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Guile by SWriter

Updated: 04/19/00

Super Street Fighter 2 FAQ
Character FAQ-Guile
PC Version
Street Writer (StreetWriterZero@AOL.com)

Version 1.0-This FAQ was made soon after I got the game. Version 1. This
thing took forever.


*NOTE TO CJAYC* This FAQ was not designed to be universal. I didn't put
anything in this FAQ to make it so. But this game is arcade perfect,
meaning it will work with the Genesis, SNES, and Arcade versions also. OK?
Just wanted to make it clear. And since I cannot connect to AOL, only
internet toolkit, I am unable to mail you this. JckHamr123 should have
mailed this to you. Please except it!

*NOTE TO THOSE WHO MAIL ME* I cannot connect to AOL. So mail my ISP/LAN
connection: DRine68645@shawneelink.com. And my AIM connection is

Hello. This is my second FAQ ever. I am writing on SSF2 because I recently
got the PC version. Needless to say I love it. Guile has been my fave in
the SF series for a while. In case you are wondering I have more FAQs
planned for this game. On all my favorites. Personally, I like to pick
people that no one else does, with the exception of Guile. Guile, Balrog,
and Fei Long are my faves, but its a shame they aren't in many SF games.
Well, Guile is getting popular, at least. If only all three were in
MvC2...my dream team. Ooops, got carried away. Well, when SFA3 comes to DC
(the American version, I mean) I will be writing FAQs on all three of them!
My Guile FAQ needs an update though. 

I doubt you have even heard of the PC version. I didn't until I went to
gamefaqs. It isn't a bad conversion but I hear the Genesis/SNES versions
are so much better. I mean, this game has one mode! But a game is all about
gameplay, and this game's gameplay is spectacular. But by the time you read
this you, I will have written a review for the game, and you'll know that
already!! Ha! Well, if you have any questions or comments, send them to
StreetWriterZero@AOL.com. That is also my Instant Message name, so you will
have no trouble contacting me!! Ok, that's my two cents. 

Now then let me explain something to you, before we even begin; DON'T BE
CHEAP. What is cheap? Things that are cheap;

1. Throwing continually. Don't continually use throws even if you are
Zangief/T.Hawk. This game is before there were tech hits and all that throw
weakens. Press forward and a regular button and you have a throw/hold. Too
easy and too powerful. Now it is okay to do a throw every now and then. But
don't corner your enemy and hammer at them with throws. But special throws
are fair game.

2. Repeating the same move or combo over and over again. Don't use do that.
Especially very powerful moves, like Zangief's Spinning Piledriver. That is
VERY cheap. And even cheaper is cornering your enemy as
Blanka/E.Honda/Chun-Li and repeatedly doing the Lightning Legs/Hundred Hand
Slap/Eletricity. That is incredibly cheap.

3. Repeatedly using fireballs. Most Ryu players do this, which is yet
another reason that I hate him. Most fireball-happy players will knock them
into the corner and do a few fireball combos. C-H-E-A-P.		

4. BUTTON MASHING. Wimpy scrubs love to mash, which is how Dee Jay became
popular. This is why I never battle my younger sister. She jams on the
keyboard buttons, which not only pissed me off, but made the game screw up,
and I had to re-install it. :(   		

5. Do not turtle. Don't just sit there and poke, which many wimpy Guile
players seem content to do. :P Wimps. Block fireballs, block attacks, but
don't sit there all day. 

Even I use Ryu once in a while and I lose with him. Why? I try it the
non-cheap way of not too many fireballs. Eventually I beat the game with,
no I realize that characters are overpowered, but the cheapy is the player
who abuses these overpowered strengths. With Guile, don't throw too many
sonic booms, don't sit and poke with a crouching roundhouse all day, and do
not EVER use the jab sonic boom, walk up and throw tactic more than once a


Ok, let's make this short and sweet, ok? I spent hours on this, and it is
not to be sold, sopied, or published. If you do, I can legally sue you for
all your worth, and just because you use a hotmail or angelfire account
doesn't mean you won't feel my wrath. I'm a sly S.O.B., and chances are
I'll find you. If I don't, police will. :) SO NO STEALING, PRINTING, OR


                      Copyright 2000 Street Writer 


CJayC(www.gamefaqs.com)-So far the only place you can find this FAQ. Thanks
for the cool site CJay!

hikarutilmitt(animerican@hotmail.com)-He sent me the game via AIM. Thanks!
Don't know why you would want to get rid of it though... :D

TripleRaid(www.vgfighters.com)-VGFighters is a cool place, and a few of my
FAQs can only be found there!

Dingo Jellybean(bellybutton21@hotmail.com)-His FAQ movelist helped when I
didn't know many moves. And I am using an "alternate" version of his combo
system. Thanks!

JckHamr123(JckHamr123@AOL.com)-If you haven't read his SFA3 FAQ then you
are seriously missing out. He is my inspiration. And he submitted this for
me since I can't get on AOL!

Street Writer(StreetWriterZero@AOL.com)-Me for writing this. I assure you,
I will pick up my contributor recognition quickly! :)


Everyone knows Guile. He was the star of the awful SF movie, which probably
led to him becoming unpopular. He was in the original SF2 and many people
used him as a turtler. I don't. From the moment I picked him, I began to
see that Guile's offensive game was much greater than his cheapy defensive
one. I remained faithful to Guile ever since then.

First of all, let me tell you that Guile doesn't rely only on Sonic Booms.
Guile is called cheap because of the fireball-happy wimps that use him.
Sonic Boom, Backfist, Sonic Boom, Backfist.......get the idea? Yeah, but I
will tell you how to play him that you can beat the Guile players that use
him that way!!  Well, here is some of Guile's pros and cons;

Pros-Guile's Sonic Boom is a great move. It has no lag time, and can be
     in huge combos. It can also help vs. a fireball user thanks to zero lag  
    -Guile has a TON of air counters. From a ducking uppercut that you can  
     use to charge a Flash Kick while attacking, to a standing up-close
     that can also be used while charging a Sonic Boom for a great anti-air 
    -Guile has a kick-ass sweep move. It is actually two sweeps, so double 
     block damage against those nasty turtlers. It is also great to use
     you are charging a flash kick.  
    -Guile's Flash Kick is a versatile move. It can be an air counter, a 
     combo finisher, a corner move, and a pressure move.
There you have it. Obviously Guile has many advantages. But everyone has
weaknesses (with the exception of Ryu) and Guile has his fair share. Here
we go with the cons;

Cons-Guile isn't very unpredictable. Someone with a good fireball counter 
     will give Guile some trouble.

    -As good as Guile's Knee Spike is, it doesn't go far enough. So he really 
     doesn't have a lunging move.

    -Charge moves are a bit hard to combo. I've only done a few of Guile's 
     combos, because they are tough to do. 

That is a full reading of Guile's Pros and Cons. If you ask me he is a very
balanced character. Not enough weaknesses to make him terrible, but just
enough to keep him from getting cheap. Unlike Ryu...do you know why I
mention Ryu? I HATE HIM. He is overpowered, has no lag time on his
Fireball, and has  massively powerful special moves. They are perfect. IF
YOU USE RYU, THEN DON'T READ MY FAQS. That is why I hate Ryu clones (with
the exception of Ken/Dan.). Got it? 

Would you like Guile's story? Here it is;

Guile is a first lieutenant in the air force. About 5 years ago, he and his
best friend Charlie flew a mission to destroy one of the main bases of a
Corrupt corporation called Shadowlaw ruled by the evil dictator M.Bison.
The mission went horribly wrong. The planes crashed, and Guile and Charlie
were stuck in a rainforest. Shadowlaw's guards caught them. Years later,
they broke out, but Charlie was shot during the escape. Guile vowed to
avenge his partner's death at all costs. But Guile was married and he knew
that if he stayed with them, they would be used so Bison could get to
Guile. So Guile left his family, the family he loved. Now that he knows
Bison is in the Street Fighter tournament, Guile has entered so he can
defeat Bison once and for all.

Oh, and just for the fun of it, here are the colors Guile has;

Jab=Green Suit, Blonde Hair    Strong=Brown Suit, Blonde Hair   

Fierce=Blue Suit, Blonde Hair   Short=Red Suit, Blonde Hair

Forward=Dark Blue Suit, Gray Hair    

Roundhouse=Yellow Suit, Red Hair

Start=Gray Suit, Blonde Hair     

Hold any Medium/Hard attack=Dark Blue suit, Black Skin, Blonde Hair


I will use a mock-up of Dingo Jellybean's combo system. If you have read
any of D.Jellybean's FAQs, you'll catch on right away. Here it is anyway;

F              stands for pressing forward
B              stands for pressing back
D              stands for pressing down or ducking
U              stands for up
J.             stands for jumping
C.             stands for crouching
\/             stands for jumping
/\             stands for landing from a jump
c              stands for charge. example; cB stands for charge back.
-              stands for cancelling
+              stands for pressing two commands at once
()             stands for executing command in parenthesis while doing the 
               other specified commands

Simple enough? Good. If you don't here are a few tests;

J.Strong, /\cB.Short-Fierce Sonic Boom

Do a jumping Strong Punch. When you land charge back. And while you are
charging, press short kick. Then you should be charged. And cancel into a
forward Fierce (a Sonic Boom). Got it?

(enemy in corner)J.Jab, /\cB.Forward-Jab Sonic Boom, F.Fierce

A corner combo. Do a jumping jab. When you land, charge back and press
Forward Kick. Then quickly cancel into Sonic Boom, and then press forward
and fierce. Ok? Good.

Now then, if you are still scratching your head, then you can personally
E-mail me and I will explain it to you myself. But I don't think it is that
hard to figure out.


Well, this game is pretty simple, so I shouldn't even waste my time and
yours. But I need to take up some KB, and if I want to be a future Kao
Megura, I need to make a pretty big FAQ. And I will. So here is the system.
Well, still, some people might find this useful.

Blocking-Hold Back while your enemy is attacking
This is pretty self-explanatory, but there is nothing simple about the
benefits. This technique can save you from massive combos, and prevent a
deadly attack from doing so much. But there is a fine print; throwing is
unblockable. So if you block too much someone will throw you. Also, not all
attacks can be blocked standing. Low blows must be blocked while crouching,
so combos that go from high to low will be hard to block. Also, you still
take damage. Damage is reduced not prevented. But before long, blocking
will become instinct.

Again, you shouldn't have much trouble figuring this out. But still
important. Most jumping attacks open up combos, which is very important.
Some jumping attacks are just plain strong. But there is a price. Most
everyone has an attack that is designed to counter jumping people. So don't
jump too much. But get used to it.

Throwing isn't all that important. You'll notice that I put question marks
right there. Do you want to know why? Because different attacks do
different throws. But throwing is unblockabel. The only problem is that you
must be right next to your enemy. Don't get cheap with throws.

------------------------------Basic Moves------------------------------------

I guess I might as well list all of Guile's regular attacks too. Well, I'll
try to make this helpful.


Guile, IMO, has one of the best Jabs in the game. His standing version can
be used while charging a Sonic Boom, and you can easily cancel it into a
sonic boom too! Every jab is comboable, but like most jumping jabs, his is
not very useful. When you really think about it, all a jab is is a jab.

Standing---Can be used in BIG combos. Does pretty good chipping damage, 
           should your enemy find his/her way into a corner. And it can be 
           used as an air counter if you time it right. But it has little use 
           outside of combos.

Ducking---Like the standing version, crouching version is good in combos, and 
          for use while charging a flash kick. In fact, in some combos, you 
          link a ducking jab into a standing one! But still, aside from 
          combos and charging a flash kick, it isn't all that special.

Jumping---Personally, I don't use this much. Why use a jumping jab, when you 
          can use a jumping fierce? I don't know. Believe me, useful only for 
          combos that don't involve corners. 

Personally, I don't use Medium attack buttons real much. They aren't all
that useful. The crouching version is good for setting up combos, but other
than that, medium attacks are not all that useful.

Standing---Guile does a weird standing uppercut. A fairly good anti-air, but 
           when you are up-close, Guile does a useful backfist. Sometimes, I 
           charge a sonic boom, then when the enemy is close, do a backfist, 
           and then cancel into a sonic boom. But this is not Guile's most 
           useful move.

Ducking---Guile does a slower version of the ducking jab. VERY useful for 
          setting up combos. You can link some jumping attacks into this. 
          Jump in with a roundhouse, charge DownBack, press strong, then 
          cancel into a sonic boom or flash kick. One of Guile's best combo 

Jumping---Just like his jumping Jab, but slower and stronger. Can be linked 
          to the ducking strong, making this a good combo jump-in. But I like 
          other jumping moves.


Ohhhh, Guile has excellent Fierce attacks. He is one of the few characters
with a standing AND ducking uppercut. D.Fierce can be used to charge a
flash kick, and his jumping fierce is an overall excellent jump-in.

Standing---If you are not close, Guile does a spinning backfist, which is 
           great to use after a sonic boom and a nice poker move. Up-close, 
           Guile will do a standing uppercut which does very nice damage. 
           Either way, use the standing fierce to keep you from moving 
           backwards on a sonic boom. Guile has excellent FIerces.

Ducking---Guile does an uppercut. Great anti-air but lack of range means it 
          isn't all that great against opponents who aren't right next to 
          you. If they are close, use it to charge a flash kick, or a ducking 
          fierce-flash kick anti-air combo.

Jumping---This is just like the other jumping punches but this is the best of 
          the three. It does good damage and is great for setting up combos. 
          You'll use it often in combos.


Guile has a good short kick that does little damage but is very quick, and
is great to use while charging a sonic boom. But the other versions aren't
that great. Use this in corner combos since it has better range than the jab.

Standing---This is nice for poking enemies. I like to charge back, press 
           short and cancel into a sonic boom. Then if your enemy is in a 
           combo you do it again! If there are any infinites in this game, a 
           short kick is used in it.

Ducking---Its just like the standing version, but if you try to combo a flash 
          kick off it, most likely you'll fail. I only use it as a poke while 
          charging a flash kick.

Jumping---A knee drop that is quick and really good for starting combos. I 
          still don't use it much. I use it more than the J.Jab, but still I 
          don't like it unless corner combos.


A forward kick....medium in other words. I never use it much, but Guile has
some good ones. His standing version especially and his jumping version is
one of his best jump-ins.

Standing---He does a jumping sobat. A fairly nice poking move, better than 
           the short kick. It does do fair damage, but his up-close version 
           is what you want. It does a fairly good amount of damage, but it 
           isn't comboable. It's because if you charge back and press 
           forward, you'll do a knee spike which is handy but we won't go 
           into that right now.

Ducking---Another good combo move. That is what the medium attacks are for, 
          IMO; Flash Kick combos. Do I even have explain? cD.Forward-Any 
          Flash Kick. That is all that I can think that this is used for.

Jumping---This is one of Guile's best jump-ins. It is a reverse dive kick 
          that can even hit ducking enemies. Use this and you might eventrade 
          hits with an air counter! Use this as often as you like but I can't 
          find a use for it in combos. The angle is too steep to be 

Guile has some pretty good roundhouse kicks. His ducking one hits twice,
and does big damage. His jumping is good too. The roundhouse is my favorite
of all Guile's regular attacks.

Standing---Guile does a high spin kick. Very poor range, but it makes a 
           decent air counter. Up-close he does a weird back kick. Thet are 
           good for up-close comboat, but not much else. But when up-close, 
           press forward or back and roundhouse and Guile will do a useful 
           up-side down flip kick.

Ducking---Guile does the animations of his other ducking kicks, one after the 
          other. Real good up-close and really long range. Use this while 
          charging a flash kick. This has got to be Guile's best ducking 
          attack. It isn't comboable, but with so much damage who cares?

Jumping---Guile does a jumping version of his C.Forward. Looks cool, does 
          good damage, long range, and is very comboable. Need I say more? 
          USE IT OFTEN.

There. That was exhausting, but now, onto the special moves!

-----------------------------Special Moves----------------------------------- 

Ok, now we are on to the more important stuff! Every character relies
heavily on specials and Guile is no exception. There is just one problem;
he only has two of them. Although I will list the knee spike as a special,
it really isn't. That is what keeps Guile from being unpredictable; lack of

Knee Spike- B+Forward or F+Forward
This move will come in real handy. Guile does a quick knee thrust that
comes out fast, does fair damage, and if you can use it while charging a
sonic boom! That is what I always do; Sonic Boom, Knee Thrust, Sonic Boom,
Knee thrust....of course you have to press back and forward to charge a
sonic boom while thrusting. This move is real nice. The only problem is
lack of range and the fact that it can't be comboed easily. The other
problem is lack of range. Other than that, this move rules.

Sonic Boom- cB, F+Punch
The punch determines the speed of the sonic boom. The slowest version is of
course jab. Use this often! It has almost no recovery time, and it come out
fast and does good damage! If you want to get close to your enemy, use a
jab sonic boom, then knee spike on over while charging another one! The
strong version has little use, except fireball fights maybe. And the fierce
is against a full-screen enemy. This move is very comboable, so make sure
you know how to do this move!  

Flash Kick- cD, U+Kick
This is an excellent air counter, but there is one problem. That is that
this move is a charge move. In fact if you don't have it charged before
your enemy jumps, you're screwed. But I like this move as a combo finisher
instead. Use a crouching fierce as an air counter, then cancel into a flash
kick for a two-hit air counter. But if you are against a jumping enemy,
like say Vega or Chun-Li, then you should crouch and have one of these
charged. I like to have one charged against aggresive enemies, because you
can flash kick enemies out of a lot of attacks.


Guile has some really good throws but his air throws are a little hard to do.

Suplex- F+Fierce
A really good throw. Use a jab sonic boom and walk up to them and use a
suplex. This is a really good throw, Guile's best IMO.

Shoulder Throw- F+Strong
This is great for knocking your enemy into a corner....but not much else. I
would much rather use a suplex if you are going for damage. Use this if you
are going for a corner combo.

Backbreaker- (both in air)F+Roundhouse
You have to be right next to your enemy in mid-air. If you do, you'll nail
pull them to the ground for big damage.

Air Shoulder Throw- (both in air)F+Fierce
Read about the standing version. Good for setting up combos but not much else.


Guile has some really great combos. He can link his specials into combos,
most of his jumping attacks can be used to start combos, and he can usually
use throws in them! Just remember, these aren't all of Guile's combos, just
the ones I found out and use.

cB.Jab-Sonic Boom

cDB.Strong-Flash Kick/Sonic Boom

F.Forward(Knee Spike)-Suplex
Really cool, and does very nice damage!

cD.Fierce-Flash Kick
Best if your enemy is in air. If not, then they need to be right next to you. 

Jab Sonic Boom-Knee Spike or Fierce 
This is a really cool combo! They need to be in jumping range, but if they
are in a corner, you'll do fine.


(enemy in corner)J.Fierce, cDB.JAb, cDB.Jab-Sonic Boom                        
EXCELLENT corner combo.

J.Strong, /\D.Forward-Flash Kick

J.Fierce, /\Fierce, Jab, F+Feirce

cB.Jab-Jab Sonic Boom, Knee Spike

J.Roundhouse, /\ cDB.Jab, cDB.Short-Roundhouse Flash Kick
This combo kicks ass. I go with roundhouse flash kick because of increased

J.Fierce, /\ cB.Strong-Jab Sonic Boom, F.Fierce
This is an alternate version of the fierce four but I think the strong is
easier to combo off of.

J.Forward, /\ Knee Spike
Good for a cornering the enemy.

J.Roundhouse, /\ cD.Forward, (still charging) D.Fierce-Roundhouse Flash Kick
Very good combo, and it hits often! 


A few pointers;

1.)J.Fierce is a great combo opener. 

2.) Most combos you charge a sonic boom while doing the combo. Do this as
often as possible.

3.) Air counters are possible but I have not had much luck.

4.) If you are against some one with a good air counter, you can skip
jumping on most of these combos.


Exactly what good is a character FAQ without a strategies section? It is
CRAP. No offense to whoever, but since I have the room, I am going to get
INDIVIDUAL strategies against everyone. Ok? Well, welcome to the most
important and probably the reason you're here, section!

                      /////GENERAL STRATEGIES/////

Here we go. These are just basic things, that I will tell you about Guile.

1.) Always have a Sonic Boom charged. You must have this move ready. It is
great as a keep-away, and in many instances, can bring your enemy's offense
on hold. USe the Boom as a utility move.

2.) Don't spend the match charging a Flash Kick. It rocks, but it has
little versatility. Don't charge for a flash kick unless you are against
jump-happy players like Vega and Chun-Li.

3.) Don't jump too much because Guile has a very big jump giving the enemy
plenty of time to counter you. Throw a jab sonic boom, then jump.

4.) Corner your enemy. Guile has some of the best corner combos in the
game. Throw jab sonic booms and follow up with knee spikes and you will
corner your enemy in no time. Dhalsim has a teleport so be careful against

5.) Mix up your attacks. Do a sonic boom, then a knee spike, another sonic
boom, and a jump combo. Guile can use his sonic boom to safely do many
attacks. This is another great way to corner the enemy and even after they
are cornered still do this!

6.) Guile has a nice crouching roundhouse that is real helpful for charging
a sonic boom.

7.) HAVE FUN. In every one of my strategies, I encourage you to get close
and fight. Playing a sonic boom war is not real fun. So don't be afraid to
get close and fight.

Those are key pointers to Guile. That was probably an awkward way of
explaining his basic strategy, but I think it still works. Now, before I do
character strategies, let me tell you how I will do it.

First, I will explain who has the advantage. Then I will explain why. Then
I will tell you how to beat whoever. Now these strategies were made by me
playing as the character to get a good feel for them, and battling the CPU.
The CPU is very intelligent and they use many strategies that I would
reccomend using! OK?

But let me tell you, I am not always right. I can't explain the battle
step-by-step, I can just tell you what you should in specific cases. I can
tell you only so much. Most of it should come from your own experience.


Guile is at a bit of a disadvantage when battling Ryu, because Ryu likes to
throw Fireballs. And he can throw them FAST. Guile needs to charge his
sonic boom, meaning you will have to take block damage. Not good. Plus, if
Ryu gets you cornered, he will do some REALLY BIG combos on you. And his
Dragon Punch will punish any missed Flash Kicks. :(

Fighting Ryu
Oh boy, we have a problem. Prepare for a fireball fight. He'll try to
corner you with fireballs. Play a fireball game, for awhile.	Keep trying to
neutralize his fireballs. A general Ryu strategy is Jab Fireball, Jab
Dragon Punch, repeat. Try to jump in the moment the Dragon Punch lands.
Follow up with a D.Roundhouse, then when he gets up Short Flash Kick. Now
you should be getting him into the corner. A good Ryu player will probably
try to hurricane kick out of the situation. Counter this by charging down
when he is cornered and nailing him with uppercuts (D.Fierce), and then
cancelling into a flash kick.
Or that might not happen. A human player might get sick of this and throw a
jab fireball then jump at you. Three words: roundhouse flash kick. How is
this possible?
Personally, I like to spend the match charging down back. This will charge
a sonic boom and a flash kick meaning you can neutralize the fireballs, and
have a flash kick ready for an unexpected jump.

You will have a tough time. Go for a nice defense against Ryu. This is a
tough battle. Charge DB the match so you can have a sonic boom and flash
kick ready, while still being able to block. Be very careful and you might


E.Honda's only way of winning is by getting close. This can be easily taken
care of because he has no fireball! His Sumo Headbutt will run right into a
sonic boom, and his sumo smash can easily be countered by a standing
strong. The only way he can win is by getting you into a corner and hitting
you with the hundred hand slap. Ha, he can't even get close!

Fighting E.Honda
I suggest you lead of with some Fierce and Jab sonic booms. Mix them up.
Honda will have practically no way of attacking you then. After he is a
full screen away you are pretty much safe. The only way he can win, is by
coming at you with a Sumo Smash. And this could very easily catch you by
suprise. You have two choices:
1.) Block it and hit him with a combo. This can also mean you have a shot
at increasing your offense a bit. Or you can use a Backwards Shoulder Throw
(B+Strong) and have a shot at putting him in a croner.

2.) If you have a flash kick charged, nail him with that. If not, press
cD.Fierce and do a juggle combo.

Personally I like choice number 1. But that is me. If he doesn't get to
Sumo Smash you, and you are full screen away, then it is time to turn up
the offense. Use a jab sonic boom, knee spike to him, another jab sonic
boom, then start a jumping combo.

This is a cinch. Between sonic booms and follow-ups (knee spike, spinning
backfist, etc.) he will have a tough time attacking you. You should win
this one easily.


Blanka and E.Honda share many traits, as well as style of moves. They also
have a unamious weakness against Guile. His Electricity is a Hundred Hand
Slap that is more annoying and doesn't move so he can't even corner you
like E.Honda can. His only difference is that he has a Backstep Rolling
that is good for going over sonic booms, but he has to do it before you
even throw it!!

Fighting Blanka 
Expect Blanka to use a nice mixture of Backstep and Forward Rolling
attacks. Use a Jab Sonic Boom, Knee Spike combo to approach him. Once
close, all he can do is a few electricity combos that don't do too much
damage. But you can always use a nice Sonic Boom combo against him. I would
prefer a jab sonic boom, followed by a fierce boom, then knee spike your
way to him. When close,    you should make a quick attack or he will
electrify you, so give him a suplex. If you are confident that Blanka
doesn't have a Vertical Rolling charged, go for a jumping combo. You really
don't need a flash kick in this fight, but having one charged up is not
that bad. A flash kick is superior to everyone of Blanka's moves, the
"flash" part of the flash kick will knock him out of the electricity! If
you want a flash kick ready, you should nail Blanka with a D+Roundhouse
when close, then when he gets up, nail him with a flash kick! That is,
after he has tried to attack you; a missed flash kick will be punished

Blanka is basically an E.Honda clone with an air counter. Nothing difficult.


Guile vs. Guile anyone? Ha, this is a blast! You have read my FAQ, so you
probably have the edge (read: joking) but everyone is neutral against
themselves. Coutnering your doppleganger's sonic booms is a matter of using
your own. This will turn into a sonic boom war quickly. You might have to
actually use few sonic booms. Why?

Fighting Guile
This is a sonic boom war waiting to happen. Your clone will most likely
lead off with a sonic boom, like you usually would. Jump. That's right,
jump at him, and catch him off guard. Think about it: No one wants to take
a sonic boom right? Enemy Guile will try to negate yours, or he is a moron
who thought you would not lead off with one. :P Jumping will give you the
element of suprise. Nail him with a jumping combo, THEN let the sonic booms
fly. You will be continually negating each other's sonic booms, but you
also can afford to be patient. The jump combo I told you to do nailed off a
pretty good chunk of health, and he hasn't touched you. That is what the
master plan is. He has to attack or a time up will score you the victory.
Wait for him to attack you. Be patient, and while he jumps, do a standing
fierce (not until Guile is close, remeber) to nail him. Now, it is your
turn. Do a fierce sonic boom, then jump at him, then shoulder throw him
into a corner. If you are real good you can go at him with a combo, but I
play it safe and do cD.Roundhouses, then when he stands up, flash kick. But
if the battle doesn't turn in your favor well.....the key to beating Guile,
is a quick hit-and-run strategy. When you see an opening, nail him with a
combo, and try to corner him. That is as simple as I can explain it.

Have you mastered your sonic boom? I hope so, because a lot of the match
you will be using it. This is a test, who is the better Guile? Hopefully,
with a little help from this FAQ, you! :)


Ok, I'll admit it: Guile is weak against Ryu, Ken, and all the other shoto
warriors. This is a problem because of how often people use them. This is a
very tough fight, but Ken is not as fireball-happy as Ryu. But if they try
to play him like that, the fight will quickly turn to your advantage.

Fighting Ken
Now then, first of all, DO NOT JUMP. Not one bit. Ken will counter you with
a fierce dragon punch that makes you go on fire and does BIG damage. Not
one bit. No jumping. But when actually battling, you must use a sonic boom
to trick him into jumping. When he does, air counter with a D.Fierce
IMMEDIATELY. Otherwise he will do some kick ass combo that takes almost
half of your health. Once at medium range, crouch down. Ken will most
likely expect you to nail him with another D.Roundhouse, so will Dragon
Punch or Hurricane Kick to try to catch you off guard. But stay crouched,
and when he retaliates, nail him with a Riundhouse Flash Kick. Then use a
mix of sonic booms, knee spike over, sweep him, then flash kick. By the
time he figures out your pattern, he'll be dead. :D Just remeber, Ken likes
to be at maedium range. When he gets there, just counter his attacks, then
turn the offense full blow!!

Ken has the advantage for sure. He can be beaten by some defensive flash
kick techniques, but remember: don't flash kick unless a counter, or you
will eat one of his deadly flaming dragon punches.


I chose neutral because Guile is both weak and strong against Chun-Li.
Guile wins the fireball fight, because his sonic boom is faster, stronger,
and goes farther. Chun-Li also likes to jump with her wicked toe tap, and
charging a flash kick is a simple matter of charging bown-back during a
fireball fight. So how could Guile possibly lose? Her Lightning Legs. It
will knock Guile out of virtually ANYTHING. If close enough, even a sonic
boom!! So this fight will definitely be fair.

Fighting Chun-Li
Chun-Li will do what any good Guile player would do. Open up with a bunch
of Kikokens. Charge down-back. Why? So you can also have a flash kick
ready. Negate all her fireballs, and if you feel like it, knee spike or
jump on over. But when you are close, watch out! Her lightning legs will
punish nearly _any up close attack_ that you were planning for. Just
remember that since Chun-Li has such deadly air attacks, the toe tap
specifically, she loves to jump. So if you spend a decent amount of the
fight, hitting her with D.Roundhouses and other good ducking attacks so you
can charge a flash kick, I don't blame you. Oh, and don't worry too much
about her Spinning Bird Kick. It doesn't hit real much, damage isn't all
that spectatular, and you can counter with a D.Fierce (another good way to
charge a Flash Kick). One more thing; her sweep isn't a sweep, but she
loves to corner enemies with it then pound them with the lightning legs. If
you block it by crouching, and time it right, a Short Flash Kick will make
a great counter. But just remember, master ways of charging your flash
kick, and you stand a great chance of defeating Chun-Li.

I hope I didn't make it sound TOO easy. It isn't. Just make sure you don't
make any stupid moves (like jumping at her when she is cornered) or you
will feel the wrath of the Lightning Legs Kick.


Ok, the reason you are at a disadvantage, is because your sonic boom's
usefulness has greatly decreased. Dhalsim has a Flame move that negates all
fireballs, plus a teleport, and air attacks that go over them. Not to
mention the fact that his moves stretch meaning he can knock you out of
nearly every attack!! He has one weakness: slow speed.

Fighting Dhalsim
Ok, this is a real pain in the ass. He can escape your sonic boom, by
negating it or teleporting, and if charge a flash kick and miss, you're in
big trouble! But when the fight starts, do a jab sonic boom, and GET CLOSE
TO HIM. Jump, I would say, but watch out for his Spear Kick/Yoga Fire
strategy. That strategy gets him close to you, while negating your sonic
booms. Very deadly. But still, use a fierce sonic boom to try to keep him
at bay. If he goes into the Spear Kick/ yoga fire thing, jump at him with a
combo. The bast way to win is a constant barrage of attacks. If he
teleports, throw him. If he jumps, standing fierce (not necessarily the
uppercut) will keep him out of the skies. This is really hard to
explain.....I would reccomend, using a knee spike THEN sonic boom to try to
corner him. Once cornered, hit him with a combo that knocks him into the
air. He floats in air longer than most, giving you time to prepare for
another assault. Cornering Dhalsim is your number 1 priority

A very tough fight, that is a little hard to make a strategy for, because
Dhalsim is so unpredictable. Mix it up a little for this 
Egyptian Yoga Monk/cheesey creep.


Oh, please. Zangief has to be close to even hurt you. And with a plethora
of Sonic Booms coming his way, how could he get there? He can't use his
Lariat very far, and if he does get close, you can give him a ton of
crouching roundhouses. The flash kick is handy, but not needed.

Fighting Zangief
This isn't tough at all. Send an armada of sonic booms his way, and I would
prefer you use a standing fierce as your follow up attack. It keeps you
from moving and it can also air counter if he jumps. Although you can throw
sonic booms all day and win it does get boring. If you crave action, then
after you knock him down, I say you knee spike on over, and do a standing
combo. After that, you can throw him into a corner, and then combo him. 

This is too easy. I am not even going to waste your time.


As with Chun-Li, Guile is weak and strong against T.Hawk. Guile is strong
versus T.Hawk because of so many air counters and good keep away tactics
that can keep you from feeling the power of his deadly Stormhammer attack.
But Guile is weak because his Thunderstrike is invincible to projectiles.
This is pretty bad.

Fighting T.Hawk
Ok, begin with NO SONIC BOOMS. A good T.Hawk player will probably use his
Thunder Strike to escape fireball chuckers. Knee Spike on over, making sure
you do have a sonic boom charged. Now, when you get close to T.Hawk, be
careful. His deadly stormhammer does a ton of damage, and he won't hesitate
to use it often. I say, when you are at medium range, fire a strong sonic
boom, then if he blocks, hit him with a ducking roundhouse. If he didn't
then knee spike right next to him and throw him. Basically, this match
revolves around quick hits, and LOTS of planning. That is why T.Hawk has
such an edge over Guile: Guile can't do his moves automatically like say
Ryu. You must rely on plenty of good air counters and poking tactics. Sonic
Booms shouldn't be important in this match, but you will of course end up
using plenty.

This is a fairly hard fight, but don't expect to go down too hard. I should
but T.Hawk under Disadvantage, but Guile's air counters give him a small edge.

                         /////Fei Long/////

Well, not much of any advantage. Fei Long's attacks will be stopped by a
sonic boom, but he still is pretty fast so he can jump over plenty of them.
He also has an excellent air counter which means you should not jump much,
and a great re-dizzy move. But he has no fireball, and he is a pretty big
sucker for flash kicks. This isn't too tough, isn't too easy. This should
be what I call a "refreshing" battle.

Fighting Fei Long
I don't think you should open up with the usual 3 zillion sonic booms. He
has a very quick jump that will go over them like its nothing. And if he
nails you with one of those jumping combos......(read: ouch). So instead, I
suggest you begin by heading on over, knee spike a good amount of the way
over, and do a ducking roundhouse. Now, Fei Long is one of my faves, and
when he gets up, he'll probably do the Rekka Ken or Shien Kyaku. That is
what I do (:D). Hit him with a crouching forward, cancel into a flash kick,
and you will gain the upper hand. Now, you can go into a Sonic Boom/Knee
Spike srategy. When you get close hit him with another cD.Rounchouse, then
flash kick, or you can try to throw him into the corner. Once in the
corner, poke with standing fierces or forwards but watch out for the Shien

You've had tougher, but this still isn't easy enough for Guile to
completely dominate him.

                           /////Dee Jay/////

If you ask me, Guile and Dee Jay's styles are pretty much alike. Dee Jay
has a great projectile, like Guile. Dee Jay has a good dashing move, like
Guile. And he has a wierd air counter, unlike Guile. This fight will end up
being an up-close brawl, which is what I like.

Fighting Dee Jay
This combo freak is going to try to get close to you. Why? Because of his
deadly combos. I found that a great way for him to get close is too do a
Jab Air Slasher, then Rolling Sobat on over. Remember, his #1 goal is to
corner you. Don't let him do that. I would reccomend throwing a few fierce
sonic booms his way to negate any of his air slashers, and if he does his
rolling sobat, then I would say do a spinning backfist. That is what you
should do after every sonic boom; do a backfist. If he jumps, then jump
straight up and do a backbreaker. This is a fast air counter that will
prove handy in upsetting his offense. That is the key to defeating Dee Jay:
Crush his offense, then let your offense go full out. After you knock him
on the ground, chances are he will come off the ground with his stupid
machine gun uppercut. When he does get off the ground, stay at mid-range.
He needs to be close to do massive damage combos, so I think you should hit
him with a Strong Sonic Boom, then go into a knee spike, then do a suplex.
This does real good damage, and keeps him from getting too close. After
that, poke at him with a few crouching roundhouses to charge a flash kick,
and this time when he gets off the bround, do a forward flash kick. Keep
mixing these strategies and you will win.

This one is pretty even, but Guile has a few more strengths against Dee
Jay. I say be careful of him getting close to him or his combos will really
get you.


Why is Guile at a disadvantage? Because of Cammy's lightning speed. She has
a move that goes throgh projectiles, and a very fast move that will nail
any of your missed flash kicks and take you out of the knee spike. And she
has a great air counter that she will not hesitate to use.

Fighting Cammy
Oh boy, this is a pretty tough fight. One thing is key to this fight: don't
overuse the sonic boom. Cammy's spinning knuckle will go through your soinc
booms, and if it hits, it will hit twice. Which means that she can re-dizzy
you pretty easily. Not to mention the fact that her cannon spike will do
two hits up-close, and that it comes out VERY fast. Your best bet, is to
not use the sonic boom much, but try to have a flash kick ready. How is
this possible? Well, you can't sit and charge it or she will get what you
are doing. So I suggest, go all out. Throw a sonic boom for her to go
through, then jump so she does not have the time to recover from the back
knuckle and air counter you. Try this: J.Roundhouse /\, cD.Short,
cD.Roundhouse. This will knock her down. Now, she probably going to get off
the ground with a cannon spike, so jump straight up with a forward, while
charging down. She will stand up and be hit by the forward. Immediately
cancel into a flash kick, which will knock her back, meaning you can fire
off some sonic booms. Follow the sonic booms with a knee spike, so you can
be close. Now sweep, jump straight up, forward kick, then cancel into a
flash kick. The main thing about defeating Cammy is using quick hit-and-run

This is a real pain...this will be sort of a test to see how good you are
without using three zillion sonic boom.


All of my fave fighters (Guile/Fei Long/Balrog) are neutral against each
other. Sure, Guile can sonic boom away, but Balrog, with his small jump,
can hop right over them. Also, his anti-air attack, the Buffalo Head, is
invincible on the way up making it great for going over sonic booms. And
Balrog's incredibly fast dashing punches can catch you off guard. So don't
take him for granted.

Fighting Balrog
Balrog is great for breaking defensive tactics. Beleive me, I play as him a
lot, so I would know. Don't rely TOO heavey on your sonic boom or he will
jump them and hit you with an all-out offense. Do a sonic boom only full
screen away, and keep him at bay for a minute. Eventually, he will come at
you. Crouch with a roundhouse or fierce when he attacks you. NO FLASH KICK.
If you can't resist, wait to duck one of his dashing punches and get him
with one. But when you knock him down, knee spike to him, throw him, then
let the offense begin!! If you are confident you won't be air countered,
hit Balrog with a jumping combo. If you aren't, play it safe and do a
suplex. Just remember that Balrog is vulnerable to low attacks so your
D.Roundhouse is one of your best friends. Use it to charge a flash kick,
because a flash kick will knock him out of nearly anything. But after a
flash kick connects, nail him with a combo or suplex. Repeat, and you
should not have too much trouble. But don't underestimate Balrog. Just try
to have a flash kick ready.

If you go cheap on Balrog, who is my third favorite(Guile 1st, Fei Long
2nd) than don't mail me! :) Be defensive, but do not turtle.

Vega jumps a lot. And Guile has a ton of air counters. Must I explain?
Plus, Guile can use his crouching roundhoused to knock Vega out of his
Rolling Claw. Isn't it a little obvious? But Vega does have a nasty habit
of dodging sonic booms...

Fighting Vega
I hope you are good at secretly charging your flash kick, because you will
be using it a lot. But Vega usually likes to poke at you, weaken you a bit
so he can hit you with a flying Barcelona Attack. Poke at him back, using
your spinning backfist. While doing this, charge a sonic boom. Use sonic
boom not very ofte, or he will do a backflip and escape it. Use sonic booms
wisely. I would say, hit him with sonic booms when he is about half a
screen away. But if you use them to often, he will use one of his moves
that bounce off the wall. These are a real pain, since it will go over your
sonic boom and give him a shot at hitting you hard. Well, after you poke at
him with your crouching roudhouse a bit, start charging down-back. He is
very good at evading combos, so you will have to play defense. Fire off
sonic booms, and then, if he starts getting close or goes into the air,
nail him with a flash kick. That is what you should always have ready; a
flash kick. If you keep this up, yu should win. BUT if this bores you a bit
(like me) and crave action, corner him, then go to him with a jumping
corner combo, then poke at him with cD.Roundhouses, Vega ets up, Short
Flash Kick.

This is really easy, and should not take too much effort. Don't get cocky,
but you should be able to handle this.


This fight sucks. Sagat is one of the cheaper charcaters in the game (cheap
characters: Dhalsim, Ryu, Sagat, and M.Bison) because he can mix up his
fireballs so badly you can't touch him. When you jump, he usually has a
Tiger Uppercut handy and his Tiger Knee is deadly in corner combos.

Fighting Sagat
Expect him to blast you with Tiger Shots. This is a real pain in the ass,
because he can always follow up with another, or if you jump, he will take
you out of the air with a Tiger Uppercut. The best thing I can think of, is
to negate the fireballs with sonic booms by holding down back. Eventually
he will jump. Flash Kick him out of the air of course and follow up with a
sonic boom. Or he might not jump. Sometimes, he just walks right over. Hit
him with a crouching roundhouse, while charging a boom, give him a jab
sonic boom, then walk over and give him a quick two-in-one, say
cD.Short-Short Flash Kick. This should dizzy the sucker. Now, hit him with
the biggest combo you can do (hopefully he is in a corner) and you should
have virtually killed him. If not do the famous, cD.Roudhouse, enemy stands
up, short flash kick.
This isn't as easy as it sounds, but you should still have a shot if it
works. The key to winning is to find ways to avoid his fireball traps. Oh,
and by the way, if he hits you out of the roundhouse, remeber to get off
the ground with a short flash kick.

This guy is very hard to beat. Good luck...:( you'll need it.


You can use your sonic booms to hit him out of all his ground attacks, and
a roundhouse flash kick for most of his air attacks. And he has to get
close to do his massive damage throwing move. Guile can use a jab sonic
boom, knee spike, suplex combo to keep him from close.

Fighting M.Bison
The final boss is always cheap in a capcom game. This one is no exception.
But since he lacks a projectile, Guile has the edge. Beware of Bison
getting close to you though, because his throw packs a big punch. Using
sonic booms is a wise idea, but if you use them too much, he will go over
them with a Psycho Stomp or a Psycho Flight. Watch out for those. I say,
the best idea is to mix up your offense and defense. Go all out with a
variety of attacks. A jab sonic boom, followed by a knee spike, followed by
a backfist, another sonic boom, etc. Well, here is the best one I can think
of: Bison has no air counter. Nail him with a nice jumping combo. Of course
he might find a way to air counter so first go for a jab sonic boom. Then
jump. After you nail him with a nice combo, go to defensive. Poke while
charging a flash kick. Then air counter his stomp. That is what the fight
is all about: hit-and-run tactics. Another good one, is instead of offense
to defense, I like defense to offense! Do the charge down-back strategy,
coutering ground and air assaults, but when you score a hit, go for a quick
jumping combo, if you are bold. But a two-in-one for those who play it
safe. After that go for the defense, switching to offense when you score a
hit. Two ways of taking down Bison;

1.) Hit and run
2.) Be defensive and hit him after you score a defensive counter.

Number 1 is for me because I crave action!

Guile has the edge but Bison is still tough. Beat the CPU and you get an

-----------------------------The End----------------------------------------- 

Well, that is it for now, 'til I update. You should not have to wait very
long though. Later.

                                       -By Street Writer                

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