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by bover_87

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FAQ/Walkthrough by bover_87

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/06/16

Title Screen (SNES)

Version History

1.007/06/2016Initial release.

Legal Stuff

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Please note that this guide only covers the SNES and PSX Anthology versions of FFVI (FFIIIus). For the GBA, PC, or iOS version, please use the link below (I am working on making a version of this guide to cover the GBA/PC/iOS versions):


Throughout the guide, the game will be referred to as "Final Fantasy VI" or "FFVI," to avoid confusion with the actual Final Fantasy III.

Final Fantasy VI (released as Final Fantasy III for the SNES in the US) is Square's sixth installment in the Final Fantasy series. Considered by many to be the best of the series, FFVI is well known for its great story and character development, as well as its unique (for its time) open-world experience. While it was VII that opened up Final Fantasy (and the JRPG genre in general) to the general public, most FF/JRPG vets will tell you that VI is at least as good.

How to Navigate This Guide

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Speaking of which, Single-Page View is recommended over the normal paginated view. To enable it, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click, "Single-Page View".


These tables list the controls for both the SNES and PSX versions. However, the remainder of the guide will assume default SNES controls. Note that the Select button is not used in either version.

World/Field Map/Menu Controls

Button (SNES)Button (PSX)Function
D-PadD-PadMove character/cursor
BCircleCancel/Exit Menu/Run (PSX only)
XTriangleEnter menu
YSquareSwitch party

Battle Controls

Button (SNES)Button (PSX)Function
D-PadD-PadMove cursor
XTriangleNext character
YSquareNext character
L/RL1/R1Toggle single/multi-target (hold both to run away)

Hints and Tips

  • Evade is worthless thanks to a bug. When equipping, ignore it entirely. All evasion is handled by MBlock.
  • Level grinding isn't recommended early in the game. It's unnecessary and the return on investment is far batter late in the game.
  • Early in the game, you'll mostly be relying on special skills for most of your damage output. For this reason, Magic users will mostly be healers, while Locke is best used for Steal duty.
  • In the second half of the game, the "basic" skills (Fight and Magic) and their variants generally become better options than skills, so be sure to keep up on equipment and spells.
  • Once you get access to Espers, give your best mages priority for offensive Magic, and teach other characters support or healing abiliites.
  • Late-game, you'll want to begin equipping Espers to boost your characters' key stats. You can find more information about this here.
  • For more detailed strategy information, click here.

Walkthrough - Act I

This section will contain some spoilers. Many spoilers are covered in spoiler tags (like here--select the text to reveal it), however, due to the nature of the guide it's impossible to completely avoid spoilers, especially well after they happen, so read ahead of where you are in the game at your own risk.

For an abbreviated version of the walkthrough that only details things you can miss permanently, click here.

This section covers the first half (or so) of the game. Throughout this guide (and pretty much anywhere talking about FFVI), this portion will also be referred to as the WoB (for those of you who don't care about spoilers for whatever reason, it stands for World of Balance).

Narshe Raid

For those of you playing the SNES version, you can watch the PSX Anthology's opening FMV in HD below (this video isn't mine, I take no credit for it). The unique content ends at 3:20; everything after that is seen in both versions.

In any event, after any videos, watch the opening scene.

Missable Item Alert #1

Especially during the first half of the game, it's important to make sure you meet all the possible monsters if you intend to try for a perfect Rage list later. You don't actually need to defeat them; simply encountering them and then saving before getting a Game Over is enough. Most enemies in Act I cannot be encountered in Act II, so be sure to take care of this.

Storming Narshe

EnemiesGuard, Lobo, Vomammoth

You'll begin the game as a three-headed party (a woman named "?????" and two soldiers named Viggs and Wedge) all in MagiTek Armor. They will have the MagiTek command; the available moves are listed here. Terra will also have the Magic Command with Fire and Cure (after gaining a Level) learned, which is completely useless right now since MagiTek is superior in every way except for not being able to MT Heal Beam, but keep it in mind since it will be of use to you later.

Preparations: Before beginning to storm the city, you'd be well-advised to set yourself up a bit first. While no one's equipment can currently be changed (Viggs' and Wedge's equipment cannot be changed at all, and the woman has nothing to equip at the moment), you can (and should) stick them in the Back Row (hit left on the main menu screen, then hit A twice to toggle their rows; they begin in the Front Row). Doing this will have no effect on anyone's damage (everyone is using magical moves for now), but any physical damage taken will be halved. You can also mess with game settings if you like; if you're a first-time player, I'd recommend setting the Battle Mode to "Wait," which allows you to select attacks from menus (such as spells) in peace.

Avoid the "cross" in the middle of the screen to avoid an encounter.Once you're ready, it's time to get this battle underway (don't bother trying to leave town, because you can't). All MagiTek skills will instantly kill whatever they hit, except for Heal Force which, obviously, heals a character to full HP. Depending on the path you took, you'll fight between 2 and 5 battles here. (You can't enter any buildings, so don't bother trying.) Trying to approach the Inn (going east off the main path) will pit you against a lone Lobo (there's not much point in fighting it, really), while continuing past the Inn (going north) starts a battle against two Guard enemies. This can't be avoided by any means, so just dispatch them so you can move on with life.

As you continue north, you'll notice vent-like structures on the ground that form paths of sorts. At one point you'll notice a tile where two of these paths meet. Stepping on this tile will toss you into battle against two Lobos, then two Guards. Slay them or avoid the battle entirely and continue north. There'll be a forced pincer of 2x Guard and a Lobo--slay these fearless public servants and exit to the north.

This screen contains one encounter, 2x Guard and 2x Vomammoth to be exact. Dispatch them, then follow the path to enter...

Narshe Mines

ItemsPotion or Tincture
EnemiesRepo Man, Vaporite, Were-Rat, Whelk (boss), Head (boss)

In the mines, simply head north. You'll soon come across an intersection. You can't enter the path to the right, while the left side holds your first Save Point. Use it, then return to the main path and follow it north. As you enter the next room, you'll first have a friendly chat with...

Boss: Whelk


Head's Data
SpecialSlime (Slow)RageN/ASketchBattle, Slime
ControlBattle, Slime
Elemental/Status Properties
Can't Suplex
Slow, Stop
Whelk's (Shell) Data
SpecialHit (x4)RageN/ASketchBattle, Hit
ControlBattle, Hit
Elemental/Status Properties
Lightning (Absorbs)
Can't Suplex

Welcome to your first boss fight! Luckily, Whelk isn't all that difficult, as long as you're careful with your attacks.

The Head does very little, simply hitting you with a trash Battle attack (5 base damage, 66%) or Slime (no damage but inflicts Slow, 33%) every turn. Whelk (the shell) does even less--it does nothing at all. However, if you hit it with any attack, it will counter with Mega Volt for around 65 Lightning-elemental damage.

As you can see, just take down the head. While it's possible to defeat the Shell for a Tincture, it isn't worth the time it takes. The only catch here is that MT attacks will trigger the Shell's counter, as will attacks that targeted the Head if it goes into the shell before the attack is fired off. If the latter happens, just heal while the head is in the shell, then continue attacking when it reappears. (An alternate method for preventing the counterattack is to use Bolt Beam--since it will heal the shell if it hits it, Whelk won't counter.) TekMissile will be ?????'s best option offensively, while the others can use whichever elemental beam.

Assuming you went for the Head as advised, it'll drop a Potion upon defeat.

In the room after Whelk, you can fight Vaporite monsters if you like, otherwise just approach the giant block of ice for some scenes.

Escaping Narshe

Watch the scenes.

Fleeing the Guards

ItemsElixir, Fenix Down*, Sleeping Bag*
EnemiesRepo Man, Vaporite, Were-Rat

*optional, not recommended
You'll now find yourself in a bed. Speak to the man and you'll be prompted to name your character (Default: Terra).

(Note: The game defaults to all-uppercase names for all characters (ex. TERRA), however, this guide will use the lower-case versions, for ease of reading.)

Before you leave, you can grab an Elixir in the clock near the front door, then follow the man and go out the door, then take the bridge to another mine entrance.

In this new section, simply follow the path. If you get into any encounters, Fire spells MT'd will work wonders on groups (or Cure against Vaporites not paired with other monsters), while your Fight attack can take out any stragglers. Save at the Save Point when you reach it. You'll also notice two chests; I recommend ignoring them for now. The first one contains a Fenix Down, while the second hides a Sleeping Bag, but both will transform into better items later (Pod Bracelet and Elixir, respectively), so it's best to leave them alone. In any event, proceed through the mine until you ascend stairs. Once you reach the narrow (1-tile wide) section after the stairs, remove Terra's MithrilKnife and Buckler. Continue on for some scenes, during which you'll be asked to name another character (Default: Locke.

Saving Terra from the Guards

ItemsPotion, Tincture, Sleeping Bag, Tonic
EnemiesLobo, Vomammoth, Marshal (boss)

Terra's intro screen.There'll be a scene, after which you'll be asked if you want a tutorial (do it if this is your first time playing). After the tutorial is done, quickly enter the menu (nothing happens on the field while you're in the menu). Equip Locke with that MithrilKnife and Buckler that you should have just taken from Terra and equip them to Locke. You'll also have two other parties, to whom you can switch with the Y button. Kupop (Locke's party), Kuku, Kupan (Mog's party), and Kamog (third party) all use long-range weapons, so move them to the Back Row to help your defenses a bit.

You have two main options for approaching this battle. The first is to just fight the groups and make your way to the guard at the bottom, while the second is to use a path that, with proper timing, allows you to evade all the groups and quickly take down the lead guard (the groups have nothing that you haven't already fought before). Before doing this, however, you need to decide which party you'll use. The parties with Locke and with Mog are the stronger ones; the generic Moogle party is crap, so don't bother with it. Remove Mog's Mithril Pike and Mithril Shld (he doesn't need them), and give the Shield to Locke if you're using him. Mog's party has far superior offense, but Locke can steal a nice item from the boss. In any event, once you reach him, speak to him to find out that his preferred form of speech is a pointy metal object.

Boss: Marshal, Lobo x2


Marshal's Data
SpecialCharge (x2)RageWind SlashSketchBattle, Charge
ControlBattle, Charge, Bolt 2
Elemental/Status Properties
Poison; Human
Berserk, Condemned, Control, Dark, Imp, Muddled, Mute, Petrify, Seizure, Sleep, Slow, Stop, Wound, Zombie

You now face the leader of the Narshe Guards. Unlike the trash you've been fighting up until now, Marshal doesn't just roll over and die for you.

The two Lobos in this battle are exactly the same as the ones you've been fighting up until now. Even without MagiTek powers, they drop fast. Marshal uses Battle for decent damage, as well as Net, which inflicts Stop status on one. However, if you kill off both Guards, he will instead use Battle (33%) or Charge (66%), which deals double damage every turn, and naturally produces quite the danger for your party's well-being.

Your strategy depends on if you're with Locke's or Mog's party. If you fought a battle before meeting Marshal, Mog will have learned a Dance. His Dusk Requiem will make quick work of Marshal, with a good chance at a OHKO, so just take out the Lobos and watch the fireworks. Locke has it tougher. Take out one of the Lobos (but not both), then try to Steal the MithrilKnife from Marshal. Once you have it, move Locke to the front row and take down Marshal. (Once Marshal is out of the picture, the remaining Lobo will be pushing up daisies in no time.)

Upon his death, Marshal drops a Potion.

After the scenes, Terra will be in your party. Be sure to re-equip her if you took off her Shield and MithrilKnife earlier. Put both characters in the Back Row. At this point, you won't be able to enter Narshe. You can go into the building on your left, however, which is the Classroom. It has a number of useful tutorials for newbies, as well as some items. (There's a Monster-in-a-Box in the chest (you'll fight a lone Lobo) and a Tincture in the yellow pot in Environmental Science, while Battle Tactics has a Sleeping Bag, a Tonic in Advanced Battle Tactics.)

Leave Narshe when you're done.

North Figaro Region

EnemiesAreneid, Dark Wind, Leafer, Sand Ray

Welcome to the World Map! The enemies here are still very weak. Have Locke Steal while Terra wins the battles with Fire (if you already Stole from all enemies, just have Locke attack). Head south until you see a desert. Here, go to the castle in the middle. If you get into battles here, you'll want to work to defeat any Areneid monsters quickly, since their Special can inflict Stop on you (remember Marshal), but do try to meet at least one Areneid (it will help you immensely later). In any case, go to the castle.

Figaro Castle

ItemsFenix Down, Tonic, Antidote, Soft

Locke's intro screen.After the scenes, give Locke's Mithril Shld to Terra and move her to the Front Row (you'll see why shortly), then simply follow the path north and speak to the blue-robed man in the throne room. You'll name him (Default: Edgar), then you'll be lone Terra. You can fight outside if you want to grind Terra's Level (there's little reason to do so right now).

After the scene, leave the throne room. The doors to either side of the Throne Room's door lead to a Fenix Down chest. The door to the southeast of the Throne Room's door is the Tool Shop. Buy a Bio Blaster and NoiseBlaster (you already have an AutoCrossbow, which Edgar somehow snuck into your pockets--who knows where he puts his hands). The chests behind the shopkeeper hold a Tonic and Antidote--raid them. The room to the southwest is your first Item Shop; stock up if you need anything (buy two Fenix Down if you can), but be sure to save most of your money for later. There's also a Soft chest next to the shopkeeper. The left-hand door in the central outdoor area of the castle also allows you to rest (restores HP and MP) for free.

To move on with the game, speak to the Matron in the left tower (you need to go to where the "Inn" is, then go down the nearby stairs and go outside, then enter from outside). During the scene, it's naming time again (Default: Sabin). Speak to Edgar again for a scene.

You'll now be in control of Edgar. If you took Mog's Mithril Pike, give it to Edgar, and leave Edgar in the Front Row for now (yes, you read that right). Speak to Kefka. You can now leave the castle and even return to Narshe, but nothing of value will come of it, so just speak to Locke (near the entrance to the main tower) to plow forward. Follow Locke to the left tower for another scene.

Speak to Kefka once again, then watch still more scenes. Our sandy-booted f(r)iend sent two M-TekArmor enemies after you, in what is a forced Back Attack. AutoCrossbow will deal heavy damage to them, while Fire is weaker but still better than any Fight attack currently available to you (casting Magic will also give a scene during the battle). Locke should either Steal or attack physically. Once they're defeated, ride your Chocobo past the southeastern corner of the desert and look for a cave entrance. Press B to disembark, then go inside the cave.

Figaro Cave

ItemsTincture*, Tincture*, Fenix Down*
EnemiesBleary, Crawly, Hornet

*optional, not recommended

After the scene, go into the cave proper.

The monsters here are mostly just more fodder. AutoCrossbow quickly dispatches Crawly and Hornet, while Bleary will probably need an extra Fire spell. Locke should just Steal, starting with Crawly if it's present (a Remedy is very nice this early). If there's nothing left to Steal from, just have Locke use Fight (give him Edgar's MithrilBlade, Edgar has no use for it and Locke likes the improved offense).

As you head north on the first screen, your party will automatically use the Recovery Spring here, fully healing HP and MP at no cost to you. Continue along the path to the next room. Here, there's a junction. The west path leads to a stairway to a Tincture at the top, but the chests here will get much better later on, so leave it alone. The south path is a dead-end, so go east. Follow the path until you reach another junction. The east path here leads to yet another Tincture that will upgrade soon, so go west. At the stairs leading up, the path leads to a Fenix Down that you should likewise ignore. Simply head up the stairs, and exit at the end of the cave, which is linear the rest of the (short) way.

Missable Item Alert #2

For those of you going for perfect Rage lists, be sure to meet all three monsters (Bleary, Crawly, and Hornet) at least once here. While you can still return to the cave, the next time you're forced to come here, the monsters will have been replaced by new ones, so be sure to take care of this.

Simply head southeast from here to reach South Figaro.

South Figaro

ItemsFenix Down, Hyper Wrist, RunningShoes, 500 GP, 1,000 GP, 1,500 GP, Tonic, Eyedrops*, Antidote*, Soft*, Tonic*, Green Cherry*, Warp Stone*

*These items change to different items later in the game.

Before beginning, note that, like several locations that we've seen before, South Figaro has several items that transform into something else later. Unlike the previous locations, however, there are a few treasures that don't transform, and can be gotten without penalty.

Hidden Ribbon in South Figaro.For now, follow the man in black into the Cafe. Go upstairs and speak to the people there. Talking to the man himself will let you name him (Default: Shadow), but he won't under any circumstances join you here. Once you're done, go back outside.

The big house to the north belongs to a rich man. One of the barrels outside the mansion's western entrance holds a Fenix Down. The occupants all have interesting things to say, but the real point of interest here is upstairs, in the left room in the hallway. Behind the bookcase is a hidden passage. Use it, then keep going until you reach an intersection. You'll see paths branching left and right, but go downward (screen-wise) and then right to enter a secret passage within the secret passage (witchcraft!) that looks more like a dungeon. Here, grab the Hyper Wrist from the left cell, and the RunningShoes from the right one, partially obscured by the bars. Return to the junction you entered from. Go left, and go through the door at the end of the hallway. There's a ticking clock and a stopped clock (neither is of any use to you now), but the chests contain 500 GP, 1,000 GP, and 1,500 GP. The last one holds nothing at all.

Back in the main part of town, the servant's house (the house next to Duncan's House, complete with a basement) has a Tonic in bucket in the basement.

There are also Items to collect around town, but getting these now will cause you to miss out on some improved items later, so you need to weigh the immediate benefits against the longer-term returns. There's a Eyedrops (later becomes a Remedy--leave it) in the northern box just northwest of the port, and an Antidote (later turns into a Tent--wait for the Tent) in the barrel above it. The southwestern-most crate, meanwhile, holds a Soft (later changes into an Elixir--hold out for the Elixir). Further north, in the northern barrel next to the Chocobo Stable is a Tonic (transforms into a Revivify--leave it for now), while the crate on the other side of the Stable has a Green Cherry (becomes a Tent--take the Green Cherry now). In the nook between the Weapon and Armor Shops is an X-Potion, which is very nice. Finally, the southeastern barrel on top of the northern wall holds a Warp Stone (later becomes a Fenix Down--take the Warp Stone).

Now's a good enough time to buy things. The Weapon Shop has nothing of real use to you except the RegalCutlass (buy one for Terra; Locke can't use it, and Edgar has better stuff in his Tools and Mithril Pike, if he has it). You can also buy the Bio Blaster and NoiseBlaster here, should you be missing either. (Fun fact: Locke will actually have lower Bat.Pow than Terra if you bothered to give Terra a RegalCutlass, making him even more worthless than he was before. There's a reason why all you're ever doing with him right now is using Steal.) The Armor Shop is where the real fun is, though. It has a bunch of neat stuff for you to splurge on, and this is especially good when you consider your party has been with LeatherArmors and Leather Hats from the beginning. Equip yourself with three Plumed Hats, two Heavy Shlds, a Cotton Robe, and a Kung Fu Suit. Note that only Terra can use the Cotton Robe and Locke the Kung Fu Suit, at least for now.

The Relic Shop, located downstairs from the Inn, carries Relics, which you haven't seen just yet. Assuming you have the funds, buy a Jewel Ring and three Star Pendents, in order of importance. If you still have gold lying around (after sending me some of course :P ), you can buy a Sprint Shoes, or just save your GP for later. There's also an Item Shop, should you need any basic supplies.

Leave town when you're finished here.

South Figaro Region

EnemiesGreaseMonk, Rhinotaur, Rhodox

You'll see Rhodox, GreaseMonk, and Rhinotaur here. The first two are just more weak trash, but Rhinotaur counters Magic commands with Mega Volt, so lay off the spells.

A few things to do in these parts. First, if you need healing, head due north from South Figaro and enter the house you'll find near the mountains. You can rest for free in the beds, in addition to seeing a few scenes related to your next objective (examine objects around the room). There is also a Tonic in the bucket.

Second, stuff to Steal. GreaseMonk carries a Buckler, which isn't all that good but can be sold for a little bit of GP, but the real target here is Rhinotaur. Rhinotaur carries the Mithril Claw, which no one can use yet, but is a nice upgrade for a soon-to-be-seen character, so try to get one (two is ideal). Sadly, it's a Rare Steal with an item in the Common slot, so 7/8ths of the time you'll get nothing of value. If you get more, feel free to sell them off for a healthy profit. (Don't spend too much time here grinding for GP, there'll be better methods later.)

When you're ready to move on, head for the mountains to the northwest of South Figaro and look for a trail. Take it to gain access to...

Mt. Koltz

ItemsGuardian, Atlas Armlet, Tent, Tent
EnemiesBrawler. Cirpius, Trilium, Tusker, Vaporite, Ipooh (boss), Vargas (boss)

Before beginning with the dungeon, note that Brawler and Tusker are only found inside the caves, while the other opponents are on the slopes. Brawler has a Bandana for you to Steal (Rare Steal with nothing in the Common slot, so you can just keep Stealing, though why it takes this much work to get a square piece of cloth is beyond me). A smart way to do this, since Brawlers actually do decent damage due to their innate Berserk status, is to do so in the first cave; get all the Bandanas you want (three or four is ideal--note that Edgar can't use it, but we'll have uses for the extras soon enough), then go back to the hut and heal before attempting the mountain for real.

Tuskers, meanwhile, are the main threats here--using Fight on them can trigger a nasty Gore counterattack, so have Locke Steal or Defend if you meet them. In general, try to have Terra save her MP for healing--Edgar is plenty on offense. Locke should continue Stealing. Other than Tusker, everything else is just basic fodder, just don't let Cirpius live to its third turn or you risk getting hit with Petrify.

Passage to the hidden Atlas Armlet.As to moving through the area, from the first cave, head up the stairs and out the other side. Outside, ignore the area jutting south (it goes nowhere) and simply go through the eastern hole.

There's a large square-shaped rock here--if you hug its southern edge, you'll find you can walk past it. Do so, then head outside to acquire a Guardian dagger, which you should promptly equip on Locke. (The Evasion bonus doesn't work due to a bug, nor does any Evasion bonus in this game actually, but the improved Bat.Pow will help the weakling Locke.) Return to where you passed the square stone, and head north this time. You'll see a bridge to the west and a ledge to the east; follow the ledge to its northernmost point, then walk through the wall to the east. Follow the path (there's a spot hidden behind the wall that juts north, but you can walk around it) around to reach a chest with an Atlas Armlet, which you should give to Edgar. Go back the way you came and take the bridge this time.

Back on the slopes, continue along the path until the first cave entrance. Go inside and pass through the short cave to reach a chest with a Tent. Return to the previous slope, and go through the western cave mouth. Simply follow the path here (ignore the dead-end bridges) and exit to the north. Continue along this slope and across the bridge to eventually reach a cave with a Save Point. Save your progress (Tent only if necessary). Continue back outside, and, when you reach an intersection, head south (going north is a dead end). As you work your way down this winding path, you'll find someone (who could it be?) blocking the exit. Be sure everyone's healed up, then speak to him to engage...

Boss: Vargas


Vargas' Data
RareMithril ClawRareNothing
SpecialDoom Fist (D+Condemned)RageN/ASketchBattle, Doom Fist
ControlBattle, Doom Fist
Elemental/Status Properties
Can't Suplex
Dark, Slow, Stop
Ipooh's Data
SpecialClaw (x1.5)RageN/ASketchBattle, Claw
ControlBattle, Claw
Elemental/Status Properties
Critical Hit if Imp
Control, Dark, Imp, Mute, Slow, Stop

For these of you checking out the enemy data tables before reading this, you're probably wondering how you're supposed to knock off Vargas' 11,600 HP when your best attacks probably aren't hitting for more than 200. Never fear, this battle is easier than it looks like.

The Ipoohs are just slightly-stronger-than-normal random encounter enemies, more or less. You can expect around 15 damage for their basic physicals in the Back Row with best-available equipment, while Claw does around 25 damage. Vargas will simply hit you with Battle the first turn (around 30 damage) and Gale Cut (50 or so Wind-elemental damage to all) the second. He will alternate between these two attacks the whole battle. Every 50 seconds of active time (that is, not stopped due to you being in a menu), Vargas will taunt you, then use Battle twice instead of his normal script.

You may be tempted to unload a full load of your ouchies on Vargas, but he can't be targeted at all (not even by Fire/AutoCrossbow, which you'd think would be able to hit him even as he hides behind two bears). So take out the Ipoohs as quickly as you can. Their items to Steal (a Potion each) aren't all that hot, so just off them as fast as you can (Fire will hit them hard). Once they're gone, Vargas becomes vulnerable. Locke should try to Steal (you'll get a Tonic most likely, but there is a small chance of getting a Mithril Claw instead, which is quite nice). Terra should be on healing duty (have her Defend if you don't need to heal), Edgar using Bio Blaster, and Locke using Fight (you did get the Guardian, right?) once he's done picking pockets. After you've done 720 damage to Vargas, a scene will commence.

After the scene, you'll be alone with just Sabin. Vargas will lead off with Doom Fist, setting Condemned and giving you a Game Over if the timer hits zero, in addition to dealing some damage, and just sit there laughing at you the rest of the battle while tossing around some Battle attacks. At this stage, there are two ways to emerge victorious. The first is to use good ol' fashioned HP violence to reduce Vargas' massive HP tally to nothing. Unless you're severely over-leveled, it's highly unlikely you'll be able to do this before the Condemned timer offs Sabin (remember he's by his lonesome). The other method, and the one the game intends you to use, is to use a Blitz, Pummel in particular (even if Sabin has other Blitzes available, namely AuraBolt, the battle will continue if you use anything besides Pummel). While many a newbie has failed this task, it's really not that difficult (and Sabin will even explain it in detail if you reduce Vargas' HP below 10,368). Simply select Blitz from the menu with A, then, pressing nothing else, hit Left, Right, and Left, in that order, then quickly press A again to enter the command (you have about a second and a half to confirm it, otherwise the game considers the command to have failed). Don't wait for any sort of signal (like a sound or the yellow flash that appears if you fail) to begin keying your Blitz, there isn't one If you get a Game Over here, there's not much I can say, though you're welcome to retry if you like.

All of the enemies give you...nothing. Just like the true enemies they are.

After the battle, Sabin joins your party, giving you your first full party. His Blitz attacks do nice damage--AuraBolt will outdamage Pummel in most cases (except against things with high Mag.Def or that have protection against Pearl). If you took the Mithril Shld from Mog, give it to Sabin, since everyone else can use Heavy Shlds, which are much less of a loss than Sabin's only alternative, a Buckler. Give him a Mythril Claw if you have it, as well as any other upgrades you may have lying around (Bandana!) that he can use.

Head into the cave Vargas was blocking. The chest in plain view holds a Tent, which you should take. The rest of the path out of here is linear, although you can meet Vaporite enemies at the exit screen (a slope-type screen) if you missed them earlier.

This part of the World Map has the same enemies as South Figaro had, so no point going over it again (especially now with the same party save having a character in the fourth slot). Simply head north until you find a cave on the right side. Naturally, you should go inside.

Returners' Hideout

ItemsFenix Down, Air Lancet, Fenix Down, True Knight, Antidote, Tincture, White Cape, Green Cherry, Potion, Gauntlet or Genji Glove

Upon entering, just speak to the guy blocking the path, then enter the indicated room and speak to the robed man for some scenes.

Edgar's intro screen.After the scene, you'll be lone Terra again. Talk to Locke and grab the Fenix Down in the nearby chest. Exit the room and head for the door to the north-northwest. In the chests, you'll find an Air Lancet, another Fenix Down, and a True Knight. The Air Lancet is a dagger with higher Bat.Pow for Locke, while the True Knight you could have purchased earlier (it allows you to cover party members in Near Fatal status). In the bucket in this same area is an Antidote, while the pot hides a Tincture. Take them, then look around for a hidden path the east of the boxes here. Follow it to reach a White Cape, which is a great Relic that blocks Imp and Mute in addition to increasing M.Block% by 10% (and in this game, due to the Evade Bug MBlock% is all that matters). Give it to Terra.

Return to the entrance hall. Head east from the guy blocking the exit to reach a meeting room. Be sure to talk to Sabin. You can examine the northern edge of the table (just south of a statue) and choose to "Leave it there" for a "hilarious" scene later. More importantly, the pot near the aforementioned statue has a Green Cherry, which you should add to your collection. The man behind the counter runs an Item Shop, in case you need to buy stuff (it's also the first time you can buy Potions, incidentally). To the south is an Inn, but leave it alone for the moment. Head back to the room where you first met Banon, and chat with Edgar and open the chest for a Potion.

If you followed the walkthrough, you should have spoken to all of your former party members. Talk to the guy blocking the exit, and then speak to Banon just outside (it's possible to return to the World Map as lone Terra, but you won't be able to exit out the other side of Mt. Koltz). At this point you have a choice. Accepting Banon's request well net you a Gauntlet, while refusing and then talking to the Returner in the room with all the chests to receive a Genji Glove.