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Bonus Item FAQ by Brother Reed

Version: 3 | Updated: 11/10/01

              ***** Brother Reed is proud to present *****
       ____  ____ __  _ __  _ ____ __  ___ __  __ ____ __  _  ____
     /|    \/    \  \| || |/ /    |  \/  //| |/ //    \  \| |/ __ \
    | |  |\ | /\  |    ||   /|  --|\    /| |   /|  /\  |    | /__|_|
    | |  |/ | \/  |    ||   \|  --|/|  | | |   \|  \/  |    | |__  |
    | |____/\____/_|\__||_|\_\____| |__| | |_|\_\\____/_|\__|\____/
    |/____/\/___/__//_//_/|/_/___/|/__/  |/_/|/_//___//_//_/\/___/
                 __   __   __ _  __  _  _____ _____ __  __  
                / _\ /  \ |  | ||  \| ||_____|| _  \\ \/ / 
               | |/ | /\ ||  | ||     |  | |  | |) | \ \/
               | |_ | \/ ||  | ||     |  | |  | |  / | |
                \__/ \__/  \_|/ |_|\__|  |_|  |_|\_\ |_|
                     _                           _
                    =_GUIDE TO FINDING EVERYTHING_=

                               Version 3
                            November 10, 2001
                          Author: Brother Reed
                    E-mail: brother_reed@hotmail.com
                     Copyright: 2000, Brother Reed

  I. Introduction to Guide
 II. Legal Stuff
III. Where to Find Everything
 IV. Boss Guide
  V. Credits and Thanks
 VI. Contacting the Author

                        I. INTRODUCTION TO GUIDE
     Welcome to Brother Reed's unofficial Donkey Kong Country Guide to 
finding everything. One of the greatest goals of one of the greatest 
games for Super Nintendo (that game being DKC), is to find all of the 
various bonus areas hidden throughout the stages. Many times these 
areas can be very obscure and hard to find, and only when you find them 
ALL will you truly complete the game, and only then will Cranky admit 
that you are really a capable game hero. This guide is primarily to 
help you find those areas and get 101% of the game. It will also tell 
you where to find the animal tokens which transport you to animal bonus 
games so you can score extra lives, and where to find the K, O, N, and 
G in each stage to earn yet another life. Also, a complementary boss 
guide has been added to complete the picture. Not that anyone really 
could have any trouble beating these oversized doofuses, since DKC is 
not exactly renowned for the difficulty of its bosses, but I think 
being tipped off to their strategy is the key to bashing their pitiful 
skulls, especially K. Rool. This has really been an interesting 
experience, because it has caused me to fire up the old SNES again to 
play through the game while writing this guide. I can't remember where 
everything is without playing it (that would be one heck of a memory!), 
so I've been retracing my steps, so to speak. Here we go! Are you 

                            II. LEGAL STUFF
     If you want to use this FAQ on your site, e-mail me and ask 
permission. I will probably say yes. Just make sure that you give the 
name and address of the site, because I want to have a list of all the 
sites where this is posted. By posting this FAQ, you affirm that all of 
the following conditions will be observed.

1. _ALL_ of this FAQ must be included in its original form. It must NOT 
be altered, changed, added to, subtracted from, or otherwise tampered 
with in any way, shape or form, electronically or otherwise.

2. My name, the version, and this fine print must be included.

3. This FAQ/walkthrough must not be posted with a banner add or 
anything similar.

4. I ask that you update this FAQ within a week of the time the update 
is sent to GameFAQs. If you do not want the responsibility of updating 
it, then don't post it.
5. You may convert this document to HTML, change the colors, add game 
pics, etc., as long as the content remains unchanged, and I am 
previously informed that the change shall take place, and give the ok.

6. YOU MUST NOT attempt to revise or update this FAQ apart from the 
updates that I make myself. If you think it needs updating, tell me 
about it. Don't take matters into your own hands. 

     Al Amaloo (forgive me if I misspelled that) at 
vgstrategies.about.com, does not even have to ask permission this time 
around. He's EARNED the right to post if he wants by being faithful to 
update my FAQs, always asking permission with courtesy, and just 
generally running a great site.
     This FAQ is intended for individual use. It must not be used for 
financial purposes, i.e. buying, selling, bartering, etc. You may 
however, if the web site allows, print this document for personal use. 
This document may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without the 
sole written permission of the author.  
     All names, characters, etc., used in Donkey Kong Country are 
trademarks of their respective companies. I am in no way affiliated 
with Nintendo, Rareware, and/or any other persons/companies that 
are/were involved in the production and marketing of this game. All 
copyrights are acknowledged that are not specifically mentioned in this 

This FAQ is copyrighted 2000, Daniel Stidham.

                     III. WHERE TO FIND EVERYTHING
     This section makes up the meat of the FAQ. I guess there isn't a 
whole lot to say about it that hasn't already been said. But you don't 
really want to read my comments anyway, do you? You just want me to 
tell you where the bonus areas, goodie tokens, and/or KONG letters are. 
Or at least I would assume that much since you're reading this guide. 
If not, what are you doing here? Go do your homework. Kids today...

                        ***** KONGO JUNGLE *****

KONG Letters: All of the letters are right out in the open. You should 
have absolutely no trouble whatsoever in finding them.

Expresso Token: Beneath the Necky that is raining coconuts.

Bonus Area 1: Get Rambi out of his crate and charge straight ahead past 
the letter N and over the first gap. Don't go up the steps; instead, 
slam into the wall. 

Bonus Area 2: Break out of the first bonus area, and slam into the next 
wall directly below you. You can get any token of your choice here if 
you succeed at playing the game.

K - In the air near the start. Climb up where the critter is and jump 
down. Just watch out for the armys below.

O - Just sitting above the treetops.

Bonus Area 1: Immediately after the letter O, jump down between the 
tree tops. A barrel will catch you and take you to a bonus area. 

N - There are two ways to get this letter. If you do not get bonus area 
1, you will catch it as you swing from vine to vine. Otherwise, it is 
at the end of the first bonus area.

Winky Token: After swinging across the cliff where you must hop on the 
critters to reach the next vine, jump long off the last one and land on 
the weak spot on the ground to reveal a tire. Wheel it beneath the next 
tree and bounce up to the top. From this vintage point you can jump 
down on the weak spot to bring up a Winky token.

Bonus Area 2: The bonus barrel is partially visible. Just fall down the 
gap before the red arrow sign and you're there.

G - Atop the very last tree of the stage. 

KONG Letters: You can't miss 'em.

Bonus Area 1: Get a barrel past the jumping critters and smash it into 
the wall directly to the right of the letter K. 

Bonus Area 2: After you burst out of the first bonus area and bounce 
off the first tire, you will come to a second wheel. Bounce up and to 
your left into the automatic blast barrel that will transport you to 
the bonus area. Jump into the first barrel and go for a ride!

Bonus Area 3: After the DK barrel you will see two snakes sliding 
around in a pit. Kill the Slippas and go back for the barrel. Brake it 
against the right-most wall of the aforementioned pit and in you go.

Enguarde Token: Near the ceiling under the two jumping critters. Bounce 
off the fiends' heads to get it.

No bonus areas.

K - At the top of the first shaft

O - At the continue barrel, swim up to the top to see the O in a 
crevice in the ceiling

Expresso Token: In the final vertical shaft, go through the right wall 
next to the first chomps

N - Swim ALL the way up the final shaft to the top and you will find 
your prize

G - Easily spotted after the arrow sign between two rocks. Watch out 
for the Croctopus!

K - Jump in the first barrel and blast upward to get it

Winky Token: A little hard to get. Both Kongs can make it, but Diddy is 
your best bet. Right after the DK barrel in the ground, get a running 
start and do a rolling super jump off the edge and to the other side. 
There you will find the token above a blast barrel.

Rambi Token: Bounce off the purple Kritters onto the treetops and 
proceed until you get the token. 

O - Don't take the blast barrel beside the Rambi token. Instead, work 
your way normally through the second series of barrels. 

Bonus Area 1: This one is most likely to be found by accident. At the 
end of the second series of barrels, where you can fire yourself into 
the automatic blast barrel, don't. Shoot straight into the wall.

Bonus Area 2: Kill the Kritters on both sides of the TNT barrel. Then 
take the barrel, go back over the last hump, and slam it into the wall 
on that side.

Enguarde Token: Found in the second Bonus Area. Go up the left side.

G - At the very end of the stage, bounce off the heads of the Kritters 
and up to the treetops to get the G.

Boss: Very Gnawty (see boss guide)

                        ***** MONKEY MINES *****

K - Just bounce off the first Necky.

O - Over a gap between the scaffolds just before the continue barrel

Bonus Area 1: The only bonus in the stage, and it isn't even hidden. 
Just bounce off the Necky into the blast barrel. If you have Winky, he 
can get you there without the aid of that evil vulture.

N - In the bonus area

Expresso Token: Use Winky to knock out the Zinger and grab it.

G - Floating in mid air and plain view. Have Winky supply the boing 
needed to get there. 

There aren't any bonus areas here, but there is one deep, dark secret 
in the mine shaft at the beginning. I'll let you find it. 

All the letters are easy to find, but the N and G may be hard to get.

The Enguarde token is right in your way. However, if you already have 
two Enguarde tokens, you may try to skip over this one, since playing 
the game will start you back at the beginning of the stage.

Rambi Token: For the longest time I had no idea that this was here. Get 
the tire by the bee and roll it back to the start. Then bounce up as 
high as you can to snag the golden rhino.

K - In the middle of where the two Kritters are jumping

Bonus Area 1: Grab the barrel before the floating DK barrel with Diddy 
and take it to where the two Zingers are flying up and down. Being 
careful not to hit either of them, drop down beneath the wasps and slam 
the barrel into the right wall. 

O - On the ground, under the arc of a Zinger.

N - Right after the O, push the tire into the place with the continue 
barrel and bounce up to get it. Then, slowly, push the tire under the 
next crawlspace and onto the moving platform. Jump off the tire when 
the platform is at it's highest point and press right through the wall! 
You will find the N along this upper route.

Bonus Area 2: From the top, drop down to the opening or bounce off the 
tire from the low route. The door is open; just go in and get Winky.

G - Right above the arrow sign.

Bonus Area 3: If you have Winky, you can jump right up to it, but if 
not you'll have to roll a tire. The barrel is floating at the top of 
the screen over a gap spanned by a horizontally moving platform. You 
must roll the tire onto the platform and bounce up.

K - You'll see it, trust me.

O - In the middle of a gap. Use the super jump technique to get it.

Bonus Area 1: Grab the barrel after the O and take it to the next wall, 
next to which a rock Kremling is hiding. Diddy can just slam it in, but 
Donkey will have to set it down, bringing it into contact with the wall 
as he does.

Bonus Area 2: Roll the tire back to spot with the three vertical 
bananas. Bounce up to enter a hidden blast barrel.

Winky Token. In bonus area 2 on the right. 

N - Over a Klap Trap.

G - At the very end.

Warp: Go backwards at the start.

Bonus Area 1: Bounce backward from the tire to stand over where you 
entered. Jump up from there into a mostly hidden blast barrel.

K - In the first bonus area on the right side.

O - Near a bunch of blue, jumping Kritters.

Bonus Area 2: Some time before the O you will see an indent in the 
ground across a thin gap. Jump into the gap and you will blast up high. 
Come down on the indent and a tire will pop out. Roll it to the edge of 
the pit over which the next millstone is rolling and jump from it into 
the mostly hidden barrel above the stone. 

Bonus Area 3: Donkey is best for this. Grab the TNT barrel and jump 
over the Krushas with it. When you get to the V-shaped nook under the 
next millstone, hurl the barrel at the right wall.

N - Roll the tire to the moving platform and jump up above the 
millstone to the platforms overhead. From there you can release Winky. 
Jump down from the top at the end to get the N.

G - Overtop of a coconut-spewing Necky.

Boss: Master Necky (see boss guide)

                         ***** VINE VALLEY *****

K - You will notice a patch in the ground right before the first Necky, 
which is sitting on a tire. Kill the bird, and bounce from the tire 
back to the patch in the ground to reveal the letter.

Bonus Area 1: Roll the tire that you used to get the K carefully over 
to the edge of the platform until it is beneath the three vertical 
bananas. Bounce up where those bananas are and you will enter a hidden 
barrel cannon. You can get an Expresso Token here.

Bonus Area 2: This is a little hard to put into words, but if you 
experiment I'm sure you'll find this with minimal trouble. After you 
blast from the barrel cannon and bounce off the two vertically flying 
Neckys, you should also bounce off of a Mini-necky when you reach the 
land and from there hit the weak patch of ground. That will reveal a 
barrel. Grab it, turn around, and bash it into the wall. You may even 
break it open with your body!

O - Easily spotted, surrounded by bananas. 

Bonus Area 3: When you see a lone Necky positioned high in the air, 
raining nuts down, go up and smash him. From his vintage point, jump 
down on yet another weak patch of ground. This will give you a handy 
barrel. Can you guess what it's for? Grab it with Diddy and climb to 
the vulture's perch again. This time the barrel will break open a wall 
on the way. You can get it with Donkey, too.

N - In the third bonus area.

G - You can't miss it. It is between two Zingers and you will have to 
blast through it to continue.

Bonus Area 1: As soon as you start, you'll see a barrel behind you. 
Start walking, and a gnawty will approach. Let it come until it is 
almost under the barrel, and then bounce off of it into bonus land. 

K - This one's just a hangin' between platforms.

O - Just after the continue barrel, there will be an auto-blast barrel 
between the platforms. Jump into it and blast up into the barrel 
floating above. When that barrel is over the O, blast out and you will 
collect it.

Bonus Area 2: In the last barrel of a blast sequence, you will see a 
single banana hanging beneath a platform. Let the barrel go to it's 
lowest point, and blast out to collect the banana, AND land in a hidden 
bonus barrel.

N - At the very top of the second bonus area.

G - After the final barrel cannon sequence, the G will be hanging in 
the air over the platform near a Necky. If you don't get it when you 
blast from the last barrel, just jump back up from the platform and try 

Expresso Token: Right before the exit, this token will be positioned 
over a threatening Zinger. Get it from the right by rolling off the 
platform and jumping back up just before you hit Zingy. WARNING: If you 
already have two tokens, you may want to pass this one up, as going 
into an Expresso game will put you back at the continue barrel when you 

K - Over a chasm. Use the rolling super jump to bag the letter and span 
the gap.

O - Right behind a Zinger. Ride the top of the rope and slide down as 
you past to get the letter and spare yourself a too-close encounter of 
the bee kind.

N - When you jump on a certain rope, you will see bananas leading down 
in the shape of the right side of a V. How do you know which rope? It's 
the only one with this kind of banana formation. Follow the bananas as 
the rope moves to get the N at the bottom of the V.

G - During the onslaught of the red Zingers, the G will appear between 
two bees near the bottom of the rope.

Bonus Area 1: Oh my gosh! I can't imagine anyone finding this without 
some sort of tip. In my opinion, it's gotta be the most missed bonus 
area in DKC. Hold on to the bottom of the rope when the Neckys appear. 
There will be two Neckys that will come and try to knock you off the 
bottom. Climb quickly up to avoid the first, and then back down. Just 
when it looks like you will collide with the second low Necky, press 
down and you will enter a completely hidden and inconspicuous bonus 

Bonus Area 2: When you see the barrel near the end, bring it up the 
steps by killing the Kritter, jumping up to the next step and setting 
the barrel down, then killing the NEXT Kritter, picking up the barrel 
again, taking it up the step, setting it down...you get the idea? Do 
this all the way to the top and down the other side. When you get to 
the ground just before the exit, turn to your left and slam the barrel 
into the wall.

K - Hold on to the bottom of the first rope and bag the K.

Bonus Area 1: Take the first DK barrel, preferably with Donkey Kong, 
and run with it, jumping over the beavers you come to. Throw it at the 
first slanted wall. Can you get the Rambi Token?

O - Before the continue barrel, you will swing from one vine to the 
next. You get the O in the air between the two.

Bonus Area 2: This one's easy; just follow the arrow.

N - When you exit from the second bonus area, you bounce up to a raised 
point. From there, jump as high as you can and land on the dip in the 
ground to bring up the letter. 

G - The last rope extends below the bottom of the screen. When it moves 
all the way over, slide all the way down.

K - You can ride the steel keg at the start all the way to the K that's 
floating near a Zinger, however it might be to your advantage to 
destroy all the jumping critters before and after the letter.

O - Under where you get Expresso, at the very bottom is the O. You must 
come from the side and do rolling jumps to get it.

N - After you travel the tree tops after the continue barrel, you come 
to a bit of ground on which you can take either the high road or the 
low road. Go low, watching out for Klap Traps and you will find the N.

Bonus Area 2: Yes, I'm listing 2 first, because this is the first one 
you should get. Take Expresso to the point where you get the N, and 
then fly off the edge to the right. Don't fly TOO high or you will end 
up in the trees. Hover across and you should land on some ground down 
there. Get off Expresso when you get to the barrel, pick it up and hurl 
it at the wall, and then get back on your bird to enter.

Bonus Area 1: From the exit of Bonus 2, take Expresso all the way back 
to the DK barrel near the start of the level, on the first bit of earth 
you came to. Getting back will be much easier if you cleared out the 
Kritters. Then, from the point of the DK barrel, jump as high as you 
can and fly over to the left. Keep going until you fly right into the 
entrance to the bonus area. You have the chance to get one of every 
animal token here. If you don't have Expresso, Diddy CAN make the jump 
from the edge to the platform with the banana bunch and from there to 
the bonus area, but you'd better jump far enough... Kids, don't try 
this with Donkey Kong.

Enguarde Token: When you exit bonus area 1, you will be standing on a 
tire. Get off of Expresso and bounce from the tire to the weak patch of 
ground to your left. It is the token.

Bonus Area 3: Travel right from where you got the Enguarde token and 
you will drop down to a barrel. From this point on you will not need 
Expresso, so you might as well leave him. Watch out for the barrels 
coming from your right. Grab the barrel and drop down between the 
ground and the tree. Drop into the "hole" with the tire and break the 
left wall with the barrel.

Bonus Area 4: Take the same barrel you used to get into #3, since it is 
back, and go drop down to the same place again, only this time jump 
over the hole and slam the barrel into the right wall. It is not the 
taller one that goes up to the trees, but the smaller one that juts out 
beneath it. I realize that my depiction of how to get these last few 
areas has been a little sketchy, but I'm trying my best. Unless you are 
hopelessly inept, you should be able to find them with these hints. 

G - In bonus area 4.

Bonus Area 5: You should now be at the same barrel again. Make your way 
up to the Manky Kong that is hurling barrels at you and bop him off. 
Then return to get the barrel. Take it up the vine and then slam it 
into the last wall below the Kritter.

No bonus areas.

K - Press along the left wall as you swim up the first vertical shaft 
and you will enter a hidden room with Enguarde and the K.

O - In a little niche over top of the school of Bitesizes. 

N - Swim to the top left corner of the shaft where the Chompses are.

Winky Token: After the N, a Clambo will be spitting FIVE pearls 
simultaneously. There is a little dip in the floor to its left side 
that holds the Winky token just out of sight.

G - Under a clam right after the Croctopi.

Boss: Queen B. (see boss guide)

                       ***** GORILLA GLACIER *****

Bonus Area 1: At the very beginning of the stage. Wait for the slow 
vulture to come close to you, bounce from the igloo to the vulture to 
the hidden barrel in the upper left corner of the screen.

Winky Token: Yours if you play your barrels right in the first bonus 

K - Right before the first series of blast barrels.

Bonus Area 2: As soon as you break the continue barrel, turn and head 
back to the left. Jump over the Krusha and down the cliff (following 
the bananas) into the barrel cannon.

O - In Bonus Area 2; top center.

Bonus Area 3: When you get to the second delayed blast barrel after the 
continue barrel (the one next to the red Zinger), shoot straight down 
and hop across the snow platforms into the blast barrel.

N - You will automatically collect it on your way to Bonus Area 3.

Rambi Token: Above a fast spinning barrel and between two Zingers, the 
Rambi Token should probably be left alone. It's not worth the gamble.

G - You will pick it up during the final series of barrel cannons, no 
matter which way you go.

Bonus Area 1: At the start you will notice a blue rope hanging there 
just out of reach. Go slightly past it and you will see a blue jumping 
Kritter coming toward you. Let it come, and then bounce off of it to 
grab the rope. It will take you up, and then you should jump to the 
left, and heave the barrel you find into the wall.

Expresso Token: Can be had in the first bonus area
K - Go ALL the way up the rope after the first DK barrel and jump over 
to your right to snag it.

Bonus Area 2: This one will take a little work. I would suggest using 
Diddy. Slide down the rope after the K, and jump between the Zingers to 
grab the barrel. Then, jump out of the alcove and down to the floor 
below, being careful not to hit a Zinger on your way out. Smash the 
barrel against the left wall at the bottom of the rope.

O - Shortly after the continue barrel, you will see a blue rope hanging 
from the ceiling with a weak patch of ground positioned under it. Like 
before, jump on the head of a Kritter to get up the rope.

Enguarde Token - Jump down from where you got the O without using the 
rope and land on the weak ground below. This will reveal the token.

Bonus Area: These just keep getting harder and harder to explain. After 
the O, there will be four blue ropes to get you across the chasm. Each 
of the first three ropes has a Zinger just a short way up. Your jumps 
from rope to rope will have to be precise to reach the blast barrel 
above the third rope. Jump across the lowest parts of the first three 
ropes until you get to the fourth. Ride it up just high enough so that 
you can jump back to the third rope, this time ABOVE the Zinger. If you 
make it, you will slide up into a bonus barrel. This is easier if you 
have both Kongs so if you get hit, you can still make it into the blast 

N - After the third bonus area, there are two ropes leading upward. Go 
to the farthest rope, and try to get up without being skewered by the 
many Zingers. The N is on a ledge to the right with a barrel. Good luck 
getting out of here. 

G - Right before the finish at the top of a rope. 

K - From the start, kill the mini-necky and go left over the hump. 
There is a section over here that holds the K, and more importantly, 
Expresso. Guard Expresso with your life. You will need him badly. 

Bonus Area 1: Right after the blue Kritter and the swinging vine that 
follows him, stop. You can either bounce off the Neckys to the bonus 
barrel, or you can fly Expresso up. If you choose to do the latter, you 
will have to jump off him with A right before the platform to make it. 
Don't worry though, you can get him again in the bonus area.

Expresso Token: In the center of the first bonus area.

O - The O is down over a cliff. You will easily see it. Jump off 
Expresso is you still have him and do a rolling super jump from the 
left with Donkey Kong to bag your prize.

Bonus Area 2: When you see the steel keg on the ledge below you, stop. 
You will need to fly off the ledge above it to reach the bonus area. No 
choice here, only Expresso can get you there.

N - You will get it at the entrance to the second bonus area.

G - Up in the air near the end.

No bonus areas.

K - Don't worry, you'll swim right through it.

O - After you are shot through the first two barrels, check the wall to 
the right directly below the second barrel. You should be able to swim 
through the wall, and then up to your left to get the O.

Winky Token: While being chased by the third Croctopus after the 
continue barrel, you come to an intersection at which you can go up, 
down, or keep going right. Go up momentarily, out of the range of the 
Croctopus that will swim right by you to the right. As soon as he does, 
follow him around the reef to pick up the token. This is one instance 
where you can turn the tables and chase a Croctopus!

N - As you are fleeing from the second Croctopus after the last four 
blast barrels, you will bag the letter just like you did the K.

G - You can't avoid getting this letter.

K - In the first gap you come to. Jump down to the second platform, 
kill the Klump, and roll back to the left to pick it up.

O - Above the horizontally moving platform.

Bonus Area 1: Right after the continue barrel, you go through a 
crawlspace. Immediately following is a bare wall with a barrel sitting 
atop it. This should tell you exactly what to do. Grab the barrel and 
smash it into the wall above which it sits. 

N - Beside a vertically moving platform. Jump at the platform's lowest 
point, and try to land back safely after getting the letter.

Bonus Area 2: Grab the barrel before the last mincer, preferably with 
Donkey. Holding the barrel, hurtle the mincer and bash the barrel into 
the left wall at the bottom.

G - In the bonus area in the top right corner. Bounce off the Klap Trap 
to snag it.

Rambi Token: Play the game to the finish? Here's your reward.

Bonus Area 1: Jump straight down the center of the second gap to land 
in a completely obscure blast barrel. You can get Winky in this area, 
and he's a great companion to have.

K - When you blast out of the first bonus stage, you'll see the K on a 
platform below, guarded by a Zinger. Hopefully you brought Winky so you 
can stamp out the evil bee and claim your prize.

O - In a small gap with a Kritter jumping over it in an arcing pattern. 
Knock out the Kritter and do a rolling super jump to get the O. Donkey 
does this best since Diddy tends to roll too far.

N - Above a horizonally moving platform with a tire. Bounce off the 
wheel to put yourself on level with the N.

G - The G is in a position similar to that of the O, only this time TWO 
Kritters are bouncing over top of it.

Bonus Area 2: After the G, you will board a moving platform with a 
tire. You should notice that at the top of the screen above the second 
platform there is a single banana. That means bonus area to me. Bounce 
from the second platform up to the bonus barrel hidden just out of 
sight above the banana.

Boss: Really Gnawty (see boss guide)

                  ***** KREMKROC INDUSTRIES INC. *****

Bonus Area 1: Jump up to the rope hanging from the top of the screen 
when you start. It will take you to the platform above where you 
started. From this point, jump down and break the TNT barrel out of the 
black square on the floor. Use this to blow open the first oil drum in 
the floor. Jump down into the space it creates.

K - Easily found over a gap early in the stage.

Bonus Area 2: DOUBLE BONUS AREA! This is an extremely unusual section 
of Donkey Kong Country, and a key point if you want to get 101%. After 
you go up the steps taking out the Gnawtys (shortly after the K), jump 
down and bust a barrel out of the black square. Turn around and break 
open the left wall. Inside, don't go for the 1up. Instead, try to get 
three single bananas, the smallest prize. If you do it, a barrel will 
drop down. Here comes the tricky part. If you throw the barrel at the 
right wall, a door will open, but you will not be able to walk through 
it. You will simply dance with glee, and be whisked out of the bonus 
area. What you want to do is, with the barrel in your grip, jump up 
against the top of the right wall, and then slide down the wall until 
you get to the bottom, at which point the door will break open and CHA-
CHING! A SECOND bonus area! Take note: for the entire game you can only 
enter this second area once. So if you mess up the first time, reset 
the game and come back.

O - WAY up high over an oil drum. You can roll the tire to its 
location, or just bounce off a blue Kritter.

Bonus Area 3: After the second Manky Kong you will see a lone oil drum 
sitting in the air. If you have Rambi, run under the barrel and bust 
through the wall. If you don't, you'll have to take the barrel from the 
first Manky to break open the wall.

N - In bonus area 3.

G - Stand on top of the very last oil drum in the level, and jump with 
ample force onto the black square to reveal the G. 

K - Right below the first Necky that is raining nuts. Be careful as you 
get it.

O - In the air above the track, right after a Mini-Necky.

Bonus Area 1: Stand on the right side of the platform as you near the 
end of the first track. As the platform gets to the end, do a rolling 
super jump off the platform and under the scaffolding into a barrel 

Bonus Area 2: Shortly after the continue barrel, you will come to a 
yellow Zinger with three bananas above it. Jump over the Zinger, and 
prepare to jump over to the scaffolding to your right while you are 
still level with it. Clear the Gnawtys from the platform and jump into 
the barrel cannon to your right.

N - A little while after you come out of the second bonus stage you'll 
see this letter elevated above the track under a platform.

G - It won't be long after you get the N that the G will present 
itself. You will have to jump over the Zinger and land back on the 
platform again.

Bonus Area 3: Right before the exit, you will see Manky Kong, hurling 
his barrels as usual. When he makes a pause in his barrel throwing, do 
a rolling attack right through him and off the scaffolding. You should 
land on another platform below. To the left is the barrel cannon.

Winky Token: You can get this at the entrance to bonus area 3.

Bonus Area 1: From your starting platform, do a rolling super jump out 
to the right. You will grab onto a rope. Either Kong can make this 
jump. Climb up to find the bonus area ready and waiting.

K - When you blast out of the first bonus area, move along the ground 
and you will quickly come upon a rope hanging from the ceiling. Jump up 
onto it and then jump right from rope to rope to get the K over the 
third rope.

Bonus Area 2: This one is a little difficult to get into. After you 
crawl under three crawlspaces, you will see three ropes spanning a 
chasm. A Zinger patrols each rope. Jump to the first one, and then get 
to the second when its Zinger is low. Climb quickly to the very top of 
the second rope so the evil bee won't hit you. Then jump to the top of 
the last rope and from there up to the right. You should now be walking 
over the ceiling and out of site. Keep moving right until you reach the 
barrel cannon.

O - In the second bonus room.

Expresso Token: Also in the second bonus room.

N - Ride the second descending elevator down until you see the N on a 
small ledge to your left.

G - Floating over the red arrow sign. Be careful! Don't try for it too 
hastily or the Mini-Necky just to the right will nail you with its 
nutty projectiles.

Bonus Area 3: Ride the very last elevator, right before the exit, down 
all the way to the gaping door of a bonus area.

No bonus areas.

K - Straight up when you start.

O - Impossible to miss. It's in a vertical shaft in the midst of 
squidge attack.

Rambi Token - When you come to the first room with the three mincers 
that are spinning counterclockwise around the perimeter, you enter from 
below. Swim straight up to the top and you will see that part of the 
ceiling is higher than the rest. This is just right of center. Go up 
through the reef there to get the golden rhino.

N - Just after the room where you got the Rambi token, the N is in a 
hole at the top of the tunnel. You will have to go into that whole to 
avoid the mincer that comes screaming in from the left, so you will 
inevitable pick up this letter.

Expresso Token and shortcut: After the N you will enter another room 
with three spinning revolving mincers from the left. Swim straight 
across, being careful to avoid the mincers, and through the left wall. 
Here you will find a shortcut that saves you time and danger and awards 
you an Expresso token.

G - Right out in the open; and right in middle of a piranha onslaught. 

Everything in this stage comes at you really fast, so you don't have a 
lot of time to consider your options. Consequently it is very hard to 
get everything in one run. Don't worry if you miss something; you can 
always go back.

K - After you jump over the second Necky, the K will be between two 
vultures. Make sure to jump OVER the first both Neckys and get the K 
that is in between. If you do not do it right, you may get neither the 
K nor the first bonus room.

Bonus Area 1: Immediately after the K you will have to jump out of your 
cart and onto a rope that is hanging down into the screen. Climb up 
into the next cart. When you get to the break in the string of bananas, 
jump. You will land in a barrel cannon and be transported to bonus 

Rambi Token: In bonus area 1.

O - Jump over the Zinger after coming out of the bonus area and over 
the Necky. After that, two more Neckys will be coming in from the 
right. Bounce off them to get up to the O.

Enguarde Token: Everything is happening so fast! Right after you bag 
the letter O, DON'T jump to the next cart. Instead, fall through the 
broken track until you see ANOTHER cart on a set of tracks down below. 
Jump into that cart to snag the token.

N - Shortly after the continue barrel, you will jump into a cart on a 
short piece of track. At the end of that, the N will be placed in the 
gap just below track level. Fall with the cart until you touch the 
golden letter and then jump up into the next cart.

Bonus Area 2: As soon as you land in the cart after the N, you will go 
up a hill in the track. Above that there is a tire in the air. Jump at 
the apex of the hill (preferably with Diddy) and land on the tire. From 
there you can spring to the bonus barrel.

G - The G will be above a small, Zinger guarded platform with a tire. 
It has a tire. Can you figure out how to get the G on a platform with a 
tire?? Hmmm...let me think...

Bonus Area 3: You will see the entrance beneath the arrow sign as you 
come riding by. Just as you go down the hill, jump as you hit the 
bananas and you will land on the scaffolding. From here, jump back to 
the left and bounce off the tires to reach the blast barrel.

K - In the air over the first gap.

Enguarde Token: On the second small platform of the stage, you will see 
an Enguarde token in the air below you and to your right. Roll off the 
platform and jump when you get the token. You can use this rolling 
super jump technique to grab the token and still make it to the 
platform right of it. Or if you already have two tokens, just jump down 
on top of it and you'll be transported to the game before you can fall 
down the cliff.

O - Just before the continue barrel, there are three consecutive 
platforms with tires on them. Bounce high off the last one and land on 
the black square on the floor

Bonus Area 1: Near the end of the level there are four tin platforms in 
a row, all of which begin to fall when you step on them. Below the last 
one is a single banana. Is it there for a reason? You bet. Fall down 
where that banana is located and you will land in a barrel cannon.

N - In the center of bonus area 1.

Bonus Area 2: When you come blasting out of the first bonus area, you 
will land on a square on the floor and a steel keg will pop out. Grab 
the keg, jump down to the right, then turn and throw it against the 
left wall. When it bounces off, hitch a ride. Make sure that the lights 
will be on as you make this critical jump. Ride it until it breaks open 
a wall into the second bonus area. Don't jump off to get the G.

G - After you come out of bonus 2, go back to your left and pick up the 
golden G before exiting. 

Boss Dumb Drum
Boss: Read the title. (see boss guide)

                        ***** CHIMP CAVERNS *****

Bonus Area 1: Right after the first fuel canister, the track will take 
a vertical turn. Jump off the platform and fall in line with the 
vertical track piece. You should land in a hidden barrel cannon. 

K - Over top of the second Necky. Make sure you bounce high off of the 
bird so you won't miss the golden letter.

O - You should see this above a Kritter to your right as you ride the 
vertical track. Jump over, knock off the reptile, and grab your prize. 
Make sure you do it in time so that you can get back to the platform.

Enguarde Token: Easy to get, not always so easy to figure out how to 
get. There, I think I managed to thwart most of what I learned about 
sentence structure in that sentence. Before the continue barrel, the 
track comes to an end. You are tempted to jump off to the scaffolding 
in front of you. Don't. When the fuel-injected transport comes to a 
halt at the track's end, it will begin moving again momentarily. It 
will take you up and over the scaffolding and right into the golden 

N - At one point in the stage you come to a slanted platform atop which 
is a tire that you use to get an upcoming fuel keg. After that, you 
will come to a piece of scaffolding that looks much like the one where 
you got the tire. Instead of jumping onto it, keep riding underneath it 
to bag the N.

G - Near the end of the stage, you come to a canister positioned below 
a small platform, above which is a blast barrel. Do not jump into that 
barrel cannon! Instead, ride past it and get the G over the Zingers.

K - If you can't find this under the third mincer, you're either blind, 
or way too stupid to be playing video games.

O - Soon after you get Rambi, and hopefully before you lose him, the O 
will appear over a mincer. Another one is spinning up and down in the 
air where it is, so wait 'til it goes up to get through.

Bonus Area 1: A Krusha is patrolling a small piece of ground in a 
"hole" between two walls. The barrel sitting right before this spot can 
be used to blow open the right wall if you've already lost Rambi.

N - Over the second gap with a moving platform.

Bonus Area 2: The entrance to this area is wide open; all you have to 
do is go in. It is located right after the fast moving mincer that is 
spinning about in an arcing pattern. You should have no trouble finding 

G - In bonus area 2.

Winky Token: When you leave bonus 2, jump up to your left over the exit 
and go to the far left of the platform. From here do a rolling super 
jump up to the frog. After this jump you will have to go through Bonus 
Area 2 again, because you can't land back on the top.

Bonus Area 3: When you come out of bonus area 2 the second time, grab 
one of the barrels you see and jump as far right off the ledge as you 
can. This is to ensure that you don't hit a beaver and lose your 
barrel. When you're clear, smash it into the first wall you come to.

Rambi Token: This is probably the hardest thing in this stage to get. 
Fortunately it is also the least important. If you really want to get 
this token, you'll have to be good. It is under a Slippa-spewing 
barrel. You'll have to grab the TNT barrel, get it over the baddie 
barrel that follows and break the keg that's over Rambi without hitting 
any snakes. Good luck. You're gonna need it.

Bonus Area 1: Right after the continue barrel is a large gap, which you 
can cross by riding a single rope. When you get to the other side, 
slide ALL the way down the rope and you will see an open bonus area 

KONG letters: ALL of the golden letters are found in this bonus area. 
Climb up to the top of the rope for the K, down to the bottom for the 
O, back up to the top again for the N, and down to the bottom once more 
for the G. 

Expresso Token: As soon as you blast out of the first bonus area, the 
token will be right above you. If you got Expresso out of the crate at 
the end of the area, you will be able to fly up and grab it.

Bonus Area 2: This one will take some maneuvering to enter. Grab the 
TNT barrel after the Expresso token and make your way to the right, 
avoiding the Klap Traps and the barrel that is emitting them. Contrary 
to popular belief, Donkey Kong is best for getting this bonus area. 
This is because he holds the barrel above his head and is less likely 
to break it on an enemy on the way. Drop into the narrow "hole" after 
the Klap Trap barrel and set the barrel down. As DK sets it down he 
will bring it into contact with the right wall, blowing it open.

Animal Token: You can get the token of your choice in Bonus Area 2.

Bonus Area 1: Almost as soon as you enter the stage, you'll come to a 
pit, over which are three bananas lined up vertically. Jump straight 
down the center of the gap and you will land in a barrel cannon.

K - In bonus area 1.

O - You will easily spot this letter down just below ground level over 
a gap. Do a rolling super jump to get it.

Bonus Area 2: It would be good to have both Kongs for this. Stop when 
you see the Necky raining nuts from on top of a ON/OFF barrel. Kill the 
Necky either with a barrel you picked up before or with a jump, but 
try to jump on him and will need the next Kong to finish him off. Then 
take the barrel from under him down the "steps" and jump over the small 
gap to where the next light barrel is. Then, immediately set the barrel 
down. Turn on the lights and bash the Klap Trap that is in your way. 
Now you can pick the barrel back up and smash it into the right wall.

N - In bonus area 2.

Expresso Token - In bonus area 2.

G - Up in the air near the end of the Zinger pack. 

Bonus Area 1: When the stage begins, you will see a barrel cannon under 
you. As soon as you land on the first tin platform, walk off of it on 
the left side. You will land on platform that you cannot see. It will 
take you over to the bonus area.

K - Over the first platform after the three Klumps.

Winky Token: When you land on the tin platform that had two bananas on 
it and is right before a Necky, stay on it. Ride it down until you see 
another platform to your right, below the scaffolding. Jump to that 
platform. The Winky token will then be on the next platform to the 

O - Fall with the platform that is right before the continue barrel 
until you see the O. Quickly roll off to get it and jump to land safely 
on the scaffolding. You can also jump to the scaffolds first and then 
get the letter from the right.

N - Jump up to get it while riding the third platform after the 
continue barrel. 

G - You should easily find this during the final platform sequence. 

Bonus Area 2: Jump onto the very last platform of the level and ride it 
down. Just before it falls, jump to your right and you will land on 
another piece of scaffolding. Next to it is the bonus barrel.

Boss: Master Necky Sr. (see boss guide)

                      ***** GANGPLANK GALLEON *****
Boss: King K. Rool (see boss guide)

                            IV. BOSS GUIDE                            

     Very Gnawty is a gargantuan beaver that is guarding a portion of 
the  stolen bananas. He is really EXTREMELY easy to beat. All you have 
to do is hit him on the head. Jump on his head to stun him. Then he 
will start moving again, this time a little faster than at first. Jump 
over him when he moves so you won't get hit, or better yet, just leap 
back up and bounce off his head again. Five knocks on the noggin will 
bring the animal down. 

     Master Necky is a large vulture. Really large. So large only his 
head and neck will fit into the boss chamber. There is a tire in the 
center of the room when you fight him. That means you have to bounce 
off of it. Master Necky's head will appear on one side of the screen, 
and he will spit a nut at you. Stand to the side of the tire opposite 
the big lug. Hurtle the nut, land on the tire and bounce up to bash 
Necky on the head or beak. When you hit him (or even if you don't) he 
will pull his head back and then stick it out again on one side or the 
other and repeat the procedure. Bonk his beak five times to put him 
down for the count.

     Queen B. is one of the more difficult bosses in the game. To beat 
her you must bash her five times with a barrel. Easier said than done. 
Barrels for will appear on the floor, ripe for the smashing. Pick one 
up and wait until Queenie swoops down to fly along the ground, then hit 
her with it. If you use Diddy, just stand in front of her with the 
barrel and she will fly right into it. Splinters in the eyes, ow! Upon 
impact the giant insect will turn red and become absolutely enraged, 
flying up and down in a fast, manic pattern. While she is red she is 
invulnerable. Run under her quickly as she lifts so you won't get a 
stinger in the head and get to the other side of the screen. When she 
calms down and returns to her normal color and pace, pick up a barrel 
and smash her again. The tantrum that she throws after getting a barrel 
in the peepers becomes more violent after each successive hit, and 
consequently you will have to work harder to escape her wrath. If the 
fifth barrel hits its mark, Queen B.'s reign of destruction will end.

     Really Gnawty is much like his relative, Very Gnawty, only he's 
got a tougher attack pattern. He jumps horizontally across the screen 
to hit you, using short hops at first. Hit him on the head and he will 
do one high jump in your direction. When he lands he will begin jumping 
again, with longer and faster leaps. Each time you hit him, the number 
of vertical jumps will increase by one, and the distance and speed of 
his regular jumps will also increase. The best way to beat him is to 
jump on his head, roll under him when he does his high jump(s), and 
then let him bounce away to the side of the screen. When he gets back 
to the middle hit him again. Five bumps to the brain and he's out.

     Hmmm...this one took me by surprise. A metal boss? Not a beaver, a 
lizard or a vulture? No, it's...a metal oil drum with glowing red eyes. 
Dumb Drum tries to oust you by slamming himself down on your head. The 
bottom part of him will appear at the top of the screen where he will 
come down a fraction of a second before he makes his move. The first 
time he will try to land on you once. The second time twice, and so on. 
After he attacks, he will spit out two enemies that you must eliminate. 
Use Donkey Kong because he has an easier time abolishing the baddies. 
First time around Dumb Drum will emit Kritters, the Slippas, then Klap 
Traps, then Klumps, and lastly, Armys. When you avoid his last set of 
attacks, he'll find out that he's slammed one slam too many and blow 

     Beating MN Sr. is just like beating his son. Bounce of the tire 
after his attack and land on his head. The one difference is that 
Master Necky Sr. has armed himself with a whole lotta nuts, and he's 
going to go overboard spitting them at you. The first round, MNS will 
spit out one nut. Jump it, land on the tire, and bounce up to hit him. 
The second time, he'll spit out TWO nuts, the third time three, the 
fourth time four, and the fifth, five. You should be able to jump all 
the nuts and put Necky out of his misery without too much trouble.

     Now, out on a ship off the coast of Donkey Kong island, is the 
final showdown between the apes and fat-bellied lard face, King K. 
Rool. He's got a shipload of attacks to unleash on you, so you'll have 
to be quick. First, K. Rool throws his crown at you. Jump over it and 
bash him on the head. You will then need to jump over him as he will 
run to the other side of the ship. Once there, he'll throw his crown 
again. Hit him another time. Now he'll run across the ship twice and 
throw his crown again. Jump on his head once more to end the first 
round. But another more dastardly attack is on its way.
     Upon taking that third blow to the head, K. Rool becomes a little 
crazed. He decided to take out those meddling chimps no matter what the 
cost, even if that means raining cannonballs down on his own ship! So 
that's what he does. K. Rool will take a flying leap to the other end 
of the ship, and the clouds will start pouring lead. The balls drop one 
by one in close succession, bouncing off the deck before the fall off 
the screen. There isn't enough room to slide between them. You must 
stand close to one ball as it falls, and roll past it after it bounces 
to avoid the next one. K. Rool will then throw his crown so you can 
jump on his head. The he will repeat the cannonball attack, with balls 
falling across the screen to the other side of the ship and then coming 
back again. This means you will have to roll between the balls twice. 
After you hit him he'll do it a third time, with balls raining across 
the deck three fold. After the last wave of cannonballs K. Rool makes 
yet another effort to hit you with his crown, only to expose his head 
to a brutal bash that leaves him sprawled on the ground.

                                THE END?

I DON'T THINK SO! K. Rool is not to be defeated so easily. Now, in a 
final wave of desperation, the lizard king has a jumping attack for 
you. Roll under him to let him pass and then jump behind him until he 
stops to throw his crown at you. Once again, the magic number is three, 
as this will be the number of times he tries to get you with this 
jumping attack, the number of passes he'll make on the final assault, 
and the number of times you need to hit him to finally bring him down.

                          V. CREDITS AND THANKS

 * Brother Reed for writing the FAQ, doing the original title art, 
finding the majority of the bonus areas, and formulating his own 
 * The DKC Player's Guide for the remaining bonus areas that were just 
a little too hard to find without some help.
 * CjayC at GameFAQs for posting this FAQ, and having the best gaming 
site on the net.
 * Al Amaloo at Video Game Strategies for being as trustworthy as CJC 
and running a clean business.
 * Jesus Christ my Savior and Lord for giving me my talent and my 
salvation. I owe everything to Him.

Other FAQs by Brother Reed:
     Rogue Squadron
     Shadows of the Empire
     Shadows of the Empire Boss Guide
     Mega Man X Boss Guide
     Mario Paint

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