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Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by mountaindud

Updated: 05/15/05

Skies of Arcadia Legends 
for Nintendo Gamecube
Spoiler-Free Walkthrough (Another Final Version)
copyright (c) 2003-2005 all rights reserved



--At this point I really don't care if you put this doc on your site, people 
already have posted it without permission. Just don't alter it or charge money
for it. The most updated version will always be at gamefaqs.com.

--I get most information from my own personal experience from playing the 
game. If I used some information that you own or whatever e-mail me and I'll
credit you.




>>Another Final Version ~ May 15, 2005
--I lied! I made another update
--Got rid of a USELESS way of leveling up
--Tip submissions are now credited at the end of the document
--I stopped using my only map, GameFAQs won't host it and I can't get a 
  reliable outside host. That's OK though, it was quite unnecessary really.
--I stopped using the generic term I use for money in RPGs, it's now called
  gold like in the actual game
--I addressed my number one question about reaching The Ma_ of T___t_s 
  (Spoiler Protection)
--I didn't like the way the crew list looked, so I reformatted it

>>Final Version ~ July 23, 2004
--Final changes, for all intents and purposes this guide is finished.

>>Version 1.08 ~ March 23, 2004
--Received tip for fighting Rik'talish *unchecked*
--Added a site to the disclaimer.
--ATTENTION EVERYONE: Unless I actually do that last thing on the to do list,
  this will probably be the last update. I hope everyone has found this doc at
  least quasi-useful. Enjoy.

>>Version 1.07 ~ November 17, 2003
--Formatting changes.
--Implemented the Final-Boss-Spoiler-Protection, so you won't see the final 
  boss if you scroll to the bottom of the document. 
--Fixed the Crew list up a little; hopefully it is a little more useful now. 

>>Version 1.06 ~ September 24, 2003
--Added sites to the Disclaimer.

>>Version 1.05 ~ September 18, 2003
--I changed the intros to both my FAQs/guides
--FAQ: Where is ___do's ship?(Spoiler-Protection) -Sidequests Section
--Mentioned Sidequests Skip-Ahead procedure in the next section.

>>Version 1.04 ~ August 18, 2003
--Added a link to my map of the last area.

>>Version 1.03 ~ August 5, 2003
--Added another site to the Disclaimer.
--Updated HP of one boss.
--Added Bounty Hunting info.

>>Version 1.02 ~ July 28, 2003
--Fixed the directions for _ol__s (Spoiler-Protection).
--All sidequests in the walkthrough.

>>Version 1.01 ~ July 22, 2003
--Updated disclaimer.
--Beefed up final ship battle strategy.

>>Version 1.00 ~ July 18, 2003
--First posted at GameFAQs.com.


About this document:

--I will give you points as to what to do, not every last detail, in giant 
paragraphs of text. Hopefully by this point you know this is a spoiler free
walkthrough, so I won't ruin the game by summarizing the cutscenes, (a note
will be made of a cutscene most of the time). 

--I don't intend to cover these two parts of the game, there are several 
excellent in-depth guides on them at GameFAQs. 
	-Strategies for the optional Bounty Fights



Before we start...
(Press Ctrl+F and type in keywords to jump around)

--First for the obsessive-compulsive Roleplaying gamers, you are probably
wondering if there is anything in the game that can be easily missed and that
you can't go back later to get. Yes, only certain treasure chests, they are
all accounted for in this guide, so you may want to look out for those.

--Also I think we should get this out of the way. Your weapon can be given an 
attribute by pressing 'Y'. You start with red and green, look at the chart and 
the next note to determine what attribute is best to use against an enemy.

--You can determine an enemy's attribute by the color of the box around their 
picture when you select 'attack'; certain colors (blue and green) are hard to 
tell apart.

|Red| is effective against |Green|  
|Blue| is effective against |Red|
|Purple| is effective against |Blue|
|Green| is effective against |Purple|
|Yellow| is effective against |Blue|
|Green| is effective against |Yellow|
|Red| & |Purple| are equally effective against each other
|Silver| & |Yellow| are equally effective against each other

--As you progress through the game you will have to make choices, they can 
raise your Swashbuckler Rating. Running away from random battles lowers it, if 
you run enough, that's the only way you can become Vyse the Cowardly is by 
running a lot at the begining of the game. There are also special rankings 
that require certain things to achieve them. Note that Bounty King is second 
highest and the easiest to get so I didn't know how to get the other lower 
special rankings; so this info is mainly from the message boards. This info 
shouldn't spoil anything since you can read about some of it on the back of 
your game box.

Blue Rogue
King of Rogues

---The Fallen Pirate--- 
At a certain point in the game you get this ranking, and have to complete a 
wanted battle to get it to go away. (It's not a good thing to be the Fallen 
Pirate obviously)

Must recruit all crew members with the prerequisite before you talk to them.

Must have 1,000,000 gold, along with some various ship items you find 
throughout the game.

---Battle Lord---
Must kill 2500 enemies total.

---Sky Battle King---
Kill the four monsters that roam the skies, and win 12 normal ship battles.

---Fisher King---
You have to catch a lot of fish

---Exploration King---
Find all the discoveries, and get at least 90% of the treasure chests.  

---The Bounty King---
Must complete all wanted battles.

---The Legend---
You have to literally do everything in the game and get 100% of all the 
treasure chests.

Valuan Battleship


--First battle! Just use basic attacks until they go down.

--Grab the chest directly in front of you, take the door out of the room.  

--Go down the next hallway and through the next door. 


--Second random battle use the same tactics as before, easy.

--Note that there are now random battles in this dungeon, unlike in dreamcast.

--Go to your left to find Sacri Crystal x 2.  

--Make your ways to the stairs at the top of the room.  After crossing the 
first catwalk after the stairs, head right to pick up 50 Gold.  

--Head through the door *the guy* left through.

--In the next room, open the chest for Magic Droplet x 2, and save/heal at the 
save point.  

--Go through the hall to the right past the save point, down the ladder in the 


When in battle use healing items (ie. sacri crystals) to heal, and when out of 
battle use magic, healing-magic depletes your invaluable SP quite a bit, and 
at the beginning of the game you simply can't waste SP.

BOSS: Antonio (HP 575-600)
+165Gold +Moonberry
--This boss is somewhat difficult (for a first boss anyway), change Vyse's 
cutlass to green, Aika's boomerang to red (press 'Y' to change weapon 
attributes). The best strategy is to guard until you have 7SP, and then use 
Vyse's Cutlass Fury Special Move (Press 'Start' to skip S-Move animation). His 
(Antonio's) attacks do a fair ammount of damage and Thunder of Fury can do 
around 200 damage, that's why you should guard until you can use C-F, or if 
you have to use a healing item. You will have to do several C-F's, when it's 
HP gets lower it lets up on the Thunder of Fury's and starts using 'Assesing 
Damage', but still be cautious.


--You are now confronted with your first decision as petty as it is :p

              Choose this-> That's a great name <- Choose this

--There is no treasure on your ship, just go down the hall and up the ladder, 
and talk to the helmsman to take control of the ship.	

--NOW CONTROLLING THE SHIP, head due South and press "A" over the first small 
island to make the discovery "The Pirate's Grave". (Generally I will not list 
discoveries in the walkthrough section, but this one is on the way) Continue 
south/southeast to Pirate Isle.

--Unlike in the dreamcast version both characters should be around level three 
now (it depends on whether or not anyone died).

Pirate Isle



--Head up the stairs to Dyne's office, stop in the tavern or shop if you want.


--Another decision... 
                Choose this-> Sit quietly and listen <-Choose this

--Afterwards, search the bookcase and you will find a secret passage, go down 
the ladder and get your free 150 gold.

--Continue along to the exterior of the island.


--There is plenty of stuff to do here, find the child in green (Alan), speak 
with him, and tell him he can be a sailor to boost your rank.  

--Talk to Jimmy (the other kid) to start a game of Hide-n-Go-Seek, to learn a 
secret, it's about the gold you already found, but might as well play anyway.
     Jimmy - Behind a sheet near the old person's house, you can see his feet
     Alan - In a narrow spot behind Aika's house
     Lindsi - Look to the right of the stone tablet
     Pow - He's between the boxes near the save point

--Go over to the garden, open the small gates and go behind the house to the 
left for more sacri crystals.

--Search the tablet near where Lindsi was hiding to reveal a hidden passage 
that leads to a moonberry.

Moonberries are very valuable (you can learn S.Moves if you didn't figure that 
out yet) your priority right now should be to teach Vyse all of his moves and 
Aika's first move or two, Vyse by far has the best S.Moves. 

--Climb the huge ladder to get some Sacri crystals.

--On the south end of town on an island, at the end of a plank are two magic 
droplets in a chest.

--Their is a hidden cutscene that can only be seen now search the handkerchief 
on Aika's house.

--After you're done, head to Vyse's mom (house near save point)


--Before leaving for Shrine Island talk to Vyse's mom and Dyne to get 2 Sacres 
Crystals and a Purple Moonstone. Head to where you found the magic droplets, 
there is a small ship there, search it to depart. DO NOT GO BACK TO THE 
ALBATROSS! Shrine Island is due north from here.


Shrine Island

THAT! Go inside and (The right choice is to drain the water, but it doesn't 
effect your rank) follow the path to the right to the door at the end.  Once 
outside again, go right to find Sacri Crystals, go back in front of the door 
and search the floating crystal.

--Go back inside, and follow the path to the next door. Go through it to the 
outside. Keep walking to the next door, you will release some of the water, 
then go through that door.

--Take the left route to reach a moonberry, then return to the split and head 
right.  After two more doors, you'll come across a chest with Sacres Crystals 

--Go through the nearby door and follow the path to a save point. Heal and 
then open the door.   

BOSS: Sentinel (HP 1350)  
+755Gold +Moonberry
--This battle can be won using the same strategy as Antonio. Weapon attributes 
don't matter, guard until you can use Cutlass Fury. If he uses Target Search, 
you can expect a blaster attck next turn, which does around 300 damage, so 
guard next turn. If you beat Antonio easily this will be easy too. The key to 
these first two boss battles is to just have patience and guard a lot.   


--Return to Pirate Isle (it's south of here in case you forgot)


Pirate Isle:

--Head underground to Dyne's office.

            Choose this-> Try and save everyone! <-Choose this  
--The next day head back to your boat.

--Head past Shrine Island, then head due east from there.


                 Choose this-> Retreat <-Choose this

--Go down one set of stairs, pick up the box and let the game take over. After 
the, repeat for box two. 

--Go Northeast under the rock tunnel. Sailor's Island is visible when you 

--You will be introduced to Doc and Maria and Moonfish at this point. There 
are two moonfish when you get to Sailor's Isle. 


Sailors Isle

--Go around the left of the building on Vyse's right (the Sailor's Guild) for 
some free repair kits, in a chest.

--Go around to the right of the tavern for your first moonfish. <MNF01>

You must be in First Person POV to catch moonfish, and you have to be as close
as possible in order to reach them.

--Head to the ship parts shop talk to the shopkeep to learn of a Harpoon 

--A room on the second floor of the inn has a chest with 200 gold. Also go to 
the balcony and search over the ship parts store for a moonfish. <MNF02> 

--At the top of the lighthouse is a Balloon, tap 'A' near all the windows 
until Vyse finds it if you don't see it. You won't use it for a LOOOONG time 
but get it anyway.

--Go to the tavern.

               Choose this-> Beat around the bush <-Choose this

--Go the sailor's guild across from the tavern and speak with the guild master 
there.  A Nasr merchant will chime-in.

               Choose this-> We accept your offer <-Choose this
--Before returning to the Little Jack, get some Curia Crystals and healing 
items, to save some time when you get to Valua. Return to your ship head east 
along the stone reef.

Wanted Battle: Baltor The Blackbeard (HP 10000) 
+300Gold +Captain's Stripe +Bomb                
--This is really an intro to ship battles, and Overworks killed two birds with 
one stone by making it a wanted battle, even though it was a normal event in 
the game. Fire cannons when you can, just listen to Drachma's instructions and 
you'll do fine. When given the choice, maneuver behind them.

You may think that you are being real slick saving your c-stripes for when you 
get your own ship, but in actuality, any captain stripe you use on the little 
jack carries over to your own ship later in the game, so go ahead and use them 
every time you get one!

--Keep heading along the reef and you'll get the passport eventually. 


--Head due north from Sailor's Island to get to Valua, a patrol ship will stop 
you but you got a passport now!


Valua Lower City


--Go around the first building, go in the tunnel to get Sacres Crystals, then 

--Go down a ramp, after brief dialogue head down on the elevator.

--Before going to the inn, look for some barrels, behind which is a semi-
hidden path that leads to a moonberry.

--Go to the building opposite the elevator to find the inn. Stay there.
          Choose this ->Let's sneak into the coliseum!<- Choose this
--Chase the punk on the roofs, if you're quick enough you'll get a sacri 


--Head back to the manhole cover the next morning.



--Walk straight ahead down the ladder. Move ahead until you get to a split.

--At the split turn left to a room with a Pyri Box and Curia Crystals. Return 
and go left.  

--Go straight at the next split and grab the heavy armor and assassin blade.  
Go back to the split and turn right.  

--You'll evetually get to a large room with a save point. 

Aika's best purpose at this point in the game is to heal and generate SP. If 
no one needs to be healed, have Aika guard.

BOSS: Bleigock (HP 5000) 
+953Gold +Vidal Seed
--His frost breath and poisonous bile both can do +200 damage, and poisonous 
bile obviously can poison you. Use red attribute with Vyse and Drachma. Give 
Aika whatever attribute you want magic experience for. Have Vyse use Cutlass 
Fury and let Drachma attack. Guard/Focus with Aika and have her heal when 
necessary. Those Curia Crystals will come in handy with the poison. Not 
especially difficult, just keep at it. 

--Heal/Save again the next fight can be next to impossible without full HP.

BOSS: Executioner (HP 2500) 
Spellwardens x2 (HP 450) 
+1122Gold +Electri Box +Sacres Crystals
--The Executioner can do 1000+ damage with tackle, and 400 damage with Sonic 
Wave, both of which damage a line of your characters. Despite this you need to 
take down the spellwardens first since they support the executioner. Use green 
attributes. Attack one spellwarden with Vyse and Drachma, hopefully you'll 
kill him. Get the second one with a Cutlass Fury on the next turn and finish 
off the first spellwarden with Drachma if necesary. If there is only S-W left 
have Drachma attack the one that is getting C-F'ed. You may not finish off the 
two spellwardens in two turns, like I suggested so use your own judgement. 
Hopefully by turn three you will just have the executioner left and won't be 
hurting too bad. All this time have Aika guard unless someone needs to be 
healed.  Finish the Executioner using similar strategies, as with past bosses. 
This battle has the potential to be very difficult.

--Speak to Marco, then go through the newly opened passage. There are sacri 
crystals and magic droplets in here, then talk to Dyne.

            Choose this-> We have to go save Fina! <-Choose this
--Go down the new path that seems a lot like the way you came in.


--Now, in Upper City, talk to anyone you want here, go up the stairs.


--Work your way down the train there will be a handful of fights with soldiers.

--Don't even worry about the guy following you just keep moving at the same 
pace and you'll be just fine.

BOSS: Royal Guards (HP 600) 
+1562Gold +Magic Droplet x 10
--Very easy fight, attack one soldier at a time. I shouldn't have to hold your 
hand and walk you through this.

                     Choose this ->Never! <-Choose this

BOSS: Valuan Cruiser (HP 10,000) 
+500Gold +Repair Kit
--This is very easy too, just guard/focus until you can use your new harpoon 


              Choose this-> Leave everything to us! <-Choose this

--You are introduced to Cupil, in the gamecube version you get an icon in the 
top-left corner of the screen to indicate chams. There is one on the metal 
walkway underground <CHM01>. Then head down to the Little Jack.

--While you are here, why not get the two moonfish? Climb Lookout Island, and 
look down the huge ladder. <MNF03> The other moonfish is underground near the 
ship, down low. <MNF04>


Some people will say to level Fina at Shrine Island--Don't, it is completely 
pointless and a waste of time. Yes she'll level a little bit, but the ammount 
of time you waste isn't worth a few levels.

Hopefully you are close to getting all of Vyse's S.Moves, depending on how 
many of the moonberries you are getting. Finish up Vyse's moves, teach Aika 
her first two, and then start teaching Fina all of hers.

Buy a Crystales box from the mystery merchant in the hotel on Sailor's Island. 
Just do it, it will be very helpful a little later on. Do it, *shakes fist*.

If you haven't been, always keep one character equipped with green, namely 
Aika since she is the least useful for basic attacks, you can learn the entire 
green spell list by the end of the game.

--Go to Sailor's Island to get the cham at the top of the lighthouse and the 
balloon too, if you missed it. <CHM02>

--Leave and head through the stone reef to Maramba (it is a little south of 
Nasrad), you shouldn't have a hard time finding it. 



--Talk to the guildmaster to learn of a new dancer at the tavern, and to sell 
any discoveries you made if you haven't reported them yet. You will also 
get 'Black Spot' 1 of 4. These items are invites to fight the Angel of Death. 
I won't go over this sidequest here. I strongly suggest that you wait a while 
to fight her.

--There is a moonfish off one of the piers, not the one you land on--that 
would be too easy wouldn't it? <MNF05>

--Take the stairs to the right, to get to the next part of town.

--Head upstairs in the inn and get on the balcony to find a cham and Magic 
Droplet x 3. <CHM03>

--Head to the southeast corner, go up the little stairs and speak with the man 
for a Dhabu. 

--There is a treasure chest and moonfish on the weapons shop that you can 
reach now with the help of the large animal. <MNF06>

--The building full of crap blocking your path: you can reach the chest 
downstairs, by getting off on the roof, and going down the stairs. 

--Search the gates to go to the other part of town.

--There is an item on top of the tavern on the other side of town. 

--Dismount the dhabu at the stand like the one you got on. You can now go into 
the well if you like. 

Mini-Dungeon: Maramba Well

--Go left at the first split and follow the path to a ladder, the ladder leads 
to a chest w/moonberry.  

--Return to the split and go left. Press the barrel switch on the left wall to 
move the gate up. Go straight then left at the split to discover an excavation 
arm for Drachma.  

--Return to the split and go straight.  Make a right at the gate in front of 
the chest and hit the switch.  Follow the path to the next switch, hit it 
and return to the chest that was formerly blocked off for a Gem of Fluidity.  

--Leave, head back to Maramba now.

Go to the tavern and speak with the dancer, numerous choices ahead.

          Choose this-> That sounds like a great idea! <-Choose this
           Choose this-> Hehe. Okay I'll stop staring <-Choose this
--Return to the inn and stay the night.  Return to the docks, find the dancer.

                    Choose this-> We'll do it! <-Choose this           	

--The temple is due East from the city of Maramba.


Temple of Pyrynn


--Roll across on the first barrel, and roll back to the path on the left with 
the second barrel. There is a chest with 527 monies. All the chests in this 
dungeon are guarded by TikaTika x3. Move on to the next room via the main path.

--Run right after a boulder falls to maximize the time until the next one 
falls. Where are those coming from? Go into the alcoves when the next boulder 
starts catching up to you. One of the alcoves is a path that leads to a 
moonfish, <MNF07> and another near the end leads to an Ancient Robe. Return and 
head towards the next puzzle.

--Roll the side barrels in first, then roll the middle one into the last hole. 
A new path opens...

--Get the Sacres Crystals nearby. There is a three-way split...
	Left- Leads to a dead-end
	Center- Continue on your way
	Right- Leads to treasure: Dancing Arc, 774 gold
you're obviously going to want to go right. Grab the treasure, continue along 
this path to an empty room, then to a room with 774 gold. Go back to the 
center path for another puzzle. 

--You reach a more difficult, yet very doable puzzle. Roll the two closest 
barrels onto their matching squares, then roll the remaining two. 

--Go in the new door that is open to you. Argh, more boulders, you can take 
refuge in two paths down the way. The left path leads to a cham, the right to 
a moonberry. <CHM04>

--Continue on to a lava filled room. Grab the Magic Droplets along the way and 
descend the stairs. It's a big room.

--The next room has a button that is unusable right now. Go right and follow 
the path around. See the chest in the shadows at the end of the path? This is 
the last treasure, but it triggers a battle with a reoccuring mini-boss, that 
by the end of the game you will be so sick of that you won't even want his 
treasure anymore. 

~~Zivilyn Bane~~
--I probably won't go into detail with these guys after this. His trademark 
move Burst does a lot of damage so keep health high. Use your strongest 
attacks and take him down quickly. Beating him will get you the an Icyl Seed, 
and the Rune of Ill Omen. The items (not the icyl seed, the Rune) you get from 
Z-B's have no purpose, but they can sell for a lot of money. I don't know why 
you'd keep these things the empty treasure chest is enough proof that you 
found it.

--Go in the door to the last puzzle.
	1) Roll the closest barrel in first.
	2) Roll the one at the bottom right of the screen.
	3) Roll the one above the last.
	4) Roll the one opposite the red barrel.
	5) Finally roll the red barrel in.

--If you could understand these instructions the room should fill with lava. 
Leave the puzzle room, go back to where you entered this room. Press the 
switch and walk over the cooled lava. You can get that moonfish that was 
taunting you before now too. <MNF08> You might infer from that savepoint that a
boss is coming up.

BOSS: Rokwyrm (HP 4000-5000) 
+1584Gold +Riselem Box
--His attacks, Volcanic Blast does around 600 damage to all, Cinder Storm does 
minimal damage, but can petrify a character. Use Cutlass Fury with purple or 
use the Crystales box I told you to get. If you use the magic box use Fina or 
Aika so Vyse can still use C-F. Not a very hard fight with this strategy. Heal 
or cure if you see necesary.

--Cross over the Rokwyrm's body, make sure your characters have plenty of MP, 
and hopefully one of them knows Sacres by now.


Boss: Recumen (HP Infinite) 
--He has only one attack that can be devastating; always guard prior to it. 
The best strategy to winning this fight is to just assume you're going to 
lose, and focus on just staying alive with decent HP. Guard on red turns and 
heal after he attacks with Sacri, or Sacres. Fire the harpoon cannon whenever 
you can because it can make it miss. It doesn't matter whether you attack the 
head or legs, choosing head lets you use the harpoon cannon though.

                 **When given the choice choose to retreat!**

      Choose this-> You mean, attack Belleza's ship right? <-Choose this

Boss: The Lynx (HP 25,000-30,000) 
+2400Gold +Captain's Stripe +Magic Cannon +3" Blaster
--Heal the Little Jack if you are damaged from the previous fight. Belleza can 
do up to 6000 damage with one move (or a combination of three moves). Guard 
and heal whenever the boxes are red or yellow, and attack on green squares 
with regular cannons. It may actually be necesary to heal once a round. During 
the battle you have three decisions that you must choose correctly in.
	1st Decision - Turn hard and catch her off guard
	2nd Decision - Full speed and get behind her
	3rd Decision - Bring the little Jack to a complete stop
--Use the harponn cannon whenever possible and use the regular cannons when 
you have SP to spare. Just keep at it, until she goes down. The worst thing 
you can do in this fight is to get cocky and not heal.



South Ocean/ Ixa'taka

--Return to Maramba to restock supplies/and stay at the inn.  

--Head South from Maramba. South Ocean is an area with tornados and you are 
constantly being pushed back. Some brief dialogue will indicate that you have 
arrived at the South Ocean. 

--Work your way through the ocean, it can take a really long time. Hopefully 
you will find a Black Map from one of the random battles, if you don't no big 
deal, you don't really need it until the end of the game for leveling. Keep a 
look out for the discoveries Comma Rock and Beak Rock while you're here.

--When you reach the forest-type land head north to the village Horteka.



--Go down the ramp on the right, then up the next ramp, go down the ladder. Go 
through the tunnel and you should see the Elder's House, Speak with the elder 
and leave.

--Climb the ladders behind the elder's house to reach a treasure chest with a 
Paranta Seed, and a moonfish is hiding over that cliff. <MNF09>

--There is a sacri box in the tavern, to get there take the two swings on 
pullies on the other side of the tunnel, and climb the pole, then take the 
slide, it's on the second or third floor, behind a secret panel. The exit in 
the tavern is also on the third floor, closer to your screen, it's hard to 
see. Before you slide down grab the moonfish. <MNF10>

--Get on the slide outside and then climb the ladder to your left. Go down the 
ramp on the right and enter the hut to purchase equipment if you please.  

--Go up the next ramp and climb the ladder, which will eventually lead to a 

--Return to the weapon hut, go down the ladder behind the hut and follow the 
path. Near the opening to the next part of town is a cham. Now enter that 
opening. <CHM05>

--Get on the broken airship follow the path around back, to get Sacri Crystals 
Return and talk to the kid there. With this item he gives you, you can now 
leave Horteka.

--NOW IN THE LITTLE JACK; go north until you see two islands with a tree 
between them, head that way.


Boss: The Chameleon (HP 25,000-30,000) 
+1900Gold +Captain's Stripe +B-type Cannon
--This is a very easy boss, fight it like any other ship battle, you should 
have the hang of this by now. If you're having trouble, chances are you are 
neglecting to guard when he does his combos/flamethrower. So be sure to guard. 


--When you reach the hideout...

     Choose this-> Let's break into the Moon Stone Mines! <-Choose this
--Head back towards Horteka, then southwest from there to Moon Stone Mtn. It 
looks like a mining facility (which it is :p)


Moon Stone Mountain:

--Keep moving forward until you get to a cutscene.


--Go left through the open door.  At the split, go left, there is a Cham. Then 
go up the ramp and take a left. <CHM06> 

--Cross over the part of the floor with an "X" If you step on a 0 you go back 
to the begining of the dungeon (which is a 15 second walk from here at this 

--Take a left at each of the next two splits.

--You'll come upon another X/O puzzle that is a little more complicated. Just 
weave yourself a path over the X's. 

                                     O O X
                                     X X X
                                     X O O

--The next room has the first of many wire/metal platforms and walkways. This 
particular one has three different paths. You can tell which paths are 
incorrect by going into 1st person POV and checking under them to see if there 
is a mine cart. Take the left path, and on the other side there is a cham by 
the center panel. <CHM07>  

--Go down the ramp, enter each door you see, you'll find Curia Crystal x 4, 
and 800 Gold in the second room. 

--At the end of the path is another room that you can see below. Go to the 
left ONLY, KEYWORD, O N L Y, if you want the De Loco Mail. You'll have to fall
to the begining of the dungeon and retrace your steps afterwards. 

--There is a moonberry in this dungeon too, but it's out of the way, go back 
and find it later, it'll be the only chest I don't cover.

--Fall down the right panel, then fall through the middle panel. Go straight 
until you reach a door holding Centime. 

--Exit and go to the elevator. On the next floor enter the first door for a 
Zaal Seed.  

--Go straight at the split and enter the next room for a 3" Blaster.  

--The next room is empty. Follow the path to a De Loco Drill, with a hard to 
find moonfish <MNF11> to the left.

--Return to the split, go left. Turn left and go to the elevator. Cross the 
bridge. Move on to a large room with four mine patrol enemies.

--In the rooms there are Glyph of Speed x 4, Glyph of Might x 4, Healing Salve 
x 2, and Isapa is the last door on the left.  

--Pass through the large door. Ride the elevator, and there is a boss ahead.


BOSS: Antonio 2 (HP 6000) 
+Gold 2387 +Moonberry
Thunder of Fury does up to 900 damage this time around, use the green element 
and attack with Cutlass Fury (you should be close to getting Vyse's last super 
move by now, in which case use that) also use attacks with Drachma too. 
Heal/Guard with Aika/Fina as usual.


--You can now leave through the other door.

--NOW IN THE LITTLE JACK, head back to the King's Hideout. Use your map (Y) if 
you don't remember where it is.  

--After the cutscene and receiving that worthless clue, you have to find some 
discoveries to guide you to Rixis. There is an easy cham in the king's hideout 
if you didn't get it yet. <CHM08>

--The first discovery is west of the hideout on an island, you also get an 
item. Go in the direction it is pointing.

--The clearing just ahead holds the next discovery (it is ground-based) and it 
is actually very visible already (if you have been looking for a long time you 
probably passed it), you get another item. Go in the direction the beak is 
pointing to. Behind some tall stone thingies is a little tiny rock-head thing 
(also ground-based) that is the gate (it doesn't appear until you rescue 
Isapa, so don't bother looking for it until you rescue him).



--Put the Golden Man's Eye in the left statue, the Great Bird's Eye in the 
right statue and place. There is a cham in this area towards the left. Take 
the elevator. <CHM09>


--Go straight then right when you come to a wall, go up the stairs. 

--Then climb the stairs to the left. and take the stairs adjacent to the 
wall.  Ride the platform at the top of the wall.

--Take the stairs down to a chest with Risan Crystal x 3. Return and go up 
another flight of stairs. Go straight to some stairs leading down. Once down 
the stairs go through the archway and turn right.

--Go past the two staircases and through an archway to your right, to the 
Stonecutter. Return to the two staircases and go up the one on the right. 

--Follow the path until you come to the edge of a cliff. Go right and behind 
the stairs you'll find a chest with Sacrulen Crystal x 2. 

--Now go to the silver ledge on the cliff and wait for the platform, get on it.

--After you get off, go up the stairs for a cham, <CHM10> then go to the next 
room and open the chest for another fight with a Zivilyn Bane. 

--Zivilyn Bane, his burst can do 1000+ damage now, wail on him like any other 
bosses, it is not difficult.

--Go down the stairs right of the chest then left to the next room. The chest 
contains 1186 Gold, return to the previous room. 

--Ride the platform to the other side. Go right for a Moonberry. Return to the 
previous room and go up the stairs.  

--Pick up the Light Coat in the next room and go up the stairs. To the left is 
a stationary platform, don't get on it but get the moonfish to the left of it. 
<MNF12> Get on the MOVING platform, ride it to a Ruin Arm.  

--Return and go to the next room. Ride the platform to the second stopping 
point for an Icyl Seed.  

--Now ride the platform to the stop you passed. 

--In the next room is the 'ghost'. Don't just follow it, you'll go in circles. 
You have to take advantage of the area. It's shaped like a Figure-8, not a O. 
Get him in one point, then come around from the other side. He'll run towards 
a platform eventually, then to two floating platforms, keep following. 

--You'll come to a temple, climb to the top for a boss fight.

BOSS: Rik'talish (HP 7500) 
+2700Gold +Sylph Seed
--It's Feather Slash is a particulary devestating area move. But what will 
really piss you off are his status-altering moves, he can confuse/sleep your 
characters at will (and it usually does too). I really hope you followed my 
advice before, and got all of Vyse's S.Moves, particulary Pirates Wrath. If 
you don't have it it will be a tough fight. Guard until you get 21 SP and can 
use P-W. You can petrify him with Fina's Lunar Glyph S.Move and just hack away
at him until he's dead. It would be a good idea to Increm Vyse. Use Curia/Heal
when you think necesary. Keep in mind you usually wake up if you are attacked,
not always though. 


Boss: The Chameleon (HP 25,000-30,000) 
--Do what you did last time. The only difference this time around is De Loco's 
special cannon. Pretty easy.

BOSS: Grendel (HP It doesn't matter) 
+2700Gold +Captain's Stripe +Grendel Wing +Complete Kit
--Like with Recumen this is mainly an endurance battle, but you can win this 
time. It is imparitive that you fire the harpoon cannon EVERY CHANCE YOU GET. 
When you don't have to heal/guard or build up your SP for a harpoon cannon 
attack, attack with your regular cannons. When you do enough damage it will 
hold its face, if you use the harpoon cannon while its doing this you can 
knock it in the ditch and end the fight.



North Ocean

--Head North from the hideout, that gate you may have noticed before is down, 
proceeed through there. There are many discoveries in North Ocean, also make 
sure your characters are healed. Keep heading northward.

Wanted Battle: Gordo (HP 2000) & 3 Mad Chefs (HP 500)
+1049Gold +Cham <CHM11> +Flying Fish x 20 +Spiked Sunfish x 10
--A Rain of Swords can defeat the Mad Chef's, finish any of them off that 
survived with your other characters. Finish off Gordo last.

--Continue Northeast towards Valua, a little north of here is the Maw of 
Tartas, it looks like that stone-domino thing that you see in your History 

--Maw of Tartas; search for the three choms, but don't use them, they make 
cupil spew all his chams. On the seal you get attacked, take em out one at a 

         Choose this-> We understand, we'll go with you. <-Choose this
--ON THE LITTLE JACK, head to the deck, talk to Drachma.


--Sail east from here.

Boss: Valuan Gunboat (HP 10,000) 
+600Gold +Deluxe Kit
--Just focus until you can use the harpoon cannon.
--After the battle go down to the lifeboats, go down both sets of stairs 
and through doors behind your hammack.  



Deserted Island/Nasrad

--Run through the forest and head to the cave on the right. Search the 
skeleton. Go down into the cave and take the moonberry and gold that is 
inside, get the two chests in there, now you can't co back for them.
--Now exit the cave and go to the southernmost point in the island, then back 
to the cave. You switch over to Aika/Fina.


--Enter the main area of the city.

--Go to the weapons shop and talk to the merchant and get an abirik cham.

--Go to the bazaar and past the clothing stall girl is a chest with a Sylph 
Seed you can only get right now. 

--Stay at the inn to switch back to Vyse.


--Grapor Meat:
    -The day ends when you get 15 grapor meat, they run away a lot.

--Gathering Firewood:
    -Near the big gray boulder South of the left cave
    -Center of the forest
    -Southeast part of the forest
    -South Center of Forest
    -A few steps north of the save point

--Gathering Moonstones
    -Near Gonzales' grave 
    -East/Central of forest
    -South/Central forest
    -Southwest part of forest
    -Near the fire signal


--I don't think this choice effects your ranking, I always choose #1 :p

--Sail south to Nasrad.  


--When you are done looking around go to the inn and stay. You switch to Aika.


--Go to the tavern to get your paycheck, Sacres Crystals and a cham <CHM12>. 

--Head back to the inn. You'll be able to switch back to Vyse/Guilder.


--Go up to the palace and speak with the guards.

          Choose this-> We have important information <-Choose this

--You will switch back to Aika/Fina again.

--When you're ready sail Northeast to Crescent Isle, and then North to Daccat's
Island (it's the largest island in the middle). Search for a cham <CHM13> and 
then step on the plate and try to open the door. 

--As Vyse and Guilder, follow the same directions as Aika and Fina to reach 
Daccat's Island. Step on the big plate and try to open the door.


Daccat’s Island

**NOTE** Sections are marked #A# for Vyse/Guilder, #B# for Aika/Fina
#B#  Go left at the first split for a skywing, turn around then go left, hit 
the boomerang/sword to switch. 

#A#  Go right for another battle with a Zivilyn Bane. Use basic battle 
tactics. Return to the split and go right, take a left at the next split, then 
flip the switch. Go switch groups again. 
#B#  Go left and flip the switch, back at the split go straight to Sacrulen 
Crystal x 2. Return to the split and turn right, get on the plate and switch 
#A#  Go right at the split 2001 Gold. Then go back and get on the nearby plate 
and change to Aika.
#B#  Go down the stairs to receive Maiden's Armor x 2, then go back up the 
stairs and switch.
#A#  Turn the switch once, go up the stairs and get Magic Droplet x 4.  Go 
back down and hit the switch two more times. Go down the stairs, grab Daccat's 
Armor and then change parties.

#B#  Go forward, grab the Magic Dew and then step on the plate, switch to Vyse.

#A#  Turn the switch two more times and go down and step on the metal plate.  

#B#  Cross the platforms for Vidal Seed, cross the two bridges in front of the 
chest and search for a cham <CHM14>. Take the lower path to a Moonberry. 

#A#  Go up to the tunnels, head left and grab Risan Crystal x 2. There is a 
moonfish nearby. <MNF13> Then go down to find a Moonberry.  Return to the split
and head left. Take two rights and get an Electrum Box.  Then go up and step on
the plate.

#B#  Go down the right stairs and turn the switch twice. Go down the stairs, 
up the, and switch.
#A#  Go down and across the walkway, up the stairs and then change to Aika. 
#B#  Return to the switch and turn it three times.  Take the stairs, stand 
on the plate and switch.
#A#  Take the stairs, step on the plate and switch to Aika.
#B#  Go through the new passage, heal, go down to the final plate and switch 
for the final time. 
#A# Go through the new passage, save/heal, go down to the plate. 


BOSS: Sinistra (HP 5000) Destra (HP 5000) 
+3180Gold +Icyl Seed +Magus Seed
--Their team attack does over 1000 damage and their personal special moves do 
about 600 damage - all area attacks. Use red against Destra and purple against 
Sinistra.  Increm Vyse and Guilder -- use Pirate's Wrath/Gunslinger. Focus on 
one head so they won't be able to do Death Waltz. The fight will be much 
easier after one is down. You can then start recovering from the damage you 
received. Obviously you should heal before you kill one of the heads if you're 
low on HP, common sense people. 


--Exit and return to Nasrad.

--Dock and go to the end of westernmost dock for a moonfish <MNF14> and then 
head to the main part of the city. Return to the docks after brief dialoque.


           	     Choose this-> Surrender. <-Choose this

Grand Fortress

**NOTE** There are many brief cutscenes, that I didn't note in this section. 

--Whoop the two officers and select "Prisoner Block 200 2nd Floor" on the 
elevator switch.  

--Follow the path to a similar prison cell.

MINI-BOSS: Vigoro (HP 5500) 
+Gold 4087 +Cannon Room Key
--Be sure to guard with Aika because that's usually who the V-Man attacks. He 
usually uses regular attacks. Use a few Pirate's Wrath, incremed if you like. 

--Back at the elevator choose "Fortress Cannon Room Battery 28." At the top go 
through the door using the key you just got.  

--Take the stairs. Run to the cannon. Walk down the barrel.

--Go right and go up the stairs, continue until you reach a lift, take the 
elevator. Heal at the save point and enter the door. Open the door at the end 
of the hallway, then kill the officers.

--RE-EQUIP FINA, head back to the lift. Go right and enter the harbor.  

--Avoid the spotlight to avoid random battles. They usually circle counter-
clockwise. If you get spotted you fight Destroyer Robots, that can summon 
Kantor (basicaclly Antonio) 

--On the second level there's a moonberry. Take the stairs all the way up to 
another chest. Zivilyn Bane...  

--Zivilyn Bane (HP 4000), easy fight use basic boss tactics.

Be sure to get the two treaasure chests in this area as this is the only time 
you can get them.

--The door at the other end of level three leads to a boss...

BOSS: Drakor Tank (HP 8000) 
+4678Gold +Riselem Crystal x 5
--Wheel Blast is devastating, and can knock out your characters very easily. 
Only use S-Moves to attack, otherwise guard. Like I said before Aika/Fina are 
best used to generate SP.

        Choose this-> Let's take our chances and hop on. <-Choose this
          Choose this-> Of course you can come with us. <-Choose this

Boss: Fortress Gate (HP Less than one S.Cannon hit)
+3000Gold +Gear Grease
--Focus until you can use the Moonstone Cannon.

Hopefully you have all of Vyse's S.Moves by this point and a few of Aika's. 
Your next goal should be to get Fina all of her S.Moves, because her last one 
is invaluable for tougher fights. I think I already said this...

I said it before, but it's not a spoiler anymore, the Delphinus takes advatage 
of any stripes you used on the Little Jack. [36,000 + (n * 2000)] Having 'n' 
equal the number of stripes used on Little Jack, this equation basically shows 
how it works. This will explain the HP of your new ship, sorry about the math.  




                   Choose this-> I'll do it! <-Choose this           	

--There are two panels that look like coolers here on the bridge, one of them 
houses a moonberry, the other a...just check both of them.

--Search the deck for a cham <CHM15>. Look around the ship speak with Gilder 
when you finish.  


--Go to Sailor's Island to recruit Polly, Lawrence, and Pinta. You can also 
pick up a cham at the top of the lighthouse and when you leave give the Doc 
any moonfish you found. (He's in that ship with a pink sail, fairly high 
altitude, circling counter-clockwise around sailors island)

--Go to Nasrad, you can recruit Khazim (he is at the docks up a ladder) and 
Osman (on a pile of rubble left of the stairs to the palace) here, look for a 
cham near the fountain in the center of town <CHM16> and there is a moonfish 
off the westernmost pier. There is a moonberry in between the item/equipment 
shops. Sell Daccat's Coin to the guildmaster for 20000 Gold. Leave and sail 
north-northeast to Crescent Island. 


Crescent Isle

--Pay the old guys their money. It's a lot, but you should have it if you sell 
your old equipment/Zivilin Bane items/discoveries. 

--It doesn't matter which flag you use, but I like Fina's the best.


              Choose this-> Try and cheer her up! <-Choose this

--Head south to Maramba, then to South Ocean, then east through the sky rift. 
Follow the mountain range to the town there.



--Go up to the city. Climb down the ladder, there is a cham and gold down 
there. <CHM17>

--Go back up the ladder and enter the building near the inn.  The yellow 
switch drops a ladder, go up the ladder and grab the chest for Valuan Uniform 
x 3. Continue along to the top of the lighthouse and get the moonfish <MNF15>.

--Backtrack and go to the back of town upgrade your weapons and grab the 
moonfish over the ship debris. <MNF16>

--There is a moonberry pretty well hidden in this area, in the opening of the 
walls out towards the merchant/shipwreck, hug the wall and go to the right 
through a small opening to a chest behind a mound.

--To advance the story talk to the sailor in the tavern with the booze bottle 
leaning against the flag.


--Go to the port and talk to Enrique. Spend the night in the inn. Head back 
to the docks, board the Delphinus, with healing items in hand.

Mini-Boss: Cruiser (HP 25000) 
+1700Gold +Speed Wax
--Focus until you can use the moonstone cannon, finish it off with regular 

Mini-Boss: Gunboat (HP 30000) 
+1700Gold +Shredder Bomb +Crystal Ball
--Close in and look for an opening when presented with the choice. Kill it 
like you did prior enemy vessels. 

Boss: The Auriga (HP 60000)  
+5200Gold +Captain's Stripe +Heavy Armor Deck +12" Cannon
--This will last a long time, use increm to circumvent his high defense. Use 
the moonstone cannon whenever given the chance obviously. Fire cannons as 
often as possible, and always guard, before he does a special attack.

--Heal, and travel south along the dark rift until you can enter the vortex.

Dark Rift

--Pretend like you're in the ocean, but in a dungeon at the same time; there, 
you have a ship dungeon, not a difficult concept eh? Go straight into the 
vortex, follow the tunnel to a room. 

--Reduce altitude and search for a ship with a Magus Seeed in it.

--At max altitude on the right is an island. In the ship is Moss Armor. You 
could infer from these directions that ships serve as treasure chests.

--At medium altitude pass through the hole in the wall on the left. 

--In the next room at a higher altitude you can find a Dream Cutlass. 

--Lower your altitude and go through the vortex. 

--By now you're probably looking at all the pretty rocks floating around. Move 
forward and search for a discovery in the center of the room.

--Turn around go in the vortex at the far right.  

--You should be in another plant room. Reduce altitude and look to the left of 
the land mass for a few Sacrum Crystals. 

--Turn right/increase altitude. Search the ship, and you go inside... 

--There is a chest with a moonberry, get that first, talk to the bum inside to 
recruit a new sailor. The cook from Sailor's Isle must already be recruited.

--Return to the Delphinus and rise to max altitude, look around for a ship 
towards for 2731 Gold.  

--Return to the room with all the moonstones.  Enter the vortex that is below 
and to the right of a red vortex. Don't go in the red ones!

--Raise altitude go right, there is a moonberry in the ship latched underneath 
a landmass.

--There's an Aura of Valor in the other direction, be sure to get it it is 
very helpful and are only two in the game.

--Notice the rising column of rocks? Raise your altitude near there. There is 
a Zivilin Bane fight on the left. This should be easy now right. You can do 
this your self right? Right, whoop his ass, like you did before.

--Exit the room through the vortex near the ship.  

--Now in the last room use the goofy looking ship dungeon savepoint, and heal 
if you never did back at Esperanza.

Boss: Anguila (HP 50000) 
+5400Gold +Concussion Bomb +Heavy Torpedo +Timing Valve
--This thing is a little weakling, wail on it with cannons and use your 
moonstone cannon too. Always stay put and attack, you may not even have to 
heal during this battle. When the little coward goes in the vortex, just focus 
until he comes back. Very easy.

--Exit through the passage the boss was hiding in, and be sure to heal your 

When you are looking for discoveries, mash on the 'A' button instead of 
waiting to get to the exact spot and for the compass to spin. You can find 
discoveries much more easily this way.

--NOW OUTSIDE AGAIN!! Head northeast through the sky rift. The discovery 
guardian walls is nearby mash 'A' until you find it.

--Head north from there...

Boss: Tenkou Ship (HP 25000) 
+900Gold +Pyro Bomb +Crystal Bomb
--The Tenkou can go up really high and your cannons won't reach them. Use your 
torpedos and magic attacks more than usual, other wise you're going to miss a 
lot. Use Increm and just blast away at them.

                      Choose this-> Fight <-Choose this

Boss: Jao (HP 3000) & Mao (HP 3000) 
+2554Gold +Moonberry
--Their special attacks do 1000-1500. Like all powerful multi-person bosses, 
focus on one of them and then get the other one. Use Incremed S.Moves, easy.

--Go north until you discover Yafutoma (yes it is a discovery and a country). 




--There is a moonfish on the west side of the palace. <MNF17>

--Take the elevator down to the next island. 

--There is a cham near a small dock on the east side. <CHM18>

--Search for a hidden passage in the item shop for 3k gold.

--Take a tub-boat-thing from the west dock to the east dock. Activate the red 
switch near the little bridge to raise it outta the way. Return to your boat 
and go under the opened bridge for a moonberry.

--Get back on the boat. Go over the waterfall in the southern part of town.  

--Speak with the girl at the construction site, and ask her to join your crew.

--Be sure to get a Suiran Blade from the weapon shop.

--Head up the stairs and take the elevator. Get on the boat, go off this 
waterfall.  Go northwest to the restaurant to recruit the girls sister too.  

--Go south on foot and take the stairs.  

--Speak with the ship merchant and choose the option to go to...  


Mt. Kazai

**NOTE** There are only two treasure chests here.

--Climb down the rope, and walk ahead until you get to a room branching off in 
four directions. I call this the main chamber. Your goal in this dungeon is to 
fill it with water.

--Press the switch in the main chamber and then take the SOUTH passage. 

--Go right when you get to a split, and then keep ging until you eventually go 

--Go left and up, back to dry land. Go left at the split and then activate 
another switch. Return underwater.  

--Straight ahead, a little to the left is a path leading out of the water to a 
Zivilyn Bane fight. Just use Pirates Wrath a few times.
--Go ALL THE WAY BACK to the main chamber, and take the EAST passage this 
time. In the first room you reach go right down a ramp. Then go up another 
ramp to reach a switch that raises the water in this room. Return to this 
rooms entrance and you can now press to the next switch.

--Go back to the main chamber again and take the WEST passage to a room filled 
with several pools of water. This is hard to explain, you got to go down the 
proper ramp, and it is straight ahead and like the third one to your left I 

--If my directions were right you should be on a raised walkway; follow it to 
the next switch. Backtrap and drop down, there is an opening on the west wall. 
Go back to the main chamber.

--You can now go down the ramp by the southern passage. Sink ALL the way down 
and go through the door straight ahead.

--Climb that rope near where you emerge. At the top is a platform, but don't 
step on it, it takes you to the entrance. Just get the moonfish nearby. Then 
take the rope back down. <MNF18>

--Move ahead and go straight at a split for a moonberry. 

--Return to the split, go the other way and you should find a cham <CHM19>.

--Keep moving and you will be attacked by two robots. You can probably take 
them out with a few cutlass furies. They are remarkably weak.

--In the next room you'll enter a hallway with a switch in the middle. Hit the 
switch, go right, hit the next switch and you'll be above the original hall.  

--Ignore the next switch, and go through the doorway.  Activate the switch in 
the next room, cross the bridge.  Enter the door and take the platform 
down. Heal up there is a boss ahead.

You are about to be introduced to Crew Special Moves, there are two of them: 
Prophecy, which is the best move in the game, that does 5000-6000 damage to 
all enemies. This move can only be used if there are four conscious party 
members with no status ailments (fatigue, silence are fine). The second Crew 
S. Move is Blue Rogues. It can do decent damage/ heal, but it depends entirely 
on your active crew. This move can be done regardless of your party's status.

Boss: Tortigar (HP 10000) 
+4350Gold +Moonlight Robe
--This boss can cast steelskin which negates any damage done to it. It can 
also  cast Sacrulen, and has a decent attack that hits all characters. The 
best way to win this fight is to guard/focus until your spirit is maxed out, 
and if all four characters are conscious AND have no status ailments, you can 
do the crew special prophecy for major damage. Prophecy is the only thing that 
will happen that turn so it can't use steelskin. Then hopefully you still have 
your Aura of Valor from the Dark Rift, use it to max out your spirit again, 
use prophecy again, and hopefully it will be dead now.


--Talk to the ship guy to go back to Yafutoma.




--Head to the port in the morning.

            Choose this-> Wait and see what happens <-Choose this 

                   Choose this-> Run and Hide <-Choose this

--Go in the secret passage, turn right for Sacrulen Crystal x 4. Then head the 
other way. 


Exile Island

--Follow the path to the top there is a cham <CHM20> along the way. The random
battles are quite easy. If you use Skull Shield you won't even take any 
damage! After a while you'll reach the main gates. Keep in mind there is a 
moonfish inside near the back on the left side. <MNF19>

                    Choose this-> Of course! <-Choose this
--Head back to where you docked. 

--From now on this will be referred to as Tenkou Island.




--After beating the four soldiers and the four guards there will be a boss.

Boss: Muraji (HP 3000) & 3+ Soldiers (HP 850) 
+2646Gold +Magic Dew x 4
--Take out the soldiers first since they are the only ones who do decent 
damage. You might want to Increm Vyse. Use Aika and Fina to support Enrique 
and Vyse, but if everyone's health is okay you might as well attack with them. 
Then finish off Muraji with S.Moves.	


Boss: The Draco (HP 45000) 
+6100Gold +Captain's Stripe
--This is a pretty cool battle, every turn is basically the same, you both 
take turns blasting the crap ot of each other. Fire the Moonstone Cannon or 
guard and heal when your HP gets low. Luckily he doesn't heal much so just 
keep at it until he goes down.


Boss: Bluheim (HP 100000) 	
+8100Gold +Captain's Stripe
--This fight is rather easy suprisingly; attack often, but always make sure 
you can fire the moonstone cannon when necesary, purely to move the battle 
along quicker. Keep up the attacking and heal if you must, and you will 
eventually take the thing out.


--Return to the Delphinus.
               Choose this-> Let's try heading East <-Choose this

--Your next decision doesn't matter.

--Head southeast along the reef until you reach an opening to Ixa'taka. While 
we're here why not recruit some crew members eh? Land at Horteka. Go back to 
where Hans' ship is at and talk to him; he has a job right now, but if you 
leave Horteka and come back he'll be done with it! Now did you get that 
balloon back when we were at Sailor's Island? If so, go to the tavern and you 
can recruit Merida the dancer. Then go to the cliff above the Elder's House 
and recruit TikaTika if you've  made the discovery Ixa'ness Village.

--Keep sailing towards Crescent Isle, but take a brief detour at Maramba. Sell 
any discoveries and take a Dhabu to the other part of town. Now if you have 
the Suiran Blade that I told you to buy at Yafutoma, take it to the fortune-
teller Kalifa and you can recruit her. Now you can go back to Crescent Isle. 


Crescent Isle

--You'll now get two more crew members, and speak to the girl in pink near the 
save point for another crew member. 

--In the corner underneath the stairs behind a building is a cham <CHM21>.

--Below the crane is a moonfish. <MNF20>

--Go up the stairs and then through either exit.

--Take the elevator nearby to the meeting room. On the balcony before the 
meeting room is a moonfish. <MNF21>  

--I don't know if you can get this cham earlier or what, but here it is. Go to
the flagpole where you lit the signal fire earlier. <CHM22>


--I'd now spend some gold upgrading your base; talk to either of your two 
builders to remodel all the various aspects of your base. I personally prefer 
the Yafutoman remodeling, but I do like Izmael's decorating. It doesn't matter 
though it's your base. Also go to the tavern and talk to everyone there and 
see if they need anything remodeled. Go to Pinta in the living quarters and 
he'll catch you some animals. Finally talk to Osman in the left cave and 
she'll remodel her shop if you give her gold. The other two shopkeeps you 
recruit that set up in this room all need money to remodel, once you recruit 
them. Keep in mind each builder can only remodel/decorate one thing at once, 
leave the base and land again to have them do something else.

**IMPORTANT NOTE** As soon as you leave your base your ranking will drop 
to 'Vyse the Fallen Pirate' automatically; you need to win a Wanted Battle to 
clear your name. Supposedly your ranking must have been Daring or higher before
this happens otherwise the wanted battle wont appear. The game keeps track of 
your correct decisions so your ranking will increase accordingly once you clear
your name. If you want to go fight him now, go to Nasrad and to the right of 
the stairs leading to the Nasultan is/should be  a familiar looking face. I had 
no problem finding him, he was right there after I came back from the lands of 
ice. I made all the right decisions except for one that doesn't happen automat.
so I think the Daring or higher ranking theory is correct. If he isn't there, 
just advance the story and keep trying after making more correct decisions.

--The Lands of Ice is far to the south. Head south through a sky rift you 
couldn't bass before, your arrival will be marked with a discovery. Now just 
look on the ground for a place to enter. It's somewhere on a huge ice field. 
There is also a huge spider floating around here, I have it listed at the end 
of the walkthrough with the rest of the extra sky battles.


Ruins of Ice

--There is a cham right at the entrance. <CHM23>

--To advance you need to answer three questions correctly (talk to the 
crystals). Here are the answers in order: #1-ice, #2-two, #3-will and spirit. 

--Go through each of the doors that opened to reach...




--Step on the platform in front of you, take it down. 

--Follow the path ALL the way aroud until you reach a split. 

--Take the left path to get an Ice Splitter. Backtrack to the split and go 

--Go to the back left corner of this column filled room, down the stairs, left 
through a tunnel for a Zivilin Bane fight.

--Backtrack a little and go left continuing down the stairs - step on the 
platform at the bottom.

--Go right to a seemingly empty gazeebo for a cham. <CHM24>

--Return to the split and turn right and pick up the Frostblade. 

--Go back, turn right and use the savepoint/heal continue along until you 
reach the boss. 

Boss: Veltann (HP 15000) 
+6491Gold +Crystalen Box
--His Avalauncher does up to 2000 damage to an area, and Death Laser, while 
weak, can cause instant death. Increm Vyse and use Pirate's Wrath repeatedly. 
Guard every turn and use Sacrum/Riselem crystals when necesary. It's fairly 
tough, but if you fight defensively you can win.

--Take the platform. Ignore the large doors for now, and go right to reach a 
moonberry. Go back and, in the door.
         Choose this-> Yeah. We should just let him go. <-Choose this
**NOTE** There is a secret entrance to Glacia underneath the continent, that 
has a moonfish and another moonberry, and then a platform takes you back to 
the main dungeon; check it out a little later. <MNF22>

--Head to Crescent Island for your next mission and a ship upgrade.

--Now that your ship is upgraded you can go recruit Ichlymis (if someone knows 
Riselem, probably Fina). His facilities are at the highest possible altitude 
due north of Valua. Look at Qax's World Map at gamefaqs.com, for better 
directions. You can essentially recruit all crew members now. Go to Pirate's 
Isle and recruit Pow, Gordo's Bistro to recruit Domingo if you have 30 
discoveries, Don back at Esperanza, and Ryu-kan (look at Qax's map). When you 
recruit Ichlymis upgrade his shop (and everyone else's if you didn't yet) and 
buy like 50 Riselem/Sacrulen crystals along with anything else you think you 
need. Go to Belle's shop and buy 50 or more complete kits.

--I've gotten more questions about how to get to the Mar of Tartas over 
anything else. I've beefed up my directions, and this is really the best I can
	-Outside Crescent Isle, fly to the low end of the crescent where the
	 flag is. Descend below the clouds such that the altimeter is at the 
	 second blue tick mark from the bottom and sail directly west while
         mashing the A button. After 15 seconds you should find the invisible
         discovery "Rabbats" which is on the underside of the Valuan 
         continent. If it's been a lot more than 15 seconds, fly back and try
 	 it again.
        -From the Rabbats turn directly South and sail for 6 seconds to find
         the discovery "Dancing Lights". From the Dancing lights, turn and 
         face northwest. You should see a valley with stalagtites coming down;
         go in there, there is a hole at the end of the valley which is the
	 entrance you are looking for.


Maw of Tartas

--Very simple; go straight to the first split and go in the left branch, go 
straight to the second split and hug the wall and go towards the right. Very 
big area but very simple. You have to come back for the two treasures.

Boss: Yeligar (HP 120000) 
+8700Gold +Captain's Stripe +Thunder Cutlass
--You just have to beat the crap out of him use increm/incremus frequently, 
and fire the cannons and harpoon cannon frequently. His attacks are fairly 
weak, just keep at it and choose to attack from above when asked.
--Return to Crescent Isle for your next mission, which is below the clouds a 
little north of Pirate's Isle.


Dangral Island

--Get the moonfish before going down the ladder, <MNF23> go through the opening

--Go down the ladder past the fan (make a note of that fan). Move on to a 
room  with a switch, flip it and return to the fan. 

--Pass through the fan that is now stopped. Go down the ladder at the end and 
then follow the passage to a golden door. In the next room, enter the door on 
the east wall to reach a room with several storage rooms (and treasure).  

--Go in all six rooms, two have random battles, the other four have Imperial 
Blade, Moonberry, a couple sacrum crystals and 4000 gold. 

--Go back to the hallway and enter the door across from you. Follow the path 
until you come to a partially-outside area ignore the part that is outside and 
go through the door straight ahead the room has a desk full of papers and the 
Chameleon is parked to the right. Get the moonfish in the back of the room off 
the edge, before grabbing the schematics. <MNF24>


--Just exit the island now, go back to Crescent Island and talk to Brabham.


The Vortex

--The vortex is in the general area of Dangral Island, someone tells you where 
it is I think. It is visible on the 'ground'.
                               __ __ __
                              |  |  |  |
                         __ __|__|__|__|__ __
                        |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |     
                     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
                     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |V |  V = Velorium
                     |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|  F = Fina's Ship
                     |  |V |  |  |  |  |  |  |
                     |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
                     |  |  |     |  |  |  |  |
                     |__|__|     |__|__|__|__|
                     |  |  |     |F |  |  |  |
                     |__|__|     |__|__|__|__|
                                 |  |  |  |  | 

**This map isn't mine I found it in an older FAQ, but I don't know who to 
credit since it appears in so many guides**

--Lower the crane on the squares marked with "V" or "F".  All other squares 
result in a battle with Raja (which you should do at least once- it counts as 
one of the four monster ship battles). Get the velorium before Fina's ship.

Boss: The Chameleon (HP 25000-30000)
+7000Gold +Captain's Stripe +Twin Turbo +Magic Shell	
--Attack fast and hard, you don't have to get his HP down all the way the 
first round, so hit him as hard as you can, until some dialogue starts and you 
engage in round two. You may have noticed you can't see the color of the 
squares on the grid, round two is no exception, but it doesn't matter because 
you can't use your S.Cannon, and neither can he since it is jammed in your 
hull. Your ship is stronger so just increm and blast the hell out of him.

--Return to Sailor's Island.

Boss: Blackbeard II (HP 15000) 
+2400Gold +Timing Valve +Spherical Figure +Hybrid Wax
--This battle is a joke just shoot off a few cannons to take him out.

                   Choose this-> Be Careful! <-Choose this       

--Return to Crescent Island.


Crecent Isle


--Take out the three assasins with cutlass fury, guard with Aika/Fina.

             Choose this-> You'll have to kill us! <-Choose this
--You will get butchered, but at least your swashbuckler rating won't. :p The 
next choice WITH RAMIREZ doesn't matter either way.

                Choose this->I will not give up! <-Choose this
--Talk to Fina at the meeting room.

                  Choose this-> I understand... <-Choose this
                 Choose this-> Of course we well <-Choose this
--Board Fina's ship near the flagpole.


Silver Shrine

--Go in through the light thingy. Your goal is to reach the top and go in the 
doors to the elders. There are four chests, two with Silver Armor, two with 
moonberries. Sorry for not posting a step-by-step walkthrough. If someone 
requests one I surely will, but it's so short, and with no random battles, I 
think you can handle it.

            Choose this-> Who do you think you are?! <-Choose this


--After you return to Crescent Isle, you will decide to return to...


Dangral Island

--Remember that area last time that was partially outside, head there, but 
this time go outside, there is an elevator there now. If you don't remember go 
down the ladder, through the stopped fan. Continue along past the hallway with 
the six storage rooms, go in the other door, continue to the the hallway 
leading outside.

Boss: Vigoro (HP 15000) 
+6812Gold +Paranta Seed
--His attacks are devastating this time around up to 3000, or 1500 to all. 
Equip purple on Vyse, Increm, and use Pirate's Wrath repeatedly. Heal so his 
next attacks won't kill you, just keep it up.  

--Enter the doors. Walk around the room and climb the ladder. Then go down the 
elevator. Follow the sparkly path. 

Boss: Eliminator (HP 20,000) 
+6812Gold +Moonberry
--Equip yellow and hit only with Pirates Wrath, anything else is a waste of 
time. Like the Sentinel, he always uses Target Search before Blaster, so guard 
the next round. His blaster can do 1500 damage to a line of characters. If you 
know he's going to do blaster next round, and you can use Pirate's Wrath the 
next round, play it safe and guard. 

--Leave the same way you came in, when you get to a certain point (you'll know 
when you do) don't freak out, just run. IN THE DELPHINUS, try and enter the 
island. Then head back to Crescent Island.


--There are several decisions ahead, the second and third ones you have to go 
see Fina by where her ship is, and Aika on the balcony by the meeting room.

     Choose this-> We can't let Galcian get away with this! <-Choose this 
   Choose this->Say nothing and just put your arm around her. <-Choose this
              Choose this-> Hey, I'm scared, too. <-Choose this
               Choose this-> Let's make history! <-Choose this

The Hydra

Mini-Boss: Mage Ship (HP 10,000) 
--Fire off some cannons, I hope you don't have trouble with this.

Mini-Boss: Galcian Elite (HP 35000) 
+2400Gold +Complete Kit +Crystil Cannon +Double Shaft
--Focus on taking it out, it can't really hurt you too bad, fire your cannons 
frequently, heal if your HP gets REALLY low, and basically just keep shooting 
at it.

Boss: The Hydra (HP 125000) 
+11900Gold +Captain's Stripe +Moon Cannon +Moon Torpedo
--You have to fight aggresively and defensively all at the same time, it isn't 
especially difficult until it sheads some metal and unveils it's S.Cannon. 
Which can do 24000 damage unguarded; keep that in mind if you can fire your 
moonstone cannon on a red turn. You take lees damage attacking the upper part 
of it. So; fire a couple cannons each round or the moonstone cannon, guard on 
red turns, and you'll probably need a complete kit every few rounds. Expect a 
long fight, but if you have enough healing items (like I told you to) you 
shouldn't have a very hard time. You will get some real nice stuff for 


--Go in, obviously, that's a given. Go right over the bridge and then turn 
right at the split for an X Cannon. Take the left path at the split, and climb 
the pole.  

--Go to the next little alcove and climb the ladder to the deck.  

--Looking at the map you can see there are three other ladders, four ladders 
total, just like the one you came up on. Let's pretend like they're numbered 1 
though 4 from left to right (thus making the one you came up #3). Go down 
ladder #4.

--Go right at the bottom and down a pole. Go right at the split for Sacrulen 
Crystals. Go left to a moonberry.  

--Backtrack and go down ladder #2 on the deck. 

--Go left and down the pole. Keep going to get Magic Dew x 2. Then go back to 
the deck.

--Now, when you are positive you got ALL FOUR CHESTS, go down ladder #1. 

--Go across the bridge then right to reach a pole. That's right slide down the 
pole, go in ther door to the right. When you're healed, climb the ladder 
across the way.

Boss: Galcian (HP 20,000) 
+10387Gold +Valuan Medallion
--He is hardly tougher than Vigoro, but he knows silver instant-KO spells, 
yellow spells, he has a move like Vyse's Counter Strike, and Neglora which 
cancels positive status things. His Terminal move with ridiculously long 
battle animation does 3000 damage to one. Use Aura of Denial (Guilder) or 
Delta Shield (Aika) if you don't have it, A-of-D is better because you can 
still cast spells. Increm Vyse. Equip silver and use Pirate's Wrath. I hope 
you bought plenty of Sacrulen/Riselem Crystals. 


--After the fight head towards Shrine Island, but save first, this monster 
coming up runs after 1 round, and has some awesome gear if you beat it. 

Mini-Boss: Gadianos (HP 15000)
+2500Gold +Complete Kit +Sparkling Deck +Moon Gun
--Do nothing but attack the thing all four turns; it runs right away, 
hopefully you do enough damage and don't miss...otherwise...well that's why I 
told you to save first, it runs away. 

Now is the ideal time to do sidequests. Go after all the moonfish and wanted 
battles, recruit all the crew members etc.

You can choose any of the supporting characters (Drachma, Guilder, Enrique) to 
go to Soltis with. I prefer using Guilder. (Find & Talk to them on the deck of 
your ship)




Leveling up
The best way to gain experience in the game is by fighting loopers, but they 
run away a lot. So you need to find yourself a Black Map (Enemies can't run). 
Black Maps are dropped by enemies in North Ocean -- just keep killing monsters 
there until you get one. Only Vyse can equip the maps.

--Elcian. Elcian is an incredibly powerful black looper found in the Dark 
Rift after beating Galcian. He reappears every time you enter the Dark Rift, so
you can fight him infinitely many times. First equip a black map so he can't 
run. Then change weapon attributes to the four types of magic you want EXP for. 
Enter the D-R from the Yafutoma side, go to the first room on that side. He 
looks really big you can't miss him. The only way to do decent damage is to max 
your SP and use Prophecy, you have to use it twice. Now what makes it difficult 
is his Pyri does 2000 damage and his physical attacks are just as powerful and 
cause fatigue too. You have to cast Skull Shield and Delta Shield EVERY round; 
focus with every one else. If you are in good shape by the time you cast your 
first Prophecy you'll probably be able to beat him. He starts to try and run 
now, that's where the Black Map comes in. Continue using the same strategy and 
use Prophecy one last time. You get lots of EXP and magic EXP, lots of gold and
great items for beating him. 

--Go to the Looper's Nest area, the sky rifts create a triangle in the 
northwest to make this area. Equip a black map and fly around this area
fighting nothing but loopers. You can kill all of them (up to seven appear)
with Rain of Swords. If you don't generate 14SP per round yet, guard the first 
round (faster than focus) then use R-o-S the second round. You get a moonberry
or two every dozen fights or so, lots of EXP and Magic EXP, TONS of gold; this 
is without a doubt the best way to level up. 

The Vorlik Blade
--This is the second best weapon in the game, very powerful. Must have Ryu-kan
recruited; talk to him in your base and pay him to remodel his forge. Bring him
both pieces of Velorium from the Vortex (see walkthrough) and he will make it 
for you. Leave your base an re-enter claiming your new blade.

Abirik Chams

---Abirik Cham #1---
When you get to the point where you split up, take Aika/Fina to the weapons 
shop in Nasrad and speak with the old merchant you escorted earlier. You can 
also get it when you get back together.

---Abirik Cham #2---
You must have 10 Sky Sardis! They are found south of Pirate's Isle, near the 
waterfalls. Anyway look for a small fishing ship in Ixa'taka, it's either 
northeast of Moonstone Mtn, or south of Horteka at a low altitude.

---Abirik Cham #3---
Go to Esperanza, talk to the tavernkeep in the bar after coming back from 
Yafutoma. You will be sent to the Kabal Skewer Shop in Maramba and back 
countless time. (The Kabal Skewer Shop in Maramba is behind the weapons shop) 
Then you will be sent back to the tavernkeep, and she will make a half-
assed Kabal Skewer. Go back to Maramba and give it to the old lady she will 
tell you it is crappy. Tell the tavernkeep what happened and she will explain 
that she can’t make them well without three ingredients; Gentum, Kabal, and 
Khale. Depending on where you are in the game you can get Kabal from Gordo at 
the Bistro, or if you are at the end of the game, go find his ship that is 
floating around the edge of Soltis. Go to the Nasrad Item Shop and talk with 
the clerk he will give you Gentum for 500 gold. For Khale you need to find the 
Spice Island discovery in Yafutoma. Take all the items to the tavernkeep and 
she will make a good Kabal Skewer. Take it to the old lady and she will be 
very happy with it. Tell the tavernkeep what happened and she will give you 
the Abirik Cham for helping her out.

                                 *** FAQ ***
Q. Gordo isn't at the Bistro in North Ocean, now how do I get the ingredient
   from him/find his ship?

A. At this point in the game Gordo is in his ship. Look for the fish-looking
   ship with the two black sails near the edge of Soltis. If you hover over 
   Shrine Island and sail northwest you should run into him.
                                 *** FAQ ***

Finding the 30 Regular Chams in the Walkthrough
--Press Ctrl+F to open your 'Find' box in Internet Explorer.
--Chams will be numbered <CHMxx> (xx being the numbers 01-30) starting in 
version 1.02 of this walkthrough. Ex. Type <CHM24> then click find, to locate 
the point where I mentioned cham #24. Chams 29-30 are located in the final 
areas, so don't bother searching them. Twenty-eight is mentioned in the next 
section, when the walkthrough resumes, but you could actually get it right 
after Fina joins your party. Now for the ones not in the walkthrough...

--Gordo's Bistro in North Ocean, you will probably get it when you recruit 
Domingo, there.

--Ilchymis' Island above the clouds north of Valua. Chances are you'll find it
when you go to recruit Ilchymis.

--Hamachou Island (Above the Dark Rift, Above Clouds). It was a downloadable 
extra in the Dreamcast game. You can go here to get game statistics. There 
is also a cham. In the original game if you couldn't get your Dreamcast online 
and didn't find a cham in the Pinta's Quest VMU game (removed from the 
Gamecube version) you could never get Final Cupil!

Finding the 22 Crew Members
--Press Ctrl+F to open your 'Find' box in Internet Explorer. You can find where
I mentioned a crew member in the walkthrough. For the last two crew members in
this list, refer to a world map, like Qax's excellent one at gamefaqs.com. 

Marco 	 - He is found in the bridge of the Delphinus in one of the two panels.
Polly 	 - Talk to her inside the tavern at Sailor's Island.
Lawrence - Talk to him on the side of the Sailor's Guild, and pay him his 
           10000 monies.
Pinta    - Talk to him inside the Weapons Shop at Sailor's Island.
Khazim   - Talk to him up the ladder on the west side of the Nasrad docks.
Osman    - Enter the main area of Nasrad. She is sitting on a pile of rubble
           in the back to the left.
Robinson - You must recruit Polly first. He's in the Dark Rift in a ship. (see
           the walkthrough)
Kirala   - She is building a house in Yafutoma.
Urala    - Found in Yafutoma at the bistro. Kirala must be recruited first.
Moegi    - Automatically Joins
Tikatika - After discovering Ixa'ness Village. Talk to the guy, on the cliff
           above the elder's hut.
Merida   - You need the baloon found in the Sailor's Island lighthouse. Talk 
           to her in the Horteka Tavern.
Hans     - After returning talk to him again at the crash site in Horteka. 
           You have to go back to your airship land in Horteka and talk to him
           again before he joins.
Kalifa   - In Maramba, in a building near the tavern. Must have the cutlass 
           from the Yafutoman shop.
Don      - Recruited in the bar at Esperanza after returning from Yafutoma.
Brabham  - Automatically Joins
Izmael   - Automatically Joins
Belle    - Talk to her in your base, near the save point by the ship. 
Pow      - Go to Pirate Isle and talk to the dog, Pow.  
Domingo  - Talk to him in Gordo's Bistro with 30 discoveries under your belt.
Ryu-kan  - Has his own island south of Yafutoma
Ilchymis - Has his own island north of Valua at the highest possible altitude
           above the clouds.

Finding the 24 Moonfish in the Walkthrough
--Press Ctrl+F to open your 'Find' box in Internet Explorer.

--Moonfish will be numbered <MNFxx> (xx being the numbers 01-24) starting in 
version 1.02 of this walkthrough. Ex. Type <MNF24> then click find, to locate 
the point where I mentioned moonfish #24. All of the moonfish you can go back 
for if you missed, and you can get all of them after your first trip to 
Dangral Island, if you follow this walkthrough 100%.

Black Spots & Piastol
**Spoiler Note** It's kind of hard to deny that there is a correlation 
between moonfish and black spots. Try not to think to hard about it and it will
still come as a suprise when you get to that point.

--These fights are HARD. I recommend waiting until you have all the moonfish,
(you need 22 or maybe it was 23 moonfish to get the last black spot) and are at 
least level twenty-five or so before you even attempt to fight her for the 
first time. Yes she levels up as you do, but chances are as you level up you 
will have more S.Moves and will definitely have more SP, so it is in actuality
much easier to fight her at higher levels. 

**Note** Piastol's ship is NW of Sailors Isle, like it says on the black spot.
It is very small, at medium altitude. If you went through the sky rift, you 
passed it.

Always carry Riselem Crystals, and Glyph of Mights when going to fight Piastol!
Sacrulen Crystals too, if possible. You need to save SP for S.Moves, the more 
rounds you waste healing, the more you are prolonging your death.

---Round 1---
Recommended Party Level: 24-27
--Piastol's Lv.1 Tempest Dance does massive damage, up to 1500 damage to one.
She also has Eterni, so for that reason, you need to use Delta Shield/Aura of 
Denial every round, just to be safe. You're probably wondering about that dog 
though; he is your first target since he can cast Sacri on Piastol, and is also
a decent attacker. Use strong attacks with the red attribute against the Death 
Hound until he dies. You shouldn't be hurting to bad if you have been healing 
with Fina (and Aika too if Guilder is in your party). When just Piastol is 
left, wail on her with your best attacks. The key to winning this battle is not
starting it the second you get your first black spot. 

---Round 2---
Recommended Party Level: 30
--This really isn't much different then the first fight. They have more green
and silver magic. Every fight with Piastol you'll notice her Tempest Dance is 
longer. That's about all that changes.

---Round 3---
Recommended Party Level: 35+
--This fight is just another increase in difficulty. You probably can use 
Prophecy, that's really the way to go now, that way you can heal the massive 
damage they do. However if you are at higher levels with more HP then just use 
Increm-Pirate's Wrath. It all depends on your situation. Note that the instant
KO moves increase in frequency. Eternes can kill everyone at once, it almost 
never does though. It is imparitive you cast Delta Shied every round, 
regardless of how much HP you have.

---Round 4---
Recommended Party Level: 35+
--Very similar to fight three. Lv.4 Tempest Dance can do 3000 or so damage. See
round three strategy.

Vyse the Bounty King
--I decided not to do strategies for these. The fights are so versatile since
they level as you do. If you need help see what the other FAQ writers say.

---Rupee of the Larso Clan---
Must clear Temple of Pyrynn. He is in Maramba on the docks.

---Loose Cannon Lapan---
Must have your own ship to fight on. He is in front of the weapons shop on 
Sailor's Island.

---Ixa'ness Demons---
Must clear Yafutoma/ Blue Moon Crystal portion of game. They circle around on 
their ship just north of the Moonstone Mtn.

Supposedly if your ranking was Daring or higher before it dropped to Fallen 
Pirate he will be waiting in Nasrad right of the stairs leading to the 

---Daikokuya the Wealthy---
He flies around in his ship above the clouds in the Land of Ice area, near the
Aurora discovery.

The Four Sky Monsters
--I'm not going to provide strategies for these fights, they're so ridiculously 
easy. They all give you good/rare items upon defeating them.

---Obispo the Squid---
West of the discovery Squids Nest. It's south of the dark rift. 

---Roc the Bird---
West of the big gate connecting North Ocean-Ixa'taka, in upper sky.

---Alania the Tennis Racket Thing---
Land of Ice. You probably fought it on your way to Glacia.

---Giant Looper---
The downloadable extra for the Dreamcast version. This thing runs a lot so I'll
throw you a bone (You can fight it again if it runs) You want to concentrate as
much damage as possible into a single round. Use the first round just to focus.
You should be able to use the moonstone cannon round two; if so fire a torpedo
at the end of round one/begining of round two and have it land on the moonstone
cannon turn. Be sure to cast Increm and fire a subcannon that goes a few turns
too. I don't know his HP but I was able to kill him in one turn with three 
different weapons causing a total of 72000 damage.

The Three Secrets
--This is copied from the codes page. We figured the triggers for this out in 
a message board topic back in the day.

--In order to unlock the three secrets in this game you need to meet ALL of the 
following requirements: 
    Over 2500 kills (Go to Looper's Nest, took me about 3-4 hours)
    All crew members found 
    12+ non-storyline ship battles (save near a ship battle, kill, save, reset) 
    The 4 extra ''monster battles'' 
    All bounties defeated and reported 
    All discoveries found and reported 
    90% or higher treasure discovery 
--After this you can find the Gold Hamachou above the tunnel which connects 
mid-ocean to the sailor's island area, you can buy the Sky Fang from the 
mystery merchant for 50000, and you can go fight Air Pirate Vigoro at Crescent 

(Note: many of these stats can be checked at Hamachou Island.) 
Contributed By: Zaloopa, A collaboration of the Skies of Arcadia Message Board 


Shrine Island

--Just go clockwise down the stairs, until you reach the trashed Sentinel you 
killed way back when. The door you came in to reach the Sentinel now is a 
doorway to Soltis. There is also a cham in Shrine Island, towards the end of 
all those stairs. <CHM28>



--This first part of Soltis would be easy to navigate...if it weren't blocked 
by rubble. So I will provide a walkthrough.

--Go straight until you reach first split, from here on I will give you the 
direction in which to turn everytime you reach a split in the path. Left, 
Right, Straight, you are now in the center of the maze; turn towards the right
and follow the path to the end and go in the door heading southeast, straight,
left, left, straight, back in the center again, head out the door facing 
northwest, straight, right. You should now be at the northernmost point; head
south to get a cham, then backtrack and head north to the next area. <CHM29>    

--The next area looks like on the map, a couple of kidneys with a path through 
it, head on through it.

--Move along to a teleporter, but be sure to pick up your last cham <CHM30>, 
before stepping into it. 

--On the next floor enter the door for moonberry. Exit and go right to the 

--On the third floor, just go to the next teleporter.  

--Now the next chest will lead to the last wanted battle with Lord Bane, be 
sure to heal and it wouldn't even be a bad idea to skip it and go to the 
savepoint first.

Wanted Battle: Lord Bane (HP 15000) & Zivilin Bane(s) (HP 5000)
--Yes the last wanted battle is another half-assed already part of the game 
crap-fest, but LORD Bane is here so it's practically an add-on right? Okay my 
rant is done. Lord Bane can summon Zivilin Banes at will, and he has like a 
giant turd attack (that's what it looks like) that does decent damage to all. 
What I did was guard until I could use Prophecy, and that took out the Zivilin 
Banes and did good damage to Lord B. Then you can finish him off with Incremed 
Pirate's Wrath. Believe me this battle isn't fun if you weren't expecting it. 
That's probably why the difficulty level is so low compared to other wanted 
battles, it just comes right out of left field on you.

--Exit, go left to the next teleporter. Go left to reach the next teleporter.   
Follow the path get on the first teleporter. Go through the door for a 
moonberry and then take the teleporter up.  

--Go in the door for the last save point, and the final battle.

This is the last savepoint, that means any item, EXP, gold etc from this point
on will be lost. There is no end of game save or anything. This also means you
can go crazy with your items, there is no need to conserve anything.

Boss: Ramirez (HP 20000) 
--He has several S.Moves at his disposal, like Fina he has Lunar Blessing, get 
rid of his regeneration with Fina's Lunar Winds. Silver Tundra does up to 3000 
to one person. Silver Eclipse does 1500 or more to everyone, and Destruction 
does like 500 to all and cancels good status conditions. Most importantly use 
the Aura of Denial, or Delta Shield if Guilder isn't with you, EVERY round; 
this negates his constant Drilnos and Etern__ spells. Increm Vyse and use 
Pirate's Wrath (yellow) constantly. You'll be healing a lot with your other 
characters, but if everyone is all good, then guard.

Boss: Zelos (HP 225000) 
+Captain's Stripe
--This battle can be very hard of just long and annoying, it depends on how 
many complete kits you have. This fight is a lot like the past two gigas only 
he has a lot of HP, and he gets stronger instead of weaker as the battle 
progresses. Blast away at it with all you got until it starts to evolve. It 
now has the ability to use 'Judgement' which does 10000-27000 damage, 
depending on whether or not you are guarding. The final phase of the battle,
Zelos starts shedding claws. At this point he starts using Moon Lament (which
isn't nearly as bad as Judgement) You may want to take advantage of the 
frequent opportunities to use the moon stone cannon near the end of the battle
by using Thermal Grease/ Crew Cmnd. Urala your first turn in a given round to
increase your SP.*** The decisions you are given should be based on your HP,
if you're low then obviously you should back off that round. And don't be 
afraid to use your complete kits the game doesn't save past that last 
savepoint, so go crazy. Unfortunately you don't keep your C-Stripe either :(

Boss: Ramirez (HP 25000)	
--Use Aura of Denial/Delta Shield every round again. Increm Vyse and use P-W.
Silver Binds is his new best attack and Silver Nightmare makes your own party 
members turn on you, which is a problem when used on Vyse. But in reality this 
fight is essentially the same as the first one he just uses different attacks.





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-written by mountaindud

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