• Clear Pause Screen

    To get a Clear Pause Screen, just press X + Y on the Pause Screen.

    Contributed By: Nemesis.

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  • Unlock all Levels + Soccer Game

    Start your Dreamcast and choose ''New Game'' in the VM Menu. Enter the following letters: GYU. Do not choose ''END'' now, but type those letters (GYU) in again! After doing that, type three times any letters. Doesn't matter which ones they are. Now press the yellow ''X'' button. If you get back to the VM Menu by that the cheat has worked. If not, redo it! Now you can either create a new game on the normal way you are used to or choose one of the existing save games. The next save state you create or choose will have all levels unlocked and it will have the Soccer Game appear at the very bottom of the level list!

    (for short: New Game -> type GYUGYUxxx (where x can be any letter) -> Press X button -> Create new game or choose an existing one for all levels unlocked)

    Contributed By: PsySonic.

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  • Dolphin Soccer

    Go to the Powers of Levitation level. Once there, swim the large central building underwater and search around it until you find the Information Shard. From there, enter the central structure and cruise down the tunnel until you find an oval door near the bottom. Head through the passage which is split up by doors that dilate when you get near then so that you can pass through them. Ignore the side paths and just head down the tunnel to the chamber at the end. Inside is a clan member and an air producer in the center of the room. Turn and face the entrance and you'll see an oval section of wall to the left that's moving a bit with the current. Swim through it and you'll find a secret room--inside is a Stealth power-up. Grab it and head straight back, and you'll find a pair of yellow lights at the back of the room. Touch your nose to the right one and you'll enter the soccer room.

    Contributed By: Dragon.

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  • Skip 'Blades in Motion' Boss

    To totally bypass the giant crayfish boss, as soon as you enter the room he's in, dash straight down to the edge of the rock pile. You'll see a very small gap between a few of the rocks, keep dashing straight into it until you end up -under- the pile, then continue down the tunnel.

    Contributed By: ShinGouki420.

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