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    FAQ/Walkthrough by adam3k3

    Version: 2.10 | Updated: 04/27/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                              C A Z Y  T A X I  F A Q
                                    Version 2.10
                                   By Adam Cooper
                              Email: adam3k3@gmail.com  
                            Website: http://adam3k3.com
                                 For Sega Dreamcast
             Arcade, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox 360, IOS and Android
                  This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2005-2016 Adam Cooper
                            Last Revision Jan 11th, 2016
    Table of Contents
    1. About this Guide......................................[100]
     1-1. Availability...................................[110]
     2-1. Copyright and License..........................[120]
     3-1. Searching the Guide............................[130]
     4-1. Version History................................[140]
    2. Introduction..........................................[200]
    3. Game Info.............................................[300]
    4. The Basics............................................[400]
     1-4. Options........................................[410]
     2-4. Controls.......................................[420] 
     3-4. About the cities...............................[430]
     4-4. Cabbies........................................[440]
     5-4. Crazy Maneuvers................................[450]
     6-4. Licenes........................................[460]
    5. Starting..............................................[500]
     1-5. Customers......................................[510]  
     2-5. Picking-up.....................................[520]
     3-5. Driving........................................[530]
     4-5. Dropping.......................................[540] 
    6. Game Modes............................................[600]
     1-6. Arcade.........................................[610]
     2-6. Original.......................................[620]
     3-6. Crazy Box......................................[630]
    7. Tips/Strategies.......................................[700]
    8. Secrets/Cheats........................................[800]
     1-8. Cheats.........................................[810]
     2-8. GameShark Codes................................[820]
     3-8. Unlockables....................................[830]
    9. FAQ...................................................[900]
    11. Closing..............................................[2000]
     1-11. Contacts.....................................[2100] 
     2-11. Special Thanks...............................[2200]
                       100: A B O U T   T H I S   G U I D E                   
    '-- 110: Availability --------------------------------------------------------'
    The Latest version of this FAQ and all of my work is always available on 
    [1] http://www.gamefaqs.com/users/Adam3k3/contributions/faqs
    '-- 120: Copyright and License -----------------------------------------------'
    This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2016 Adam Cooper, and released under the terms of
    the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial, No Derivatives License.
    This License enables you to distribute this FAQ provided it remains in 
    its full form, unchanged and full credit is given. Publishing it under 
    your name on websites or otherwise is prohibiting. You may not use this 
    work for commercial purposes. For any reuse or distribution, you must make 
    clear to others the license terms of this work along with the notice in the 
    availability section.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    [3] http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0
    '-- 130: Searching the Guide -------------------------------------------------'
    Press "CTRL+F" to Search the FAQ. Copy, paste the code to the desired section 
    from the tables of content into the search bar and click Find.
    '-- 140: Version History -----------------------------------------------------'
    Version 2.10 Jan 11, 2016
    . Added Ports
    . Added System Requirments
    . Added more information in different sections
    . Corrected grammar and spelling mistakes.
    . Updated my info
    Version 2.00 July 26, 2013
    . Updated the FAQ format, fixed the grammar and spelling mistakes. Added new 
    ports information as well as extra info bits here and there. Update me should 
    anything be added. See Contacts.
    Version 1.00 (April 27, 2006)
    . Finished the FAQ 
    . Add Crazy Box Walkthrough 
    . Updated the FAQ format
    . Add Original city drop-offs 
    . Add some Q/A about PC version. 
    Version 0.91 (July 1, 2005)
    . Made Grammar/Spelling corrections.
    Version 0.90 (June 16, 2005)
    . Almost everything is done, working on Crazy Box.
                          200: I N T R O D U C T I O N  
    Grab a passenger and drive fast, really fast. Welcome to my Crazy taxi FAQ. 
    As seen, this FAQ was written long ago and just got updated to support the 
    newer ports and more information. Should you find anything wrong or missing, 
    inform me and I will credit you.
                             300: G A M E   I N F O
    Crazy Taxi is an open world racing video game developed by Hitmaker (Sega AM3) 
    and published by Sega. It is the first game in the Crazy Taxi series. The game 
    was first released in arcades in 1999 and was ported to the Dreamcast in 2000. 
    Subsequently, it was ported to the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube by 
    Acclaim in 2001, and then Microsoft Windows in 2002. The game was released 
    on November 16, 2010, for the PlayStation Network and on November 24, 2010,
    for the Xbox Live Arcade. It is featured on the Dreamcast Collection. 
    An iOS version was released on October 10, 2012
    PC System Requirments
    OS: Windows® XP
    Processor: 3.0 GHz Intel Pentium 4
    Memory: 2GB RAM
    Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible, NVIDIA GeForce 7300 series,
    ATI Radeon™ X1600 Video Card with 256MB RAM
    DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
    Hard Drive: 240MB Hard Drive space
    Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible Sound Card
    OS: Windows® 7
    Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    Memory: 2GB RAM or more
    Graphics: DirectX 9.0c/Shader3.0 compatible, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 series
    or higher, ATI Radeon™ X1900 Video Card with 512MB RAM
    DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
    Hard Drive: 4GB Hard Drive space
    Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible Sound Card
                             400: T H E  B A S I C S
                                    410: Options
                              = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Time Setting:
    Adjust the game time limit for Arcade and Original mode.
    "Play By Arcade Rules" only.
    Time Difficulty:
    Adjust the difficulty level of the time limit for Arcade and Original mode.
    "Play By Arcade Rules" only.
    Traffic Difficulty:
    Adjust the difficulty level of the traffic for Arcade and Original mode. 
    "Play By Arcade Rules" only.
    Set the sound output to either MONO or STEREO.
    Music Volume:
    Adjust the volume of game's music.
    SE Volume: 
    Adjust the volume of the sound effects.
    Controller Settings:
    Press (A) to display the controller settings screen and then select 
    a controller setting type for the Dreamcast Controller or the Rally Wheel.
    Set to "ON" when using a Jump Pack while playing.
    This setting is only activated when a Jump Pack is inserted into Expansion
    Socket 2 of the Dreamcast Controller.
                                  420: Controls
                            = = = = = = = = = = = = =  
       Action or Command       Dreamcast Controller       Rally Wheel
       Game Start/Pause           Start Button            Start Button
          Steering           Analog Thumb Pad/D-Pad      Steering Wheel
        Accelerating               Trigger R               Trigger R
          Braking                  Trigger L               Trigger L
         Drive Gear                B Button                + Button 
        Reverse Gear               A Button                - Button
     Destination Reminder          X Button                B Button   
                               430: About the cities
                         = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    There are two cities to choose from, the first one being the Arcade
    version which is more compact connected by one road and include a
    number of recognizable brands (changed in the later ports). Many ramps
    and road dropdowns are seen when driving along with the famous car park
    building which you can jump from.
    The other city was introduced with a home Dreamcast port. This city or town
    as I like to call it is more spread out with tunlels and sea everywhere. The
    drop zones are further away from each other as opposite to the Arcade city.
                                   440: Cabbies
                             = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Age: 21
    Sex: Male
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 158 
    Plate #: 1NOM155 = "I no miss"
    Meaning: I don't make mistakes
    This wild and freewheeling guy is known to have a hot and quick temper. 
    His only reason for becoming a cab driver is that he considers being a 
    cabbie the "coolest" profession. Axel always shows his customers a good 
    time while driving them in his 60's era classic cab, earning himself big 
    tips in the process. As far he is concerned, cab driving is the ultimate 
    When he isn't working, Axel is usually trying to pick up women, jamming 
    with his punk band (bass and vocals) or participating in board sports 
    like surfing and snowboarding. That said however, Axel is a bit too 
    freewheeling so his band members tend to come and go on a regular basis, 
    and he can't maintain decent relationships with women. Oh well, what's a 
    guy to do?
    While he isn't perfect, his open-hearted personality and cheerful nature 
    means he kind of grows on you. His most redeeming quality is that he is 
    especially gifted at mediating when there is trouble or fighting amongst 
    his many friends.
    Age: 23
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5'7"
    Plate #: 5EXY515 = "Sexy Sis"
    Meaning: You know what it means!
    If Gena could be described in two words, without a doubt those words 
    would be "cool & sexy". With a strong passion for cars, her reason for 
    being a cab driver is simple, "Because I get to drive around in my car 
    all day!"
    While she's not concerned with amusing her customers per se, she sure is 
    timely. When asked if perhaps she'd be happier as a racing driver, she 
    just laughs and replies, "But it is such a ruche to race through the 
    traffic-laden streets... I could never give this up!"
    When Gena isn't working in her beloved cab, she can usually be found 
    working on it. In fact, she spends nearly all her time and money 
    performing extensive tune-ups, maintenance, and cleaning. It's no 
    surprise that all the money she earns goes straight back into her cab. 
    Despite her cab fixation, many men are attracted to Gena's beauty. But 
    she simply turns her nose up at any man who dares try to gain her 
    Clearly the object of her affection is her one and only cab!
    B.D. JOE: 
    Age: 25
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 165
    Plate #: 2HOP260 = "To hop to go"
    Meaning: Always ready to get crazy
    Always friendly and cheerful... that's B.D.Joe.
    For him, driving a cab is a line of work in which he can excel at 
    "making people happy". Happiest when he can bring a smile to the face of 
    customers, B.D. is a master of both driving and conversational 
    Even when he is not driving a cab, B.D. is well known as an accomplished 
    performance artist. He can throw together a few discarded drum cans and 
    lids, and using a pair of drumsticks he can blow you away with his 
    musical prowess. His rhythms sound so fine they put the supposed 
    "professional" musicians to shame. He is often asked why he doesn't 
    perform professionally but he just laughs brightly and says, "Making 
    people smile is reward enough for me, besides, cabbing is too much fun 
    to give up!"
    Lately B.D. Joe has taken up card tricks... why you may ask? Because by 
    doing so he can make anyone's day, anytime, anywhere.
    Age: 42
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 187
    Plate #: ONLY777 = "Only 777"
    Meaning: Only aim for the big jackpot
    Gus is a handsome (in a melancholy sort of way) drifter who typifies the 
    term "cool". He holds the unique distinction of being the first cabbie 
    ever to drive in the "crazy" style. In his youth, Gus was a wild and 
    uncontrollable hooligan, selfish to a fault, who hated to lose and had 
    to be Number 1 at any cost. With a strong fascination for things new, 
    Gus was naturally drawn to that one unique trend that was totally cool.
    Always getting into something before it became popular, back in the days 
    when he didn't own a car he was just riding around in a normal taxi when 
    he had a flash of inspiration that caused him to go out and buy an old 
    junked out 1955 jalopy. Thus began the crazy taxi trend.
    If Gus isn't driving, he can usually be found playing cards. When the 
    working ends he meets his poker buddies (whose members change nightly) 
    to pass the time playing poker, blackjack, and baccarat. A benefit of 
    his gambling is that Gus has come to understand the ways of strategy, 
    thereby mellowing his former desire to win at all costs. Learning the 
    why and how of losing has made Gus a better person.
                               450: Crazy Maneuvers
                             = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Crazy Maneuvers are moves that can be performed while driving a customer
    to his destination. Upon a useful maneuver, the customer will start throwing
    coins that will be added to your total fair when dropping him off. The more
    combo maneuvers you score, the higher you will get paid so keep performing
    while watching for the traffic as getting hit cancels the combo.
    Release accelerator and brake, then shift back to drive and press
    the accelerator at the same time.
    Crazy Drift: 
    Release accelerate, reveres gear, shift back into drive gear and 
    keep holding drive while accelerating and turning sharply for 
    a power slide turn. Use this to get a fast turn, this will 
    get you some combos.
    Crazy Through: 
    Drive through traffic without hitting anything. This is hard if you're
    driving like crazy, but it will get you the most combos and that will
    get you more cash. Use it carefully because if you hit another car you
    will lose all combos and start from zero again. Very useful when driving
    through traffic on a long straight road. Stay with the traffic as opposite
    to against it for safer combos.
    4-Crazy stop: 
    Crazy dash, then hold reverse and brake. 
    Vary useful for fast stop; use it all the time when stopping. 
    5-Limit Cut: Crazy dash, crazy drift, and then crazy dash again.
    A must use all the time; this will get you to the top speed.
                                  460: License
                            = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    After the game is over, you will get a license depending on how many 
    customers you dropped-off, here are all the licenses you can get:
      Fare             License             
      $0.000           No License  
      $0.001-0.999     E Class License
      $1.000-1.999     D Class License
      $2.000-2.999     C Class License
      $3.000-3.999     B Class License
      $4.000-4.999     A Class License
      $5.000-9.999     S Class License
      $10.000-19.999   Awesome License
      $20.000-99.999   CRAZY   License
                              500: S T A R T I N G
                                 510: Customers
                             = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Customers are all over the city (even under water). Depending on who you
    pick, the drop off destination will either be close by or far away. Chose
    the right customer depending on your time. Go for the close range if you
    low as it's safer and gives you little extra time for you next customer
    who should be someone nearby. Taking long runs while low on time will most
    likely result in you not reaching on time unless your that good. Bellow is
    the customer chart.
    | -COLOR-           -CIRCLE-        -DESTINATION-            -DROP ZONE-  |
    |Green             Biggest one      Farthest destination     Biggest Zone |
    |GreenYellow       Bigger one       Vary far destination     +Bigger Zone | 
    |Yellow            Big one          More far destination     Vary Big Zone|
    |Orange            Medium one       Farther destination      Bigger Zone  |
    |Red               Small one        Vary close destination   Small Zone   |
    As mentioned before, doing Crazy Maneuvers while driving the customer will
    get you extra coins added to your total fare when you successfully drop off
    your customer. There are three types of coins you can get: Bronze, Silver,
    and Gold.
    They can get you starting from $0.25 and up to $15.00.
                                 520: Picking-up
                             = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Every customer stand under a fare icon, you have to fully stop in his circle
    to pick him up. You must not be driving another customer if you want to pick
    anybody as you may only pick one at a time. Slam on the breaks as well as the
    reverse for faster stops and plan ahead on who you would like to pickup. Try
    stopping before the circle so you won't drive past wasting the time on revers.
                                  530: Driving
                              = = = = = = = = = = =
    As soon as you pick up a customer a timer will appear on the top left
    side of the screen. A big arrow will be pointing where to go! You have to 
    get your customer to his drop-off zone as fast as you can to get a fare!
    Remember the shortcuts and the best road that will get you there! 
    Press the X Button to show the Destination Reminder that shows where 
    the drop-off zone and how far it is from your current position.
    While you drive the customer you may get crazy combos depending on how
    you drive. Crazy combos are moves linked together without any hits by
    the traffic. You will get crazy combos if you jump off ramps, use crazy moves, 
    and Crazy Through. But don't get too fast or you will lose all your combos. 
    When jumping off ramps, try jumping to the sides of the street so you won't 
    get hit by the traffic.
                                   540: Dropping
                               = = = = = = = = = = =  
    Time to drop your customer and get what's yours. As soon as you see the
    drop zone -The arrow will lead you to it- use the crazy stop to stop fast.
    You have to stop inside the marked zone. Depending on how fast you were,
    you will get a rating, depending on it you will get an extra time if any:
    | SPEEDY...........+5 seconds........If the time color is Green  |  
    | NORMAL...........+2 seconds........If the time color is Yellow |
    | SLOW..............No Bonus.........If the time color is Red    |          
    | BAD...............No Bonus.........If the time color is Purple |  
                             600: G A M E  M O D E S
                                    610: Arcade 
                                 = = = = = = = = =
    This mode was first introduced in the Arcade version of Crazy Taxi. Now you 
    can play it at your home via Dreamcast:) Its a big city that got many roads
    and shortcuts so watch out for them! There are many drop-off points,
    here is a list of all the drop-offs in this city:
    Cable car stop TOP
    Freshtree Street
    Sail Street
    Cable car stop BOTTOM
    Sea side Market
    West side beach
    Yacht Harbor
    Pizza Hut
    Square park
    Popcorn Mania
    The Original Levil's store
    Tower Records
    Kentucky Fried Chicken
    R.B. Station
    Baseball Stadium
    Police station
    Clock Towers theater
    C.T. Hospital
    Sky Bank
    Boarders Paradise
    Mall: west gate
    Mall: east gate
    Osmous Hotel
    Crown Arena
    Bus terminal
    Look-out tower
    Fire station
    Tennis court
    Universiry of S.C.G.P 
    This mode can be played 4 ways:
    1. PLAY BY ARCADE RULES: Play as if you are playing the arcade version. You 
    have set time and you must keep adding to it to get going or it's GAME OVER! 
    To add more time you must keep picking customers and successfully dropping
    2. WORK FOR 3 MINUTES: Play for three minutes. No Time Bonuses add. 
    3. WORK FOR 5 MINUTES: Play for five minutes. No Time Bonuses add.
    4. WORK FOR 10 MINUTES: Play for ten minutes. No Time Bonuses add.
                                   620: Original
                                = = = = = = =  = = =
    This mode was made for Dreamcast version of crazy taxi. The city
    is smaller than the Arcade city, but still has its own look and feel.
    The Original Levis store
    Kentucky Fried Chicken
    SOUTH PARKING station
    Tower Records
    Police station
    Parthenon Museum
    City Library
    NORTH CAMP Station
    Japanese Restaurant
    CAMPSITE Subway
    Fire station
    Just like the Arcade mode, this mode can be played 4 ways:
    This mode can be played 4 ways:
    1. PLAY BY ARCADE RULES: Play as if you are playing the arcade version. You 
    have set time and you must keep adding to it to get going or it's GAME OVER! 
    To add more time you must keep picking customers and successfully dropping
    2. WORK FOR 3 MINUTES: Play for three minutes. No Time Bonuses add. 
    3. WORK FOR 5 MINUTES: Play for five minutes. No Time Bonuses add.
    4. WORK FOR 10 MINUTES: Play for ten minutes. No Time Bonuses add.
                                 630: Crazy Box
                              = = = = = = = = = = =
    Again, this mode was made for the Dreamcast version. It's a set of missions
    that you must do under a time limit. Get them all, and you unlock the bike.
    1-1 Crazy Jump 
    Hit on the Crazy Dash as soon as you're in control, get some speed and use
    the limit cut. Repeat till the jump.
    2-1 Crazy Drift
    Gain some speed then use Crazy Drift, repeat till you get 15 combos drift.
    3-1 Crazy Rush
    You need to use both the Crazy Dash and Crazy Stop. Take them either from 
    left to right or the other way around.
    1-2 Crazy Flag
    Reveres and drive to the flag till you run it over. Use Crazy Dash and 
    Limit Cut. 
    2-2 Crazy Turn
    Drift on every turn and use the Crazy Dash.
    3-2 Crazy Jim
    Take all the costumers to there destination avoiding the traffic. Use 
    Limit Cut. 
    1-3 Crazy Balloons
    Blow up all the balloons by driving through them.
    2-3 Crazy Bound 
    Drift out after every jump off the ramps, then use the Crazy Dash.
    3-3 Crazy Pole 
    Crash straight into the pole to stop fast. Use limit Cut.
    1-S Crazy Bowling
    Drift right before each set and use the Limit Cut before the last ones. 
    2-S Crazy Zigzag
    Drift with every turn and use Crazy Dash along with Limit Cut.
    3-S Crazy Zigzag 2
    Same as above but with stops. Try to stop in the drop-off zone. Hit the 
    breaks with Crazy Drift.
    S-1 Crazy Through
    Drive really slowly and be careful. Try driving in between cars or near them. 
    You need 30 combos.
    S-2 Crazy Parking
    Drive as fast as you can while avoiding the traffic.
    S-3 Crazy Party
    Drive Straight and pick the first one to the right, use Crazy Drift to stop. 
    Reverse and go up the right way to the top picking the second customer. 
    Drop down to the north and drive straight to the 3rd one. 
    Now drive all the way to the south picking the customer in the parking area. 
    Drive up the right way and pick the one at the top. Drop down and drive as 
    fast as you can to the ramp, with enough speed you will reach the second floor.
    Pick the left and right customers in any order and follow the narrow road 
    ahead to the drop-off zone.
    S-S Crazy Attack
    You need to take a lap around the city. Follow the road down the hill and 
    take the left turn when you reach the bottom dead end to get a checkpoint. 
    Drive straight until you reach a grass area to the right. Take that path and 
    stay to the right to your next checkpoint near the pizza Hut. 
    Drive along the right path till you see LEVIS sign. Drive straight pass KFC 
    and to your next checkpoint near the church. 
    Drive straight through the grass passing the Heliport Port. Drop down the 
    right road as soon as you see the R.B. stm. Place and drive the opposite 
    way. You will get another checkpoint when you reach the highway. 
    Drive along the highway till it ends. Now take the right road and drive along 
    with it turning to every right turn to the checkpoint. 
    Stay with the road and drive up the hill till it splits into two ways. Take 
    either and drive to your drop-off zone.
                         700: T I P S / S T R A T E G I E S
    1. Don't stop too far from the customer, this will lose you some time,
       as the customer is running to your cab.
    2. Use Crazy Moves to get Crazy Combos, which will get you more money.
    3. Mix long runs with short runs, this will help balance time.
    4. Remember the shortcuts, this will help you save some time.
    5. When stopping to pick a customer try facing where he wants to go.
    6. When you feel that you don't have time to drop a customer, don't 
       go to his drop-off, just go to another customer and wait till the 
       time of the old customer runs out so and pick the new one.
    7. Know who to pick in the right time, when you don't have much time try
       picking up long run customers.
                          800: S E C R E T S / C H E A T S
                                     810: Cheats
                              = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    No Arrows
    This code allows you to play without arrow markers. To do the trick press and 
    hold R+Start before the driver select screen appears. If you did it correctly,
    the message "No Arrows" will appear. This will sweachoff the directional 
    No Destination Mark
    Want to sweachoff the green destination markers that appear around your 
    targets? Just press and hold L+Start before the driver select screen comes 
    up. If you did it correctly, the message "No Destination Mark" will appear.
    Extra "CRAZY BOX" Levels (Japanese version)
    To receive an extra level in the "Crazy Box" section of the game then play
    Arcade mode and get an "S" license with each of the 4 characters. Now when you
    enter the "Crazy Box" section of the game you will be given an extra level 
    called "Crazy Party". Also if you successfully clear the stranded "Crazy Box" 
    levels then you will be rewarded 3 new extra levels including a "Crazy Bowls"
                                 820: GameShark Codes
                               = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Gameshark Codes
    (M) Must Be On  22C5F54A00000002 
    $99999.99 Cash  DF6842610098967F 
    $9999.99 Per Passenger  54F7BBC1000F423F 
    Infinite Game Time  B0163B330000173E 
                                   830: Unlockables
                               = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Unlock bike
    At the character selection screen, quickly press L, R, L, R, L, R. Then,
    select a character to drive a bike instead of a taxi. Alternatively, complete
    all sixteen Crazy Box levels to unlock the Special Taxi for each character, 
    which is selectable in crazy box, arcade, or original modes. To select the 
    bike in crazy box mode, scroll to the right of Gus at the character selection
    screen. To select the bike in arcade or original mode, press Up at the 
    character selection screen. 
    Under Water Passenger
    There is a way in the game to pick up a snorkeling fare under the water. 
    Here are the directions:
    1.Drive straight and pick up the first orange person right in front of you.
    2.After you get to her destination, to the left by the wall there is a yellow
    person, she will want to go somewhere by the beach.
    3.After you get her to her destination, you will be right next to the beach 
    and you will see the green marker for someone under the water, drive right in
    and pick her up!!!
    Expert Mode
    To sweachoff both Destination Markers and Arrows, press and hold L+Start and 
    R+Start right before the driver select screen appears. This will sweachyou to 
    Expert Mode.
    Another Day Mode
    Press R at the driver select screen, then press and hold R again while you 
    select your crazy cabbie of choice. You will now see the words "Another Day" 
    appear on screen, followed by a car horn. This will change the game slightly 
    with new fare locations and altered starting positions.
    View Change and Speedometer
    Plug a controller into controller port 3, then press the Start button on that 
    controller after you started a game in Original or Arcade mode. You can toggle
    to a first-person view by pressing B (sweachback to normal view with A), get 
    an alternate viewing angle with Y, or tap X five times to bring up a 
    speedometer display.
                                     900: F A Q
    Q: how many blocks do Crazy Taxi use on Dreamcast VMU?
    A: 23 blocks.
    Q2: What is this game compatible with?
    A2: VMU, Race Controller, Jump Pack, and VGA.
    Q3: On what systems can I fine this game other than Dreamcast?
    A3: Nintendo GameCube, Sony PlayStation 2, PC, GameBoy Advance, Xbox 360,
    PSN, and IOS/Android.
    Q4: So is Dreamcast version plays exactly like the arcade version?
    A4: 99%, there are very rare slow downs in dc version, other than that 
        it is exactly the same game.
    Q5: Are there any secret cabbies?
    A5: Sadly no.
    Q6: Are there any Mods on the PC version? 
    A6: The only known Mod is putting your own music in the game. 
        Go to C:\Program Files\Sega\Crazy Taxi\SoundData\music and replace any 
        MP3 file with one of your own MP3, make sure to name it exactly like the 
        one you're replacing.
                                   1000: PORTS
    The game was ported to many consoles and PC releases including thew recent
    IOS, Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Gamecube, PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox.
    The best version is arguably the Xbox 360 or PC as they are the most updated
    in terms of resolution but to me, the original Dreamcast still stands strong.
    Refer to my Version Differences FAQ for more information on each port.
                               2000: C L O S I N G
                                 2100: Contacts
                               = = = = = = = = = =
    I may be contacted anytime via my email, Twitter or Blog. Just make 
    sure to properly mention the subject. I welcome questions, contributions, 
    corrections, requests or anything else.
    E-mail:   adam3k3@gmail.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adam3k3
    Website:  http://adam3k3.com
    YouTube   Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Adam3k3
                               2200: Special Thanks
                             = = = = = = = = = = = =
    . Game Manual: Some info from it.
    . Wikipedia: For the Game Info.
    . IGN.com: Got the cheats from it.
    . Acclaim: I got the full Arcade locations from their map.
    . All listed websites for accepting my FAQs.
    . You for reading this FAQ.
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