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Character Guide by Dragoon T

Version: Final | Updated: 09/26/01

				Fire Emblem 3 Character Guide
					Written By
				          Dragoon T
                            Version Final


	1: Introduction
	2: General Summary
	3: Tips and Hints
	4: FAQ
	5: Additional Information
	6: Book 1 characters
	7: Book 2 Characters

This guide was written soley by me. Nintendo of Japan, Intelligent 
Systems, Famicom, Super Famicom, and any other items, names etc. are the 
property of their owners, not me. This guide may be freely distributed 
as long as I am given credit. It may not be used for profit. Use of this 
guide without giving me credit shall be answeared by the sticking of the 
Gradius up your nose and any appropriate legal actions.


	Hello and welcome back! This is the 2nd in a series of Fire Emblem 
guides I am writing, this time focusing on the characters of Fire Emblem 
3. This guide will NOT be a comprehensive walkthrough(Like my Fire 
Emblem 4 guide) but rather an in depth look at each of the characters 
you can use in your battle team. For those of you wanting a Fire Emblem 
3 walkthrough I say: Wait. I'm working on it! This guide is complimented 
by RukesRiese's Fire Emblem 3 Data sheet, which can be gotten from her 


 I can be contacted at:

  I'd like to thank the following People for their help:

    Rukes Riese: Once again, the Fire Emblem Goddess. I owe her so much 
for her help it isn't funny. If you ever get into Fire Emblem and meet 
her be sure to thank her for all she's done.

  Fox Astron:  You know what you did Fox...and I'm VERY Grateful for 

 Everyone on the Fire Emblem Mailing list!: There are so many of you, 
and I(Unfortunetly) can't remember all of them, so I'm lumping you all 

			General Summary

	Fire Emblem 3, as opposed to Fire Emblem 4, gives you a large 
variety of characters to form your battle team from. Want a highly 
mobile strike force? No problem, load your battle party up with Knights, 
Pegasus and Dragon Riders. Want a roving Armor squad of death? You can 
do that too! In most cases you can bring up to 14 units with you into 
battle, meaning that you have a large pool of characters that won't be 
seeing battle. This guide's purpose is to give you information on each 
Character, their strengths, weaknesses, and general usefullness...That 
way you won't be stuck using Marchis on the last battle field!!

	The guide is divided into 2 parts: Book 1 and Book 2 characters. 
Book one covers the Fire Emblem 1 remake, and is the one I recomend you 
start with. Book 2 is the TRUE Fire Emblem 3 game, and has both new and 
old characters returning and making appearences. Some characters that 
rock in the first book suck in the 2nd, and vice versa...so be careful.

			Tips and Hints

	Some characters seem worthless at first, but gain VERY good levels 
and end up becoming very powerful! Est is the poster child of this 

	HOSHII ORB!! This thing can turn a So-So unit into a powerhouse. 
If you ever want to Power-Level at the Arena, make sure that this is in 
their inventory! This goes for the Hoshii orb fragments in the 2nd book 
as well.

	Power Leveling: The Arena is one of the best places to level 
up..If you know what your doing. Place a healer next to the Arena, and 
then send the character in. If it looks like you can win the battle then 
stick it out..if not don't be afraid to bail out with the B button. 
You'll lose cash if you bail..but it's better then losing the unit!

	Give your power up items to characters who need them! Boots should 
go to Armors, Power rings to Mages, Speed rings to Armors, Skill Rings 
to Thieves, Aoite's Sheild to a flying unit.

	Don't worry TOO much about Chiki's stats...they go HIGH up when 
she Dragon Morphs^_~.


	Q: Can I recruit those Horsemen from the 1st book in the 2nd book?
	A: NO! You can't..but don't kill 'em 'cause one of the Paladins 
can join you next chapter.

	Q: My God...Are Marus' stats SUPPOSED to be that low?
	A: Unfortunetly yes..Marus suffers from Sucky Leader Syndrome..a 
disease that plagues most of Fire Emblems main characters. Give him the 
Hoshii Orb or some Orb Fragments and you'll find he becomes MUCH 
better(I had his stats almost maxed out('cept for Defense and MDefense) 
in Book 2!)

	Q: Is Sheema's Armor really pink?
	A: Yup! She's a Girl!^_~ She also has the distinction of being the 
ONLY Female Armor in Fire Emblem HISTORY!!!

	Q: What is it with you and bashing Marchis?
	A: He's a pain in the ass to recruit in both books, His stats 
suck, he looks like a putz..is there any reason NOT to make fun of him? 

 	Q: Navvare or Oguma?
	A: Oguma...He always tends to max his stats before Navvare..but 
their both pretty much equal.

	Q: ACK!! Yurious keeps smearing me with Loputous!!
	A: HEY!!!! That's a Fire Emblem 4 Question!! Get over to it's 
Guide! : Has Chiki God-Dragon breath the question's ass over to the Fire 
Emblem 4 Guide:

	Q: hEy d00d wArE cAn i gEt sOm rOmz?
	A: Go away before I have Chiki dragon morph and eat you.

	Q: Where is the Silver Harp?
	A: Who are you? Why do you keep asking me this question! WHY!?!?!

			Book 1 Characters

       Poster child of the 'Sucky' Leader syndrome. Amazingly Marus 
never seems to get any decent stats. Well..at least he can use the 
Rapier, which is QUITE a good weapon and his battle sprite with the Fire 
Emblem is cool. Not to mention he can open chests. Okay, Marus isn't 
that bad. He is the only unit who can use the Falchion, an essential 
weapon to defeating the last boss Medius. Unfortuently...that is all he 
gets special ability wise =p Marus has no class change and thus maxes at 
20 levels.

 	Kains da man! Kains da man! I dunno why, But I love Kain in the 
first book. He gets high strength and speed plus his skill goes up fast 
too. He's great both dismounted(Using sword) or Mounted(Using Lances). 
Kain works wonders with a Kill sword or lance. He gets ALMOST Armor-
Class defense(At level 20/20 he had a Def of 14!)

	Able ain't da man! Abel ain't da man! That right is exclusive to 
Kain =p While Kain is strong and tough Abel is light and fast. He too 
makes a worthy addition to the party, although I usually rotate him off 
around the time I get the Pegasus sisters.

	Sheeda rocks! For a Pegasus knight she gets a really high strength 
score. Once promoted to Dragon Knight she actually ends up maxing 
Strength most of the time. Watch out though, Sheeda is pretty 
frail..even with the Dragon Knight defense boost.

	A Term used through the Fire Emblem games is a 'Jeigan character' 
or a character that is promoted at the start of the game and vastly more 
powerful then your starting characters but ends up sucking completly. 
Jeigan is, as you may have guessed, the original 'Jeigan 
character'....except..He sucks from when you first get him. The best 
thing Jeigan can do is give his Silver spear to someone when they can 
use it.

	Most of the Fire Emblem crew like Doga as their Armor Knight..and 
for the 1st book I agree with them. Doga is unaturaly fast for an Armor 
Knight(He almost always gets a second attack when he starts leveling 
up). He's the perfect candiate for the Gradius(Best spear weapon).

	YES! A Kawaii little archer!  Not only is Gordon Kawaii but he 
rocks too! He's easily the best Archer unit in the game(Although Kashim 
comes close). Gordan may not look like much but he will soon blossom 
with a high strength, skill and speed. Sadly, his lack of defense proves 
a handicap if he is isolated..but what kind of Nut would send an Archer 
into melee combat?

	The perenial Swordfighter. Oguma is held in esteem by Fire Emblem 
fans for representing all that is good in the Swordfighter class. High 
Strength, Speed, Skill, Even defense, once powered up Oguma proves to be 
nigh unstopable. The only problem with Oguma comes with deciding to give 
him or Navvare the Miracle sword!

 Saji, Maji, and Bashi:
	All three are Axe fighters and all 3 suck. Rotate them out of use 
as soon as possible. The only reason for axes in this game is to sell. 
As if their innate suckiness isn't enough their best weapon is a devil 
axe with only a handful of uses and a good chance of backfiring on their 

	Kashim comes in a close second with Gordan. Where Gordan promotes 
to the Horseman class Kashim will promote to Sniper. Gordan gets 
slightly higher stats but Kashim gets those stats faster then Gordon. 
It's your choice on who to use but I recomend both(One using the Partia, 
the other a Killer Bow).

	The debate on wether Navvare or Oguma is superior is an argument 
that has ravaged the Fire Emblem for as long as anyone can remember. 
Oguma maxes out first, but Navvare tends to be faster overall. It's all 
personal choice on who you use but I STRONGLY recomend both. As an Added 
Bonus Navvare comes with the Kill Sword...one of the best weapons in the 

	Rena is your healer. Plain and simply. All the other healers pale 
in comparison to her. Bow down and worship Rena! WORSHIP HER NOW!! 
Okay..maybe not worship but at least use. Rena gets a high skill very 
quickly, allowing her to use the best staves. At promotion she gains the 
ability to use Magic as well. 

	Don't let this little theif fool you..He's one of the most VICOUS 
Fighters in the game! Julian takes a bit of work to rev up but he 
quickly becomes on par with an Unpromoted Oguma or Navvare. It just 
takes a bit of work to get him there.

	A Rather good unit. High Strength and Defense for a Knight. He 
makes a good partner to Kain. Not much else to say except he looks like 
a Putz =p

All of the units that come out with Hardain(Zaggaro and Ulf: Horsemen, 
Roshe and Villuck: Social Knights:
	SUCK! Don't bother with 'em =p

	The Only unit more bashed then Lester(FE4) and Marty(FE5) proves 
once again that it is possible for a sucky unit to be a pain in the ass 
to recruit. In this case you have to use Rena, who is likely still weak 
at this point, to recruit him. I woulden't even bother if I was you, 
unless you wanted a perfect game or were desprite for a Javelin...

	The Ancestor to the modern FE Wind mage, Maric makes his first 
triumphant apperaence with what is agurable the best spell in FE 
history(Sages still argue over wether Excalibir or Holsety is truly 
superior..I say I don't care I'm just glad their on my side!!) Maric 
gains insane boosts to his speed and the result is that he's almost 
impossible to tag. The damage he can wreck on flying units is immense! 
Maric is one of those MUST use characters..anyone arguing otherwise has 
never had the experience of Maric wiping an entire squad of DragonRiders 
off the map.

	Sigh. Ricardo lives up to the expectation that most people have of 
'Thieves suck!' His stats are low and so are his gains. The only reason 
you'd use this guy in your battle party is if you managed to somehow 
kill Julian.

	The fact that he looks like a retard in battle should clue you 
into his usefullness.

	I was wrong..there's someone more universaly mocked then Lester, 
Marty, Marcheis, Beowulf, Delmund, Olayfaye, and every other crap 
character in Fire Emblem history: Banetou. This guy somehow manages to 
make turning into a dragon to fry your enemys suck. It's a real shame 
that everyone's first experience with a Mamcoot had to be this old 
fossil. The only redeeming virture of Banetou is the fact you need him 
to recruit Chiki.

	I'll be honest...I've never used him. I heard he's crap though.

	Same here..Oguma and Navvare were all the mercenary I ever needed.

	With Maria's stats and growth rate you'd think that she'd be a 
crap character as well, but managed to surprise me. While her stats 
don't go up very high she gains skill like it's going out of style. Add 
that to the fact she's the 2nd sister(and the next to last one^_~) 
you'll find and you have a character that's great for hanging far away 
from the battlefield and healing everyone with Libro staves^_~

	Alot of people disagree with me on this, But I think Minerva is a 
good character. Due to the way FE3's stat engine works already promoted 
characters are usualy at a disadvantage stat wise to a non promoted 
character. Despite this Minerva always manages to clock in a huge 
defense and strength. She's like a flying armor!

	George is a promoted character like Minerva, but unlike Minerva 
tends to suck =p. Don't bother sticking him on your battle team...Gordon 
and even Kashim are better.

	Linda is awesome! First off she's a FEMALE mage which means she 
can use the Female only magic Riazzah right off the back. FYI Riazzah is 
a poweful spell that restores the casters HP by the damage done. Add 
that to the fact that she has Aura, probibly the most damaging spell in 
the game, as her exclusive spell AND that she tends to be abnormally 
fast and you have someone who could rival Maric. The only bad thing 
about her is her Low Power and the fact she dosen't get a Unique 
Battle/Map Icon like Maric does at promotion^_~

	Medea is cool. First off she's one of the Few Female Social 
Knights in FE History(The other one shows up in Book 2^_~)(Not thats 
SOCIAL Knight..NOT Troubadour). Second off despite being promoted she 
still manages to clock in high stats. With Kain and maybe Abel as your 
only likely Social Knights/Paladins at this point she's a good addition 
to your battle squad.

	The only reason you'd want him is to have a roving Armor squad of 

	He's the Michelan man...Michelan man...Michealn MAAAAAAN! 
Urr..sorry. Coulden't help that. Same reason to use him as Toms: Roving 
Armor Squad of Death(TM).

	Ugh. The ONLY Good Guy FE Character to use a Palette swap of 
another Good guy! The fact that not only is he unoriginal enough not to 
have his own portrait but uses a Palette swap of Wendel should clue you 
into his general usefullness as a character.

	I never used him =p

	YES! One of the 3 Pegasus sisters...a LEGENDARY Set of Fire Emblem 
Sisters! Not only is Katua a great character but she's my Favorite 
Pegasus sister as well^_~. Anyone NOT using her is insane!

	It only gets better! Paola is only slightly weaker then her older 
sister, but not by much. Also one of the Legendary sisters, Paola proves 
once again that a powerful flying unit is something to fear.

	Astoria is cool! He's not as fast as Oguma or Navvare but can hit 
just as hard. If you want another Swordsman on your battle squad he's a 
good choice.

	The fact that Chainy and his class only show up in Fire Emblem 
3(Okay..and Tear Ring Saga too....STOP MAILING ME!^_~) should tell you 
something. Add that to the fact that his best move is turning into 
someone else =p. He's nice if you go and have him morph into someone 
powerful like Oguma...but other then that he sucks =p Really High Mdef 

	Well...you have to choose between Samson and Alan(Their villages 
are next to each other and you can only choose one to go into). Samson 
isn't all that great, even compared to Astoria, but still manages to 
clock in respectable stats.

	He looks like a Putz, Fights like a putz...Must be a Putz! I'll 
take Samson over him anyday.

	Whoo-ha! The Kawaiiest character in Fire Emblem, Chiki makes her 
triumphent appearence! As a Mamcoot her battle strength lies in turning 
into a variety of dragons, but she has an ace up her sleeve...her own 
Exclusive Dragon type! With her God Dragon stone Chiki can turn into a 
HUGE Dragon with immense stats capable of Flight(But NOT Vulnerable to 
arrows) with ANTI DRAGON DRAGON BREATH! You heard me right...ANTI DRAGON 
DRAGON BREATH. Keep in mind that near the end of the game you start 
encountering dragons, and the fact the last boss is a dragon, and it's 
obvious how much Ass she can kick^_~

	Somehow Est always manages to make a late game appearence with 
Crap stats. Don't be fooled: She has gotten some of the most insane 
level gains I've ever seen. Plus..she's the 3rd LEGENDARY PEGASUS 
SISTER!(Sister...sister...sister..)..Which means it's time to lay some 
Triangle smackdown on Units!! Don't just kill 'em...Smear them across 
the map Triangle style! The Triangle Attack, if you haven't heard, is a 
move that be be done when the 3 Sisters are in a 'Delta' posistion 
around the enemy that does Triple Damage. If your REALLY good at 
Manuvering them you can actually pull it off Twice and sometimes 3 times 
in a row!

	Another late game character...the only reason you'd want to use 
Lawrence is to complete the: Roving Armor Squad of Death(TM)

	Don't bother...you get her so late it ain't worth using her. She 
DOES bring an Ohm staff to the group though(Revives a Single 
unit)...Which can be used in the map she joins and only in a specific 
temple *Sighs*

Book 2 Characters:

	The Poster Child of Sucky Leader Sydrome makes his return! 
Except...he dosen't suck this time. Marus will actually gain high stats 
this time around and with the addition of a few orb fragments can very 
well Max on most stats! Marus end up being one of the most powerful 
people in the game for the second book. 

	The only other Female Social Knight, Cecil makes a very good 
character. Her stats don't get high but they rise fast. With the addtion 
of an Orb Fragment or 2 she ends up being a good choice for the 1st half 
of the game.

	Sigh...Roddy however just blows. Crap stats with a crap growth 
rate. Stick him in storage and leave him there!

	Same as Roddy..well, at least out of the 3 Cecil turned out pretty 
good =p

	He STILL Fights like a Putz and he STILL looks like a Putz so he 
must STILL be a Putz!

	Doga returns! He's even faster this time too. A Good solid 
character..but not the best Armor^_~

	Gordan shows up for another round of Psychopatic Arrow Blasting! 
Same high stats, Same ridiculous level gains..Gordon would be the best 
archer if not for..

	The only person who beats out Gordon on all levels. Makes sense 
too...he's Gordons little brother! Between Gordon and Ryan you'll have 
the enemy trying out the punchusion look in no time!

	Malissia gets the title of best sister in the game for one reason: 
Her only competition is Yumina. Still..she ends up pulling respectable 
stats, especially power which is a Rarity in Magic using classes.

	Ugh =p This guy leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Ditch him at the 
first opurtunity

	I'm temtped to say the same thing I said about Yubello but Yumina 
is actuually a very importent character in book 2! Her exclusive use 
Rescue Staff is imperitive and nesscary for several chapters and to get 
several characters. Because of that she actually ends up being rather 
good. Don't use her Rescue staff fivrously...you need it in at least 3 
specific spots.

	Dosen't this guy look familer? Oh well. Anyway...he's a good solid 
character that clocks in high stats..as well as being nessecary for a 
perfect game.

	The 'Enemy of all who live' Returns. No, Not Lina Inverse...It's 
Oguma! With the same ridicously high stats he's returned to wreck havoc 
on all who oppose him once more. Pity anyone who attacks him.

	The Middle sister of the 3 Legendary 
sisters(sisters...sisters..sisters..) shows up at beginning of the 2nd 
chapter. And she's good too! She'll end up wrecking just as much Havoc 
as the 1st book...maybe more since you can hyper-raise her stats by 
gaining a few levels with some Orb fragments in her inventory.

Paola:  The Eldest of the three sisters. The fact she starts out Light-
years ahead of you in strength should be incentive enough to stick her 
in your group.

	Yawn..another archer...Get in line with all the others, Gordon and 
Ryan won't be done anytime soon =p

	The vicous little gutter fighter returns and he's just as 
psychotic as ever! Best part is he gains Skill faster in this 
incarnation. Believe me...You woulden't believe the things this guy can 
do with a Killer Sword!!

	Why did they stick THIS Guy in? I'd rather they exclude him and 
put in one of the axe guys instead! Once again he's a pain in the ass to 
recruit too! Ugh =p

	Another returning character and this time she starts off with 
enough skill to use a Killer lance from the get go! She seems a bit more 
frail..but hey...Aside from Minerva and the 3 Pegasus 
Sisters(sisters...sisters...sisters..) she's your only flying unit!

	Starting with Aura and Rizzah Linda is ready, willing, and able to 
kick anyone's ass once again.

	After chasing him halfway across the map with Julian you find that 
Ricardo is as crappy as ever. At least he has the member card =p

	He looks like Navvare, he talks like Navvare but he sure as hell 
AIN'T Navvare! This guy sucks so much that he has to use Navvare's 
idenity to get hired!!

	Proof that you can't teach an old dog new tricks =p

	Accept no Substitutes! 

	The very first dancer and a good one at that. I normally don't 
like Dancers that much but Fina's ability to equip the Rapier and her 
rather high stats make her a favorite character.

	I'm not even going to touch this one...

	The best thing about George is he brings the Parita into your 

	Making a Return appearence 'Da Man kicks as much ass as ever.

	The flying armor strikes again!!!

	UhweheehehehhehehehehahahAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA:Pauses to 
catch breath: MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I think that says it all. This 
guy rocks so much they gave him his own unqiue Map icon and Battle 
sprite at his class change!

	Maric's Rival and the only mage I'll use beside's Maric and Linda 
Elren is a living power plant. His spell, Torron, can and will Fry 
anything that comes close to him. Elren gains, for a mage, Ridiculousy 
high power but he's speed and luck tend to be low. Not to mention he's 
one of Fire Emblem's cooler looking characters. The only BAD point about 
Elren is after he promotes he's stuck with the Stupid Map/Battle icon 
Wendel uses.


	Say it with me: ANTI DRAGON DRAGON BREATH!!!!(Okay..maybe not 
quite with me..it's quite a mouthfull after all...) Almost a nesscecity 
for the Last Few Maps. Use or Weep!

	The poster girl for 'Don't hate me because of my low level' Est 
gains even more insane stats this time around. Seriously, SERIOUSLY, 
expect her to Max Speed/Skill/Luck.
		Fox Pipes up: Last time I played she maxed her stats  *gets 
shoved back 
				under a rock*

	One of my all time favorite Fire Emblem characters and the ONLY 
Female Armor in all 5 games Sheema makes a triumphent appearence and 
takes Doga's best Armor award! Sheema is completly insane stat wise, 
especially since she starts promoted! She gets PEGASUS Level Speed!!!

	Samson didn't get much credit in book 1 but starting with a Near 
Maxed strength this time around he proves that he can kick ass just as 
well as anyone else. 

	Poor, Poor, Abel. He comes in so late that it just ain't worth 
using him. At least he has the 3 Pegasus 
Sisters(Sisters...sisters..sisters..) drooling over him.

	He chases you for 3 chapters and in each you can't kill him, 
forcing you to rush your units away from his ever increasing army. THEN 
after finaly losing him he shows up again in Aritea castle where you can 
recruit him. Him and Samson porformed a flip flop for book 2, this time 
around Samson is the better unit. At least Astoria brings the Miracle 
Sword to your cause.

Zagarro, Ulf, Villuck:
	Kill 'em...Kill 'em...Kill 'em! Seriously!! Your supposed to be 
able to convert them to your side but you can't. Slaughter them with 
extreme pleasure!!

	The only one of Hardains croonies to see the light, Roshe sucks 
just as much as he did in the 1st book.

	Sigh =p  Medea shows up practicaly at the end of the game so she 
just dosen't have what it takes to make the cut.

Maria, Rena, Nina, and Elis:
	All show up on the Very last map to aid the last boss. Use Sirius, 
Maric, Minerva, and Julian to get them back on your side and then 
slaughter the big bad ugly boss. I can't really rate these girls...They 
show up LITERALY at the end of the game so you don't really get to use 
'em =p

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