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    FAQ by adam3k3

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                  Title:    sonic adventure 2 the trial
                  System:   SEGA Dreamcast
                  Type:     FAQ
                  Version:  1.00
                  Author:   Adam3k3
                  Revision: July 18th, 2015 
                     FAQ Copyright (c) 2015 Adam Cooper
             For contact details, please see Contacts section.
    Table of Contents
    1. About this Guide
     1-1. Copyright and License
     2-1. Version History
     3-1. Contacts and Credits
    2. About this game
     1-2. Differences
     2-2. Walkthrough
     3-2. Game Dialog
     4-2. Misc Info
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    -+-+-+ About this game -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    Sonic Adventure 2 the trial is a prototype stage demo that was
    bundled with Phantasy Star Online and Sonic Adventure on SEGA
    Dreamcast. This release includes a number of changes including:
    . Different Logo
    . Different billboards
    . Different Sonic shoes
    . Slightly different physics
    . Slightly different sounds
    . No dialog in City Escape
    . No vocals in the music of City Escape
    The walkthrough consist of the first stage, City Escape.
    Stage 1: City Escape
    Mission: Find the Goal Ring
    Character: Sonic
    Ride down collecting the rings on the right and jumping off the ramp on
    the left right after the rings. Take a sharp right turn at the end of the
    road and continue sliding down.
    Slide to the left and into another ramp, if done correctly you will hit the
    rings monitor. Slide left, then right and into the final ramp in the middle
    hitting the Tram-train and the speed boosters into the next area.
    Slide on the rail and continue running forward. Wall run on the left wall
    and grab the 20 rings monitor. Slide breaking the two boxes and jump on the
    rail as you grind your way down from rail to rail. Use the speed booster to
    reach the upper level of the ramp.
    Grab the rings and use the moving platform to reach the checkpoint. Use the
    speed booster to run forward and into a mini ramp. You will land on another
    speed booster with a mini ramp right ahead, jump off it into another speed
    booster with a mini ramp.
    Make your way to the upper level using the jump pads and continue going up
    watching out for the enemy robots. There will be one right before the exit. 
    Continue running jumping off the mini ramp on the right and grabbing the
    speed shoes. Keep running till you come across a narrow path with a jump
    pad onto, use it to push yourself onto the rail and grind all the way down.
    Use the Crouch button to slide faster.
    The rail will end with a big ramp ahead, use it to reach higher ground.
    Break and grab the useless Chao Garden key and use the jump pad on the
    right to push yourself forward grabbing the 20 rings and a checkpoint.
    Continue running forward breaking the monitors ahead and use the speed
    boosters to wall run in roller coaster style all the way down.
    You will run into a jump pad sending you into a rail. jump forward when
    the red line appears and repeat. Grab the invisibility monitor and continue
    on your way. Use the enemies to reach the next ground (keep hitting them in
    Jump on the rail and slide down jumping on the other one and finally the
    third one all the way down. Jump at the end to grab the rail or simply
    advance on foot. Go through the final checkpoint and slide down.
    Keep running down and jump dash if the truck gets to close. Continue
    running until the truck crashed. Grab the Goal Ring to finish the stage.
    Depending on how well you did, you will be ranked from S to D.
    Game Dialog
    heading due south over the city.
    We’re en route,
    everything’s a go.
    This is tower control.
    We have you on radar.
    Report cargo status of captured
    hedgehog aboard, over!
    That’s a 10-.
    Cargo secured on board and…
    What the hell…!
    Didn’t copy that, over!
    The hedgehog is gone, he’s taken
    out everyone aboard and….
    What’s wrong! Come in, over!
    Freeze! What do you think you’re
    doning! Get that hedgehog!
    Sonic: Talk about low-budget flights, no
    food or movies… I’m outta here!
    Sonic: I’d feel better running !!
    Misc Info
    This version should not be confused with Sonic Adventure 2 Preview, as the
    that version is the full game with minor differences and some glitches while
    this is an early prototype with a single stage.
    This prototype is obviously a Dreamcast only since the game was later ported
    to Nintendo GameCube and PC Steam.
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