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  • Access Emulator's Debug Settings

    To access the emulator settings on the PlayStation Classic, plug in a USB keyboard and press the Escape key. This will allow you to alter a wide variety of graphical settings, such as framerate and scanlines, access save states, use cheat codes in the same fashion as a GameShark, and much more!

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

Battle Arena Toshinden Cheats


  • Access Final Boss

    On the main title screen press Up, Down, Up, Down, Down, and Triangle

    Contributed By: freakunique.

  • Additional Camera Controls

    While playing a regular game, pause and press Square + Circle + Triangle + X then press Select twice. The power bars will be removed and you can use the shoulder buttons to zoom and pan around the entire arena. To return to normal press Square + Circle + Triangle + X and Select.

    Contributed By: freakunique.

  • Alter Egos

    To select a character's alter ego press Select when highlighting the character you wish to use.

    Contributed By: freakunique.

  • Instant Desperation and Super Moves at any difficulty level

    Instant Desperation and Super Moves at any difficulty level.First enter the Gaia, Sho, and Instant Super moves codes. Then at the title screen while the words are appearing on the screen quickly press right, left, right, left + square on controller 2.

    Contributed By: Fatal Fury.

  • Instant Super Moves

    The following code must be entered after the Gaia and Sho codes

    Instant Super MovesAt the title screen while the words are appearing on the screen press down/left + X on controller 1. Change the control set so the L1, L2, R1, and R2 buttons will be the Special buttons. Any time in the game press Select + L1 + L2 + R1 + R2

    Contributed By: Fatal Fury.

  • Japanese Version Codes

    The Japanese codes are different than the North American ones. At the title screen after a demo, as the options scroll onto the screen, do the following.

    Enable Sho as a playable character (down + circle on Kayin)right, down, down/right + circle--controller 2
    Enables Gaia for 1P and 2P modes. (Select Eiji with up + circle)down, down/right, right + square
    Perform secret moves more easily (Select+R1+L1+L2+R2)down/right + X

    Contributed By: ThePatrick.

  • Play as Gaia

    Play as GaiaAt the title screen while the words are appearing on the screen, press Down, Down/Left, Left + Square. Select any mode and at the fighter select screen, hightlight Eiji, hold Up and press any button.

    Contributed By: Fatal Fury.

  • Play as Sho

    Play as ShoEnter the Gaia code then while the words are on the title screen press Right, Left, Right, Left + Square on controller 2. Select any mode and at the fighter select screen highlight Kayin and press any button.

    Contributed By: Fatal Fury.


  • Reach the Real Last Boss and Ending

    To fight Sho, the real last boss, you need to set the difficulty level to Hard and finish all opponents without using a continue. If done right, after you beat Gaia, you'll get a message saying "Here comes a new Challenger". You'll also get the real ending after you beat Sho.

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.

Easter Eggs

  • Listen To A Song

    You can play the soundtrack for each stage when you go to the playstation music player.

    Contributed By: ToTheExtreme14.


  • Instant Desperation Moves

    Enter the Instant Super Moves code and change the control set so the L1, L2, R1, and R2 buttons will be the Special buttons(ex setting A3 and A4). Now anytime in the game when your energy bar is flashing red press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 at the same time to do your character's desperation move. Note that you can only have the special setting in the Very Easy and Easy difficulties.

    Contributed By: Fatal Fury.

Cool Boarders 2 Cheats


  • Hard Mode

    Hard ModeHold L1 and press X at the beginning of the game in Tour Competition Mode.

    Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre.

  • New Outfits

    New OutfitsAt the main menu press Down, R1, Up, R1, Down, R2, Up, R2, Up, Up, R1, Down, Down, R2

    Contributed By: Mike Truitt.


  • Misc. Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    All-AroundTake first place in total score on at least 5 courses on freestyle mode.
    AlpineTake first place in time on at least 5 courses in freestyle mode.
    Bonus BoardsEnter Freestyle mode and select all of the tracks. Now set the top record for each track.
    Extra LevelsPlace first in Competition Mode.
    FreestyleTake first place in trick scoring on at least 5 courses on freestyle mode.
    JamaicanGet a perfect 50.0 in the halfpipe
    Mirror ModeWin first place in competition mode, then hold R1 and press X on either competition or freestyle mode
    Play as Alien and SnowmanComplete all 100 moves in Master mode and set all of the records in Freestyle mode.
    Play as Alien and SnowmanAchieve a score of 40.0 or more on the Half-pipe course.
    The BossFinish in the top 3 in Competition Mode.

Easter Eggs

  • Cool Boarders 2 Sound Track

    Put the game cd into a cd player and start at track 2. Plays most of the music from the game (including the heart beat track) except for the end credits theme.

    Contributed By: SuperShredder.


  • Hidden Menu

    Press Select + Up At The Boarders Park Screen

    Contributed By: Cook77.

  • No Music

    During a game quickly press Start until the music continues to play on the Pause Screen. Then, no music will be during the game.

    Contributed By: matt91486.

Destruction Derby Cheats


  • Cheat Codes

    To use these Cheat codes, enter them as your name while Championship is selected.

    All competitors will start smokingDERBYMAN
    Enable number of competitorsNPLAYERS
    See Credits after beating Division 1CREDITZ!
    Unlock the Ruined MonasteryREFLECT!

    Contributed By: AnonUnknown, Bl3u, and T-8700.

Easter Eggs

  • Alternate beginning

    As your system is loading up, hold L1, Circle, and Left. Then, the Reflections members will be on the screen instead of just the logo.

    Contributed By: Redd the FOnewm.

Final Fantasy VII Cheats


  • Easy Chocobo Races

    Easy Chocobo RacesDuring chocobo racing mini-game, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 to increase your chocobo's speed. Hold R1 + R2 to recover your chocobo's stamina.

    Contributed By: YSF.

  • Rocket Town Materia Quest Password

    Huge MateriaEnter Circle, Square, X, X while in the rocket.

    Contributed By: Mike Truitt.


  • Ancient Forest Revival

    After you gain acess to the Ancient Forest, there is a way to revive your characters without using a Phoenix Down. If you have a dead character, walk into one of the "fly traps" and make it swallow you. When it spits you back out, your dead character will be revived (with one HP left :P )

    Contributed By: MatthiasVII.

  • Clone Save Crystals

    This glitch will only be executable on Disc 3, when you actually obtain the Save Crystal in the Northern Crater, which has the purpose of creating a Save Point anywhere desired. Normally, only one per playthrough can be earned, but you can earn a second through a glitch! When the paths split up in the Northern Crater, use the southwestbound path. On the third screen, there will be a chest containing an X-Potion. Move close to the edge of the ledge of the first chest - which contains the X-Potion - and then jump down and open the chest the split second you begin to jump down. Do not close the message box confirming you earned the X-Potion! If done correctly, you should still be able to move around, despite the text box; move near to the southern exit such that Cloud's face is off-screen but you have not left the area. Enter the menu and use the Save Crystal. When asked in the field if you wish to make a Save Point, answer "Yes" and immediately run west and to the next area. In this area, there will be another request for the Save Point. Answer "No" and go back an area, where you'll find a Save Point, but you'll still have the Save Crystal in the inventory.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

  • Damage Overflow Glitch

    There are two equally-valid ways in which this glitch may occur, each with the same results: instant-killing of even the toughest of enemies. For this, you must either have Vincent's Death Penalty or Barret's Missing Score weapons. To use this glitch, you must abuse these weapons' mechanics for damage calculation: in this case, you must kill 65,535 enemies with the Death Penalty (though 40,000+ will suffice) or equip 8,000,000 AP of Materia onto the Missing Score (though 4,000,000 suffices, such as 8 Mastered Knights of the Round Materia). However, do not equip the HP Absorb Materia onto either of these characters, as the damage overflow will in turn cause a healing overflow and death.

    Once either of the conditions above is met, simply enter a battle. Because of the extreme damage caused under these conditions, the game will interpret the high damage as high healing, which it in turn interprets as a glitch and kills off the enemy outright. This will also happen with any enemy or boss, making it very viable, particularly with the Weapon bosses. These are not the only conditions by which the glitch can be abused, either, but are the easiest to achieve and work with 100% regularity.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

  • Getting the Quadra Magic without a Chocobo

    There is a way to get the materia "Quadra Magic" without having to breed a River Chocobo. You'll need the Highwind. Fly it to the most southwestern tip of land on the map and you'll notice a cave. Follow this back (Mideel way) until you get to a slightly upraised piece of land. Go as far as you can to the edge of the cliff. Face the Highwind south. Press the land button and quickly but lightly press R1. The Highwind should land half on the cliff and half off. You can now walk up to the cave and get the Quadra Magic.

    Contributed By: Anonymous.

  • Infinite Regen Glitch (PS1 only)

    Cast Regen on your characters, then open the disk tray, Regen will continue working but the enemy won't ever attack until you close the disk tray. Close the disk tray when your characters have fully recovered.

    Contributed By: oblivion from aoc.

  • Play scratched disks trick

    If your game freezes when trying to play cut scenes because your disk is scratched, simply restart and swap to another disk just before the cut scene. It will instead play the wrong cut scene, but you can continue playing as normal.

    Contributed By: oblivion from aoc.

  • Resist/Absorb Ultima Weapon's Ultima Beam

    In Final Fantasy VII, there is an unnamed element hidden in the game code that was partially scrapped pre-release, including its own name. Few attacks actually use this element, and only one does that deals damage: the devastating Ultima Beam attack from Ultima Weapon. It is very possible to abuse this partial-deletion by placing the Elemental Materia linked to a non-elemental Materia (such as Restore) on your armor. If you do so, depending on the level of the Elemental Material, you will halve the damage from Ultima Beam, nullify it, or even absorb, taking a lot of difficulty out of this battle.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

  • Save Point Glitch

    This glitch can be used to allow you to utilize the functions of a Save Point anywhere in the field. When loading your game from a saved file that was saved at a Save Point (one not created by the Save Crystal), as the game loads, try to move in any direction during the black screen between the file selection screen and the game itself. If you manage to move off of the Save Point before the black screen turns to reveal the game itself, you will always be treated as being at a Save Point. (To check this, when the game is loaded, you can enter the menu to be able to save and use the PHS, even though off the Save Point.) Thus, you can save and switch characters around at any time. This effect will last until you touch another Save Point or reset the console.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

  • Skip Return to Midgar glitch

    This glitch allows you to skip Returning to Midgar, however you will permanently miss Barret's and Caith Sith's ultimate weapon's and a Tough Ring, Ziedrich and Minerva Band by doing so. After defeating Diamond Weapon when he approaches Midgar, head towards Northern Crater in the Highwind to continue the story. When you reach the scene between Scarlet, Reeve and Heidegger in the meeting room, after Reeve says "I don't give a damn about the details!!", hold Right + X (run). If successful, in the next scene your characters will appear next to Hojo to stop him, instead of seeing him talking to himself.

    Contributed By: oblivion from aoc.

  • Test 0 Glitch - JP Versions Only

    The Test 0 enemy is what is likely a beta enemy used for testing in the Japanese versions of Final Fantasy VII; however, it was improperly deleted pre-release and still can be fought, but only in the Japanese release. You can find it as a random encounter in the well in the Corel Prison area in PlayStation release; in the original PC release, you can switch CDs just as the battle loads.

    The Test 0 enemy comes with a number of benefits in fighting it: 100 AP, 1,000 EXP., and 10,000 Gil, making it notoriously easy to grind in a number of ways at this early point in the game. Defeating them will take a long time, however, as they have 30,000 HP, but the rewards make it much worth it compared to grinding against hundreds of weaker enemies for the same prizes. Note that, after the battle ends, you will return to the world map from the last point you left it, which also makes dangerous sequencing-breaking glitches possible (dangerous as they can ruin your file by making it unbeatable): it is therefore preferred you visit this area at a later time when you can freely travel rather than needing to be in the Corel Prison (in the PlayStation version) or needing to meet events in a certain area (PC version).

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

  • Tougher Enemies for Fast Leveling and AP

    This glitch is exploitable after passing through Junion the first time and returning via the ship after completing the episode at Gold Saucer. Board the ship at Costa del Sol. Go to Junion and head away from the dock that the ship is at. Follow the main road to the tunnel that divides the city in two. In the tunnel there should be a number of Shinra soldiers drilling. On the left wall, there is a red box. Go up to it and press the action button. You should hear a siren going off. Walk arround and you will get into random encounters with enemies that aren't supposed to be encountered until Junion is attacked by Weapon on disc 2. You will probably need to use summons and magic contiuously during your first few battles to defeat the enemies. Don't forget to save money on potions, ethers, and pheonix downs by using the Junion Inn, which is also a good place to save.

    Contributed By: MadScientist314.

  • Unlimited elixirs

    You can get unlimited elixirs.
    In the ice field there's a cave with an elixir in it. Grab it but DON'T push the X-button to let the text disappear that says that you've got an elixir. Normally you can't do anything when that message is on screen but this place is an exception; here you can walk out the cave and re-enter and get it again and again...
    Note that if you let the text disappear the item will be removed from the screen and you can't get it again.

    Contributed By: Geomancer8.

  • W-Item Duplication Glitch and Extensions

    The W-Item Duplication Glitch requires, to start with, the W-Item Materia. The initial abuse of it is simple. Enter the items menu in battle and select an item, a target, then select a second item, and cancel. Then select the item and cancel again, and repeat ad infinitum: in doing so, the first item selected will be continually cloned.

    There is a drawback to this in that it only works with items selected in battle. There is a workaround for this involving the Morph Materia and finding a foe that Morphs into the desired item you wish to clone. Put a nonconsequential item of quantity 1 - such as a lone Potion - in the top-left of the item list and then get into a battle with the foe who has the desired Morph. Order one character to kill the foe, and other another to Morph it. Have the third use W-Item, select the (in this example) Potion, a target, and then wait for the Morph to succeed. Once it does - thereby replacing the Potion from before - select a second item, then cancel, and repeat the process. This Morphed item will now be cloned repeatedly, even if it is not selectable in battle, making it very efficient at cloning, for example, stat-boosting Sources or equipment.

    Another extension allows having two of the same item, but numbering 99 in each stock for a total of 198. You'll need one character with the W-Item and another with the Steal Materia, in addition to one of the item to be cloned. Arrange your items such that one slot is blank above the item to be cloned. In battle, you need to have one character Steal from the W-Item wielder. Quickly enter the items menu with the W-Item user and select the item in the inventory and a target, then wait for Steal to succeed. The stolen item will reappear in the inventory in the blank slot from before (the intentionally-blank one). You can now use the select-cancel process to clone the original item, and then you can do the same with the item that filled the blank slot, allowing you to obtain up to 198 of the same item from one utilization of the glitch.

    Contributed By: Dyse and KeyBlade999.


  • Alternative way to get Master Materias

    To master either the Master Magic (green), Master Summon (red), or Master Command (yellow) materias, master all the materias of that type and talk to the Huge materias of the respective color at the Cosmo Canyon observatory. You can have any number of Master materias this way.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Master Commandmaster all yellow materias
    Master Magicmaster all green materias
    Master Summonmaster all red materias

    Contributed By: aokfan.

  • Extra Elemental Materia

    An extra Elemental Materia can be found in Tifa and Cloud's hometown at only one point in the game. There is a point where Cloud has been lost and Tifa is leading the party. Before you search for Cloud, return to Tifa's house in Nibelheim and go upstairs. Activate the piano and Tifa will say something like, "Cloud played here" and you will get the extra Elemental Materia.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Elemental MateriaActivate Piano when Tifa leads the party.

    Contributed By: YCris.

  • Getting Master Materias

    To get the 3 Master Materias, beat Emerald Weapon and you will get the Earth Harp and go to Kalm and give it to a Kalm Trader who will give you these 3 materias.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Master CommandBeat Emerald Weapon, give the Earth Harp to the Kalm Trader
    Master MagicBeat Emerald Weapon, give the Earth Harp to the Kalm Trader
    Master SummonBeat Emerald Weapon, give the Earth Harp to the Kalm Trader

    Contributed By: Omega Tamheed.

  • Gold Chocobo Without Breeding

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Gold ChocoboBeat Ruby Weapon and Take Desert Rose to the old man in Kalm

    Contributed By: Da Ace.

  • Turtle Paradise Prizes

    There are six posters placed up across the game. When you get all six and give them to the Turtle Paradise Restuaraunt in Wutai.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Turtle Paradise Poster 1Sector 5 Slums, on the Wall Upstairs in house, east side of town
    Turtle Paradise Poster 2On a Bulletin Board of the lobby of Shinra HQ
    Turtle Paradise Poster 3On the wall next to the item shop in the Ghost Hotel at Gold Saucer
    Turtle Paradise Poster 4Attached to the wall at the Tiger Lily Arms Shop In Cosmo Canyon.
    Turtle Paradise Poster 5On the Wall next to the Inn Keepers Desk
    Turtle Paradise Poster 6In Yuffies Basement next to Turtles Paradise-check the banenr on the wall outsdie the trap room

    Contributed By: TheBulletEater.

Easter Eggs

  • Cactuar Ghost in Snowboarding Game

    It's possible to unlock a hidden ghost in the snowboarding mini-game at Gold Saucer, but it's very difficult to do.

    Get a satisfactory score in all of the courses and a yellow balloon will appear near the start of the mini-game that activates Time Attack. Get through the Beginner Course and then choose to retry. Now, start Time Attack and go to the Beginner Course. There'll be a silver balloon there that increases your speed when collected.

    Here's the tough part: You must set a record of under 00'54''000 on the Beginner Course. If you succeed, start Time Attack mode and pause the game. Go to options and then ghost. You'll notice a new "? ? ?" option at the bottom. Select it and a running cactuar will replace the moogle. The ghost and your record can be saved on your file.

    Contributed By: AllMySNsRTaken.


  • All Lucky 7s

    If a character's HP is 7777 at any time during battle, it will go into a frenzy of super-accelerated, uncontrollable attacks, each hitting for 7777 damage to a random enemy. If a character has 7777 HP at the end of the battle, its HP will be reduced to 1 when you return to the field.

    Contributed By: Melchior.

  • Cactuar island.

    Cactuar island is an island so small it wont show up on the radar and this is the only place you can run into cactuars.

    First off you need the airship. When you have the airship go fly above cosmo canyon. Then go strait south. It will be hard to miss.

    Contributed By: sniperkill.

  • Easy Stat source items

    In the downed plane where you find Heavens cloud, every enemy morphs into some sort of source! A really easy way to do this is to get Yuffie doing good damage (5000 and up?) and have her morph them, as her weapon dosn't lower the damage of morph. Another great thing to do is to combine the mega all materia to get all the enemies at once. Even one hour of this will show great results!

    Contributed By: biz842.

  • Easy Strength Gain

    You need the Morph materia and a character's ultimate weapon(optional but makes it easier when morphing) for this to work. Go to the Gongaga Reactor(the ruined one) and go to the reactor itself in the place and just walk around until you get into a battle, you should fight a Heavy Tank(the triceratops tank,if i'm right it's a 100% encounter rate) and use morph and it'll turn to a power source. You can keep morphing these guys into power sources and easily max a character's strength out.

    Contributed By: MasterofDeath35.

  • Get Knights of the Round Summon

    To get this cool summon spell you will need to breed a gold chocobo and go to a island that is not on the map but if in the top right corner. In the cave on the island you will find the ultimate summon spell that does 70,000+ damage when used once!

    Contributed By: Omega Tamheed.

  • Get Out from North Crater

    Want to get out from North Crater but don't know how? Well, there's a way.
    If you remember, there's a hole near the cliff where you slided down the Crater. Go there. If you don't know where it is, its entrance is near where you first stepped your foot on North Crater.
    Now, there's a rock that shaped like a ladder that leads to the upper side of the crater on the right side of the hole. Although there is no green triangle (sign of a ladder), that is actually a ladder that lets you go up.
    After you climb up that ladder, you can board the Highwind again and get out from North Crater.

    Contributed By: gamermstr.

  • How to get into Midgar in disc 2

    If you try to get back into Midgar you will see a man standing by the door who will say that he lost the key on a tour of bone village. Go to bone village and order a search by the tent at the top of the village. This may take a couple of trys but when you get it you enter sector 5 by Aeris's church and you can go to sector 6 as well.

    Contributed By: Omega Tamheed.

  • Learning the enemy-skill chocobuckle

    This is no doubt the most difficult enemy-skill to obtain. First you must have the enemy-skill "level 4 suicide" which can be learned from the "Mu" enemies, and you must have 1 mimett green. Now equip the "chocobo lure" and "sense" materia and find a chocobo around the chocobo ranch area on the chocobo footprints, once you find one, use the sense command on the chocobo to see if its level 16 (since "level 4 suicide" only affects targets whose level is a multiple of 4.) If it is level 16, feed the chocobo your mimett green and cast level 4 suicide on the stuffed bird, the chocobo will counter with "chocobuckle", hitting the one who casted "level 4 suicide". Finally, chocobuckle is yours.

    Contributed By: RainyLeon.

  • Red sub

    To get reno's red sub you must fail the attack on the red sub(Don't crash it). When you can go back to junon, go to the submarine dock and once there talk to the dog blocking the door and it will move leaving you to go through. Now the sub will be there and you can take it. However you will miss one huge materia this way

    Contributed By: steadward.

Grand Theft Auto Cheats


  • Misc. Cheats

    Enter the following codes at the Name Entry screen:

    9,999,990 pointsWEYHEY
    99 livesSATANLIVES
    Access San Andreas parts 1 and 2TVMAN
    All CheatsT H E S H I T
    All CitiesCaprice
    All CitiesTURF
    All Cities parts 1 and 2 except Vice City.URGE
    All cities, infinite weapons and 99 livesBSTARD
    All WeaponsGroovy
    All WeaponsMADEMAN
    All Weapons, Armor and a Jail CardPECKINPAH
    Enable CoordinatesBLOWME
    Five Times MultiplierEXCREMENT
    God CheatHANGTHEDJ
    Level SelectSKYBABIES
    Level Select with Extra OptionsINGLORIOUS
    Liberty City parts 1 and 2FECK
    No PoliceCHUFF
    Wanted Level Max ($)EATTHIS

Intelligent Qube Cheats


  • Hidden Player

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    CynthiaComplete the game and save it.

    Contributed By: YSF.

  • How to unlock all the extra characters

    How to unlock all the extra characters

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AprilComplete the game with an IQ of over 100.
    AtlasComplete the game with Morgan with an IQ of over 400
    CherryRemain in Survival Mode with Eliot for 15 minutes
    CynthiaComplete the game
    Dickson Complete the game with April with an IQ of over 150
    EliotRemain in Survival Mode for over 10 minutes
    KimtiComplete the game with Morgan with an IQ of over 300
    MorganComplete the game with Dickson with an IQ of over 200
    SpikeComplete the game with Cynthia with an IQ of over 400

    Contributed By: mingonia.

  • Unlock Spike

    Go to options, set the game level to level four. Enter a first player game and progress to atleast level 6 or 7

    Contributed By: Kohnah.


  • Make Your Own Puzzles

    Beat the game and save it to a memory card. Then, go to the Options Menu and pick Game Mode. Choose System and then press the Right button to turn on Original Mode. Next, exit the menu and pick a one-player game. To turn off this mode, press the Left button instead of Right on the Game Mode.

    Contributed By: YSF.

  • Practice Stages

    Choose Rules and highlight any of the training scenarios, hold L1 + R1 and press X. Instead of watching the demo, you can control the action in them. Use this with the Demo option to practice the 5th and Final Stages.

    Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre.

Jumping Flash! Cheats


  • Misc. Codes

    Adjust Cloud SpeedAt the main menu hold L1, L2, R1, R2 and press Up or Down
    Level SelectAt the main menu press Up, Up, Down, Down, X, X, Left, Right, Left, Right, X, Triangle, X, Triangle

    Contributed By: ATadeo and KasketDarkfyre.


  • Super Mode

    Complete the game once (first playthrough, not the Extra stages) without using continues and Super Mode will become selectable from the main menu. Start a new game in this mode and you will be able to jump 6 times instead of 3. You can also press Triangle to fall faster and do more damage to enemies. Pressing L1 and L2 will make you run faster and jump farther.

    Contributed By: Rezon.


  • Hyper Mode

    To do this, first enter the stage select code. Go to the first boss, beat him and when you get to stage 2-1, pause the game and quit. After getting back to the main screen, the words world 2 should appear by the game start. Start the game again, and go to world 6-3. Pause the game and quit again, this time the words world 6 will be next to the start screen. Press Left and you will see the word ''HYPER'' appear. Start a new game with this code and you will be able to play Extra stages and also jump 3 times higher than you normally could. You can also press Triangle to fall faster and do more damage to enemies. Pressing L1 and L2 will make you run faster and jump farther.

    Contributed By: Aristov and Rezon.

Metal Gear Solid Cheats


  • Different ending/music

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Different ending/musicBeat game while wearing the Tuxedo

    Contributed By: Warhawk.

  • Misc. Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    CameraComplete the game and submit to Ocelot's torture, then start a new game.
    Demo Theater ModeComplete the game with either ending; complete both endings to completely unlock this option.
    Extreme ModeComplete the game on any mode and start a new one.
    Fight Red NinjaBeat the game with 100 percent two times, then go fight the ninja.
    Gun Shooting ModeEnter the VR training mode and successfully complete training mode time attack mode(look for cheat on list). When your done re-enter VR training mode, you'll find the new option.
    Hear the MGS theme tune play during the end creditsBeat the game 3 times on the same save file. The official Metal Gear Solid themetune will play during the second half of the end credits
    Infinite AmmoDo not submit to Ocelot's toture and at the end you will get Meryl's ending. She will give you a bandanna. Load the game and you will have the bandanna. Equip it and you will have infinite ammo.
    StealthBeat the game and submit to Ocelot's torture. Otocan will give you his stealth camoflauge. Load the game and you will have stealth. Equip it and you will be invisible, although wolves can see you and when an FMV shows the guards will see you.
    Survival ModeComplete Gun Shooting Mode in VR Training
    Technical Demonstration ModeComplete all other VR Training modes
    Time AttackEnter the VR training mode and succesfully complete training mode. When you re-enter VR Training Mode, you'll find the new option.
    TuxedoBeat the game twice, one with Meryl's ending, once with Otacon's ending. Save them on the same slot. Load the new game and when Snake goes up the elevator in the Dock, Snake will change into a tux.

Easter Eggs

  • Alternate Save Message from Psycho Mantis

    If you save less than three times before you fight Psycho Mantis, you will get a special message on how reckless you are.

    Contributed By: MrFoxhound.

  • Castlevania Message

    If you have a save game of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on your memory card, Psycho Mantis will give you surprising message before you fight him.

    Contributed By: Lock and Chain.

  • Get Mei Ling Mad

    Keep calling Mei Ling on the codec. Say do not save about 5 to 8 times. She will get mad eventually and stop talking to you.

    Contributed By: danyates.

  • Ghost Picture of Hideo Kojima

    After you beat the Ninja, take your camera and take a picture of the picture of the big orange-like robots in Otacon's lab. When you've done it, reset and load the picture. You'll see a ghost picture of Hideo Kojima!

    Contributed By: Pin_Cheater.

  • How to make the Ninja free you

    After you are tortured, thrown in the cell, and called Otacon, the guard goes to the bathroom. Otacon comes, gives you a few things and then when he leaves and the guard comes back, let the guard go to the bathroom 2 more times. When the guard goes to the bathroom the second time, you'll hear something like a FAMAS. The Ninja comes and frees you!

    Contributed By: Pin_Cheater.

  • Save message from Psycho Mantis

    If you save enough times before fighting Psycho Mantis he will tell you how wise you are for saving often.

    Contributed By: djmikso.

  • Special Message

    If you have a savegame of POLICENAUTS on your memory card when you fight Mantis, you will get a special message from Hideo Kojima.

    Contributed By: rob29.

  • Suikoden Message

    If you have a Suikoden Save Game on your Memory Card ,
    Psycho Mantis will give you special message regarding Suikoden when he reads your mind.

    Contributed By: ShinWesker.


  • A more useful cardboard box

    When you're in the cave area with Meryl, hit her and quickly equip a cardboard box. She'll order a wolf to attack you, but if you're in a box, a wolf will pee on it instead. Now whenever that box is equipped the wolves will no longer attack you.

    Contributed By: dinobotmaximized.

  • Defeat Psycho Mantis with ease

    Make the boss fight with Psycho Mantis much easier by switching your controller to port 2 when the message HIDEO appears on your screen. If you do it correctly, Psycho Mantis will be unable to read your thoughts making the fight much easier.

    Contributed By: xerc.

  • Easily cross minefields.

    If you don't have the mine detector, but want to cross a minefield without having to worry about blowing up, just go up to the area where you believe mines are and crawl across the ground. Not only will you be unharmed, but you will also receive any claymore mines that you crawl over!

    Contributed By: Felix Arabia.

  • Meryl's Ending

    Resist Ocelet's torture to see a happy ending where everyone lives.

    Contributed By: MrFoxhound.

  • Otacon's Ending

    To view Otacon's Ending instead of Meryl's ending after completing the game, submit to Ocelot's torture after being captured.

    Contributed By: UltimaterializerX.

  • Title Screen Tricks

    When you reach the title screen, push any of the directions on the D-Pad to be able to get different colors for the background graphics.

    Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre.

Mr. Driller Cheats


  • Mirror Levels

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Mirror LevelsComplete all normal stages in time trial mode. Press R1 to play harder, mirrored levels. Press L1 to return to normal levels.

    Contributed By: NostalgicX.

Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee Cheats


  • Misc. Codes

    Green FartsDuring gameplay hold R1 and press Up, Left, Right, Square, Circle, X
    Level SelectOn the main menu hold R1 and press Down, Right, Left, Right, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Right, Left
    View FMV'sAt the title screen hold R1 and press Up, Left, Right, square, Circle, Triangle, Square, Right, Left, Up, Right
    Voice CheatDuring gameplay hold R1 and press Triangle, Up, Circle, Left, X, Down, Square, Right


  • Endings

    The ending you receive depends on how many Mudokons you rescue during the game. NOTE: Killing all 99 Mudokons places you back at Rupture Farms II immediately following a special message from Mullock the Glukkon.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bad endingRescue 1-49 Mudokons
    Bad ending and unlock unlimited grenadesKill all 99 Mudokons
    Good endingRescue 50-98 Mudokons
    Good ending and unlock movie galleryRescue all 99 Mudokons

    Contributed By: Coredo and JosephLithius.

R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 Cheats


  • Race An Eagle

    In Grand Prix, On Crimsonrock Pass and During Countdown At Beginning of the Race

    Race An Eagle In Crimsonrock Pass On Grand PrixLeft, Right (x3)

    Contributed By: Wild Gunman and RaumeRVZ.


  • Trophies

    After Completing Grand Prix, Trophy will be awarded. This trophy will change depending on which team and car type you had used

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bosconian TrophyWin Every Race In Grand Prix While Using Racing Team Solvalou and Driving Grip Car
    Dragon Spirit TrophyWin Every Race In Grand Prix While Using Dig Racing Team and Driving Drift Car
    Klonoa TrophyWin Every Race In Grand Prix While Using Pac Racing Club and Driving Drift Car
    Mappy TrophyWin Every Race In Grand Prix While Using Micro Mouse Mappy and Driving Drift Car
    Pac-Man TrophyComplete Grand Prix Without Losing Any Race
    Tower of Druaga TrophyWin Every Race In Grand Prix While Using Dig Racing Team and Driving Grip Car
    Valkyrie TrophyWin Every Race In Grand Prix While Using Pac Racing Club and Driving Grip Car
    Wagyan TrophyWin Every Race In Grand Prix While Using Micro Mouse Mappy and Driving Grip Car
    Xevious TrophyWin Every Race In Grand Prix While Using Racing Team Solvalou and Driving Drift Car

    Contributed By: Wild Gunman, nick san, ReyVGM, and RaumeRVZ.

  • Unlockable Modes

    These Is Only One Unlockable Modes In Ridge Racer Type 4

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Extra TrialComplete Grand Prix Once

    Contributed By: RaumeRVZ.

  • Unlockable Music

    These Is Only One Unlockable Music In Ridge Racer Type 4

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Eat 'Em Up!Unlock Pac-Man

    Contributed By: RaumeRVZ.

  • Unlockable Special Cars

    These Is Only One Unlockable Special Cars In Ridge Racer Type 4

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Pac-ManUnlock All 320 Cars

    Contributed By: RaumeRVZ.


  • Rocket Start

    At race countdown, hold the accelerator down so the revcounter needle hits the 12 o'clock position. Then quickly step through the gears to about 4th [or 5th] while keeping the needle at approx 12 o'clock. This requires a balancing act between the needle and the accelerator button. Now as long as you have L2+R2 held down as the countdown finishes you will be propelled forward at that gear without suffering wheelspin!

    Contributed By: IcemanUK.

  • Rocket Start with neGcon

    I believe i've executed the Rocket Start with a neGcon, except there are no L2 or R2 buttons, so i didn't hold them. It's excacly as the Rocket Start by IcemanUK, but here it is for completeness' sake: Quickly step through the gears to 4 or 5, then accelerate to about 12 o'clock position (around 6000 rpm for me). Don't worry about the L2+R2, the neGcon doesn't seem to need it.

    Contributed By: myrkraverk and Cicciolo.

Rayman Cheats


  • 99 lives and full Health

    Withe the game paused, hold in the following order L2, R1, L1, R2 and release in the order L1, L2, R2, R1. Then press and release Circle. Then hold in the following order Left, Circle, Square, Triangle and release in the order Left, Triangle, Square, Circle. Your lives should increase to 99 and health to full.

    Contributed By: UltraMega Weapon.

  • 99 Lives and Full Health (PAL Version)

    Pause the game, then press and hold L2, R1, L1 and R2 in that order. Then release them in the order L1, L2, R2, R1. Then press and release triangle, then press and hold right, circle, square, x in that order, then release in the order right, x, square, circle. The game will unpause and you'll have 99 lives and full health.

    Contributed By: AllNightRocker.

  • Hidden Rayman Animation

    View Hidden Rayman Animation (European Version):Hold R1+R2 at the PlayStation logo. The animation will play before the copyright screen appears.
    View Hidden Rayman Animation (Japanese Version):Hold R1+R2 at the "Presents" screen. The animation will play in place of the Rayman logo.
    View Hidden Rayman Animation (North American Version):Hold R1+R2 at the "Presents" screen, and then press start. The animation will play in place of the Rayman logo.

    Contributed By: freakunique and RibShark.

  • Misc. Codes

    Picture in PictureWhile paused hold R2 and press Circle, Circle, Left, Circle, Circle
    Ten Continues (only works if you have three continues or less)At the game over screen press Start to continue. While Rayman is doing cartwheels press Up, Down, Right, Left

    Contributed By: Lagunathemoron.


  • All Electoon passwords (PAL)

    These only work with the PAL version of the game.

    Band Land completeG6X4?XP!9Z
    Blue Mountains complete87XL?XP!WF
    Picture City completeJCTD?RF54F
    The Caves Of Skops complete (access to final level)S2?2D19!4Q
    The Dream Forest completeQ6MTZC6NHM

    Contributed By: JoshKall.

  • Complete Passwords (PAL Version)

    Enter the following at the password screen:

    Band Land, Allegro Presto!GNSZ36N9X
    Blue Mountain, The Hard RocksZ?WOZ3QTFP
    Blue Mountain, Twilight GulchPJNJF!Q29P
    Candy ChateauFJSJ!C62OP
    Picture City, Pencil PentathalonZ8N8P36D6P
    Picture City, Space Mama's CraterZ8WOZ5QNOZ
    The Cave of Skops, Crystal PalaceVPN8P!646Z
    The Cave of Skops, Eat at Joe'sP1NO7!6NSZ
    The Cave of Skops, Mr Skops' StalactitesFGN83562SZ

    Contributed By: Skinnypetestreet.

  • Level Passwords

    Bongo HillsB0D4?HL29X
    Eraser PlainsDW44?1!CN7
    Gong HeightsB04DG13L9K
    Mosqutios NestL044Z9LNHM
    Mr Sax's HullabalooB0D4?R33HP
    Mr Stone's Peaks49DN?1!!WF
    Pink Plant WoodsL8W8Z9LW9M
    Swamp of ForgetfullnessL04JPHLW9M

    Contributed By: Carter12.

  • Misc. Passwords

    Enter the following at the password screen:

    99 LivesXNB9FM!Z2?
    Access to Skops?2MC9J!GTB
    Access to Space MamaT64H5M!?BB
    All abilities and levels.FJSJ!CS20P
    All but FinalSD3BKFOOMN
    End of game942KV3W9XD
    Finished CavesSM!KV7WSXD
    Finished ImageSX2!ZP58MD
    Finished MountainsJK!ZZC8MD
    Finished MusicJ5VLFP58VB
    Freed all Electoons and 99 lives492KV3W9XD
    Start at Mr. Skop's StalactitesNW?WD15!4Q

Easter Eggs

  • Rayman Sound Track

    To listen to all the music in Rayman, use a CD Player or the built-in player from your PS1 to listen to any music in the game.

    Contributed By: CW Boi 209.


  • Deal Double Damage While Punching

    For reasons unknown, if you punch enemies while in mid-air, the punches are twice as strong as normal.

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

  • No Text at Pause Screen

    While paused, hold R1+R2 to make the text disappear.

    Contributed By: Carter12.

Resident Evil: Director's Cut Cheats


  • Misc. Codes

    Double AmmoHighlight Advanced Mode at the main menu, then press and hold Right until the word Advanced turns green.
    More skill levelsAt the demo title screen highlight New Game and hold Right for a few seconds.


  • Infinte Magnum Ammo in Advanced Mode

    When you place the red jewel into the tiger statue, three cases of magnum ammo will be revealed for the taking. Take one (or two), leave the room, and then enter it again. All three cases will have respawned. Use this as many times as you like for infinite ammo.

    Contributed By: ReverseMeowMeow.


  • Misc. Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Beat the game on any mode with Chris or Jill in less than 3:00Unlimited Rocket Launcher
    Complete the game in Advanced mode and save all your partnersUnlimited Magnum
    Complete the game once in Training or Standard mode with either character and save all your partners.New Costumes

    Contributed By: Mysticcat and cvxfreak.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo Cheats


  • Misc. Codes

    Dan Hibiki (player one)Highlight Morrigan, hold Select and press Left, Left, Left, Down, Down, Down, Circle
    Dan Hibiki (player two)Highlight Felecia, hold Select and press Right, Right, Right, Down, Down, Down, Circle
    Devilotte (player one)Highlight Morrigan, hold Select and press Left, Left, Left, Down, Down, Down and press Circle as the time hits 10
    Devilotte (player two)Highlight Felicia, hold Select and press Right, Right, Right, Down, Down, Down, and press Circle as the time hits 10
    Gouki (player one)Highlight Morrigan, hold Select and press Down, Down, Down, Left, Left, Left, Circle
    Gouki (player two)Highlight Felicia, hold Select and press Down, Down, Down, Right, Right, Right, Circle

    Contributed By: ruhztee.

  • Stage Select

    Hold L2 + R2 + Select when selecting the handicap and press one of the following buttons:


    Contributed By: ruhztee.


  • Misc. Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Anita (player one)Highlight Morrigan, hold Select, then highlight Donovan and press Circle.
    Anita (player two)Highlight Felecia, hold Select, then highlight Donovan and press Circle
    Hsien-Ko's Paper TalismanHighlight Morrigan on the character select screen, hold Start, then highlight Lei-Lei and press Circle.
    Mei-Ling (player one)Highlight Morrigan, hold Select, then highlight Hsien-Ko and press Circle
    Mei-Ling (player two)Highlight Felecia, hold Select, then highlight Hsien-Ko and press Circle

    Contributed By: KasketDarkfyre and ruhztee.

Syphon Filter Cheats


  • All weapons and unlimited ammo (PAL version)

    Pause during play, then highlight the "weapons" option, then hold SELECT+L1+L2+R2+Circle+X.

    Note: Only the weapons available during the current level are selectable.

    Contributed By: Gr8Fox.

  • All Weapons+ Infinite Ammo

    All weapons and infinite ammoPress Start, highlight Weapons and press Right + L2 + R2 + Square + Circle + X

    Contributed By: Rage012.

  • Hard Mode

    Hard ModeAt the New Game title screen press Left + L1 + R2 + Select + Square + Circle + X

    Contributed By: ATadeo.

  • Hard Mode (PAL version)

    Highlight "New Game" at the title screen and hold L1+L2+R2+Square+Circle+X. Gabe will say "Damn it!" if it's worked.

    Contributed By: Gr8Fox.

  • Level select (PAL version)

    Pause during play, select "Options" and highlight "Select Mission". Hold L1+L2+R1+Square+Circle+X. The entire list of levels should now appear.

    Contributed By: Gr8Fox.

  • One hit kills (PAL version)

    Pause the game, highlight "Objectives" then hold Right+L1+R1+R2+Circle+X. Gabe will say "Understood" if it's worked.

    Contributed By: Gr8Fox.

  • One-Shot Kill

    One-Shot KillPause the game, highlight Silenced 9mm and press Left + Select + Square + X + L1 + R2

    Contributed By: Asch The Hated.

  • Stage Select

    Stage SelectPress Start, choose Options, then highlight Select Mission and press Left + L1 + R1 + Select + Square + X

    Contributed By: Rage012.

  • Super ammunition

    Start the game and hit pause. Then, highlight the map menu and press: right, R1, R2, X.

    super ammunitionright, R1, R2, X

    Contributed By: Da Bomb.

  • Weak Enemies

    Weak EnemiesPause the game, highlight Map and press Right + L1 + R1 + X

    Contributed By: Asch The Hated.


  • Movie Theater Mode

    After jumping out of the saloon window, there is an alley ahead and to the left. Go down it, and you'll be in a cul-de-sac blocked off by burning cars (on the far side of the cars, some terrorists are shooting it out with some CBDC agents on the roof). You will see a movie theater across the street from the alley. Go up to the door, pause the game, and go to the Map. Press L2 + R1 + X + RIGHT. Gabe will say, ''Got it!'' Exit the menu and resume the game, and you will find Gabe inside the theater. Go around past the concession stand and enter the red-curtained door to the auditorium. The FMV movies will begin to play in succession. Warning: Some of the movies include spoilers.

    Contributed By: Wakener.

Tekken 3 Cheats


  • Unlock Gon Easily

    Get a high score on Survival mode, then enter the following as your name:

    Unlock GonGON

    Contributed By: Leon897.


  • Alternative End For Gun Jack

    Lost the game 10 times with Gun Jack and hold both kicks after every round.

    Contributed By: freakunique.

  • Gon (alternate method)

    To unlock Gon, you must beat it in Tekken Ball (it will appear as your first opponent), or in Arcade mode (it appears randomly).

    Contributed By: Carmensk.

  • Misc. Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Anna's zebra skin costumePlay with Anna 25 times in a row, then select her by pressing Start
    Dr. BoskonovitchCollect the bronze, silver and gold keys in Tekken Force by completing it three times. Then play through it one more time. After you beat the boss of the last stage, you will be taken to an underground cave and defeat Dr. B
    Jack's Tank TopPlay as Jack 10 times, then select him by pressing Start
    Jin's School UniformPlay as Jin 50 times, then select him by pressing Start
    Ling's School UniformPlay as Ling 50 times, then select her by pressing Start
    Tekken Ball Mode and GonBeat the game with all non-hidden game characters
    Theater ModeBeat the game in arcade mode with all non-hidden characters

  • School Background

    First you must have unlocked Jin or Xiayou's school uniforms. Once you've done that select a two-player game and choose Jin or Xiayou by pressing Triangle before your opponent selects their player. You'll then get to fight in a school yard background.

    Contributed By: freakunique.

  • Unlock Characters

    Tiger-Finish Arcade mode with every character then highlight Eddy and press Start or Triangle

    Panda-Highlight Kuma and press o or x

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Anna WilliamsBeat arcade mode five times
    Bryan FuryBeat arcade mode six times
    Gun JackBeat arcade mode three times
    HeihachiBeat arade mode seven times
    Julia ChangBeat arcade mode twice
    KumaBeat arcade mode once
    MokujinBeat arcade mode four times
    OgreBeat arcade mode eight times
    True OgreBeat arcade mode nine times

    Contributed By: CKY274.

  • Unlockable characters and modes (alternate method)

    These are determined by the number of times you've selected any character (refer to Character Usage, Records, Options menu)

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Dr. Bosconovitch700
    Gun Jack200
    Kuma100 matches
    Tekken Ball Mode550
    Theater Mode, all extra costumes750
    Tiger (Eddy alternate)600
    True Ogre500

    Contributed By: Carmensk.


  • Finishing Poses

    After you defeat your opponent press either Triangle, Circle, X Button, or Square and hold it down to see different Finishing Poses.

    Contributed By: pathestar1459.

  • Listen to a Song

    If you put Tekken 3 into your computer, or a CD player, and go to Track 2, you can listen to a 2:37 song called The King Of Iron Fist Tournament 3: Enter The Tekken.

    Contributed By: Mr_Popadopalis.

  • Make Mokujin Sound as a Wooden Block

    On Mukujin's picture, hold down until the match begins.

    Contributed By: clayton16.

  • Tekken and Tekken 2 Videos

    While in Theatre mode if you have save data from Tekken or Tekken 2 on your memory card you can view any unlocked FMVs from either game.

    Contributed By: jnr wonderful.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Cheats


  • Misc. Codes

    All attributes maxed outWhile paused hold L1 and press X, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Square, X, X
    All GunsWhile paused hold L1 and press X, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Square, X, Square, Circle
    All Secondary PistolsWhile paused hold L1 and press X, Triangle, Square, Circle, Square, X, Triangle, Square
    All Secondary WeaponsWhile paused hold L1 and press X, Triangle, Square, Circle, Square, X, Triangle, Square
    Free For AllWhile paused hold L1 and press Circle, Triangle, Triangle, X, Circle, Square, X, Triangle
    Full HealthWhile paused hold L1 and press Triangle, Triangle, X, Circle, Circle, X, Square, Square
    InvincibilityWhile paused hold L1 and press Square, X, Triangle, Triangle, X, Square, Circle, Circle.
    Invincible HostagesWhile paused hold L1 and press Circle, Circle, Square, Triangle, X, Triangle, X, Circle
    Refill AmmoWhile paused hold L1 and press Square, Square, Circle, Triangle, X, Triangle, X, Triangle
    Remove all operativesWhile paused hold L1 and press triangle, triangle, X, Circle, X, Square, Square
    Remove TerroristsWhile paused hold L1 and press Triangle, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Square, X, Triangle, Circle
    Superman ModeWhile paused hold L1 and press X, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Square, X, X
    Unlock all doorsWhile paused hold L1 and press triangle, Square, Square, Traingle, X, Circle, Square, Triangle
    Unlock all itemsWhile paused hold L1 and press Triangle, x, X, Circle, Square, Circle, X, Triangle
    Unlock all mapsWhile paused hold L1 and press X, Circle, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle, X
    View EndingWhile paused hold L1 and press Square, Triangle, Square, Square, Circle, Circle, X, Triangle

Twisted Metal Cheats


  • Hyper Machine Gun

    During gameplay enter this code, if you entered the code correctly, your machine guns will fire faster and do more damage.

    Machine gun will do more damagepress and hold R2 and then press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up

    Contributed By: GnarlsB.


  • Misc. Passwords

    Enter the following at the password screen:

    CyburbiaX, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
    Fight MinionTriangle, X, Circle, Square, Triangle
    Final BattleTriangle, X, Circle, Square, Triangle
    FreewayX, Square, Square, Circle, Triangle
    Helicopter viewCircle, Circle, Triangle, X, Space
    InvincibilitySquare, Triangle, X, Space, Circle
    ParkX, Triangle, Square, Circle, Square
    RooftopSquare, Triangle, X, Circle, X
    Secret LevelSquare, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square
    Unlimited AmmoTriangle, Space, Square, Circle, Circle
    Unlimited TurboTriangle, X, Triangle, Triangle, Circle
    WarehouseCircle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle


  • Rear View Mirror

    Hold Right on the D-Pad and then press start. A rear view mirror will appear.

    Contributed By: Vincento.

Wild Arms Cheats


  • 255 Item Trick

    First, make sure that you have only ONE of the item that you want 255 of, any more sort of screws up the process. Next, get into any battle(I would suggest one on the field around Adlehyde so you're only being hit by Balloons, Pillbugs, or Goblins). Have Rudy use a Heal Berry, then have Jack use one too. Have Cecilia select the Heal Berry and switch it with the item you want duplicated, then exit the item screen and have her defend. After the turn is over, you can complete the battle as you please, because you'll have 255 of the item you switched with the Heal Berry!

    Contributed By: XCaribbeanBlueX.


  • Bonus Dungeon: The Abyss

    In order to access this tough Secret Dungeon, you must go to an Elw Pyramid (any will do) on the world map. Make sure you have Rudy's Power Glove Tool, which is obtained in the dungeon Gemini's Corpse, and that your characters have Bad or Worst Luck Status ratings for better chances at triggering this event. You must hit the base of the transporter with the Power Glove tool and step onto it while the screen is still shaking. There will be a chance that the device will malfunction (if it doesn't, try again), and instead of bouncing off of the Satellite and ending up in another Elw Pyramid, you will actually get stuck inside of the Satellite itself.

    Welcome to The Abyss. This dungeon contains unique and powerful items you won't find anywhere else in the game, as well as the game's toughest boss. There is a device in the first room that will send you back to Filgaia from which you came.

    Contributed By: ClaudeLv250.

  • How to obtain max apples and other neat items the non-glitch way.

    During the festival in Adlehyde, there is a mole catching game towards the lower left of the area. It costs 100 gella to play, and if you catch 12, 13, 14, or 15 moles, you will get a stat apple. These apples can be sold to the man in the middle of the festival for 225 gella each, thus allowing you to play, gain apples, sell the apples, and play more. This can also be done with Full Revive (10 moles). If you are particularly good, 16+ moles will give you Nectar, which can be sold for an amazing 3,750 gold! You can max out your stats without using a glitch and get other hard-to-find items such as Revive Fruit and Bullet Clip this way.

    Contributed By: Stephen Smith.

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