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Crew Recruitment FAQ by Zaloopa

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/28/05

Game Name: Skies of Arcadia: Legends
Available On: GameCube
Author: Zaloopa
Contacts: E-mail - zaloopa@sbcglobal.net or just find me on the Skies of 
Arcadia Social Board at GameFAQs. Or go to http://www.zaloopa.com and post 
on my message boards.

 ____    __    __    _____  _____  ____   __   () ___ 
(_   )  /__\  (  )  (  _  )(  _  )(  _ \ /__\  / / __)
 / /_  /(__)\  )(__  )(_)(  )(_)(  )___//(__)\   \__ \
(____)(__)(__)(____)(_____)(_____)(__) (__)(__)  (___/
  ___  ____  ____  _    _    ____  __    _____ 
 / __)(  _ \( ___)( \/\/ )  ( ___)/__\  (  _  )
( (__  )   / )__)  )    (    )__)/(__)\  )(_)( 
 \___)(_)\_)(____)(__/\__)  (__)(__)(__)(___/\\ v1.0

Legal Stuff: This guide didn't exactly take a lot of time to make, but I 
don't exactly have a ton of free time between work/school/playing video 
games, so please don't post this FAQ without asking me first and giving 
credit where credit is due.  If you ignored that first little bit then 
read the next sentance.  You jerk, how dare you steal my creation!  I'll 
smite ye!


@@@ WARNING!!! @@@ If you don't like spoilers then don't read this FAQ!!!

Now that that's out of the way I'll proceed with the introduction.  In 
Skies of Arcadia once you get your ship the Delphinus two important things 
will be available to you.  First, you'll be able to start recruiting crew 
members to keep your ship in good shape.  Second, you'll have access to 
the two crew specials, one which uses your party and a giant moon colliding 
with the world, and the other which uses your active crew members to do 
lots of damage and heal your party at the same time, the amount of healing 
and damage depend on which active crew members you picked.  This guide is 
designed to show you where each crew member can be found, what you need to 
do to recruit them, and other useful info about each person.  The crew 
members are listed roughly in the order that you can recruit them.

The crew descriptions below will all follow the same general pattern, 
here's what everything means:

-Name: The crew member's name. (duh)

-Description: Just my mindless ramblings about that particular crew member, 
nothing important here.

-Position: What the crew member's job is on your ship.

-Where: Where you can find them before you recruit them.

-Recruit: What you need to do to get them to join.

-Stats: What they do for your ship once you set them as an active crew 
member. (note, if I don't list an SP cost here then what they do for your 
ship is always active and best of all, it's free!)

-Blue Rogue Attack: This is where I describe what the crew member does in 
the crew special "Blue Rogue Attack".

So there you have it, enjoy!

***###***###***###***Crew List***###***###***###***

Name: Marco
Description: Marco is the jerk little kid who annoys you constantly but 
for some strange reason Vyse seems to like the little brat.
Position: Sailor
Where: On the Delphinus, hiding in a storage compartment on the bridge.
Recruit: Marco is in there as soon as you get the Delphinus, just open the 
storage compartment to find him and he'll join.
Stats: Using Marco in a ship battle will recover SP, but you need 8 SP to 
use him.
Blue Rogue Attack: Marco has a very gross animation.  He appears to be 
picking his nose and then he pulls out his finger with a giant green glob 
the size of his head on the end of it.  He then proceeds to fling this 
glob toward the camera in an attack while saying "Take this!" or something 
similar. Ugh.

Name: Polly
Description: Polly owns the tavern on Sailor's Island and has a reputation 
as a great cook. Her husband was a sailor who disappeared in the Dark Rift 
a long time ago.
Position: Cook
Where: In the tavern on Sailor's Island.
Recruit: Just talk to her and she'll join.
Stats: Using Polly in a ship battle will recover 10 MP for a character of 
your choosing, but you need 6 SP to use her.
Blue Rogue Attack: Polly's animation is pretty simple, the camera pans 
around her to show off her curves I guess, and then she lays a big kiss on 
the camera leaving lipstick marks on the screen.  Somehow this heals you.

Name: Lawrence
Description: Lawrence is a mix between the typical "I'm too cool to be 
friends with you" anime character and the "money is the only thing I care 
about" mercenary character, which I don't know how that works since 
Lawrence isn't a very "cool" name.  He should've been named something more 
dramatic... like Steve.
Position: Helmsman
Where: Near the guild on Sailor's Island, around the corner from the doors.
Recruit: Pay him 10,000 gold.
Stats: Adds 30 Quick to your ship's stats.
Blue Rogue Attack: In Lawrence's animation he jumps down from off-screen 
holding a cool red sword and says "This is what I'm paid for." and then 
some light flashes on the sword and it looks all cool and makes you want 
to put him in your party, but you can't and you just sit in the corner 
crying all night.

Name: Pinta
Description: Pinta is a funny looking little guy who played a bigger part 
in the Dreamcast version, but I never played that so I don't know any 
details.  All I know is that Pinta is an explorer and that's why he joins 
you, to explore.
Position: Delegate
Where: In the equipment shop on Sailor's Island.
Recruit: Just talk to him.
Stats: Blocks all damage from enemy cannons for a full turn, but he costs 
10 SP to use.
Blue Rogue Attack: First he jumps into view and his little belly jiggles, 
then he swings a wrench at the camera in an attack.

Name: Pow
Description: Pow is Vyse's dog but most of the time before he joins you 
he's running around playing with the kids on Pirate Island.
Position: Jester
Where: On Pirate Island.
Recruit: Just talk to him.
Stats: Increases the chance of attacking first during a ship battle, but 
costs 4 SP to use.
Blue Rogue Attack: Pow jumps around leaving a rainbow trail behind him and 
then ends up right in front of the camera barking at it.

Name: Khazim
Description: Khazim seems somewhat disgruntled but really he's a very 
dedicated gunner looking for revenge against Valua.
Position: Gunner
Where: Near his cannon in Nasrad.
Recruit: Just talk to him.
Stats: Adds power to your main cannons automatically.
Blue Rogue Attack: He screams out "Get a load of these!!" and then starts 
shooting two big cannon/guns he has under each arm.

Name: Osman
Description: Osman is obsessed with wealth and also seems to be a bit of 
a glutton.
Position: Merchant
Where: Near her shop in Nasrad.
Recruit: Just talk to her.
Stats: Increases the chance of finding expensive items.
Blue Rogue Attack: She just laughs maniacly while gold coins are popping 
up everywhere.

Name: Domingo
Description: Domingo is your only competition in the discovery race, he's 
THE explorer in 
the world, that is, unless you can find more than him.  The best part about 
recruiting him is that he won't find anymore discoveries once he's part of 
your crew, so that's more for you to find!
Position: Lookout
Where: In Gordo's Bistro.
Recruit: Talk to him after finding 30 or more discoveries.
Stats: Increases the chance of critical hits in a ship battle, costs 6 SP 
to use.
Blue Rogue Attack: He says something like "I found some treasure." and then 
looks through a telescope and a treasure chest is reflected in the lens.

Name: Tikatika
Description: Tikatika believes he has the best eyes in the world and joins 
your crew so that you'll put his eyes to good use.
Position: Lookout
Where: In Horteka.
Recruit: Talk to him after finding the Village of Ixa'ness discovery.
Stats: Increases the accuracy of torpedoes.
Blue Rogue Attack: He says "I never miss." and then shoots a bunch of 
arrows from his bow.

Name: Merida
Description: Merida is a world class dancer from Horteka. Her skill is 
pretty useless in the Gamecube version of the game since ship value does 
nothing, but I've heard that in the Dreamcast version you could sell your 
ship, so that was probably really useful then.
Position: Jester
Where: The bar in Horteka.
Recruit: Talk to her after finding the note in a bottle at Sailor's Island.
Stats: Increases the value of your ship.
Blue Rogue Attack: She just dances around with sparkles all around her and 

Name: Robinson
Description: Robinson is Polly's long lost husband, he has been stranded in 
the Dark Rift this whole time but lost his memories.
Position: Sailor
Where: In the Dark Rift, he's in a ship that looks like the "treasure 
chest" ships in the Dark Rift.
Recruit: Talk to him with Polly in your active crew.
Stats: Decreases SP consumption for a full turn, but costs 8 SP to use.
Blue Rogue Attack: He's sitting down and drinks from a bottle and then 
spits fire.

Name: Kirala
Description: Kirala is the bold Yafutoman builder who's as cocky as she is 
Position: Builder
Where: In Yafutoma at the construction site.
Recruit: Praise her when you speak to her.
Stats: Fully restores your ship's HP, costs 7 SP to use.
Blue Rogue Attack: She just runs by throwing blades, pretty simple.

Name: Urala
Description: Urala is pretty much the opposite of her sister, she's very 
soft spoken and not very bold.  But she has as much skill in cooking as her 
sister has in building.
Position: Cook
Where: In the bar in Yafutoma.
Recruit: Talk to her after recruiting Kirala.
Stats: Maxes out SP, but costs 15 SP to use. So, for example, if you have 
50 max SP, using her will get your SP up to 35.
Blue Rogue Attack: She says something like "You guys looked hungry." while 
walking with a tray of food.

Name: Moegi
Description: Moegi is full-fledged Yafutoman royalty and unlike her brother 
she acts like it.  She joins so that she can explore Enrique... I mean, so 
she can keep her country from being ignorant of what's going on in the rest 
of the world.
Position: Delegate
Where: Yafutoma
Recruit: She joins automatically when you obtain the Blue Moon Crystal.
Stats: Blocks all damage from magic in a ship battle for a full turn, costs 
10 SP to use.
Blue Rogue Attack: She says "Bless us all." and all sorts of flashy healing 
animations happen.

Name: Ryu-kan
Description: Ryu-kan is a legendary blacksmith who is famous for his 
unrivaled weapons.  You'll need him if you want an equipment shop on your 
Position: Artisan
Where: On his very own island far north of Yafutoma. So far north in fact
that it's on the southern portion of your map near the Dark Rift.
Recruit: After you've acquired the Blue Moon Crystal talk to him with a 
rating of "Daring" or higher. (Note, if your lookalikes have ruined your 
reputation you won't be able to recruit him until you defeat them to fix 
your title.)
Stats: Increases Attack and Defense on your ship for a few turns, costs 15 
SP to use.
Blue Rogue Attack: He's sitting in front of an anvil hammering at a sword 
and then holds up the sword and says "hmmm, a fine blade." and then the 
blade flashes and it's over.

Name: Hans
Description: Hans seems like a pretty cool guy, he's very eager to learn 
and is a true Blue Rogue.
Position: Engineer
Where: On Centime's ship in Horteka.
Recruit: Talk to him after obtaining the Blue Moon Crystal.
Stats: Increases your ship's Magic Defense by 20 points.
Blue Rogue Attack: You see a lot of smoke and then a wrench pops through 
the smoke and you see Hans holding it and he says "The Rejuvinator* is 
ready to go!" and you see some big machine behind him putting along. *For a 
long time it sounded like he was saying "Jiminator" even though that makes 
absolutely no sense, I just guessed rejuvinator because he adds healing to 
the attack so I could be wrong.

Name: Don
Description: Don is a hopeless alcoholic who's given up on having dreams.  
Until you inspire him by successfully navigating the Dark Rift and he joins 
your crew.
Position: Helmsman
Where: At the tavern in Esparanza.
Recruit: Talk to him after acquiring the Blue Moon Crystal.
Stats: Increases your ship's Dodge stat by 15 points.
Blue Rogue Attack: He just drinks from a champagne bottle while laughing 
a lot.

Name: Kalifa
Description: Kalifa is the all-knowing fortune teller that really doesn't 
tell you anything you don't already know, just like most RPGs.
Position: Merchant
Where: In her shop in Maramba.
Recruit: Talk to her while you have a Surian Blade equipped.
Stats: Increases your chance of finding rare items.
Blue Rogue Attack: You hear her say "Yes" while she floats around and a 
diamond shaped crystal spins around in front of her.

Name: Brabham
Description: Brabham is a miracle worker when it comes to ships.  Even 
though he's old he still acts like a kid when planning fancy improvements 
to your ship.
Position: Engineer
Where: Crescent Island.
Recruit: He'll join automatically after you get the Blue Moon Crystal.
Stats: Increases your ship's Defense stat by 20 points.
Blue Rogue Attack: He's laying down and he yawns and then slips and falls 
down. Wacky.

Name: Izmael
Description: Izmael is a very dwarf-like person since he's tiny and has a 
long beard and all.  He's an excellent builder but Kirala is cooler I think.
Position: Builder
Where: Crescent Island.
Recruit: He'll join automatically after you get the Blue Moon Crystal.
Stats: Increases the strength of your ship's Moon Stone Cannon.
Blue Rogue Attack: He yells something that sounds like "bahbaam!" and then 
hurls a beam of wood.

Name: Belle
Description: Belle is an absent-minded spazz who you shouldn't trust to 
operate a door let alone a cannon, but she seems to do fine anyway.  If you 
ever visit a Skies of Arcadia message board you'll find that she's most 
famous for being, um, "bouncy"... that's all I'm going to say.
Position: Gunner
Where: Crescent Island docks.
Recruit: Talk to her after you get the Blue Moon Crystal.
Stats: Increases the strength of your ship's secondary cannons.
Blue Rogue Attack: She's standing next to a large cannon and says, "Yeah, 
here goes!" and fires the cannon.

Name: Ilchymis
Description:  Ilchymis is a cool character, yet another I wish would join 
my party.  He's an alchemist who specializes in healing medicines and such.  
His shop on your island will also sell the seeds you can use to up your 
character's stats permanently.
Position: Artisan
Where: On his island north of Valua.
Recruit: Talk to him once someone has learned the spell Riselem. (NB, you
must talk to him once and then come back once someone has learned the spell,
so if you have the spell when you talk to him the first time you'll have to
leave his island and immediately come back to talk to him the second time.)
Stats: Increases your ship's stats for a few turns but costs 8 SP to use.
Blue Rogue Attack: You see him holding a book and he says, "See my true 
power." and then all sorts of sparkling happens.


I'd like to thank the following:

GameFAQs for accepting this FAQ.
SEGA & Overworks for making Skies of Arcadia and bringing it to GameCube.
Caffeine for being so so good.
Nintendo for keeping gameplay as the top priority in their games.
Everyone at the Skies of Arcadia Social board, except my arch-nemesis 
Celestial Cry, for challenging my evilness and in the end making me more 
Caffeine again, because it's just that good.
RPGs for always being fun.
Anyone who will actually read all this junk.

This document is (c) 2004 Zaloopa 
All rights reserved.

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