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FAQ/Walkthrough by ShinChuck

Updated: 05/12/01

Skies of Arcadia Trial Edition FAQ/Walkthrough
This FAQ was created by Charles Martin Cosgriff II (aka "Shin" and
"ShinChuck").  No using without permission.  Questions, comments, etc, can
be sent to shinchuck@sega.net or shinchuck@yahoo.com.

1) Introduction
2) Characters
3) Artifacts
4) Equipment
5) Magic
6) Combat
7) Enemies
8) Air Combat
9) Laws of the Air Pirates
10) Miniature Navigation
11) 4 Consecutive Battles
12) Airship Battle

-Version 1.0, 12/4/00
---Most likely the final version.
---Any new versions that do come about will be found at

1) Introduction
Skies of Arcadia is set to be the next big RPG for the Dreamcast.  The
GD-ROM packaged with
issue #9 of ODCM (Official Dreamcast Magazine) contains the Trial Edition of
Skies of Arcadia,
 which is what this FAQ is covering.  From my experience, this is an amazing
demo.  It should
take about two hours to conquer it all - that¹s an awfully long demo.

You¹ll be greeted with a varying title screen.  One moment it will be
daylight, then dusk, then
night, then dawn, then daylight again.  The message ³Press Start Button²
will appear soon after
 the title screen does.

The Trial Edition presents four options: a six-part introduction to air
pirates, a miniature
adventure, a battle mode, and an airship battle mode.

2) Main Characters
Vyse is a young Blue Rogue, and the hero of the game.  He lives with his
parents on the island,
though his father is usually gone.
---Level 1
---HP 420/420  MP 2/2
---Weapon: Cutlass
---Armor: Pirate Clothes
---Accessory: Goggle
---Starting Magic: Pyri

Aika is a young Blue Rogue, and the heroin of the game.  She lost her
parents at an early age.  She
 and Vyse adventure together.
---Level 1
---HP 360/360  MP 3/3
---Weapon: Boomerang
---Armor: Pirate Clothes
---Accessory: Ribbon
---Starting Magic: Crystali

The only thing the Trial Edition of SoA lets off about Fina is that she¹s
primarily a magic user,
and apparently not of the island.
---Level 1
---HP 300/300  MP 5/5
---Weapon: Boomerang
---Armor: Pirate Clothes
---Accessory: Ribbon
---Starting Magic: Sacri

Drachma appears in Section 5 of the Laws of the Air Pirates portion and in
the Airship Battle.
 One-eyed and robotic-looking, he¹s apparently a veteran ship captain.  He
aids Vyse in his

Gilder appears only in Section 3 of the Laws of the Air Pirates portion.
Joining with Vyse at a
 certain point, he appears to be an adventurer himself.  He¹s not playable
in the slightest in the demo.

Belleza appears in Section 6 of the Laws of the Air Pirates portion.  She is
the captain of a Valua
airship that was defeated by Vyse¹s ship.

3) Artifacts
There are three artifacts to find in the Trial Version of SoA.  The
descriptions of each artifact
given in the game don¹t totally reek of clarityorama, but you should get the
basic jist.  You¹ll be
able to tell that you¹re near an artifact when your compass goes wacky.

---Dumpling Rock - found near the Sand Island and the Forest Island on a
floating rock covered in
In-Game Description: 3 mysterious rocks piled up that appear as if they will
fall but don¹t.
 There¹s a tale of sailors who held the rocks in place to keep them from
falling during a storm.

---Grieving Prince Statue - found on a low desert island to the northeast of
Pirate Island.
In-Game Description: A statue of a prince who lost his wife during voyage &
spent the rest of
his life staring at the sky.  It¹s told that tears fall from its eyes at
night during the full moon, as it
 was when his wife died.

---Penguin - found on a tiny, ice-covered island to the west of Shrine
In-Game Description: A strange bird that lives on a frozen island.  It jumps
to feed on fish
floating in the air.  The pair alternate to warm the eggs.  It¹s feather is
a lucky charm for safe
delivery and happy marriage.

4) Equipment
Magic will increase according to what type of Moon Stone a weapon is made
out of.  For
example, since Vyse starts with a cutlass, his Red Moon Stone magic will
increase the fastest.
During combat, bringing a Moon Stone close to a weapon changes that weapon¹s
attribute to
whatever color the Moon Stone brought near it was.  (Note: there are six
colors of Moon Stones:
 Green, Red, Purple, Blue, Yellow, and Silver.  However, only Green, Red and
Purple are
available in the SoA Trial Version.)

---Boomerang     At 19  De 0  Wi 0  Ma 0  Hi 110  Do 0  Qu 0
---Cupil Knight    At 20  De 0  Wi 0  Ma 0  Hi 100  Do 0  Qu 0
---Cutlass     At 21  De 0  Wi 0  Ma 0  Hi 90  Do 0  Qu 0
---Leather Crescent    At 26  De 0  Wi 0  Ma 0  Hi 110  Do 0  Qu 0
---Sky Cutlass     At 160  De 0  Wi 0  Ma 0  Hi 120  Do 0  Qu 0
---Sea Cutlass     At 19  De 0  Wi 0  Ma 0  Hi 0  Do 0  Qu 0

---Leather Clothing    At 0  De 25  Wi 0  Ma 25  Hi 0  Do 0  Qu 0
---Leather Skirt    At 0  De 140  Wi 0  Ma 170  Hi 0  Do 0  Qu 20
---Pirate Clothes    At 0  De 20  Wi 0  Ma 20  Hi 0  Do 0  Qu 0
---Silk Robe     At 0  De 16  Wi 0  Ma 24  Hi 0  Do 0  Qu 0

---Goggle     At 0  De 0  Wi 0  Ma 0  Hi 5  Do 0  Qu 0
---Ribbon     At 0  De 0  Wi 0  Ma 0  Hi 0  Do 0  Qu 5
---Ring of Oak     At 0  De 0  Wi 5  Ma 0  Hi 0  Do 0  Qu 0
---Warbeads    At 50  De 0  Wi 0  Ma 0  Hi 20  Do 0  Qu 0

---Green Moonstone - If you bring this close to a weapon, the weapon¹s
attribute will be changed
 to green.
---Purple Moonstone - If you bring this close to a weapon, the weapon¹s
attribute will be
changed to purple.
---Red Moonstone - If you bring this close to a weapon, the weapon¹s
attribute will be changed
to red.

---Agile Berry - the berry of the Tree of Grace.  By eating it your speed
will increase by 3.
---Amber - a piece of fossilized resin that came from an ancient magical
tree.  It recovers your
MP by 1P.
---Amber Ball - a large ball of amber that came from an ancient magical
tree.  It recovers your MP
 by 10P.
---Flying Sunfish - a fish that inhabits the Shrine Island area.  The taste
of the fish is plain.
---Life Berry - the berry of the Tree of Life.  By eating it your maximum HP
will increase by 30.
---Magic Berry - the berry of the Tree of Magic.  By eating it your maximum
MP will increase
by 1.
---Mind Berry - the berry of the Tree of Wisdom.  By eating it your energy
will increase by 3.
---Moonberry - used to gain new super moves.
---Power Berry - the berry of the Tree of Strength.  By eating it your
strength will increase by 3.
---Red Sunfish - a type of fish that inhabits the Shrine Island area.  It is
considered a gourmet
---Sap Leaf - a leaf of a plant that recovers an ally¹s HP by 250P.
---Sapocine Leaf - a leaf of a rare plant found in the Eastern islands.  It
can completely heal an
ally¹s HP.
---Sky Sardines - a type of fish that inhabits the Shrine Island area.  It
doesn¹t taste very good.
---Speed Berry - the berry of the Tree of Time.  By eating it your speed
will increase by 3.
---Vigor Berry - the berry of the Tree of Health.  By eating it your vigor
will increase by 3.

5) Magic
Each spell costs 1MP and a specified amount of SP.  The speed you learn new
spells depends on
 what color your weapon is.  A purple weapon will increase the speed at
which you learn spells
in the purple class.  To change a weapon¹s color, just bring the appropriate
Moon Stone close to

---Crystali- a purple spell that damages a single enemy with an ice attack.
Decent for a beginning
Required SP: 2
---Icrem - a red spell that increases the strength of an ally¹s attack.
Usually most effective when
 used at the beginning of a battle.
Required SP: 3
---Noxi - a green spell that damages a single enemy with the possibility of
poisoning.  Helpful for clearing out weaklings.
Required SP: 2
---Panika - a purple spell that makes a single enemy confused.
Required SP: 2
---Pyri - a red spell that damages a single enemy with a fire attack.
Required SP: 2
---Pyrum - a red spell that damages all enemies with a fire attack.  Helpful
for clearing out
Required SP: 5
---Sacri - a green spell that minorly heals a single ally.
Required SP: 2
---Sacrum - a green spell that minorly heals all allies.
Required SP: 5

6) Combat
The combat in SoA utilizes the turn-based style now familiar to RPGs, but
with a few twists.  This helps
make it unique, yet comfortable for the veteran RPG gamer.

Beginning a Battle
You¹ll normally be attacked when you¹re aboard the airship.  Monsters attack
at random, and
you can go after Valua ships.  The only battle you¹ll encounter that¹s on
land is the final battle in
 the demo.

At the beginning of a round, you input the desired commands for each
character from the
following options:
---Run - this option gives you the chance to flee the enemy.  It doesn¹t
always work, and it¹s not
 always available.
---Item - this option allows you to use items you have collection and equip.
---Guard - using this will make the character protect themselves, usually
lessening the damage
any attacks inflict on them.
---Attack - a normal attack.
---Super Moves - allows you to select and perform a Special Attack, assuming
you have enough
---Magic - allows you to perform whatever magical attacks that character has
learned, assuming
 you have enough MP and SP.
---Focus - gives your character the chance to summon more SP.

Spirit Points
Each character has a certain amount of Spirit Points, or SP.  During
battles, your SP and your
Max SP will be pooled.  You won¹t start off with the Max SP; rather, These
points are used to
perform Special Attacks and cast spells.

Super Moves
These are special attacks.  If you have enough SP, they can be performed,
usually with major
results.  Moonberries help characters learn new Super Moves.

7) Enemies
Enemies will be classified on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being the weakest, and
5 being the strongest.

---Agathamaus - 4, found in the shrine of the Miniature Navigation mode.
---Antonio - 3, found in Section 4 of the Laws of the Air Pirates mode.
---Azbeth - 1, found in the skies of the Miniature Navigation mode.
---BatleshipSoldier - 2, found in the skies of the Miniature Navigation
---Elmo - 1, found in the skies of the Miniature Navigation mode.
---Escort Officer - 3, found in Battle 1 of the 4 Consecutive Fights mode.
---Guard - 2, found in Battle 1 of the 4 Consecutive Fights mode.
---Grouder - 3, found in the skies of the Miniature Navigation mode.
---Imagotalia - 4, found in Battle 2 of the 4 Consecutive Fights mode.
---Laas - 5, found in Battle 4 of the 4 Consecutive Fights mode.
---Magic Executor - 3, found aboard Valuan Battleships in the Miniature
Navigation mode.
---Marocca - 2, found in the skies of the Miniature Navigation mode.
---Mircosteel - 3, found in the skies of the Miniature Navigation mode.
---Nur -  1, found in the skies of the Miniature Navigation mode.
---Sailor - 3, found aboard Valuan Battleships in the Miniature Navigation
---Stonehawk - 3, found in the skies of the Miniature Navigation mode.
---Warden - 4, found aboard a Valuan Battleship in the Miniature Navigation
mode and in Battle 3 of the 4 Consecutive Fights mode.

8) Air Combat
Commanding the Airship
A grid will appear at the top of the screen.  You set up your strategy for
each character here.
  The methods of attacking involve the ship¹s (Little Jack) weaponry, your
spells and the amount
 of Spirit Points you have.  As in regular combat, focusing works

Little Jack¹s Weaponry
Main Cannon: there are two of these.  They are the strongest cannons aboard
the ship.
Spirit Points Required for Each: 4
3-inch Cannon: this is the secondary cannon.  While weaker, it can fire in
two consecutive turns.
Spirit Points Required for Each Round: 2
Sparrow Torpedo: these allow you to pile more attacks onto a certain turn.
These are unique in
the fact that after firing them, they come down a turn or two later,
depending on what you set it for.
Spirit Points Required: 3

9) Laws of the Air Pirates (Portions are Playable)
³What are air pirates?  Find out by watching these 6 sequences!²

This mode is basically an introduction to the world of Skies of Arcadia.
You won¹t do much
besides watch select portions of storylines and fight a couple battles.

Section 1: Be bold in the face of danger!
³Rogues of the air...
Searching the skies for high adventure... and for gold!²
This scene shows Vyse attacking a Valua ship.  Aika quickly follows, and a
battle against three
BatleshipSoldier (in the game, the second ³L² is missing, most likely a

Vyse¹s Stats     Aika¹s Stats
---Level 1     ---Level 1
---HP 420/420  MP 2/2   ---HP 360/360  MP 3/3
---Weapon: Cutlass    ---Weapon: Boomerang
---Armor: Pirate Clothes   ---Armor: Pirate Clothes
---Accessory: Goggle               ---Accessory: Ribbon

The battle isn¹t hard at all.  Depending on misses/counters/critical hits,
the length of the battle
will vary, but the fastest way is this: have Vyse use his Pyri spell, and
Aika a normal attack.
This should weaken two and defeat the third soldier.  For the second round,
Vyse and Aika will
usually just be able to attack normally and finish each soldier.

Section 2: Never hesitate!
³Sailors of the sky...
Riding the winds through the clouds and beyond the sunset!²
Flying aboard their airship, Vyse and Aika come across a huge flying whale.
Vyse will be
presented with three options:
1 - Fighting the Whale
2 - Fleeing the Whale
3 - Asking for Aika¹s Advice
However, each choice yields the same results.  The whale will open it¹s
gaping maw and let loose
a huge blast of air at the ship, and the two pirates hold on tight.

Section 3: Discover incredible treasures!
³Treasure Hunters...
Traveling the world in search of untold riches!²
You¹re introduced to a new character here: Gilder.  Gilder and Vyse are in
sight of a treasure
chest.  Aika and Fina  surprise the two by arriving, having apparently came
by themselves.  After
 a touching reunion, shock overtake¹s Gilder, Vyse and Aika¹s faces as they
gaze into the chest...

Section 4: Don¹t let evil go unpunished!
³Chivalrous gentlemen...
Bringing honor and pride to the skies through their deeds.²
Alfonso is preparing to flee his battleship.  After disposing of the Vice
Captain, who Alfonso
claims allowed the air pirates to rob the ship, he is confronted by Vyse,
while Aika kneels over a
fallen Fina.  Vyse challenges Alfonso, who responds by calling Antonio, his
warbeast, to fight
Vyse.  A battle ensues, with Vyse and Aika taking positions against Antonio.

Vyse¹s Stats:     Aika¹s Stats:
---Level 2     ---Level 1
---HP 506/506  MP 2/2   ---HP 360/360  MP 3/3
---Weapon: Cutlass    ---Weapon: Boomerang
---Armor: Pirate Clothes   ---Armor: Pirate Clothes
---Accessory: Goggle    ---Accessory: Ribbon

This battle is actually easier then the first one.  Antonio¹s attacks don¹t
do much damage.  The
 fight can be finished in two rounds: have Vyse use normal attacks, and Aika
use her Crystali
spell.  Antonio will explode when you¹ve finished him.

Section 5: Brave the Odds!
³Fierce warriors...
Facing grave dangers and formidable enemies!²
Aboard their airship, Vyse, Aika and Drachma talk about having just made it
through some sort
 of checkpoint and are finally at Valua.  The only entrance to Valua is a
huge, nearly
indestructible fortress made of iron and heavily armed.  The door of the
fortress opens to let
ships pass through.  Aika comments on Fina and Captain Dyne being held
captive inside, and
Drachma says that no air pirate has ever escaped.  The only way out: being
executed and having
your corpse thrown out of the fortress.  Acting cocky, Vyse says he¹ll
rescue everyone, and flies
the ship into the fortress.

Section 6: Never give up!
³Brave adventurers...
Forever challenging the impossible!²
Vyse¹s ship is resting on a sand dune, across from a wrecked Valua ship.
The party has gotten
hold of the Red Moon Crystal, and Drachma takes the wrecked ship¹s more
powerful engine for
their own ship.  Aika forces the defeated Valua captain, Belleza, to walk
back because she
deceived them.  The party then sets out for the Green Moon Crystal in

The ³Laws of the Air Pirates² portion of the game ends with a picture of
Vyse, Aika and Fina.
  The message ³I¹ll be waiting for you in the great blue sky!² is displayed
at the bottom of the

10) Miniature Navigation (Playable)
³Sailing to find Moon Stones!  A demo version miniature quest!²

The Miniature Navigation is the most notable part of the Trial Edition.
Basically a miniature
quest, it gives the feel of what the full game will be like.  Not only is it
long for a demo, it features
 a hidden area, the underground base of the pirate¹s island, which is not
present in the full version
 of SoA.  It¹s pretty linear, so I¹ll try to explain the fastest way to
conquer all goals.

Vyse, Aika and Fina are watching a sunset and discussing what lies beyond it
when a Moon
Stone falls and lands on Shrine Island.  Vyse and Aika decide to go collect
it the next day.

After Vyse awakes, he joins Aika and Fina.  You¹re now in control of Vyse.
Explore the village if
 you like, or hop right into the action.

Go down the hill.  Talk to the kids playing there and agree to a game of
hide-and-seek, then go
find them.  The girl is hiding on one side of Vyse¹s house (to the right
from where Vyse starts).
Go left from there, following the edge of the island, and you¹ll encounter a
boy.  Continuing going
 counter-clockwise around the island and you¹ll reach a clothesline.  The
second boy is behind a
cloth drying in the sun.  Continue your course, and you¹ll come across the
village well.  Pow, the
 dog, is here.  Now you¹ve found everyone.  As a reward, one of the boys
tells you of an artifact
 hidden on a small island between Forest Island and Sand Island.

Now to find the three treasure chests hidden above-ground on the isle.  The
first one is in the
vegetable garden and contains three sap leaves.  Go onto the walkway and
climb the ladder to
reach the lookout.  The second chest is up here and contains two amber.
Climb back down the
ladder, then make your way up the ramp to your ship.  The chest here
contains three more sap
 leaves.  Board the ship.

Turn the ship to the left till there¹s another ship in front of you in
between two floating rocks.
Fly over to it and agree to follow.  All you need to do is follow the ship
around for a bit.  It¹s
nothing hard.  If you do this, you¹ll be rewarded with a moonberry.

Now fly back over to the waterfalls you just passed.  Among other fish,
there should be a few
schools of sky sardines.  Catch ten by flying into them, then head back to
Pirate Isle.  Give the
ten fish you just caught to Vyse¹s mom.  She¹ll reward you with a moonberry.

Head back to the ship.  Cross the desert island and fly right above the low
island.  Searching will
 reveal the Grieving Prince Statue.  By now, your party should be at Level 2
or 3.

Rise up from there and look around.  A Valuan Battleship should be in sight.
Engage it.  You¹ll
face off against three sailors.  It¹s not a hard battle.  Just concentrate
your attack for the first
round.  By the second, you should have enough SP to do Vyse¹s Cutlass Fury.
Use it on a sailor
 with full HP to take him out.  Aika and Fina can finish off the sailor
attacked in the first round,
leaving one left.  Round three is just a case of finishing off the final
sailor.  You¹ll gain twelve sap
 leaves from winning.  Use them to recover, if you¹re weakened.

Fly back west to the forest island and search to find the Dumpling Stone,
then head north.  Fly
low and move along the rocks in the east.  You¹ll come across a break in the
rocks that you can
fly through.  Do so.  When you emerge on the other side, rise up, looking to
the right.  A Valuan
Battleship should be chasing around a pirate ship.

Engage the Valuan Battleship.  You¹ll take on three magic executors.  Spread
out your attacks.
 By the third round, Vyse should be strong enough to perform his Rain of
Swords super.  Use it
to finish off all three.  You¹ll be rewarded with three amber balls.  Ben,
the pirate of the ship that
 was being follow, will thank you by giving you the key to the underground
port in Pirate Island.
  This allows you to access the special demo-exclusive area.

Head back through the break.  Pass Shrine Island and head for the tiny
island covered in snow.
Search there and you¹ll find the Penguin.  Rise up and over the ridge ahead
of you, and continue
going straight, heading around the edge of the cliff.  You¹ll encounter
another Valua Battleship.
Make sure you¹re not weak, then attack.

You¹ll take on a warden, a magic executer, and a sailor.  In round one,
concentrate on taking out
the magic executioner.  Take out the warden next.  Have Aika and Fina
attack, and Vyse can use
his Cutlass Fury.  The sailor shouldn¹t be hard.  Just attack him, using
Supers if you can.  If
anyone is in trouble of dying, whip out some sap leaves.  For winning,
you¹ll gain a saprum leaf,
an amber ball, and four sap leaves.

>From here, head back to Pirate Island if you desire.  Purchase the best
equipment you can, then
check out the Underground Port.

Underground Port (Trial Edition Exclusive Area)
Go around the edge of Pirate Island till you reach  a dead end.  Look at the
wall to the right, and
you¹ll see the outline of a hidden door.  When you go through, Vyse will use
the key.  Run
straight across from the starting point of the base and go through the
opposite door.  A treasure
chest with a moonberry awaits you at the end of the hall.  Grab it, then go
back through the door
you came through.  You can ignore the stairs, which only lead you back to
the village.

Go down the stairs till you reach a platform with a little building.
Inside, the pirate captain
awaits.  Go to the bookshelf and search.  It¹ll slide to one side, revealing
a passageway with
another chest.  It contains 150 gold.  Exit the building.

Continue your trip downstairs.  There¹s nothing special in the two rooms on
the next platform,
 so you can continue heading down.  Cross the area at the bottom of the
stairs to reach another
room.  Inside lies a chest containing 200 gold and two expensive shops.  At
the weapons and
armor shop, you can pick up a Sky Cutlass, a Leather Skirt and Warbeads.
These are the best
weapons, armor, and accessories in the demo, respectively, but they¹re
pricey.  The tool shop
offers expensive berries that permanently increase a character¹s stats.

That¹s about it for this area.

Shrine Island (Final Destination)
Head over to Shrine Island.  After getting off, you¹re reminded this is the
final destination in the
Trial Edition.  You should be around Level 5 by now.  If you¹re done
exploring, continue on into
the shrine.

Once inside, the rubble forms into Agathamaus, the boss of the demo.  He¹s a
piece of cake.  The
only thing he has going is a lot of HP.  Just give him everything you got,
and he should soon go

Vyse, Aika and Fina will now retrieve the Moon Stone.  Vyse and Aika pose,
then the demo

A picture of them is shown, and the message at the bottom reads:
³This is the end of the air pirate version.  Full version coming soon!²

11) 4 Consecutive Fights (Playable)
³Fight off the enemy hordes with swords drawn and magic ready!²

4 Consecutive Battles is just that: four battles in a row.  HP and MP will
carry over to the next
battle.  Basically, if you use 2 MP in the first battle, that 2 MP will be
gone for the second.  The
 strategy for these battles is taking this into account and shows ways to
win without using up
MP.  Save it for the last two battles.

Battle 1
Vyse, Aika and Fina face off against two guards and an escort officer.  In
the first round, use
normal attacks on the first guard.  By round two, Vyse will be able to use
his Cutlass Fury.
While Aika finishes off the first guard, Vyse can use his Cutlass Fury to
blow away the second
guard.  With only the escort officer left, you should have no trouble.  Just
attack him and he¹ll be
down within a round or two.  After the battle, all three party members
should reach Level 3.
Aika will learn Panika, Fina will learn Noxi, Pyri and Crystali.  You¹ll
also gain a sapres leaf and a
 Sea Cutlass.

Battle 2
Now the three face an Imagotalia.  The first thing to do is equip Vyse with
the Sea Cutlass, select
 the Purple Moon Stone, then have him attack the enemy.  Aika can just do
her normal attack,
and Fina should Focus or Attack; it doesn¹t make much of a difference.
Follow this same tactic
for the second round.  By the third round, Vyse will be able to do his Rain
of Swords.  Aika and
Fina should just do what they did the past two rounds, preferably with Fina
focusing.  In round
four, Vyse will be able to do his Cutlass Fury.  Aika should use the sapres
leaf if the party has
taken a fair amount of damage, and Fina should Focus.  In round five, Aika
will be able to do her
Alpha Storm.  This should finish off the Imagotalia; if not, Vyse¹s regular
attack should.  Fina
might as well attack; there¹s not much she can do.  When beaten, the
Imagotalia will explode.  The
 party should each reach Level 5.  Vyse will learn Sacri, Crystali and
Panika, Aika will learn Sacri
 and Crystalen, and Fina will learn Panika and Sacrum.  You¹ll also gain a
leather crescent.

Battle 3
Things are starting to get rough.  The party takes on three wardens.  Equip
Aika with the Leather
 Crescent, select the Green Moon Stone for it and concentrate your party¹s
attacks on a single
warden.  Vyse should attack him, and Aika can use her Alpha Storm.  If
you¹re lucky or smart,
Aika¹s Alpha Storm will catch two or all of the wardens in it¹s blast.
Again, Fina can¹t do much
besides Focus and Attack.  In round two, Aika can do her Alpha Storm again.
The warden she
and Vyse are attacking should near-defeat.  In round three, that warden
should fall under Vyse¹s
slices.  Aika should turn her attack to a second warden; the weaker of the
two, if applicable.
Vyse can pull out another Cutlass Fury.  By round four, two of the wardens
should be down.
Vyse should be ready to do another Cutlass Fury.  Just concentrate
everyone¹s attack on the
final warden, and he should go down under Vyse¹s Special.  Vyse and Aika
should reach Level 7,
 and Fina should hit 6.  Vice will learn Crystalen, Aika will learn Sacrum
and Noxi, and Fina will
learn Crystalen.  You¹ll gain a saprum leaf and two sapres leaves.

Battle 4
The party faces off against Laas.  With the stored up MP, Fina can now be of
some help.  For
the first round, have Vyse attack, Aika focus, and Fina use Crystalen.  If
you¹re weakened, have
 Vyse use a Sapres Leaf.  The second round should be much the same as the
first.  Laas might try
 using Stone Gas on you, which temporarily turns the target into stone.  By
now, Lass should be
 weak enough that two more Crystalens kill it off.  Have everyone do a
Crystalen in the third
round, just to make sure Lass goes down.  Once defeated, Laas explodes.  The
party will now
reach Level 8.

This is where the mode ends.  You¹ll be shown a scene of Vyse, Aika and
Fina.  The message at
the bottom reads:
³Congratulations on 4 consecutive wins.
Please try the miniature navigation too.²

12) Airship Battle (Playable)
³Test your skills in a battle of airships!²

This part of the demo gives you a chance to battle in airship duels.
Soaring high in the sky,
cannonballs will fly.

Airship Battle 1
Vyse, Aika and Drachma face off against the Black Pirate Baltor and his
ship, the Black Beard.
The battle really isn¹t that hard.  Just focus and fire.  When you have the
advantage, loose a few
attacks, if possible.  You¹re almost assured victory.
After two rounds, you¹ll have two choices:
1 - Getting Behind the Black Beard
2 - Waiting to see what Baltor does
The preferred choice is the latter, but by now, the Black Beard should be
weak enough that one
or two more shots will blow it up despite what you choose.

Airship Battle 2
Fina joins Vyse, Aika and Drachma in a battle against a Valuan Battleship.
This is a much harder
 battle then the first, probably the hardest in the whole demo.  But don¹t
fret, that¹s not saying
much.  Guard against the ship¹s attacks and focus when you get the chance.
When you¹ve got
the Spirit Points, start attacking.  If you get weak, just use Fina¹s Sacri
spell, which should
restore about 4000 HP to the Little Jack.  At the beginning of the third
round, you¹ll be presented
 with two choices:
1 - Going on the Offensive
2 - Going on the Defensive
The first is the best option.  This will put you in position to use the
Super Cannon, which will
cause major damage to the Valuan Battleship.  After this, just continue your
assault, healing when
 necessary.  It shouldn¹t be long before the Valuan ship goes crashing from
the sky and the mode
 is completed.

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