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Special Items FAQ by Porcupine

Version: 2.1 | Updated: 08/20/2003
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                 Special Items & Damage Formula FAQ
                for Skies of Arcadia (Sega Dreamcast)
                        Version 2.1
                        by Porcupine

FAQ Revision History
Version 1.0 - first version, all info is compiled by myself
Version 1.x - several updates, with added info about items discovered by others
Version 2.0 - major update, FAQ name changed, magic damage information added
Version ?.? - latest version

Anyone with information to add to this FAQ please visit the Skies of Arcadia
discussion forum at http://www.gamefaqs.com

Elemental Strength/Weakness Chart
This is the first FAQ to contain the correct Strength/Weakness chart for the
six elemental damage types (Green, Red, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Silver) and a
proper explanation of how they work. The instruction manual included with the
game is incorrect. Most of the relationships listed in the manual are
backwards, and some of the relationships are missing altogether. Other FAQs
besides this one have listed better Strength/Weakness charts but they have been
incorrect as well.

Your characters are capable of switching the active color of their weapon
freely between the six elemental damage types at any time inside or outside
battle. Each enemy monster also has an associated color with it, which you can
see by looking at the mini-portrait of each enemy monster when selecting which
one to attack during battle.

Both your characters and enemy monsters can perform three types of attacks...
normal physical attacks (always described as "Attack" while being performed),
magic attacks (there are exactly 36 spells of magic in Skies of Arcadia, namely
"Sacri", "Pyri", "Electri", "Sacrulen", etc), and special move attacks (moves
with any other name are always special moves).

For enemy monsters, their associated color is the color of their normal
physical attacks and special move attacks. Usually, any magic they can cast
will also match their color, but not always. The color of enemy monsters is
also the elemental type that they defend with. For your characters, the active
color of your weapon is the color of your normal physical attacks, as well as
your special move attacks (except for Fina and Aika). But your own characters
are always colorless defensively.

Depending on the color you attack with and the defensive elemental color of the
enemy, your attack will do moderately more/less damage. The following table
gives the relationships.

Enemy Defense:  Green   Blue    Red     Purple  Yellow  Silver	
--------------  -----   ----    ---     ------  ------  ------
Your Attack
Green           =       >       <       >       <       =
Blue            <       =       >       <       >       =
Red             >       <       <<      >>      =       =
Purple          <       >       >>      <<      =       =
Yellow          >       <       =       =       <       >
Silver          =       =       =       =       >       <

=  means Your Attack does normal damage to the Enemy
>  means Your Attack does more damage to the Enemy
>> means Your Attack does way more damage to the Enemy
<  means Your Attack does less damage to the Enemy
<< means Your Attack does way less damage to the Enemy

For example against a Green enemy you should switch your weapon to Red.

Since your own characters are colorless defensively, what is the point of
knowing the enemy's attacking color? Various armors, accessories, and even
weapons in the game that your characters can equip will give them resistance to
certain colors of damage. For example Silver Armor gives resistance to enemy
Silver damage. Item descriptions are often vague and inaccurate. If an item
says it gives protection or resistance to a color of "Magic", that means it
actually gives resistance to that color of damage in general. Some weapons in
the game as a side effect give resistance to a color of damage. Silver Arm also
grants resistance to enemy Silver damage, and Thunder Cutlass gives resistance
to Yellow damage. Other examples probably exist.

The damage reduction of elementally resistant items is percentage based.
Wearing one such item will reduce damage you suffer to 80% of normal. If you
wear two items simultaneously that are both resistant to the same color, damage
you suffer from that color will be reduced to 60% of normal. Wearing three
elementally resistant items to the same color reduces damage to 40% of normal.
So wearing multiple items that are resistant to the same color of damage is
especially advantageous.

Damage bonuses and reduction of your own attacks is also percentage based.
Attacks that are > do 110% of normal damage. Attacks that are < do 90% damage.
Attacks that are >> do 140% damage. Attacks that are << do 70% damage.

There are a few enemies in the game that defensively do not quite obey the
elemental properties of their color. Most of these rare exceptions will be
noted in the Monster Special Items list below. These particular enemies still
attack with the expected color.

Monster Special Items
Many of the most powerful items in Skies of Arcadia are only dropped by enemies
as a reward after a battle. These drops only occur VERY rarely, by chance. Each
different monster species drops different items. The following list will help
you narrow down which monsters to fight if you are looking for a particular
item. Some items are dropped more rarely than others and you may have to fight
hundreds of monsters to get the item you are looking for. I have also provided
a location where each monster can be found, but some monsters can be found in
more than one location. The frequency at which you encounter particular monster
species can vary at different locations...sometimes even at different spots or

Enemies listed as =Name= are bosses. Boss items are always given out.

Monster         Color   Location                Items Dropped
-------         -----   --------                -------------
Soldier         yellow# Valuan Battleship       Electri Box
Guard           yellow# Valuan Battleship       Sacri Crystal
=Antonio=       yellow# Valuan Battleship       Moonberry
Marocca         blue@   Mid Ocean               Marocca's Shell
Looper          silver  Mid Ocean               Thief's Aura, *
Ghastling       green   Mid Ocean               Sacri Crystal
Flestik         blue    Shrine Island
Seeker          silver  Shrine Island
Grouder         purple  Mid Ocean               Throwing Blade
=Sentinel=      silver  Shrine Island           Moonberry
Thorkyrn        blue    Mid Ocean               Throkyrn's Scale
Scorfly         purple& Nasr Airspace           Revered Voice
Tsirat          purple  Valuan Airspace         *
Dralnog         green   Catacombs
Mind Stealer    green   Catacombs               Mace Hand
Crylhound       green   Catacombs               Crylhound's Claw
Basallish       red     Catacombs               Pyri Box
=Bleigock=      green   Catacombs               Vidal Seed
=Spell Warden=  yellow  Catacombs
=Executioner=   yellow  Catacombs               Electri Box, Sacres Crystal
Patrol Guard    yellow  Upper City              Sacres Crystal
=Galcian=       yellow  Upper City
=Royal Guard=   yellow  Upper City              Magic Droplet x 5
Razorbeak       yellow  Valuan Airspace         Everlasting Gem, Silvite Ring
Stonebeak       yellow  Nasr Airspace           Everlasting Gem, Silvite Ring
Azbeth          blue    Nasr Airspace           Everlasting Gem, Silvite Ring
Jynnus          blue    Valuan Airspace         Everlasting Gem, Silvite Ring
Loopalon        red     Nasr Airspace           Black Map, Dexus Seed, *
Durel Beetle    blue    Nasr Airspace           Behemoth's Ring
Magma Tiki      red     Pyrynn                  Pyri Box
Dung Fly        blue    Pyrynn                  Behemoth's Ring
Death's Head    green   Pyrynn                  Storm Wing
Salamander      red     Pyrynn                  Flame Mantle
=Zivilyn Bane=  red&    Pyrynn                  Paranta Seed
=Rokwyrm=       red!    Pyrynn                  Riselem Box
Graver          green   South Ocean             Counter Bracer, *
Elooper         green   South Ocean             Black Map, Dexus Seed, *
Varkris         green   Ixa'taka Airspace       Hunter's Hand
Pinalisk        green   Ixa'taka Airspace       Victory Mail
Tsorok          blue    Ixa'taka Airspace       *
Roseln          blue    Ixa'taka Airspace
Langry          blue    Ixa'taka Airspace       Wind Gem Ring
Serpantis       green   Moonstone Mountain
Lucich          green   Moonstone Mountain      Risan Crystal?
Digger          yellow  Moonstone Mountain      Glyph of Might
Mine Patrol     yellow  Moonstone Mountain
=Antonio 2=     yellow  Moonstone Mountain      Moonberry
Ferlith         green   Rixis                   Sacri Box
Que'lak         red     Rixis                   Female Armor?
Totelm          red     Rixis
Slothstra       purple  Rixis
=Zivilyn Bane=  red&    Rixis                   Sylph Seed
Polraxis        green   Rixis                   Female Armor?
=Rik'talish=    green   Rixis                   Sylph Seed
=Mad Chef=      red&    North Ocean             Sky Sardis x 10
=Gordo=         red&    North Ocean             Cham, Red Sardis x 5
Yulooper        yellow  Valuan Airspace         Black Map, Dexus Seed, *
Scorpon         purple& Valuan Airspace         Revered Voice
Thryllak        blue    Valuan Airspace         Thryllak's Scale
Enforcer        yellow  Maw of Tartas
Grapor          green   Deserted Island         Grapor Meat
Kanezl          green   Frontier Lands          Gold Pollen
Burocca         blue@   Frontier Lands          Burocca's Shell
Lurker          green   Frontier Lands          Electrum Box, *
Walrenk         purple  Daccat's Island         Panika Box
=Zivilyn Bane=  red&    Daccat's Island         Dexus Seed
Centralk        blue    Daccat's Island         Daccat Custom
Baroo           red     Daccat's Island         Pyrum Box
Feralisk        green   Daccat's Island         Sword of Daccat
=Sinistra=      red     Daccat's Island         Magus Seed
=Destra=        purple  Daccat's Island         Icyl Seed
=Ramirez=       silver  Nasrad
Officer         yellow  Grand Fortress Jail     Sacrum Crystal?
Shock Troop     yellow  Grand Fortress Jail     Sacrum Crystal?
=Vigoro=        red&    Grand Fortress Jail
Destroyer       yellow  Grand Fortress Gate
Mage Warden     yellow  Grand Fortress Gate
=Zivilyn Bane=  red&    Grand Fortress Inside   Vidal Seed
=Dralkor Tank=  red&    Grand Fortress Inside   Riselem Crystal x 5
Drogerp         purple  Dark Rift               Magus Seed
Iridzu          green   Dark Rift               Slipara Box, *
Tsurak          blue    Dark Rift               Wind Gem Ring, *
Imezl           green   Dark Rift               Curia Crystal
Florast         purple  Dark Rift Inside        Constitution Gem
Flyst           purple  Dark Rift Inside        Chance Ring
Flat Fiend      purple  Dark Rift Inside        Ghost Mail
Delzool         green   Dark Rift Inside
=Zivilyn Bane=  red&    Dark Rift Inside        Paranta Seed
Ghrost          green   Yafutoma Airspace
Jellikra        blue    Yafutoma Airspace       Ivy Band
Golooper        blue    Yafutoma Airspace       Black Map, Dexus Seed, *
=Jao=           blue    Yafutoma Airspace       Moonberry
=Mao=           blue    Yafutoma Airspace
Crylbeast       green   Mount Kazai
Slither         red     Mount Kazai             Moon Robe
Sphyrus         blue    Mount Kazai
=Zivilyn Bane=  red&    Mount Kazai             Dexus Seed
Mantoid         green   Mount Kazai
Alusphere       blue    Mount Kazai             Gem of Fluidity
=Tortigar=      blue    Mount Kazai             Moonlight Robe
Tenkou          blue    Tenkou Island           Sacres Crystal
Soldier         blue    Delphinus               Aura of Valor
Red Guard       red     Delphinus
=Muraji=        blue    Delphinus               Magic Dew x 4
Medullizk       blue    Lands of Ice
Kilite          purple  Lands of Ice            *
Valgand         purple  Lands of Ice            Chom, *
Arclooper       purple  Lands of Ice            Fortune Ring, Dexus Seed, *
Frost Worm      purple  Glacia Inside
Cerosik         purple  Glacia Inside
=Zivilyn Bane=  red&    Glacia Inside           Paranta Seed
Dolthstra       purple  Glacia Inside
=Veltarn=       purple  Glacia Inside           Crystalen Box
Shrilp          red     Maw of Tartas           Ancient Bracer
Nairad          blue    Maw of Tartas           Dexus Seed
Nadnarb         blue    Maw of Tartas           Icyl Seed
Carnilak        blue    Maw of Tartas           Riselem Crystal
Dracolurg       purple  Maw of Tartas           Defensive Aura
Stalk Fiend     green   Maw of Tartas
Elite Guard     yellow  Dangral Island          Warrior's Rune
Sentry          yellow  Dangral Island          Glyph of Might?
Berserker       yellow  Dangral Island          Healing Salve?
Lurgel Tank     yellow  Dangral Island          Electrum Box
Shadow          blue    Crescent Isle Village
=Ramirez=       silver  Crescent Isle Village
=Vigoro=        red&    Dangral Island          Paranta Seed
=Eliminator=    silver  Dangral Island          Moonberry
Defender        yellow  Galcian's Ship          Aura of Valor
Sorcerer        yellow  Galcian's Ship
Marauder        yellow  Galcian's Ship          Hydra Wing
Assassin        blue    Galcian's Ship          Marksman Gun
Hydra Elite     yellow  Galcian's Ship          Ominous Mask
=Galcian=       yellow^ Galcian's Ship          Valuan Medallion
Hunter          silver  Soltis                  Warrior's Pistol, *
Telsor          silver  Soltis Airspace         Serpent Strike, *
Delvax          silver  Soltis                  Serpent Strike
Hopril          silver  Soltis                  Cupil Ring
Garagor         purple  Soltis                  Ancient Bracer
Dracoslyth      red     Soltis                  Defensive Aura
Linark          silver  Soltis                  Silver Arm
Dorntak         silver  Soltis
Guardian        silver  Soltis                  Warrior's Heart
=Zivilyn Bane=  red&    Soltis                  Vidal Seed
=Ramirez=       silver~ Soltis
=Ramirez=       silver  Soltis
Elcian          yellow# Dark Rift Inside        Valuan Medallion,
                                                Black Map, Dexus Seed, *

# - These enemies are defensively colorless.
& - These enemies are not super weak or strong against the expected colors.
    Instead, they are just normally weak and strong to those colors.
@ - The snails are ultra weak and strong to all the colors they would be
    normally weak and strong to. They can receive 200% or 50% damage.
! - The Rokwyrm is mega ultra weak against Purple, and mega ultra strong
    against Red. It is neutral to all other colors.
^ - This particular version of Galcian is almost a typical yellow monster, but
    in addition he is also very slightly weak/strong to red/purple.
~ - This particular version of Ramirez is typical defensively, but his special
    move Silver Eclipse is bugged. It counts as both a green and a blue attack.
    His other attacks and special moves are silver.
* - Moonberry abbreviated. It's likely that all enemies can drop moonberries. I
    only listed a * when I have encountered an isolated group of that enemy
    that dropped a moonberry. I have gotten moonberries from many many groups
    that consisted of different enemy species.
? - I haven't been able to determine yet exactly which of these enemies drops
    the item.

This Monster Items list is far from complete! If anyone has any additional
information to give or errors to point out, please visit the Skies of Arcadia
discussion board at http://www.gamefaqs.com...anything is welcome, even if
all you have to point out is that you saw lone Sorcerers drop a moonberry.

Stats and Calculating Damage
The damage for all normal physical attacks (always named "Attack") is
calculated according to the formula (2 x Your Attack - Enemy Defense). The same
holds in reverse for enemies attacking you. Damage for all magical attacks is
calculated by (2 x Will - MagDef + SomeNumber). SomeNumber is a property of the
spell being used. For example, for Pyri which is one of the weakest magic
spells, SomeNumber is exactly 100. For Pyrulen, SomeNumber is 310.

Damage for special move attacks depends on whether they count as physical or
magical. Almost all special move attacks count as physical. Then the damage is
calculated according to the formula (2 x Attack - Defense) x SomeNumber. Vyse,
Enrique, Drachma, and Gilder have only physical special move attacks. Aika and
Fina have only magical special move attacks. These types of attacks are treated
exactly like regular magic, and damage is (2 x Will - MagDef + SomeNumber). All
Aika's special move attacks are Red Elemental type regardless of her weapon's
equipped color, and all Fina's special move attacks are Silver type.

The formulas for physical and magical type special moves differ a little. This
results in a noticeable difference in the way they behave. At low levels Aika's
and Fina's offensive special moves are very powerful, but at high levels they
are relatively weak compared to other characters' offensive special moves.

All above calculated damages are then altered by the color relationships.

Finally, all damages have a 5% randomness in damage, that is multiplied in
after the above average damage is calculated. Final damage will range from
97.5% to 102.5% of the average, in a continuous uniform distribution.

One example to look at are Loopers. In general, they have very high Dodge and
MagDef, making them very annoying to kill. The best way to kill them is Rain of
Swords, but moves like Pyri and Alpha Storm can work on them if your characters
are at a high level with very high Will.

Miscellaneous Information
How to determine Magic Exp gained for each color for characters on your team:
Magic Exp for color X on character Y =
  (number of characters on team with color X equipped when you won the battle
  + 1 if character Y had color X equipped when you won the battle) x Magic Exp

Critical Hits only happen when the attacking character is standing up close to
the defender. They always hit, and never get counterattacked, so they are good.
They seem to happen more often as your level increases, maybe due to Quick.
Counterattacks also seem to happen more often at high level. Critical Hits
reduce the enemy's Defense to 0.

Guarding halves all damage taken, from any types of attacks. If you guard a
critical hit, you can still counterattack.

The maximum level for characters is 99, and the maximum stat for all stats is
999, including Agile. All characters' stats levelup in a unpredictable yet set
manner specific to them. Spirit and MaxSpirit is included...but at level 65 all
characters converge to 5 Spirit and 20 MaxSpirit...and from then on all levelup
spirit in the same way, ending up at 20 Spirit and 25 MaxSpirit at level 99
(except Gilder, Drachma, and Enrique who will have only 24 MaxSpirit).

For ship battles, the damage of your ship's main cannons and MoonStone Cannon
depend upon the Power stat of the character that fires them. For example, if
Vyse has 400 Power and fires the MoonStone Cannon with 800 Attack, the adjusted
Attack is 1200. Unlike regular monster battles, in ship battles your overall
Attack value is not maxed at 999, nor is damage maxed at 9999.

In ship battles, when you are hit, the damage your ship takes is dependent upon
the Vigor stat of the character that was active during the round you were hit.
The damage taken will depend upon Vigor + ship's MagDef for magic spell
attacks, or Vigor + ship's Defense for all other attacks including special move
attacks. Pinta the crewmember reduces all physical damage to 0, and this even
includes special move attacks!

For ship battles, the rounds with a C! marked in them do not mean that you get
an automatic critical hit if you fire in that turn. The C! does mean however
that you will deal double of normal damage if you fire in that turn. In
addition to this you are free to luck out and get a critical hit as well. Turns
in which you can fire the Harpoon Cannon or Moonstone Cannon also count as C!
rounds, which is part of the reason those weapons seem so ridiculously powerful
(they are always hitting in optimal rounds). If you don't have enough spirit to
fire your special weapon in the designated rounds, fire your regular cannons in
them instead. I'm not really sure what the effects of the Red, Yellow, Green
squares are. I think they are just general indicators of your ship's situation
that round. The color of the square sometimes influences different things, such
as the damage you could deal out, the damage you could receive, which ship has
an advantage to attack first, etc.

In ship battles, during certain rounds your main cannons and secondary cannons
will automatically miss, in which case it will say LOST. These rounds can be
unpredictable, especially since they can even be marked with green squares. If
you know which rounds these are, do not fire your cannons in them.

You can press Start on the controller to skip the animation for your own
characters' Special Moves.

Special Moves
Although the characters you can use differ in many ways, Special Moves are the
most important attribute in determining how powerful a character is.

Cutlass Fury (Vyse)              7 SP   SomeNumber = 2.5
Does big damage to a single target. A decent move, average spirit efficiency.

Counterstrike (Vyse)             1 SP
For one turn Vyse will do a standard Guard (works on all attack types) and will
Counter Attack any normal physical attacks that hit him. Not that useful.

Rain of Swords (Vyse)           14 SP   SomeNumber = 1.5
Damages all enemies on screen. A decent move that is fair for its spirit cost.

Skull Shield (Vyse)              5 SP
For one turn your entire party is protected from normal physical attack damage.
Any characters that are the target of a normal physical attack will perform a
counterattack. Side-effect status ailments of normal attacks are not prevented.
Has its uses in certain situations. Works well together with Delta Shield.

Pirates' Wrath (Vyse)           21 SP   SomeNumber = 7.5
Does massive damage to a single target. A decent move with average spirit
efficiency. Often better than Cutlass Fury because it is equivalent to doing
three Cutlass Furies in one turn, leaving two extra turns to do other things.

Vyse is powerful and well-rounded. His offensive specials are the most diverse
of any character, and do decent damage.

Tackle (Drachma)                10 SP   SomeNumber = 3
Does big damage to a single target. Below average spirit efficiency, but the
fact that it does higher damage than Cutlass Fury can make it the better choice
in many situations. Drachma also tends to have extremely high Attack so the
damage of this move in practice ends up quite massive. You should find yourself
using this move quite often when Drachma is in your team.

Spirit Charge (Drachma)          0 SP
For one turn Drachma simultaneously Guards and Focuses. His Focus will also
gain twice his normal amount of Spirit. Can be quite useful, but it's not as
good as it might sound.

Hand of Fate (Drachma)          25 SP   SomeNumber = 9
Causes guaranteed instant Death to a single target. If that target has Death
immunity, instead it will take damage. Average spirit efficiency damage-wise.
It is the most damaging move in the game. Rarely will you use it intending to
cause Death, but mainly against bosses when trying to do massive damage.

Drachma is awesome against bosses, but not as great in regular fights.

Gunslinger (Gilder)              9 SP   SomeNumber = 3
Does big damage to all enemies in a line that is quite thick. Against one
target it is nearly as efficient as Cutlass Fury, and against multiple targets
its destructive power and spirit efficiency is ultra whopping, easily the best
in the game.

Aura of Denial (Gilder)          3 SP
Protects your entire party from being afflicted with status ailments for a
turn. Not as good as Delta Shield. Only use this over Delta Shield to protect
against side-effects of normal physical attacks or special moves, or if you
must cast positive magic on yourself in the same turn you are protected.

The Claudia (Gilder)            18 SP   SomeNumber = 2.5
Does big damage to all enemies on screen. Much more spirit efficient than Rain
of Swords.

Gilder is the best character at wiping out hordes of strong normal enemies.

Royal Blade (Enrique)            8 SP   SomeNumber = 4
Does big damage to a single target. A great move, excellent spirit efficiency.

Justice Shield (Enrique)         4 SP
For one turn your entire party will effectively be Guarding, except that your
other characters are free to act. Quite good. Best when used alone, but can be
fine in conjunction with Skull Shield or Delta Shield. However using all three
simultaneously is not recommended.

The Judgement (Enrique)         16 SP   SomeNumber = 8
Does massive damage to a single target. A great move that is really efficient.

Enrique can be argued to be the best character in the game. He is not quite as
well-rounded as Vyse and is most useful against bosses, but the power of his
offensive special moves is overwhelming.

Alpha Storm (Aika)               4 SP   SomeNumber = 120
Does damage to all enemies in a line that is quite thick. Do not laugh at the
power of Alpha Storm, as early on it is by far the most powerful special move
in the game.

Delta Shield (Aika)              2 SP
Protects your entire party from magic for one turn. This includes both damage
and status ailments, but unfortunately prevents you from casting positive magic
such as Increm or Sacres on yourself. Extremely useful.

Lambda Burst (Aika)              8 SP   SomeNumber = 200
Does damage to all enemies on screen.

Epsilon Mirror (Aika)           10 SP
Makes Aika completely and utterly invincible for one turn, and also gives her
10 MP. Nothing will affect her, including status ailments. Once you learn this
move your team will probably be invincible if used well.

Omega Psyclone (Aika)           12 SP   SomeNumber = 330
Does damage to all enemies on screen.

Aika can be argued to be the best character in the game. Her defensive moves
are dominating and essentially make your team invincible. Offensively she is
useless against bosses except very early on in the game. However, she is the
mainstay offensive force on your team for clearing out hordes of weak normal
enemies. As the game progresses her offensive specials will get noticeably less
and less effective at wiping out hordes of normal enemies compared to Vyse's
Rain of Swords, but they will always remain competent. Her higher level
offensive moves are about as spirit efficient as her lower level moves at
first, but late game the damage they do becomes more similar, so Alpha Storm
becomes the most efficient.

Lunar Blessing (Fina)           12 SP
Gives all members of your party Regeneration, which restores 200 HP at the end
of each turn. Useful against bosses, but not as good late game.

Lunar Glyph (Fina)               3 SP   SomeNumber = 50
Damages a single enemy. Enemy may be Stoned as a random side-effect. Quite
useful for damaging enemies early game. Later on this move is still useful
since it can Stone even very powerful enemies and bosses who are not immune.

Lunar Cleansing (Fina)           6 SP
Cures all members of your party from negative status ailments. Not really all
that useful, and usually not worth the effort.

Lunar Winds (Fina)               6 SP   SomeNumber = 150
Does damage to all enemies on screen, and removes any positive status
enhancements on them. This move is often overlooked because its ability to
remove status enhancements is essentially useless. However it does decent
damage and can be used as an alternative to Aika's offensive specials.

Lunar Light (Fina)              18 SP
Restores all team members to full health, even dead ones. Also cures all
members from negative status ailments. Once you learn this move your party is
almost sure to be invincible.

Fina can be argued to be the best character in the game because of Lunar Light.

Special Moves that aren't an attack always go first, which is usually good.
Also, Special Moves that attack always hit and never get counterattacked.

Prophecy (Crew Special)		ALL SP
Does damage to all enemies on screen. Damage done is independent of your own
stats or the enemy stats. Damage maybe given by the formula 110 x Vyse's Level.

Blue Rogues (Crew Special)	ALL SP
Does some damage to all enemies on screen and heals some life to each
character. Damage and healing is independent of stats. Damage may be given by
the formula 10 x Vyse's Level x number of damage-type crewmembers active, and
healing by 10 x Vyse's Level x number of healing-type crewmembers active. For
damage-type crewmembers the background as they perform their contribution to
Blue Rogues is blue. For healing-type crewmembers the background will be pink.

In addition, enemies lose their turn entirely on the turn your Crew Special is
performed. Nevertheless, the only time I've found the Crew Specials to be more
effective than normal special moves has been against Elcian.

Magic Spells
Magic attacks that do damage always hit and never get counterattacked, which is
good. However they don't really do all that much more damage than a normal
attack in most cases, because the SomeNumber damage bonus for a particular
magic spell in a sense competes with the Attack bonus the character would get
from his equipped weapon when executing a normal attack.

Nevertheless for characters with a weak Power stat and a high Will stat, like
Aika and Fina, attacking with magic or their magic-based specials will do a lot
more damage than their normal physical attack. Also if you get your characters
to level 99 and further max out their stats to 999 with seeds, their weapons
will become somewhat useless since they won't raise Attack beyond 999. But the
SomeNumber bonus of Magic will still boost damage even at 999 Will. Still, the
damage done by magic and magical special move attacks in this case will pale in
comparison to the damage done by physical special move attacks.

Damage done by magic attacks is generally a bit higher than damage done by
magical special move attacks of equal spirit cost, but this is fair since they
also take 1 MP to cast.

Pyri (red)                       2 SP   SomeNumber = 100
Pyres (red)                      4 SP   SomeNumber = 170
Pyrum (red)                      6 SP   SomeNumber = 240
Pyrulen (red)                   10 SP   SomeNumber = 310
Does damage to all enemies on screen. For some reason Pyrulen costs a
disproportionate amount of spirit compared to the ultimate magic spell of the
other analogous color series. Yet it exhibits the same damage increase that
would be expected, following the same pattern. Probably the spirit cost was an
error in the game. Whatever the reason, try to avoid using Pyrulen.

Wevli (blue)                     2 SP   SomeNumber = 120
Wevles (blue)                    4 SP   SomeNumber = 210
Wevlum (blue)                    6 SP   SomeNumber = 300
Wevlen (blue)                    8 SP   SomeNumber = 390
Does damage to all enemies in a circle of increasing radius, proportional to
the level of the spell being used.

Electri (yellow)                 2 SP   SomeNumber = 120
Electres (yellow)                4 SP   SomeNumber = 210
Electrum (yellow)                6 SP   SomeNumber = 300
Electrulen (yellow)              8 SP   SomeNumber = 390
Does damage to all enemies in a line of increasing thickness, proportional to
the level of the spell being used.

Crystali (purple)                1 SP   SomeNumber = 140
Crystales (purple)               2 SP   SomeNumber = 240
Crystalum (purple)               3 SP   SomeNumber = 340
Crystalen (purple)               4 SP   SomeNumber = 440
Damages a single enemy.

Noxi (green)                     3 SP   SomeNumber = 120
Noxus (green)                    6 SP   SomeNumber = 200
Noxi damages and poisons a single enemy. Noxus damages and poisons all enemies.

Eternum (silver)                15 SP   SomeNumber = 500
Causes guaranteed instant death to a single enemy unless it is immune. If
immune it will take damage instead.

Appendix: Raw Test Data
This is just a collection of some of the raw test data I had to accumulate to
figure out all the magic damages, as well as certain other facts about how
damage is calculated in this game. Only read this if you do not trust my
results or are really interested in some tiny details not mentioned yet.

Miscellaneous Enemy Stats
Elcian: Attack 2000, Will 1200, Defense 700, MagDef 700, HP 10000
Guard: Defense 38
Soldier: Defense 42

These stats were determined experimentally using the above damage formulas for
calculating average damage and the values of my own characters' stats. Except
for Elcian's MagDef which in all honesty has to be simply guessed because prior
to testing none of the SomeNumbers for the magic attacks were known. We only
know for sure Elcian's MagDef is greater than 650. But the guess makes a lot of
sense and there is never any indication it is wrong. Once we make the guess we
can then standardize and experimentally determine SomeNumber for all the magic
attacks. We can then experimentally determine MagDef for any other creature if
desired. We only need to make one standardized assumption for the MagDef of one
particular creature, which I chose to be Elcian.

The following data were gathered by hitting Elcian over and over, sometimes
more than 100 times for each move, to determine the exact damage ranges. Aika
was boosted to exactly 999 Will with seeds and Critical Vision. Fina also had
exactly 999 Will with seeds and Cupil Ring. Enrique was boosted to exactly 999
Attack with seeds and Serpent Strike. Both Vyse and Drachma were boosted to
1001 Attack or more after the combined effects of seeds and their weapons, but
as expected Attack maxes at 999 both on the stat screen and in reality.

For calculating damage averages, data from multiple moves that appear to do the
same damage were combined for better results. Randomness = Spread / Expected.

Move Name              Damage Range  Average  Expected  Spread  Randomness
---------              ------------  -------  --------  ------  ----------
Enrique normal attack  1265 - 1330   1297.5   1298      65      5.008%
Drachma normal attack  1265 - 1330   1297.5   1298      65      5.008%
Pyri                   1363 - 1432   1397.5   1398      69      4.936%
Wevli                  1382 - 1451   1417     1418      70      4.937%
Electri                1384 - 1451   1417     1418      70      4.937%
Alpha Storm            1382 - 1452   1417     1418      70      4.937%
Noxi                   1383 - 1450   1417     1418      70      4.937%
(theoretical)          1382 - 1453   1417.5   1418      71      5.007%
Eternum                1753 - 1842   1797.5   1798      89      4.950%
Lambda Burst           1462 - 1534   1497     1498      74      4.940%
Noxus                  1460 - 1530   1497     1498      74      4.940%
(theoretical)          1460 - 1535   1497.5   1498      75      5.007%
Omega Psyclone         1589 - 1665   1627     1628      76      4.668%
(theoretical)          1587 - 1668   1627.5   1628      81      4.975%
Lunar Glyph            1314 - 1380   1347     1348      66      4.896%
(theoretical)          1314 - 1381   1347.5   1348      67      4.970%
Lunar Winds            1413 - 1484   1448.5   1448      71      4.903%
(theoretical)          1411 - 1484   1447.5   1448      73      5.041%
Pyres                  1432 - 1502   1467     1468      70      4.768%
(theoretical)          1431 - 1504   1467.5   1468      73      4.973%
Wevles                 1470 - 1538   1507     1508      74      4.907%
Electres               1471 - 1544   1507     1508      74      4.907%
(theoretical)          1470 - 1545   1507.5   1508      75      4.973%
Pyrum                  1500 - 1574   1536.5   1538      75      4.876%
Crystales              1499 - 1571   1536.5   1538      75      4.876%
(theoretical)          1499 - 1576   1537.5   1538      77      5.007%
Wevlum                 1562 - 1635   1597.5   1598      77      4.819%
Electrum               1559 - 1636   1597.5   1598      77      4.819%
(theoretical)          1558 - 1637   1597.5   1598      79      4.944%
Pyrulen                1570 - 1646   1608     1608      76      4.726%
(theoretical)          1567 - 1648   1607.5   1608      81      5.037%
Wevlen                 1652 - 1728   1688.5   1688      79      4.680%
Electrulen             1649 - 1714   1688.5   1688      79      4.680%
(theoretical)          1645 - 1730   1687.5   1688      85      5.036%
Crystali               1403 - 1473   1438     1438      70      4.868%
(theoretical)          1402 - 1473   1437.5   1438      71      4.937%
Crystalum              1597 - 1675   1636     1638      78      4.762%
(theoretical)          1597 - 1678   1637.5   1638      81      4.945%
Crystalen              1695 - 1781   1738     1738      86      4.948%
(theoretical)          1694 - 1781   1737.5   1738      87      5.006%
Vyse normal attack     1273 - 1338   1305.5   1306?     65      4.978%
Vyse critical hit      1957 - 2056   2006.5   2006?     99      4.935%
(theoretical)          1955 - 2056   2005.5   2006?     101     5.035%
Rain of Swords         1911 - 2006   1958.5   1959?     95      4.849%
(theoretical)          1910 - 2007   1958.5   1959?     96      4.900%

As one can see the test data fits the damage formula perfectly. The game
appears to truncate the decimal point from the final resulting random damage.
This causes the actual theoretical average damage to be 0.5 points lower than
the raw calculated average damage. Although not recorded in the data it also
appears that the two endpoints of damage, the minimum and maximum, occur a bit
more rarely than the rest of the uniform damage distribution. This is due to
the truncation after the 5% randomness is multiplied in.

There is an abnormality in all physical damage done by Vyse. His normal
physical attack did exactly 8 points more damage than normal. As testing shows,
this increase also applies perfectly and properly for his Critical Hits and
physical special moves. After testing out hundreds of hypotheses why this might
be true I concluded that the only possible explanation is that Vyse is special
compared to all other characters. Further testing of damages against Elcian was
done. The above Aika and Fina at level 99 were physically tested. Aika had 535
Attack, and Fina had 444 Attack. A weaker Vyse at level 86, Attack 609, and
Will 285 was also tested.

Move Name              Damage Range  Average  Expected  Spread  Randomness
---------              ------------  -------  --------  ------  ----------
Aika normal attack     360 - 379     369.5    370       19      5.135%
Fina normal attack     183 - 193     188      188       10      5.319%
(theoretical)          183 - 192     187.5    188       9       4.787%
Vyse normal attack     510 - 538     524      518 + ?   28      5.344%
(theoretical)          510 - 537     523.5    524?      27      5.153%
Vyse Crystalen         302 - 318     310      310       16      5.161%
(theoretical)          302 - 317     309.5    310       15      4.839%
Vyse Noxus             68 - 72       70       70        4       5.714%
(theoretical)          68 - 71       69.5     70        3       4.286%
Vyse Pyres             39 - 41       40       40        2       5.000%
(theoretical)          39 - 40       39.5     40        1       2.500%

So this time Vyse only did 6 points more damage than normal. And when tested at
the beginning of the game, Vyse did completely normal damage. The abnormality
seems to be linked to some unknown stat that only Vyse possesses which must
increase as the game progresses. What stat could this be? I can think of only
one such stat...the Swashbuckler Rating! So the Swashbuckler Rating might
actually have a minor effect in fights. This level 86 Vyse was only Dashing due
to purposeful poor answering of questions throughout the game. The level 99
Vyse from an entirely different play-through of the game was a Legend.

Overall though, an 8 point increase in damage is not too significant at high
levels. It will not make Pirate's Wrath as strong as The Judgement.

The above data shows another new abnormality. Both Fina and Vyse actually did
experimental damage outside the theoretical range! This never happened in any
of the previous tests. Extensive testing showed the damage outside the expected
range always occurs at the maximum possible damage value and is always exactly
1 point higher than previously theorized. The likelihood of seeing this special
1 point maximum damage is more likely at low damages, and nearly impossible at
high damages. Even at low damages, the likelihood of seeing the special 1 point
maximum is extremely low compared to the likelihood of seeing the rest of the
damage values.

For Vyse's Pyres attack, 102.5% x 40 is exactly 41 but that means the 41 damage
should theoretically never happen unless the game rolls a perfect maximum. In
actuality the 41 damage is only seen due to the 1 point special maximum which
occurs extremely rarely. The true average experimental damage is something
close to 39.5 and not 40, since the 41 occurs so rarely.

Another test was done with a Vyse of 291 Will against Elcian to show how rarely
the 1 point special maximum occurs, even at tiny damages.

Move Name              Damage Range  Average  Expected  Spread  Randomness
---------              ------------  -------  --------  ------  ----------
Vyse Wevli             1 - 3         2        2         2       100%
(theoretical)          1 - 2         1.5      2         1       50%

# of trials:               73 times
# of times Damage was 1:   30 times
# of times Damage was 2:   40 times
# of times Damage was 3:    3 times

The 1 point special maximum most likely exists because of a quirky way in which
the actual game's Battle Damage Formula is coded. It's not important to figure
out what exactly what this is. The 1 point maximum occurs rarely enough at low
damages and is next to impossible at high damages. The theoretical formula is
exact enough.

Credits and Special Thanks
Here are some of the people who helped me on this FAQ. If you helped me and
would like your name added, just let me know.

Yorutsuki, Lunar Eclipse, gilderthegreat, Strippin Heat

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