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Moonfish FAQ by Tei Sama

Version: kF!.2 | Updated: 01/29/2005

Version kF!.2
by Tei Sama

Version History:

01/12/2005 - I have a lesson in eating my own words and add two new sections to
the FAQ. Since I have no idea what number I left off with before, I'm dubbing
this as version "kF!.2," or ker-FINAL! point 2.

12/16/2004 - Exactly 11 Months since the last update, I've touched up the
Contact Info and finalized this FAQ.

01/16/2004 - Tore through the entire FAQ, giving it an overhaul so it looks 
a bit more pleasant and is easier to navigate.

06/02/2004 - Added Neoseeker as a legal host.


[1.0] Intro
[2.0] How to Catch a Moonfish
[3.0] Moonfish Locations
  [3.01] Pirate Isle
  [3.02] Sailor's Island
  [3.03] Maramba
  [3.04] Temple of Pyrynn
  [3.05] Horteka
  [3.06] Moonstone Mountain
  [3.07] Lost City of Rixis
  [3.08] Nasrad
  [3.09] Daccat's Island (Vyse and Gilder Side)
  [3.10] Crescent Isle
  [3.11] Esperanza
  [3.12] Yafutoma
  [3.13] Mount Kazai
  [3.14] Tenkou Island
  [3.15] Glacia
  [3.16] Dangral Island
[4.0] Icky-Sticky Rewards
[5.0] Legal Junk
[6.0] Contact Info


[1.0] Intro

Welcome to the wonderful world of Skies of Arcadia. Originally for the
Dreamcast, the Gamecube port of the game features a variety of extra gameplay
for you, the player, to enjoy. One such extra is the Moonfish Sidequest;
you'll get introduced to it early on in the game's storyline, but you won't be
able to complete it until much later on. This guide is meant to go, in detail,
about the exact whereabouts of each Moonfish, since there are no in-depth 
guides about it already, and those that touch on it don't offer that much in 

So, let's get started!


[2.0] How to Catch a Moonfish

Doc explains the process of catching Moonfish once you pass under the large
rock seperating Pirate Isle from Sailor's Island in the Little Jack. It's not
all that complicated, but here's a quick walkthrough. 

	While in a city or dungeon, keep your ears out for a clicking sound 
	similar to a radiation detector. That means a Moonfish is nearby. (You
	might mistake it for some kind of machinery operating, judging on the
	kind of technology Arcadians have developed.) When the clicking gets
	replaced by a shrill ringing, you're in the exact right spot to catch
	a Moonfish. Go into first person view using the [Y] Button and look in 
	all directions until you spot the Moonfish--a multicolored, blobby sort
	of thing that doesn't represent a fish very accurately--floating in the
	air. While in range, a target will appear in the center of your screen.
	Use the joystick to line the target up with the Moonfish and hit the
	[A] Button to use your gooey Moonfish-catcher to secure it.

There are a few basic rules to Moonfish catching:

	1//Moonfish ALWAYS appear in cities or dungeons. They're never anywhere
	on the Overworld and they're never inside a building in a city 
	(although you may have to go through a one to reach a Moonfish.) 

	2//Moonfish are supposed to be invisible to the naked eye, but you can
	see the glowing ball on top of their heads and the trail of sparkles
	they leave behind them while in third person mode. It's handy for
	narrowing down where a Moonfish is.

	3//Just because the clicking is really loud doesn't mean you're near a
	place where you can catch one. Explore the nearby areas meticulously,
	standing on every spare patch of land that you can, including places
	you think would normally not matter, like the grass next to Polly's
	Tavern on Sailor's Island. Check for hidden areas accessable only
	through buildings.

	4//You can always get a Moonfish if you missed it on your first way 
	through. They won't appear in areas that, for one reason or another,
	become inaccessable by the end of the game.

Once you've gotten a Moonfish, you can take it to Doc, who will ALWAYS be 
sailing around the southeast of Sailor's Island. His boat will be the one with
the distinct red-and-white flag floating near Upper Sky. He'll be near the
Stone Reef near Sailor's Island, but not in Nasr airspace (you can tell when
you've entered Nasr airspace when clouds of sand puff up in front of the 


[3.0] Moonfish Locations

The Moonfish locations have been posted in the chronological order you gain 
access to certain areas; for example, when you first reach Pirate Isle there's 
no way to catch any Moonfish in the area and when you first get the necessary
equipment, it's more convenient to start hunting on Sailor's Island. I did it 
like this purely for the sake of organization. The data itself will look like 



|                                                                             |
|  KEY:                                                                       |
|                                                                             |
|  [##] - Which number Moonfish it is.                                        |
|  [ABOVE OR BELOW] - This tells you where the Moonfish is, vertically,       |
|  compared to Vyse.                                                          |
|  [LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY] - Self-explanitory--I can guarantee you most of the  |
|  Moonfish in the game are incredibly easy to get to with a little guidance. |
|  To my recollection, there's only one or two in the game that are difficult |
|  to find...                                                                 |
|  [WHERE TO STAND] - Where you need to stand so the Moonfish is in catching  |
|  range.                                                                     |
|                                                                             |

  [3.01] Pirate Isle

    [01] - [EASY] - [BELOW]

    [WHERE TO STAND] - You'll need to go down to the very bottom level of 
    Dyne's base, where the Albatross or the Little Jack will be docked. If 
    you go down to the very far left and stand against the edge, you should 
    hear the clicking or ringing noises that indicate a Moonfish is nearby.

    [02] - [EASY] - [ABOVE]

    [WHERE TO STAND] - It's on top of Lookout Isle--yeah, that really high-up 
    area with the long-assed ladder. Fortunately for you, once you escape Valua
    for the first time and rescue Fina, a cinema will come and plop you right 
    down on top of it. Just wander around the edge of the island until you hear
    the ringing noise.

  [3.02] Sailor's Island

    [03] - [MID-EASY] - [ABOVE]

    [WHERE TO STAND] - If you go around Polly's Tavern, the side farthest from
    the level exit, and stand on the very edge of the cliff, the Moonfish is
    right there. The only reason this is a little harder is because first-time
    players will have difficulty finding it.

    [04] - [MEDIUM] - [ABOVE]

    [WHERE TO STAND] - Going into Sailor's Island Inn, head up to the top floor
    and go out on the balcony with the little girl on it. Wander around and try
    to position yourself to correctly secure the Moonfish--the game gets really
    uptight on where that can happen, though.

  [3.03] Maramba

    [05] - [EASY] - [BELOW]

    [WHERE TO STAND] - On the docks, go to the very leftmost one from where 
    your ship will be parked. At the edge, you'll hear the ringing; there 
    won't be any preceding clicking, so be sure to explore!

    [06] - [EASY] - [ABOVE]

    [WHERE TO STAND] - First, you must talk to the Dhabu Trainer in the 
    northeast corner of the main area and get him to let you borrow his Dhabu. 
    Then, you take the Dhabu through the town, to the weapons shop; on the roof
    will be two red poles, marking a "Dhabu stop." Get off the Dhabu here and 
    search around until you hear the ringing sound.

  [3.04] Temple of Pyrynn

    [07] - [MEDIUM] - [ABOVE]

    [WHERE TO STAND] - Near the beginning of the level, you'll come to an area
    made of criss-crossing catwalks--you'll be able to hear the Moonfish 
    clicking, but no matter where you stand you can't seem to get a good 
    vantage point. Instead of worrying about it right away, continue along the
    path until you come into a downhill corridor. Stepping inside will cause
    a boulder to chase you down a-la Indiana Jones (each one doing
    400 damage to each member in your party). These are easily avoided by 
    ducking into the alcoves halfway down on either side of the passage. If you
    go into the right alcove, you'll find an alternate path. Follow it to wind 
    up back in the catwalks area. Walk along the path until the Moonfish comes 
    into range.

    [08] - [EASY] - [ABOVE]

    [WHERE TO STAND] - This is fairly elongated, but really easy. In the room
    before the RockWyrm boss, go up the ramp and follow the path into the big
    puzzle room. Solve the puzzle to fill the bottom area with lava, then go 
    back and activate the water sluices with the button. When the lava cools,
    go across it, sticking to the right side. The Moonfish is there.

  [3.05] Horteka

    [09] - [EASY] - [BELOW]

    [WHERE TO STAND] - Go up to the platform where TikaTika would be. Hug the 
    cliff face and wander 'round, it'll on the narrow part across from the 
    treasure chest.

    [10] - [EASY] - [ABOVE]

    [WHERE TO STAND] - Use the wooden slides to get into the Horteka Tavern
    area. Climb up to the top level of the tavern and go outside; on the 
    platform with another wooden slide on it, the one that leads back to the
    main area, is where you need to stand. Go into the opposite corner from the
    slide. I missed this at first because I had my TV muted...

  [3.06] Moonstone Mountain

    [11] - [HARD] - [BELOW]

    [WHERE TO STAND] - This is the only [HARD] Moonfish in the game soully 
    because Moonstone Mountain is a freaking LABRYNTH. It's easy to do if 
    you're hitting it on your way through for the first time, so here's what
    you do: once you've found Centime and he's gotten the elevator nearby to
    work, you go inside and ride it up. You follow the path straight, turning
    ONLY WHEN YOU HAVE TO. (You'll pass by only one intersection that splits 
    off to your right. Ignore it.) Eventually, the path will curve downward
    until you wind up on a lone platform with a treasure chest on it. The chest
    contains "De Loco's Drill," a weapon made for Drachma. The Moonfish will be
    in range on the very left of the platform.

  [3.07] Lost City of Rixis

    [12] - [MID-EASY] - [ABOVE]

    [WHERE TO STAND] - Towards the end of the area filled with moving 
    platforms, there's one platform sitting against the side of a ruined build-
    ing that's actually part of a chain of platforms to take you back to the 
    beginning of the area. The Moonfish comes into range right before you step
    on that first platform. Be careful!

  [3.08] Nasrad

    [13] - [MID-EASY] - [BELOW]

    [WHERE TO STAND] - On the docks, go to the long arm with a torch on it 
    closest to where Khazim and his giant cannon are located. It's easier to 
    find this after Ramirez nukes Nasrad; this way, you can just walk to the 
    very edge of what's left of that dock, and catch the Moonfish there.

  [3.09] Daccat's Island (Vyse and Gilder Side)

    [14] - [EASY] - [ABOVE]

    [WHERE TO STAND] - In the pillar maze (On Vyse and Gilder's side, 
    obviously), when you find the Moonberry treasure chest somewhere to the
    left of the door into the room, the Moonfish ought to be right nearby.

  [3.10] Crescent Isle

    [15] - [MEDIUM] - [BELOW]

    [WHERE TO STAND] - After you get the Delphinus, and Izmael has turned the 
    island into a base, go into the docking bay's lower level on the left side.
    Hug the edge, and you should hear the Moonfish ringing away; it will be 
    hovering just below the nose of the Delphinus.

    [16] - [EASY] - [ABOVE]

    [WHERE TO STAND] - Take the elevator that leads up to the meeting room; the
    Moonfish will be painfully obvious from there. Wander around if you're 
    having trouble, but I doubt you will.

  [3.11] Esperanza

    [17] - [MID-EASY] - [BELOW]

    [WHERE TO STAND] - This one's on top of the abandoned light house, on the
    point farthest away from the town itself. To get to the light house, go
    inside the building situated right before the dirt ramp that leads up to 
    the tavern. Flip the switch, climb the ladder, and go the rest of the way
    up to the lighthouse.

    [18] - [EASY] - [ABOVE]

    [WHERE TO STAND] - Near the weapons merchant in the back of the area, there
    will be a couple of crashed ships; explore near the one to the left of the 
    merchant, and the Moon Lens will start ringing.

  [3.12] Yafutoma

    [19] - [EASY] - [ABOVE]

    [WHERE TO STAND] - From the King's pad, go around the building and onto the
    red bridge suspended above the water. Hug the left side of the bridge and
    the Moonfish will give itself away.

  [3.13] Mount Kazai

    [20] - [EASY] - [ABOVE]

    [WHERE TO STAND] - Once you've filled the central room to the top with
    water (by pressing all four blue switches), use the decline attached to the
    platform to drop down into the bottom of the room. There's one door down
    there; go inside and you'll walk out into a wide cavern, where your under-
    water suit will come off automatically. Climb the rope near the hole you
    just came from to come onto a platform area that takes you back to the be-
    ginning of the level, like in Rixis. As soon as you emerge there, you'll
    hear the Moonfish shrilling away. Turn around and go back down the rope to
    return to the cavern room.

  [3.14] Tenkou Island

    [21] - [EASY] - [ABOVE]

    [WHERE TO STAND] - In the very topmost area of the Island--where you meet
    Daigo for the first time--if you go up on the balcony surrounding the 
    building and go left, you'll find the Moonfish there.

  [3.15] Glacia

    [22] - [MID-EASY] - [ABOVE]

    [WHERE TO STAND] - Once the Delphinus can go above or below the clouds, go
    to the Lands of Ice. Find Glacia from Lower Sky--it's located directly 
    below the entrance in Mid Sky, so you can use the map to help you out. Go 
    into the Lower Sky entrance and follow the path--you'll hit a treasure 
    chest and eventually come in range of the Moonfish.

  [3.16] Dangral Island

    [23] - [EASY] - [BELOW]

    [WHERE TO STAND] - As soon as you land, head to the right of the Delphinus'
    lifeboat and hug the edge.

    [24] - [EASY] - [BELOW]

    [WHERE TO STAND] - This one you can get while looking for the Deep Sky 
    schematics; in the docking bay where De Loco's ship, the Chameleon, is 
    waiting, go to the very far end. Make sure to stay close to the edge, and 
    the Moon Lens will go crazy after a while. It will be right below the 
    Chameleon's nose if you haven't defeated De Loco yet. If you have, it'll 
    be floating in the same area, but much more visible.


[4.0] Icky-Sticky Rewards

Here's a list of what you get thanks to Picollo's throw-up (yum!):

[01] - Riselem Chrystal

	[HEALING ITEM] - A chrystal that revives a KO'ed party member to max
	health. (Combat Only)

[02] - Warrior's Rune

	[ACCESSORY] - An item that increases the wearer's Attack, Defense, Hit%
	and Dodge%. Attack +10, Defense +10, Will +0, Magic Defense + 0, Hit%
	+ 20, Dodge% +10, Quickness +0. 

[03] - Flame Mantle

	[ARMOR] - An item that grealy increases Defense and Magic Defense.
	Attack +0, Defense +74, Will +0, Magic Defense +69, Hit% +0, Dodge% +0,
	Quickness +0

[04] - Gem of Fluidity

	[ACCESSORY] - An item that boosts Defense and Magic Defense. Attack +0,
	Defense +10, Will +0, Magic Defense +10, Hit% +0, Dodge% +0, Quickness

[05] - Sky Sardis "50"

	[TRADE ITEM] - The most common fish in the sky. You can sell them for 1
	Gold apiece, or eat them to heal 1 HP apiece. I recommend holding onto
	them, since you'll need 50 Sky Sardis to obtain one of Cupil's Abirik

[06] - Aura of Valor

	[COMBAT ITEM] - A rare item that instantly fills your Spirit Meter up 
	to full. Use only in extreme situations.

[07] - Counter Bracer

	[ACCESSORY] - An item that improves your Counter, Attack and Hit%. 
	Attack +20, Defense +0, Will +0, Magic Defense +0, Hit% +20, Dodge% +0,
	Quick +0

[08] - Riselem Box

	[HEALING ITEM] - A box charged with the spell "Riselem," which revives
	any KO'ed party member to 100% health. Has 1-4 charges and breaks very
	easily. (Combat Only)

[09] - Female Armor

	[ARMOR] - An armor that Aika and Fina can wear that increases Defense 
	and Magic Defense. Attack +0, Defense +92, Will +0, Magic Defense +99, 
	Hit% +0, Dodge% +0, Quick +0

[10] - White Map

	[ACCESSORY] - Only Vyse can equip. Decreases the rate of random 
	encounters and enhances your ability to run away from battles. Attack
	+0, Defense +0, Will +0, Magic Defense +0, Hit% +0, Dodge% +0, Quick +0

[11] - Romuhai Fish "30"

	[TRADE ITEM] - Sell a Romuhai Fish for 100 Gold apiece. Eat one to
	restore 50 HP. Giving ten to Urala on Sailor's Island will get you
	Urala's Lunch, an HP/MP-healing item you can only use outside of 

     Grule "30"

	[TRADE ITEM] - Sell a Grule for 40 Gold apiece. Eat one to recover 10

[12] - Warrior's Heart

	[ACCESSORY] - Vyse, Aika, Fina and Enrique can equip. Using this 
	restores Spirit Points after each turn. Attack +0, Defense +0, Will +0,
	Magic Defense +0, Hit% +0, Dodge% +0, Quick +0

[13] - Ancient Bracer

	[ACCESSORY] - Vyse, Aika, Drachma and Gilder can equip. Boosts Attack,
	Defense, Hit% and Dodge%. Attack +20, Defense +20, Will +0, Magic 
	Defense +0, Hit% +40, Dodge% +20, Quick +0

[14] - Magillex Idol

	[TRADE ITEM] - Since Pinta's Quest isn't available in Skies of Arcadia:
	Legends, the most you can do with the Magillex Idol is sell it. Take
	it to any merchant for 25,000 Gold.

[15] - Ghost Mail

	[ARMOR] - Vyse, Aika, Drachma and Gilder can equip. It boosts Defense
	and Magic Defense. I kinda like the lore on this one--"A strange outfit
	that appears translucent in light, and floats eerily when released."
	Spooky, huh? Attack +0, Defense +128, Will +0, Magic Defense +128, Hit%
	+0, Dodge% +0, Quick +0

[16] - Sword of Daccat

	[WEAPON] - Only Vyse can equip. Boosts Attack and Hit% and has a chance
	of putting enemies to sleep. Attack +120, Defense +0, Will +0, Magic
	Defense +0, Hit% +90, Dodge% +0, Quick +0.

[17] - Gold Bullion "2"

	[TRADE ITEM] - These appear under your Ship-related items, but don't 
	really serve a purpose other than selling. They go for 10,000 Gold 

[18] - Constitution Gem

	[ACCESSORY] - Anyone can equip. Boosts Defense and Magic Defence while
	making the wearer immune to negative Status Changes. Attack +0, Defense
	+10, Will +0, Magic Defense +10, Hit% +0, Dodge% +0, Quick +0

[19] - Defensive Aura

	[ACCESSORY] - Anyone can equip. Boosts Defense and makes the wearer
	invulnerable to normal Attacks. Attack +0, Defense +40, Will +0, Magic
	Defense +0, Hit% +0, Dodge% +0, Quick +0

[20] - Euconyx Idol

	[TRADE ITEM] - Like the Magillex Idol, all you can do with the Euconyx
	Idol is sell it off, since Pinta's Quest isn't available in Skies of
	Arcadia: Legends. This, likewise, sells for 25,000 Gold.

[21] - Fiber Mail

	[ARMOR] - Vyse, Drachma and Gilder can equip. It's a special kind of
	armor woven from moss found in the Dark Rift that boosts Defense and
	Magic Defense. Attack +0, Defense +164, Will +0, Magic Defense +139,
	Hit% +0, Dodge% +0, Quick +0.

[22] - Marksman Gun

	[WEAPON] - Only Gilder can equip. It boasts high Hit% and is capable of
	causing a one-hit-KO, but has a low Attack base. Attack +100, Defense
	+0, Will +0, Magic Defense +0, Hit% +200, Dodge% +0, Quick +0

[23] - Hydra Wing

	[WEAPON] - Only Aika can equip. The most powerful Boomerang in the 
	game, the only other way to get this is to find it off a soldier on the
	Hydra. Attack +168, Defense +0, Will +0, Magic Defense +0, Hit% +110,
	Dodge% +0, Quick +0

     Silver Arm

	[WEAPON] - Only Drachma can equip. The most powerful Arm in the game,
	the only other way to get it is to find it off a monster in Soltis. It
	has high Attack power. Attack +190, Defense +0, Will +0, Magic Defense
	+0, Hit% +80, Dodge% +0, Quick +0

     Serpent Strike

	[WEAPON] - Only Enrique can equip. The most powerful Rapier in the 
	game, the only other way to get it is to find it off a monster in 
	Soltis. It can turn enemies into stone. Attack +179, Defense +0, Will 
	+0, Magic Defense +0, Hit% +95, Dodge% +0, Quick +0

[24] - Moon Hamachou

	[DISCOVERY] - When you feed Picollo all twenty-four Moonfish, you'll be
	treated to a cutscene where the Hamachou grows wings and starts flying
	back to his home so he won't be lonely anymore. By this point, Maria
	has come out of her shell entirely and you've just about closed off 
	this part of the story. You get the "Moon Hamachou" Discovery once
	Picollo disappears, and you can sell it to the Sailor's Guild for a
	whopping 40,800 Gold!



Skies of Arcadia: Legends is (c) Sega and OverWorks.

This FAQ is (c) Anthony Summo (that's me!), 2003-4; do not repost anywhere 
without my permission. This FAQ must be posted in its entirety or not at all.

The following sites are allowed to host this:




My email address (written in the nifty Sluggy Freelance SPAMbot blocker code!)
is tei(dot)sama(at)gmail(dot)com. If you have questions, comments, flames,
et cetera, give me a hollar. 

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