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Game Genie Codes by OFernando

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 02/12/95

OCF's Donkey Kong Country Game Genie Codes
by Orlando C. Fernando (ocfernan@mailbox.syr.edu)
SNES Version 2.0
Last Updated: 2/12/95
Codes have been tested under the 1 player mode.  Additional "safe" 
effects may be possible.  Question marks indicate possible other stages 
where the code may take effect.  Names in brackets indicate a bulleted 
commentary or "side note" from that person. "CPU Partner" refers to the 
Kong you are not controlling when you have two kongs on screen. These codes 
primarily work with the alternate (or some call "bad") version of the game 
since I have derived these codes on an alternate version (the explanation has 
been mentioned in the Galoob published codes for DKC, as well as from people 
over the INTERNET video game newsgroups).  Some codes MAY work on both 
versions, which you may want to investigate.  Can someone test these codes 
out on an original version and try to derive code equivalents if it is 
not compatible?  This is not one easy game to derive codes for, so take 
advantage of these codes as you struggle or enjoy this well-acclaimed 
platform game!


	-29 new functional codes added (indicated by ! beside code).
	-new findings on Codes 39 and 51.
	-"barrel-riding" expression changed to "keg-riding".
	-codes definitely functioning with both game versions indicated by #.
	 [thanks to N10UHC@AOL.COM for finding them out.]

OCF1	83A7-13E3	Rider becomes changing neons after mounting any 
			 non-water animal.
OCF2	42A9-1273!	If dismount then remount non-water animal thereafter,
			 you are the animal! (not recommended to use Enguarde)
OCF3	B023-43EA	Diddy Kong Gets "Jitters" while Keg-Riding
OCF4	B02A-43EA!	Donkey Kong/Diddy Kong Loses Keg while Keg-Riding!
OCF5	55C4-4F6D	Slower Animation When Landing from Jump
OCF6	7233-C37E!	All Ropes Are Semi-Visible
OCF7	7232-C37E!	Some Moving Ropes Never Stop Moving!
OCF8	7238-C37E!	Some Moving Ropes Much Slower (reclimb if rope
			 moves wrong way)
			-TIP: try Forest Frenzy stage.
OCF9	9A21-376D!	CPU Partner doesn't follow you on map screen.
OCF10	5529-3D6D!	Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong Zips Through Map Screen
OCF11	C66C-12E3!	When a team, CPU Partner follows awkwardly
OCF12	AC6A-1273!	When a team, Donkey Kong when selected becomes
			 transparent / CPU Partner follows with either
			 stalker (DK) or glazed (Diddy Kong) appearance


OCF13	113B-C70D	Odd Music / Different Sound Effects (esp. in jungle)
OCF14	B13B-C70D	Metallic Music (check out swimming music)
OCF15	A13B-C70D	Less or Clanky Music / Different Sound Effects
OCF16	603B-C70D	Clanky "Evil" Music / Many Different Sound Effects
			 (esp. in jungle)
OCF17	8A3B-C70D	Victory Music Whenever Map is Displayed


OCF18	D082-137A!	Push left to zip rightwards across screen, regardless
			 of barriers / horizontal-move enemies also can "zip"
			 (Genie off ahead of time to avoid a stuck situation)
			-stop on a dime by letting go of pushing right
			-Diddy Kong misses cap when mad on bonus screen.
OCF19	252B-CA7A!	Keg Rattles While Keg-Riding / It Can Float Off Edges!
OCF20	BC82-137E!	Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong Have Hyper Rolls

OCF21	CA3A-4A53	Barrel Blast Pause A (turn Genie off to unpause)
OCF22	8932-4A53!	Barrel Blast Pause B (Smokin'!)
OCF23	CB3A-4A53	Barrel Blasts Always Launch You Rightward
OCF24	8933-4A53!	Barrel Blasts Always Launch You Down-Rightward
OCF25	5B3A-4A53	Donkey Kong launches far up-rightward from barrel
			 blasts / Diddy Kong launches shortly Leftward
OCF26	EE81-C37A!	All standing/diagonal blast barrels launch a bit
			 rightward additionally
OCF27	AA80-C37A!	Some Blast Barrels Blast More Powerfully
OCF28	D084-C37A!	Vertical-Move Blast Barrels/Zingers/Enguarde 
			 Descend Much Slower 
OCF29	EE87-CE7A!	Vertical-Move Blast Barrels/Zingers/Enguarde
			 Rises Much Slower
OCF30	EE8F-CE5A!	Vertical-Move Blast Barrels/Zingers/Enguarde
			 Rapidly Rise when Should Fall (Zinger never returns)
			-launch as soon as off-screen to travel far right
			-push down to rapid-rise Enguarde (Genie off when stuck)
OCF31	893E-43E3!	Upside-down Blast Barrels Have Slight Launch Delay
OCF32	EE85-C27A!	Upside-down Side-Move Blast Barrels Always Move
			 Slowly Leftward
			-TIP: In Tree Top Town stage, jump into first of these
			 blast barrels, let travel to far left, can blast 
			 directly into bonus stage barrel on far left of stage.
OCF33	EE85-C37A!	Upside-down Side-Move Blast Barrels Always Move
			 Quickly Leftward
OCF34	EE80-C37A!	Moving Blast Barrels Are Crazy!

OCF35	99AE-CA2C	Can't spell KONG on "KONG" bonus stages 
OCF36	99A2-CA2C!	Can't match on matching bonus stages
OCF37	09E8-4F6D#	Can't Save at Candy's Save Point

OCF38	C6AA-43EA	Donkey Kong "Freeze Tag"
			-DK tagging Diddy Kong causes position/engmy freeze
			 until (1) DK stomps animal or (2) DK tags back.
			-can help getting passed tough enemies.
			-doesn't cause game freeze.
			-water levels are still normal.

OCF39	C66B-12E3	New One-Player Partnership Game!
			-your CPU partner can help you on stage (collect
			 bananas, stomp enemies, even ride animals!) CPU will
			 try to mimic your movements more realistically.
			-BOTH Kongs mad/celebrate on some bonus screens!
			-odd occurences when you're pushed off your animal.
			-water levels are still normal.
			-WARNING: (1) keep both Kongs on-screen to prevent 
			  getting lost/locked; (2) if CPU partner falls in
			  pit, you BOTH die! (unless you enter bonus stage
 			  barrel); if both fall in pit you lose TWO lives!
			-TIP: in Jungle Hijinx, play as Diddy on treetops and
			 let DK cover the ground for good prize coverage.
			-GLITCH A: play any win/lose bonus game (spell "KONG,"
			 etc.) with CPU partner. If you win, you exit to
			 Jungle Hijinx! (Can START-SELECT to return to stage.)
			-GLITCH B: As a team, mount Rambi in Jungle Hijinx then
			 head left (against the left hill) and jump left.  Can
			 get TWO Rambis for limited time, then other oddities!


OCF40	D381-4F6D	Thin Skylines When Nighttime (Jungle Hijinx, Ropey
			 Rampage, Orangutan Gang)
OCF41	F080-1F0D#	Stages Become Neon City when Nighttime (Jungle Hijinx,
			 Ropey Rampage, Orangutan Gang)
OCF42	A2E1-12E3	Some Bitesizes and Chomp Jr.'s are Stationary / 
			 "Aqua Diddy" is a new enemy (Coral Capers, Croctopus
			 Chase, Poison Pond, ?)
OCF43	55A0-3D6D!	Waters "Quivel" Slightly (all water stages)
OCF44	55A1-3D6D!	Slow-Scrolling Stages (all water stages, Slipslide Ride)
OCF45	5582-3D6D!	Odd/Greenish Cave Lighting (Winky's Walkway, 
			 Tanked Up Trouble, Loopy Lights, Platform Perils)

OCF46	AC6A-331D	Taking shortcut barrels after completing stage will
			 automatically send you to next stage (Mine Cart
			 Carnage, Slipslide Ride, ?)
			-read the DKC faq to learn of shortcut locations.
			-WARNING: may not mark the original stage as done.
			-turn Game Genie off at boss stages.
OCF47	AC6A-3ACD	Taking shortcut barrels will return you to map at
			 latest status / taking "back door" at Stop n' Go
			 Station will immediately advance map progress! 
			 (Mine Cart Carnage, Stop n' Go Station, Slipslide
			 Ride, ?)
			-turn Game Genie off at boss stages. 


OCF48	5531-13CA	Occasionally, an obstacle gets whisked away for you
			(including some barrels so beware).
			-turn Game Genie off at boss stages.

OCF49	02CC-137E	Enguarde's Crate Floats Upward
OCF50	D381-C373	Expresso Has Worse Float Power
OCF51	EE81-CEE3	Expresso Has Improved Float Power.  Can multi-float!
			-can get 999+ icons on Expresso bonus stage!
OCF52	C4A2-CA7A!	Rambi, Winky, Expresso Have Donkey Kong's Rolling
			 Attack (push Y) / Can't Pick-up Barrels While
			 Passing Them (holding down B)
OCF53	822E-CAE3!	Necky Jr. Spits Rocks in Place (lingers after kill)
OCF54	4329-C373	Easier Necky Jr.'s (spits neon bee pictures instead
			 of rocks)
OCF55	39A9-4AE3	Klumps are Invincible
			-barrel hitting causes them to roam faster!
OCF56	D13F-122C	King K. Rool easier in beginning (doesn't dash!)

In the Works:

5CA1-446D	Introduction Music/Sound Effects Altered (phonograph, foot
		stomping, etc.).  Will give a frighful blackout <AAAH!> when
		selecting a stage.

513B-C70D	Yet another music variation.  Sometimes get chimps 
		singing the music!  Try flying from place to place to 
		change music effect.  Will eventually black out.

D132-122C!	Cannonballs fall in groups on Gang-Plank Galleon Stage (never
		stops falling)

WARNING: When experimenting with new codes yourself, you should keep a 
good-standing game in the 2nd or 3rd save bank.  Some bad combinations I've 
tried in the past HAVE erased my 1st save bank!  :(  You were warned!

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 

Please send any ?s, problems, or comments to ocfernan@mailbox.syr.edu. 

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