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Yoshi Cookie FAQ by masteramr

Version: 1.03 | Updated: 07/13/12

Super Mario RPG Yoshi Cookie Guide by masteramr


Copyright, Legal, & Version History (1.0)

Copyright 2012 Alan Romick

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

GameFAQs is the only site authorized to host this guide.  Do not bother asking
if you can host this guide on your site, because the answer will be NO!
If you see this guide on another web site, please send me a message through
GameFAQs.  Check the Contact Info section for details.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Version History:

1.00: Completed and submitted FAQ.

1.01: Some minor changes, fixed a couple misspelled words.

1.02: Updated E-mail Info section.

1.03: Changed E-mail Info section to Contact Info & updated info


Table of Contents (2.0)

Copyright, Legal, & Version History (1.0)
Table of Contents (2.0)
Introduction (3.0)
How To Get Yoshi Cookies (4.0)
Item Lists (5.0)
   -by Enemy (5.1)
   -by Item Gained (5.2)
   -by Area (5.3)
Contact Info (6.0)
Frequently Asked Questions (7.0)
Credits (8.0)

The numbers in parentheses are for searching through the document quickly;
use CTRL-F, enter the number, and search for it to go to that section.


Introduction (3.0)

Hello everyone!  This is my very first FAQ, so I'm hoping I do a good job on
it.  Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars has always been one of my
favorite games.  However, one thing that I always wanted more information on
were the Yoshi Cookies.  Being able to convert enemies into items is handy, but
there was no in-depth info on what items you could get like this.  I decided
to find out for myself, so I got a lot of Yoshi Cookies and started testing.
Now that I have the results, I can share them with you!

Although I won't give away any plot details, things like area names and enemy
names have to be given for this to make any sense.  You have been warned.


How To Get Yoshi Cookies (4.0)

Well, I suppose this guide won't be much use to you if you can't GET any
Yoshi Cookies, so I'll go over that first.

Although you can get one Yoshi Cookie in a certain area later in the game,
the primary source for Yoshi Cookies, as you might expect, is Yo'ster Isle,
the home of the Yoshis.  You can access this area after collecting the second
Star Piece and then reaching the end of the Pipe Vault.  I won't be describing
how to clear the Pipe Vault; it's too linear to need it.

However, just reaching Yo'ster Isle doesn't give you access to Yoshi Cookies.
There's an optional mini-game here that you need to complete first.  That's
right, the dreaded Yoshi Races!  To start the race, first find the one Green
Yoshi; he's the only one who understands your language.  After talking with
him, jump on his back; now you can talk to the other Yoshis, since Green Yoshi
will translate.  A pink Yoshi near the finish line will give you some cookies
(these aren't usable items, though) so you can race Boshi, the dark blue Yoshi
near the starting line.  Just talk to him with the cookies to race him

This part can be a little tricky.  To race, you need to alternate pressing "A"
and "B" to the beat of the music.  This does NOT mean press ABABAB... as fast
as possible.  It's more like A..B..A..B..A..etc.  Toad's tutorial is a great
way to learn the timing; when you practice for the race, Toad will say "One...
two...one two three four..one..two..one..two..one..two" until you match the
timing on the "one..two..one..two" part.  That timing is the same timing you
use in the race.  Also, you can press 'Y' to use a cookie for a speed boost;
you get three cookies to use racing Boshi.

Once you beat Boshi, you get three Yoshi Cookies (the actual item this time!)
and the Yoshis can all race together again.  A pink Yoshi next to the finish
line can store extra Yoshi Cookies for you, and if you run out completely
(both in your inventory and in the above-mentioned storage), a yellow Yoshi
near the eggs above the track will give you three more.

To earn more than three cookies at a time, talk to Boshi; apparently, he's
managing the Yoshi Races now.  You can wager cookies on the races.  First,
Boshi will tell you the odds on Yoshi and you can choose to ride Yoshi in the
race or watch from the sidelines.  Riding Yoshi is recommended if you are
really good at racing Yoshi (the controls are the same as the race with Boshi),
but if you're not good at the race, choose to watch; Green Yoshi will race
automatically in this case. After choosing to ride or watch, you need to select
how many Yoshi Cookies to wager.  The Cookies must be in your inventory, not
with the pink Yoshi, and even if you have more, the most you can bet on one
race is 10.  Your wager is immediately removed from your inventory and the race
starts.  If you're riding Yoshi in the race, any extra Cookies in your
inventory can be used for speed boosts by pressing "Y".

After the race, if Green Yoshi won, the number of Cookies you wagered is
multiplied by the odds of the race and you receive that many Cookies, rounded
down.  For example, if the odds were 3.5 to 1 and you bet 6 Cookies, you would
win 3.5 times 6 = 21 Cookies.  If you wagered 5 Cookies at the same odds, you
would get 3.5 times 5 = 17.5 Cookies, rounded down to 17.  If you can't hold
all of the Cookies you won in your inventory, the extra go to storage.


Item Lists (5.0)

After getting some Yoshi Cookies (see previous section), you can use them in
battle!  Just select the Yoshi Cookie from your item list, then choose an enemy
to use it on.  The character will throw out the cookie and Yoshi will show up
and eat it.  Then he will try to eat the enemy.  If successful, the enemy will
disappear (no EXP or coins for eaten enemies) and a message will appear saying
"Monster became ????????" where the question marks are replaced with a word
indicating the item (so "Monster became Mid!" indicates you got a Mid Mushroom,
for example).  If Yoshi can't eat the enemy, it doesn't disappear and you get a
Yoshi Candy instead.  The item you earn replaces the Cookie in your inventory.

Item List by Enemy (5.1)

This List contains all the enemies I tested Yoshi Cookies on and the item I got
as a result.  If you want to know what you will get from a specific enemy, look

Please note that not all enemies are listed here.  I listed all the non-boss
enemies except Terrapins and Shysters (you can only fight them before getting
any Yoshi Cookies) and some mini-bosses and boss minions.  No major bosses are
listed; I'm assuming that Yoshi can't eat them and you just get a Yoshi Candy.
If I'm wrong on any of these listed, or an enemy not on the list gives
something other than Yoshi Candy, let me know.  See the Contact Info section for

Alley Rat - Able Juice
Amanita - Bad Mushroom
Ameboid - Max Mushroom
Apprentice - Yoshi Candy
Arachne - Energizer
Armored Ant - Yoshi Candy
Artichoker - Mid Mushroom
Bahamutt - Yoshi Candy
Bandana Blue - Mushroom
Bandana Red - Energizer
Big Bertha - Pick Me Up
Birdy - Energizer
Blaster - Yoshi Candy
Bloober - Elixir
Bluebird - Bracer
Bob-omb - Yoshi Candy
Body - Mushroom
Box Boy - Yoshi Candy
Buzzer - Mushroom
Carroboscis - Honey Syrup
Chained Kong - Pick Me Up
Chester - Yoshi Candy
Chewy - Bad Mushroom
Chomp - Bracer
Chomp Chomp - Mushroom
Chow - Fright Bomb
Cluster - Pick Me Up
Corkpedite - Yoshi Candy
Crook - Mid Mushroom
Crusty - Bracer
Doppel - Pick Me Up
Dry Bones - Mushroom
Eggbert - Yoshi Candy
Enigma - Energizer
Fautso - Yoshi Candy
Fink Flower - Max Mushroom
Fireball - Fire Bomb
Forkies - Royal Syrup
Formless - Yoshi Candy
Frogog - Able Juice
Geckit - Energizer
Gecko - FroggieDrink
Glum Reaper - Pure Water
Goby - Mushroom
Goomba - Mushroom
Goombette - Yoshi Candy
Gorgon - Maple Syrup
Greaper - Honey Syrup
Gu Goomba - FroggieDrink
Guerrilla - Able Juice
Heavy Troopa - Yoshi Candy
Hidon - Yoshi Candy
Hippopo - Yoshi Candy
Hobgoblin - Pure Water
Jabit - Bracer
Jawful - Yoshi Candy
Jester - Honey Syrup
K-9 - Energizer
King Bomb - Yoshi Candy
Kriffid - Yoshi Candy
Lakitu - Maple Syrup
Leuko - Yoshi Candy
Li'l Boo - Freshen Up
Mad Mallet - Energizer
Magmite - Yoshi Candy
Magmus - Bracer
Malakoopa - Maple Syrup
Mastadoom - Yoshi Candy
Mezzo Bomb - Yoshi Candy
Microbomb - Yoshi Candy
Mokura - Yoshi Candy
Mr. Kipper - Mushroom
Muckle - Ice Bomb
Mukumuku - Muku Cookie
Ninja - Yoshi Candy
Octolot - Honey Syrup
Octovader - FroggieDrink
Oerlikon - Energizer
Orb User - Maple Syrup
Orbison - Royal Syrup
Pandorite - Yoshi Candy
Pinwheel - Pick Me Up
Piranha Plant - Sleepy Bomb
Pounder - Energizer
Poundette - Energizer
Pulsar - Pick Me Up
Puppox - Yoshi Candy
Pyrosphere - Yoshi Candy
Rat Funk - Mushroom
Reacher - Pick Me Up
Remo Con - Pick Me Up
Ribbite - Elixir
Rob-omb - Pick Me Up
Sackit - Max Mushroom
Shadow - Honey Syrup
Shaman - Royal Syrup
Shogun - Royal Syrup
Shy Away - Maple Syrup
Shy Guy - Honey Syrup
Shy Ranger - Yoshi Candy
Sky Troopa - Mushroom
Sling Shy - Maple Syrup
Smilax - Yoshi Candy
Snapdragon - Yoshi Candy
Snifit - Yoshi Candy
Sparky - Yoshi Candy
Spikester - Bracer
Spikey - Yoshi Candy
Spinthra - Power Blast
Spookum - Yoshi Candy
Springer - Elixir
Star Cruster - Yoshi Candy
Starslap - Yoshi Candy
Stinger - Able Juice
Straw Head - Pure Water
Stumpet - Royal Syrup
Terra Cotta - Mid Mushroom
The Big Boo - Fright Bomb
Tub-O-Troopa - Elixir
Vomer - Pure Water
Wiggler - Yoshi Candy
Zeostar - Yoshi Candy

Item List by Item Gained (5.2)

This list is organized according to the item you get from the enemy.  If you
want to get a specific item, look here to see what enemies will give you that

Able Juice (restores status for one character)
Alley Rat

Bad Mushroom (poisons one enemy)

Bracer (raises defense for one character)

Elixir (restores 80 HP to all characters)

Energizer (raises attack for one character)
Bandana Red
Mad Mallet

Fire Bomb (inflicts fire damage on all enemies)

Freshen Up (restores status for all characters)
Li'l Boo

Fright Bomb (inflicts fear status on one enemy)
The Big Boo

FroggieDrink (restores 30 HP for all characters)
Gu Goomba

Honey Syrup (restores 10 FP)
Shy Guy

Ice Bomb (inflicts ice damage on all enemies)

Maple Syrup (restores 40 FP)
Orb User
Shy Away
Sling Shy

Max Mushroom (restores all HP to one character)
Fink Flower

Mid Mushroom (restores 80 HP to one character)
Terra Cotta

Muku Cookie (restores 69 HP to all characters)

Mushroom (restores 30 HP to one character)
Bandana Blue
Chomp Chomp
Dry Bones
Mr. Kipper
Rat Funk
Sky Troopa

Pick Me Up (resurrects one character)
Big Bertha
Chained Kong
Remo Con

Power Blast (raises attack for all characters)

Pure Water (instantly kills one undead enemy)
Glum Reaper
Straw Head

Royal Syrup (restores all FP)

Sleepy Bomb (puts all enemies to sleep)
Piranha Plant

Yoshi Candy (restores 100 HP to one character)
Armored Ant
Box Boy
Heavy Troopa
King Bomb
Mezzo Bomb
Shy Ranger
Star Cruster

Item List by Area (5.3)

Finally, in this section, I will list the items you can get in each area of the
game, and what enemy to use the Yoshi Cookie on to get it.

The following areas have no enemies and will not be listed:

Mario's Pad
Vista Hill
Mushroom Kingdom*
Midas River
Tadpole Pond
Rose Town
Yo'ster Isle
Booster Hill
Seaside Town**
Monstro Town
*********'s Casino (don't want to spoil it)

*Yes, I know enemies appear here after clearing Bandit's Way, but you won't
have any Yoshi Cookies yet, so there's no point in listing it.

**Bosses don't count.  You just get Yoshi Candy from them.

Mushroom Way
Mushroom - Goomba
           Sky Troopa
Yoshi Candy - Spikey

Bandit's Way
Able Juice - Frogog
Energizer - K-9
Mushroom - Goomba
           Sky Troopa
Yoshi Candy - Spiky

Kero Sewers
Fright Bomb - The Big Boo
Honey Syrup - Shadow
Mushroom - Goby
           Rat Funk
Pure Water - Hobgoblin
Yoshi Candy - Pandorite

Rose Way
Energizer - Arachne
Honey Syrup - Shy Guy
Mid Mushroom - Crook
Yoshi Candy - Snapdragon

Forest Maze
Able Juice - Guerilla
Bad Mushroom - Amanita
Honey Syrup - Octolot
Mushroom - Buzzer
           Rat Funk
Yoshi Candy - Wiggler

Pipe Vault
Able Juice - Frogog
Mushroom - Goomba
Sleepy Bomb - Piranha Plant
Yoshi Candy - Shy Ranger

Moleville Mines
Energizer - Enigma
Mid Mushroom - Crook
Pick Me Up - Cluster
Yoshi Candy - Bob-omb

Booster Pass
Bracer - Spikester
Honey Syrup - Carroboscis
Maple Syrup - Lakitu
Mid Mushroom - Apprentice

Booster Tower
Bracer - Chomp
Fire Bomb - Fireball
Honey Syrup - Jester
Maple Syrup - Orb User
Pick Me Up - Remo Con
Yoshi Candy - Blaster

Star Hill
FroggieDrink - Gecko
Max Mushroom - Sackit
Muku Cookie - Mukumuku
Pick Me Up - Pulsar
Yoshi Candy - Mastadoom

The Sea
Elixir - Bloober
Mushroom - Mr. Kipper
Yoshi Candy - Leuko

Sunken Ship
Able Juice - Alley Rat
Bracer - Crusty
Elixir - Bloober
Energizer - Bandana Red
Honey Syrup - Greaper
Maple Syrup - Gorgon
Mushroom - Bandana Blue
           Dry Bones
           Mr. Kipper
Pick Me Up - Reacher
Pure Water - Straw Head
Yoshi Candy - Goombette

Land's End
Able Juice - Stinger
Bad Mushroom - Chewy
Elixir - Ribbite
Energizer - Geckit
Fright Bomb - Chow
FroggieDrink - Octovader
Maple Syrup - Shy Away
Max Mushroom - Fink Flower
Power Blast - Spinthra
Royal Syrup - Shogun
Yoshi Candy - Formless

Bean Valley
Able Juice - Stinger
Bad Mushroom - Chewy
Energizer - Geckit
FroggieDrink - Octovader
Maple Syrup - Shy Away
Max Mushroom - Fink Flower
Mushroom - Chomp Chomp
Power Blast - Spinthra
Yoshi Candy - Box Boy

Nimbus Land
WARNING!!  After beating the boss in this area, all of these enemies disappear!
Bracer - Bluebird
Energizer - Birdy
Ice Bomb - Muckle
Maple Syrup - Sling Shy
Pick Me Up - Pinwheel
Royal Syrup - Orbison
Yoshi Candy - Eggbert
              Heavy Troopa

Barrel Volcano
Bracer - Magmus
Energizer - Oerlikon
Mushroom - Body
Pick Me Up - Chained Kong
Pure Water - Vomer
Royal Syrup - Stumpet
Yoshi Candy - Armored Ant

Bowser's Keep
Able Juice - Alley Rat
Bad Mushroom - Amanita
Bracer - Magmus
Elixir - Bloober
Energizer - Geckit
Fright Bomb - Chow
              The Big Boo
FroggieDrink - Gu Goomba
Honey Syrup - Greaper
Ice Bomb - Muckle
Maple Syrup - Lakitu
              Shy Away
              Sling Shy
Max Mushroom - Sackit
Mid Mushroom - Terra Cotta
Pick Me Up - Big Bertha
             Chained Kong
Pure Water - Glum Reaper
Royal Syrup - Forkies
Yoshi Candy - Armored Ant
              Star Cruster

Bracer - Jabit
Energizer - Mad Mallet
Elixir - Springer
Freshen Up - Li'l Boo
Max Mushroom - Ameboid
Pick Me Up - Doppel
Pure Water - Glum Reaper
Yoshi Candy - Hippopo


Contact Info (6.0)

As of my most recent update, I have decided that I only want to be contacted
through GameFAQs.  I will no longer be accepting E-mails concerning my guides,
so simply send me a message at my GameFAQs account.

Please mention what guide you are refering to in the subject of the message.
It will allow me to reply faster, if the message warrants it.

Things you SHOULD contact me about

Finding this FAQ on a site other than GameFAQs:

That legal section at the start isn't just for show, people.  If someone else
has stolen my FAQ, I want to know.  Make sure you include the web address that
the FAQ is at so I can check it out.  I'll even put your name in the FAQ in a
special section if that happens!

Mistakes or corrections:

I'm human like everyone else, so I might have goofed up.  If I did, let me know
and I'll fix it.  Credit will be given to anyone who reports mistakes in this
FAQ, though it might be a while on minor things like spelling.

Missing information:

I think I checked out all the regular enemies, but as I said earlier, I'm only
human.  If I missed a non-boss enemy in this FAQ, let me know.  However, do not
tell me about the Terrapin in Bowser's Keep or the Shyster in the Mushroom
Kingdom; as I stated earlier, it's impossible to use Yoshi Cookies on those two
enemies.  As for boss enemies, their minions, or mini-bosses (in other words,
any enemy that you can only fight at specific points or a limited number of
times), only contact me if the enemy gives something other than Yoshi Candy.
Once I confirm the info for myself, I'll add it to the FAQ and give you full

Compliments and/or constructive criticism:

I like being praised for my work as much as anyone else.  I also don't mind
criticism about my work, as long as it is polite and helpful; I'm always
looking to improve my work.  However, if you are simply contacting me with a
mindless stream of insults, I will simply ignore your message.  Don't expect
a response or credit for these messages, though.

Things you SHOULD NOT contact me about

Asking to use this guide:

I already made this clear earlier, but I'll say it again here; my guide should
ONLY be on GameFAQs.  Permission will not be given to anyone requesting to use
my guide on their own site.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!  SO JUST DON'T ASK!!!!

Improperly worded or non-English E-mails:

I don't know a great deal of Internet slang or abbreviations, so please refrain
from using them in your message.  If I can't understand it, I will delete it.
I'm aware that some GameFAQs users have a limited knowledge of English, so I
will at least try to read it, but do your best to make your point clear.  Also,
don't write your message in another language.  My knowledge of other languages
is pretty much nonexistent, so I'll delete those too.

Insults or offensive language:

I will not tolerate rude people.  As stated above, constructive criticism is
acceptable if it's polite, but insults or offensive language directed at me or
anyone else will result in the immediate deletion of your message.

Anything already in the guide:

I put a lot of work into this, and I don't like repeating myself.  Before
asking a question, make sure I didn't already answer it.

Anything not related to this guide:

I'm not giving out personal info online, nor am I answering questions not
related to this guide.  If it's not related to the guide, don't send it - it
will be deleted.


Frequently Asked Questions (7.0)

I can't call this an FAQ unless I include this section!  Any questions I get
repeatedly will be put in this section.

No questions as of yet!


Credits (8.0)

I may have done most of the work on this, but I do have a few things to
mention here.  Hopefully, this will be bigger eventually.  Thanks to everyone
mentioned here!

Nintendo and Square (now Square-Enix): for making a great game

Me: for taking the time to write this

GameFAQs: for hosting this FAQ


And finally, thanks to you, the readers, for reading this all the way to the
end.  Best of luck with this great game!

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