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FAQ/Walkthrough by SStrife_

Updated: 10/10/00


By Squall Strife


Ahhhh, Super Ghouls n’ Ghosts. This was one of the first SNES games I
bought…and it was almost five years before I beat it. Not a case of five
years of continuously trying to beat it of course, but nonetheless it is a
VERY challenging game (don’t even get me started on those &#@% Red
Gargoyles) and yet, when I search GameFAQs for it…no FAQs?

Well, I’m always up for a challenge! So I rooted around the net for a ROM,
(having sold my cartridge quite a while ago) and now I bring you the first
Super Ghouls n’ Ghosts FAQ! (on GameFAQs at least)

This FAQ is Copyright 2000 by Squall Strife.

The following sites may use this FAQ without my permission:

GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
Video Game Strategies (http://vgstrategies.about.com)

Any other site that wants to use it, just give me an email.

Unless you’re Megagames.com that is. Then don’t bother.


The Chest System
The Double Jump Boost
The Catch Trick
Magic Weapons & Spells
Stage 1-1: The Haunted Graveyard
Stage 1-2: The Forest of Fear
Boss: Cockatrice
Stage 2-1: The Graveyard of Ships
Stage 2-2: The Sea of Despair
Boss: Giant Barnacle
Stage 3-1: Crucible of Flame
Stage 3-2: Towers of Molten Steel
Boss: The Mongolian Death Worms’ Third Cousin
Stage 4-1: The Ghouls’ Stomach
Stage 4-2: The Ghouls’ Stomach Part Two
Boss: Hydra
Stage 5-1: Ice Forest
Stage 5-2: Ice Wall
Boss: Freon
Stage 6: The Castle of the Emperor
Boss: Asutaroto
Stage 7: Hallway of Ghouls
Boss: Asutaroto and Nebiroth
Stage 8: The Throne Room
Boss: Sardius


Your double jump does more than send you through the air. It has the very
important function of revealing Chests to you.

The Chests will reveal items in a specific order.

With Steel Armor (and assuming you don’t get it knocked off) here’s the

1st: Weapon
2nd: Bronze Armor
3rd. Gold Armor
4th: Sun Shield
5th: Weapon
6th: Trap

After this it’ll be either weapons or Magicians.


One little trick worth mentioning-shooting in the air after a double jump
will cause your blast to flash red and be twice as powerful.


This serves no real purpose, but I’ll mention it anyway. When you pick up a
key after killing a boss, hold Up and it will say “NICE CATCH!” No real
effect or reward, just kinda odd.


Underwear: What you’ll be scampering around in if your armor gets knocked
off. Fashionable as it may be, it won’t protect you. One hit and you’re a
pile of bones.

Steel Armor: You’ll start out with this. No special features.

Bronze Armor: Stylin’ in green! This’ll upgrade your weapons into their
magical counterparts.

Gold Armor: The ultimate! Allows you to use magic! Go you!


Moon Shield: Comes with the Gold Armor, and blocks one projectile before

Sun Shield: Blocks three projectiles.


Lance: Your default weapon. Travels in a straight line, nothing fancy. Eh.
Works on zombies alright, but you’ll wanna upgrade pretty quickly.

Dagger: Very, very nice. Goes MUCH faster than the lance and you can throw
three at once!

Axe: Not too great-travels in an awkward looping pattern and is a bit slow.

Crossbow: A very nice weapon, particularly on those nightmares known as Red
Gargoyles. (shudder) Shoots two arrows at once in a diagonal path.

Torch: Stay away. FAR away. Puffs up a little fire when it hits the ground.

Scythe: Eh. The only advantage it has  is that if you stand on a ledge and
fire while pressing down,  you can shoot downward.

Tri-Blade: Boomerang weapon. OK, but its’ limited range is a disadvantage.

Ring: You’ll only find this on replay, and you’ll need it to finish the
game. It’s range and strength grows with each armor upgrade. It also has the
ability to destroy projectiles, which comes in quite handy. However….it’s
still kind of a crap weapon IMO.


Flaming Lance: Regular lance + fire trail. Again, eh.

Magic: Thunder Magic. A trio of lightning bolts fire left, up and right from
you. Good for taking out lines of enemies, and works great on the first

Magic Dagger: My FAVORITE weapon! Fires a nonstop barrage of laser daggers
that eat boss health like popcorn!

Magic: Fire Dragon Magic. A blazing blue dragon circles around the screen
destroying enemies. Works well, but the Magic Dagger is such a great weapon
you probably won’t need it. ^_^

Hefty Axe: Pretty much the same as the regular Axe, just bigger.

Magic: Lightning Magic. A circle of lasers erupt out from you. It’s OK I
guess, but the aim can be iffy, and it’s not worth using a crap weapon like
the Axe.

Magic Crossbow: A great weapon, and pretty much the only way to score an
easy victory over Red Gargoyles. It’ll fire three arrows that seek and
destroy nearby enemies.

Magic: Seek Magic. Reveals all Chests in the area. Then again, if you’re
following this walkthrough you don’t really need that, do you?

Magic Torch: Same as the Torch, but the flames are higher. Again-stay FAR

Magic: Shield Magic. Three orbs surround and protect you. Trust me, it’s not
as good as it sounds.

Magic Scythe: Same as the Scythe, just bigger.

Magic: Tornado Magic. Probably the best magic in the game. Two tornadoes
spin out from you, cover the whole area and do tons of damage.

Shuriken: Like the Tri-Blade but stronger.

Magic: Nuclear Magic. Not as great as it sounds. A horizontal explosion
erupts above you.


Zombies: Lance fodder, they simply march mindlessly forward in zombie
tradition. They can be trouble if they gang up on you, but you should be
able to take them out quickly  enough to avoid that sitch.

Wolves: Just make big leaps. Easy to kill when they land or in the air.

Fire Spirits: Skulls in snakelike flame pillars. Jump over their easily
dodged fireballs and shoot ‘em in the head. They come in red and green.

Oysters: Giant purple oysters that spit eyeballs at you. You’ll only
encounter two in the whole game, both at the end of Stage 1-1.

Magicians: Hide inside of Chests. If you don’t kill them quickly, they’ll
shoot a magic circle at you. It won’t knock your armor off or kill you, but
it will temporarily change you into a variety of helpless forms. I don’t
believe any other video game enemy ever turned me into a seal or a bumblebee
before...and also one of the "helpless forms" you can become is a woman,
which IMO is rather sexist.

Spores: The first enemy you’ll meet that takes more than one hit to die.
Spores swell up on their vines and explode, and some will also send out a
circle of shrapnel, which can be trouble.

Ghosts: See those wispy grey things floating in the background? They can’t
hurt you now, but beware when they start to swirl-they’re turning into
Ghosts. Ghosts aren’t tough, but they can attack from any direction, and can
be a problem if they gang up on you.

Mimics: Little pink creatures who hide in fake Chests. When you see the
Chest giggle, start shooting and you should destroy both the Mimic and its’
home at once.

Pirhanas: These Cheep-Cheeps from Hell will swoop in on you in Stage 2-2.
Easy enough to destroy, but make sure they don’t catch you mid-jump.

Coral Cannons: Anemones that cling to the spiky coral columns and spit stars
at you. Take them out quickly.

Fishmen: You’ll see them floating leisurely in the background before they
swim up to attack you in the foreground. Kill them quickly or they’ll belch
a trio of fireballs at you.

Lava Lupes: Fire breathing werewolves. Not a big threat.

Fire Fairies: These guys can be a real pain in the ass, rising up from the
lava, zooming up and then swooping down on you. Try to kill them when they
first come up.

Red Arramer Aces (or Red Gargoyles):
THINGS!!!!! Red Gargoyles are the toughest normal enemy on this game. All
the other enemies & bosses move in preset patterns but not these guys. Red
Gargoyles are *smart.*  They’ll dodge, wait you out, fly out of your reach,
then strike when you least expect it. As I mentioned before, the Magic
Crossbow is the only way you can destroy them easily. Also the Magic
Daggers’ Fire Dragon Magic works wonders.

Bats: Red bats who slowly fly at you. No biggie.

Goblins: These little scrubs fall down from the top of the screen and charge
you when they land. Not a threat, except that if you’re too far ahead they
may land on you. Going at a reasonable pace will prevent this, however.

Phagocytes: The white blood cells of the Ghouls’ Stomach, these axe wielding
monsters pose no real threat.

Gut Fairies: They swoop around trying to knock you off your platform into
the churning intestines in Stage 4-2. Use the same tactics as Fire Fairies.

Woos: Ice breathing werewolves. Just an element-swapped version of Lava
Lupes, really.

Doomblossoms: Spore spewing flowers that are pretty much the same as Fire

Ice Wolves: Same as regular wolves but they can also run.

Ice Snakes: A bit of a pain in the ass. Kill them quickly as they come out
of the ground.

Bee Soldiers: Not too tough, easy to avoid. They fly along in a looping

Cockatrice Heads: Two kinds: One kind stretches, the other spits energy
balls. Neither is a major threat, but it can be kind of a pain having two of
them shooting at you.


At the start, double jump to the left to get your first Chest. Blast those
pesky zombies and double jump off the first tombstone for another Chest.
Continuing to the right, jump up onto the hill to take out the wolf, and
double jump off to the right to reveal another Chest.

Go into the cage to take out the Fire Spirit, then go to the right, kill the
other Spirit and continue to the right. Go into the next cage to take out
the Spirits, and walking through it will make another Chest appear on the
hill above, yours for the taking when the Wolves are gone.

Go through the skull pillars (the falling skulls are easy to avoid) and DJ
next to the next to last pillar for another chest. Upon reaching the ocean,
make sure you’re standing on a pillar or the tsunami will carry you to a
watery grave. In the next islet do the same, and a Chest will appear on the
left pillar all by itself. Be careful though-it’s a Trap if you haven’t
gotten your armor knocked off yet.

Continue on to the right to enter:


A very short stage. When you see the earth tremble and rearrange, get ready
to jump because a flaming skull cart is rolling your way. When you get to
the first gap over the water, jump out over it and then back in for a Chest.
Continue to the right, and in the area just before the boss, jump out then
in from the right of the gap for the last Chest. Continue on for your first
Boss fight.


Feh. They call this a boss? This guy is a complete wussy, especially if you
have Gold Armor and the Magic Lance. If you do, simply get under his head
after he stretches his neck out and use Lightning Magic 4-5 times to end the
fight. Otherwise, just shoot at his head. (the Crossbow works wonders)

Cockatrice will stretch his neck out at you, which is very easy to avoid.
He’ll also occasionally hock up an egg which’ll hatch into an easily killed
Miniwing. Just keep pounding away and you’ll soon be dining on KFC, (Kamelot
Fried Cockatrice) Extra Crispy. Make sure you bring a bucket along for the
Princess, then go on into:


Leap off the collapsing dock, and then DJ on the mast for your first Chest.
Continue on to the right, and the send Chest should appear by itself.
Blasting Ghosts along the way, go to the right and leap up on the second
floor-try to make it early so the guillotine doesn’t get you. Go to the left
and up again, DJing at the left end of the mast for another Chest. Then jump
on the platform and ride down.

At the bottom of the second area, leap on and off the right end of the
platform for another Chest. Kill the Mimic and go upwards, being careful of
the guillotines. DJ at the top for another Chest, and continue to the right.
Leap onto the platform to descend to:


After you get out of the whirlpool area, DJ around until you get a Chest.
Leap around to the right of that Chest for another one and continue,
avoiding the spiky coral and blasting exits in the star blocks.

When you see the second Fishman in the background, immediately DJ to the
left of the pillar for a Chest. After filleting the fiend, another Chest
will automatically appear between the next two pillars.

Continue onwards to the waterfall, and a ship bottoms’ worst nightmare will
appear to confront you.


Now this guy can be a bit of a toughie. He has a distinct pattern:

Move to the right
Spit three shells
Move to the right
Spit three shells
Move back to the left
Start over

The only problem is, his shells can be a pain to avoid because of your
moving constantly up and down. I recommend the Magic Daggers personally,
they can pour nonstop hurt into him while slowing down his advances. But if
you have the Golden Armor, the Magic Scythe may be a good choice-the Tornado
Magic works excellently on the Barnacle.

Either way, keep hitting him and he’ll explode very nicely, granting you
access to level three.


Leap the lengthy lava landscape leveling the lousy Lava Lupes, and Chest #1
will appear to the right of the next to last pool. Go down, and then go down
and back up the right ladder for another Chest. Go on to the left and down.
Once on the third level, DJ over and back from the right lava pool for
another Chest, then continue to the left. When you go down to the fourth
level, DJ left and back over the left lava pool to make a Chest appear above
you. Get it, the go to the right over the poles and meat platforms.
(ewwwww….) Continue right over the next set of poles and you’ll meet your
first Red Gargoyle. Defeat him and then leap to:


A pretty straightforward stage. Go to the right blasting stone gargoyles and
Bats, and DJ left of the third statue for a Chest. Take the floating dais to
the second tower and DJ off and back on the end of it for another Chest.
Ride another dais to the third tower, where a chest will automatically
appear after the second statue. Go to another tower and DJ until you get
another Chest. The last Chest will automatically appear on the last tower.
When the towers end, leap onto the ledges and prepare for a Boss fight.


I recommend the Magic Crossbow for this battle. The Worm will harmlessly
spin around you, giving you time to shoot mercilessly at his head. When he
slows to a stop, he’ll belch out a stream of rocks either left or up. When
he leaves, IMMEDIATELY pause the game! The rocks will either fall or fly
back towards you, but by pausing you can see their positions and dodge/jump
them easily. When he spins back around you, just blast him some more. I used
the Magic Crossbow and he was dead before he launched a second volley.

When he’s fishbait, “TAKE A KEY FOR COMING IN!” and go on to:


DJ at the start for a Chest. The go right and hop on the platform before the
floor turns toothy, and sit through the rotation. Then hop off and go on to
the next rotation.

Interesting note: Though it’s commonplace now, the rotation effect when you
jump on the platforms was considered highly advanced during this games’
launch time.

After the second rotation, go on to the right to automatically trigger a
Chest, then DJ off the first ledge in the stairway formation for another
one. Then go left for another rotation. When the screen de-toothifies, go to
the left and DJ left/right over the second spike set. Then continue left,
jump on the final rotation platform and go on down to the next area.


Not much of a walkthrough since there aren’t any Chests. Just avoid the gas
streams and shoot the Spores and Gut Fairies. When it’s time to leap to a
new set of platforms, make sure you do it quickly so your ride doesn’t melt
out from under you!

When you see a gate, leap off the platform into it to face Hydra.


He’s VERY easy, maybe even easier than Cockatrice. Just cap away at his
heads until they’re all gone, and avoid his fireballs.

One trap Hydra likes to try and catch you in is shooting a low fireball and
following it up quickly with a high fireball to catch you during your jump.
Time your jumps well to avoid this.

As a final note, if you have the Golden Armor and Magic Scythe, forget
strategy. Just run up to Hydra while charging up your magic, and unleash it
when you’re right next to him. One dose of Tornado Magic will wipe Hydra

After that rather claustrophobic, smelly experience, it’s time to get some
fresh air! Hurry on to a very aesthetically pleasing stage:


As usual, DJ at the start for a Chest. Continue to the right, take out the
Woo and Doomblossom and DJ into the lake and back for another Chest.

Then jump back to where the Doomblossom was and continue to the left. Leap
up onto the next branch when you get all the way to the left. (be careful,
it’s a rather tricky jump) Continue to climb the tree killing Doomblossoms
and Woos along the way until you reach the snowy area. Leap around on the
first platform for a Chest. Continue to the right and DJ past the last
platform for another Chest. Cross the ice bridge to:


Being careful of the Ice Wolves, DJ under the first wall for a Chest. Travel
up the ledges and go right. When avalanches crash onscreen, the only way to
avoid being swept away is to cling to a ladder.

DJ in and out of the first spike gap for a Chest. Then continue upwards to


This ice golems’ legs will crumble at the start of the battle, but his torso
can hold its’ own.

Freon has two attacks. Sending its’ arms out like boomerangs and spitting an
ice ball that splits ten ways. If the balls’ fragments hit you, it won’t
hurt you but you will be frozen. Press buttons like crazy to break free
before he hits you for real.

All in all he’s pretty easy though. Just leap up and shoot at his head. Or
better yet, if you have the Gold Armor and Magic Dagger, get underneath him
and slushify his ass with Fire Dragon Magic. He should be dead with a few
hits of it.

After Freon is shaved ice, move on to:


DJ at the beginning for a Chest. Kill the Red Gargoyle (good luck) and go
upwards to find a Chest automatically appearing for you. Go up into the
room, kill the Cockatrice head and DJ on the right side of the room for
another Chest.

Go down, kill another Red Gargoyle and DJ in the alcove for another Chest.
Then go on to find a large elder demon itching for a fight.


This hulking demon has two attacks: shooting a stream of flame from his
belly and shooting lasers out of his nose. Both are easy to avoid. I suggest
the Magic Crossbow.

Dispatching this boss will open up the gate to:


As usual, DJ near the beginning for a Chest. Then leap around on the floor
for another. Go up killing Cockatrice Heads and Gut Fairies, and a Chest
will appear on the top ledge. Kill the Red Gargoyle and then DJ off of the
ledge above that ledge for another Chest. Then go back up on that ledge and
DJ around for yet another Chest.

Go up and kill the Cockatrice Heads. then go left to the Ghost/Mimic area. A
leap from one of the ledges onto the floor will result in one final Chest.
Now go up and right to meet Asutaroto again.


Use the same tactics as before to finish Asutaroto off for good. After his
fiery demise, Nebiroth appears.

Nebiroth is like a buffed up Asutaroto, and his attacks reflect that. His
lasers are three huge wedges that fly across the screen. When you hear a
beep, RUN!

His fire breath now can spread out across the floor, so put some distance
between the two of you.

After you defeat him, Princess Gwenivere-or Princess Prin Prin according to
the credits-appears with a very unhappy message….


Yep, that’s right! You have to play through this game TWICE to beat it!

This time, the fifth treasure chest you open will contain a Ring. Use it or
don’t, just make sure you have it at the end of Stage 7. (fortunately if you
defeat Nebiroth without it, you just redo the stage instead of going back to
the start)

Oh, and did I mention this time around the difficulty is raised?

OK, got the Ring? You kicked Nebiroths’ scaly butt with it? Good! Let’s take


Not really a stage, just a boss fight.


Sardius’ belly-mouth will spit out two platforms at the same time he spits a
circle of laser beams at you. What you’ve got to do is wait by one of his
feet, and hop up on a platform at the moment the laser passes you. then hop
on up and cap him in the head a few times with the Ring. It’ll take a while,
but you’ll destroy him eventually.

Warning: Sometimes Sardius will spit out two platforms *before* he spits the
lasers. If he does that, DON’T TRY TO GET ON THEM! You WILL be shot down.

After Sardius combusts in a blaze of hellfire, the Princess will be saved!
Yay! A winner is you!

You’ll get a message about the ring, some monster names and the Princess’
measurements. o_0

Sit back and enjoy the..rather unusual credits…”Professor F?” “Ike-Bomb?”
“Hyper Mickey?” as Arthur and the Princess ride off into the sunset.

Hope you’ve enjoyed your quest through the game as much as I’ve enjoyed
writing this FAQ. Night everybody!

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