Nasrad
Treasure Chests: 1

(63)* Sylph Seed "1" - Once you gain control of Aika and Fina, head north and
up the ramp into the main part of the city. Once inside, head west until you
can enter the market zone, and follow the rather straightforward path to the
end. Head down the ramp, and keep going to find this chest at the end.

<Side Note> There's a treasure chest on the east side of town, but
unfortunately, at this time it is blocked by a large amount of crates filled
with Loqua. To get it, you'll have to come back when you have your own ship.

3: 14 - Daccat's Isle
Treasure Chests: 13

(64) Skywing "1" - When both parties arrive at Daccat's Isle, you'll take
control of Aika first. Go forward and take the first left, and follow this path
to the treasure.

(65) Soul Crystal "1" - Go back and head north this time, and touch the
floating icon to switch to Vyse and Glider. Go forward, except take the first
right to find the treasure. Watch out, because our friend Zivilyn Bane is in
this one.

(66) Sacrulen Crystal "2" - Leave the small tunnel and walk back to the main
passage, and take the next left. You should see a small switch, which hopefully
you have already complusively pressed by now. Once that's over with, go ahead
and touch the icon to switch back to Aika and Fina. Go forward into the newly
opened room, and take a right turn for the goods.

(67) 2001 Gold - Turn around, and you should see a lever in front of you. Press
it, and then go back and touch the icon to switch to Vyse again. As Vyse, walk
forward a few paces and take a right turn for the chest.

(68) Maiden's Armor "2" - After you grab the gold, go north and step on the
switch to open a couple of doors. It should switch to Aika automatically, if it
doesn't, go ahead and press the icon to change to her anyway. As Aika, go into
the door to find a path that leads to a treasure chest and a dead end.

(69) Magic Droplet "4" - Once you grab the chest, turn around and press the
icon to control Vyse. Move forward and touch the strange switch nearby to make
the floor change in front of you. Move up the new path to find the prize.

(70) Magic Dew "1" - Turn around again and switch to Aika. The area has changed
for her too, and the path now leads to a different chest with much better

(71) Daccat's Armor "1" - This time, don't make Aika turn around, and make her
stay at the icon above, next to the door. After she's on the switch, change to
Vyse and hit the switch two times to lower the path for him, and lead him to
the next chest.

(72) Vidal Seed "1" - After you grab the armor, go forward and step on the
switch to open the door. You should be playing as Aika now, so go ahead and
run forward. Follow the bridges, but when you reach a turn, take the right one
to get on a small ledge with the chest.

(73) Moonberry "1" - Turn around and keep going across the bridges. You should
hear Cupil reacting to a Cham at this point, pick it up and keep going
straight, ignoring the bridge to the icon and floor panel. You'll go down a
bit, and find this chest tucked away on another small ledge.

(74) Risan Crystal "2" - After looting the area, go back around and take the
northwest bridge to the floor panel and icon. Go ahead and change back to Vyse,
and don't be afraid of the door not being open. You can open it just by
inspecting it, and once it's open, you should see a chest in front of you.
Keep walking forward and claim it.

(75) Moonberry "1" - Turn to the southwest and walk down that passage. You
should see the chest being partially obscured by a ledge. There's also a
Moonfish here, so don't forget to grab that.

(76) Electrum Box "1" - Head back, and make your way east along the ground. At
the southeastern most part of this room, you should see the chest.

3: 15 - Vaulan Grand Fortress
Treasure Chests: 2

(77)* Moonberry "1"  - When you gain control of Vyse, move north until you
reach some guards and the elevator. Take the elevator up to the 2nd floor,
then go south into the jail block. Finish the boss fight, and head back north
to the elevator. This time, go to the Cannon Room. Keep going past the cannon
room, down the passage until you're outside of the wall. Once outside, head
east to the end of the railing until you find a lift on ground level. Activate
it, and watch the small cutscene. After you reach the top, head west to the
save point and enter the nearby door. Watch the cutscene, and defeat the
guards nearby to get a key. Afterwards, head back to the elevator and go down
again, heading east to a nearby door. Use the key to get through the door, and
follow the paths, avoiding the spotlights. You should see the treasure chest
above you, so just go up one set of stairs and run all the way back to the end.

(78)* Unholy Dagger "1" - After you grab the chest, run all the way to the
left, and climb up both sets up stairs to the very top floor. You should see
the chest, which Zivilyn Bane is currently residing at.

3: 16 - Delphinus
Treasure Chests: 1

(79) Moonberry "1" - In the bridge of the Delphinus, it's in one of the storage
bins on the side. 

3: 17 - Nasrad (again)
Treasure Chests: 1

(80) Moonberry "1" - Head into the main city, and check the buildings along the
east side. You should find the treasure chest in a small aclove, which was
previously blocked by crates of Loqua.

3: 18 - Ezparanza
Treasure Chests: 3

(81) 2248 Gold - Go up the ramp into the main town area, and go down the ladder
you see in front of you. Grab the nearby Cham, and continue down the path.
You'll reach a small metal door, which will lead you to the deck of a broken
down ship. At the top of the deck is the treasure.

(82) Valuan Uniform "3" - Head back up the ladder and go inside the building
to the east. Once inside, press a lever on the wall to lower down a ladder.
Climb up and grab the chest next to the guy laying down up there.

(83) Moonberry "1" - Go outside the building and head as far north as possible,
until you've exited the city walls. Head east along the outer rim, following it
all the way until you pass a huge pile of dirt. You'll see the chest resting
behind it.

3: 19 - The Dark Rift
Treasure Chests: 9

(84) Moss Armor "1" - Hoo, boy. The Dark Rift. I like this place a bit, but
it's a bit difficult to try to explain. First off, the treasure chests are
actually ships, and you can tell if they've been opened depending on if the
lights are on or not. What's worse, there's no first person view, but plenty
of moving up and down. If you have a white map, I would seriously recommend
equipping it, especially if you're like me and never run away from battles.

Anyway, go through the giant vortex. Once you reach the other side, ascend and
look a bit to the right. You should see the ship on a small island.

(85) Magus Seed "1" - Move off the island and descend straight down. You should
see the ship on a little segment of land in front of the red flashing vortex.

(86) Dream Cutlass "1" - Turn to the large rock wall, and fly through one of
the holes to the other side. Once there, ascend as far as possible. You'll see
the ship near the ceiling.

(87) Sacrum Crystal "3" - Go into the vortex that should be like, right in
front of you. At the end, you'll find a large room empty room. You want to make
a sharp left and head into the nearby vortex. Once inside, you should see two
ships in front of you. Grab the lower left one first.

(88) Moonberry "1" - Ascend and head to the next ship. You'll actually go
inside of this one. You'll find the chest next to the table, behind a large
wooden pole.

(89) 2731 Gold - We're not done with this room yet. Ascend a bit higher, and
you'll find a ship hiding behind one of the...rock tentacle thingys, for lack
of a better term.

(90) Aura of Valor "1" - Go back to the large room, and look for a red flashing
vortex and a regular one right next to one another. Go through the plain one,
and look a bit to the left. You should see a ship lying down if you pay close

(91) Moonberry "1" - Turn around and look for a bit. You should see another
shipwreck upside on the roof of the rock area. Grab it.

(92) Chalice of Blood "1" - Ascend to the next level of rocks, and keep a sharp
lookout, rotating the ship and all that. You should see a ship coming out of a
vine or something. Unfortunately for you, this one belongs to Zivilyn Bane, so
be prepared.

3: 20 - Yufatoma
Treasure Chests: 2

(93) 3000 Gold - Head south down the elevator, then take a left across the
bridge. Follow the path around to the south side of town, and when you reach
the wooden pathway, enter the north house. Inside, inspect the brown "secret"
door to reach this chest.

(94) Moonberry "1" - Leave the item shop and head all away around to the
opposite side of the map. You should find a dock with a spare tub boat waiting
on it. Board it, and head northeast to a new dock. Run all the way around
again, except this time stop at the green bridge. You should see a switch next
to it, that'll raise the bridge up. Get back on your trusty washtub, and sail
through the now open drawbridge to your reward.

3: 21 - Mount Kazai
Treasure Chests: 2

(95) Windsong Orb "1" - Go inside the dungeon and slide down the rope (doesn't
that hurt?). Go south underwater and follow the passage until you reach a large
room, with a blue crystal and deep pit. Exit through the south passageway, and
follow it to the next intersection. At the turn, head west, and go underwater.
If you turn around, you should see an underwater passsage right below the path
you entered the room in. Follow it, and you'll eventually end up in a room with
a ramp leading upwards. Watch out, though, because Zivilyn Bane is inside.

(96) Moonberry "1" - Once the chamber in the middle fills up with water, you
can descend into a new zone. Follow the path north, and west when you get the
chance. Ignore the intersection and continue going west to reach the chest.

3: 22 - Yufatoma (Again)
Treasure Chests: 1

(97) Sacrulen Crystal "4" - After grabbing the Blue Moon Crystal, certain
events will transpire which require you to head behind the palace in the main
town to a small, stone tunnel. Once you reach an intersection there, go to the
right to find the chest at the end.

3: 23 - Ruins of Ice
Treasure Chests: 5

(98) Ice Splitter "1" - Go ahead through the first door, and answer the ice
cubes question. I don't really think it matters which ones you answer, as none
of the paths have treasure and all of them lead to the same area (although the
right answers do give a Swashbuckling boost), so just make your way through the
dungeon until you arrive in a large room. Eventually you'll reach a cutscene,
signifying that you've entered the main part of the dungeon. Get on the lift
and keep going forward, around and around, until you can make a left turn.
Follow the ramp down to the south side of the building, and you'll find the

(99) Winter Orb "1" - Go back and take the path on the right this time, and
keep going until you're descending down yet another ramp. However, keep a
sharp lookout to the left wall as you go down, as there is a passage with the
chest inside hidden in a small nook. By the way, our friend Zivy Bane is here,
so give him a sound trashing and take his snowglobe.

(100) Frostblade "1" - Continue down the ramp, and board the next lift. You
should be at a three way intersection here. Save point to the left, seemingly
empty platform to the right (It has a Cham over there), and treasure chest
straight down the middle.

(101) Moonberry "1" - Head back to that intersection and take the left path
this time, to the save point. Go forward, spank the boss and make him call you
daddy, and proceed to the next lift. Make a right turn, and you should see this

(102) Moonberry "1" - Come back to the Ruins of Ice when your ship can enter
Lower Sky. If you enter from the bottom part, you'll start in a new area, with
a chest and Moonfish nearby.

3: 24 - Maw of Tartas
Treasure Chests: 2

(103) Dexus Seed "1" - This is another zone like the Dark Rift, here, but this
one is much easier to explain. It's much more straightforward, and the chests
are giant yellow crystals that are shaped like obelisks. Of course, it isn't
as cool looking as the Dark Rift, but whatever. The only downside is that there
aren't any real landmarks, so it's quite easy to get turned around.

Go forward until you reach a large room, and take a right turn. You'll see this
on the ground in another, smaller room.

(104) Moonberry "1" - Turn around and head straight, ignoring the left turn
(Which you would hopefully realize leads back to the start), and turn right
through the small passage. Once you reach the large room, take a left turn.
Go for what seems like a long time, and you'll see the obelisk at the bottom
of the cave.

3: 25 - Dangral Island
Treasure Chests: 4

(105) Imperial Blade "1" - Pick up the Moonfish on the outer skirts, then head
down the ladder into the main base. Go down the next ladder and follow the
path, past the ventilation fan. Follow the path and make a left turn at the
first chance to turn off the fan. Head back down the path, and go through the
now safe passage down another ladder. Go forward and down the hall, taking the
door on your right. Once inside, take another right turn to reach this chest.

(106) Moonberry "1" - Exit the room, ignoring the door in front of you
(Nothing but guards in there), instead going down the hall. Take another right
turn to find this chest.

(107) Sacrum Crystal "2" - Exit the room, and go through the door right in
front of you. Open the chest, get the crystals, you know the drill.

(108) 4000 Gold - Continue to the end of the hall, and take the door to your
left. Grab the last chest. 

3: 26 - Great Silver Shrine
Treasure Chests: 4

(109)* Silver Armor "1" - Stop by the rooms if you want, but your main goal is
the pillar of light in the middle. Go up the, er, wall, and keep going
straight. You should see a 4 way intersection, keep going straight to reach the
bottom of the path. Ignore the next turn, and go forward and down the wall to
find this chest.

(110)* Moonberry "1" - Turn around, and take a right turn. Follow the path down
around in a circle. Eventually you'll see a dead end and a turn to the right.
After you turn, you'll see the treasure in front of you.

(111)* Moonberry "1" - Continue down the path, taking a right turn to get back
rightside up. Continue straight up the ramp, and walk for quite a long time.
You'll reach an elevator sooner or later. Continue going down the path,
ignoring any turns or intersections. You'll find the chest blocking the way

(112)* Silver Armor "1" - Turn around, and go down the path, taking the first
right turn you see. Keep on going down the path until you reach another
intersection. Take the left path inwards, and follow it around to the last
chest here.

3: 27 - The Hydra
Treasure Chests: 4

(113)* X Cannon "1" - Go inside the ship, and continue down the path until you
reach a bridge. Go across, and take a right turn.

(114)* Sacrulen Crystal "3" - Continue deeper into the Hydra, going up the
pole, and then going up the ladder to the deck. Once there, head to the right
and go down the eastmost ladder. Once you're back inside, head to the right and
slide down the pole, then continue down the path to the right again.

(115)* Moonberry "1" - Go across to the other end of the passageway.

(116)* Magic Dew "2" - Go back up the pole and ladder, and left to the
southwest ladder. Head left, and slide down the pole.

3: 28 - Soltis
Treasure Chests: 3

(117) Moonberry "1" - Descend into Shrine Island, and keep going until you
reach the large door at the bottom. First, take a left turn, then a right turn
up the ramp. Go straight until you're in the inner circle, and then take a
right turn. Go straight down the ramp, and take a left turn once you're in the
outer circle. Take a left turn again, going down another ramp, and take a
right turn. Go through the passage, and take another right turn up the nearby
ramp. Once there, take yet another right turn. Go up the ramp to the right for
a Cham, or take a left turn into the next area. Move forward past the next
zone until you reach a large, circular area. Go around to the first teleporter,
and activate it. Once you're on the top left, go around, skipping the next one,
to find a door. Go inside to find a very unique and cool looking chest.

(118) Orb of Serenity "1" - Exit the room and take the teleporter to the right.
Take the teleporter on this next ledge, and head to the right for another door.
By the way, I'd suggest healing before opening this, because you're gonna go
head to head with Lord Zivilyn Bane in this one. I won't discuss a strategy
for this guy, but I will leave the totally useless comment that he looks

(119) Moonberry "1" - Go back outside and take the next teleporter.
Unfortunately, this takes you back to the start of the zone. Head in the
nearby teleporter, except this time, don't skip the second one. At the new
area, take the nearby door to the last treasure chest in the game, provided
you got all 118 other ones. Go ahead and brag to the old guy on Hamachou

4.1 - Limited Time Chests                                                 (4.1)

This is a section for all those chests that become unobtainable after certain
events in the game. They're marked with an star (*) in the guide, so if for
some reason you don't feel like grabbing it instantly, you can check down
here to see when you should pick them up.

(1 through 4) These are lost forever once you defeat Antonio and leave the

(11 and 12) These are lost forever once Soltis is raised. Specifically, right
before you fight Galcian and Ramirez on the Dangral.
(15 through 20) These are lost forever once Soltis is raised. Big ups go out to
D.Gemmell for telling me that you can re-enter Valua once the Delphinus can fly
above/below the clouds.

(21 and 22) However, these two are lost forever once you leave Valua for the
first time. To be more precise, once you board the train to recuse Fina.
Thanks, J!

(61 and 62) These are lost forever once your base is built. Your base is built
sometime after you exit the rift from the Yufatoma side, though an exact
timeframe is not something I have at the moment. Thanks again, J!

(63) This is lost forever once Nasrad is bombarded.

(77 and 78) These are lost forever once you leave the Grand Fortress.

(109 through 112) These are lost forever once you leave to fight Galcian's
armada. You can still return to the Great Silver Shrine before then. Thank you
again, J.

(113 through 116) These are lost forever once you defeat Galcian.

5.1 - Checklist                                                           (5.1)

I have no idea why I didn't make this before, but better late than never,
right? Here's a simple checklist for those who want to explore, but don't want
to miss the items, or read the overcomplex locations that I have for each
chest. Like the regular FAQ, items that can be lost forever will be marked by a

-Valuan Battle Ship
[] (1)* - Sacri Crystal "1"
[] (2)* - Sacri Crystal "2"
[] (3)* - 50 Gold
[] (4)* - Magic Droplet "2"
-Pirate Isle
[] (5) - 150 Gold
[] (6) - Sacri Crystal "3"
[] (7) - Magic Droplet "2"
[] (8) - Sacri Crystal "3"
[] (9) - Moonberry "1"
-Shrine Island
[] (10) - Sacri Crystal "2"
[] (11)* - Moonberry "1"
[] (12)* - Sacres Crystal "2"
-Sailor's Island
[] (13) - Repair Kit "3"
[] (14) - 200 Gold
[] (15)* - Sacres Crystal "2"
[] (16)* - Moonberry "1"
-Valua Sewers
[] (17)* - Curia Crystal "3"
[] (18)* - Pyri Box "1"
[] (19)* - Assassin's Blade "1"
[] (20)* - Heavy Armor "1"
[] (21)* - Magic Droplet "4"
[] (22)* - Sacri Crystal "4"
[] (23) - Magic Droplet "3"
[] (24) - Nasr Combat Mail "1"
[] (25) - Slipara Box "1"
[] (26) - 300 Gold
[] (27) - Moonberry "1"
[] (28) - Excavation Arm "1"
[] (29) - Gem of Fluidity "1"
-Temple of Pyrynn
[] (30) - 527 Gold
[] (31) - Ancient Robe "1"
[] (32) - Sacres Crystal "3"
[] (33) - Dancing Arc "1"
[] (34) - 774 Gold
[] (35) - Moonberry "1"
[] (36) - Magic Droplet "5"
[] (37) - Rune of Ill Omen "1"
[] (38) - Sacri Box "1"
[] (39) - Moonberry "1"
[] (40) - Paranta Seed "1"
[] (41) - Sacri Crystal "25"
-Moonstone Mountain
[] (42) - Curia Crystal "4"
[] (43) - 800 Gold
[] (44) - De Loco Mail "1"
[] (45) - Zaal Seed "1"
[] (46) - 3"Blaster "1"
[] (47) - De Loco Drill "1"
[] (48) - Glyph of Might "1"
[] (49) - Glyph of Speed "1"
[] (50) - Healing Salve "2"
[] (51) - Moonberry "1"
[] (52) - Risan Crystal "3"
[] (53) - Stonecutter "1"
[] (54) - Sacrulen Crystal "2"
[] (55) - Golden Mask "1"
[] (56) - 1186 Gold
[] (57) - Moonberry "1"
[] (58) - Light Coat "1"
[] (59) - Ruin Arm "1"
[] (60) - Icyl Seed "1"
-Deserted Isle
[] (61)* - Moonberry "1"
[] (62)* - 1827 Gold
[] (63)* - Sylph Seed "1"
-Daccat's Isle
[] (64) - Skywing "1"
[] (65) - Soul Crystal "1"
[] (66) - Sacrulen Crystal "2"
[] (67) - 2001 Gold
[] (68) - Maiden's Armor "2"
[] (69) - Magic Droplet "4"
[] (70) - Magic Dew "1"
[] (71) - Daccat's Armor "1"
[] (72) - Vidal Seed "1"
[] (73) - Moonberry "1"
[] (74) - Risan Crystal "2"
[] (75) - Moonberry "1"
[] (76) - Electrum Box "1"
-Valuan Grand Fortress
[] (77)* - Moonberry "1"
[] (78)* - Unholy Dagger "1"
[] (79) - Moonberry "1"
[] (80) - Moonberry "1"
[] (81) - 2248 Gold
[] (82) - Valuan Uniform "3"
[] (83) - Moonberry "1"
-The Dark Rift
[] (84) - Moss Armor "1"
[] (85) - Magus Seed "1"
[] (86) - Dream Cutlass "1"
[] (87) - Sacrum Crystal "1"
[] (88) - Moonberry "1"
[] (89) - 2731 Gold
[] (90) - Aura of Valor
[] (91) - Moonberry "1"
[] (92) - Chalice of Blood "1"
[] (93) - 3000 Gold
[] (94) - Moonberry "1"
-Mount Kazai
[] (95) - Windsong Orb "1"
[] (96) - Moonberry "1"
[] (97) - Sacrulen Crystal "4"
-Ruins of Ice
[] (98) - Ice Splitter "1"
[] (99) - Winter Orb "1"
[] (100) - Frostblade "1"
[] (101) - Moonberry "1"
[] (102) - Moonberry "1"
-Maw of Tartas
[] (103) - Dexus Seed "1"
[] (104) - Moonberry "1"
-Dangral Island
[] (105) - Imperial Blade "1"
[] (106) - Moonberry "1"
[] (107) - Sacrum Crystal "2"
[] (108) - 4000 Gold
-Great Silver Shrine
[] (109)* - Silver Armor "1"
[] (110)* - Moonberry "1"
[] (111)* - Moonberry "1"
[] (112)* - Silver Armor "1"
-The Hydra
[] (113)* - X Cannon "1"
[] (114)* - Sacrulen Crystal "3"
[] (115)* - Moonberry "1"
[] (116)* - Magic Dew "2"
[] (117) - Moonberry "1"
[] (118) - Orb of Serenity "1"
[] (119) - Moonberry "1"
6.1 - Questions                                                           (6.1)

Q: Why bother to open all the chests?
A: As stated in the introduction, for the prestigious "Vyse the Legend" title.

Q: Okay, what does it do?
A: It signifys that you've done everything ever in the game. It also looks
great on a nameplate.

Q: A nameplate? Sign me up. What all do I need to get to have the Vyse the
Legend title?
A: Good question! So good, in fact, that I'll answer it in the form of a list.

-100% all treasure chests opened.
-All discoveries found and reported. (Not including the Gold Hamachou)
-All bounties defeated and reported.
-Defeat Piastol four times.

Q: Will you tell me how to find the Moonfish?
A: Sadly, I will not. I will tell you if a Moonfish is in the way, but you'll
have to consult another FAQ, simply because I want to make life more difficult
for you.

Q: Well, how about the location of this discovery? Or a certain Cham? Maybe
tell me how to beat Lord Zivilyn Bane?
A: Sorry, but no. If I added in all those things, it wouldn't be a Treasure
Chest FAQ, now would it?

Q: I don't have 100%.
A: That sucks. There are quite a few that become unobtainable as you progress
through the game. Check Section 4, and hope that you haven't missed any of
those. If you have, I'm sorry to say this, but you're gonna need to restart
if you ever want to get that title.

Q: Wait, you're saying I should give up?
A: Not quite. If you're sure you missed one of the chests in Section 4, then
yeah. But some chests are pretty hidden. Check Moonstone Mountain, Maw of
Tartas, and the Dark Rift first. If you're missing one or two, chances are
it'll be in those zones.

Q: I found an error in your directions!
A: Well, don't just stand there, send me an e-mail. You can find it in the
section below. I'll also add you in the credits section, so you can feel
special or something, I don't know.

Q: I found an error in your typing!
A: I'm always striving to keep my grammar and spelling at professional level,
so if you see an error, be sure to bring it up and rub my face in it. I won't
add you to the credits section for that, but I will thank you for it.

7.1 - Copyright and Contract Information                                 (7.1)

Oh boy, I hate this part. Anyway, this FAQ was written by me, and as such, is
copywritten by me. Currently, only www.gamefaqs.com can host this, and I'd
really like to avoid letting other sites host it, as it would be a hassle to
update all those. Not that I have anything better to do, of course, but you
know. If you really wanna reach me, my email is at draco_lord_haven_@gmail.com
(Feel free to remove the underscores).

To be precise, only the only website that can host this currently is...


But honestly I'm not gonna do anything about it if I see it on other sites or
anything, because it's not that big a deal. So basically this is just saying
that www.gamefaqs.com will always have the most updated version.

8.1 - Credits                                                             (8.1)

First off goes D. Gemmell for pointing out a small error about chests 15-22 and
teaching me something new.

Secondly, thanks to C. Kimmer for pointing out a bit of misinformation
involving chests 61 and 62.

Big thanks to J for adding a large amount of corrections and clarifications to
the Limited Time chests section. This gives a more accurate timeframe between
when you can and can't grab them.

You know, the usual. I'd like to thank Gamefaqs for hosting this, Sega for 
making the game, Nintendo, you know, all that jazz.

And last, but not least, I'd like to thank you for reading all the way to the
end. Unless you just skimmed past all of the text, which really, I can't
blame you for doing.

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