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A unique driving game that will keep you at the edge of your seats. 06/12/01 ATadeo
Not exactly being a London Cabbie but never-the-less... 11/30/00 Auto2112
Go Taxi Go! 06/14/01 BradRock
One of the few Dreamcast titles thats worth paying $50 for! 01/30/00 BRalston
Woo-Hoo!! Fun games are back! 02/06/00 bruplex
Crazy Taxi is a smash hit for Dreamcast 02/09/00 CCWeb
Watch out for that...OHH...other car! 01/30/00 Crazy Bone X
The craziest car game ever! 04/09/01 DKlug
Who knew being a cabbie was so much fun? 05/20/02 Doodleheimer
Crazy indeed! 05/22/01 DrDoak2001
The most addictive game I've played in a long time 01/30/00 FZadeh
I can't stop playing this "crazy" game! 02/20/00 gamingfoo
Ohhh is this game Crazy or what?? 02/10/00 JckHamr123
Very fun, very crazy! 03/27/00 K0LDSTeeL
I challenge you to NOT like this game 04/03/00 KCKain
I never thought I would ever be this addicted to a game. 03/02/00 KindredWarr
A true experience to say the least... 05/30/01 Koo Kat
It's been a year, and I still enjoy it! 08/15/01 miffo
What's crazy is paying $49.99 for this game. 01/13/01 Mr. Self Destruct
The definition of FUN 01/13/01 Nemesis
Fun game but the fun is over way too quickly 04/26/01 Ninjak
Another sega instant classic! 03/06/01 Nukem
Fighting more than just the time limit... 09/09/09 PickHut
It's all I want! 02/24/01 PUhler
The only downfall to this game is...hmm... 12/19/00 roadkill
Crazy Taxi is all about having fun fun fun, and if you're not into having fun the don't buy it, but the rest of you fun loving guys read on... 03/07/00 Skillmaster2
Let's go make some crazy money 03/03/01 stonedwal
"Shut Up and Move Your Butt!" 11/03/08 Truck_1_0_1_
Crazy fun or crazy flop? Find out inside! 08/02/01 tuvok47
MAKE THE MUSIC STOP!!! 01/10/01 wdg8
Solid arcade port 10/10/07 wolverinefan

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