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by bover_87

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FAQ/Walkthrough by bover_87

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/13/15

Title screen.

Version History

  • Improvements to table formatting
  • Added item checklists throughout the walkthrough
  • Completely redesigned enemy data tables
  • Added embedded videos to help explain several key techniques
  • Various minor corrections throughout the guide
1.011/14/2014Initial Release

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Super Metroid is a combo platformer/third-person shooter. It's the third installment of the Metroid series, after Metroid (NES) and Metroid II (GB). Arguably the best 2D installment in the Metroid series, Super Metroid definitely holds its own as one of the SNES's classics.


Note that this contains spoilers; read at your own risk!

The game begins shortly after the conclusion of Metroid II, in which Samus has found a friendly Metroid hatchling, the last of its kind, and taken it to Ceres Station for further research. As she is leaving, the station is attacked by the dread Space Pirates from Planet Zebes, who have apparently rebuilt their planet after its destruction in Metroid. Samus returns to investigate and finds the station empty...


(Note: These are the default control settings; personally, I prefer to change them, as I don't find the default setup to be particularly user-friendly.)

SelectItem Select
YItem Cancel
RAngle Up
LAngle Down
StartPause/show map/menu


Note that this section will contain some spoilers.

At several points, you'll be presented with options for proceeding. Such is the nature of Super Metroid, a non-linear game before non-linear games were the norm. My recommendations are meant for a first-time player, but I will present you with the most common deviations from the walkthrough when we reach them, in case you have mastered the moves needed for these other options (or you just want to play differently).

Ceres Station

BossesRidley (Boss)

After the initial sequence, which details the events leading up to Super Metroid, you'll find yourself in Ceres Station on an elevator. From here, make your way down and right through the station (the path is completely linear and there are no enemies or items). At the end, you'll face your first enemy...

Boss: Ridley

Ridley with the Metroid hatchling.

As you can see, Ridley has the Metroid hatchling. There are two ways to finish this battle: either keep shooting Ridley until he flies off (he'll drop the hatchling but immediately come pick it up; there's no way for you to recover it), or let Ridley hit you until your HP drops below 30. Either way, he'll fly off; as it doesn't matter in any way (either now or later) if you "defeat" him or not, I'm not going to detail a strategy. If you're going for the fastest time possibly, letting Ridley drain your HP is faster than hitting him enough to make him leave.

After Ridley leaves, a self-destruct sequence will be set, and you'll have one minute to escape. This is plenty of time, just run and jump as quickly as you can. In the short vertical shaft as well as the room with the elevator, the platforms will shoot out jets of hot air/steam/smoke/whatever; just time your jumps to avoid them (they do no damage, so don't worry about your Energy) and step on the elevator to escape.

Landing on Planet Zebes

ItemsMorphing Ball, Missile Tank 01, Missile Tank 02

Planet Zebes.

After a brief scene, your starship will touch down and let you out. There's nothing to the right (even if you are an accomplished Wall Jumper, you'll find your way blocked by a Green Door), so head left instead. Go through the Blue Door.

Here, you'll find everything dark and completely devoid of enemies. Just continue left (you'll pass an area with a small gap; it's currently too small for you to enter) until the room moves downward, which you should follow. You'll see several doors on both sides of the shaft as you head down; only one of them can be entered, and you won't be able to do anything in that room anyway, so just go through the door at the bottom.

In this new room (which looks strangely like the escape shaft from the first game), make your way down to the bottom. The easiest way is just to hug one of the walls; you'll be able to fall most of the way down with no difficulty. When you reach the bottom, go through the door. In the next room, there's nothing to do other than observe more interesting similarities to the first game, so just enter the door on the right side (note that a Metal Door will have closed behind you, preventing you from returning, for now). Finally, you'll encounter an elevator; ride it down (press Down on top to take it down).

The Morphing Ball.Upon landing, you'll find yourself in yet another area that will be familiar to veterans of the series. Here, you can go left or right; yet again, there is nothing accessible to the right for now, so go left. You'll soon come across the Morphing Ball, which allows you to assume ball form to enter those gaps that are one block high. Grab it, then make your way right (you can just roll under the block formation here after shooting the block underneath it). You'll notice a light turned on and some statues are looking at you; it seems the planet realizes you're there. No enemies will appear to fight you, for the moment, so make your way all the way right, past the elevator, and through the door on the other side.

Here, you'll see a Red Door immediately to the right, which you cannot enter at the moment. Shoot the blocks in the center of the room to allow yourself to drop down, then roll into a ball (press Down twice) and move through the gap to reach the door at the bottom of the room. Enter it. You'll see Missile Tank 01; take it and leave (there's nothing else of interest here). Go back to the top of the previous chamber. Remember the Red Door we just ignored? You now have just enough Missiles to open it; do so (you'll use all your Missiles). Run to the right (Energy Tank 09 is hidden in the ceiling here as well, but you won't be able to get it yet, even with Wall Jumping, so just leave it for now), roll under the gap, and grab Missile Tank 02. Now, make your way back to the elevator and ride it up.


ItemsBombs, Missile Tank 03, Energy Tank 01
BossesTorizo (Mini-Boss)

When you reach the top of the elevator shaft, you'll notice the elevator room is now lit up with that classic elevator music. This can't bode well for you. In any case, exit left.

Here, you'll come across your first normal enemies: Gray Space Pirates. Their attacks do heavy damage for this point in the game (16 energy for a hit from their lasers or direct contact), but they will fall to a single shot from your beam weapon. Defeat them all, grab any dropped items, and leave through the now-flashing Metal Door to the left.

Make your way to the top of the old escape shaft, defeating or avoiding the Space Pirates, and go through the door at the top. Next, open the Red Door at the right, then make your way across the room (shoot the Mellows, and be especially wary of the Reo (the large bird), it does 15 damage per hit; three shots will defeat it), and enter the door on the other side. Here is the Crateria Map Computer; this handy device will show you most of Crateria's map (it's optional, but helpful when exploring). Make you way back past the Mellows to the room before.

The Blue Door across the shaft still has nothing accessible, so continue to make your way up. The Blue Door blocked by a Morphing Ball path contains a Save Unit (I recommend using it). Once you're ready to continue, make your way up and back to the top of the shaft.

Roll into the path underneath Samus in this picture.

Remember that Morphing Ball path we skipped earlier in this area? Now it's time to use it. Roll into the gap, dodge the Ripper as you drop, and go through the door. Here, I recommend just rolling (in a ball) under the Mellows. Open the Red Door, but don't go in yet. Instead, shoot some of the Mellows to replenish your Missiles (and Energy if you've lost any). Once you're ready, go into the door.

Here, you'll notice that the door doesn't close behind you like normal, and just sits open. Odd...that couldn't mean anything good for you when you're trying to raid an enemy planet. Grab the Bombs and get ready for...

Mini-Boss: Torizo


Attacks (damage with No Suit)
Arm Swing10Bombs8
Energy Cutter10Direct Contact (body)8

When you grab the Bombs, a Metal Door will close behind you, trapping you in the room. At this point, the Chozo Statue will have pieces fall off, then it will stand up. You won't be able to damage it until it actually starts walking, so don't waste your Missiles. He has 800 hit points (the equivalent of 8 Missiles or 40 beam shots), as noted in the chart above.

Torizo will mostly walk across the room. He has several attacks. First, if you're close to him, he will swing up and down with his arms, leaving a sort of energy trail. He also can jump backward to one of the walls and start throwing energy cutters at you. He will throw 8 in a salvo; however, he takes a while between cutters, so it should be easy to jump over/roll under them and be ready for the next one (they move horizontally); you can also use the Wall Jump technique to avoid them completely, as he cannot throw them that high. Finally, he can throw bombs at you; if you shoot them, they will drop Misiles and Energy (and Torizo will even wait for you to collect them, what a guy!).

Both Missiles and your beam will damage it; use your Missiles first, then use your beam if necessary to finish it off. After taking enough damage, you'll see part of his chest disintegrate. At this point, his speed will increase. After even more damage, his head will be destroyed as well, but he will still continue to move and attack (he will only use his arm swing attack, but he moves much more rapidly). At this point, he is very close to dying, so avoid him as best you can and focus on shooting him to end the battle.

After the battle, pick up any Missile/Energy pickups, then leave the way you came. Go back past the Mellows (if you need more Missile/Energy refills you can kill some), to the place where you dropped down through earlier (the one you took to get to the Bombs). You won't be able to leave the way you came unless you're really good at Wall Jumping, so climb up the right side, then Bomb your way out.

At this point, I recommend saving on the Starship (which is direcly right of where you are now); this will also refill your Energy and Missiles to max. Once you're done, go back to the door you've been ignoring all this time, the one opposite the Map Computer corridor. Now, you'll be able to Bomb your way through the blocks; Missile Tank 03 is your prize. Go back to the room with all the doors, and go to the topmost section on the left. See those blocks on the left-hand wall with the weird texture? These are blocks you'll need to Bomb through to proceed. Do so, and go through the door.

An Energy TankMake your way down the incline, dodging or killing the Wavers and Geemers as you go. At the bottom, you'll find Energy Tank 01 - Energy Tanks add 100 units to your maximum Energy and completely refill it as well. Awesome! Once you have the Energy Tank, go through the door.

In this room, you'll find a new enemy - the Green Space Pirate. Unlike its Gray brethren, it's not affected by your beam at all, does 20 damage per hit, and here there's not enough room to dodge them (you can't roll under them, and there's very little space above them). You will therefore want to defeat them--you can do so using either a Missile or two Bombs (be careful with Bombs though, that you don't touch the enemy itself). Work your way down to the bottom. You'll see a Red Door to the right and a Blue Door to the left. The Red Door leads to a small area (not marked on the map) with a hallway, followed by a strange-looking statue. You won't be able to interact with the statue at all, but if you want to go see it, be my guest. When you're ready to continue, go through the Blue Door to the left.

This corridor presents some interesting new enemies. First is the Silver Geemer. Unlike its weaker Blue brothers, which were just cannon fodder, the Silver Geemer can only be defeated with Bombs at this point (Missiles and beam shots won't work). Also new is the Kago, which releases Kagoites when attacked and is destroyed in 11 hits. The Kago drops nothing, but the Kagoites it spawns when attacked can be used to refill Energy and Missiles. If you attack it, just use your beam; otherwise, just ignore them, as the Kago itself won't attack or do damage. To continue, head through the door on the right to find an elevator room. Ride the elevator down.


You begin in...

Green Brinstar

ItemsMissile Tank 04, Reserve Tank 2 (optional), Missile Tank 21 (optional), Missile Tank 22 (optional), Super Missile Tank 03 (optional), Missile Tank 20 (optional), Missile Tank 05, Charge Beam, Super Missile Tank 01, Missile Tank 19 (optional)
BossesSpore Spawn (Mini-Boss)

You'll now find yourself in a new area - Brinstar. Brinstar is a jungle-type area, with many insects and plant enemies. You'll note that you obtained the Morphing Ball and first two Missile Tanks from a different area of Brinstar, but now we're here to take on Brinstar proper.

A Small Sidehopper. Use your Missiles if needed to protect yourself from damage.Once the elevator stops, make your way down. When you reach the first two Red Doors, go through the left door first. You'll come across two Zeelas, which are little threat, and a Small Sidehopper, which is much more dangerous. The Small Sidehopper can be defeated with your beam, but it may be worth using a Missile to take them out, as they move fast and take off 20 Energy points per hit. Once you've dealt with the first opponents, head over towards the wall on the right side of the room. The wall can be Bombed; do so, and enter the door. You'll find Brinstar's Map Computer--Brinstar is a large area, and having most of it mapped out will be very helpful. Remember that you'll need to defeat all enemies in the previous room to open the Metal Door to return to the elevator room.

Back in the shaft, take the opposite Red Door. Here, towards the bottom of the room, you'll find Missile Tank 04 (either drop down from the top level through the Pit Blocks, or bomb through the bottom-most blocks; you'll need to bomb the blocks to get out at any rate).

Mockball Exploitation

If you're willing to exploit a glitch for major gain, you can "mockball" all the way across the room (under the dropping poles; if you fail, you can leave the room and return to reset them). Doing so will net you Reserve Tank 2, effectively allowing you to carry an extra 100 units Energy, two Missile Tanks, and, as if that weren't enough, your first Super Missile Tank, Super Missile Tank 03, allowing you to skip the next mini-boss if you so choose (or just blast the crap out of it with a powerful new weapon). However, due to the difficulty in doing this, and the fact that it is, in fact, a glitch, this guide will assume you have not done this.

The video below shows how to do this (note that I did not make this video):

When you're done, return to the elevator room.

The next screen down holds a single Red Door to the left, which contains a Save Unit. Use it, then continue to the bottom of the room.

At the bottom are two Red Doors. The one to the left leads to a room lit only by Firefleas; killing one (whether with your weapons or by touching it) will darken the room; kill too many, and it will be almost impossible to see. The room leads to a Missile Charge Unit. Charge up if you need to, then return to the shaft and take the right-hand Red Door to proceed.

In this new room, you'll mostly encounter Zeelas, but Reos will appear as well. Avoid or defeat the enemies and make your way right; eventually, you'll reach a point blocked off by what appears to be a wall. All the blocks in the wall are bombable, so blast your way through. (Right after this, there are some Speed Booster Blocks, but you can't do anything with them just yet.). Make your way to the door on the right (watch out for the Metarees just before the door, they deal 48 damage per hit at the moment) and enter it.

The Charge Beam.You'll now find yourself in a very large room. For now, make your way right and down through the room. Missile Tank 20, which is just beneath where you entered, can only be obtained right now if you're proficient at Wall Jumping; if not, ignore it and continue down, defeating or avoiding the Reos. In the bottom left-hand corner is Missile Tank 05. Once you have it, bomb the two blocks showing just to the right to gain access to a hidden area. In it is the Charge Beam, which allows you to charge your beam for additional power (a Charged shot of your normal beam deals 60 points damage, triple its normal output, and is a godsend against bosses if you run out of Missiles and Super Missiles (you probably still lack the latter though). Once you're done, make your way all the way to the top of the room (in the bottom right corner is a Green Door, which you probably can't open yet). In the top-left corner, you can bomb the wall in the Morph passage to reveal the entrance to a Save Unit; use it. To the right is a Red Door; open it, refill your Missiles and Energy on the Zebs from the pipe (they keep respawning), then enter the door you just opened.

This room contains Green Keyhunters. They're vulnerable to your beam, but can take a few hits before going down and do fairly high damage. When you damage them enough for them to lose their wings, they gain the ability to spit acid. You'll need to defeat all of them to proceed through the Metal Door on the right end of the corridor; stick with charged beam shots and save your Missiles, since you have a date with...

Mini-Boss: Spore Spawn

Spore Spawn with its core exposed.

Attacks (damage with No Suit)
Spores4Direct Contact (body)12

Spore Spawn is a simple opponent. Once it drops from the ceiling, Spore Spawn will swing around the room, eventually stopping to open its "jaws" and expose its core (the point at which is does this is predetermined based upon how much damage it's taken), which is the point you will need to attack. As it takes damage, it will move faster, and its color moves from green towards brown. The whole time, spores will be dropping from the ceiling; you can shoot them to regain Missiles and Energy.

One of the most important points to remember is that, if you roll into a ball on the lowest section of ground, Spore Spawn cannot hit you (except when it stops to open its core) and all you need to do is dodge (or shot) the spores falling from above. So, while Spore Spawn is swinging around, stay in a ball (or kneel when you need to shoot spores for refills) and simply dodge the spores. When he stops to open, quickly jump up and attack. Uncharged beam shots will not work, even on the core; Charged shots are slightly more powerful (in this battle they do double their normal damage; in other words, charged shots deal 120 damage), but if you're quick you can fire two missiles (sometimes even three) into the core before Spore Spawn can close again. Later in the fight, Spore Spawn will open lower down in an attempt to hit you on the ground; simply stay away from it and attack when it's open.

After enough damage, Spore Spawn will wither and die, leaving spoils and opening a new path for you to follow.

Once defeated, you'll be able to jump on top of Spore Spawn's remains and continue upward through the hole in the ceiling. Go through the door at the top of the room.

Here, you can refill on enemies from the first pipe if you like. When you're ready to proceed, drop down the second pipe (it's a long way down, but fall damage doesn't exist in this game), and eventually you will drop in front of Super Missile Tank 01. Super Missiles travel much faster than regular missiles, doing three times as much damage and are able to defeat most armored enemies as well. Grab it, then exit to the left.

In the next room, make your way to the Green Door and open it with a Super Missile. If you haven't already defeated them, this will knock some Zeelas down from the ceiling. Fight the Zeelas/Zebs until you're regained your Super Missile, then exit through the door. You'll find yourself in a hidden area just to the side of the large room that had the Charge Beam in it; you'll need to fire a Super Missile at the block to destroy it, then bomb though the wall on the other side, allowing you to return to the main chamber. Make your way down to the Green Door in the bottom-right corner that we've been ignoring for now (refill your Super Missiles on the Zebs if you like), blast it out of the way, and go in.

In this long room, there is a Yellow Door directly to the right; ignore it, as you won't be able to open it just yet. Instead, make your way right and down. Along the way, on the map nestled under the unexplored room the Yellow Door leads to, is Missile Tank 19 through a pipe (after Wall Jumping, you can jump directly into the pipe, then use the Morphing Ball to access it). It's a fairly easy Wall Jump, so I recommend grabbing it, but I will not assume you have it as you may not be able to Wall Jump. In any case, make your way all the way to the bottom (if you need refills on anything, you can kill the Geegas that come out of the pipes). At the bottom is a pole with a blue light; shoot the light with a beam to open the pole. Make your way past the Small Sidehoppers and through the door.

In this new room, you'll see a platform with a large space underneath. In addition to Zeelas, you'll also find Cacatac, a new enemy. They are weak enemies that are most well-known for their guaranteed Super Missile/Big Energy Ball drop. If you need Super Missile or Energy refills feel free to kill the Zeelas and Cacatacs, otherwise, run across the top of the platform. If you walk, you'll fall through the disappearing blocks, and you can't jump because of the spikes (they do serious damage without a suit), but just running will get you across. Once across, open the Green Door, then defeat the Cacatac for a Super Missile refill. Go through the door.

Red Brinstar

ItemsPower Bomb Tank 01 (optional, not recommended), Missile Tank 11 (optional, not recommended), Power Bomb Tank 02 (optional, not recommended), Spazer Beam, Ice Beam (optional, not recommended), Energy Tank 02, Hi-Jump Boots, Missile Tank 06, Varia Suit, Energy Tank 03
BossesKraid (Boss)

Music and visual theme changes! You'll find yourself in the room shown below:

Go up to get the Power Bombs early, or down to continue through Brinstar. I recommend going down.

Here, you're presented with a choice, whether to go up or down. Going up will allow you to get Power Bombs early (as well as an additional Power Bomb Tank and Missile Tank); however, I do not recommend this path, as this opens up very little (basically, it just allows you to get Norfair's Map Computer immediately upon entering), is time consuming, and requires you to be proficient at both Wall Jumping and Bomb Climbing. I will assume you headed down, but if you're looking for a challenge of skill feel free to try to ascend the shaft.

Just below the door are some pipes with Geegas. Restock if you like, then continue down. Opposite a Yellow Door (which is inaccesible) is a shootable block with a Beetom in it. Beetoms can't be beaten with your beams at all, but you can defeat this one by just Bombing rather than shooting the block. Directly right of the shaft that drops into this area are some shootable blocks; shoot/Bomb them to continue down. From here, just drop down (dodge the Rippers if you can) until you reach the bottom of the shaft. Here, you'll see a Green Door to the left and a Blue Door to the right. The Green Door leads to an Energy Charge Unit; fill up if you need. When you're done, head right.

This is probably your first experience with water in the game. Water makes movement very difficult; to make the jump to the next platform, you'll need to jump from dry ground. Shoot the Skrees before you try to jump across. Now, this part is very important; if you miss the jump and land in the underwater thorns, it's very likely you'll die before you manage to jump out. You'll need to land on the small platform in between the sets of thorns, then jump to the side with the door. Go in.

Here, you'll see a shootable block directly overhead. If you're decent at Wall Jumping, you can shoot it and work your way to the top to obtain the Spazer Beam; otherwise, just ignore it for now and continue through the area. Watch out for the Yapping Maw; it can grab you and then drop you on the thorns in the water (which you definitely don't want). Jump quickly past it and to the platform with the Cacatac. The gap in the ceiling here leads nowhere, so just defeat the Cacatac and continue past the second Yapping Maw to the door. Head through it.

In these three rooms, there is absolutely nothing of note other than that you'll briefly find yourself in Maridia, a new area. Pass through all of them until you reach an area with an elevator.

In the elevator room, you'll notice three blocks in the bottom-left corner. These are Super Missile Blocks, but hold off for now on shooting them; we need to make a brief detour to Norfair first, so take the elevator down.

Here, you'll find yourself in a shaft with Sovas (they look like burning Geemers). You can defeat them if you need to refill items. Most of the doors here will do you no good. The top-right door and bottom door lead to "hot" zones, which, equipped as you currently are, will continuously sap your HP. The top left Green Door leads to another area you can "mockball" through (glitch), but even doing so will not take you far, as you will quickly encounter hot zones, though if you tough it out you can obtain the Ice Beam. The middle-left door is a Yellow Door and leads to the Map Computer, so you can only open it if you already grabbed the Power Bomb Tanks from Brinstar. On the second lowest level are two doors: the right one leads to a Save Unit, and then a dead end, while the left (Red) one is the one we want. Save if you like, then use the left door.

Hi-Jump BootsIn this room, a Metal Door will close behind you. Snag Energy Tank 02, then drop down to the area below (watch out for the Sova; it may be best to wait a while for it to get out of your way, or you can try shooting downward as you fall to defeat it before hitting it. Either way, go through the door; shoot the upper blocks, then get the Hi-Jump Boots and go back to the previous room. Now, you'll need to defeat all the Sovas here to unlock the door; there's one higher up, and one that starts of underneath where the Energy Tank was. Defeat both, grab Missile Tank 06, bomb the blocks in the Morph passage, then leave and take the elevator back to Brinstar.

(Note: If you already have the Spazer Beam, skip the paragraph below.)

From here, backtrack to the area with the shootable block directly above the door (in the room just on the other side of Maridia, on the left-hand side). Shoot the aforementioned block, then use your fancy high jumps to climb to the top of this hidden area. Here, you'll see two blocks in a morph passage; Bomb the first, and shoot the second (if you Bomb it, you'll just drop down right above where a Yapping Maw is waiting), the go through the passage, and open the Green Door. In here you will find the Spazer Beam. This beam splits your beam into 3, improving range, as well as increasing its power (your beam now does double the damage it did before, bringing it to 40 for uncharged shots and 120 for charged shots). Once you have it, make your way back to the elevator room.

Shoot one of the Super Missile blocks, then roll through the gap.

Next, you'll want to shoot one of the Super Missile blocks (shown above). Roll through the gap you just made, then drop to the bottom of the chamber. Your Hi-Jump Boots will make it a very easy jump to the ledge that leads to the door; if you didn't get it for some reason, you can also Wall Jump to the ledge (note that you will not be able to proceed past this point without either Wall Jumping, Bomb Climbing, or the Hi-Jump Boots). Either way, continue through the door.

In this next area, shoot the floor to reveal a shootable block, then drop to the bottom. The Metal Door to the left cannot be unlocked right now, but you can Bomb in the bottom-right corner and then roll through a hidden passage to reach a door. Go inside.

Here, you'll find more Keyhunters. Kill them with charged shots or Missiles, and then go all the way to the right (past the large crack in the floor). You'll see a block-wide depression in the ground here; go into the depression and lay a Bomb. You'll open up a passageway; go through it to find a door and a Save Unit. Save your game, then return to the large crack in the floor you saw earlier. Shoot it to reveal a passage; go through the door at the bottom.

You'll encounter more Green Space Pirates. Luckily, the Spazer Beam works very well against these fiends; shoot them three times to defeat them. Missiles and Bombs still work, by the way, as do charged Normal Beam shots. You'll start to see thorns shoot at you from the right; make your way all the way to the right end of the room to find Mini-Kraid, making a cameo from Samus' last Zebes visit. You'll need to kill him (along with all the Space Pirates) to proceed; I recommend just hitting him with a Super Missile, since beams take a very long time to kill him. When defeated, he'll drop Super Missiles and Big Energy Balls. Once he's busy taking a dirt nap, exit through the now-flashing Metal Door on the right.

This room contains a pipe with Zebs and a Boss Door, a new type of door. This door can be opened with 3 Missiles or 1 Super Missile (beams do not work), and it can only take damage when its eye is open. It will shoot plasma balls when its eye is open, so be quick in shooting it. Once defeated, it will reveal a Blue Door. Don't enter the door just yet; you'll want to refill all your weapons and Energy before going on. You can use the Zeb pipe to refill your items; also, there is a Missile/Energy Charge Unit accessible through a shootable section of the ceiling near the left-hand side (the section looks like a silvery metal bar). You'll have to open a Green Door, but the machines can fill your Energy and Missiles to full very quickly; then, you can just refill your Super Missiles at the Zeb pipe. In any case, once you're ready, it's time to face your first real boss fight!

Boss: Kraid

Kraid's first form; watch out for the rock spit and his arms.

Attacks (damage with No Suit)
Rock Spit2Direct Contact (body/arm)20
Flying Claws10Spine Projectile8
Thorns (on ground)16

Kraid is one big lizard! The battle against him has two parts. In the first part, Kraid will use his rock spit attack (spits rocks in an arc) and jab at you with his arms. The rock spit is weak, but will block projectiles; it's really the direct contact damage that will hurt you here, though. Due to Kraid's size, and the very limited space available, you'll want to get to the next form as quickly as possible, or you could end up taking very heavy damage.

Kraid's weak spot is the mouth; attacks to other areas will not damage him. You can either shoot him in the eyes (can be an uncharged beam) to make him open his mouth (he will not move or use rock spit during this time, unless he was already using one of those moves), or just wait for him to use his rock spit and try to shoot around the rocks. I recommend shooting him in the eye. Once you've done this, 2 Missiles or 1 Super Missile in the mouth will cause him to change to the second form.

Kraid's second form.

In his second form, Kraid is truly massive. He takes up two screens, and his tail isn't even visible. He loses the rock spit attack, but gains two new moves. First, flying claw-like projectiles will spawn and bounce around the room. You can shoot them for weapon/Energy refills, but they will do some damage if you touch them. Also, he gains spine projectiles, which he shoots out of his body. You can actually stand on these projectiles safely; only touching the ends will cause you to take damage. In addition, falling into the thorns at the bottom of the room will deal 16 damage at a time, so avoid this if possible.

There are two floating platforms left, one closer to the wall and one to Kraid. Kraid will continue to move back and forth from time to time; if you're on the platform nearest him, he can actually push you completely off when he moves forward.

Thankfully, Kraid's weak point is still the mouth, and shooting him in the eye will still make him open his mouth (he will also open it if you shoot him in the body, but not the arm). You'll want to shoot him in the eye to get him to open his mouth, then do your damage. If you still have Super Missiles, use them, but make sure you hit; each one that connects will do 300 damage, meaning you can actually kill Kraid with 4 Super Missiles. Charged Spazer beams will do more damage than Missiles in this battle, but are much more difficult to hit with due to the width of the beam (aim a little high to avoid his arms). You'll want to spend as much time as possible on the platform nearest Kraid, but if he starts to move forward quickly jump back to the one nearer the wall to avoid taking damage.

Once you prevail, Kraid will sink into the floor after a number of dying roars, the thorns will disappear, and you can collect your spoils as usual.

After the battle, head right and grab the Varia Suit. The Varia Suit will prevent you from taking damage in Norfair's hot zones (but not in lava), and will also reduce all damage taken by half--very nice! Make your way back towards the Norfair elevator (you'll need to defeat all the enemies in the room with Mini-Kraid again if you didn't go back to open the door when you went through last time; also, it might not be a bad idea to save at the Save Unit). In the room before the elevator, you'll notice a Metal Door that we passed earlier is now flashing; enter it. Here, kill all the Beetoms (you won't be able to leave until you do so); you can either shoot them all with Missiles, or let them latch onto you and kill them with a Bomb. Once they're gone, you'll be free to leave, but before you do so, shoot the ceiling above the slightly raised portion of floor to reveal Energy Tank 03. Once you have it, make your way to the elevator. Ride it down to Norfair.


Time for...

Upper Norfair

ItemsMissile Tank 07, Missile Tank 16 (optional), Missile Tank 17 (optional), Reserve Tank 1 (optional), Missile Tank 08, Missile Tank 09, Wave Beam (optional), Speed Booster, Ice Beam

Once the elevator reaches the landing pad, get off and go in the first Blue Door on the right (it's directly opposite a Green Door). If you tried to enter this room before, you'll remember you constantly took damage, but the Varia Suit is protecting you now--excellent! Shoot the thin section of floor directly in front of you, then drop down. Watch out for the Small Desgeegas; they will inflict 40 damage with the Varia Suit if they hit you, they move fairly fast, and take 3 shots from the Spazer Beam to go down. Go to the right side of the room, then jump up to the Red Door. Open it and go in.

Here, kill the Geruta (Spazer beam works very nicely; if you didn't pick it up for some reason you'll have to use Missiles) and make your way towards the right-hand side of the room. There will be several more Sovas and Gerutas here; kill or avoid them as you see fit. When you reach the third lava pit from the left, go down into the pit, and shoot the block in the bottom-right corner under the lava. This will reveal Missile Tank 07. Grab it (you'll take some damage, so if you're really concerned you can save it for later, but I would just get it now). When you're ready to advance, make your way all the way to the right-hand side of the room, then drop to the bottom. You'll find a Green Door; fire a Super Missile to open it, then go inside.

In this room, the lava will rise up to a low-ish level. There are Squeept and Dragon enemies here; the Squeept enemies can only be defeated with Super Missiles, while Dragons are also vulnerable to Missiles and charged shots. However, it's best to save your weapons rather than try to defeat them. Either way, don't touch them. Both enemies will do respectable damage at this point. Make your way through the room, avoiding the lava and enemies, and enter the door.

A Missile Tank.You'll find yourself in a large room. The Blue Door directly above you holds a Save Unit; use it. Still further up, on the top level of the room above the Save Unit, is a Green Door that conceals Reserve Tank 1 and two Missile Tanks. This room can only be reached by expert Wall Jumping or Bomb Climbing at this point (it holds Missile Tank 16, Missile Tank 17, and Reserve Tank 1), so otherwise you should proceed to the far right wall on the level you originally entrered from. You'll see a Waver in a small alcove; defeat it, then drop down below where it was flying (the first level of blocks will break. Keep shooting the floor until you drop down into a new area. Here, you'll find a Ripper II (you can kill it with a Super Missile, causing it to drop a Super Missile to make up for the one you killed it with) and, much more importantly, Missile Tank 08. Collect it, then make your way back to where the trapped Waver was before.

(Note: At this point, if you're skilled at Bomb Climbing you can climb all the way to the top of the room, on the right side (you'll actually need to start near the center of the room if you do this, due to how far the wall juts out), cutting a significant amount of time if done correctly and not even causing you to miss any items (the Missile Tank and optional Wave Beam are both easily accessed from the top level of the room). If you do this, skip the next nine paragraphs; you'll rejoin the walkthrough at the part where you reenter this room on the upper-right ledge.)

Still at the bottom of the room, you'll notice two dragon-like busts near the middle of the room, with a row of blocks in between and another row below the top blocks. Shoot the blocks (both the top set and the block in the middle of the bottom set), the Morph into a ball and make your way through the tunnel system, dropping a Bomb if you can't proceed further (or you need to kill a Sova). When you get out of the tunnels, you'll notice a door leading down and one leading left. The one leading left is a dead end right now, so take the one going down.

You'll enter a short vertical shaft with no enemies. If you need refills, take the door halfway down and fill up on the Gamets in the small room (it has no items, if you're wondering). It's best to kill them while they're still grouped together, as one shot from your Spazer beam will defeat them. When you're ready to continue, go back to the shaft and exit through the door at the bottom.

This room features two new enemies: the Multiviola, which bounces around the room, and the Magdolite, which sits in the lava and throws chunks of magma at you. The Multiviola is fairly durable but will go down evntually to your uncharged beam; the Magdolite can only be killed with Super Missiles, but you can shoot the lava chunks for weapon/Energy refils (how lava immediately converts into explosives, I have no idea). Kill or avoid the enemies, then exit through the door on the right.

The next room is another fairly uninteresting shaft. You can kill the Violas for Small Energy Balls; halfway down is a hidden passage that's blocked by a pole on the other side (you can't open it yet), and at the bottom is a Yellow Door which won't be of any interest to you for quite some time, even if you already have the Power Bombs to open it. Instead, exit through the Blue Door to the right of where you entered.

Rising lava! Unlike the last time you saw rising lava, this lava will easily rise high enough to drown/burn you. So quickly make your way across the room. You'll see a Fune (the weird face monsters that spit fireballs); ignore it, and instead roll into a ball and go underneath it (there is a passage below it). When you emerge, shoot the thin blocks here and make your way to the top (again, ignore the Funes, you can kill them with Super Missiles but it's not worth it). When you reach the top, go in the door.

This room holds still more lava, this time with no visible way to cross. You can try toughing it out in the lava, but you probably won't make it across. Instead, wait for the Tripper (a Ripper with a platform on its back; sometimes also called a Platform Ripper) to come close. Jump on top, roll into a ball to avoid the spikes, and ride it to the area in the center. Avoid the spikes and the pole (which is there just to block your jump; wait for it to go into the celing before crossing) to see more lava. Here, wait for another Tripper and ride it across (roll into a ball once again); just make sure to jump before this one goes all the way in the lava to avoid taking damage (this particular Tripper will slowly drop the longer you're on it). Go through the door.

Finally, an interesting shaft! As you make your way up, you'll encounter Multiviolas and Alcoons; both will fall to your beam weapon. The first Blue Door above where you entered will take you nowhere. Instead, make your way to the Red Door above it. Go inside.

Green platform; make sure your weapon isn't aimed straight up or down when you land to avoid falling through.You'll see a weird-looking moving green platform here (pictured to the right). If you land on one of these platform with your weapon pointed straight down or straight up, you'll just fall through. So don't do that, but jump on the platform (watch out for the Fune's fire balls). Use the platforms to get across (there are four in total), shoot the light on the pole to get it out of the way, then jump to the platform for Missile Tank 09. Take it.

Now, you have two options (this game just loves to give you choices, doesn't it). If you know how to Wall Jump, you can continue right. Take as big a jump as you can, and you'll land on some spikes, taking fairly heavy damage (if you took a perfect jump and are quick, it's actually possible to Wall Jump off the opposite wall without taking damage, but this is extremely difficult to do and not worth retrying for). As quickly as possible (before your hit invincibility wears off), spin jump at the right-hand wall, and Wall Jump to the Red Door on the upper ledge. Open it to find the Wave Beam, then head back to the shaft you were in before you entered the platform/spike room. The Wave Beam is awesome. Not only does this beam triple your beam's power, but it also allows you to shoot through walls. This second trait is particularly useful, as it allows you to hit the light on poles with blue lights no matter where you're standing. This in turn allows you to skip a long detour to Brinstar that is in your near future, and instead collect your first Power Bombs and the Grappling Beam (in addition to Missile Tank 13, Missile Tank 14, and Missile Tank 15) in one trip after picking up the next major item. This is a serious time savings (and this game does track your play time), so if you're into Wall Jumping even in the slightest it's strongly recommended. The other option is to simply go back (either jump back across the platforms or drop to the bottom of the room on the left side of your current platform). Since you may not know how to Wall Jump, this guide will assume you did not get the Wave Beam early; however, I will make a note when those of you who did pick up the Wave Beam already can skip ahead. Once you're back in the shaft, make your way to the top, and take the door (it's on the left-hand side).

At this point, those of you who Bomb-climbed to the the top of the large room will rejoin the walkthrough (make sure to grab Missile Tank 09 and the (optional) Wave Beam by heading to the shaft mentioned in the paragraph above). Make your way to the top of this sectioned-off area; open the Green Door, then kill the Red Cacatac to regain your Super Missile (make sure not to fall down, which will set you back a long way). Go in the Green Door.

Kill the Skrees here, then shoot the ceiling near the center of the room to reveal a passage. Jump up, then shoot the next section to open up the other side. Here, you'll find a pipe with Gamets; refill if you need, then continue through the door. In this long room, you can fight your way through if you like, but it's easiest to just run until you reach the Red Door on the other side. Open the door, but don't go in just yet. Waiting for you is Missile Tank 10 in the ceiling near the door (you'll have to shoot straight up from near the door to reveal it). Take it (if you've been following the walkthrough your Missile capacity is now 50), then go in the door.

Here, the first thing you should do is open the door behind you (you'll see why in a minute). Once you've done that, grab the Speed Booster. The lava will be begin rising very rapidly; you need to run as fast as you can back to the Blue Door on the other side of the previous room (you'll see some cool effects, but just keep going). Don't stop to fight or for anything else, just run! If you the lava catches up you may still be able to escape, but you'll take heavy damage and probably die if you're not close to the end of the room. Once you reach the door, open it and go inside. Go back down to the bottom of this room, then through the door and back to the large central chamber.

Here, kill the Cacatac, then jump down off the ledge (you won't be able to jump all the way across to the door on the other side, but you can still Wall Jump up there if you're so inclined). Go through the Bomb-block tunnel again by blasting the blocks between the dragon busts; when you reach the end of the tunnel, take the left-most Blue Door, which we've been ignoring up until now.

Exploiting the Wave Beam

If you went and got the Wave Beam earlier, now is the time to make your skills pay off. You'll get to skip one of the longest and most tedious detours of the game, saving you enormous amounts of time (and this game does actually track your time, and it affects one of the scenes in the ending). When you enter this room, drop through the gap in the center and break then thin floor section with your beam, then use your Wave Beam to hit the Blue Light and open the pole. Go through the door, then make your way down in this room (watch out for the Red Space Pirates, they're more powerful than Greens and will do some significant damage if they hit you), then through the door at the bottom. In this new room, go right to find an Energy Charge Unit, or just go left past the Dragons to proceed, and go through the door. You'll see a Green Door below you, but don't go in just yet. Go up to the Blue Door above you to find a Save Unit, along with some Cacatacs on the nearby platform (use them to refill your Super Missiles if you need). Once you're ready, blast open the Green Door, refill on the Cacatacs, then go through the door to face Crocomire. At this point, you'll rejoin the walkthrough (click here to go there).

In this room, cross to the other side (ignore the gap leading down) and enter the Blue Door opposite where you entered. Here, run until you see the blue echoes; you'll break through the blocks as well as the Beetoms, and reach the door on the other side. It leads to a Save Unit (use it), then to the elevator shaft. Don't take the elevator up just yet though. Instead, go through the topmost Green Door (the one above the Yellow Door). Here, Speed Boost past the poles, then go through the door.

The Ice Beam.Now, use the Trippers to help you pass over the lava, but remember that these are the kind that like to sink under your feet, so don't linger too long on them. Go through the door on the other side. In this new room, make your way to the top of the shaft. In front of the door on the top, you'll se two blocks that are lower than the rest of the floor; shoot them. Make your way down to where you see a Morph path leading off screen, take it, then go into the door. Grab the Ice Beam, then make your way back through the previous shaft and through the door at the top (you can use your new beam to freeze the Funes if it makes it easier for you).

Here, you'll find a new enemy, Boyon. There's no point trying to defeat them (it's just a waste of Super Missiles), but if you get close enough they'll jump up and down constantly. Get close enough to make the first one jump, then freeze it when it's about level with your platform. Jump to it, and repeat for the other two Boyons. Roll through the Morph path, then cross this small lava pool (you can freeze the Ripper II if it helps you), then go through door. You'll drop down through a series of blocks.

(Note: If you already grabbed the Power Bombs from Brinstar (by ascending the tall shaft there instead of descending), there's no need to return to Brinstar, as you already have everything you could have collected from there at this point. Instead, skip to Return to Norfair, which will pass through this same area. You'll rejoin the walkthrough at the point where it mentions Power Bombing in this room.)

When you hit solid ground, shoot the block in front of you and roll right through the Morph path to eventually be deposited by the door to the elevator shaft (beware the Sova). Go in.

Head to the top of the area and ride the elevator back to Brinstar.