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FAQ/Walkthrough by MCella

Updated: 01/10/01

Skies of Arcadia Walkthrough and Crew Guide (Mk 2)
by Mauro Cella (e-mail: diegocel@tin.it)


What you CAN'T do with this walkthrough:

Sell it
Go around and tell everyone you made it
Post it on a website or magazine without my authorization

What you can do with this walkthrough:

Print it or download it for personal use
Pass it to your friends giving me full credits

This is the second version of my walkthrough: most of the errors have been
corrected, but there's still much to do, so I'll accept any advise you want to
send me.
Please help me out improving it!
I included a short crew members guide and some fighting tips I learned by
playing this game, I hope you find them useful.
On the other hand, I didn't include a Discovery guide, because I have
difficulties to explain the exact location of most discoveries. Maybe I'll add
one later.


1) Walkthrough
2) Crew Member Guide
3) Fighting Tips
  a) Land Battles
  b) Ship Battles

1)Walkthrough (Mk 1a)
This is by no mean a complete walkthrough. I only tell you what to do to
advance to the end of the game. I wanted to add the location of all treasures,
but I noticed that this would have only made the whole thing even more
difficult to understand. I'll probably make a lot of corrections in the future,
and to do this I'll need your help too! E-mail me your advices (not your
curses!)at diegocel@tin.it. I'll be more than happy to give you credits for
your help.

Note about Zivylin Bane: in this walkthrough you will find quite often the
quote "fight Zivylin Bane". Zivylin Bane is a treasure hunter
going after some rare (and very valuable) treasures. When you open the treasure
chest the fight will immediately kick in. Zivylin Bane is an
"evolutionary" enemy, meaning: the farther you go into the story, the more
powerful he'll become. When you beat him, you gain the treasure he was looking
You can choose to keep these items or to sell them to earn some quick cash. I
never sold them, 'cause I like to keep them as a trophy,
but a lot of people told me that selling them has no adverse effect on the
story (they tell the same thing on Sega.com).
The choice is up to you.

1)Alfonso's Flagship
After selecting the New Game option a cinematics will start (there is no known
way to skip the cinematics in this game, so you'll have to watch them all).
After the cinematics there's your first fight with Alfonso's guards. Beat them,
then go in the small warehouse. from here is all pretty straightforward: walk
down the corridor and get into the main room. Here there is another fight with
the guards. Beat them. Go upstairs and run after Alfonso. He'll shut the big
door closed. No problem. Go to the right and climb the stairs down. Here you'll
have to fight Alfonso's pet, Antonio. It's your first boss and it's pretty
stupid. Beat him and enjoy the cinematics.

2)On the Albatross and to Pirate's Isle
Ok, here is pretty simple. After talking to Fina climb the ladders and to talk
to Dyne(the blue clad man in the middle of the room), then go and to talk to
the helmsman. He'll let you flight the ship. He'll also answer all your
questions about navigation. Here you have to reach Pirate's Isle. Keep headind
straight through the valley and past the waterfall and you should see it.

3)On Pirate's Isle and towards Shrine Island
After arriving, go to Captain Dyne's office: it's on the last story of the
underground base.
After talking to him go tour the base and the village above. I suggest buying
some healing crystals. Then go to Vyse's house and have dinner. Next day, you
are off to Shrine Island.
Take your boat from the upper deck of the village (right next to the windmill)
and head straight north. You should find it right away.

4)Shrine Island
It's easier than most people think. After entering the shrine, take the right
and go upstairs, enter the door, go outside and "use" that artifact. The whole
structure will be lowered and you will find yourself in front of the "upper"
After entering, take the left, enter the door and go outside. Follow the
walkway and you should find a ladder. Climb it down and open the door.
After the water has been drained out you'll be inside the shrine again. After
you are in, there is a golden door right next to the one you've just entered
through. Enter it and climb the ladder up, take the right, climb the other
ladder down.
Now you should find yourself in front of a portal. I strongly suggest you save
before going in. Enter the shrine again.
Now you have to fight the Sentinel. This is a much harder boss than Antonio so
be careful. I personally suggest you use a lot of S-Moves and keep healing
yourself with crystals and magic.

5) Back to Pirate's Isle and towards Valua
Now take your ship and go back to Pirate's Isle.
You'll find that the Valuans have raided the island and captured the Blue
Rogues. It's up to you to save them. Go to the underground base and enter
Dyne's office. After resting, I strongly suggest that you buy some better
weapons and armors and stock up some supplies at the shops downstairs (you
should have enough gold). Then go back to your ship and head north.
Look for some kind of cavern in the northeastern part of the rift. After you
are there a cinematics will kick in. Watch Rhaknam, the gigantic arcwhale, blow
your ship to smithereens.

6)At Drachma's service
>From here on, it's all pretty straightforward. Do some dirty job for Drachma
on his ship, then he'll let you take the helm. Sail north, through the cavern
and then up, towards Sailor's Island.
Here you'll have to persuade Drachma to take you to Valua. Go to the ship parts
merchant. He's out of stocks, but he will tell you some very useful news. Go to
the weapons shop and talk to Pinta (the short fella) and strike a deal with
Then go to the tavern and talk to Drachma. Now all you need is a Valuan
passport. Go to the Sailors' Guild and talk to the Guildmaster. Strike a deal
with the Nasrad merchant there.
Go back to the Little Jack and follow the merchant's instructions. When you
arrive to the South Dannel Strait, it's time for your first ship battle. Beat
the crap out of Baltor (it shouldn't be difficult) and enter the strait. Here
you get the Valuan passport.
Now exit the strait and head west, toward Valua.

After arriving in Valua take a tour of the Lower City to get familiar to the
surroundings, then go to the inn. After talking to Drachma, you have to capture
the Peeping Tom. Just follow the arrows on the screen and you should catch him
in no time.
After resting in the inn, go to the Catacombs' entrance. Go down the Catcombs:
it's a pretty straightforward thing, just be sure to pick up all treasures
along the way: you'll need them later.
When you arrive to the big room with the saving point, save: you won't regret
this. Now go down the stairs and fight Blelgock (disgusting monster).
Then climb outside and fight Executioner and the two Spell Wardens. Since I
heard that many people have difficulties beating him, I'll make an execption
and give you some advice. First thing, immediately take out the Spell Wardens
using ONLY S-Moves and normal attacks; it should take two turns.
Second thing, use Aika to heal Drachma and Vyse, since her attacks won't affect
the Executioner much; keep healing yourself and you won't have any difficulty.
As soon as you beat him, enjoy your very short-lived triumph.
Now you'll find yourself underground again: go back to the save point. Marco
has opened a secret door for you: enter and talk to Captain Dyne. Then pick up
the treasures and go into the left door.
Follow the path, climb the ladder, and go ahead a little. Now a short
cinematics for the tender at heart. Then you can climb upstairs into the Upper
City. Don't waist time talking to people, head straight for the bridge on your
Here Vyse and Aika will automatically jump on the train heading for the Grand
Fortress. Just keep heading ahead, thrashing all the guards you meet.
After a while Lord Galcian himself will start chasing for you: DON'T ALLOW HIM
TO GET YOU, you'll have your revenge later, keep heading for the front of the
train. Now you'll have to free Fina.
This fight will be much longer than you think, since the Elite Guards will keep
healing themselves. After you beat them, Drachma will come with the Little Jack
to pick you up, and you'll have to fight a Valuan cruiser to get out.
Test the Harpoon Cannon on it and go back to Pirate's Isle.

8)The quest for the Red Crystal
After returning to Pirate's Isle, stock up your provisions, look for the first
Cham (I'll tell you only the location of this one, it's near the entrance of
the underground base, on the walkway to Dyne's office).
Leave the underground port with the Little Jack and head for Sailor's Island.
From there head a little North-East till you find a stone reef. Pass through it
and you reach the Kingdom of Nasr. Now land in the town of Maramba: it's near
those flaming towers just after the reef.
Here Drachma will leave you on your own, so now you'll need a boat to reach the
Temple of Pyrinn. Take a tour of the town, take the dhabu to the other half of
the town, go treasure hunting in the dried well (don't worry, no monsters dwell
there): to open the barred doors, just look for the dark grey monoliths and
"use" them.
After returning to the surface go into the dancing hall and talk to the dancer,
Bellena. She'll offer to lease you her boat. Now go to the inn and talk to the
girl: she'll tell you that Bellena (actually she's Bellezza, admiral of the
Valuan Armada...) has alreay paid the room.
Next day stock up with Curia Crystals, Magic Droplets and Healing Crystals,then
go to the docks and leave for the Temple of Pyrynn. After leaving Maramba head
straight East into the deep desert (discovery: Temple of Pyrynn, you'd never
say that!).
Once landed head straight for the entrance, when inside keep heading straight,
passing on the rolling barrels, then down and down again: as usual it's pretty
I forgot to tell you an important thing: the temple is full of treasures, but
each of this treasures is guarded by three Magma Tiki (whatever that means); to
take them out in no sweat use Purple (Ice) magic.
Now you'll find yourself in a corridor with stones rolling all over the place:
don't worry to end up flat, since there are two openings halfway down in which
you can take shelter (and the one to the right of screen contains treasure).
After escaping the rocks, enter the room where you will find your first "barrel
puzzle". First roll in place the barrel to the left of the entrance, then the
one to the right, then the one just opposite. You will unlock a door. Now there
some rooms with treasure in it.
Mop them up and proceed to the next barrel puzzle: this is a little harder, but
remember that if you do something wrong you can exit the room and enter it
again to reset the puzzle.
The right order (always using the entrance as reference) is red left, red
opposite, blue left, blue opposite. The room will be lowered and another door
will open. Here there is another "rolling stone" corridor, with the same
openings halfway and another treasure room on the right.
Now you'll find yourself in a room full of magma: just keep going down the
stairs and you'll find the entrance to a huge room. Go to the right, open the
treasure chest (and fight Zyvilin Bane) and then descend the stairs. Here is
the last barrel puzzle. Using the entrance as reference the right order is blue
opposite right, blue opposite left, blue left upper, blue left lower, red.
Now magma will flood the causeway. Go back to the entrance, "use" the monolith
and cool the magma. Go straight ahead, save and then fight the Rokwyrm (he
lives in hot magma, so you can easily understand which magic you must use...).
After you beat him, walk on his corpse (litteraly) enter next room and get the
Red Crystal. Use the emergency exit to get out and save. Now return to
She will throw away her disguise and summon the Red Gigas, Recumen. Don't
worry, since Drachma will come to pick you up with the Little Jack. Now you you
have to take out Recumen.
This fight had many gamers (included me) crying. You can't destroy Recumen, so
you'll have to stay alive till you have the option to retreat. To achieve this
notable feat (I'm no kidding), you must keep repairing the Little Jack using
the Sacri spell.
If you came out alive, now you can fight the Lynx, Bellezza's flaghship. If you
came out from Recumen this should be piece of pie: when you have the option,
give the full stop order and blast the Lynx away from the sky.
After Bellezza has surrendered, you can have the Red Crystal, as well as the
Lynx's engines (needed to cross the South Ocean).

9)The quest for Green Crystal
Go back to Maramba to rest, replenish your supplies and buy some parts for the
Little Jack.
>From Maramba head South-West till you meet some gigantic whirlwinds. This is
the South Ocean and you must cross it. Considering that the Little Jack is
basically a rusty old armed trawler it will take you some time.
When you arrive to Ixa'taka, you must find the city of Horteka: go to the
western part and look for an island with a shipwreck on it. When you arrive
here, the people will be everything but friendly, so you must proceed as this:
make a tour of the village and grab all the treasures, then look for a dark
grotto. Enter it and you will find a shipwrecked vessel: go aboard and talk to
the guy standing on the bow. His name is Hans, he is a fellow Blue Rogue and he
will hand you some Moon Stone Fuel. Climb the ladder up again and go to the
right, climb down the ladder enter the timber covered gallery go straight and
enter the hut on the right.
Talk to the village elder: he'll tell you to go visit the king in his hideout.
Now the people will be instructed to help you: you can buy weapons and items in
the hut near the entrance and you can rest in the elder's hut (talk to the old
woman). Now go back to the Little Jack and head straight north, towards the the
island with a huge tree on it: this is the king's hideout. Before you can get
there you must fight another Valuan Admiral, De Loco, on his flagship, the
Chameleon. If you watch out for the flamethrower cannon, this fight should be
pretty easy.
Once De Loco has retreated, go to the hut and talk to the king: he'll tell you
that to obtain the Green Crystal you must free the High Priest Isapa from the
Valuan mines. These are located on the Moon Stone mountain, south-west from
here, near the ice reef.
While you get there, be sure to stop at the Black Market Ship, which is sailing
around the area. Once you arrive to the Moon Stone Mountain, keep heading up
the path, till you find the save point. Enter the small door and keep heading
straight. Once you are in, you must walk on the huge alarm switch on the
walkway: there is no way to avoid this, so just head straight. Once De Loco has
activated the traps, you can proceed to the inner part of the mine.
This is an area were mining carts are rolling all over the place. Go up and
enter the room to the right, talk to the slave: he'll tell you how to avoid the
traps. Return to the mining carts room and go to the left. Walk on the "X" and
go straight ahead. Here there is another trap: follow the "X" path and you'll
find yourself in a huge room with three paths. Using the "Y" button activate
the first person vision and look below: there should be three rails, and two
are occupied by mining carts.
Choose the path with no cart under it (usually it's the left one) and proceed.
Follow the path and you will find yourself in a room looking just like the one
before but much more complicated to cope with. Choose the right path and fall
down. Now you'll have three paths in front of you: take the central one and
you'll fall down again on another walkway.
If you did everything right there should be a door in front of you. Enter and
follow straight ahead. Now you'll find yourself with an elevator in front and a
door on the right: enter the door and talk to the man there. He's Centime, a
Blue Rogue, and he will help you by activating the elevators and disarming the
traps. Now take the elevator, go ahead the path and then to the right (don't
take the elevator in front of you, since it leads back up), take the next
elevator and go straight ahead. You'll find yourself in big room with four
doors on the sides; beat the guards sent to stop you and search the rooms:
three contain treasure and one Isapa, the man you are looking for.
Talk to him and then go through the door that has just opened.
Take the elevator. Now you have a save point and a door. Enter the door and
fight Antonio 2, Alfonso's new pet. This is stronger than the old Antonio, but
it's not brighter. Thrash it completely and then watch De Loco being buffed by
Centime. Now all you have to do is get out of there, following the only path
available. Once you return to the Little Jack, head back to the king's hideout.
Isapa will tell you that in order to enter Rixis, you'll have to find the
Golden Man and the Great Bird.
NOTE: these are three discoveries but, since they are needed to go ahead and
the game and a lot of people had problems with them, I'll tell you what to do
step by step.
First thing, go back to Horteka and buy some Sacrum Crystals: you'll need them
Now, to find the Golden Man, head towards the King's Hideout. Go to maximum
height allowed by the Little Jack and fly above the mountain to the left of the
hideout. You'll get the discovery and a Golden Man Gem.
To find the Great Bird, fly towards the lake east of Horteka, near the Black
Market Ship. You should see the Great Bird from above, right on the shore of
the lake. You'll get the discovery and a great Bird Gem.
To get to Rixis, follow the direction pointed by the Great Bird, pass the first
mountain, you should see a sculpture in the next mountain's flank. Land at
Rixis. There are two small statues and a big one. Put the Golden Man gem in the
left statue, the Great Bird gem in the right statue. Now you can enter Rixis.
After Aika sees the "ghost", go after him. You will find yourself in front of a
staircase. Go to the left, climb the other flight of stairs on left. Now take
the flying platform to the right. Go to the left and climb the stairs down.
Pass the arcway and go the left, go up  and jump on the platform.
In this building there is some treasure to be found so search high and low.
Beware of Zyvilin Bane, he's much stronger than before. Go downstairs and jump
on the next platform.
Go upstairs and take the flying platform. Don't take the one standing still if
you don't want to go back to the entrance.
After arriving here, you'll find the "ghost" just in front of you. Chase him,
till you push him to the extreme left. Here he will take an elevator. Just keep
running after him, taking all the elevators, till you arrive to a temple.
Save, you won't regret this. Climb up the stairs and fight the giant bird (I
don't remember its name, sorry!). This fight is quite hard, since the bird has
a "Feather Slash" move which does a lot of damage. Don't be afraid to use the
Sacrum crystals as often as possible. Now you'll finally capture the "ghost".
He is from Ixa'taka and he will tell you all the truth.
King Ixa'taka is summoning the Green Gigas, Grendel (hey, doesn't he resemble
Unit 00 from Evangelion?), but he will lose control of the damn thing, so
you'll have to save the day again. Go back to the elevator and you'll find
yourself on the Little Jack automatically.
Before fighting Grendel, you'll have take out De Loco... again. He has made
some modifications to the Chameleon, but this shouldn't save him from being
badly beaten. To defeat Grendel, you'll have to damage it little by little,
till it will collapse in the canyon. Now enjoy your triumph and the "Mea Culpa"
of King Ixa'taka. Congratulations, the Green Crystal is now yours!

10)Goodbye, Drachma!
After leaving the King's hut, go to Horteka to stock up. Don't forget to visit
Centime before leaving: he'll give you some parts for your ship. After leaving
Horteka, go to the Northeast and pass through the Iron Net (the Valuans left it
open after their escape).
Head north-north-east from here. After a while you will be boarded by Black
Pirates: it's Gordo, the Gourmet Pirate and his Mad Chefs. This isn't the
toughest of the fights, so you shouldn't have many problems in fighting it on
your own.
Fly a little north, then take the second valley to the east (the first one
leads nowhere). After a while you should see a Stonehenge-like structure. It's
the Maw of Tartas. Land there and fight the Valuan Enforcers.
After being beaten, they'll tell you that Rhaknam has been spotted in the area.
Go back to the Little Jack and drop anchor (automatic). During the night, since
Vyse can't take sleep, go to the deck and talk Drachma (just go upstairs and
exit the big door).
Drachma will tell you why he is after Rhaknam and where he comes from.
Suddenly, the arcwhale will arrive in the area. To find him, just go where the
fog is thickest: it's not a specific place, so you'll have to find him
yourself. When you find Rhaknam you'll see that he's being attacked by Valuan
You can't let them spoil you revenge, can't you? So fight the Valuan Cruiser
which is escorting Ramirez's flagship. This is your last fight on the Little
Jack, it's not tough at all, so put up a good show. After you've sent the
Valuans to the bottom and harpooned Rhaknam, Ramirez will open fire on you.
All you have to do now is run for your life. To get to the lifeboats, go down
from the bridge two levels into the engine room and enter the big metal door.
You will leave the ship, but Drachma will stay. You just can watch him being
away by Rhaknam. Don't worry you'll see him again, one day...

11)The beginning of a new life
Here the party becomes separated: Vyse is all by himself, while Fina and Aika
will continue together.Vyse has all the items in inventary, while Aika and Fina
have just their equipment.
(Vyse) He will find himself stranded on deserted island. You'll have to help
him to get away and find the others. As a first thing go to the upper part of
the island, just over the lake.
Take a look around and then go find shelter in the cave on the right. Before
entering search the skeleton near the entrance. You'll obtain the Gonzales'
(Aika/Fina) They will awake in much better conditions then Vyse, since they've
been picked up by Clara, a pirate lady. She'll drop them in Nasrad. They have
no money at all, so they'll need a job. Go to the inn and stay for the night.
(Vyse) Now it's time to go hunting. Walk around the forest and keep killing all
the Grapors you meet. Vyse will automatically stop when he has enogh meat. Next
day you have to look for some wood to light up a signal fire.
Walk around and pick up all the one you can get. Vyse will stop when he has 5
pieces of wood. Now Vyse will decide to repair his lifeboat, but he'll need
some Moon Stones to do so.
Walk around all the island (including near the signal fire) to pick up 5 pieces
of Moon Stone. Now Vyse will start to fix the lifeboat, but before he has
finished, he will be picked up by the Air Pirate Gilder (doesn't he look like
Vash Stampede out of Trigun?).
He'll let you take the helm, so head for Nasrad (South West). When you are
almost there you'll be "attacked" by a pink vessel. Gilder will use "plan B"
and after you got on the emergency boat keep heading for Nasrad. After you
arrive, go to the inn.
(Aika/Fina) Go to the tavern (second building on the left) to pick your wages.
Then go back to the inn. On the way to inn you'll rescue an old man. He'll give
you the Pedro' map.
(Vyse) All you have to do is go to the Royal Palace and warn the Nasultan about
the Valuan plans. He won't listen to you, but...
(Aika/Fina) Go to the docks and get your new ship. To get to Daccat's Island,
go East and then follow the coastline to the north. After a while you should
arrive to a valley with some small islands in the front.
The Skull Rock is located on the northern part of this valley and, since it's a
discovery you will find it when your compass starts spinning. Alingn yourself
to th Skull's eyes and you will see a big island on the skyline. Head for it
and when there press A, and you will land.
Proceed to the door and be sure to stay on the platform while you touch the
bow/sword point (this is actually a point where you can shift between parties).
(Vyse) Sail to Daccat's Island (you should know the route) and go to the
(Aika/Fina) Proceed to the door right in front of you.
(Vyse) Go to the left and use the switch on the wall (fight Zivylin Bane).
(Aika/Fina) Go to the left and use the switch on the wall.
(Both parties) Go through this area.
(Vyse) Rotate the valve right after the entrance once.
(Aika/Fina) Go down the stairs to the next switch point.
(Vyse) Rotate same valve twice.
(Aika/Fina) Go ahead and open the door.
(Vyse) Open the door, go to the right, then left, rotate the valve once and go
down to the next switch point.
(Aika/Fina) Go to the right and rotate valve twice, then proceed to the next
switch point.
(Vyse) Proceed to next switch point.
(Aika/Fina) Go rotate the valve twice again and proceed to the next switch
point (near the giant wheel).
(Vyse) procced to the switch point near the giant wheel.
(Aika/Fina) Enter door, go to the left to next switch point.
(Vyse) Enter door, go to right, save, and then to the door.
Here the company will be reunited in Daccat's treasure room, just in time to
fight the keepers of the treasure, Sinistra and Destra. This is a tricky fight,
so becareful: Sinistra is less resistant than Destra, so you should concentrate
your initial attacks on it: use Gilder's Gunslinger for maximum damage and use
Aika and Fina to focus and heal the whole party.
After you took out Sinistra, Destra won't be able to use its devastating
S-moves again, so you can take it out easily. Now you can go open the chest: it
contains a message and a single coin; don't be disappointed: the dungeon
contains a lot of treasures and, if you wish, you can sell Daccat's coin at the
Sailor's Guild in Nasrad for a whooping 20000 golds.
Now take the emergency exit and go back to Nasrad. Enter the upper city. Now
the Valuan Armada will begin bombarding the city. Go back to the dock and here
Ramirez will be waiting for you. NOTE: you can't win this battle, so ,if you
decide to fight, don't waste any healing crystals. I know this is annoying, but
you'll have to fight Ramirez (seriously) three times in the closing stages of
the games, so you can take your revenge.

12)Escape from Valua, Part 2
Now you are in Valua again and this time in a prison cell. Luckily, Gilder has
experience in this kind of stuff, so he'll open the cell door. Now go straight
for the elevators room, take out the officers guarding it, and take the
elevator to Prisoner Block 200.
Go straight ahead till you find the cell where Aika is held (quite litteraly)
by Vigoro, admiral of the Armada.
Thrash him completely (he is as stupid as Antonio) and you'll obtain the Cannon
Room key. Go back to the elevator and take it to the cannon room. Go upstairs
and enter the barrell of the gun.
Gilder will leave a small present for his Valuan friends. Go to the left, take
the elevator and enter the door. Enter the next door, take out officers
guarding Fina (obtain harbor key), rescue her, go back to the elevator and open
the door on the right of it.
Here you have to go through an area with searchlights: if you are spotted by
one of these, you'll have to fight. Go upstairs (fight Zivylin Bane) and enter
the huge door. Here you have to fight a Dralkor tank.
This can be pretty dangerous, but there are different ways to fight it.
1) You obtained Daccat's Sword, didn't you? If so, you are already victorious.
Use only Vyse and Gilder to attack, and Aika and Fina to guard and focus.
Gilder should use only the Gunslinger, while Vyse should only use a normal
attack. The tank will fall asleep each turn and won't be able to fight anymore.
2) You didn't obtain Daccat's sword, you poor thing. So you are going to use
the Slipara spell all the time to keep that tank at bay, and you'll have to use
Driln to lower its attack power and defense. And most important of all, you'll
have to keep Fina safe, since she should know the Riselem spell by now,
allowing a quick resurrection of fainted allies.
When you are finished, someone will tell you to jump on the lift. Follow his
advice, and you'll find yourself face to face with Enrique, Prince of Valua.
He'll take you aboard Valua's latest toy, the battlecruiser Delphinus. He'll
ask you to take the ship and him as well.
Accept his offer and recruit him in the Blue Rogues. Now you have a true ship,
not that old rusty trawler. To test your new toy you'll have to blast through
the Grand Fortress. Just build up to 20 Spirit Point and fire the Moon Stone
Cannon. When you are out of Valua, take a tour of the Delphinus. Open the two
compartments on the bridge. One contains treasure, the other Marco, the Lower
City brat.
Recruit him and go talk to Gilder. He'll tell you to recruit a crew and build a
base for the Delphinus on Crescent Island. For the Crew, refer to the specific
part of this walkthrough. For the base, go back to the island where Gilder
picked you up. At this point Gilder will leave and will be replaced by Enrique.
Once you are at the island, two old madmen will show up. They are Izmael and
Brabham, an engineer and a builder, sent to you by Gilder. Brabham will ask for
25000 gold to check the Delphinus, strengthen the hull, and tune the
engines(it's a prototype, you know). Izmael will ask for 75000 gold to start
building a base. If you don't have the money required go out and sail the skies
to earn more cash.
When you pay the twos, they'll instantly start to work. When the guys are
around the campfire, Fina will have a moment of depression. Cheer her up and
enjoy the stay.

13)The Quest for Blue Crystal
You'll learn that to get the Blue Crystal, you'll have to get to Yafutoma, to
the far east. Before you get going I suggest you start recruiting the first
crew members (see below).
Get to Maramba (now the Delphinus is able to cross stone and sky rifts in a
whisper), from there go to south-east and cross the sky rift. On the other side
of it, in the northern part, there's the town of Esperanza. Land there and go
to the inn. Talk to Don (man in the corner).
Learn that all the inhabitants of Esperanza are poor loosers, without hope and
dreams, rusting like their city. Fina will call you back at the port. Go there
and talk to Enrique. Another squadron of the Armada is moving against you.
It's commanded by Admiral Gregorio, Enrique's uncle. After they made their
proposal, go back to the inn and sleep. Next day go to the harbor and go back
to the Delphinus. Don will stop you along the way and tell you how to cross the
Drak Rift.
Now it's time for a good fight. You'll have to fight, in the order, a cruiser,
a battleship and Gregorio's flagship, the Auriga. The cruiser and the
battleship are easy to take out, while the Auriga require a cunning strategy.
Auriga's main strenghts lay in her ram and Gregorio's defensive tactic.
To do massive damage to a ship like that you'll have to take her out of guard,
which can only be done when she's attempting to ram you. You'll notice this,
because in the display at the beginning of the turn you see that the next turn
may be extremely favorable (two C! slots and two S.Cannon slots). To avoid the
ram and do some serious damage, cast Quika at the very beginning of the turn,
then give evasive manuvers for the rest of the turn.
The Auriga will miss and you'll be able to deliver her an enormous punishment.
Two turns like this and the Auriga's done for. Now you have to get inside the
Dark Rift. Follow the rift till you come across a whitish whirlpool. Enter it
using the A button.
Once inside you have to be extra careful: this place is worse than a maze.
There are plenty of treasures around, so be sure to check all the rooms: they
are hidden in the shipwrecks with light coming out of the windows. Pass the
save point and go left, through the holes in the rift (they lead the same way)
and go down till you see a vortex.
Enter it: you should arrive in the Black Moon stone chamber. On your right
there are two vortexes. Take the lower one and you will arrive in a room with
bubbles going to the roof. NOTE: getting lost in this room is extremely easy!
Go ahead a little, then go up, over the floating islands. On your left there is
a vortex, enter it and proceed to the next area. If you did everything right
you will find a save point.
Go ahead, towards the vortex just in front of you. This is the exit and it's
guarded by a monster (Anguila). This monster doesn't do a lot of damage, but
it's hard to catch. When given the option, stay close and keep fighting.
When you've done enough damage, the monster will come out of his hiding. This
is the time to punish him with everything you have. Once he is gone to the
bottom, pass through his den and get out through the next exit.
Congratulations, you've made it across the Dark Rift!
To get to Yafutoma from here, head North-East from here and pass the sky rift.
You should find the Guardian Walls. Follow them to the North. When you arrive
in sight of the city, you'll be attacked  by a Tenkou Spellship. This ship is
stronger than you could think, but it's quite vulnerable to Torpedo attacks.
After you took it out, you'll be boarded by two individuals, Jao and Mao.
They'll ask you to surrender.
Tell them noway and beat them. Don't underestimate them, only because they have
no weapons or magic. Cast Justice Shield at
the beginning of each turn to minimize damage and first attack Jao, who seems
to be the weaker of the twos.
Now you can land at Yafutoma. After your arrival you'll be taken to see Lord
Mikado, ruler of those lands. He'll ask you to go
to Mt. Kazai to retrieve the Blue Moon Crystal. After you left his hall, go to
the guest house and rest a little. Tour the city
to buy some provisions, then go to ship parts merchant, down near the port and
he will tell that he's been instructed to take you
to Mt. Kazai. He'll also give you some diver gear, which you'll need in the
dungeon. After you arrive at Mount Kazai, save, enter and then
climb down the rope. Go ahead, go underwater and you will arrive in the main
room. This room need to be flooded to gain access
to the Blue Crystal. Press the one you find at the entrance, then go to the
right and enter the corridor. You'll find yourself
in front of eight pools. Only one of these leads to the switch. Here's a

                  xxx xxx        x: wrong pool, leads to nothing
                  x o x x        o: right pool, dive into this
                  x o x x        e: main entrance
                  xxx xxx
Once you are underwater, take the small walkway and push the switch, then take
the emergency exit and return to the main room.
Go to the left, go down in to the room, and press the switch right in the
middle. This room will be flooded.
You'll notice a new walkway on the left. Take it and go press the switch, then
go back to main room. From here go to the central door,
take the right, go underwater, climb up, take the left in the tunnel and you'll
find the last switch. Good, now a little reward.
When you are returning to the main room, look in the underwater section for a
small tunnel take it, then look for a ramp climbing up
Here there is a treasure chest containing... Zivylin Bane! Go back to the main
room: now you can dive underwater. When you arrive
at the bottom there is a door: enter and you will be on the right path to get
the Crystal. (On your right there's a rope: if you want to
go back to the main room, climb this and take the platform) Go straight ahead,
then left and you'll enter a small room. Fight the two Aluspheres here
then proceed to next room. Press the swith in the middle of it and you'll go
down. Look for the next switch here at the bottom,
press it, go up and go to the next room. Press the switch and a new walkway
will appear. Take it and you 'll find yourself on a platform.
This will lead you to a save point. Take the elevator go down. Here you have to
fight the Tortigar. This monster's main strenght
lay in the Steelskin, a move which will protect him from any damage for a whole
turn. Use Enrique to cast Justice Shield (I didn't
say he won't attack), use Aika and Fina to focus and heal the party and use
Vyse to attack him (the Cutlass Fury works fine,
but the Pirate's Wrath is the best thing). Once you beat him, go ahead and take
the Crystal. Back to the entrance, go back to Yafutoma and report to Lord
He'll be happy and will organize a feast in your honour. During the night
strange things will happen (read: the two royal advisors,
Kangan and Muraji, will sell their country to the Valuans). Next day go to
port, you'll meet the two valuan admirals, Bellezza and Vigoro.
While they are taking over the country, you'll be confined in the guest house.
Moegi, the royal princess, will show you a secret passage to
an escape pod. The pod will take you to Tenkou Island. Here climb up the stairs
till you arrive at the temple, enter and you'll
meet Daigo, Princess Moegi's brother. He will ask you to go in battle with him
against Kangan and the Valuans. Accept and go back to the pod.
Daigo will take you with him on his flagship, the Yin Yang. When the battle
begins, you'll find out that the enemy has captured the Delphinus
(probably your crew had too much fun the night before...). The Yin Yang will
board the Delphinus and you'll jump on your ship to take it back.
Go to the bridge, defeating all the enemies you find along the way. On the
bridge you'll have to fight Muraji with a bunch of soldiers.
Go immediately after Muraji and take him out, because if you let him live long
enough the whole place will be swarming with soldiers
(Call Allies S. Move). After you take back the Delphinus, you'll have to fight
Vigoro's flagship, the Draco. This a contest of brute force,
with no refined tactics. Build up some Spirit points, then cast Increm on your
ship. This will reduce the amount of damage you take, as well
greatly increase the damage from your Moon Stone cannon. After you defeated
Vigoro, Kangan will awaken the Blue Gigas, Bluheim,
and will wipe out the Valuan Armada. It's up to you to stop him. I am sorry,
but I still haven't found a way to effectively avoid the Blue Winds,
so I must say that the best thing is to cast Increm on the ship, and keep
firing. After you defeated Blueheim, Daigo will take special care of
Kangan. When evil will be vanished, everybody will meet in king's hall: the
Yafutoman are so grateful that, not only they'll give
you the Blue Crystal, but they'll also give you the Book on Polarity. This
scroll of ancient wisdom contains plans to allow a ship to fly above the clouds
or below the oceans. Head back to the Delphinus and take the decision to keep
sailing east.
This is the end of Disc 1.

14)Quest for the Purple Crystal
Now you have to get back to Crescent Isle. Sail East till you arrive at the
rock rift near Ixa'taka, then keep heading East through the sky rift
till you arrive Near Shrine Island. From here you can find your way home by
sailing north, then east, pass the South Dannell
Strait and go a little North East form Nasr. You'll notice that Izmael have
completely modified the Island, so dock and talk
to your people. Give Brabham the Book on Polarity, so he can start studying a
way to modify the Delphinus' engines. Now you can take
a tour of your new base (after all you paid for it!). Then you can take the
elevator and go to the meeting room up in the mountain flank.
Here Fina and Enrique will tell you about the Purple Moon land, where the next
Crystal is located.
NOTE about the base: the base can contain any shop, except for the Sailor's
Guild. To have the shop available you have to recruit
different crew members: Khazim and Belle, ship parts; Osman, special items;
Khalifa, fortune teller; Ilchymis, crystals of any kind;
Ryu Kan, weapons. To have better qualities of provisions available you can talk
to the shop owner and ask what they need (usually money).
Also, Izamel and Kirala are more than willing to decorate and remodel the
island, provided the necessary funds. On the other hand,
Pinta will provide the island with decorative animals, just talk to him.
When you've left Crescent Isle, head for Ixa'taka. When there, go to the
South-East, and pass the sky rift there, go south till
you find the Aurora. Search near there, you should see a darker spot. Go down,
and land in the ruins of Glacia. Walk through the
door and talk to the first Guardian Stone. He'll ask you a question. Answer him
"the power of ice and proceed to the next door.
Go straight till you find the the next Guardian Stone. Talk to him and aswer
"maybe two". Next door, and the last Guardian Stone.
Answer him "will and spirit". Enter the door and wait for the fog to lift. This
is the city of Glacia, capital of the Purple Land.
Go to the platform right in front of you and you'll arrive on the other side.
Follow the path, then turn right and go down the stairs.
You should find on opening to the left. Go and open the treasure chest. Fight
Zivylin Bane. Go back and keep going down till you find a platform.
Go to the other side and you have three choices ahead of you: the front lead to
a treasure chest, the right to a Cham and the left
leads to a save point. Go ahead till you have to fight Veltarn. Fighting this
monster is pretty easy and can be done in different ways:
the thing you should remember is to cast Justice Shield at the beginning of
each turn and equip all your weapons with the Red
Moon Stone. Then take the platform right in front of you and enter the door.
You will find Drachma again. He's bee here all the time,
tending to Rhaknam, who was mortally wounded in the preceeding battle with the
Armada. It turns out that Rhaknam is the Purple
Gigas, but since he is now dying there's no point in fighting him. After he
passed away, you will gain possesion of the Purple
Crystal. Now the scene will move to the Delphinus the good-bye to Drachma. Let
him go to find his own way. Now go back to Crescent Isle.
Brabham will tell you that he finished a new engine for the Delphinus, using
the Yafutoman technology. This engine will allow
you to fly above the clouds and under the oceans, which is pretty cool, since
you can make more discoveries and avoid the random combats.
Now go to the meeting room. Next target is the Yellow Crystal, which lays in
the Maw of Tartas under Valua...

15)Quest for the Yellow Crystal
To get inside the Maw on Tartas you have to go to the eastern part fo the
Valuan continent. Go to Skull Rock then headSouth till you find a
deep canyon. Dive under the clouds. If it's the right place you should see the
Dancing Lights discoveries. Go straight ahead and enter the Maw of Tartas.
Once inside proceed to the first room. Here go to the left and proceed to the
second room. Go right till you find the savepoint.
Go ahead and pass through the yellow light. Increase yourt height till you
reach the roof. Here the yellow Gigas, Yeligar will be awakened.
No need to worry. The battle will shift to the outside so you'll have plenty of
room to manouver and, if you arrived to this point,
the Delphinus should be really some ship. This Gigas, in particular, seems to
be really vulnerable to the Moon Stone Cannon so,
when given the option, cast Increm to maximize damage and blast that thing out
of the sky. When you've finished him you'll retrieve
the Yellow Crystal. Go back to Crescent Isle. Gilder has dropped to by for some
good food (and to escape Clara). After you decided to
go recover Fina's ship, go to the port.

16)Into Deep Ocean (and deep troubles...)
Gilder will tell you that the Valuans are building an undercloud facility north
of Pirate's Isle. Go to Shrine Island and dive beneath the clouds.
Head North till you see an island with structures under it. Dock and you'll
find yourself near an air duct. Climb down the ladder, climb the other ladders
just ahead of you.
Go ahead (you should see a fan on your right). keep going ahead, then turn left
and go straight ahead. Shut down the power. Go
back and pass into the fan duct. Climb down the ladder and go straight ahead.
Into the left doors there's a series of room s all containing treasures
(and some guards), so you want to check them out. Take the right door and then
the door straight ahead. Go to the table and grab the plans there.
This will enable the Delphinus to dive in to Deep Ocean. Now head for the duct
you came from. On the way there you'll be intercepted by
Galcian. You don't have to fight him, since Gregorio will hold him back till
you run away. Run back and return to the Delphinus.
Now go back to Crescent Isle and talk to Brabham. He'll need ten days to modify
the Delphinus to dive into deep ocean. Enrique will ask to be dropped by
Sailors Island after you recovered Fina's Ship. Go again to Shrine Island and
look for the Vortex right near
(it should be slightly to the east of Shrine Island). Enter it by pressing A
and keep going down. When you are at the bottom Enrique will explain you how to
use the sonar and the recovery crane. In the places
marked with the question mark you can find one of these: Fina's ship, a piece
of Velorium (needed to create a legendary blade for Vyse)
or a Raja. The Raja is a dirty, big fish living under the mud. It's too dark in
there to use the cannons and the torpedoes, so you'll have
to rely on magic. Have all your crew cast Crystales on each round: it'll never
miss and you'll take out the Raja in two or three shots.
Plus, each Raja will give you some treasures, so hunting for them may be a good
idea. When you find Fina's ship (I refuse to tell you
where it is!) you'll be attacked by De Loco. The Delphinus is too powerful for
the Charmeleon so, after you've wasted half his energy or so, he'll
harpoon you, to keep you in position. Good point, sadly this mean that you are
now capable of delivering some precise and deadly
broadsides. You will not have to fight him anymore, the Deep Ocean is his
grave. Before you leave the area, make sure to find both the pieces of Velorium
When you have them, go up and leave the Vortex for Sailor's Island. When you
are almost there you'll be attacked by Baltor's new
ship, the Blackbeard 2. I sank that ship in a single broadside, so you should
be able to do the same. Dock at Sailor's Island and say goodbye to Enrique.
You'll find yourself automatically at Crescent Isle. During the Good-bye party
for Fina, Valuans ship will begin bombarding the island.
Rush outside and blast away the two Shadows (Valuan elite troops). Now Ramirez
will attack you, and again you won't be able to defeat him!!!
I am convinced that this is the only failing in this game: why give you a fight
you can't win? To show at least some resistance take out the two Shadows
accompaigning Ramirez. He will take the five crystals you recovered and go
away. We'll have our revenge, soon, very soon...

17)The great Silver Shrine
Now after you put out the fires you must find Fina: she's hiding in the meeting
room. Talk to her. Now go back down. After you cleared
the debris, you are ready to go ask the Elders personally. Gilder will join
your party, again. Go talk to Ryu-Kan. If he has already upgraded
his workshop, give him the Velorium. Your new blade should be ready by the time
you return from Dangral Island (so you'll have to wait a little).
Finish preparations and go to Fina's ship. When you arrive at the Shrine,
you'll be upside down. Go straight for the center.
You'll be teleported insided the Shrine. You'll have to walk a tricky path to
get to the Elders' Chamber. For tricky I mean that you can walk both on the
walkway AND UNDER it. So when I put a U, it means that you are now walking
under the walkway. Go up the frst flight of stairs and ahead (U), then left,
right, right and right again (U),
Go up, take that strange looking elevator, go left (U), right (U) and now you
have arrived at the Elders' Chamber. They'll show you
a lot of things about the Old World (and how to get killed by a swordstroke).
Go outside: an Elder will ask you if you want to be
back to the entrance. Accept and take Fina's Ship back to Crescent Island.

18)Soltis Rising
Everything is now fixed at the base, so you can start planning again. Now you
have to go back to Dangral Island to try stopping
Ramirez and Galcian from raising the lost continent of Soltis. Go back to
Dangral, go down the duct, down the ladder, pass through the fan on the right,
climb down the ladder,
go right, take the right door. Now go to the right and you should find a big
platform. Jump on it and start descending. Vigoro will jump on the
platform and you'll have to fight him. This a pretty easy fight: just watch out
for the Random Fire attack and you'll be safe.
After you arrived on the lower side enter the door, go to the other side of the
room, climb up the ladder and enter the elevator.
Activate it, enter the air lock, there's a savepoint. Enter the door and go
straight ahead. Enter and you'll find Ramirez and Galcian hard at work.
Unfortunately, they'll send you an Eliminator, a big droid. The Eliminator is
pretty weak, but It'll buy them some precious time to complete their plans.
Since now everything is falling apart, hurry back to the platform. When it's
stucked in the middle of nowhere, jump down and run up the rails.
You'll find yourself automatically on the Delphinus. Head for Soltis. You'll
find out that it's protected by some kind of magical shield,
so you are unable to enter it. Go back to Crescent Island. Be sure to stop by
at Sailor's Island to buy some of the following: Apo Wax, Complete Kit,
improved weaponry (ship parts shop), Riselem Crystals, Curia Cristals, Sacrum
Crystals, Sacrulen Cristals (item merchant).

19)...and justice for all.
When you are at your base, thinking what to do, you'll be joined by all the
people you met along the way: they've brought their ships with them and they
are ready
to take on Galcian. During the night, you'll be awakened by Bellezza. She'll
tell you to go find Aika and Fina and inspire them
with your courage. You can find Aika on the balconry of the meeting room. Talk
to her. Fina is on promontory, where her ship is docked.
Talk to her too. Next day, finish your preparations, go to Ryu-Kan to retrieve
your blade, then take the helm. Lead your squadron into battle.
First you'll have to fight a Mage Ship. One broadside and she's gone. Next
comes an Elite Vessel. DON'T follow them during their evasive manouvers:
it's just a trick. Instead wait and punish them with the Moon Stone Cannon.
Last fight for the day is Galcian's personal flying fortress,
the Hydra. Taking out the Hydra is not too hard, provided you have some
complete kits and Apo wax. Just watch out for the Hydra Cannon which will
be activated when the Hydra has lost about half of her hull points. Attacking
the upper part of the fortress is the best thing.
Once Galcian has started retreating, board his ship. Enrique will be waiting
for you at the entrance with healing potions and stuff, should you need them.
Enter, go right, climb up the pole, climb the ladder up right near and you
should arrive at the main battery deck. Go to the left and
climb down the last ladder you find. Go ahead, then right and climb down the
pole. There's a passage right next to you, enter it.
Savepoint, go ahead, climb the ladder and finally you can fight Galcian. Don't
underestimate him. In the opening phases of the fight, he'll
try to use Eterni-class spells to thin out your ranks. You can prevent this by
using Gilder's Aura of Denial, or you can choose to take the damage
and revive the fainted using Riselem Crystals. Don't try Sylenis on him:it
doesn't work. Another devastating move used by Galcian is
the Terminal, a move which can litteraly manhandle a single opponent.
Counterattack using Vyse's Pirates' Wrath and Gilder's Gunslinger.
Also the Blue Rogue Crew command is pretty useful in this fight. Once Galcian
is beaten, he'll try to run away in his escape pod, but he'll be intercepted
and killed
by Bellezza. Now the Elders' will have the nice idea to crash land the Silver
shrine on Soltis to break the barrier and stop the coming rain of destruction.
Don't rush into the fight. Go to Sailor's Island, rest in the inn and replenish
your stocks. Now head for Shrine Island. Once there you'll be attacked
by Gadianos, some kind of silly guardian. A single broadside will be more than
enough to get rid of him. After you landed head for the entrance (you should
remember this).
Note: if you wish, you can return to the ship to change your party's member;
you start with Vyse, Aika, Fina and Gilder while Drachma and Enrique will wait
for you as a back up. Enter the Shrine and go down, till you find a portal at
the lowest level. Enter and go down. This area is pretty messy but you should
be able to find your way out:
Go left, then right and enter the central chamber, then go right, go ahead,
then turn left, left again and ahead. You are in the main chamber again. Now go
right, right again, then left, straight ahead
and you should find a door. This area is so messed up that I probably made some
errors in the next part so be patient and let me know, so I can fix it.
Go to the right till you find a teleporter, jump on it. Go left till you find a
door. Enetr and grab the Moonberry. Jump on the teleporter next to you.
Go enter the door and grab the other Moonberry, then jump on the final
teleporter and enter the door, go straight ahead till you find the savepoint.
Save and go face Ramirez. This time you can defeat him. He won't use his Silver
Ecplise move much, but, like Galcian,in the opening stages he'll use
Eterni-class spell
to thin your group. Use the Aura of Denial, or revive the fainted with Riselem
crystals. He'll use pretty much the Silver Tundra move, which can seriously
a single opponent or the Lunar Blessing move to bless himself with
regenaration. To wipe away this beneficial effect, use Fina's Lunar Winds.
Attack him using Vyse's
Pirate's Wrath and the Blue Rogues command. Once he's down, he'll unleash the
Silver Gigas, Zelos, on you. Fighting the Death Star, I mean Zelos,
is complicated. First thing, he will change shape during the fight, so changing
his fighting strategies. Second thing, he won't rest much to focus or evade
he'll keep shooting you, mainly with various magics (remember he has the powers
of all six moons). Plus he has some moves which can cause big time damage if
you are caught unprepaired (Moon Lament, Judgment, etc).
To win this fight you'll have to be extra aggressive, keeping up the pressure
and the attacks each turn. To get rid of the Driln spell, cast Increm or use
Apo Wax, since you can't use Curia on your ship. After you defeated Zelos
there's the last fight (I promise!): Ramirez again.
This time he fused himself (at least, what's left of his body) with Zelos. His
tactic is different. His normal attacks and counterattacks have negative
on your group, so be sure to use Aura of Denial each turn. Plus, he has a new,
devastating S.Move: the Silver Nightmare.
The Silver Nightmare will turn one of your group member loose against your
party: he'll use one of his most devastating attacks (Pirates' Wrath,
Omega Psyclone, Gunslinger etc.). There's no way you can stop him, so be sure
to heal, heal and revive. The usual, really powerful attacks should make short
waork of him.

Congratulations! You finished Skies of Arcadia!

2)Crew Members location (Mk 2):

1)Lawrence: on Sailors Island, near the guild. You must give him 10000 gold.
  Having Lawrence in the active crew will increase the Delphinus' Quick
2)Don: in Esperanza. Talk to him at the tavern after returning from Yafutoma.
  Having Don in the active crew will increase the Delphinus' Dodge

1)Khazim: in Nasrad, talk to him after the Valuans have razed the city.
  Having Khazim in the active crew will in increase the damage done by your
Main Cannons
2)Belle: on Crescent Isle. Talk to her the first time you enter your new base
(she's at the Delphinus' dock).
  Having Belle in the active crew will increase the damage done by your
Secondary Cannons

1)Marco: he's your first crew member. You'll find him on the Delphinus bridge
after your escape from Valua, hiding in the left compartment.
  Having Marco in your active crew will give you a command allowing you to
double your Spirit Points for a full turn
2)Robinson: in the Dark Rift. You must have Polly on board. After entering the
Black Moon Stone chamber, there's a vortex to the immediate left. Enter it and
land on the shipwreck, then talk to him.
  Having Robinson in your active crew will give you a command allowing you to
lower the SP costs for a full turn

1)Polly: on Sailor's Island. Talk to her, she's the innskeeper.
  Having Polly in the active crew will give you a command allowing you to
replenish one character's Magic Points
2)Urala: in Yafutoma, at restaurant. Talk to her after her sister, Kirala, has
joined you.
  Having Urala in the active crew will give you a command allowing you to
completely replinish your SP

1)Brabham: he will automatically join the crew when returning to Crescent Isle
after getting the Blue Crystal.
  Having Brabham in your active crew will increase the Delphinus' Defense
2)Hans: in Horteka, you must talk to him twice. First time, after you found the
Blue Crystal. Second time, after you find the Purple Crystal. Now he'll join
  Having Hans in your active crew will increase the Delphinus' Magic Defense

1)Izmael: he will automatically join the crew when returning to Crescent Isle
after getting the Blue Crystal.
  Having Izmael in your active crew will increase the Moon Stone Cannon's
destructive power
2)Kirala: in Yafutoma, after beating the Blue Gigas. Take the bathtub in the
upper part, then go down the waterfall. She's building a house on the left.
Tell her how interesting are the Yafutoma buildings and she'll join you.
  Having Kirala in your active crew will give you a command allowing you to
replenish the ship's hull points

1)Pow: after you get the Delphinus, go to Pirate's Isle and to talk to the kids
in the village. They'll give you Pow as a mascot.
  Having Pow in your active crew will give you a command greatly increasing
your chances to attack first for a full turn
2)Merida: in Ixa'taka, at the tavern. You must have the message in a bottle
you'll find in Sailor's Island's lighthouse
  Having Merida in your active crew will increase your ship's value

1)Osman: in Nasrad, talk to her after the the Valuans have razed the city
  Having Osman in your active crew will increase your probabilities to find
expensive items (Crystal Balls, etc.)
2)Khalifa: in Maramba, she's the fortune teller, right next to the tavern. Go
talk to her after you purchased a Suiran Blade in Yafutoma.
  Having Khalifa in your active crew will increase your probabilities to find
special items (Moonberries, Sylvite rings, ets.)

1)Ryu-Kan: he lives on a small island north of Yafutoma. Go due north till you
pass the sky rift, you should see an island with a house on it. Land there and
talk to him. He'll join only if your ranking is high enough (Vyse the Dashing
should do).
  Having Ryu-Kan in your active crew will give you a command increasing the
Delphinus' Attack and Defense for a short time (something like the Increm
2)Ilchymis: he lives on an island north of Valua, above the clouds (engines
modification required). He'll join you only if Vyse know the Sacrulen spell.
  Having Ilchymis in your active crew will give you a command healing all of
your characters to maximum HPs.

1)Moegi: she'll automatically join you after you defeated the Blue Gigas
 Having Moegi in your active crew will give you a command protecting the
Delphinus from enemy magic for a full turn
2)Pinta: in the weapons shop on Sailors' Island. Go talk to him as soon as you
have the Delphinus.
 Having Pinta in your active crew will give you a command protecting the
Delphinus from enemy cannon fire for a full turn

1)Tikatika: he'll join you if you go talk to him after you found the "Village
of Ixa'ness" discovery (it's located in the clearing on the island north of
Moon Stone Mtn., near the rock rift).
  Having Tikatika in your active crew will increase your torpedoes hit % (read
they'll never miss).
2)Domingo: He'll join you if you found 30 or more discoveries. You can go talk
to him at Gordo's Bistro in the North Ocean. If you go talk to him in your base
(he's in the meeting room) he will rank your discoveries and give you some
prizes now and then.
  Having Domingo in your active crew wiil increase your probabilities of
delivering a critical hit.

3) Fighting Tips (Mk1a):

3a) Land Battles

Welcome to Skies of Arcadia, the game with more random battles than any other!
You can be attacked anytime and almost everywhere. Only the inhabited cities
are safe from random encounters. Battles are never useless. You get fighting
experience, magical experience, some gold and, hopefully,
some treasure. I take for granted that you know all basics, so I'll go on with
my tips. Each land is influenced by a moon, meaning
that the creatures living there are affected in different ways by spells and
the moon stone your weapons are equipped with. For example,
when you are in the Lands of Ice, the creatures are influenced by the Purple
Moon. To do these creatures some damage you must use Green or Red magic, and
equip your weapons
with these moon stones. Here's a schematic about how things work:

Red (Nasr Kingdom): beats Green, is equally matched with Purple, is beaten by
Blue(Yafutoma):beats Red, is beaten by Yellow and Purple
Purple(Lands of Ice): beats Blue, is equally matched with Red, is beaten by
Yellow(Valua): beats Blue, is equally matched with Silver, is beaten by Green
Green(Ixa'taka): beats Purple and Yellow, is beaten by Red
Silver(Soltis):is equally matched with Yellow

I am making some experiments to find out more, so stay tuned.
I don't like magic that much: I just use the Green healing spells and a very
few others, like Pyrulen and the Crystal-class. I prefer using S-Moves.
S-Moves are peculiar to each character: they are learned by using one or plus
Moonberries on the character you like. When you
learn the S-Move, you will be given a brief description of effects it will have
during the battle. Not all S-Moves are useful:
if you ask me, Aika's Epsilon mirror is completely useless. When you have
enough Moonberries to learn a move you will be given a brief description of its
effects: you can learn it or do it later
Remember that the S-Moves must be learned in this exact order: there is no way
to skip the evolution tree, so stick with it.
Here's a complete list, giving you the Moonberries you need to learn a move and
the number of Spirit Points it takes to release a move in combat:

Cutlass Fury 0MB 7SP
Counterstrike 1MB 1SP
Skull Shield 2MB 5SP
Rain of Swords 2MB 14SP
Pirates' Wrath 4MB 21SP

Alpha Storm 1MB 4SP
Delta Shield 1MB 2SP
Epsilon Mirror 2MB 10SP
Lambda Burst 2MB 8SP
Omega Psyclon 4MB 12SP

Lunar Blessing 1MB 10SP
Lunar Glyph 1MB 3SP
Lunar Cleansing 2MB 6SP
Lunar Winds 2MB 6SP
Lunar Light 4MB 18SP

Tackle 1MB 10SP
Spirit Charge 2MB 0SP
Hand of Fate 4MB 25SP

Gunslinger 1MB 9SP
Aura of Denial 2MB 3SP
The Claudia 4MB 18SP

Royal Blade 1MB 8SP
Justice Shield 2MB 4SP
The Judgment 4MB 16 SP

In addiction to thew S.Moves there are two special moves you can use when your
SP bar is full:

Blue Rogues: Vyse will call the crew of the Delphinus to his aid. This is a
great move since does a lot of damage to the enemy and you recover health.
Of course, the larger the Delphinus' crew the better...

Prophecy: the four members of the party call down a rain of destruction from
the moons. It will it all the enemies on the screen and
will an incredible damage.

These two moves, moreover, will cancel any action taken by the enemy durinfg
the turn they are unleashed.

Special Note about Loopers: Loopers come in every color of the moons, but they
are probably the most annoying thing out there.
They are not strong at all, but they have an extremely high Dodge and Quick, so
they are hard to catch and easy to run away.
They are even magic proof and resistant to Aika's area moves. But if you kill
one you'll get a lot of gold. So, if you can try using
Vyse's S.Moves to take them out and you'll be rewarded.

3b) Ship Battles

They make this game great, I love them. I'll take for granted that you know the
basis of this too. The best thing to run a good battle
is: buy always the best stuff. When you can afford it purchase the best
cannons, the best torpedoes etc. I also suggest you to spend money on the
repair kits,
have always plenty of them at hand, they can solve even the worst situation. If
you love magic, you can use that to repair the ship as well, but it takes away
precious SPs, which you may want to use to thrash your enemy. Another good
point is to make the right choices in the battle: for example you won't run
after a ship which
is feinting a retreat. Also, pay attention to colors of the rounds on the top
of the grid: this will show what the enemy will do:
Green: the enemy won't take any action on this turn
Yellow: the enemy will use an attack inflicting moderate damages
Red: the enemy will unleash a powerful attack
C!: tactical advantage, deliver a broadside
Special Icon: Mega advantage, you can use your S.Cannon
To cut the damage you take to a minimun, take an evasive maneuver before a
yellow or red round.
To give maximum damage during a C! turn, you may wish to concentrate your fire:
the torpedoes can be set to hit during any round, while the
secondary cannons, with additional SP use, can fire during successive rounds.
So, if you have enough SPs, you can concentrate
an incredible amount of fire during one round.
There are other "ancillaries" which can make your life a lot easier. For
example the Spell Increm will raise the ship's offense and defense for
two full turns. The Apo Wax has the same effects, but it lasts longer (4
turns). There are tons of such things around, so be sure to learn their true
Be sure to learn well what your crew members' attributes are, they can help you
much during a battle (see above).

Thanks go to:
Sega and Overworks for making this excellent game
Everyone on the board at Gamefaqs
Cass Bisping for his precious suggestions
The guys at the Game Store shop for hurrying me to finish this

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