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Storyline Guide by roadtosalvation

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 02/08/13


  Mega Man X Storyline Guide
  by: roadtosalvation
  Version 1.00 (Initial Version)
  Last Updated: February, 06, 2012

 > (TOC) Table of Contents

    S.Code  Section Name                                     
       TOC  Table of Contents
     INTRO  Introduction
      WORK  Areas That Need Improvement
   ORIGINS  The Origins of this Document
     OTHER  Other FAQs
  THOUGHTS  My Thoughts on the Mega Man X Series/Games
    HUNTER  The Deal With Maverick Hunter X

 STORYMMX0  The events prior to Mega Man X                    Events 001 ~ 010
 STORYMMX1  Events that take place during Mega Man X          Events 011 ~ 015
 STORYMMX2  Events that take place during Mega Man X2         Events 016 ~ 026
 STORYMME1  Events that take place during Mega Man Xtreme     Events --- ~ ---
            -- Currently Incomplete --
 STORYMMX3  Events that take place during Mega Man X3         Events 027 ~ 043
 STORYMME2  Events that take place during Mega Man Xtreme 2   Events --- ~ ---
            -- Currently Incomplete --
 STORYMMX4  Events that take place during Mega Man X4         Events 044 ~ 059
 STORYMMX5  Events that take place during Mega Man X5         Events 060 ~ 079
 STORYMMX6  Events that take place during Mega Man X6         Events 080 ~ 096
 STORYMMX7  Events that take place during Mega Man X7         Events 097 ~ 113
 STORYMMX8  Events that take place during Mega Man X8         Events 114 ~ 141
 STORYMMCM  Events that take place during Mega Man X: CM      Events --- ~ ---
            -- Currently Incomplete --

    UPDATE  Update History
 ACKNOWLED  Acknowledgements
   CONTACT  Contact Information
 COPYRIGHT  Copyright Notice

 > (INTRO) Introduction
  Hello, roadtosalvation here. Welcome to my Mega Man X Storyline FAQ. Within
  you'll find all the storyline events that occur in the eight main Mega Man X
  games transcribed into text for quick reference. However, at this current
  time this document DOES NOT cover Mega Man Xtreme, Mega Man Xtreme 2 or
  Mega Man X Command Mission. The story for these games isn't as vital as the
  eight main games, but perhaps if I get the bug I'll add them at some point
  as it would be nice to have all the storylines in one place.

 > (WORK) Areas That Need Improvement

  Before anyone sends me any e-mails about it, I am aware that the section on
  Mega Man X5 needs some work as far as what events lead into one another. At
  the time this was written I thought I had all the links confirmed but after
  looking through for this posting I see there are some definite gaps. Those
  that have played the game should be able to piece things together however.

  When I replay the Mega Man X games at some point Mega Man X5 will be at the
  top of the list to address these problems.

 > (ORIGINS) The Origins of this Document

  From what I was able to gather from the archived text file on an old CD-ROM
  what follows was written in August of 2005 and has just been chilling out
  since then. This was the last time I really sat down and really played ALL
  the Mega Man X games - outside the first four which I replayed in 2012.

  The original idea behind transcribing the storyline from the games was to
  print it out and make a huge poster out of it - I even recreated all the
  game's logos with Adobe Illustrator just for it. Unfortunately, that plan
  fizzled when the document became WAY to large to make a poster. Anyway,
  after looking though it a little while ago I thought it may be useful if
  re-formatted and uploaded the GameFAQs.

 > (OTHER) Other FAQs

  I have written a few other FAQs as well. Generally I stick to In-Depth FAQs
  as I usually like to focus on one area of a game when I write.

  Other guides include:

    Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light - Item Maximization/Checklist
    Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light - Official Strategy Guide Error List

    (I would really like to do more work on Four Heroes, but I severely burnt
     myself out on the game when writing these....) 

  > Wild Arms 2 - Music/Soundtrack FAQ

    (While my work on Wild Arms 2 is pretty much done, I would like to do
     more music FAQs at some point. I love video game music fan and I
     collect soundtracks.)

 > (THOUGHTS)  My Thoughts on the Mega Man X Series/Games

  Being a big Mega Man fan, some my be curious what my stance is on the games
  that make up the series. Below are my general feelings on each game:

  Mega Man X - :)

  The original Mega Man X is a near perfect cart that should be in any SNES
  collector's collection - especially those with an interest in platformers.
  The only real problem with the game is it is a bit too easy, but then most
  games become easy after playing them a million times anyway.

  Mega Man X2 - :|

  As a game there is nothing wrong with Mega Man X2. Be that as it may, it is
  the standard definition of a standard sequel although the game feels edgier
  and more wreck loose than the original. I'd only recommend it to those with
  a major interest in the series.

  Mega Man X3 - :|

  You can basically copy and paste what was said about X2 for X3. The same
  thoughts apply.

  Mega Man X4 - :)

  I could probably gush over Mega Man X4 all day. The game gives the original
  a real run for it's money and is a no-brainer of a purchase for anyone with
  an interest in platformers. All around a great product that does the 32-bit
  consoles proud.

  Mega Man X5 - :|

  The start of the downfall, I find Mega Man X5 to be an extremely mediocre
  product from almost every angle. I will say if the series HAD ended with it
  as originally planned I would feel better about it & the series as a whole,
  but as it stands it's merely a prelude to the series' lowest lows.

  Mega Man X6 - :(

  The development of Mega Man X6 was rushed and it clearly shows. There
  is next to no love or respect present in the entire product that it really
  is an insult. Also, you can't overlook the recons that were born out of its
  surprise existence.

  Mega Man X7 - :(

  You got to love how game companies think. You have the mess that was Mega
  Man X6 and they think taking the series to 3D is going to solve their
  problems? Uh, yeah, sure. The only thing that's more embarrassing is the
  amount of loading screens that call this game home.

  Mega Man X8 - :|

  After X6 and X7, I have to admit X8 was an improvement as far as gameplay
  is concerned. However, X8 really dropped the ball story-wise, as it's
  rather unwise to introduce an interesting twist this late in a series'
  life span.

 > (HUNTER) The Deal With Maverick Hunter X

  Those reading may be wondering if I plan on incorporating the story of Mega
  Man: Maverick Hunter X on the PSP into this document. While I've played and
  own the game - and enjoyed it (for the most part) - trying to wedge it into
  this document seems very ill-conceived considering it alters many key ideas
  from the earlier (original) games. In other words, it would create nothing
  short of a huge mess.

 > (STORYMMX0) Events prior to Mega Man X:

  Event 1: Dr. Light’s Creation ~ the Birth of X
  Near the end of his life Dr. Thomas Light succeeds in the creation of a robot
  that can think and feel for itself. Not having anyone to carry on his work,
  and fearful of the possible consequences of unleashing of such a creation
  upon the world, Dr. Light decides to seal him in a capsule that will test his
  systems until they are completely reliable.

  Event 2: Dr. Wily’s Creation ~ the Birth of Zero
  Built by Dr. Albert Wily, Dr. Light’s long time rival, Zero is sealed away in
  a capsule as well.

  Event 3: Dr. Cain’s Search
  While on an archaeological dig for a fossil record that would verify his
  findings on Mesozoic plant life, Dr. Cain finds the remains of Dr. Light’s
  laboratory. In the remains he finds notes that refer to “the capsule.”

  Event 4: Dr. Cain’s Discovery ~ X Unleashed
  Dr. Cain discovers the capsule hidden underneath a collapsed ceiling. Upon
  opening it, Dr. Cain meets X.

  Event 5: Dawn of the Reploids
  Using Dr. Light’s design notes as a guide, Dr. Cain completes the
  construction of the first “reploid” with X’s help. The mass production of
  reploids would soon follow.

  Event 6: Maverick
  The first cases of “maverick” behavior in reploids are reported. Talk of
  halting the production of reploids is nigh, but production continues.

  Event 7: The Maverick Hunters ~ Sigma’s Creation
  The Maverick Hunters are formed with the main task of destroying a maverick
  before any injury to the population occurs. One of Dr. Cain’s most advanced
  and intelligent reploids, Sigma, is given command of the group.

  Event 8: The Maverick Zero
  Sigma is called to the scene of a maverick disturbance in the forbidden area
  where X was found by Dr. Cain. Not willing to sacrifice any more of his
  hunters, Sigma heads into the factory himself only to find Zero lying in
  wait. As the battle begins, Sigma seems to hold the advantage, but the tide
  of battle soon changes when one of Sigma’s arms is severed. Zero continues
  to pummel Sigma until a large “W” appears in the blue crystal on his helmet.
  With Zero holding his head and screaming, Sigma musters up the last of his
  strength and knocks him out. Exiting the factory, a battered Sigma orders
  the other hunters to take Zero to the repair center for Dr. Cain to study.

  <<< Note >>> 

  Sigma’s first encounter with Zero is an event that can be interpreted in many
  ways since the full-motion video in Mega Man X4 is somewhat ambiguous. Some
  players believe that the Maverick Virus was passed between the two during
  this fight with Zero being the vector. That is possible, but then there are
  other theories introduced by the Mega Man X manual, the later games in the
  series (Lumine in Mega Man X8 reveals that Sigma went maverick as a matter of
  individual choice) and Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X where the importance of
  the “suffering circuit” is revealed. Whatever you may believe, it’s more than
  obvious that maverick behavior existed in reploids existed prior to their
  first meeting.

  Event 9: Zero, the Maverick Hunter
  Zero is appointed to the Maverick Hunters under the command of Sigma.

  Event 10: Sigma Goes Maverick
  Sigma “decides” that humans are inferior beings and are limiting the growth
  of the reploid race. For this reason, all humans should be eradicated. Taking
  most of the other hunters with him, Zero is placed in command of the Maverick

 > (STORYMMX1) Events that take place during Mega Man X:

  Event 11: X’s Fight ~ Attack on the City
  X attempts to thwart the latest attack on the city. Fighting down the
  highway, a maverick airship (the "Death Rogumer") appears along with one of
  Sigma’s henchmen. Powerless in his attempt to stop Vile, Zero comes to his
  rescue, forcing Vile to retreat. After a few words of encouragement, Zero
  heads off to collect information on Sigma’s fortress while X hunts down
  Sigma's mavericks.

  <<< Notes >>>

  The “city” being referenced here is actually given a name in Mega Man:
  Maverick Hunter X on the PSP, but since I’m not including the remake’s story
  here for the sake of continuity I have omitted it.

  It should also be noted the "Death Rogumer" is never mentioned to by name in
  the game itself. Check out the Mega Man X Official Complete Works artbook to
  see how this went from idea to conception in Keiji Inafune's sketchbook

  Also, it should be noted the Death Rogumer (or "a" Death Rogumer if multiple
  exist in the game's world) is destored after beating Storm Eagle which in
  turn affects Spark Mandrill's level by deactivating the ground traps.

  Event 12: Attack on Sigma’s Fortress
  With the defeat of Sigma’s henchmen Zero uncovers the location of Sigma’s
  fortress. Zero heads out ahead of X to distract the main defense force so X
  can slip into the fortress.

  Event 13: Rematch with Vile ~ Zero’s Death
  During his infiltration of Sigma’s fortress, X encounters Vile. Suddenly,
  Zero appears and attempts to take Vile on himself. Vile captures Zero and
  overcomes X’s attack once again. Breaking free of his restraints, Zero
  activates his self-destruct sequence to destroy Vile’s ride armor. Alone
  with Vile, X mysteriously recovers from the previous battle and is finally
  able to defeat Vile. Before he "dies," Zero gives X a few final words of

  Event 14: X Meets Sigma ~ a Dream Denied
  Sigma gives X the honor of first battling his pet. Then finding himself face
  to face with Sigma, X only manages to destroy his body. Sigma then proceeds
  to implant his head into a huge, two-handed battle body. With the defeat of
  the battle body, Sigma can only question why X stood against him and his
  ideals. Escaping from the fortress, X watches it sink into the sea from the
  cliff side. Alone, X wonders why he chose to fight and if there was another
  way. He only knows he hasn’t seen last of the mavericks.

  Event 15: A Message: I Will Return
  Sigma leaves a message for X, assuring him his spirit remains intact and he
  will return in new, more powerful form in the future.

 > (STORYMMX2) Events that take place during Mega Man X2:

  Event 16: Sigma’s Followers
  Six months after the destruction of Sigma, X and the new generation of
  Maverick Hunters have yet to destroy his followers. Intelligence from Dr.
  Cain has tracked the last of the mavericks to an abandoned reploid factory,
  where they hope to finish off the resistance.

  Event 17: Factory Raid
  Racing toward the abandoned factory aboard land chasers, X is the only Hunter
  to survive the defenses surrounding the factory. Clearing the factory of
  mavericks, it’s discovered finds Sigma’s followers have already vacated the

  Event 18: The X-Hunter’s Plot ~ The Unification
  Observing X’s invasion of the factory, Sigma’s followers the X-Hunters
  (Agile, Serges and Violen) plot out their course of action. Dispatching a
  group of mavericks to distract X, they hope buy enough time to secure Zero’s
  control chip - a key item in the “unification.”
  Event 19: The X-Hunters Intervene ~ Zero’s Body Parts
  Realizing their mavericks will not buy them the time necessary to complete
  the unification, the X-Hunters contact Hunter HQ and challenge X to battle
  over the possession of Zero’s body parts.

  Event 20: The X-Hunters’ Challenge
  X succeeds or fails in retrieving Zero’s body parts from the X-Hunters.

  (This is a multi-outcome event. If all of Zero’s parts are recovered from
   the X-Hunters, events 21a and 24a will occur. If all of Zero’s parts are
   not recovered, events 21b and 24b will occur.)
  <<< Note >>>

  I don't believe its ever been made clear by Capcom which path is considered
  canon it terms of the story. In a certain sense it doesn't really matter as
  the end result is the same.

  Event 21a: Zero’s Resurrection
  Back at Hunter HQ, Dr. Cain asks X to buy him the time he needs to reactivate

  (This event occurs if all of Zero’s parts were recovered during event 20.)

  Event 21b: Raid on Hunter HQ
  The X-Hunters have managed to steal Zero’s control chip from Hunter HQ, along
  with any of the parts X managed to recover.

  (This event occurs if all of Zero’s parts were not recovered during event

  Event 22: North Pole ~ the X-Hunters Base
  Intelligence gathered by Dr. Cain indicates the X-Hunters Base is located at
  the North Pole.

  Event 23: Sigma’s Return ~ New Toys
  With the defeat of the X-Hunters, Sigma takes the opportunity to reveal he
  was the mastermind behind everything and assures X he has some new “toys”
  for him to “play” with. 
  Event 24a: The False Unification
  X encounters Sigma within the X-Hunters’ main computer base along with a
  black-clad replica of Zero. Before the battle can begin the real Zero blasts
  through the chamber door and destroys the fake Zero in the process. Sigma
  dodges Zero’s follow-up attack and escapes. Blasting open the passageway to
  Sigma, Zero leaves to destroy the main computer.

  (This event occurs if all of Zero’s parts were recovered during event 20.)

  Event 24b: The Unification Succeeds
  X encounters Sigma within the X-Hunters main computer base along with a
  reactivated and reprogrammed Zero. Managing to overcome his attack, X is
  able to bring Zero back to his senses. Zero proceeds to reveal the
  passageway to Sigma and heads off to destroy the mavericks’ main computer.

  (This event occurs if all of Zero’s parts were not recovered during event

  Event 25: Neo Sigma ~ Zero’s Dark Origin
  Proceeding down the passageway provided by Zero, X encounters Sigma and
  defeats him. In his last words, Sigma claims Zero is “the last of the
  doctor’s creations.”
  <<< Note >>>

  While I cannot personally confirm it as I cannot read Japanese, I have been
  told that this hint of Zero’s origin at this point in the game is much
  clearer in the Japanese original.

  Event 26: Never-ending Questions
  Escaping from the fortress, X joins Zero by the seaside. Gazing out over the
  water, X wonders if the battle against the mavericks will ever truly end. Was
  Dr. Light’s dream of a world where reploids and humans lived together in
  peace just a dream? What does the future hold?

 > (STORYMME1) Events that take place during Mega Man Xtreme
  I have yet to transcribe the events of Mega Man Xtreme from the game itself.
  Back when I wrote all of this I didn't have access to a Mega Man Xtreme GBC
  cart. In the time since then I have obtained a copy of the game along with
  the manual. Maybe at some point I will get around to playing it and writing
  out its events. However, it should be noted the events in Mega Man Xtreme
  don't have much - if any - real bearing on the series storyline as a whole.

 > (STORYMMX3) Events that take place during Mega Man X3:

  Event 27: Dr. Doppler’s Contribution
  Thanks to the efforts of the reploid scientist Dr. Doppler, any further
  maverick activity has been prevented through the use of his Neuro Computer.
  Many reploids began to gather around Doppler and founded “Dopple Town,” a
  perfect utopian community. With Dr. Doppler’s guidance, the world seemed
  ready to enter a new golden age.

  Event 28: The Doppler Revolt
  A few months later, the robots that were to be neutralized by Dr. Doppler
  reappeared and began to riot. Intelligence gathered by Maverick Hunter HQ
  indicated that Doppler himself was behind the invasion. X and Zero are given
  the order to stop the mavericks and bring Doppler to justice.

  Event 29: Hunter HQ Attacked ~ Mac’s Betrayal
  Doppler’s forces attack Hunter HQ. Rushing to the scene, Zero takes on the
  mavericks outside of HQ as X clears out the base itself. Not far into the
  base Mac, a Maverick Hunter turned traitor, captures X.

  Event 30: Zero to the Rescue ~ Destination Dopple Town
  Catching up with Mac in the Hunter HQ control center, Zero defeats Mac and
  rescues X. Sweeping the remaining mavericks out of headquarters, X and Zero
  begin their raid on Dopple Town.

  Event 31: The Nightmare Police ~ an Old Rival
  With his mavericks unsuccessful in their attempt to stop X, Doppler calls on
  the Nightmare Police (Bit and Byte) to capture him. Afterwards, Vile appears
  and expresses his desire for revenge. Following a hostile exchange of words,
  Vile departs, leaving Doppler to wonder how X managed to defeat his master

  Event 32: Battle vs. the Nightmare Police
  During his quest to dispatch of Doppler’s mavericks, X is challenged by Bit
  and Byte, the Nightmare Police.

  (This is a multi-outcome event. If Bit and Byte are BOTH destroyed, event 37
   will not occur. If Bit and/or Byte flee after the battle, event 37 will

  Event 33: Vile Returns ~ Underground Factory (Optional)
  Within in abandoned underground factory, X encounters the reactivated Vile.
  Despite the outcome of the battle a time bomb is activated, giving X no
  choice but to rush to the exit.

  (This is a multi-outcome event. If Vile is destroyed, event 39 will not
   occur. If Vile escapes after the battle, event 39 will occur.)

  Event 34: Zero ~ Condition Critical (Optional)
  Zero’s power generator is damaged in battle. Unfortunately, he will be
  unable to aid X any further in his fight against Doppler.

  (This event can occur anytime between event 30 and event 40.)

  Event 35: Doppler’s Laboratory ~ a Plan Revealed
  With the defeat of Doppler’s mavericks, X and Zero head back to Hunter HQ.
  Dr. Cain informs them he has obtained information from memory chips of some
  of Doppler’s mavericks and it seems the doctor is building a powerful new
  battle body by using the abilities from the latest breed of reploids.
  However, the fact Doppler himself is unable to interface with the body means
  it must be meant for someone else….

  Event 36: The Ultimate Nightmare ~ Godkarmachine O Inary (Optional)
  In Dr. Doppler underground fortress, X encounters Bit and/or Byte who
  transform into their ultimate form: Godkarmachine O Inary.

  (This event will not occur if Bit and Byte were both destroyed in event 32.)

  <<< Note >>>

  In a certain sense I'm a little surprised that the name "Godkarmachine O
  Inary" wasn't altered in the ending cast roll given the old Nintendo rules
  where references to religion were altered or removed. Sungod was renamed as
  Sunstar in the 1994 release of Mega Man V on the Gameboy. However, since X3
  came out after ESRB ratings were common place in 1996, I believe Nintendo
  relaxed this policy a bit.

  Event 37: Zero ~ Condition Critical -Special- (Optional)
  Zero’s power generator is damaged when a maverick in Doppler’s laboratory
  makes a last ditch effort to crash into him. Unable to aid X in his fight
  against Doppler any further, Zero gives X his Z Saber.

  (This event is the same as event 34, except for how and when the event is
   triggered and X receiving Zero’s weapon.)

  Event 38: Vile mk2 and the Goliath (Optional)
  X encounters Vile, who is piloting a new type of ride armor, the Goliath.
  Vile is defeated, but in his last words he swears to haunt X until the day
  he dies.

  (This event will not occur if Vile was destroyed during event 33.)

  Event 39: Battle with Doppler ~ Doppler’s Corruption
  Doppler complements X’s abilities and offers him the chance to join him in
  the creation a reploid utopia under the rule of Sigma. When X refuses,
  Doppler becomes impatient and attacks. After his defeat, Doppler reveals
  Sigma’s true from is that of a computer virus and how he was corrupted and
  used. X rushes to the lab’s underground hanger to stop Sigma from inhabiting
  his new battle body.

  Event 40: Zero’s Mission ~ the Power Generator
  During the infiltration of the underground hanger, Zero heads off to destroy
  the lab’s power generator while X confronts Sigma.

  (This event will not occur if Zero was damaged in event 34 or 37.)

  Event 41: Kaiser Sigma ~ the Sigma Virus
  X defeats Sigma, but fails in stopping him from activating his battle body.
  X overcomes the battle body leaving Sigma in his viral form. Filling the
  chamber with lava, Sigma decides to simply chase down X to posses and
  corrupt him instead.

  Event 42a: Rescue ~ Zero Saves the Day
  Sigma chases X to a dead end. At the last second, Zero bursts through the
  ceiling and attacks Sigma with his Z Saber loaded with Dopper’s Anti-Sigma
  Virus program. As Sigma’s program begins to disappear, the lab begins to
  self destruct.

  (This event will not occur if Zero was damaged in event 34 or 37.)

  Event 42b: Rescue ~ Doppler’s Sacrifice
  Sigma chases X to a dead end. At the last second, Doppler bursts through the
  ceiling equipped with the Anti-Sigma Virus program. Throwing himself upon
  Sigma, Doppler absorbs and erases Sigma’s program. Doppler then activates
  the self-destruct sequence to destroy Sigma and the lab.

  (This event will occur if Zero is damaged in event 34 or 37.)
  Event 43: Inescapable Destiny
  As X looks over the remains of Doppler’s lab, many questions still remain as
  his body trembles from an unknown sorrow. Unaware to X, his destiny has
  already been decided. In order to save mankind, he must destroy Zero. Only
  time will tell when and why….

 > (STORYMME2) Events that take place during Mega Man Xtreme 2
  I have yet to transcribe the events of Mega Man Xtreme 2 from the game
  itself. Back when I wrote all of this I didn't have access to a Mega Man
  Xtreme 2 GBC cart. In the time since then I have obtained a copy of the game
  along with the manual. Maybe at some point I will get around to playing it
  and writing out its events. However, it should be noted the events in Mega
  Man Xtreme don't have much bearing on the series storyline as a whole - the
  only real mention of these events outside the game itself a brief mention
  near the end of Mega Man X6.

 > (STORYMMX4) Events that take place during Mega Man X4:

  Event 44: Sigma and General ~ the Seeds of Doubt
  Sigma meets with the General of the Repliforce to warn him of the threat the
  Maverick Hunters pose, urging him to take action before they betray him.
  General dismisses Sigma and informs him he will do no such thing. Sigma
  leaves, assuring General he will live to regret his decision.

  (This event is only shown in X’s scenario, but it's generally believed it
   would takes place during both.)

  Event 45: Zero’s Dreams ~ A Mysterious Man
  While resting at Maverick Hunter HQ, Zero dreams of a mysterious man (Dr.
  Albert Wily) who informs him of his true purpose. Attempting to run towards
  the man, Zero is confronted by horrific visions of his past. Awakening to
  the sound of alarms and sirens within the HQ, Zero contemplates the meaning
  of his reoccurring nightmares.

  (This event only occurs during Zero’s scenario.)

  Event 46: Attack on the Sky Lagoon ~ Hunters Betrayed
  During their investigation of the maverick outbreak at the Sky Lagoon, Zero/X
  are attacked by Eregion, a huge flying maverick. After a short skirmish it
  flies off. Reaching the power generator, X/Zero encounter Magma Dragoon, a
  Hunter turned traitor, who informs X/Zero the flying maverick has knocked
  out the power, causing the Sky Lagoon to plummet into the city below.

  <<< Note >>>

  Eregon is not mentioned to by name in the game itself, but is named after
  the piece of music that plays during the battle itself which can be heard on
  the Capcom Music Generation: Rockman X1-6 music collection that was released
  in Japan in 2003.

  Interestingly enough however, this track has an added crescendo at the start
  in the Sega Saturn version of the game which is not present on the PS1. This
  rendition is not included in the X1-6 box since it takes the audio from the
  PlayStation version. The Saturn audio has yet to receive an official release
  and probably never will.

  Event 47a: The Aftermath ~ Iris’ Rescue
  Arriving at ground zero, Zero rescues the Colonel’s sister, Iris. Soon
  afterwards, Zero encounters the maverick from the Sky Lagoon incident.

  (This version of this event occurs during Zero’s scenario.)

  Event 47b: The Aftermath ~ a City Destroyed
  As X weaves through the remains of the city, he encounters the maverick from
  the Sky Lagoon incident.

  (This version of this event occurs during X’s scenario.)

  Event 48: Prelude to War ~ Conversation with Colonel
  Upon the destruction of the maverick, Colonel of the Repliforce appears.
  Colonel denies any involvement in the Sky Lagoon attack, insisting he came
  to save his sister. Unfortunately, when informed he is suspected of being a
  Maverick, Colonel and his men refuse to surrender and retreat.

  Event 49: Repliforce Declares Independence
  The Repliforce are judged as Mavericks by the humans. At Memorial Hall,
  General and Colonel rally their troops and declare Repliforce’s independence,
  boasting the creation of a nation for reploids. Taking note of the
  declaration, Sigma wonders what the Maverick Hunters next move will be.

  Event 50a: Repliforce’s Coup ~ Iris’ Plead
  Surprised to find Iris at Maverick Hunter HQ, Zero finds Colonel and his men
  have taken over several key locations. Iris begs Zero not to fight against
  her brother, but Zero tells her the choice is now beyond his control.

  (This version of this event occurs during Zero’s scenario.)

  Event 50b: Repliforce’s Coup ~ Double the Rookie Hunter
  Returning to HQ, X meets Double, Dr. Cain’s latest creation. As the
  Repliforce have begun their coup, X is given the order to scramble.

  (This version of this event occurs during X’s scenario.)

  Event 51a: Retribution ~ Zero vs. Magma Dragoon
  Tracked down within the depths of a volcano, Dragoon initially gives no
  answer for his actions. After his defeat, Dragoon reveals by working for
  Repliforce “he” would give him the power needed to defeat Zero.

  (This version of this event occurs during Zero’s scenario. This event can
   occur anytime between events 50 and 53.)

  Event 51b: Retribution ~ X vs. Magma Dragoon
  X encounters Dragoon hidden deep within a volcano. Following the battle,
  Dragoon reveals he wanted to fight against X, thus he sided with the
  Repliforce to goad him into fighting, just as “he” suggested.

  (This version of this event occurs during X’s scenario. This event can be
   triggered anytime between events 50 and 53.)

  Event 52a: Memorial Hall ~ Colonel and Zero
  Zero receives a message from the Colonel to meet him at Memorial Hall.
  Despite Iris’ concern, Zero heads off to the meeting. At Memorial Hall, Zero
  demands Colonel to end the coup. Colonel refuses and the two engage in
  combat, only to be interrupted by Iris, who pleads her brother to stop the
  fight. Colonel respects his sister’s wishes, but warns there will be no
  mercy next time. 
  (This version of this event occurs during Zero’s scenario.) 

  Event 52b: Memorial Hall ~ Colonel and X
  X receives a message from the Colonel to meet him at Memorial Hall. Upon his
  arrival, X tries to reason with Colonel once again, but his pleas are in vain
  as the Colonel appears and challenges him to battle. X manages to fend off
  the attack causing Colonel to retreat.

  (This version of this event occurs during X’s scenario.)

  Event 53: The Spaceport ~ Colonel’s Last Stand
  With the coup destroyed, Repliforce’s remaining forces gather at the
  spaceport. X/Zero once again try to reason with Colonel, but to no avail.
  Colonel is defeated but is successful in his effort to buy enough time for
  the Repliforce to leave for space.

  (Due to dialog in Mega Man X5 with The Skiver, it is believed that Zero is
   the one who “truly” defeated Colonel.)

  Event 54a: Mission to Space ~ Iris Disappears
  Zero returns to HQ only to find that Iris is missing. Assuming she has left
  for space with the Repilforce, Zero travels to their space base, the Final

  (This version of this event occurs during Zero’s scenario.)

  Event 54b: Mission to Space ~ Double’s Attack
  With the Repliforce occupying their space base, X is left with no choice but
  to pursue them despite Double’s concern. Soon after X’s departure, Sigma
  contacts Double and orders him to terminate the remaining hunters.
  Transforming into his true form (Jello Man), Double savagely destroys the
  hunters, but not before one of the hunters manages to contact X. Concluding
  the open transmission, Double assures X everything is fine.

  (This version of this event occurs during X’s scenario.)

  <<< Note >>>

  It should be said that this is full motion video is perhaps the goriest scene
  in the entire series along with the part in Zero's dreams were his hands are
  covered with blood. I'm kind of surprised the game got away with the rating
  it got.

  Event 55a: Between Hope and Despair ~ the Death of Iris
  During his invasion of the Final Weapon, Zero encounters Iris. Distraught
  over the death of her brother by Zero hands, Iris encases herself in ride
  armor and attacks. Iris’ defeat leaves her near death. Iris pleads Zero not
  to fight the Repliforce so they can live together in a world just for
  reploids. Zero explains such a world is a fantasy. Iris dies in Zero arms,
  leaving him to question what it is he is fighting for.

  (This version of this event occurs during Zero’s scenario.)

  <<< Note >>>

  There is actually a lot more to Iris' death than the game literally spells
  out. However, because I want this guide to focus on what one experiences
  from game itself, I will not be including that here. There are plenty of
  great Mega Man sites on the internet that go into more detail and explain
  Iris and Colonel's origin and shared fate.

  Event 55b: Double’s True Nature ~ X Exploited
  Infiltrating the Final Weapon, X is surprised to find Double waiting for
  him. Mocking the actions of the Maverick Hunters and the Repliforce, Double
  transforms into his true form and attacks X. After his defeat, Double
  reveals he was sent to spy on X. Before passing on, Double revels in X’s
  naive nature, warning him it very well may cost him his life one day.

  (This version of this event occurs during X’s scenario.)

  Event 56: General’s Quarters ~ a World in Danger
  X/Zero enter the chambers of General. X/Zero try to reason with General, who
  informs them it is too late to turn back. General proceeds to justify the
  Repliforce’s actions and those lost as a result, claiming the cost of
  independence is always high. With General’s defeat, the Final Weapon is
  suddenly activated, putting the Earth in grave danger.

  Event 57a: Sigma’s Influence ~ Zero’s Dark Past
  Sigma enjoys the fact Colonel and Iris met their end at the hands of Zero as
  a result of his plan. Zero is quick to place the blame on Sigma, but this
  prompts him to remind Zero that he was once a Maverick himself.

  (Refer to event 8 above for a description of the events covered in Sigma’s

  (This version of this event occurs during Zero’s scenario.)

  Event 57b: Sigma’s Influence ~ an Orchestrated Conflict
  Sigma is amused how well his plan of baiting the Maverick Hunters and
  Repliforce into fighting against each other has turned out and reveals it
  was he who sent Double to spy on him. To add insult to injury, Sigma intends
  to destroy the earth with the very weapon the Repliforce where foolish
  enough to build.

  (This version of this event occurs during X’s scenario.)

  Event 58: Ready to Fire ~ Colonel’s Sacrifice
  Sigma is defeated, but the Final Weapon is aimed and ready to fire at the
  earth. As X/Zero attempt to escape, the wounded General appears. Realizing
  the trouble he and his men have caused, General sacrifices himself to stop
  the Final Weapon from firing.

  Event 59a: Final Weapon Destroyed ~ Sorrow and Regret
  With his mission complete, Zero’s mind begins to wander, from pieces of his
  mysterious past to the lost of Colonel and Iris. In not being able to save
  those he cared for, he begins to realize how thin the line between Mavericks
  and Hunters really is.

  (This version of this event occurs during Zero’s scenario.)

  Event 59b: Final Weapon Destroyed ~ Worry and Resolve
  Alone, X reflects on the hardships he has had to overcome and wonders if he
  will become a maverick as well. Receiving a transmission from Zero, X asks
  Zero if he were to become a Maverick, would he stop him. Zero shrugs off X’s
  question as silly and breaks contact. X heads back towards earth, uncertain
  what the future holds in store for him.

  (This version of this event occurs during X’s scenario.)

  <<< Note >>>

  While I doubt anyone can confirm it, some players see this full motion video
  as the first hint towards Zero's future conflict with Copy X in the Mega Man
  Zero series. Given that X4 came out in 1997 it is kind of iffy if that part
  of the story existed such an early point, but it is an interesting concept
  to at least consider.

 > (STORYMMX5) Events that take place during Mega Man X5:

  Event 60: A World at Peace ~ Lunar Colonization
  After centuries of fighting the Reploid Wars, the world has is finally at
  peace. With this peace has come the dawn of lunar colonization in the form
  of orbital space colonies, the largest of which is Eurasia.

  Event 61: Peace Shattered ~ Eurasia Colony Attacked
  While undergoing extensive renovations, the Eurasia is attacked by an
  unknown force lead by the reploid known as Dynamo. Under the orders of Sigma,
  he hacks into the colony’s artificial gravity device. Dynamo questions the
  threat X and Zero pose. While not giving Dynamo a clear answer on the matter,
  Sigma’s extreme interest in Zero becomes apparent. Dynamo then heads back to
  earth to scatter the Sigma Virus.

  Event 62a: Eurasia Colony ~ X’s Arrival
  Sigma has been detected near the statue construction site. X battles his way
  towards the statue, and slips past the malfunctioning security devices
  surrounding it. X finds Zero, injured in a surprise attack by Sigma at the
  top. Zero explains that Sigma is a virus and can’t be found by ordinary
  means, but one must sense his presence. An explosion suddenly engulfs the
  face of the statue, revealing a gigantic Sigma head. X defeats Sigma, but X
  soon learns his victory was part of Sigma’s plan.

  (This version of this event occurs when X is chosen at the character select
   screen. Additionally, Zero will lose access to his Zero Buster as it was
   damaged by Sigma's sneak attack.)

  Event 62b: Eurasia Colony ~ Zero’s Arrival
  Sigma has appeared and was last detected moving towards the statue
  construction site. After fighting his way to the statue and eluding its
  malfunction security devices, Zero reaches the top of the statue where he
  finds X. Damaged in an attack by Sigma, Zero suggests X to head back HQ. X
  assures Zero he is fine despite his armor being damaged, but senses Sigma is
  close by. Zero senses him as well, and comments on the similarity of
  mavericks and hunters. Before Zero can explain his statement, an explosion
  blasts out from the statue’s face and reveals huge replica of Sigma’s head.
  Zero defeats Sigma, but soon realizes that he lost the fight on purpose.

  (This version of this event occurs when Zero is chosen at the character
   select screen. Additionally, X will lose access to the Fourth Armor as it
   was damaged by Sigma's sneak attack.)

  Event 63: A World in Crisis ~ a Distant Hope
  The explosion resulting from Sigma’s defeat destroys the colony’s artificial
  gravity device, and has distracted the Maverick Hunters from realizing the
  Sigma Virus has spread across the earth. X and Zero have no choice but to
  escape and return to Hunter HQ. With the Sigma Virus affecting people and
  reploids everywhere and the Eurasia on a collision course with the earth, it
  is determined the only course of action is to destroy the colony itself. The
  only weapon capable of such a task is the Enigma, which will only work with
  the help of some additional devices. There is also a space shuttle that could
  be used to crash into the colony as well, but the autopilot is inoperable due
  to the virus meaning someone would have to pilot it into the colony.

  Event 64: Battle against Time ~ Enhancing the Enigma
  To deploy the Enigma, Douglas needs the help of four devices. Due to the
  Sigma Virus, each device is in the possession of various Mavericks. Being
  that most of the Hunters have become mavericks themselves, X and Zero are
  given the mission of collecting the necessary components.

  Event 65: Incoming Message ~ Meet Dynamo
  After successfully acquiring the first item needed for the Enigma, Dynamo
  makes contact with Hunter HQ. While he holds no hard feelings towards the
  hunters, he announces his plans to attack the Hunter Base in the near future
  to “play” with X and Zero.

  Event 66: Dynamo Attacks ~ Wasted Time
  Making good on his promise, Dynamo attacks the hunter base. Making it clear
  he basically wishes to interrupt the Hunter’s progress and waste their time,
  Dynamo flees after the battle, assuring to return again.

  Event 67: Clinging to Hope ~ Launching the Enigma
  Douglas completes the necessary adjustments to Enigma and it is fired at the
  colony, either destroying it or merely delaying its impact.

  (This is a multi-outcome event. If the Enigma succeeds in destroying the
   colony, event 73 will occur. If the Enigma fails to destroy the colony,
   event 69 will occur. For canon purposes it should be noted the Enigma truly
   does fail to destroy the colony as shown in X6’s opening video.)

  Event 68: A Last Resort ~ the Space Shuttle Operation (Optional)
  With the failure of the Enigma, the Maverick Hunters turn their attention
  towards enhancing the space shuttle. Like the Enigma, each of the four parts
  needed to refine the space shuttle are under the possession of Mavericks. X
  and Zero once again head out to secure the required devices.

  Event 69: A Secret Threat ~ Lifesaver’s Warning
  Zero reflects on his long battle against Sigma Virus. Energized instead of
  harmed by the virus, Zero begins to wonder what he really is. Signas talks
  with Lifesaver regarding Zero’s reaction to the virus. Having fought Sigma
  several times in the past, Signas believes Zero has the virus anti-bodies.
  Lifesaver accepts this as a possibility as X and Zero’s internal systems
  remain a mystery. Lifesaver tries to convince Signas of the danger X and
  Zero present with the virus everywhere. While his warning falls on deaf
  ears, Lifesaver pleads Signas to at least do something about Zero.

  Event 70: Dynamo Returns ~ Foreshadowing of the Future
  During the mission to recover the devices for the space shuttle operation,
  Dynamo attacks the hunter base again. Upon his defeat, Dynamo tells X and
  Zero they take their work too seriously, and they may die one day as a
  result. In not wanting to die himself, Dynamo makes a swift retreat.

  Event 71: Zero’s Mission ~ Colony Crash (Optional)
  Douglas finishes outfitting the space shuttle with the parts recovered by
  Zero and X. Without the aid of the autopilot, Zero is the only Hunter who can
  fly the shuttle. At the last minute X tries to convince Zero to let him take
  his place, but Zero insists the earth needs X. Assuring X he will not die on
  such an easy mission, and only when he has become a maverick will he think he
  has died. The shuttle blasts off towards the colony as Zero weaves through
  the debris surrounding it. The shuttle collides with the colony, either
  destroying it or failing to finish it off.

  (This is a multi-outcome event. If the shuttle destroys the colony, event 73a
   will occur. If the shuttle fails to the colony event 73b will occur. For
   story purposes it should be noted that the shuttle crash successfully
   destroys the colony as shown in X6’s opening video although the planet is
   still horribly scared from the result.)

  Event 72a: The Shuttle Succeeds ~ Birth of the Zero Virus (Optional)
  The shuttle successfully destroys the remains of the Eurasia colony. Contact
  with Zero is lost, but is soon reestablished as he heads back to earth. At
  the landing site, a rescue team recovers a safe but exhausted Zero as the
  pieces earth and colony viruses combine to form the Zero Virus.

  Event 72b: Failure ~ Dawn of Maverick Zero (Optional)
  The shuttle fails to destroy the remains of the colony and it’s soon
  discovered Zero was unable to escape in time. Back at headquarters everyone
  evacuates as natural disasters breakout prior to the collision. During the
  evacuation it’s discovered X is missing. The earth narrowly escapes
  extinction when the colony collides with it. After the collision, the
  Hunters try to understand the situation on the surface of the scorched
  planet. While the Sigma Virus has disappeared, X comes face to face with
  Zero, who has been awakened by the virus.  X wonders if this is the Zero he
  has come to know. Zero proceeds to informs X that his destruction is at
  hand. Although confused this sudden turn of events, X acknowledges what
  needs to be done and accepts Zero’s challenge.

  (This event also occurs when time runs out during the Enigma or Space Shuttle
   operations, the only difference being the Space Shuttle operation does not
   take place during the later.)

  Event 73: The Zero Virus ~ the Final Battleground Revealed
  Back at Hunter HQ, a strong energy mass is detected at point 11F5646.
  Despite the overwhelming danger, there is little choice but to dive head
  first into the investigation.

  Event 74a: Battle between Friends ~ X vs. Zero
  During his investigation of point 11F5646, X encounters Zero. X warns Zero of
  the danger he is in and wishes to escort Zero back to HQ. Zero questions if X
  has seen his virus readings. Admitting to have looked at them out of concern,
  X fails to understand how Zero’s power grows in response to the virus. X
  urges Zero this is not the time to fight, but informs Zero he will take him
  back to HQ by any means necessary. Zero is unsure of the validity of X's
  statement and tires to assure him he is fine. X tells Zero he trusts him,
  which is the reason they must fight. X manages to defeat Zero, but quickly
  succumbs to his injuries and slips into unconsciousness.

  (This version of this event will occur when playing as X and if event 67 or
   71 was successful.) 

  Event 74b: Battle between Friends ~ Zero vs. X
  To Zero’s surprise, X and multiple Lifesavers appear during his investigation
  of point 11F5646. While Lifesaver jumps to the conclusion that Zero has
  become a maverick X is undecided on the issue, but feels his presence may
  pose a threat. Zero questions X if he really feels that way, and X admits he
  is so worried he would fight for what he feels is right. The situation
  quickly turns sour when Zero suggests X may be the one who has become a
  Maverick. X warns Zero not to force him to return to base, but Zero refuses,
  wishing he wouldn’t have to fight over such a trivial matter. Zero defeats X
  but is unable to remain conscious due to his injuries.

  (This version of this event occurs when playing as Zero and if event 67 or 71
   was successful.)

  Event 74c: Battle between Friends ~ X vs. Awakened Zero  
  Investigating point 11F5646 X encounters Zero, who informs X he is has never
  been so happy and everything has become clear to him. While X wonders if the
  reploid before him is still the friend he once knew, Zero tries to convince
  him he is still Zero. X thinks back to how Zero taught him not all things can
  be analyzed correctly as data. X feels an evil presence within Zero and
  swears to bring back the Zero he once knew. X manages to overcome Zero’s
  attack but quickly falls unconscious due to his wounds.

  (This version of this event will occur if event 72b occurs.)

  Event 75a:  Sigma’s Attack ~ a Plan Incomplete
  Zero awakens to find X lying beside him. As Zero calls out to X, Sigma
  appears to take advantage of X’s weakened state. Zero stops Sigma’s attack
  and knows what he is trying to accomplish. Realizing the virus has failed to
  awaken Zero, Sigma retreats.

  (This version of this event will occur following events 74a or 74b.)

  Event 75b: Sigma’s Attack ~ an Ally Lost
  Zero awakens to find X lying beside him. As Zero calls out to X, Sigma
  appears to take advantage of X’s weakened state. Zero dives to block Sigma’s
  attack, appearing to sacrifice his life to save X. Though disappointed that
  Zero failed to re-awaken, Sigma decides to spare X’s life and retreats. X
  wakes to find Zero’s body next to him, and begs him not to leave him alone.

  (This version of this event occurs following event 74c.) 

  Event 76: Unknown Energy ~ Sigma’s Lair
  With the energy mass at point 11F5646 is increasing in strength; it is
  impossible to attain an accurate data sample. It is concluded that the
  reading must be coming from Sigma.

  Event 77a: Showdown with Sigma ~ X’s Past Life
  X questions Sigma why he would cause such a catastrophe to occur. Sigma
  explains such an event was necessary to awaken Zero from “his false self.”
  Scattering of the virus across the earth was not enough, thus the need to use
  the Eurasia as a virus colony. After Sigma’s initial defeat, he reveals his
  unfinished battle body created with the help of his new partner. Sigma tells
  X there someone else that hates him (Dr. Albert Wily). With the defeat of his
  battle body, Sigma detects Zero is close by, and plans to take him out with
  the resulting explosion, taking delight in X’s pain of losing who is
  important to him. 

  Event 77b: Showdown with Sigma ~ Zero and the Old Man
  Sigma questions Zero if he wishes to acquire his true powers. While Zero
  scoffs at the offer believing he has his true powers, Sigma proceeds to tell
  Zero of a old man he met (Dr. Albert Wily) who revealed to him what Zero
  really is. Following the man’s advice he scattered the virus to awaken Zero
  from his false self. While Zero refuses to believe he is destined to become
  just another maverick, Sigma tells him he will become something much more.
  Zero loses his patience as Sigma makes one final plead to Zero to embrace his
  true self or be lost forever. Sigma is defeated but reveals his new,
  unfinished battle body. Continuing to tell Zero about the old man he
  mentioned earlier, Sigma tells Zero he is the most powerful reploid in
  existence. Zero denies knowing the identity of the old man until Sigma asks
  him about his dreams. When Sigma informs Zero the interest the old man holds
  in him, Zero has had enough of Sigma’s ramblings. Sigma is defeated once
  again, but doesn’t plan on dying alone. Detecting X’s presence close by,
  Sigma feels the resulting explosion will be enough to take both of them out.

  Event 78a: The Death of Zero ~ A Final Plea
  The explosion resulting from Sigma’s defeat severely damages Zero’s body. As
  X rushes to Zero’s aid, Sigma takes advantage of the situation and makes one
  final attack. As Sigma’s beam rips through X and Zero’s chests, Zero awakens
  and finishes off Sigma. The dying Zero calls out to find X’s optimism has led
  to his own demise. Zero tells X that he must survive and that the world still
  needs him.

  Event 78b: The Death of Zero ~ Memories of the Past
  The explosion resulting from Sigma’s defeat severely damages Zero’s body. As
  X rushes to Zero’s aid, Sigma takes advantage of the situation and makes one
  final attack. As Sigma’s beam rips through X and Zero’s chests, Zero awakens
  and finishes Sigma off. The dying Zero calls out to X only to find that X’s
  optimism has led to his own demise. Zero tells X that he must survive and
  that the world still needs him. Realizing his battle against the Sigma Virus
  has come to an end, Zero wonders why he chose to fight. Feeling pain as his
  memory device begins to malfunction his mind begins to wander as he is
  confronted by the mysterious man found only in his dreams. Still unsure of
  whom this person is Zero finally understands the dream. Zero’s final thoughts
  are of Iris, and how he couldn’t save her. Feeling peace can only be brought
  about through his own death, Zero apologizes for having to leave X alone.

  (This version of this event occurs when playing as Zero and event 72b is not

  Event 79a: Strong Resolve ~ a Friend Not Forgotten
  As X’s damaged body lies on the ground, a mysterious blue light approaches. A
  voice from the light tells X to rest and hold on, for he does not wish for
  him to die just yet.

  3 years later, X is with his Maverick Hunter unit. Informed of a Maverick
  outbreak, X and his unit go into action. The Hunters under X’s command talk
  about how X has changed since the loss of Zero. Gripping Zero’s saber in his
  hands, X realizes he can face any enemy as Zero will always be with him in

  (This version of this event only occurs playing as X and event 72b is not
  <<< Note >>>

  It is generally believed that Event 79a and the events leading up to it are
  the true ending of Mega Man X5. However, it should be stated many feel that
  "three years" was changed to "three weeks" so the maverick attack mentioned
  in the ending lines up with the first stage of Mega Man X6.
  Event 79b: A Painful Loss Forgotten ~ X’s Dream   
  As X’s damaged body lies on the ground, a mysterious blue light approaches. A
  voice from the light tells X to rest and hold on and to forget all of his
  painful memories.

  A week later, X and his squadron continue in the restoration of the earth.
  While one of the Hunters asks X if he remembers the battle against Sigma, the
  other Hunter talks of how X and Zero worked together to save the world. X
  remembers Sigma, but has no memory of Zero. X suggests the person who
  repaired him deleted the data by mistake.

  Signas believes X return is a miracle due to the difficulty of repairing of X
  and Zero’s bodies. Alia refuses to believe it’s a miracle, as she doesn’t
  think Reploids dream of miracles. Douglas questions why the only data deleted
  from X’s memory was that of Zero. Signas suggest it disappeared by itself,
  otherwise it was deleted on purpose. A protection now refuses X’s memory to
  accept any data related to Zero, adding to the endless number of questions
  that remain about X.

  At the reconstruction site, one of hunter questions if the battle to save the
  planet will lead to peace. As X assures the hunter it will, the other hunter
  asks X what his private dream is. Having never but much though into it, X
  wishes to create “Elysium,” a paradise where humans and reploids live
  together peacefully. The one hunter wishes that Zero was here, but is
  overheard by X and denies talking about Zero. X vows one day Elysium will
  become a reality.

  (This event will occur if event 75c is triggered. This event is preceded by
   event 77a, not 78a)

  <<< Note >>>

  It should be noted that “Elysium,” the paradise X refers to the other
  reploids was featured in the story of Mega Man Legends 2; however, all was
  not right as rain within its walls as X imagined.

 > (STORYMMX6) Events that take place during Mega Man X6:

  Event 80: A World Saved ~ the Road to Recovery
  Three weeks ago the earth was saved by Zero’s successful shuttle crash attack
  into the Eurasia colony. The resulting explosion would severely damage the
  planet. As for the battle against Sigma, only X would return with Zero’s
  saber in his hand. With the remains of the colony covering the planet's
  surface with a toxic blanket of pollution, the remaining humans are forced
  to flee underground. Now that the pollution has cooled the remaining reploids
  can begin the containment and recovery operation.

  Event 81: Gate’s Discovery ~ the Beginning of a Nightmare
  Walking among the remains of the colony that litter the earth’s surface, the
  reploid scientist Gate questions the success of the Maverick Hunter’s
  operations. Feeling that the current situation is hardly any better than if
  the colony had collided with earth, he knows the planets hardships are far
  from over. Gate notices a piece of debris near his feet. Examining it closer,
  Gate realizes this is no ordinary piece of debris….

  A week later in his laboratory, Gate begins to feel the energy contained
  within the piece of debris as he analyzes it. Planning to bring down those
  who where too simple minded to understand his work, he will build a world for
  only the strongest reploids where he is in control of everything.

  Event 82: X’s Solitude ~ Maverick Mechaniloid
  Resting at Hunter HQ, X dreams of Zero, who urges him to wake up and continue
  the fight for the earth. X wakes to the sound of alarms and Alia informing
  him a mechaniloid, thought to have been destroyed during Sigma’s attack, has
  gone Maverick. 

  Event 83: The Ruins ~ the Appearance of Nightmare Zero
  Arriving at the scene of the maverick outbreak, Alia informs X his armor's
  capabilities have been not been fully restored. X assures her he’ll be fine
  with Zero’s saber in hand. Within the ruins X meets up with two Hunters
  injured by the maverick mechaniloid. X tells the Hunters to return to base
  while he confronts the mechaniloid. The machaniloid is defeated, but a
  mysterious purple apparition of Zero appears and lands the final blow.

  Event 84: X Meets High Max – an Uphill Battle
  Immediately after the purple apparition of Zero disappears, the reploid High
  Max appears to investigate the Zero Nightmare. High Max questions X’s
  involvement with the Nightmare and concludes he is dangerous and must be
  eliminated. The battle quickly comes to an end as X’s weapons fail to damage
  High Max. High Max retreats and tells X that his presence and involvement is

  Event 85: Isoc’s Propaganda ~ A Dangerous Mission
  Isoc gives a speech to rally the support of the remaining reploids on the
  earth. Explaining the effect the Nightmare has on reploids, Isoc states the
  loss of any additional reploids is unacceptable. To solve the mystery of the
  Nightmare, investigators have been sent to the suspected Nightmare areas.
  While Isoc claims the cause behind the Nightmare is the ghost of Zero, he
  urges the reploids to help the investigators wipe out the Nightmare. Placing
  High Max in command of the mission, Isoc guarantees the safety of those
  involved in the investigation. 

  X is angered by Isoc’s claim that Zero is the cause behind the Nightmare
  phenomena, having surrendered his life to save the earth. Alia tells him such
  accusations can’t be helped now, but expresses the need for the Maverick
  Hunters to investigate the Nightmare as well. X wonders if they can really
  trust the actions of the investigators. The Hunters acknowledge the danger
  the mission presents, but realize the importance of defeating and minimizing
  the damage caused by the Nightmare.

  Event 86: X’s Mission ~ Investigation of the Nightmare
  Back at Hunter HQ, Alia has discovered the areas Isoc has sent investigators
  to. However, considering the state of the Maverick Hunters, X is the only
  hunter that can possibly accomplish the missions. While X promises to uncover
  Isoc’s true intentions and the mystery behind the Nightmare, Signas reminds
  him not to push himself too hard. Signas also asks X to rescue any Reploids
  that have traveled into the nightmare areas having believed in Isoc’s promise
  of protection.

  Event 87: X vs. the Zero Nightmare ~ Zero’s Return (Optional)
  During his investigation of the Nightmare, X encounters the Zero-shaped
  nightmare from his mission to the ruins. X defeats the nightmarish version of
  his fallen partner and returns to base. With the defeat of the Zero Nightmare
  the real Zero mysteriously returns. X questions questioning how he survived,
  having never found his body. Zero explains how he hid himself away and tried
  to repair himself, but had to wait until he was fully healed before
  returning. Despite the emotional reunion, Zero insists they continue
  investigating the Nightmare. Pledging save the remaining reploids, X and Zero
  join forces once again, promising to never let anyone ever break them apart

  (This event can occur anytime following event 86.)

  Event 88a: Isoc’s Report ~ The Search for Zero
  Isoc reports the defeat of one of the investigators to Gate. Already aware of
  the situation, Gate finds it shameful they can’t stop such an old reploid.
  Commanding Isoc to keep his eye on X, Gate inquires about the experiment.
  Isoc assures him everything is proceeding as planned, but questions why they
  simply don’t use High Max to gain control of the reploids. Gate ignores
  Isoc’s suggestion and tells him to continue collecting data. Gate asks Isoc
  if his search for Zero has turned up anything. Isoc insists that Zero would
  not die in such a trivial battle. With many options open to them even if Zero
  is alive or not, Gate tells Isoc he is alone on his search.

  (This version of this event occurs when playing as X prior to this event.)

  Event 88b: Isoc’s Report ~ Personal Interest
  Isoc reports the defeat of one of the investigators to Gate. Gate
  acknowledges their abilities for being as old as they are, especially Zero.
  Believing Zero may become a problem, Isoc asks Gate what measures should be
  taken. Revealing he has no interest in the original Zero, Gate feels High Max
  will defeat him before long. Gate questions Isoc if he is obsessed with
  studying Zero. While Isoc denies the accusation, Gate tells him to focus on
  the experiment. Informing Gate that the project has achieved an almost
  perfect success rate, Isoc is told by Gate that the next phase of their
  experiment is at hand.

  (This version of this event occurs when playing as Zero prior to this event.)

  Event 89a: X vs. High Max ~ High Max’s Achilles Heel (Optional)
  Deep within the one of the Nightmare areas, X encounters Isoc and High Max.
  X orders them to abandon their plans but they refuse and High Max jumps to
  their defense. Using the weapons acquired from the investigators, X’s is able
  to defeat High Max. High Max finds it incomprehensible that an inferior
  reploid could defeat him. With High Max down Isoc attempts to withdraw, but
  a furious X refuses to let them escape. Signas contacts X and orders him to
  calm down and return to base for repairs. X comes to his senses and realizes
  the need to be cautious and heeds Signas’ advice.

  (This version of this event occurs when playing as X after event 88 has
   occurred. This event triggers event 92.)

  Event 89b: Zero vs. High Max ~ Isoc’s Trump Card (Optional)
  While investigating the deep recesses of one of the Nightmare areas Zero runs
  into High Max and Isoc. Isoc finds it funny how Zero has managed to defeat
  High Max while X was no match for him. Zero attempts to take out Isoc but is
  stopped when Isoc makes use of a mysterious force field. Isoc tells Zero that
  he knows him from the inside out and that he can capture him at anytime, but
  admits he must take care of high Max first. Realizing he’s in no condition to
  continue, Signas sends a rescue team to his aid. Alia questions why Isoc
  tried so hard to trap Zero and his motives for doing it.

  (This version of this event occurs when playing as Zero after event 88 has
   occurred. This event triggers event 92.)

  <<< Note >>>

  It's this event and the phrase "from the inside out" that leads many players
  to believe that Isoc is Dr. Wily. This has never been confirmed by anyone at
  Capcom to my knowledge.

  Event 90: Allure of the Nightmare ~ an Old Foe (Optional)
  During their investigation of the Nightmare X/ Zero encounter Dynamo, who has
  been collecting Nightmare Souls in an effort to increase his own powers.
  Demanding X/Zero hand over the souls they have collected, Dynamo escapes
  after a short battle, living to fight another day.

  (This event can occur after event 90 has occurred and can be triggered
   multiple times.)     

  Event 91a: Gate’s Invitation ~ A Reploid Obsessed
  With the defeat of his creations, Gate contacts Hunter HQ. Introducing
  himself as the new leader of the reploids, Gate reveals he aims to create an
  ideal nation for reploids. Gate explains the need to weed out the weaker
  reploids, leaving X to ask if he understands the consequences of his plan.
  Acknowledging the world needs reploids to restore it, he claims it’s the
  perfect time to bring about a new age and will destroy anyone who gets in
  the way. For defeating his investigators and proving his worth, Gate invites
  X to his secret laboratory.

  (This version of this event occurs when playing as X.)

  Event 91b: Gate’s Invitation ~ A Secret Grudge
  Gate contacts Hunter HQ and congratulates Zero on defeating his star
  creations. Alia asks if he realizes the risks of his plan. While Gate
  acknowledges the risks, he states he cannot allow this opportunity slip away.
  Feeling he can control the remaining reploids and build his ideal world with
  only the strongest reploids, Gate will destroy anyone who gets in the way.
  Zero tells Gate his obsession of a world built from a virus is ridiculous and
  will not last. Angered by Zero’s statement, Gate labels the actions of the
  Hunters as hypocritical, considering they could never maintain peace even
  with the use of force. Alia tries to breakup the quarreling and tells Gate
  that he should know better. Gate tells Alia he can’t forgive how his works
  were disposed of when a dangerous reploid like Zero is allowed to live.
  Looking forward to seeing Zero at his laboratory, Gate breaks contact.

  (This version of this event occurs when playing as Zero.)

  Event 92a: X meets Gate ~ an Experiment Revealed 
  Not far into the laboratory X encounters Gate. Complimenting the abilities of
  X and Alia, Alia tells him his abilities were always beyond hers, the only
  difference being she followed orders. Signas insists a nation of only
  reploids will not succeed, as humans and reploids are both flawed, and
  survival can only be achieved through cooperation. Gate questions the worth
  of the humans, hiding underground while the reploids do the work. Gate
  acknowledges reploids are not perfect as they can become mavericks, such is
  the reason he and his work were misunderstood. Feeling confident in his
  latest creations, Gate reveals the piece of debris that is actually a piece
  of Zero. Obtaining Zero’s DNA he created High Max and the Nightmare. In
  using Zero to cause reploids pain and to satisfy his own selfish pleasures,
  X tells Gate he’ll never forgive him.

  (This version of this event occurs when playing as X.)

  Event 92b: Zero meets Gate ~ Unwilling Collaboration
  Zero encounters Gate within his laboratory. Gate decides to reveal the source
  behind his experiments to Zero. Revealing the piece of debris that turned out
  to be a piece of Zero’s body, Gate obtained Zero’s DNA. While Zero is furious
  that Gate used the power of his DNA to bring harm to the world, Gate
  continues on about the creation of High Max and the Nightmare. Because he
  couldn’t completely analyze the DNA, Gate believes it couldn’t match the
  power of the original. Zero demands Gate to delete the Nightmare virus before
  it’s too late. Finding it strange that Zero has lost his patience, Gate tells 
  Zero not to worry, for he has attained enough power from his experiments on
  reploids to destroy the original.

  (This version of this event occurs when playing as Zero.)

  Event 93a: Final Battle with High Max ~ Past vs. Present
  After his conversation with Gate, X continues his way through the lab and
  encounters High Max. Claiming to surpass X data-wise, High Max feels his
  victory is assured. X can’t believe that High Max is still obsessed over his
  loss to him. Defeating High Max, X comes one step closer to Gate.

  (This version of this event occurs when playing as X.)

  Event 93b: Final Battle with High Max ~ Creator vs. Created 
  Following his conversation with Gate, Zero encounters High Max once again.
  High Max tells Zero, the source of his creation, just to die. Zero defeats
  High Max and comes one step closer to finding Gate.
  (This version of this event occurs when playing as Zero.)

  Event 94a: X vs. Gate ~ a World in the Balance
  While Gate initially admits he has no more cards to play, there is one more
  experiment that he would like to conduct, insisting on personally analyzing X
  through battle. After his defeat, Gate does can’t believe he lost even with
  the power of Zero’s DNA. Refusing to allow it to end this way, Gate reveals
  he has resurrected Sigma. Sigma laughs at the Gate’s claim that he had died,
  or needed his assistance. Sigma finishes off the weakened Gate and turns his
  attention to X. Sigma tells X he is waiting for him and leaves. X takes note
  that Sigma has not been fully restored, and realizes this is an opportunity
  to finish him off for good. Before heading of after Sigma, X finds Isoc
  lying on the ground. Alia is unsure if he is dead or just broke down, or if
  his condition is similar to those involved in the Erasure incident.

  (This version of this event occurs when playing as X.)

  <<< Note >>>

  The “Erasure” incident refers to the events that occurred during Mega Man
  Xtreme 2.

  Event 94b: Zero vs. Gate ~ a World in the Balance
  Gate bluffs he has nothing left to fight with as he couldn’t completely
  analyze Zero’s DNA. Zero feels Gate must have known the dangers of putting
  his DNA to use and demands he delete the remaining programming. Gate refuses
  and takes the opportunity to fight against Zero himself. Gate doesn’t believe
  he lost using Zero’s DNA and he begins to wonder if there was a fault in his
  program. However, Gate reveals he prepared reparation for such an event and
  unleashes the resurrected Sigma. Sigma jests that Gate made it sound as if he
  had died, or if he needed his assistance in the first place. Sigma finishes
  off the weakened Gate and leaves. Zero discovers Isoc’s body on the ground. A
  mysterious voice (Isoc) tells Zero he is the strongest reploid and to destroy
  Sigma. Zero questions whether he actually heard someone call out to him but
  shrugs it off and goes after Sigma.

  (This version of this event occurs when playing as Zero.)

  Event 95a: X vs. Sigma ~ an Incomplete Threat
  X encounters Sigma, who can barely stand up with his half-completed body. X
  defeats Sigma but the battle is not over as Sigma calls out from the still
  darkness, remembering his desire for revenge despite his current condition. X
  defeats again and Sigma as screams out it is useless to try and defeat him,
  as he cannot be beat so easily. X tells Sigma he does not have time for him,
  that he must work towards the reconstruction of the earth. X promises Sigma
  if he reappears he will defeat him. In his last words Sigma tells X that’s
  all the motivation he needs to do just that.

  (This version of this event occurs when playing as X.)

  Event 95b: Zero vs. Sigma ~ an Incomplete Threat
  Zero meets up with Sigma and his half completed-body. Sigma is defeated, but
  beckoning darkness Sigma states he’ll show Zero what terror is all about.
  Zero tells Sigma he will not allow him to rise again. Zero defeats Sigma once
  again, leaving Sigma to cry out about the uselessness of trying to defeat
  him. In his last words Sigma promises to come back to fight Zero once again.

  (This version of this event occurs when playing as Zero.)

  Event 96a: X’s Mercy ~ Forward Towards the Future 
  X and Zero return from Gate’s Labrotory with Gate’s lifeless body. X explains
  since Gate and Alia where once colleges, he could not leave him behind as he
  knows what it is like to lose a friend. As the other hunters arrive, X leaves
  Alia with the decision what to do with Gate’s body. With their mission to
  rebuild the earth incomplete, the hunter’s journey just has just begun.
  Together they join forces to move towards a future where humans and reploids
  can coexist.

  (This event occurs when the player defeats Sigma as X and having triggered
   event 88.)

  Event 96b: Zero’s Wish ~ a Rest for an Unflinching Hero 
  Zero gives a reploid scientist the fragment of his body that Gate had
  discovered for disposal. While the scientist admits it will be hard to
  destroy it completely, Zero assures the scientist not to worry about it, but
  he must complete his mission before it’s too late. The scientist wonders why
  Zero wishes to do this, as he hasn’t had any problems as of yet and questions
  if he will be fine as he is. The reploid scientist also questions what they
  will do in a crisis without his aid. Zero apologizes, but tells him not to
  worry, as they have a superior Maverick Hunter in X. Zero reveals that he is
  scared that his presence may cause them further trouble in the future. Zero
  enters the capsule and asks the scientist when he’ll wake up. The scientist
  tells him if there are no problems, he’ll awaken 102 years from now. Zero
  looks forward to a successful sleep as the reploid scientist tells him he’ll
  do his best and to have a good sleep.

  (This event occurs when the player defeats Sigma as Zero.)

  <<< Note >>>

  This ending restablishes the link between the Mega Man X and Mega Man Zero
  series. However, the fact that Zero is present in Mega Man X7 severs the link
  once again.

  Event 96c: X’s Strength ~ the Return of a Hero 
  X returns from the laboratory with Gate’s body in hand, but it is unsure if
  Gate will be able to recover from his injuries. Alia questions X why he
  brought back Gate’s body and X replies it was because he and Alia where once
  colleges, even though it was a long time ago. Even after all that Gate has
  done he doesn’t want to lose any more reploids. Alia believes Gate can sense
  X’s feelings even in his current condition and would like to thank X for him. 
  From out of nowhere Zero appears behind X and Alia. Seeing that X has become
  stronger and has stopped the latest threat without his help, Zero decides he
  will be fine on his own. Alia questions X about the dreams he’s had about
  Zero, and wonders if they were caused by the Nightmare. X isn’t sure, but
  knows Sigma will never defeat the Maverick Hunters. Suddenly, X just knows
  that Zero is alive while Alia is a little hesitant to agree with him. Zero
  says he will not be defeated by Sigma and that peace will last for awhile.
  Unfortunately, there is something he must to do now and have to leave the
  earth in X’s for the time being. X and Alia turn around to find nothing but
  know they felt the presence of Zero calling out to them. Having searched and
  never recovered any sign of Zero, Alia asks if X is all right and if he needs
  to rest. X refuses her offer and says he’s fine, but knows now that Sigma has
  returned they must be on guard and focus on the restoration of the earth.
  Together they will build a real utopia.

  (This event occurs when the player defeats Sigma as X without triggering
   event 88.)

 > (STORYMMX7) Events that take place during Mega Man X7:

  Event 97: X’s Struggle ~ the Red Alert Syndicate
  Thanks to the reploids earth has recovered from its near destruction from
  the colony fall incident. However, with crimes committed by mavericks on the
  rise, the Maverick Hunters find themselves hard pressed to handle the
  situation when X removes himself from the frontlines of battle. The void
  left by the weakened Maverick Hunters is soon filled by the Red Alert
  Syndicate, an illegal underground group of bounty hunters. When Axl, a key
  member of Red Alert, attempts to leave the group and join the Maverick
  Hunters, little does anyone knows the conflict that will ensue.
  Event 98: Axl’s Escape ~ Zero’s Duty
  Axl is confronted by Red Alert’s forces as he makes his escape. Further down
  the devastated stretch of highway, Zero reports to the scene. Proceeding to
  clear the area of mavericks, Zero encounters Axl, who warns him of the
  impending danger. As Zero questions Axl’s involvement in the incident, Red
  Alert’s Scorpion-like mechaniloid appears, causing Axl to flee. As Zero
  battles the mechaniloid down the damaged highway, he encounters Axl again.
  While Zero demands an explanation, Axl agrees to do so after they take care
  of Red Alert’s mechaniloid.

  Event 99: A Naughty Boy ~ Red’s Challenge
  Escorting Axl to the Maverick Hunter command center, Zero finds Axl’s belief
  that he isn’t a criminal ironic. In the command center Axl meets X, who is
  furious at the damage caused by Red Alert and Axl’s quarreling. Axl explains
  he left Red Alert because their actions have become more criminal and he
  could no longer be a part of it. Signas suggests using this opportunity to
  dismantle Red Alert, but X feels they will be playing right into their hands
  with such action. Axl’s suggestion that fighting is sometime the only answer
  causes X to lash back and demand Axl pay for his crimes.

  The leader of Red Alert, Red, contacts Hunter HQ. Never thinking Axl would
  wind up in the hands of the Hunters, Red wishes for his return. Acknowledging
  Axl will not return without a fight, Red challenges the Maverick Hunters to a
  duel with his bounty hunters, with Axl as the prize. At conclusion of Red’s
  transmission, mavericks appear all over the globe. Axl pleads with X to let
  him team up with Zero as punishment and to show his ability to become a
  Maverick Hunter. Against his better judgment, X gives Axl back his weapons
  and tells him to prove himself through his actions rather than words.

  After Zero and Axl depart, X expresses his displeasure that another battle
  has begun. Signas tells X not to over think the situation; sometimes fighting
  is the only option. X tells Signas they have made this kind of mistake time
  and time again, prompting him to wonders why reploids continue to fight
  amongst each other.

  Event 100: Axl’s Power ~ an Unknown Past
  Walking through the halls of Hunter HQ, Axl explains the real reason he
  escaped from Red Alert to Zero. Demonstrating his ability to copy the shape
  and abilities of other reploids, Zero questions Axl how he acquired such a
  skill. While Axl has no answer, Zero is skeptical how someone wouldn’t have
  any memory of having such an ability.

  Event 101: Talk of the Past ~ a Unruly Syndicate
  During an elevator ride, Axl talks to Zero about his days in Red Alert. While
  Axl tells Zero his friends in Red Alert are very skilled reploids, Zero is
  quick to point out they are mostly criminals. Axl jumps to their defense
  insisting they didn’t do bad things most of the time; they didn’t become
  really bad until just recently. One day Red Alert’s bounty hunters, even the
  reploids stopped following Red’s orders.

  Event 102: A Unusual Request ~ Kept in the Dark
  Zero inquires Axl how and why the members of Red Alert changed. Axl explains
  everything was normal up until Red asked him to hand over the copied DNA data
  from the mavericks they defeated, which he had never done before. After that,
  they became more powerful. Red never told Axl everything, but he’s sure he
  was used by them for his abilities.

  Event 103: A Heart Distraught ~ a Missing Link
  After his battles with Red Alert’s bounty hunters Axl realizes that those in
  Red Alert have changed. Those he though where his friends were only out to
  increase their own powers, while he blindly collected data. Originally
  thinking his work was to help them, the scale of their thievery escalated and
  he couldn’t take it anymore. However, no one within Red Alert could use DNA
  data to power-up reploids, leaving a missing link….

  Event 104: Red and Sigma ~ Infiltrating Red Alert
  During a mission, a mysterious voice complements Red on his abilities.
  Revealing himself to Red, Sigma asks if he finds the Maverick Hunters to be
  a problem. While he doesn’t like the Maverick Hunters, Red feels what they
  do is of little conscience as they will do as they please. Red demands Sigma
  to tell him who he is or to get lost. Sigma only tells Red that he is a
  sympathizer to his cause.

  Event 105: Reploid Recovery ~ X’s Return
  Alia and Signas review the the results of the reploid recovery mission. While
  progress is coming along smoothly, Alia questions if anything can be done
  about the resulting damage. Signas tells Alia it cannot be helped, as Zero
  has his limits and while Axl is still a child. Deep in though, X decides it
  is time to put an end to this conflict. To everyone’s surprise, X asks Zero
  if he may join the fight against Red Alert.

  (This event can occur anytime between events 100 and 109 and triggers when
   the player rescues a certain amount of reploids.)

  Event 106: Black Plotting ~ Wasted Ability
  Back at the Red Alert HQ, Sigma complements on the on the talent of Axl. Red
  tells Sigma he is unsure how Axl’s ability works, but admits they wouldn’t
  work nearly as fast without him. However, Sigma feels Axl’s abilities are
  wasted as things stand. Red questions what Sigma implies by this, but Sigma
  replies only by asking if he is willing to place a wager on his idea.

  Event 107: The Power of DNA ~ Outnumbered
  Sigma uses the DNA data to increase Red’s powers. Astonished at the results,
  Red admits he was unaware that the power that DNA possessed. Hoping that he
  has proven his abilities and worth to Red, Sigma claims this is just the
  beginning. Sigma tells Red he can make him invincible if they recover Axl
  from the Maverick Hunters. Knowing retrieving Axl is unlikely, Red thanks
  Sigma for his help and assures him that they have enough power. Finding humor
  in Red’s statement of having enough power, Sigma claims Axl has an unfinished
  job, as the most vital reploid DNA is not in his hands. Realizing Sigma has
  used him, Red refuses to attack anymore innocent reploids. Finding it
  unfortunate that Red refuses help him, Sigma reveals he has taken control of
  Red Alerts’ bounty hunters. Sigma orders Red to retrieve Axl and X’s DNA data
  or his men will never return to normal.

  Event 108: Red Alert’s Base ~ A Beckoning Call
  After the defeat of all the bounty hunters, the location Red Alert’s base
  suddenly appears on radar. Almost as if Red Alert wanted the Hunters to find
  its location, Signas places Axl’s safety in their hands. X expresses his
  eagerness to end this battle, making Zero feel as if the X he knew has
  returned. As Zero questions Axl if he is prepared to head out, Axl thinks
  about the situation that Red is in.

  Event 109: Duel with Red ~ the Professor’s Whereabouts
  During their infiltration of Red Alert’s base, the Crimson Palace, X and the
  hunters encounter Red. While Red inquires as to what took them so long, Axl
  is quick to comment how long it has been since they have seen each other. Red
  tells Axl they have increased in power thanks to the professor but are still
  reduced to their current state. When asked about the whereabouts of the
  "professor," Red confesses he has no idea, but probably closer than they
  think. Knowing Axl didn’t come all this way just to talk, Red asks if the
  battle can commence.

  Event 110: Red’s Demise ~ a Fresh Start
  After his defeat, Red comments how Axl has grown in the short time they’ve
  been apart. Knowing he is done for Red activates the self-destruct sequence.
  As the place starts to come down, Axl tries to convince Red to come with them
  as Zero attempts to drag Axl to safety. In his final words, Red tells Axl it
  is his time and not to worry about him.

  Event 111: The Professor ~ Again and Again  
  Sensing the presence of the professor, Axl demands that he show himself.
  Sigma appears and welcomes the hunters to his home. X expresses he knew that
  Sigma was behind the Red Alert incident as Zero comments on Sigma’s never-
  ending persistence. Promising to return again and again until he makes X and
  Zero his, Sigma demands they give him a good fight like they always do.

  Event 112: Promise of Return ~ a Sneak Attack 
  With Sigma’s defeat, Axl attempts to lead X and Zero to the exit. However,
  Sigma cuts Axl off and slams him though the wall as he attempts to fight him
  off. Advancing towards X and Zero, Sigma promises to return in a new form.
  Suddenly, the voice of Red calls out from above. Red leaps to the attack and
  attempts combine his body with Sigma’s. As they are about to merge, it is
  revealed that Red is actually Axl as he shoots Sigma through the head. As
  Sigma falls out the window, X and Zero run to Axl’s aid. 

  Event 113a: An Unrelenting Pupil ~ Signas’ Plea 
  Alia and Signas reviews the recent Maverick outbreaks which Axl has foiled on
  his own without the aid of the Maverick Hunters. When Signas asks X to
  consider letting Axl to become a hunter based on his good deeds, X refuses,
  insisting Axl should not be rewarded for using such methods. X also dislikes
  Signas’ suggestion of training Axl to become a hunter, as training someone to
  be a hunter like him is impossible. Signas attempts to get X to understand
  while he might not like the methods the Hunters use to solve problems, it is
  assured that they have not seen the last of mavericks.

  (This event occurs when Axl gets the final hit on Sigma's final form.)

  Event 113b: Premonition or Nightmare ~ the Dreams of Zero 
  Zero dreams of X pointing his buster straight at him telling himself that he
  must eliminate all the mavericks over and over. Zero wakes up to find that he
  has nodded off as Alia informs him of a maverick outbreak. Zero heads out,
  hopes that what he just saw was a dream and nothing more.

  (This event occurs when Zero gets the final hit on Sigma's final form.)

  <<< Note >>>

  Many believe this dream is a reference to Zero's fight with CopyX in the Mega
  Man Zero series. I have never seen any confirmation of this by Capcom, but it
  is an interesting theory.

  Event 113c: A Lesson Learned ~ an Unrelenting Pupil
  Axl still doesn’t understand why he can’t be a Maverick Hunter even when he
  follows the example that X provides. X attempts to explain his methods aren’t
  correct and it has taken him this long to realize it. Despite X’s decision,
  Axl heads off to a maverick outbreak and pledges that he will get X to make
  him a hunter one day soon. Alia asks X just doesn’t give in this one time and
  let Axl become a hunter. X explains he doesn’t want Axl to make the same
  mistakes they have in the past. 

  (This event occurs when X gets the final hit on Sigma's final form.)

 > (STORYMMX8) Events that take place during Mega Man X8:

  Event 114: Endless Struggle ~ an Exodus to Space
  As the endless reploid rebellions continue, humans have placed their future
  on immigrating to the moon thanks to new technology. Called the Jakob
  project, a large orbital elevator was built in order to transport the new
  generation reploids responsible for the construction of a moon base up to
  the satellite gateway.   

  Event 115: Accident at the Orbital Elevator ~ a Hidden Threat
  While on patrol at the orbital elevator, X arrives at the scene of an
  accident. While calling dispatch for rescue mechaniliods, X watches as
  multiple Sigma bodies emerge from the flaming wreckage. As the Sigma bodies
  revert back into new generation reploids, the director of the Jakob project,
  Lumine, appears. Lumine explains assuming the form of a strong Sigma body
  was necessary in order to escape damage from the accident. As all new
  generation reploids enjoy complete protection from viruses, even copying the
  DNA of someone as dangerous as Sigma is not a risk.    	  
  Event 116: Noah’s Park ~ A Slippery Adversary
  Picking up maverick readings near the Jakob facility, Alia commands all
  available hunters to set out immediately. X and Axl arrive at the scene and
  are soon joined by Zero. While the maverick succeeds in escaping from them
  several times, they manage to collect some samples for Alia to analyze.

  Event 117: Vile Returns Again ~ Lumine Captured
  With the maverick’s defeat, the Hunters attempt to continue their
  investigation. Suddenly, a barrage of missiles rain down from the sky. From
  out of the smoke and debris appears Vile, with the director of the orbital
  elevator, Lumine, in tow. With the orbital elevator now under his control,
  Vile declares a new world shall be born as he makes a hasty retreat.       

  Event 118: Lumine’s Abduction ~ an Uneasy Feeling 
  As the Maverick Hunters contemplate the reasons behind Lumine abduction, X
  reveals his uneasiness towards Vile’s comment of a new world beginning.
  Before Alia and X can discuss the matter any further, maverick readings
  appear all over the globe.

  Event 119: Resentment ~ a New Conflict
  X expresses his resentment that another conflict has begun. While Axl’s
  childlike urge to take down a few mavericks displeases Alia, X leaps to his
  defense and claims this is no time to be soft.

  Event 120: Layer & Zero ~ a Secret Crush
  After the hunters return the mission, Layer compliments Zero on a job well
  done. While Zero is oblivious to Layer’s crush on him, Pallette reminds him
  as the new navigators they are here to help. Embarrassed to no end, Layer
  informs Zero she has had no luck in determining Lumine’s location.

  Event 121: Battle with Vile ~ Vile mkIII
  During their mission, the hunters meet up with Vile. While the hunters
  question the purpose behind Lumine’s abduction and the seizure of the orbital
  elevator, Vile tells them not to worry about Lumine, as it would be foolish
  of them to harm the one who operates the elevator. After a quick exchange of
  blows, Vile retreats.

  (This event counts for multiple encounters.) 

  Event 122: Unknown Agenda ~ an Unknown Factor 
  Having no clues to why the new generation reploids are going maverick, Alia
  questions what the Mavericks are really up to. While Layer’s simulations
  prove that their virus resistance is absolute, Axl confirms her findings as
  he is a new generation reploid prototype himself. Pallette questions if this
  puts Axl in danger of becoming maverick and suggests analyzing Axl’s data to
  be safe. 

  Event 123: Copy Chips ~ a Resemblance
  Completing her analysis of the Maverick data accumulated thus far, Alia
  reveals what makes new generation reploids immune to viruses is their copy
  chip, which actually changes a reploid’s DNA. Along with this discovery,
  further analysis indicates that the data within the copy chips closely
  resembles that of Sigma. 

  Event 124: A Connection ~ Theoretically Safe 
  X asks Alia if the incident back at the orbital elevator could be connected
  to the new generation reploids going maverick. Alia doubts it, as it is
  theoretically safe to copy others bodies. Without any leads to go on, X
  decides all he can do now is defeat the remaining mavericks and continue to
  collect data.

  Event 125: A Downtrodden Ally ~ a Concerned Navigator 
  Returning from their mission, Layer asks X why Zero looked so down. While
  Layer panics when X asks if she was worried about Zero, X explains how Sigma
  used him in an attempt to destroy the world. Even though Zero continues to
  blame himself for the incident, X tells Layer not to worry, as Zero will
  want to finish Sigma off for good this time, as does he. 

  Event 126: Calm before the Storm ~ Just the Beginning
  With one maverick remaining, the hunters question if this is just the
  beginning. Layer reminds them it has been a long time since the mavericks
  have gotten their hands on Lumine, but the situation at the elevator seems
  to be normal.

  Event 127: Message from Sigma ~ a Transmission Interrupted
  With the defeat of the mavericks, the hunters question the whereabouts of
  Sigma, Believing that things are bound to be different this time around Alia
  comments that Sigma doesn’t seem to be controlling the mavericks, but that
  they all seem to "be" him. Considering all the sites attacked where related
  to the Jakob project was no coincidence either.

  Suddenly, Sigma contacts Hunter HQ to inform the hunters his plan will be
  completed soon. Announcing that the entire world’s primitive space
  development belongs to him, Sigma believes the reploid’s future lies in the
  sky. Declaring that the old world has outlived its usefulness, Sigma laughs
  at the suggestion his plan is a mere scheme, stating he is merely helping
  push evolution along its natural path. Before Sigma can finish his message,
  the satellite gateway’s orbit interrupts the transmission. 

  Event 128: The Orbital Elevator ~ Mankind’s Lifeline
  Using the orbital elevator to reach the satellite gateway, the hunters find
  Vile lying in wait at the top. Vile revels in the fact that route to space,
  the one thing that has allowed the world to come this far is under their
  control. After a short battle, Vile retreats, clearing the way to the
  Satellite Gateway. 

  Event 129: Like Old Times ~ A Personal War
  With Vile and Sigma running around, Zero comments on how it’s like old times.
  Layer asks if it reminds him of the virus. Zero shows his displeasure of how
  Sigma attempted to use him to take over the world. Zero begs Layer to help
  him find Sigma before he fulfills his plan. 

  Event 130: The Satellite Gateway ~ Battle vs. Copy Sigma
  At the conclusion of the hunter’s investigation of the satellite gateway, the 
  self-destruct sequence is suddenly activated. As they rush back to the
  entrance, Sigma cuts them off. Sigma informs them that the moon is under his
  control and his plan is nearing completion. Sigma is defeated, but it’s soon
  discovered it was just another new generation reploid and not the real thing.

  Event 131: Mavericks on the Moon
  Back at Hunter HQ, Alia detects multiple Maverick signals on the moon’s

  Event 132: Mission to the Moon ~ Vile Revisited
  Losing contact with the HQ due to jamming, the hunters battle towards Sigma
  Palace through waves of new generation reploids. Entering Sigma Palace the
  hunters meet up with Vile, who sees fit to employ some ride armor. Vile
  questions why the hunters refuse to give up their struggle, blind to the fact
  no hope remains.

  Event 133: Moment of Reflection ~ Vile’s Last Stand (Optional)
  With Vile’s defeat, the hunters take a moment to reflect on the battle and
  the upcoming confrontation with Sigma. Attempting to leave the chamber, Vile
  reappears and splits the party apart.

  (This event occurs when playing on the hard difficulty and alters event 135.)

  Event 134: A King on the Throne ~ the Father 
  Fighting though a barrage of copies Sigma bodies, X/Axl/Zero encounter the
  real Sigma sitting upon his throne. Sigma explains how the copy chips of new
  generation reploids, his children, bear his personal data. As the force
  behind the Jakob project, Sigma declares the world born from the plan
  rightfully belongs to him, not mankind.

  Event 135: A Vicious Attack ~ Power of Teamwork
  During the battle with Sigma, Sigma grabs X/Axl/Zero by the head. Sigma tells
  the hunters resistance is futile as his plan to destroy the world is at hand.
  Luckily, reinforcements arrive and break Sigma’s current hold.

  (This event is altered by the game’s difficulty setting and is influenced by
   Event 133 when playing on hard.)

  Event 136: The Dethroned ~ an Awakening
  As the hunters stand at the foot of Sigma’s remains, Lumine appears. With
  Sigma defeated, Lumine asks if they are satisfied. Laughing at the suggestion
  he was used by Sigma, Lumine reveals it was he that used Sigma. Before the
  hunters can respond, Lumine states that the next generation reploids have
  awakened and the new world is at hand.

  Event 137: Lumine’s Revelation ~ Retrospect of Sigma
  Following his initial defeat, Lumine laughs at X’s suggestion he has gone
  maverick. Lumine explains how copy chips were created from the data of
  hundreds of old model reploids, Sigma included. Axl’s questions if he will
  go maverick as well, but Lumine claims a prototype doesn’t possess the power
  for that to happen. Lumine proceeds to question if Sigma was really crazy.
  Sigma’s decision to wage war against the old world was made consciously,
  meaning new generation reploids could do the same at any moment. Lumine
  wonders if the Hunters, tools of the old world and of the humans can stand
  up to those who have evolved. Shooting Lumine, Axl warns X not to let
  Lumine’s talk get to him; he is still the enemy. Enemy or ally, Lumine
  insists the issue is not so simple as humankind and reploids, and the nature
  of their existence, has irrevocably been changed. 

  Event 138: Paradise Lost ~ Lumine’s Last Resort 
  Lumine is defeated once again, but informs the hunters it’s too late to stop
  what has begun. While Axl states he’ll take on plenty more like him to
  achieve piece, Lumine tells him he doesn’t have a grasp of the entire
  situation, but will find out soon enough. As Axl approaching the body of
  Lumine, he is attacked by a mysterious black tentacle. Zero slices through
  the offending appendage as X catches Axl and fires a shot to destroy Lumine’s
  remains. Returning back to earth on the orbital elevator, X resumes contact
  with the Hunter HQ informing them Axl has taken some damage, but will be

  Event 139a: A Unsettled Mind ~ the Meaning of Evolution 
  Returning back to earth on the orbital elevator, X thinks about how Lumine
  referred to evolution as an awakening, and wonders if that is the way things
  are meant to be, what exactly are they fighting for.

  (This event occurs when X scores the final blow against Lumine’s second

  Event 139b: A Enemy Vanquished ~ A Battle’s End
  Returning back to earth on the orbital elevator, Zero wonders if Lumine’s
  statement about Sigma is true. If they have seen the last of Sigma, he may
  no longer have to fight.

  (This event occurs when Zero scores the final blow against Lumine’s second

  Event 139c: Unknown Circumstances
  Returning back to earth on the orbital elevator, the area around Axl’s wound
  begins to glow a faint purple.

  (This event occurs when Axl scores the final blow against Lumine’s second

  Event 140: Putting a Mind at Ease ~ Fighting Destiny
  Returning back to earth on the orbital elevator, Zero asks X if he is
  thinking about what Lumine said about evolution. Zero tells X becoming Sigma
  can hardly be called evolution, and even if reploids are destined to join the
  junk heap once that evolutionary step does come about, they still must fight,
  against mavericks and against their own destinies.

  Event 141: History’s Lesson Ignored
  When the news of Lumine going maverick reached those in charge, it was
  decided that all new generation reploids in production would be canceled and
  the use and manufacture of copy chips be discontinued. However, with space
  development in full swing, the demand for such reploids wouldn’t dwindle.
  Years later the use of copy chips would resume, despite the objections of
  those who knew of their history.

 > (STORYMMCM) Events that take place during Mega Man X Command Mission

  I have yet to transcribe the events of Mega Man X Command Mission from the
  game itself. When I made the document above I did have access to Command
  Mission but omitted it because it is more of a standalone experience than a
  continuation of the MMX story. However, I will say there is a greater
  chance of Mega Man Xtreme and Mega Man Xtreme 2 being added to this FAQ
  since they have more bearing on the story.

 > (UPDATE) Update History

  Version 1.00 (Initial Version)
  Stories from Mega Man X, X2, X3, X4, X5, X6, X7 and X8 compiled.
  Additional areas of the guide completed.

 > (ACKNOWLED) Acknowledgements

  Capcom - for making these games (despite the quality of some of them)

  Keiji Inafune - for his work with Mega Man (and apologizing for MMX6)

  Capcom's Sound Team - for their awesome tunes over the years

  Suleputer - Capcom's record label for releasing all the MMX music

  Sony - for producing the PlayStation (which is my favorite console)

  Nintendo - for producing the Super Nintendo (my 2nd favorite console)

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