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FAQ/Walkthrough by DC

Version: 3.71 | Updated: 04/07/01

Last updated : 7 April 2001 (Australian Time)
Super Metroid FAQ and Walkthrough                               v3.71

                      / ____|
                     | (___  _   _ _ __   ___ _ __
                      \___ \| | | | '_ \ / _ \ '__|
                      ____) | |_| | |_) |  __/ |
                   __|_____/ \__,_| .__/ \___|_|   _
                  |  \/  |    | | | |       (_)   | |
                  | \  / | ___| |_|_|__ ___  _  __| |
                  | |\/| |/ _ \ __| '__/ _ \| |/ _` |
                  | |  | |  __/ |_| | | (_) | | (_| |
                  |_|  |_|\___|\__|_|  \___/|_|\__,_|

Legal Stuff
This entire FAQ is copyright DC 1999-2001. The only sites that can
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Super Metroid is copyright Nintendo 1994. Please do not leech any
of this to make your own FAQ out of it. Unless you have MY permission DO
NOT take anything at all from this guide. Don't edit, don't do anything to
it and submit it without e-mailing me with permission first. You can
print it out, but only for personal use, no selling this! Summing it
up, do anything for your own personal benefit (apart from reading it)
without asking me, AND YOU'LL BURN IN HELL!!!!!

Notice: If you see a guide floating around with Daku and S-Type placed
as the editors, don't worry, they had my permission.
To get in touch, e-mail me at dc3131@yahoo.com.au
My ICQ# is 34601221
My webpage is http://www.dcmagus.com
My MSN contact is dcmagus@hotmail.com, but any email sent to that
   address will most likely be ignored, as I don't check that
My AIM name is dcmagus

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  If it's not in there, make sure that the details you provide
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  how to get past this part, i'm in a room and stuck", I need to know
  where you are, etc.

3.Ask nicely. So far, most people have, but if your mail goes along
  the lines of "Hi, need code for B2, reply within the next hour
  otherwise I'll bomb you" will not get you anywhere.

That's it. Sorry for being a pain, but it had to be said.

Version History

v1.0- Uh, everything but the Boss List.
V2.0- Boss List.
v2.5-Added an FAQ section.
v3.0-Rewrote some parts which has caused some readers confusion.
Sorry! And added more FAQs. Added an acknowledgements section.
v3.1-Added another part to the Ultra Jump, thanks to Ryan. And added
a tip thanks to Blade Bot. Plus a tips section. And more FAQs.
v3.11-Stupidly added a meaningless Q.
v3.2-Fixed up the guide, added some stuff in and some Qs.
v3.3-Added another FAQ, and subsequently fixed the guide.
v3.4-Added an FAQ.
v3.5-Copyright Notice changed, tips.
v3.51-Copyright Notice changed.
v3.52-Copyright Notice changed.
v3.53-Seems like a waste of time, but I like ASCII art headings =)
v3.54-Copyright Notice changed.
v3.55-Copyright Notice changed.
v3.56-Copyright Notice changed.
v3.61-Email guidelines. Some people out there are getting annoying.
v3.7-Got a new email addy.
v3.71-Name change!


2)Basics, Moves and Items
4)Boss List
6)Reader/My Tips


Super Metroid is the last in the Metroid series. You play as Samus
Aran, a bounty hunter hired by the Galatic Federation to take out (at
first), the Space Pirates, who had found a metroid and were breeding
their own species. In Metroid 2, you had to destroy all of the existing
Metroids. You captured one though, and handed it over for research.
This is where Super Metroid starts. This platformer is brilliant. In
my opinion this is the best one for the SNES. It's kinda like an RPG
too, so that's :-) Before you start, you have to see the intro
sequence. It will come up after the title screen, and shows you some
secrets (Ultra Jump, Grappling Jump, Bomb Jump, and the secret Energy
Recharger Thingy). It will come in handy later.

To get in touch, e-mail me at dc3131@yahoo.com.au.
My ICQ# is 34601221.
My webpage is http://jump.to/magus
2)Basics, Moves and other stuff
Ok, at the start you get the choice to change your controls, and the default
setting is good.
Now to the basics of the game:
There are quite a few number of jumps, so let me go through them.
Normal Jump
Press the Jump button on it's own to jump up, and in mid-air press the D-Pad to
move around. If you have the Morphing Ball, press down twice in mid-air to turn
into a ball.
Spinning Jump
Hold left or right and press Jump to do a spinning jump. You don't go as high as
a normal jump, but you stay in the air longer and is the basis for some other
Wall Jump
As those weird aliens at the bottom of Brinstar will teach you, you need to use
the spinning jump for this. This jump is used to get up narrow shafts with no
platforms, or to climb up a wall. First you need to perform a spinning jump and
touch the wall. As soon as you do that, hold the other direction and press jump.
It may take a while to get used to, but it is worth it.
Bomb Jump
You need the morphing ball and bombs to do this. Morph and lay some bombs. You
will spring into the air, and if you keep laying bombs you can go extremely
high. It is hard though, as timing needs to be spot on.
Charge Jump
You need the charge beam. Charge it up, and then do a spin jump. You are
invincible and the weaker enemies you hit will die. Useful, but stronger enemies
can still hurt you.
Ultra Jump
You need the Speed Booster. Boost it up until you are blue, then hold down and

Jump-To go straight up
Hold R, Jump-To go diagonally right
Hold L, Jump-To go diagonally left

This jump is huge, and will take away some of your energy. It is needed to
collect all the items.
From Ryan:

When you are charged up from a hyper dash, and you press down to prepare for
ultra jump, instead of just pressing jump and going straight up, or holding "L"
or "R" to jump diagonally, you quickly press jump, then left or right on the D-
pad. Samus will do a "speed tackle" flying directly to the right or left along
the ground. This also kicks ass for flying through lots of stuff, and it is one
of the ways to get into the secret out on the surface of crateria (it's in the
demos when you see Samus fly into the cliff wall and it breaks away and shows a
secret/door). Just thought I would share that bit with you.
Space Jump
You need the Space Jump. Spin Jump, and hit Jump to keep going higher. With this
move you can keep jumping and jumping and jumping...
Screw Attack/Jump
You need the Screw Attack. Spin Jump, and when you do you will become a spinning
razor blade (great description). Good for taking out enemies, and breakable
Ball Jump
You need the Spring Ball. Turn into a ball and you can jump.

Okay, now to the special moves:
Moon Walk
You need to turn this on at the start, and you need a charge beam. Charge it up
and walk backwards. WOW. How crap.
Speed Dash
Just hold dash and you will run. Fast. And when you get the speed booster, you
can turn blue and smash everything up if you have enough space. Good for running
away from trouble, disappearing blocks and closing doors.
Special Attack
Equip the Charge Beam and ONLY ONE other beam. Highlight the power bomb icon.
Charge up the charge beam and voila, your special attack. It varies for each
beam, Ice, Spazer, Wave and Plasma.
Lotsa Bombs
Charge up the charge beam, and then turn into a ball to drop off lotsa bombs :-)
Energy Rechargy Thingy
I dunno what it's called, but you need less than 50 health, all reserve tanks
empty, at least ten missiles, super missiles and bombs. Select the super bomb,
turn into a ball, hold L,R and Down, and lay a bomb while holding all the
buttons until it works. You'll probably hardly ever use it, but it looks so
awesome :-)
To collect items, you touch them, or if they are in a ball form, shoot the ball
and get it.
Missile-The most common item, is a great attack weapon and is used to open
doors. A total of 230 can be found.
Super Missile-With the power of 5 missiles, these are deadly. A total of 50 can
be found.
Power Bomb-Once layed, will destroy everything on screen unless the enemies are
too powerful. A total of 50 can be found.
Energy Tank-Kinda like another life, can hold 100 more units of energy. A total
of 14 can be found.
Reserve Tank-When your energy is gone, this refills you. A total of 4 can be
Morphing Ball-Allows you to turn into a ball by pressing down twice. Good for
exploring small passages and bombing.
Bomb-Turn into a ball to use it. Can destroy some blocks and weak enemies.
Charge Beam-Hold the fire button down and let go after a while for a more
powerful attack.
Spazer-Splits your beam into three, covering more ground and more power.
Varia Suit-You can go into hot areas without losing life and increases defense.
High Jump Boots-Jump higher.
Speed Booster-If you have plenty of room to charge it up, you can run like
crazy. Hold on to the run button to use. You can break blocks and enemies this
Wave Beam-Increases the width of your beam attack, and can go through walls.
Ice Beam-You can freeze creatures for a short time, and use them as stepping
stones, or just kill them.
X-Ray Scope-Allows you to see through walls, etc. Use by holding down the dash
Grappling Beam-Hook onto grappling blocks and swing!
Screw Attack-When you spin jump, you will turn into a razor blade, cutting
through everything.
Gravity Suit-Makes you able to go into water like it wasn't there, and increases
Spring Ball-As a ball, you can jump.
Space Jump-Once you spin jump, you can keep on jumping and jumping and jumping.
Plasma Beam-Very powerful beam.
Hyper Laser-WHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO! This thing rocks! Although you can only use it for
a short while, everything will be at your knees when you use this.
Other Stuff:

Finish the game under 9 hours and you will see her face at the end.

Finish it under 3 hours to see her in a bikini. Ok, ok people, calm down....

Different Colored Doors:

Blue-Shoot it with anything and it will open.
Red-Five missiles or one super missile will open it.
Green-One super missile should do it.
Yellow-One power bomb will open it.
No color-You either have to kill all the enemies there or enter from the other


Space Colony

	This is just an intro level. Drop all the way down the shaft, enter the
door. Keep following the path, until you reach the Baby Metroid. Wait....and the
flying Dragon RIDLY appears! Beat it, and get the hell out of here, avoiding the
steam blasts. Then you will fly to Zebes.

Planet Zebes


Go down into the ship to save. Go left, open the door. Go left, down the shaft,
and keep going to the bottom. Go into the door on the right, and reach the
MotherBrain's old resting place. For you Metroid freaks, you may want to reflect
on all those good times you had, but just keep heading right. Now get on the
elevator, press down and you will go down.

Remember this spot? :-0 Head left, jump over the blocks and grab the Morphing
Ball. Now to get out, shoot the small block on the floor, and roll through the
passage. Go right, and shoot the blocks in the floor. Go down, and into the door
for a set of missiles (5).
Head back up, and shoot all of your missiles at the red door. At the end is
another lot of missiles (10).

Now backtrack to the ship, but don't go to the ship, in the first room you
entered, there should be a little passage after those green bats. Roll in there,
go down and to the right. Enter, get through this room, and grab the Bomb. Then,
the Chozo statue awakens and you will have to beat it.

Now that you have the Bomb, you can find many more things. Head back up and into
the the shaft with the blue door at the bottom. Go in and out of all the doors
there, you will find a save point, a map access computer (press Start and you
will see maps of the area), and some missiles (15).

Now head to where the MotherBrain used to exist, and bomb there to find some
more missiles (20). Now head on back, all the way up both of the shafts. Bomb
the wall on the left and keep on going left. Just before the next door you
should get an energy tank (1).

In the next room, the easiest way to kill the guys is with missiles, but if you
don't want to waste missiles and would rather waste time and energy, use bombs.
Head to the bottom, open both doors but only head into the LEFT one. Keep on
going left, and reach an elevator, which will take you to Brinstar.


Ok, your'e in a green room, right? Head to the first red door on your right,
jump up on the upper ledge and keep on going right. You will fall, but you will
get some missiles (25). Now bomb the lowest block of the left wall to get out.

There are two red doors at the bottom; the left is a missile recharge and the
right door is the right door. So head left if needed, and then go right.

Jump up, and follow the path up and to the red door, and when you reach it, turn
around and head back to the platform on the other side of the gap. If I remember
correctly there is something in that wall. Try it.

Now head into the red door. Defeat all of the enemies there to open the metal
door. Jump up, and face Spore Spawn. Once he is gone, jump on his head and all
the way up the shaft. Open the door, and head all the way to the right. Fall
down the pipe, and grab the Super Missiles (5). Shoot the wall down with them on
the left, and bomb your way out.

Now you're back in the big room, and if you are good at the wall jump, head up,
over the wall, and go left. Be warned, as if you step underneath the overhanging
rock, you will fall. Wall Jump over that overhanging rock, and grab the missiles

Head down to the bottom, via the left side. Grab the missiles (35). Bomb the too
obvious path and drop down to get the Charge Beam. Go back up and go right. You
are now back in a green room. Be careful of the critters which come out of the

There should be a pipe which no enemies are coming out of, so Wall Jump up
there, and roll to the right to grab some missiles (40). Keep on going right,
and you should soon reach a red room. Go down, and when you can't go any further
start bombing. Be careful of that squid though :-)

Keep on going down, to the bottom, and open the two doors.
The one on the left is a energy recharge. Go right two screens, and shoot the
block right above your head. Wall Jump your way up there, and and bomb the
blocks to get to a door. Enter, and grab the Spazer. Now head back down.

Head across again, and for a little while, you will enter Maridia for a short


Head right into a glass tube. Later you can power bomb this to enter Maridia.
Head right and into Norfair.


Go down the elevator, and into the door at the bottom left. Grab the energy
tanks (2), and into the blue door. Shoot the wall at the top, and grab the Hi-
Jump Boots. Go back, and jump up the shaft to grab some missiles (45). Bomb the
wall next to the missiles to escape. Now go back up the elevator.


Shoot the bottom block on the right wall with a super missile and roll through.
Then jump into the mouth of the thing, go through and into the door. Shoot the
platform directly beneath you to fall through. Go down to the bottom, and bomb
the shaft there. Go right, and up into the blue door.

In this room, defeat all of the Ki-Hunter, and bomb the crack in the middle of
the room. Enter, and go right. Defeat the space pirates, and turn your missiles
on. Shoot them all at Mini-Kraid, that fat piece of crap in your way. Now enter
the next room, and shoot directly above you for a missile and energy recharge.

Drop back down, and keep on going right. Soon you will reach an eye door, shoot
the eye (when it is open) with three missiles to defeat it. Go in and face

After this, go right and get the Varia Suit. Now head back to the elevator. In
the room just before all those Ki-Hunter, there should be a flashing door. Go
in, use your bomb to kill all the enemies and collect the energy tank (3) in the
ceiling, somewhere to the left. Now go into Norfair, via the elevator.


Drop and take the first door on your right. Bomb the bottom ledge to fall
through, and go all the way to the right. Jump up, enter the next room. Now
somewhere in here is a missile pack (50). I think it is in the pit in the
middle, with the two flying thingys flying around. If you can't get it, don't
worry. Keep on going right, through the doors and rooms, and you should reach a
greenish bubble room.

Go all the way to the right, and bomb downwards to get a pack of missiles (55).
Now get back up to the middle and bomb the blocks to go down. It's a small maze
here, so keep on bombing and moving around.

When you reach the two doors, go into the bottom one. This is pretty easy, just
keep on going right, no other directions, just RIGHT. Soon you will reach a tall
room with two doors in the right wall. Skip the first one, and enter the second.
Carefully jump on the platforms, and shoot the blue gate to acquire some
missiles (60). Now if you are willing to waste a little bit of energy, follow
these steps.

Jump to the right, as far as you can. Now Wall Jump off one wall (extremely
hard), and up onto the ledge. Inside the red door is the Wave Beam (Sweet!). If
you can't do that, return back here later when you have the grappling beam. If
you did do that, jump back down into the middle of the spikes. It should break,
and exit stage left.

Get to the top of the room and into the blue door. Hello bubble room again. Now
go up, into the door on your right, and shoot up the enemies there. Shoot the
ceiling near the right, climb up and follow the path. Run through the next room,
and before entering the door, shoot up for some missiles (65). Now go through,
pick up the Speed Booster. Now get the hell outta here!

As the lava is rising, you need to run fast. Hold dash down, and you should turn
blue, meaning you are going as fast as you can. Once you are safe, head back
into the bubble room. Now the next part is advised for experts only.

See the green door on the left? Try to get there by complex combinations of wall
jumping, bomb jumping and maybe later, freezing. Inside, grab the missiles (70).
Now aim your gun at the lower left hand corner and shoot. A pole should come up,
jump on it and bomb through to a room where you will have dodge lava, and
enemies to get a Reserve Tank (1). Now see that last platform before the Tank?
Shoot it and you will get some missiles (75).

Head back to the bubble room and into the maze again. This time take the door on
the left. Speed Booster left, through all the enemies. You should be back in the
initial elevator shaft, so head back up and take the first door on the left (the
one across from the red hot room, the first one you entered).

Dash as fast as you can through the doors, and go left. Jump up while avoiding
the fireballs. When you reach the top, don't enter the door. Turn into a ball
and drop down the narrow shaft, holding right so you  enter the narrow passage
heading right. Go right, and pick up the Ice Beam (YEAH!). Now get out and head
back to that blue door you never entered.

Enter it (duh), and freeze the enemies for steps to get across the lava. You
should fall back into the closing door room, but on top. Roll to the end, and
get on the elevator back to Brinstar.


Get back to that red shaft. Now that you have the Ice Beam, use the enemies as
steps to go ALL the way up. Go into the door at the top to reach a torture
chamber. Get through it, and in the next red shaft, bomb downwards and enter the
room there.

Get through this mini-chamber by freezing the enemies for steps, and then pick
up the Power Bombs (5). Try one out now. The wall behind the Chozo will destruct
if you do, giving you more missiles (80).

Get back up to the red shaft, and head up to the yellow door. Drop a power bomb
to get through. Freeze the enemies and kill 'em. Go to the left and drop a power
bomb, below are more power bombs (10). Now head back out, and all the way up, to
an elevator which will take you back to Crateria.


Go up, and head left. Dash through all of the blocks, past your ship and stop at
the blue door. Now this is tricky. Dash all the way back, but only until you
turn blue. Then press down, hold R and press jump. You should Ultra Jump all the
way to the top, and onto a ledge. Enter the door on the right, and carefully
make your way to the end to get some power bombs (15).

Now get back, and do a running jump from that ledge. You should end up on the
left wall, if not, Ultra Jump there. Wall Jump up the flat part, and then turn
into a ball, bomb while falling. Hopefully you will bomb in the middle, that's
where a secret passage is.

Wall Jump into it, and prepare for an extremely tough area. You must lay Power
Bombs to destroy the walls in your path while avoiding the lava, while
collecting that Energy Tank (4). Get to the end of the corridoor, and enter the
blue door. Now bomb downwards and hold either right or left to recieve some
missiles (85 for one, 90 for both). If you want to get both packs, you'll have
to come back through the lava room again....

Go right, and back into the place where you fall forever.....with those
creatures climbing up and down the walls. The shaft just before where the Mother
Brain used to be... got me? Fall down the right side. You will eventually fall
onto a platform next to the wall. Bomb, and power bomb the door open there.

Run forward a bit, crouch and freeze all of the yellow things, then Speed Boost
and Ultra Jump straight up at the end. Grab the Super Missiles (10). Head left,
grapple over the spikes and exit.

Now go back to the elevator that first took you to Brinstar. It should be in the
red door to the left.


Go to the first door on the right, jump up on the top and Speed Boost yourself
to the end. You should grab a Reserve Tank (2). Now bomb that pipe at the bottom
and roll through for some more missiles (95). Bomb behind them to get even more
missiles (100). Now head back out to the room with the closing doors. Shoot
upward to reveal a passage. Go up, grab the super missiles (15), and fall
through to exit.

Go down to the bottom, and power bomb. Keep on falling until you reach the door,
enter. In this silver room, edge to the left but not too close to the energy
tank (5). There is a invisible gap there, so jump over it. Collect the tank,
enter the door and get the super missiles (30).

Now drop down the hole. To the left is a save, to the right a deadly room which
you must pass. My tips are to turn off the High Jump Boots and to spin jump. It
worked for me. Don't rush.

In the next room are the Etecoons, they will teach you the wall jump. Get up the
shaft, and if you can, get into the small tunnel there to find the power bombs
(25). It is quite hard though, as you do have to turn into a ball in midair, but
if you have the Spring Ball (acquired later), it should be simple.

Now go to the big pinkish room. Where you had to Wall Jump to grab the missiles,
Power Bomb around there to reveal a part in the wall which you can get into.
Defeat the enemies, and near the end there is a block in the ground which is
different to those around it. Shoot it with a super missile to recieve some
power bombs (25). Bomb your way out and head back to Norfair.

BTW: This part has had some readers confused. When you've dropped down the red shaft
and headed right, some people can't seem to get over the block. To do this, unequip
your High Jump Boots. Do this by pressing START, then R, and into Samus' Equip Screen.
Unequip the Boots, jump over, re-equip and keep on moving!


Go into the first door on your left (where you have to Speed Boost through all
of those stupid, stupid gates). Speed Boost through there and you should break
the floor somewhere near the door. Power bomb it and fall through. Head left
whle taking out the enemies, and you should reach a blue door...stop before
entering. Now this is tricky.

Once you enter the door, you will immeadiately fall through, and directly across
from you are a hidden bunch of missiles in the wall. So once you enter, and
enter carefully, shoot across to reveal some missiles, and jump while aiming
downwards or diagonally downwards to freeze an enemy, and use it for a step to
get to the missiles (105).

Go to the bottom, enter the door and Speed Boost your way through everything.
Enter the green door at the bottom and face Crocomire.
After beating him, go left, and go into the red door on the right. At the end
are some missiles (115). Now go into the bottom door, and the door at the bottom

Destroy the enemies, Power Bomb the blocks away and Speed Boost left. Just
before you fall off, hit down, spin jump to the nearest platform and go up. Grab
the missiles (110), and then go back, but Ultra Jump to the top left corner. Go
in and grab the Grappling Beam (whoo-hoo!).

Note: What you should really do to grab the Grappling Beam is to run all the way right,
then Speed Boost your way left. When you turn blue and have a chance to jump, do so, aim
to the upper-right. You'll jump considerably higher than usual.

Go up, and through this corridoor. Get out, shoot upwards, and back up to where
you came from. Stand on the very edge of that platform and shoot the enemy with
your grappling beam. Swing to the other side , enter the door for a power bomb
(30). Go back to Crocomire's lair, head all the way to the right and use your
grappling beam for an energy tank (6).

Now go back up the door which took you to Crocomire. Jump up, and keep going up
to the uppermost door. Go up, and make your way to the top left for some
missiles (120). Go into the door, and back into the elevator shaft. Now that you
have the Grappling Beam, if you do not have the Wave Beam yet, go and get it. If
not, head back up into Brinstar.


OK, go left until you reach that annoying red shaft again. Go up until you reach
that yellow door surrounded by all those blocks. Drop a Power Bomb and enter.
Grapple along to the end and get the X-Ray Scope. Now head up until you reach
the elevator which will take you to Crateria.


Once you go up the elevator, go right this time. Lay a Power Bomb to blow open
the door, and grapple to the other side while collecting a missile pack (125).
Now head into the water, and go to the left edge. Bomb there, and keep going
left through the passage for some more missiles (130). Go back up, and use your
grappling beam to help get you across the water. Enter the door, and enter the
Wrecked Ship....

Wrecked Ship

Hmm...looks like a power black out. So we've got to turn the power back on, huh?
Go right, into the main room. Drop down and somewhere on the left wall, you can
bomb for a secret passage taking you to some missiles (135). I think it's the
second ledge on the left. Anyway, go all the way down until you can't go any
further. Bomb the floor up to get access to the door below, enter and head to
the right. Beat Phantoom and the power will turn back on. Head back out into the
bottom-most room. Going left will get you a map access thingy.

Now head back up to the main room, and you will notice that the doors and lights
are now operational. The door across from you should contain some Super Missiles
(25) Get back up to the floor that you had to bomb to get through, and go right.
Bomb that, go inside and collect the Super Missiles (30) at the end (you'll need
to bomb the end wall).

Go all the way up now, and shoot the top of the room to gain access to more
rooms. At the top is another door. Enter it, and destroy all the enemies inside,
then head into the right door and collect some missiles (140). Now re-enter the
enemy room and repeat, but go into the left door this time.

You're back outside. Head left until you see some flying platforms, jump on them
and reach the highest one. When you reach the wall on the left, duck and shoot
it to grab some missiles (145). Drop, and go to the left. X-Ray Scope around and
you will find a block. Shoot a Super Missile to get in, your reward is some
missiles (150). But you might have to go through the Wrecked Ship again to get
back here if you aren't careful....

Once you are back up near where you blew up that block, bomb around to reveal
another passage. Go to the right, enter the door and grapple over the stuff. The
next room is deadlier, with spikes on the ground. Grapple to the end of that.
Roll into a ball while you are in the Chozo's hands, and he will clear a path
for you.

Once the path has been cleared, don't head into the door you see, instead go
bomb below the Chozo for a secret path. Clear out the path, at the end are some
missiles (155). Lay a power bomb to blow up the Chozo, revealing a path for you
to get through. Run back to where you came in, and Speed Boost so you can Ultra
Jump up the shaft. Up there, proceed cautiously as you can towards the Reserve
Tank (3), as there is a gap in front of it.

Head back to the Chozo now, and enter the door. Grab the Gravity Suit! Now as
you fall out of the door, hold right to land on one of the platforms. Enter the
Wrecked Ship again, and go into the room below the Save Point (second down on
the right when you first come in, I think). Jump through the water with your new
Gravity Suit, and head to the end, but don't enter the door. Shoot above it to
grab an Energy Tank (7) in a secret room.

Now you have to get back into Brinstar. The easiest way that comes to mind is to
backtrack into Crateria, and finally into Brinstar. Another way is to go into
the door you see, which will take you into Maridia, and find the long tube which
will take you back close to Brinstar. But you know what? Just take the first
option as the second takes a hell of a lot of time.


Ok, head along to the room where you found the Charge Beam. It's the huge
pinkish, purplish room with Side-Hoppers everywhere. Go to the yellow door on
the right side, power bomb it open and enter. Get rid of the enemies there, and
grapple up to the gate, or use the Wall Jump. Get over the otherside for an
Energy Tank (8).

Now go to where you got the Charge Beam, and lay a Power Bomb. Follow the tunnel
but Speed boost through everything to grab another energy tank (9).

Now head to the green room after that purple room, and jump to the upper right
to reach a platform which will take you into a room with some nasty Side
Hoppers. Kill 'em, and bomb the right wall to find some Power Bombs (35). Lay a
Power Bomb on the wall to your right to blow it up, then search around in the
ceiling with your X-Ray Scope for an Energy Tank (10).

Keep on going right, until you reach the place where you got your second stack
of missiles. Bomb the wall hangin down low, and destroy all the creatures too.
Speed Boost and get ready to Ultra Jump, but you must be deadly precise, as you
have to stop right in the middle of that stack of blocks and jump up. Once you
have got up, go in the door, and jump to the upper left to land on an invisble
platform (use the X-Ray Scope for help). Dash to the left and grab the missiles
(155), and some more if you bomb around (160).

Now head back to Norfair. On the way, you will enter a huge glass tube. Lay a
Power Bomb, and it will shatter, sending you into Maridia.


If you want to save, head down and to the right for a save point. When done, go
up one screen, and decide if you would like some missiles (165) which are
extremely hard to get. If you do want them, go into the door on the right, clear
out all of the enemies, and start to Speed Boost back into the room on the left.
Somehow, you have to make it so you still are flashing when you make it back
(hold down just before or after you enter/pass the door. You then have to
resposition yourself in the middle of the room, and jump straight up to collect
the missiles. I didn't get them, so if you want a challenge...

Jump up all the way to the top of that room, and enter the door on the right.
You are now in a large room with lots of grappling blocks. First, head right,
turn into a ball and fall down the cliff, bombing as you fall. You should reach
some Super Missiles (35). Now go into the door at the bottom. Go right, and fall
to the bottom of the first pit. Go into the wall on the right to reach a secret
room. Keep on going right until you reach a room with some turtles. Shoot the
big one and it will start to go up....while it is, jump on it and catch a ride
up. Have your grappling beam ready, as you have to shoot the block there, and
swing on top of it for an energy tank (11).

Now grapple onto the block again and grab as much air as you can to take you
right. You should land on a little edge on the wall. Lay a power bomb, and a
batch of missiles (170) should appear in the wall below. Quickly turn into a
ball, fall and get it. Now return to the room with a lot of grappling blocks. If
you grapple to the middle of the room at the top, you will reach a door which
will take you to back to that red shaft. Anyway, grapple on to the right and
enter the door.

Head up the shaft, into the next room, and run to the right, through a wall for
some missiles (175). Then head to the upper left, through the door, through that
room, to the door in the upper left-hand corner, and down the pit at the end of
the next room. Bomb, and fall for some missiles (180), and some Super Missiles
(40). Head back to the purple shaft room.

Bomb the floor, enter the door on the right and Power Bomb the floor this time.
Speed Boost to the end and stop at the small gap before the end. Ultra Jump up
for a missile pack (185) and some Super Missiles (45). Now go back and use your
Grappling Beam to head up to the top left corner. Enter, and shoot all of the
Metroid look alikes. Speed Boost through the bottom barrier. Enter, and defeat

Continue to go right, and in the next room, before you hit the quicksand, you
will see an energy tank in the wall (12). Jump, and morph into a ball in mid-air
to grab it. Keep on going right (Speed Boost), head up the shaft, into the door,
grapple through this room, and enter the bottom door.

The spikes in here are fake. Head over the first lot, and land in the second
set. Jump up to the wall, and blow it up for some missiles (190). Now fall in
the first set. Go down, enter the door, and face Draygon. After he is dead, go
into the door on the left and grab the Space Jump. Use it to get the hell outta
here. Now head back to the room after Botwoon. Fall down one of the quicksand
pits, and you will be back in the purple room before the Metroid try-hard room.
Head to the very bottom left corner and bomb (Jason Raby says bottom right
corner). Head down the quicksand pit on the left. Use the Space Jump to pick
up a Reserve Tank (4) and some missiles (195). Now fall down the quicksand pit
again, and head all the way to the right until you reach a room with a solitary
grappling block at the top. Grapple on it until it breaks. Jump up there, and
Space/Wall Jump up. Go right, fall through the platforms, and enter the door.
Don't shoot the Spider, it will clear the way for you. After that, the Spring
Ball is yours.

Now head left until you reach a room where there is a door on each side, and a
floor on top of you. Bomb the floor, and jump into the pipe. Head to the upper
right of that room via the shaft after you get out of the pipe. You will reach
an overhang, and you will need to use the Space Jump to reach the door under it.
Get up this shaft, through the door, another door, and to the bottom right for
the Plasma Beam!

Head back to the long tube which took you up here, and go down. Go two screens
to the left, roll into a ball, and go underneath the blocks. You will fall into
a room, which if you keep going left, will take you back to Brinstar! So go!

Now, if you would like some power bombs and missiles, head back in Maridia, and
into the place where you fell to acquire the Reserve Tank, except go into the
quicksand on the right this time. Grab the Power Bombs (40), and a missile pack
(200). But this is time-consuming, and not worth it to me. But for a 100%
score...ah well.

After that, use the under-the-block route back to Brinstar, and enter Norfair.


Pretend you are going to the Speed Booster (e.g past the bubble maze, etc.) and
when you reach a place with blue balls surrounding the platforms, jump down and
enter the door. Now this is weird. Space Jump through the lava, yes, just jump
in, onto a ledge, and Space Jump your way up to the left side. Enter another
door, to reach an elevator. Go down it.

Go to the left until you reach a room full of lava. Space Jump to the left, and
turn into a ball in the Chozo's hands. The lava will drain, allowing you to head
downwards. Drop down, and Space Jump over the gap in the next room to get the
missiles (205). Fall down and face the Golden Chozo. Head into the next room for
the Screw Attack, and then back into the room with the Golden Chozo. Go up and
find the Super Missiles (50,maximum). Now go right, and Screw Attack all the way
up, stopping for a recharge on the way, and once you reach the door at the top,
just keep on going right.

When you get to the room with the columns, Screw Attack to break all of them and
get into the next door. Go up to the top of this shaft, and blow up the blocks
at the top, and dig around for some missiles (210). Head to shaft, enter the
door on the right, and quickly Space Jump to the top right hand corner before
the lava gets you.

Bomb the floor in this room to get access to go down. Keep on going down, and in
the room with a statue in the middle and no visible exit, shoot the bottom left
corner to gain access. Head to the left, pick up the Power Bombs (45). Go down,
kick the Metal Space Pirates (Space Jump above them, when they flash gold, shoot
Super Missiles at them), and keep going left, and face your toughest enemy yet,

Go into the door at the bottom to find the broken Metroid case, and shoot the
bottom right for an energy tank (13). Now head back up to where you had to bomb
the floor to reach this place (the room after the tall, rising lava room). Go
left, and blow up the creature on the wall directly across from you. Be careful,
you will be dropping into a spike room, but there is an energy tank
(14,maximum). Head back up to that room where you blew up the creature, and go
all the way to the top. Ignore the door on the right, walk into the left wall.
Go left and up, and ignore the left door. Go right for some missiles (215), and
drop a power bomb. Make your way through the block maze, enter the door and grab
the Power Bombs (50,maximum).

Go left, and back into the wall again. This time, go through the door on the
left. Head to the end, and after you get through the small passage, bomb the
first platform you jump on to access some missiles(220). Actually, you should
have 230 missiles...must have miscounted. Damn. Now just head back to Crateria,
in the room with the Green Space Pirates.


In the room with the Green Space Pirates, just two rooms before the elevator
into Brinstar, go into the red door at the bottom right. Head to the end, with
the huge gold dragon. Watch it go, and go down...into Tourain...


This is very straightforward. First door on the right is a save. Now you will
fight real Metroids, who can only be destroyed by been frozen and treated like a
red door (five missiles). So go left, down, right, down, dodge the Side Hoppers,
and into the next room. Keep going left....and the Baby Metroid, more like
Muther Metroid, will suck all the life out of you. Apart from 1. So keep on
going left, shooting through the crap, and into the next scree. Through the
crap, there is a recharge station. Keep on going right, and fall down to reach a
save. Only if you want though. Then head to the eye door, kill it, and into the
Mother Brain's Lair!

Shoot the red barriers with missiles, and go to face the MotherBrain!!! After,
with your Plasma Beam, you'll have an easy task of escaping. Use the Speed Boost
too. Take the second space from the floor, Speed through there, jump up, and
take the passage up to another room.

Head upwards, right, down, and jump up to the top right. Keep on going, weave in
and out, and back out to Crateria. It should be easy to exit too, and once you
are back outside, hop in your ship and it's the END! Congrats!!!

4)Boss List


This one is easy. You don't really have to do anything, just get damaged down to
30 life or something. Just jump and shoot. When it drops the Metroid, you've


Fire all your missiles at it first, and when it shoots out bombs, shoot them for
items. Otherwise, just roll into a ball when it advances, roll out of the way,
then get up and shoot it. Preferably in the head.

Spore Spawn

When it starts to move around, roll into a ball and hide in the corner to avoid
being hit. After a while it will open up, shoot it with a few missiles. Repeat,
and you can shoot the things in the air for items.


Whenever he opens his mouth, shoot a super missile. When you first come in, do
that, and he will rise. Jump to the platforms above and keep doing the same,
shooting a missile to make him open his mouth, then a super missile to injure
him. Soon (4 or so super missiles), he'll be gone.


The most efficent way to kill him is to charge up the charge beam and shoot him
in the head, as you will probably run out of missiles. Only hit him in the head,
otherwise he will advance forward. Keep on shooting him with the charge beam in
the head, until he backs into the lava. Then go left, watch his skeleton crumble
and you've done it.


There is a very easy way to beat him, by using the charge jump (see the moves
section). First, use super missiles to hit him whenever he becomes fully
visible/hittable. Then, when he starts firing that blue crap at you, use the
charge jump to avoid taking damage for them. Rinse, lather and repeat.


Too easy. Just use your super missiles to hit him in the head. Stay in the lower
left corner, and whenever he pokes his head out of a hole, that is the time to


First, there is one very easy way to kill him. As you first drop in, go to
either side and destroy the cannons on the wall. They are destroyed when all
this blue stuff is around it. Go to the other side, do the same, and wait for
Draygon to fly by. Equip the Grappling Beam, and when he shoots all that spit at
you, let it hit you, and let him take you for a ride. While in the air, shoot
the broken cannon with your Grappling Beam, and hold it down to kill him! You'll
take some damage too.

Otherwise, just waste all of your Super Missiles at him (his stomach), and
follow up with missiles. Don't let the spit hit you, he'll take you on a
damaging ride.

Golden Chozo

This is easy, just take it the same way you did before. Charge up the Plasma
Beam and fire, while ducking (Space Jump?) all the things he throws at you.


Again? This is very hard. First, you may want to morph into a ball and jump
around laying Super Bombs. Otherwise, shoot all of your Super missiles, and
Screw Attack around to avoid his projectiles. Then use all your missiles. He
should be gone. If you are on the platform at the bottom, be careful as he deals
a lot of damage with that tail.

Mother Brain

The final battle was easier than Ridly (for me, anyway). After clearing the red
barriers, shoot the casing with missiles until it shatters. Now the Mother Brain
turns nasty. After it has turned into the dinosaur like thing, shoot the head
with all your super missiles. Then waste your missiles.

By now, she should be charging her laser, if not, use plasma shots at her. The
laser will probably hit you, don't worry, the Baby Metroid saves you. You get
full health, but it dies.

You now also have a Hyper Beam, just whack the Mother Brain with it until she
dies! Pretty easy, huh? Now run!
Q.In Crateria, in the room that you referred to as "the place where you fall
forever...with those creatures climbing up and down the walls. The shaft just
before where the Mother Brain used to be..." in this room, I noticed that doing
a Screw Attack against the bottom left corner of the room's wall will drill open
a passageway. This passage leads to a door, which is sealed. I tried killing
everything in the room, but the door was still sealed.  Anyway, my question is:
Did you know about this, and if so, do you know how to open the door, or where
it leads? I'm guessing that it might be the passage that's taken to enter this
tall room when escaping from the planet before it explodes. Any help would be

A.Yes, I did know about this and your guess is right, it's where you escape
from. I can see that you are a thorough treasure hunter :-)
Q. How does the X-Ray work?  I tried using it MANY times, but it never seems to
do anything.  Sometimes I'll even try to use it on hidden items when I already
know where they are, and I still don't see anything. Oh well, I don't really
need it anyway.  It's just that in a couple of sections, you mention using it to
find hidden items.  I usually just drop a power bomb, and then run around really
fast looking for anything different.  Whatever works, I guess. :-)

A. Well, you select it (it's an alternate weapon, like missiles and power bombs)
and then you hold on to A. A triangular wave of light should appear and while
you are doing this, the game should be "frozen", no enemies will move. Move the
beam up, down and around with the D-Pad and you should be able to see the
items/breakable blocks... unless you are playing on an emulator, where it's a
bit stuffed up sometimes.
Q.I was having some trouble w/ Super Metroid, finding the grappling hook. So I
found your walkthrough, and that helped me find it. Thanks. Later (about 1 week)
I beat the game. It took me 5:01, but it was only my first time. Anyway, it said
I only found 61% of the items. Is it pretty much just missles that I didn't find
you think? I only had like 125. Anyway, please reply.
A.Yeah, it's the missiles. I'm lazy, see, so I didn't bother to get some of
them. But I did have higher than 61%. Anyway, a real good FAQ is out there by
marshmallow, with 100% items and speed. Find it at www.gamefaqs.com. Hold on,
why am I plugging his one?
Q. How the hell did you manage to write this? Cut and paste?
A. NO, I never cut and paste. It's a sin. But I did it by having lots of free
time, willpower, and caffeine.
Q.Hi, I'm hoping you can help me with something. I played this game and beat it
years ago (not bad for a 45 yr. old woman, huh?) and just came across it and
decided to give it a go again but I keep getting stuck at the same place and am
unable to find my way any further along in the game. I have come from the room
with the Etecoons who taught me to wall jump. My problem is in trying to get back
to Norfair in search of the grappling beam. I come out and go past the ship, keep
going right, drop down, then drop down the red shaft, and get to the room with
the water and the green bat things and the platforms you need to jump on to get
through the room but this is as far as I can go. I had no problem getting through
this room the first time when I went to the bubble room, but am now unable to
jump high enough out of the water to get onto the platforms (Did the varia suit
make me heavie or maybe I just thought I got the high jump boots but really
didn't?). I have backtracked several times, attempting trying to find another
way into Norfair but have been unsuccessful. I know that my descriptions are
pretty vague but am hoping this is a common place where people get stuck and you
might know what I am talking about and be able to tell me what I did wrong and
how do I proceed?
A.Ok, after testing, I've found out that the Hi-Jump Boots do affect you, as
well as the water. What you need to do is hit START, and press R to go into the
Samus' Equip screen. Select the Hi-Jump Boots, and de-equip them. Then you should
be able to jump across (don't stand in the water, stand on the edge). After that,
re-equip the boots, and your'e on your way!
Q. How do you get the Grappling Beam?

A. Well, after you defeat Crocomire, head down into the large room which will take
you to the Grappling Beam. What you should really do to grab the Grappling Beam is
to run all the way right, then Speed Boost your way left. When you turn blue and have
a chance to jump, do so, aim to the upper-right. You'll jump considerably higher than

Q.I have "Super Metroid" for my Super Nintendo, and I have a question:
I've heard that you can defeat Ridley in the Space Colony at the
beginning of the game.  If this is true, what happens when you beat him?

A.Well, just the same sequence. It's just for those who are very, very
good at Metroid.

-Water stuffs you up when you are jumping. Meaning you can't jump as high.
-Hit START to see a map of the area. Hit R to see Samus' Equip screen, you can
change her weapons, etc there.

From Ryan:
Hi. I was just looking at your FAQ and reading the various ultra jumps you
listed, when I noticed you were missing one. When you are charged up from a
hyper dash, and you press down to prepare for ultra jump, instead of just
pressing jump and going straight up, or holding "L" or "R" to jump diagonally,
you quickly press jump, then left or right on the D-pad. Samus will do a "speed
tackle" flying directly to the right or left along the ground. This also kicks
ass for flying through lots of stuff, and it is one of the ways to get into the
secret out on the surface of crateria (it's in the demos when you see Samus fly
into the cliff wall and it breaks away and shows a secret/door). Just thought I
would share that bit with you.
From Blade Bot:
The part about Metroids. Can't you destroy them with your grappling
beam? Many enemys can be killed using that, and most people don't know

DC: Yeah, some enemies can be destroyed with the grappling beam, but
the Metroids? Let me test it out. Or has someone else done this too?
I've also recieved an e-mail from Ryan, confirming this. So I guess i
t's true.
From iepos:
Here's an interesting trick I found to get through the game much
faster (but without 100%):

 It is not necessary to get the grappling beam to beat the game.

There are four major obstacles in the game I see that appear to
require the grappling beam, but they can all be passed without it:

1. The room with a pool of water with a narrow column in the middle
   with a missile on it (with grappling blocks on the ceiling),
   that you need to get through to get to the Wrecked Ship.

   This one is probably the trickiest. To get through you need the speed
   booster. Go into the room to with the flying mantises (just to the
   left of the room we're trying to get past). Notice that there
   is a smooth stretch of ground long enough to get up to speed with
   the speed booster. Shoot open the orange door to the right.
   Then, start at the left and run to the right. Just before you run
   into the ledge, push the down arrow; then, Samus is flashing and you
   can freely walk around and jump (provided you do spinning jumps,
   otherwise you would slam into the ceiling). So, do a spinning
   jump to the right, and while in the air (when high enough to pass over
   the ledge) push the up arrow (making Samus look like she is going to
   slam to the ceiling) and then quickly push the jump button again
   while holding the right arrow, and Samus should fly through the water
   room, picking up the missile along the way.

2. The large room right in front of the Wrecked Ship. There's no great
   trick to this. There are two difficult jumps you have to make
   (difficult because you must keep from jumping so high that you
   bump into the wall hanging down). Here's a tip that makes the first
   one a bit easier; rather than jumping from the little ledge,
   go all the way back to the entry of the room and get a running
   start. Also, you might try taking off the high jump boots, if you
   have them. When, you get to the ripper, shoot it with a super missile.

3. The room with the spikes, just before you get the gravity suit.
   This one is simple; just run through the spikes. You may want to
   have gotten a bit of a running start before you entered the room
   so you can jump over a few at the beginning. Once you hit spikes,
   you flash for a few seconds which protects you from being hurt more;
   so, run along the spikes until right before your flashing expires,
   and then jump. If done right, you should only get hurt three times,
   and lose less than a tank of energy.

4. The big room in Maridia. To get past this, use the speed booster
   again. There is a stretch of ground long enough to get up to
   speed. If I remember, the pieces of the room that we care about
   look something like this (hopefully your email client has fixed width
   font, so this will look right):

    *                 /  |
        X  XX  XX  XX
        X  XX  XX  XXX
        X........... X


      X  ==  wall
      *  ==  entrance
      |  ==  exit
     --  ==  other door
      .  ==  the way to run to get up to speed with the speed booster
      /  ==  the way to go with the speed booster.

   The trick is similar to the one used in #1. Get up to speed with the
   speed booster, then push the down arrow. Do a spinning jump up
   onto the ledge shown in the diagram. Then, while on ground
   (no need to do in air this time), hold R down and jump, and you
   should blast diagonally to the exit.

Well, that's it. There's one more room in Maridia that you might want
the grappling beam for, but you can get past it using Wall Jumps.
Soon after, you'll get the Space Jump, which makes it easy not having
the grappling beam.

With this trick you could entirely avoid going back down into Norfair
and fighting the Crocomire. This makes the power bombs conveniently
on the way to the wrecked ship ...

Another little tip... the ice beam is not essential either (except maybe
at the end with the metroids; I'm not sure). I've gotten to Ridly without
it, at least ... In the room in Brinstar with the Rippers, you can use
the Wall Jump to get up there without the ice beam.

I believe the high jump boots are also nonessential (although you'd
probably want to go down there anyway to get the energy tank and the
missiles, since they are easy, and you need a certain amount to beat
Mother Brain). In the entrance to Kraid's lair, you can get up onto
the ledge without the high jump boots if you blast all three super missile
blocks and get a running start. You can also do it without a running
start (with just one hole blasted) by doing a wall jump, but it
is quite difficult.

From Damia13:

was reading your metroid cheats and hints on www.gamewinners.com. I saw
what was there for Maridia at the end. here is what you wrote:

.....decide if you would like some missiles (165) which are extremely
hard to get. If you do want them, go into the door on the right, clear
out all of the enemies, and start to Speed Boost back into the room on
the left. Somehow, you have to make it so you still are flashing when
you make it back (hold down just before or after you enter/pass the
door. You then have to resposition yourself in the middle of the room,
and jump straight up to collect the missiles. I didn't get them....

    Well, I got them, after three deaths and two hours. When you
first come in, there are two sea plants on the ground to the left that
stand out with the enemies. When you do the speed boost, stop right
on the second one, the one closest to the wall. This should take you
all the way up to the missle. But the problem is it's a tight squeeze
all the way to the top so you have to be perfect when you stand directly
over the plant. A little over and you'll waste alot of energy.

From MegaMew812:

-There is actually a way to kill the Metroids without the Ice Beam.
You lay three power bombs and they will die. Simple as that.
NOTE: This even works when the Metroids latch on you.

One final note: The grappling doesn't work on them.

From Mike Raiford:

Ok ... here goes:

You know the room after the rising and falling lava in Crateria, The one
with the 2 missles?

After some trial and error, I found out how to get both missles at once, but
it takes precise positioning:

When you're in the room, there's 2 sets of blocks that break away, One two
sets left and one one set left. Jump so you straddle both sets of blocks,
Now both columns will dissapear out from under you. Fall, shooting the wall
on the left until you have 1 pair under you, then quickly move to the left
missle. Grab that missle, now -- shoot out the wall blocking the right hand
missle. Carefully jump over the dissapearing one-way blocks, and you should
be on the other side, now. Grab the second set of missles and fall down.

This should cut out a fair chunk of time.

Daku and S-Type-To the guys who took my FAQ (with permission), and
kinda re-wrote it. It's awesome, check it out at http://jump.to/magus.

Nintendo-For making this AWESOME game series.

Blade Bot-For the Metroid kill tip.

Ryan-For providing that Ultra Jump tip.

marshmallow-For making the best ever Super Metroid Guide I've seen.
Don't bother with mine, get his! Now!

Melted Cat-For being the first person to give me some feedback, yay,
you rock!

Ken-I dunno, he's just in here.

Hope you liked it.-DC, dc3131@yahoo.com.au

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