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by A Backdated Future / DBM11085

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FAQ/Walkthrough by A Backdated Future
/ DBM11085

Version: 2.00 | Updated: 04/21/15

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  • Contact Email: a.backdated.future@gmail.com --OR-- dbmfaqs(at)gmail(dot)com
  • Facebook: http://facebook.com/ABackdatedFuture

  • Platform(s): SNES
  • Date Last Updated: April 20, 2015
  • Document Version: 2.00


Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is the last Mario game released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It has a bunch of characters from past Mario games, as well as a few new faces here and there. The game was also made by Square alongside Nintendo, so it's an excellent RPG, right up there with Final Fantasy II (IV), Final Fantasy III (VI), and Chrono Trigger. If you're into the Mario series, or if you're just interested in trying this game, I recommend you play it as soon as you can!

Our goal to you, the reader...
...is to make sure that you are able to get a perfect game, meaning that you can find all of the items, explore all of the areas, uncover anything that is hidden, and see all there is to see.

For this guide, we have decided to create an extensive FAQ/Walkthrough. The walkthrough is the main focus; it walks you through the whole game step-by-step, leading you to the locations of all of the items in the game, strategies for fighting the bosses, and even walking you through the miscellaneous extras thrown your way in the game. It will also be an extensive FAQ, which includes lists of all of the items, equipment, etc., as well as a complete bestiary.


Control Pad Outside battle Move Mario around, move the cursor around.
In battle Move the cursor around to select enemies, items, moves, etc.
A Outside battle Talk to someone, examine objects, make selections on the menu screen.
In battle Use the Attack Command, perform Timed Hits.
B Outside battle Jump, cancel a selection/command on the menu screen.
In battle Use the Etc. Command. (Defense, Run Away.)
X Outside battle Access the menu screen.
In battle Use the Item Command.
Y Outside battle Run. (hold Y while using the Control Pad; hold while jumping to make wider jumps)
In battle Use the Special Command, execute certain special moves.
L File selection screen Switch between Stereo and Mono sound before starting the game.
R File selection screen Switch between Stereo and Mono sound before starting the game.
SELECT File selection screen Switch between Stereo and Mono sound before starting the game.
START At the start Starts the game.

Battle Command Overview

AYour regular attack command. You'll be mainly using this against enemies. When you attack, you can do a Timed Hit by pressing A right as the first hit connects with the enemy. That way, you'll get an extra hit in and deal some more damage, too!
Timed Hits also can work while the enemy is attacking you. If you press A right as the hit is about to connect with you, you'll guard against the attack and reduce the amount of damage received!
BYour "defensive" command. You can either choose to defend against an attack, or even attempt to run away from a battle. You'll usually be able to run away, but sometimes you won't be able to for a couple of reasons. One reason is that the enemy's agility could be faster than your party's. Another more important one is that you CAN'T run from a battle against a boss!
XThe command you use to take an item. You can select an item to use in battle against the enemy(s), or to heal yourself or someone else in your group.
YYour special attack command. You can use a Special Attack with this command, provided you have enough FP (Flower Points) to execute that move! You can also perform Timed Attacks with specials; the exact timing of these may vary with each move.


Listed below are all of the playable characters in the game, as well as their special move info. Links are provided below for quick access.


The plump plumber from the Super Mario Brothers series returns for another adventure in Super Mario RPG! He is a great fighter with regular attacks, plus he's great with his infamous jumping and fireball specials!

Starting Statistics Level1
HP20Attack20Mg. Attack10EXP0
Speed20Defense0Mg. Defense2EXP to Next Level16

Normal Attacks / Timed Hits
UnarmedPress A again right as Mario starts swinging his arm to hit the enemy again.
Punch Glove
Mega Glove
Hammer Press A again right as Mario is coming down with the hammer to hit the enemy again.
Hammer (2)
Ultra Hammer
Super Hammer Press A again right as Mario starts to swing it to the left to hit the enemy again.
NokNok Shell Press A again right as Mario kicks the shell a second time at the enemy to score a stronger blow.
Troopa Shell
Lazy Shell (Weapon)

Special Moves
NameFPLevel LearnedDescription
Jump 3-Mario jumps on the enemy! Press Y as you make contact with the enemy to make it a Timed Hit.
Fire Orb 53Mario shoots a bunch of small fireballs at a single enemy. Press Y as fast as you can to get as many fireballs shot off as possible!
Super Jump 76Same as the regular jump, obviously: Mario stomps on the enemy! Press Y right as he makes contact and he'll jump again. Keep doing that to cause major damage! (Get 30 or even 100 in a row for a SPECIAL PRIZE later in the game!)
Super Flame 910Mario shoots even larger fireballs at the enemy! Press Y repeatedly to shoot a bunch of them at them!
Ultra Jump 1114He jumps on not only the enemy you target, but the other enemies as well! Press Y as you make contact and he'll jump again, just like the Super Jump. The only differences are that you cause more damage with this special, there are slightly longer increments between timed jumps, and there is a short limit as to how many you can do.
Ultra Flame 1418You shoot the same size fireballs as you did with the Super Flame, but this time, they can hit multiple enemies! They may or may not hit ALL the enemies on the screen, but they will definitely hit more than one of them at the very least!


This pudgy, white "tadpole" joins Mario at the Mushroom Kingdom in hopes that he could help him get his Frog Coin back from Croco. He isn't the best attacker, but he has some really great special attacks!

Starting Statistics Level2
HP20Attack22Mg. Attack15EXP30
Speed18Defense3Mg. Defense10EXP to Next Level18

Normal Attacks / Timed Hits
UnarmedPress A again right as Mallow starts swinging his arm to hit the enemy again.
Whomp Glove
Sticky Glove
Froggie Stick Press A again right as Mallow is coming down with the stick to hit the enemy again.
Ribbit Stick
Cymbals Press A again right as Mallow is about to clash the cymbals to hit the enemy again.
Sonic Cymbals

Special Moves
NameFPLevel LearnedDescription
Thunderbolt 2-Mallow hits all the enemies on the screen with thunderbolts! As the storm is about to end, press Y to make it a Timed Hit for some extra damage!
HP Rain 23Mallow produces a small cloud that rains on the selected ally, recovering their HP. Unfortunately, you can only do it on one ally at a time. Other than that, it's an OK healing spell during the first half of the game!
Psychopath 16A couple of spotlights appear and then shine on the selected enemy. It'll show you how much HP they have remaining. If you hit Y right as the spotlights come together, you can see what that enemy is thinking, too!
Shocker 810Mallow makes a huge lightning bolt and hits a single enemy with it! Press Y just as you make contact to cause some more damage.
Snowy 1214Mallow makes it "snow" on the screen, then a giant snowman appears on top of the enemies! It's very useful against fire enemies and it hits ALL enemies onscreen, too!
Star Rain 1418Mallow makes a star appear and fall on the enemies! Press Y just before it makes contact with the ground to make it hit again, then keep doing that for multiple hits!


This stranger from the Star Road comes down to earth and comes to life inside the doll named Geno. He has some really good special attacks, including one that could take 9,999 HP damage from almost any enemy!

Starting Statistics Level6
HP45Attack60Mg. Attack25EXP254
Speed30Defense23Mg. Defense17EXP to Next Level56

Normal Attacks / Timed Hits
Unarmed All of Geno's weapons are projectiles, so just press A again right as the shot starts to leave his arm and become airborne to score a stronger blow against the enemy.
Finger Shot
Hand Gun
Double Punch
Hand Cannon
Star Gun

Special Moves
NameFPLevel LearnedDescription
Geno Beam 3-Geno shoots a ray beam at an enemy. For this attack to work, you have to hold Y down until 3 stars appear, then release for an attack!
Geno Boost 48Geno raises a single ally's attack (both regular and special) stats in battle. If you press Y before the arrows pointing upward disappear, and that ally's defense stats go up, too! (Only in that battle, though.)
Geno Whirl 811Geno throws a slicer at the enemy. If you hit the Y button as it leaves the screen, you can cause 9,999 HP damage to an enemy, instantly killing them! It has been reported to have worked on bosses, though.
Geno Blast 1214Geno puts on a light show that hurts all the enemies on the screen. You have to hold Y to charge up this move, too!
Geno Flash 1617After you hold Y and release it when 3 stars appear, Geno turns into a cannon and shoots an orange-ish ball toward the enemies! It becomes really big and causes damage to every enemy onscreen.


The King of the Koopas comes and kidnaps the Princess again! After the giant sword crashed into Bowser's Keep, he got sent to another part of the world. You find him at Booster's Tower, and he helps you get in, then "lets" you join the Koopa Troop. He's a great attacker, but he doesn't really have any really good specials, though.

Starting Statistics Level8
Level80Attack85Mg. Attack20EXP470
Speed15Defense52Mg. Defense30EXP to Next Level68

Normal Attacks / Timed Hits
Unarmed Press A again right as Bowser starts swinging his arm to hit the enemy again.
Drill Claw
Chomp Shell Press A again right as the object leaves his arms and becomes airborne to score a stronger blow against the enemy.
Hurly Gloves
Spiked Link

Special Moves
NameFPLevel LearnedDescription
Terrorize 6-Bowser summons a Big Boo to come and scare all the enemies on the screen. You have to rotate the Control Pad clockwise to make this move work.
Poison Gas 1012Bowser makes a poisonous cloud appear and spread poisonous gas above the enemies. If it's effective against an enemy, their HP slowly gets taken away until they die! You have to rotate the Control Pad again to do this move.
Crusher 1215Bowser makes a giant, jagged rock come out of the ground and hit the selected enemy from below! Press Y before it hits the enemy to cause some more damage!
Bowser Crush 1618A giant Mecha-Koopa stomps across the screen, hitting all the enemies on the screen. Press Y repeatedly to attack.


The Princess joins Mario after he rescues her in Marrymore, then as he leaves the Mushroom Castle when he escorts her back there. She isn't really good at attacking at all, but the good part about having her is that she can heal your entire party!

Starting Statistics Level9
HP50Attack40Mg. Attack40EXP600
Speed24Defense24Mg. Defense28EXP to Next Level100

Normal Attacks / Timed Hits
Unarmed Press A again right as Toadstool lands her first slap to hit the enemy again.
Slap Glove
Super Slap
Parasol Press A again right as Toadstool is coming down with the object to hit the enemy again.
War Fan
Frying Pan

Special Moves
NameFPLevel LearnedDescription
Therapy 2-She recovers one ally's HP and cures them from any irregular stats (scared, mushroom, scarecrow, etc.)
Group Hug 4-This special is the same thing as Therapy, but you cure the entire party! Press Y just as it ends to recover a little bit more HP!
Sleepy Time 411This special attack puts the targeted enemy to sleep if effective. You have to rotate the Control Pad clockwise to execute this attack.
Come Back 213This special works like the Pick Me Up item does; it revives a fallen ally and recovers half their total HP! Press Y just as the spell is about to end to recover that ally's entire HP!
Mute 315This special prevents the enemy you were aiming to hit from using their special moves if it's effective! You have to rotate the Control Pad again to do this move.
Psych Bomb 1518The Princess throws lots of tiny bombs at all the enemies on the screen! Press Y repeatedly to throw the bombs somewhat quicker.


There is no true "compass" to the game; instead, you travel on pre-rendered backgrounds with areas for walking. Sometimes, we'll substitute west for left, right for east, etc.


The game opens showing the Princess sitting in the garden outside Mario's house picking flowers. It is a pretty nice day outside with nothing going wrong. Suddenly, the background goes pitch black and Bowser swoops in with his Flying Clown Cup, and kidnaps the Princess! Mario runs out of the house and heads to Bowser's Keep. The next scene opens showing Bowser flying to the keep, then Mario runs across the bridge outside the keep to the entrance. The door opens and Mario runs in, thus starting the game.

Bowser's Keep

You start the game in Bowser's Keep to save the Princess again from Bowser. In the first room of the keep, there's nothing to worry about, so just go through the door to the next room. In this room, there are a bunch of Terrapins patrolling the room, so watch out for them and try not to get into a battle with them if you don't have to; you get NOTHING for beating them! At the far end of the room, two Terrapins standing by the door will spot you and approach you, pitting you into a battle against four Terrapins. They're very easy to beat and their attacks only deal 1 HP damage to you, so just use a regular attack on each to defeat them. Afterward, go through the door.

In this room, simply run across the bridges to the other side. When you reach the far ledge by the door, the bridge will collapse so all you can do is go through the door. Walk toward the end of the room and you'll see a couple of chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, as well as the Princess hanging by a rope high above you! The camera will move upward and Mario will automatically jump up the chandelier next to Bowser's and a battle will start.

Bowser (with Kinklink)

To win this fight, just use a timed Jump attack on the Kinklink. Bowser's attacks won't hurt you too badly, so ignore him and his attacks. Do the timed Jump attack once more and you'll hear a crackling sound and the Kinklink will start to lose its grip. Bowser will freak out and the chandelier will drop with him on it.

As Bowser plummets, he'll throw a mallet up at the Kinklink holding Mario's chandelier up, causing that chain to lose its grip too. Bowser will throw another mallet up and Mario's chandelier will drop as well until you're level with Bowser in the air.

After Bowser finishes talking, he'll leap toward you to attack and Mario will counter by jumping on Bowser, thus springing him upward toward where the Princess is hanging. Bowser will drop with the chandelier and Mario will reach the chains up above. Then, he'll reach the Princess and just as he's about to save her, a loud rumbling occurs. You'll see a scene of a large star above Bowser's Keep, then you'll see it shatter and a sword will spiral down through the clouds before falling into the keep. The impact of the sword causes Mario to be sent out of the keep and into the sky, with the Princess's and Bowser's locations unknown.

Mario's Pad

Items {_} Mushroom
{_} Mushroom x3

Make sure to use the Save Blocks often.

The scene at Mario's Pad opens showing Toad outside the Pipe House walking back and forth. When he stops moving, the camera moves up a small bit looking toward the sky to show Mario flying across the sky before crash landing inside the Pipe House. Toad then runs inside and talks for a moment, then goes outside again. When you can control Mario, jump down from the wall and exit the house. Go talk to Toad, then use the Save Block nearby and exit the pad and head to Bowser's Keep. (If you attempt to leave without using the Save Block, then Toad will show you how.)

Mario joins! Level1
HP20Attack20Mg. Attack10EXP0
Speed20Defense0Mg. Defense2EXP to Next Level16

Bowser's Keep

As Mario walks across the stony bridge to the castle door, he looks up and panics as he spots the giant sword staring back at him! The sword (also known as Exor) declares that the Smithy Gang has taken over the keep, then it'll destroy the bridge to the keep, causing Mario to run away to nearby Vista Hill. Mario looks back at the keep and the sword while standing on the hill, then he walks away. Now it's time to go back to Mario's Pad to alert Toad of the situation.

Mario's Pad

Go inside the Pipe House and talk to Toad, who is standing by the window. Mario will then re-enact the scene at Bowser's Keep with Exor, then Toad will tell you that he's going to go inform the Chancellor about the Princess then leaves the house. Now, leave the house as well and head down the path as if you're leaving Mario's Pad, then Toad will run back and hit you accidentally. He'll talk for a moment, then give you a Mushroom. When he asks you if you know how to use items, choose (Of course I do!), that way you get to keep the Mushroom you just received. (Choosing otherwise will have you go through a tutorial on how to use items, and therefore, using up your Mushroom.)

Listen to Toad talk some more, then a Goomba will appear. Toad will ask you about Timed Hits; if you want to learn how they're done, choose (No) to go into a battle tutorial. Otherwise, say (Yes) so you don't have to see that presentation either. The Goomba will walk away afterward, and Toad will talk for a while longer, giving you Mushroom x3 before he leaves. Now, run back into the house and check out the Fungi Light to take a quick snooze to restore your HP and FP for free, then save the game if you want. When you're ready, leave the pad and head to Mushroom Way.


There are several times throughout the game where you'll need to Jump to proceed with the story, whether it be Mario jumping out of bed after a good night's rest, or when someone wants to see exactly how high he can jump. Keep that in mind.

Mushroom Way

Coinage {_} 5 Coins Equipment {_} Hammer
{_} 8 Coins
Item {_} Honey Syrup Misc. {_} Flower
{_} Flower Tab {_} Recovery Mushroom

Enemies / BestiaryHPEXPCoinsItem (5%)Item (25%)Notes
Enemies Goomba 1610---
Sky Troopa 1011-Mushroom-
Spikey 2012Honey Syrup--
BOSS #01 Hammer Bro x2 50310Flower JarFlower Jar-

This is the first area where you can fight enemies and gain Experience Points (referred to as EXP or XP from here on out) and Coins by beating them. It is also quite easy, so it shouldn't be too difficult to get through this area! You should also fight a lot of the enemies you run into to gain a level or two before you reach the Hammer Brothers at the end of the stage. From the start, just head up the path and hit the chest there until it empties to get 5 Coins. Keep going and you'll see Toad being trapped by a seemingly lone Goomba. Engage in battle with that Goomba and defeat the Goombas to rescue Toad. He'll give you a Honey Syrup for your help and run away. Hit the chest repeatedly to get 8 Coins, then take the path to the second section.

In this section, head to the spinning red flower and defeat the Goombas in battle, then stand on the flower yourself. Wait until you're facing the right ledge and jump toward it from the flower to find Toad being held captive by a Sky Troopa. Defeat the Sky Troopa in battle to rescue Toad yet again. Toad will give you a Flower Tab (which increases your Max FP by 1) before running away again.


The "Flower" items (Tab / Jar / Box), not only raise your Max FP, but they recover all of your spent FP as well. If you can, hang onto them for a little while in case you need to replenish it while increasing your Max FP.

Hop back on the spinning red flower again, then wait until it aims to the left before you jump. Once you land on this platform, hit the chest to the left to find a Flower, which will increase your Max FP by 1. Next, drop off the platform and continue through the area to the path leading to the last area of Mushroom Way and hit the chest right before it to get a Recovery Mushroom, which will completely recover all of your HP and FP. Take the path here to the final area and fight a bunch of Spikeys until you reach Level 2; that's when you should be strong enough to beat the enemies ahead.


If you want your next party member to have the same amount of EXP that Mario does (for easier leveling purposes), then make sure Mario is at the following before leaving Mushroom Way:

  • LV 2
  • 24 EXP (will be 30 after the boss)
  • Next Level at 24 EXP (will be 18 after the boss)

After you're done gaining experience, continue toward the right end of the area and you'll find Toad being held captive once again, but this time by a Hammer Bro! Approach the Hammer Bro once, and then approach him a second time to start the battle.

Hammer Bro x2

HP50Immune / StrongSleep
Mg. Attack6Item (5%)Flower Jar
Mg. Defense8Item (25%)Flower Jar
Speed10Yoshi CookieMushroom
Evade %10Flower BonusDefense Up - 80%
Mg. Evade %0Thoughts"I love my hammer!"

Attacks / Notes
Hit Defend right as the hammer hits you, before you hear the attack sound.
"Hammer Time" Defend after the last hammer hits you, after you hear the last attack sound.

Recommended Level: 2

It's fairly easy to defeat the 2 Hammer Bros in battle. The easiest way to fight them is to concentrate on one of them at a time. For their attacks, they're not too much to worry about, but be sure to time your defenses to reduce damage just in case. Defeat the first Bro by using two timed Jump attacks; this will make the remaining brother use Valor Up to make his defenses stronger. Do the same as for the other brother to defeat this one as well, but you might have to use another timed regular attack if needed.

  • http://youtu.be/lYLsqwEpwFc

After they're defeated, Toad will pick up and bring you a Hammer that the Hammer Bros left behind, then he'll talk for a moment and head to the Mushroom Kingdom. Now, equip the Hammer as your new weapon, and then take the path out of Mushroom Way and head to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mushroom Kingdom

ChecklistsHidden Treasures
Coinage {_} 10 Coins Coinage Hidden Treasure #01
Items {_} Mushroom {_} Frog Coin
{_} Pick Me Up Misc. Hidden Treasure #02
Misc. {_} Map {_} Flower
{_} Flower Hidden Treasure #03
{_} Recovery Mushroom {_} Flower

Item Shop
Items Honey Syrup10 Armor Shirt7
Pick Me Up5Pants7
Able Juice4 Accessories Jump Shoes30
Antidote Pin28

Before doing ANYTHING, go to the Inn to the right (with the spinning star outside the door) and SAVE! There is a Hidden Treasure in the castle, and this is the ONLY part in the game when you can get it. Below is a link on YouTube to watch it ahead of time if you like, so you know exactly what to do. Or you can just read the steps below on your own.

Hidden Treasure #01

Hidden Treasure #01. The hardest chest in the game to find, for many.
  • http://youtu.be/O1vpY_lW988
    1. SAVE your game.
    2. Enter the castle.
    3. Once Toad starts moving, QUICKLY catch up to him and jump onto his head.
    4. Once Toad reaches the end of the hallway, JUMP onto the top of the doorway where you normally wouldn't be able to reach.
    5. Jump just to the right of the center of the doorway to find Hidden Treasure #01, which contains a Frog Coin.

Once you have that, go ahead and go through the doorway, then follow Toad all the way through the halls to the Chancellor. The Chancellor will talk to you, then Mario will reenact the fight with Bowser and the encounter with the sword to show him what happened. After he's done talking, Mario will turn and the Chancellor will call to him again. He'll then give Mario a Map of the world. Then, Mario will start to head down the steps and the Chancellor will call to him AGAIN, causing him to fall down the stairs! The Chancellor will then tell you to head down to the basement and talk to the Vault Guard.

Now that you can control Mario again, head back to the first room in the castle and take the path to the right to another room. Talk to the Vault Guard that's standing by the stairs and he'll lead you down to the basement. In the vault, hit the 3 chests to get 10 Coins, a Flower, and a Recovery Mushroom. Next, go back upstairs and to the first room of the castle again. Now, take the left path and go up the stairs. Continue into the Princess's room and walk up to the blue chair near the back of the room. Press A, and it'll say that you found the Princess's ???, but the old lady nearby will scold you for snooping and give you a Mushroom. Now, go back downstairs and exit the castle.

The marshmallow-ish "tadpole" joins!

Outside, you'll see a marshmallow with legs chasing after a crocodile. After a short scene, the marshmallow guy will give up the chase and start crying, which causes a rainstorm! Go talk to him and he'll stop crying and introduce himself as Mallow. After he tells you about how that crocodile stole his coin (and after you Jump for the lady when prompted), he will ask you to help him out. Accept with (Sure Thing), and he will join your party!

Mallow joins! Level2
HP20Attack22Mg. Attack15EXP30
Speed18Defense3Mg. Defense10EXP to Next Level18

Now, go to the Item Shop and talk to the shopkeeper; he'll give you a free Pick Me Up. Talk to him again and buy the Shirt and Jump Shoes for Mario and the Pants for Mallow. You should also buy a couple Honey Syrups and Pick Me Ups (you shouldn't need any Mushrooms if you still have the ones from earlier in the game). If you like, jump on the shelves behind him to agitate him, then head downstairs to the right. Talk to the elderly lady down here, and she'll ask you to stand in front of her, so go to her left and talk to her again. She'll then tell you to JUMP, which will uncover Hidden Treasure #02 with a Flower inside!

Hidden Treasure #02

Hidden Treasure #02. Can't miss it!

There is one more chest down here! Hop onto the old lady's head, then wait for her to go to the right corner of the room, at the bottom of the stairs (this may take a while). Once you're in that corner square (or close), then jump to discover Hidden Treasure #03, with another Flower inside!

Hidden Treasure #03

Hidden Treasure #03. This may take a while to get to.

Head back outside the Item Shop, then talk to the mushroom kid hopping up and down in a panic. Walk past him and he'll stop you, telling you about the crocodile that was causing trouble in the kingdom. After he's done talking, head to the Inn and save your game if you want, then go back down the path by that kid and take the path out of the Mushroom Kingdom. From there, head on to Bandit's Way.


If you head directly left of the castle entrance, and examine the area "behind" the back-right of the house there, you'll find a hidden person who will give you hints throughout the majority of the game. Feel free to chat with him if you need assistance.

Bandit's Way

ChecklistsHidden Treasures
Coinage {_} 3 Coins Item Hidden Treasure #04
Items {_} Wallet {_} KerokeroCola
Special {_} RareFrogCoin
Misc. {_} Recovery Mushroom
{_} Flower
{_} Super Star
{_} Recovery Mushroom

Enemies / BestiaryHPEXPCoinsItem (5%)Item (25%)Notes
Enemies Frogog 8034MushroomAble Juice-
Goomba 1610---
K-9 3020---
Sky Troopa 1011-Mushroom-
Spikey 2012Honey Syrup--
BOSS #02 Croco (1) 3201610Flower TabFlower Tab-

When you enter this area, you'll find Croco standing there at the start. He'll spot you and run away, so now it's time to go after him! From the start, head down and right until you see a Save Block in the lower-left part of the area.


If you want a somewhat quick way of earning levels coming up, you should definitely Save before proceeding.

Save at the Save Block, then take the path into the next area. In this area, jump onto the red spinning flower and use it to jump onto the higher ledge. Then, go right and jump from platform to platform in the air; each time you step on one, the other one rotates in front of you so you can jump onto it. Collect the 3 Coins in the air, then continue right and drop down to find a spinning red flower and a blue flower. Jump on the spinning red flower, then wait until you're facing east toward the blue flower; if you jump at just the right time, you'll hit Hidden Treasure #04 in midair, netting you a KerokeroCola at the same time.

Hidden Treasure #04

Hidden Treasure #04. As long as you're facing directly right when you leap, you'll nab it.

Once you have it, take the path to the upper right to the next area. In the next area, you have to follow Croco up and through this area. Continue until you reach the last intersection, then take the right path and defeat the K-9 underneath the chest, then hit the chest to get a Recovery Mushroom. Now, go back down, left, and up to the next area. After Croco runs away AGAIN, jump onto the yellow platform to the right, then jump at an angle to hit the chest in the air to get the Super Star! QUICKLY drop down and hit EVERY K-9 that you see until the star's power runs out to get lots of EXP (you should hopefully gain at least a level by doing this.)


In Super Mario RPG, if you die, you have to start back from your last Save Block. HOWEVER... you get to keep ALL of your EXP that you have earned in the meantime. So all of that EXP you just got from the Super Star? That's right, it's yours forever! So if you want, you can purposely get yourself killed, then re-enter Bandit's Way and get the Super Star once again, repeating the process to quickly level up Mario and Mallow, if you like. While it's not TOO quick right now, it's still quicker than manual battles.

There will be more opportunities like this in the future, and they'll be much more beneficial than this one. Don't feel obligated to do it.

After the Star has worn off, hop back on the platforms and rotate them slowly to where the one you're not standing on is to your right, then jump onto that one and do the same. After doing it a few times, it should be close enough to the chest on the right to where you can reap the rewards from it; a Flower!

Now, continue to the lower right on to the final area. You'll see Croco here; he will taunt you before running away again. A boss battle is coming up, so if you're not already, make sure that you're at least level 3 before continuing.

There's a chest here right near the entrance; if you need it, go ahead and get the Recovery Mushroom out of it, then start looking for Croco. When you find him, simply sneak up behind him 3 times, then he'll stop running and battle you!

Croco (1)

HP320Immune / StrongSleep, Mushroom, Scarecrow
Mg. Attack30Item (5%)Flower Tab
Mg. Defense18Item (25%)Flower Tab
Speed16Yoshi CookieMushroom
Evade %20Flower Bonus-
Mg. Evade %0Thoughts"Gosh, I'm good!"

Attacks / Notes
Bomb Can't defend.
Charge Defend right as it hits you, before you hear the attack sound.
You can make him lose a turn by using Fire against him.

Recommended Level: 3

To defeat Croco, have Mario cast Fire Orb repeatedly, and have Mallow heal with his HP Rain as necessary, while using Honey Syrup when the FP runs low. (In the off rounds where neither of those need done, feel free to cast a Thunderbolt to help with the damage.)

When Croco has under 100 HP left, he'll use a Weird Mushroom to recover some of his HP. Just keep pummeling him with Fire Orb attacks until he gives the coin back and runs away for good.

  • http://youtu.be/ooKd9zYrkpQ

After you beat him, you'll get Mallow's RareFrogCoin back, as well as find a Wallet. Now, a trampoline will appear nearby, so jump on it to be transported back to the first area of Bandit's Way. Just head up and exit the level and head back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mushroom Kingdom, Under Attack

Coinage {_} 10 Coins Equipment {_} Wake Up Pin
{_} 10 Coins Special {_} Cricket Pie
Items {_} Flower Tab
{_} Flower Tab Misc. {_} Flower
{_} Flower Tab {_} Recovery Mushroom

Enemies / BestiaryHPEXPCoinsItem (5%)Item (25%)Notes
Enemies Shyster 3032Honey Syrup--
Bodyguard 3000---
BOSS #03 Mack 4802420---

When you return to the Mushroom Kingdom, you'll find that it's infested with Shysters scaring the people! The first thing you should do is stop in the Item Shop and restock your inventory with Mushrooms, Honey Syrups, and Pick Me Ups. If you haven't gotten them yet, also grab a pair of Jump Shoes for Mario, so his Jump attacks are more potent!

Now, what you should do is fight all the Shysters in town (that aren't steadily coming out of the castle). The easiest way to do it is with a Timed Hit from Mallow's Thunderbolt (when he's at level 4), which should take them out in one hit. Defeat the Shyster chasing the mushroom guard nearby; he'll give you 10 Coins for saving him. Next, beat the Shyster following the mushroom guy with a blue hat, then talk to him; choose (Sure) when he asks to give him his wallet back, and he'll give you a Flower Tab as a thank you. Next, take out the one hitting the house, the one beside the pink mushroom lady, then finish the outside area by defeating the three inside of the big house in the upper left. After you beat the three Shysters inside the house, the father will give you a Flower Tab for your help!

Now, head inside the castle to find more Shysters and Toad being chased by one. Defeat the Shyster chasing him and he'll run into another room. Before following him, take the right path instead. Fight the two Shysters scaring the mushroom guy, then enter the lower room (Vault) and take the three chests, as before, for 10 Coins, a Flower, and a Recovery Mushroom. Go into the upper room and talk to the frightened Vault Guard, and he'll give you a Wake Up Pin, which you should equip on Mallow.

Return to the hallway and go through the left doorway, following Toad from earlier, then defeat the two Shysters there to make that room safe. Go up to the next room and the Shysters will fight you as you head for the door. Defeat them and enter the room with Toad. He'll be so happy that you helped him, and as long as you choose (You bet) and promising that they're safe, he'll give you another Flower Tab, which belonged to the Princess. While you're in this room, talk to the old mushroom lady (Toadstool's grandma) that scolded you before when you came here, and she'll completely restore your HP and FP, then save your game at the Save Block.

Since fighting all those Shysters more than likely brought Mario and Mallow up to Level 4 or 5, it's time to head to the throne room. (I recommend being at least level 5.) Make your way back to the main hall, then go up while trying to avoid the endless supply of Shysters coming through the door. Go through the next couple rooms, fighting the Shysters along the way until you get into the throne room. The Shysters will spot you and Mack will come forward; Mack and four Shysters will surround you and you'll enter a battle against the oversized knife and his minions for the star.

Mack (with Bodyguard x4)

HP480Immune / StrongMute, Sleep, Poison, Fear
Mg. Attack15Item (5%)-
Mg. Defense20Item (25%)-
Speed8Yoshi CookieMushroom
Evade %0Flower Bonus-
Mg. Evade %0Thoughts"Boing, boing, boing."

Attacks / Notes
Hit Defend right after he jumps and lands beside you, before you hear the attack sound.
"Flame" Can't defend.
"Flame Wall" Can't defend.
You can make him lose a turn by using Thunder against him.

Recommended Level: 5

Mack's accompanied by four Bodyguards, who have roughly the same stats as the Shysters, so they'll be a nuisance at best. However, over time, Mack WILL summon more of them once they're all defeated, so keep that in mind.

To defeat Mack, have Mario use timed Jumps on Mack himself, while Mallow uses timed Thunderbolts on the whole group. (The first Thunderbolt will stun Mack and take away his turn.) Mack's attacks take away around 5-10 HP each hit, so have Mallow heal when necessary, as well as use a Honey Syrup once the FP gets low. Keep attacking until they're all defeated!

  • http://youtu.be/NdBIxcQ9JOw

After you defeat Mack, you can claim the first Star Piece! Next, go talk to the Chancellor and Mallow will talk about asking his grandpa for help, so they should go to Tadpole Pond.

After you gain control of Mario again, exit the castle. Head to the Item Shop and talk to the shopkeeper, and he'll give Mallow the Cricket Pie in exchange for the Frog Coin Mallow got from Croco. Make sure to also restock your items, but this time, grab a few Able Juices while you're at it. Now, leave Mushroom Kingdom for Kero Sewers!

Kero Sewers

Coinage {_} 50 Coins Misc. {_} Flower
Accessories {_} Trueform Pin {_} Super Star
{_} Recovery Mushroom

Enemies / BestiaryHPEXPCoinsItem (5%)Item (25%)Notes
Enemies Goby 4032Mushroom--
Hobgoblin 5043Pure WaterPure Water-
Pandorite 3002030Flower JarFlower Jar-
Rat Funk 3226Able Juice--
Shadow 8532Pick Me Up--
The Big Boo 4320Honey SyrupPure Water-
BOSS #04 Belome (1) 5003040---

The Big Boos and Hobgoblins here have a good chance of dropping Pure Waters; try to get a few, as they sell for 75 Coins each! Sure, they instantly kill Ghost enemies, but you're better off with the Coins!

When you enter the area, go down the pipe to enter the sewers. Once there, save your game at the nearby Save Block, then jump into the water and swim to the right. Keep swimming right until you reach the "shallow" section of the water and jump out at that point and go down the pipe that's there. In the next room, jump down and go down the pipe to the right, then head over to the right some more past a Big Boo and go down that pipe. When you emerge in the following room, drop down to the ground to the right, then go up the steps and hit the chest to fight Pandorite, the chest monster. Defeat him by having Mario do a few timed Jumps or Super Jumps (if he learned it already) while Mallow attacks or heals.

After you beat the Pandorite (who drops a Flower Jar), you'll get a Trueform Pin, which you should equip on Mario. Next, stand on the top step or second to top step, then jump back up to the platform where the pipe is and go back to the last area. Re-enter the pipe once again, then check out the chest where you just fought the Pandorite. It has something in it again, so jump several more times to get 50 Coins from inside. After that, jump back onto the platform with the pipe, then go all the way left then hit the chest to get a Flower.

Go up the steps, then head right and up these steps, then left and up those steps, then right and down the pipe. Hit the chest next to the pipe to get the Super Star, then go down to the platform with the 4 Rat Funks and defeat them. Go up the steps and defeat the Boo that's there, too. Go left and down the pipe to the next room; your star will either run out or have already run out, but either way, go left along the path where there are Rat Funks walking back and forth. Fight them or try and jump over them (I'd rather you fight them, they're not that hard).


As with the last Super Star, as long as you saved when you entered the dungeon, feel free to die in battle after plowing through the enemies to get the Super Star and do it again to easily grind for levels.

After the Rat Funks, go down the pipe on the far left, then in the next room, jump onto the ledge to the right where a Rat Funk is standing there. Defeat it, then drop down to the lower right ledge and go down that pipe. Next, go up the steps and go right, and push the green "!" switch to drain the water from the previous rooms. DON'T jump on the trampoline, unless you feel like starting the area over.

Drop back down to the pipe and go down it. Drop down the ledge to the floor and go all the way down until you reach a pipe you couldn't access before. Go down that pipe and hit the nearby chest to get the Recovery Mushroom inside, then save your game at the Save Block. Go right and down the pipe to reach the room with Belome; approach him and you'll enter a battle against him!

Belome (1)

HP500Immune / StrongSleep
Mg. Attack15Item (5%)-
Mg. Defense20Item (25%)-
Speed4Yoshi CookieMushroom
Evade %0Flower Bonus-
Mg. Evade %10Thoughts"I just...wanna sleep."

Attacks / Notes
Tongue Defend as his tongue curls up, before you hear the attack sound.
"S'crow Funk" Can't defend. (Inflicts Scarecrow.)
"Sleep-Sauce" Can't defend. (Inflicts Sleep.)

Recommended Level: 5

You should be at Level 6 by now, but if you're not, no worries; he's still pretty easy at 5 without the Super Jump. To defeat Belome, have Mario do timed Super Jumps or Jumps while Mallow does timed Thunderbolt attacks. After a few rounds, Belome will eat Mallow whole, leaving Mario to fend for himself! Watch out for his S'crow Funk attack, as well as his Sleep-Sauce; the first will attempt to turn Mario into a scarecrow, while the other will attempt to put him to sleep. One of your party members should have the Trueform Pin equipped, which will negate Scarecrow, while the other should have the Wake Up Pin, which should negate the Sleep. Mario's usually at the receiving end of S'crow Funk, so you shouldn't have to worry about it as you're pounding away.

Keep on Jumping on his head until he spits out Mallow and vanishes from the sewers, warning you of the flood!

  • http://youtu.be/J0joP_1P_pU

After you beat Belome, the switch he was standing on will rise and the gate will open, causing tons of water to come gushing in, washing you down the Midas River course.