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Vorlik Blade FAQ by Johnny5

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 02/09/01

S      K K      I    E      S        O   O  F
 SSS   KK       I    EEE     SSS     O   O  FF  
    S  K K      I    E          S    O   O  F   
SSSS   K   K  IIIII  EEEEE  SSSS      OOO   F          
A   A   R  R   C      A   A  D   D    I    A   A
AAAAA   RRRR  C       AAAAA  D   D    I    AAAAA
A   A   R  R   C      A   A  D   D    I    A   A
A   A   R   R   CCCC  A   A  DDDD   IIIII  A   A

[-Vorlik Blade FAQ-]

Version 3.0  

By Johnny5

Table of contents:
i: Updates
1: Introduction
2: Legal info
3: Getting the Vorlik Blade 
a: Things necessary to get the Vorlik Blade
b: Ryu-Kan and his forge
c: Finding  the materials
d: Assembling the blade
4: Frequently Asked Questions


i. Updates
  1/21/01: Fixed some of the spacing problems, updated the legal info, general  
  1/28/00: Fixed some more minor errors, spacing problems, etc. Additions to the 
Frequently Asked Questions section, as well as to the "Things necessary to get 
the Vorlik blade
  2/8/01:  Fixed more errors, thanks to Brian Chen, who pointed them out to me.

(1) Introduction
     I recently finished Skies of Arcadia, and I must say that it has to be one 
of the best RPGs I've ever played.  The good storyline, great ship battles, and 
likable characters really made this game shine.  Besides the discoveries and 
crew members, there are a couple of side quests proper, including the long 
process of getting VyseÕs final weapon, the Vorlik Blade.  Seeing as there is no 
faq currently devoted to this quest, I thought that I might help those Skies 
players who want to get this elusive 


(2) Legal Info
  This FAQ is copyright (c) Johnny5 2001. Don't sell this guide or post it on 
any web site besides GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) and Neoseeker 
(www.neoseeker.com) without my permission.  If you want to post this FAQ on your 
web site, or want more information, e-mail me at Johnny5@altavista.net



=>Getting The Vorlik Blade<=

(3a): Things necessary to get the Vorlik Blade
     To get VyseÕs ultimate weapon, the Vorlik blade, you have to go through a 
small side quest, as well as get one of the 40 something crew members
	To get the Vorlik  Blade, you need:
*Your own base and ship
*Ship capable of flying above and below the clouds
*Swashbuckler Rating of Vyse the Hero or above (to get Ryu-Kan)
* 1000 gold (to upgrade Ryu-KanÕs shop)
*Access to the Area ÒThe VortexÓ by SailorÕs Island (this means you are on disk 
 (i)these steps may be done in any order, but to finish this quest quickly, do 
them in the order shown.
 (ii) The coordinates given are done as shown:
A B C D E F...
1            |
2            |
3            |
4            |
5            |
6            |
... _________|  

 with letters horizontal, starting at the left part of the screen, and numbers 
vertical, starting at the top of the screen.
(iii) You may have to be pretty far in the game to get the Vorlik Blade.  I got 
it towards the end, when Soltis had risen, but I beleve you can get it earlier.

(3b) <<Ryu-Kan and his forge>>
     First, we have to find Ryu-Kan, the crew member who can create the blade. 
His hut is located south of Yafutoma.  Just continue flying north until you 
reach it.  The coordinates are B 14.   Talk to Ryu-Kan, and he will join your 
crew, provided you have a good enough Swashbuckler rating.  Return to Crescent 
Isle, and go into the far left cave.   Ryu-KanÕs shop should be set up there. 
Talk to him, and see a menu like this:

Buy and Sell weapons
Talk to Ryu-Kan  *Choose*
Do Nothing


Select the choice Òtalk to Ryu-KanÓ and he will tell you that his shop is small, 
and that he could upgrade it if you gave him 1000 gold.  Select *Give 1000 gold 
to Ryu-Kan* and leave the island.  Come right back, and note that his shop is 
now bigger and that he is selling more powerful weapons.
     Talk to him Again, select ÒTalk to Ryu-KanÓ and he will tell you of the 
rare metal Velorium, and about how he could make a powerful sword with enough of 
it.  Now that you have the maker, all you need to get is the Velorium.

 (3c) <<Finding the materials>>
	Get on the Delphins, and fly over to the area around shrine Island. Sink 
below the clouds to find The Vortex at E 6 (If you've gotten to the point where 
Soltis is raised, then it is directly below it). This is where the Velorium is 
located.  Enter the Vortex, go down, and watch as grid of dark green squares 
appears in the top-right corner of the screen.  This is the Moon Stone radar.  
Press the ÒBÓ button to activate the Moon Stone radar, witch will reveal what is 
under the 9  squares directly around you (and one under you).  If a space 
becomes light green, this mean there is nothing under it.  If aÒ?Ó appears, than 
that means there may be something under the mud in that area.  You can use the 
radar several times in the same area to narrow down your search, but be sure to 
cover the whole grid.  Once you have found a space you think might have Velorium 
under it (ie. it has a question mark sign), press the ÒAÓ button to lower the 
DelphinunsÕ claw, and pull up whatÕs there.  Most of the time, this will result 
in an easy ship battle with a strange manta-ray creature.  These fights are 
pretty easy, as long as you only fire torpedoes and magic.  Once youÕve gotten 
*both* pieces of Velorium (Ryu-Kan needs a lot of it to make the sword)Leave the 
Vortex and fly back to Crescent Isle 

(3d) <<Assembling the blade>>
 Return to Ryu-KanÕs shop, and talk to him.  Select ÒTalk to Ryu-KanÓ from the 
menu that appears, and he will say the same thing he said before, about 
Velorium, followed by something like ÒWhat? You have Velorium? Give that to me, 
and I shall make you a powerful blade.Ó  Give it to him, and than leave the 
Island.  Come right back, talk to him, and he will give you the Vorlik blade, a 
powerful (and cool looking) sword that give +200 to Attack and Hit. 
Congratulations! you got Vyse's most powerful weapon!


=>Frequently Asked Questions<=

Q: I want to get Ryu-Kan, but my rating is too low. How do I raise it? 
A: The main two factors that determine your Swashbuckler rating are the 
questions you answer, and the way you fight.  During the game, you have choices 
of different responses, usually a "nice" answer and a "mean" answer. If you 
choose the mean answer, it lowers your ranking, and if you choose the "nice" 
answer, it raises your ranking.  The other is much simpler. if you run from too 
many battles, your rank goes down, and if you fight a lot of battles without 
running, it goes up.

Q:I went to the spot you told me, but I can't find The Vortex.  Where is it?  
A:The Vortex is located at those coordinates, below the clouds.  If your ship is 
not capable of doing that, you have to wait until you get the necessary upgrades 
(after the Blue Moon Crystal)

Q: I can't find Ryu-Kan. Where is he?  
A: Ryu Kan's hut is straight north from Yafutoma.  From Yafutoma, face north and 
fly at medium height.  After a while, you should see a small island. That's 
where his hut is located. His exact coordenates are

Q: I ask Ryu-Kan to join me, but he keeps saying he's too tired. What do I do? 
A: First, make sure your rating is high enough (Vyse the Hero).  If it is, make 
sure you're far enough in the game.  I myself got it at the very end of the 
game, when Soltis had risen, but I believe you can get it slightly earlier.


Overworks/Sega:thanks for making such a great and addictive game.

Brian Chen: Thanks for all your help on the guide!

And all the fine writers at GameFAQs: thanks for inspiring me to write this 
Keep up the great work, guys!  


Hope this Faq was helpful!  
Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Hate mail? email me at Johnny5@altavista.net


Skies of Arcadia (c) Sega/Overworks 2000

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