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No Powerups Challenge Guide by MrL_Froslass

Version: V1.00 | Updated: 12/08/10

                           THE NO POWERUPS CHALLENGE



Super Mario World is a large game with tons of variety. However, it does get 
stale after so many years of completing it over and over again. So, let's 
spice things up with a bit of crazy.

I am open to any suggestions, corrections, new info, questions, etc. etc. my 
email is mrlfroslass@hotmail.com. I will try to reply to all relevant emails, 
and I will give credit where credit is due. Anyway, on with the guide!


(01): Introductory Stuff
(02): Guide Start
(03): Yoshi's Island
(04): Donut Plains
(05): 1/2 of Vanilla Dome and Food Mountain
(06): 2/2 of Vanilla Dome and Food Mountain
(07): Forest of Illusion
(08): Chocolate Island
(09): Valley of Bowser
(10): Special World
(11): Other Stuff

Ctrl-F is usable.


Without any powerups, you're effectively neutered. So, here is a few things 
to remember.

Jumping: Well, if you think you can do this without a mastery of jumping, 
you're going to have some fun.

Enemies: They do nothing but get you killed. Avoid when possible.

Midway Tape: It upgrades you to Regular Mario, so only cross it if you indend 
on dying in a short period of time.

End Tape: You can't get as high due to being small, but still provides Star 

Bonus Game: I always mess it up. It appears after 100 Star Points are 
collected, and I won't bother describing it (I would suck). Try to keep a 
proper rhythm hitting the blocks, but starting is the problem.

Switch Palaces: Do them; they help. Also, fun awaits.

Yoshi: If you've played a hack of SMW made by someone named Everybody, you 
will know that you can jump off Yoshi for extra height, particularly when 
faced with a chasm you accidentally visited. The Spin Jump button is the one 
you want, and try not to feel bad, especially if you did it above lava.

Reznor: The boss(es) of the Fortresses. Kill the first 3 ASAP, then kill the 
last one while on their platforms.

Bosses: They are relatively the same as a normal game, except you can't be 
hit. Tragic.


Here I detail how this will be played out.

No Powerups. That simple. You may accidentally pick one up, in which case you 
are to get hit as soon as possible. Stars are considered powerups, but the 
Magic Balloon is not, as it would bar us from most of the Special World. We 
will require to break this rule in order to get out of the Forest of Illusion 
(part 3). Technically, we could bypass it, but then we would have to make use 

No Star World. Fast tracking the game wouldn't make this very hard, would it?

About Yoshi...: Whether you consider Yoshi a powerup or not, he is quite a 
powerful ally in this challenge. I would rule him out, except that by using 
him, particular features of the game (read: Special World) become accessable. 
So, it's up to you whether to use him or not, however when I mention him, I 
suggest you grab him, if only for what I brought him up for. However, I am 
strictly prohibiting the use of Flying Yoshi, except for Chocolate Island 3.

Optional: Attempt at 100% Completion. Speaks for itself.

Optional: Speed run. Also speaks for itself.

If you have any suggestions, send them to me.


If you feel like subjecting a friend to this horror, you can. Not much more 
to say than that.



There's not much to say on each level, since you should know about the levels 
by now. But, I can detail any area of distress, as well as the way through 
some of the more confusing levels. I will list the levels in the order I 
would (and am) do them in an Attempt at 100% COnpletion. This is the format I 
will be using:

Level Name: The You Are Here of my guide.

Difficulty: How hard I see the level.

Info: I will tell of you the horrors that await. Also, fun stuff.

Alternate Exit At: I will point out whatever exit is harder to find.


Well then, let's begin.


Yoshi's Island 1: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: The Shellless Koopa at the beginning is one of the biggest causes of 

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

Yellow Switch Palace: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Weee, coins!

Alternate Exit At: Wait the timer out. No, I'm serious.

Yoshi's Island 2: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: There's nothing distinctly hard about this level. Yoshi is here, though.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

Yoshi's Island 3: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Look out for the holes, if you haven't done the Yellow Switch Palace.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

Yoshi's Island 4: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: The Spiky Balls hurt. Wow, this guide is so helpful right now.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

#1 Iggy's Castle: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: I lost my first life here by accidentally falling down a hole. How 

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.


There's something about first Worlds that seems so... easy... Anyway, Donut 
Plains time.


Donut Plains 1: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Don't screw around, just ignore the Caped Koopsaders and get to the end. 
You can pick up Yoshi here.

Alternate Exit At: The end. You'll need the Green Switch Palace due to the 
lack of a Cape. Also, about damn time!

Donut Plains 2: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: The first underground level. Witness how it wasn't the second level. 
These things only became the norm once New Super Mario Bros. came out! 
Sigh... Anyway, enough of my rantings, up the second Green Pipe is a shortcut.

Alternate Exit At: At said shortcut, hit the last Flip Block and climb up the 
Piranha Vine. You will need Yoshi.

Green Switch Palace: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Don't accidentally whack yourself with the Shell.

Alternate Exit At: Down the hole at the end. No, I mean it. Really.

Donut Secret 1: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Quite easy; just avoid the... now, what did I call them in my other 
guide... let me check...

...Pucker Fish. Thought so. Anyway, carry the P Switch to the end, and 
prepare to lol.

Alternate Exit At: Pick up the P Switch and take it until you see some Blank 
Blocks near a Keyhole. Et cetera.

Donut Ghost House: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: When shown the P Switch, enter the Normal Door and then hit the Flip 
Block. You should know that, though.

Alternate Exit At: The start, but you can't get up there. Sorry.

Top Secret Area: 

Difficulty: N/A

Info: Inacessable. Not a great loss.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

Donut Secret House: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Well, the only one of it's kind, so savour the moment. The Exit is 
simple enough; hit the P Switch and go through the new door that was outlined 
by coins earlier.

Alternate Exit At: The P Switch, hit the middle Flip Block over the chasm 
that you can now reach. Enjoy.

Star World 1: 

Difficulty: N/A

Info: You can't do it without the Mushroom so valiantly placed in front of 
you. Don't be tempted; no rule breaking!

Alternate Exit At: Well, it doesn't matter now, does it?

Donut Secret 2: 

Difficulty: Cake

Info: The first ice level. Ice in this game is rather tame, though. After the 
set of Pipes, be careful at the next hole, as well as the enemies after it.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

Donut Plains 3: 

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Oh boy, our first Cake! And no, it's not a lie. Although, those Secret 
Levels were some shortcut, huh?

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

Donut Plains 4: 

Difficulty: Cake

Info: I don't know why Goombas are unstompable in this game, I really don't.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere

#2 Morton's Castle: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: The first part has some Thwimps. I love that name. Second part has 
Thwomps. I think it would be funny if the lava was below one of them. Oh, and 
I could've sworn the last part was Iggy's Castle. Okay, enough obscure 
references. You can kill the boss before he even makes it to a wall if you're 
good enough.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.


Not too bad so far. We have an uncompletable level already, even though it 
wasn't actually in the World. Anyway, moving on...


Vanilla Dome 1: 

Difficulty: Cake

Info: With the Flip Block part, run under it. For the second part, oh crap, 
so hard without a Star. Get as close as possible in a jump without actually 
landing on it, and use the Buzzy Shell to clear out the enemies. Then, pray.

Alternate Exit At: The Red Switch Blocks. You can use Yoshi, or just wait for 
the Red Switch Palace.

Vanilla Dome 2: 

Difficulty: Cake

Info: I think it's safer down low, but it lacks the Midway Tape.

Alternate Exit At: The first time you can get above the water after the Coin 
Arrow, go left. Take the P Switch past the coins to the left and hit it, then 
run to the left and down the new path. Hopefully you can follow that.

Red Switch Palace: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: The 1-Up isn't worth the risk.

Alternate Exit At: Touch the Glowy Shell of Joy. Not kidding. Really. Try it.

Vanilla Ghost House: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: With the room with the Poison Bubbles, there is a P Switch in a Flip 
Block. CARRY it to the end of the room, and then hit it.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

Vanilla Dome 3: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Oh lava, how I love thee. And Blargg is kinda cute.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

Vanilla Dome 4: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: There are Bullet Bills spawning from the sides, but they're puny. The 
game designers realised this, and have Quintuple Bullet Bills spawn in the 
second half. What they didn't realise was that they're puny too.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

#3 Lemmy's Castle: 

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Watch out for the Koopa Wizards and the Fireballs, moreso the 
Fireballs. Go through the Spwecial Door for the Midway Tape and a 1-Up. You 
can hit the fake Lemmys for some points if you want.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

Cheese Bridge Area: 

Difficulty: Breeze (does not include Alternate Exit)

Info: because I'm so lazy, I'm combining this part into this section, just so 
I don't have to backtrack multiple times. And you can't stop me. HAHAHAHAHA.

Alternate Exit At: A Yoshi Jump is required (no, I'm not kidding). It's hard 
as hell, but you need to go under the underside of the End Tape. Get one from 
the next level instead of backtracking (I hate that). But seriously, it's 
hard. So hard.

Cookie Mountain: 

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Like so many things in life, running the hell away is key. Those Monty 
Moles are a menace, and the Fire Sumo's aren't so much. Also, you can get 
Yoshi here; make use of the Start + Select trick.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

Soda Lake: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: If you don't make it here, I don't blame you. It's really f**king hard. 
Anyway, the level itself is the only one with Torpedo Teds, but is otherwise 
a useless level.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

Star World 3: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: I can't believe we're doing this before 2. Hit the P Switch to neuter 
the Lakitu, and proceed as usual.

Alternate Exit At: Go up using the Lakitu Cloud or Yoshi.


Well, doing things this way is rather unorthodox, but this is the only Mario 
game that has a World Map that actually feels like a World.


Vanilla Secret 1: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: They should really have an elevator.

Alternate Exit At: To the left of the first Trampoline. Need the Blue Switch 
Palace; don't worry, I'll remind you.

Vanilla Secret 2: 

Difficulty: Meh

Info: The first half of level was created for the sole purpose of annoying 
the hell out of me. Green Retard Paratroopas and Red Bull (tm) Enchanced 
Green Retard Paratroopas EVERYWHERE. I am authorising the use of Yoshi for 
this section.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

Vanilla Secret 3: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Think of this level as a Bonus Round. Just imagine the Inappropriate 
Bonus Music in the background.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

Vanilla Fortress: 

Difficulty: Cake

Info: The first Fortress. Should be Vanilla Secret Fortress, but I suppose 
that wouldn't fit. Also the only underwater Fortress. What a shame it's 
hidden like this.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

Butter Bridge 1: 

Difficulty: Cake

Info: I suppose this is a good a time as any to mention I hate Auto-Scroll 
levels. This level in particular was a major contributor to that. Luckily, 
being Small Mario won't really make this level harder. Just one simple rule: 
Don't go too far. Wait. I know it's hard, but you will die otherwise.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

Butter Bridge 2: 

Difficulty: Cake

Info: This level is the opposite of the last. Instead of bringing much death 
by hard jumps coupled with Auto-Scroll, this level brings much death by 
craptons of enemies everywhere. And no Auto-Scroll. One simple rule: don't go 
too fast. After dealing with Auto-Scroll, I know you're thinking 'Gotta go 
Fast!', but don't.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

#4 Ludwig's Castle: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: It's about time we got here. And oh man, is this level hard. Wait, no, 
easy is the word I want. The boss' fireballs won't actually hit you unless 
you're in the air, hilariously enough.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.


Forest of Illusion was a great idea, however it loses it's charm after you 
get through the first time, much like most games whose draw is the storyline.


Forest of Illusion 1: 

Difficulty: Cake

Info: The Alternate Exit leads to the Ghost House, which does a great job of 
not getting you closer to the Exit of the Forest.

Alternate Exit At: The Keyhole.

Forest of Illusion 2: 

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Ugh, underwater. This level requires patience, at least until the end. 
Also, I apologise, for being unable to come up with a funny name for the 

Alternate Exit At: Just before the section with the Pucker Fish, go left.

Blue Switch Palace: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: I wish we could redo these levels. Also, time to go back to Vanilla 
Dome so we can get Star World 2 opened up.

Alternate Exit At: Touch a Spiny and you... You know what, forget it.

Star World 2: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: This level is a great source of lives, at least it would be if Stars 
were allowed. Damn.

Alternate Exit At: The end, go under the rock instead of going in the Pipe.

Forest of Illusion 3: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Ah, here we are. Grab a Mushroom from a Bubble and enjoy your brief 
stint as being big.

Alternate Exit At: After the Splitting Koopa Football Player, go down the 
Pipe, and cry at our poor failure.

Forest Ghost House: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Ready for a big detour? I love this level, although it makes me wish 
Mario could Moonwalk. In the room with the Boo Roof, the trick is to move as 
much as possible. take the P Switch to the end of the room and hit it for a 
Hidden Door.

Alternate Exit At: After the P Switch incident, go past the first door. Not 
much of a shortcut, but you get a Moon (which, might I add, never appears 
again in a Mario game).

Forest of Illusion 4: 

Difficulty: Cake

Info: When entering the level, you will be greeted with a Friendly Lakitu, 
offering a 1-Up. However, if you grab it, you will realise that's just where 
he stashes his treasured possessions. If you grab it and die, you don't end 
up losing a life, but grabbing it increases the likelyhood you will die, so 
choose carefully. Also, watch out for the Pipe Lakitus; they're not as easy 
to jump over as, say, Piranha Plants from SMB1.

Alternate Exit At: After the Midway Tape, go down the second Pipe you see.

Forest Secret Area: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: What, THIS is what they call the secret area? You gotta be kidding. 
It's a right old pain; just don't do anything stupid.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere. Man, it's been a while since I wrote that.

Forest Fortress: 

Difficulty: Cake

Info: The second Fortress, which is also a hidden one. It's a pain in the 
freaking ass, too. Buzzers abound and there isn't any Midway Tape. I'd just 
like to remind everybody that this is OPTIONAL, although it is a Red Herring 
also. Ah, if only the non-linearity stuck.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

Star World 4: 

Difficulty: Cake

Info: This level's pretty fun actually. Lots of Koopas and is fairly long 

Alternate Exit At: When you get to an area with Stone Blocks, go down with a 
Shell. Green and Red Blocks are needed. Don't be tempted to visit Bowser's 
Castle afterwards; not even once.

#5 Roy's Castle: 

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Damn Snake Blocks. These things annoy the hell out of me. However, it's 
not as bad as the one in Larry's Castle. Anyway, the level is not too bad, 
and, like before, you can kill the boss before he makes it to a wall.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.


Grab your forks and your stomach pumps; we're going to eat Chocolate Island!


Chocolate Island 1: 

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Not actually part of the Island, but whatever. The whole 'avoid 
enemies' thing really shines on this level. Make sure you're holding the jump 
button as you come out of the second Cannon Pipe (damn cheap son of a bitch).

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

Choco-Ghost House: 

Difficulty: Meh

Info: Damnit, let us eat already! Anyway, this is the first level which is 
genuinely challenging. You can run through the entire first part, but it's 
hard to do (i.e. don't do it). Use the Boo Blocks to reach the door.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

Chocolate Island 2: 

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Oh, damn it all! We don't have to time to eat 'cause this is the 
infamous 'Screw You!' level! Let's see if I can find a way through without 
use of the Cape.

Okay, here are my findings. First I went through as fast as I could, 
collecting no coins, and I got the Alternate Exit. Then, I got as many coins 
as possible, not trying hard at the Multiple Coin Blocks or concerning time, 
and got the Regular Exit.

Alternate Exit At: Read above.

Chocolate Secret: 

Difficulty: Cake

Info: ARGH DAMN IT! Sigh... Anyway, lots of Koopa Football Players here, so 
watch out. The second area is easily done by Sliding the whole way. The third 
area has lots of Spike Tops; remember that you can jump on them if you Spin 

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

Chocolate Island 3: 

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Noooo... NO CHOCOLATE! QQ. The Alternate Exit is required here, and...

Alternate Exit At: Jump under the End Tape. You need Yoshi to fly. Get him 
from Chocolate Island 2; use Start + Select.

Chocolate Fortress: 

Difficulty: Cake

Info: As much as I want to, I don't want to see if the Fortress is edible. 
The first part is easy as long as you are patient. The second part is the 
opposite; you can run past everything. Be careful of the Thwimps though; if 
you're not at full speed, wait for them to jump over you.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

Chocolate Island 4: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: YES! ARMRAFARFSNARFRFF. Uh, nothing to MUNCH to er say BITE except 
careful going TREE down anywhere.

Alternate Exit At: NoYUMwhere.

Chocolate Island 5: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Eh, I got room for more. But first... Don't use the P Switch and just 
get to the end without screwing around.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

#6 Wendy's Castle: 


Info: Ughhhhh.... I never want to see Chocolate again... In this level... be 
patient... and wat for a chance to safely move... careful of the Big 
Sparkys... they may suicide if you jump over them... Wendy is a cinch... 

Alternate Exit At: ...


Okay, now that I've had my stomach pumped, let's go down the rabbit hole to 
the Valley of Bowser.


Sunken Ghost Ship: 

Difficulty: Meh

Info: This level is an ass, mainly because you can't use the Star at the end. 
When you go down the second Pipe, hug the left wall to avoid the Star. Keep 
hugging until the first Spike Ball goes by, then go to about the middle of 
the screen without moving the camera. When you reach the Stone Blocks, run to 
the right and you should only just dodge a Spike Ball.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

Valley of Bowser 1: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Well, this is a great way to start off the final World. Keep going 
right, going up, down, up, up, up (get the Midway Tape if you want), up (for 
the Moon), down, down, down, down.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

Valley of Bowser 2: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Don't jump at the first part, unless you abolutely have to. You have 
been warned.

Alternate Exit At: In the third area, after running for dear life, go over 
the roof to the left.

Valley Fortress: 

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Wow, only 4 Fortresses in this game, and 3 are secret. Oh how times 
change (and change again). Be careful in this one, although you can go pretty 
fast in a few places.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

Valley Ghost House: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: The last one (thankfully). When presented with a chance to run left or 
right, go right. Take door #4.

Alternate Exit At: Take door #5. Carry the P Switch all the way right until 
the second Yoshi Coin. The ? Block there has that Coin Path Thing in it. Make 
a staircase of sorts and then go up them. Might take a few tries.

Valley Of Bowser 3: 

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Ah, this level was fun.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

Valley Of Bowser 4: 

Difficulty: Breeze

Info: It's fun to watch Koopa Football Players go into lava, hehe.

Alternate Exit At: The end. You need Yoshi, too.

Star World 5: 

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Well, this level is annoying. At the Coin Path Thing, make it go right 
ASAP to get to the Exit (there is a Piranha Vine).

Alternate Exit At: The hole where the Blue Switch Blocks start, go down and a 
bit to the left, and get ready. Continue as usual. If you don't have all the 
Swicth Blocks active, you'll need to go past the Piranha Vine.

#7 Larry's Castle: 

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Wow, this level is freaking hard. At least it would be if you didn't 
know about the Midway Tape hidden down the hole the Snake Blocks go down. 
Okay, the start is a Snake Blocks situation, and then Koopa Wizards follow. 
You need them to kill the Flip Blocks, and I'm pretty sure the resulting 
enemies always go to the right. The boss is the hardest there is too. Watch 
out for the Fireballs: there are 3.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

Boswer's Castle: 

Difficulty: Cake

Info: Ah, here we go. Bowser's Castle is quite the place. There are 3 
sections to this place: first and second have 4 paths that can be taken, and 
the third leads to Bowser himself. Which paths are easiest are a matter of 
preference, but here is my two cents on them:
1: Fireballs, Yum. Auto-scroll and Roof Crushers. Oh, and lots of Fireballs. 
It's short, at least.
2: A bit of Fencing, and some Bouncing Fireballs. Easy.
3: This one's simple. It's a small maze where the panels with the see-through 
diamonds have no floor or ceiling.
4: Sparkys, moving blocks, and a trippy background. Fairly easy.
5: You run. Looks cool and is easy as.
6: It's underwater, long, and is full of obstacles. Avoid.
7: Bowser Statues. The Brown ones jump. Irritating.
8: Lots of Leaping Koopa Football Players. RUN.
I recommend 4 and 5. The last section is nothing special, although it does 
have Ninjis, which don't appear anywhere else. Actually, I don't think 
Leaping Koopa Football Players appear anywhere else either. Now, for Bowser. 
He's not really a problem compared to what you've done up to this point, so 
kick his ass and get those credits.

Alternate Exit At: Please don't ask, although there is a back door, which 
makes deliverance to Bowser easier, but where's the fun if you take out 
forcing Bowser down from the front?


Well, there we have it. However, there is another World left to go, and it 
will hopefully give us hell.



Difficulty: Breeze

Info: Wow, this is easy. Just go up, and in the second area, hit the P 
Switches and run.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.


Difficulty: Meh

Info: Damn this level. It's hard. But, being Small Mario doesn't really make 
a difference here.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.

Way Cool: 

Difficulty: Meh

Info: Ouch, the end of this level is a pain. At the beginning, take the 
combination of ON, ON, OFF, ON (this ignores Yoshi Coins).

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.


Difficulty: Asshole

Info: Oh yes, I finally get to use difficulty 5. This level encompasses 
everything this guide is meant to assist with. This level is so damn insane 
even with powerups. I know I haven't used difficulty 4 yet, but it will come 
(I suspect).
To begin with, you will be faced with Koopas That Kick Shells, as well as 
numerous other baddies. The trick is to not try to move too fast. The second 
area has FLYING CHEEPS. That enough is fearful. But wait, we need to make 
prescise jumps! At the same time! Weee! Also a few Magnum Bills lie around, 
but they're Small Talk in comparison. If you dare, you can try to use the 
Flying Cheeps to make your way, but they can be unreliable. Other than that, 
all I have to say is good luck. Also, boobies (it's been too long since I 
wrote something funny).

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.


Difficulty: Cake

Info: This level look familiar? Well, it is. This level is rather 
unremarkable, except for the end. When you see a Baseball Koopa Football 
Player, get a run up, or else you will be trapped by the 2 of them a bit 

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.


Difficulty: Annoying

Info: Yay! Hardness! Basically, there is water, and it will rise and fall 
later in the level. Cheep Cheeps and Paul Hammerbro will ruin your day with 
your crappy movement abilities. I recommend staying as far away as possible 
from the Cheep Cheeps, and running like hell once the water level starts 
changing. Oh, and avoid the hammers if all possible.

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.


Difficulty: Meh

Info: Well, this level is hard, but mainly because it's so damn long. I 
recommend strategic use of the Bullet Bills. Also be careful of Paul 

Alternate Exit At: Nowhere.


Difficulty: Meh

Info: Well, here we go. The last level. Unfortuately, not that bad. The level 
takes ages, but is pretty easy. There are Fire Sumos, Koopas, Note Blocks, 
some Baseball Koopa Football Players, and a small section with Caped 
Koopasaders. Nothing you can't handle after Awesome, right?

Alternate Exit At: The start. Go down the hole.


Well, there we have it. I finally got a level of the difficulty I hoped, 
although not in the number I'd hoped. Oh well, maybe next game. Oh, and You 
Are A Super Player!! (if you actually did it, you lazy bastard).



Just in case I missed something, I have this handy section to provide 
information that would otherwise go unused.


I just thought you'd like to know that there are 93 completable exits, and 2 
levels that cannot be completed (Star World 1 and Top Secret Area).


Rather than get hate mail for using incomprehensible words and groups of 
words, I place this section so I can at least not look like the dick when 
said hate mail arrives.

Annoying: What I say when I get to a difficult level.

Asshole: The exploitative of the level of a nightmare.

Baseball Koopa Football Players: Where do they get all those baseballs from?

Big Sparky: I blew it! My whole life is a lie! Aaahhhh!

Boo Block: Blocks that turn into Boos and follow you when you turn your back.

Boo Roof: The shady Boos that become tangible and swoop down at you. Can be a 
menace sometimes.

Bouncing Fireball: Fireballs that rose up and learned how to defy gravity.

Breeze: An identicator of an easy level.

Bubble: They contain enemies, and they pop when they hit stuff, including you.

Cake: What I call a srt-of easy level.

Cannon Pipe: A special exiting method that fires you to the right.

Caped Koopsader: The Shellless Koopa with a cape. The flashing ones provide 
Feathers, but that isn't important in this challenge.

Circle Tile: I could've sworn I removed it this time.

Coin Path Thing: Comes out of a block, and forms a path of (guess) coins for 
a while that change direction alongside your movements.

End Tape: The flagpole of this game. Hitting it higher up is better.

Fencing: You can latch onto it and move around. Source of lives too.

Fire Sumo: They stomp on blocks, creating fire below them. It's a surprise 
the blocks don't just break. Also known as Sumo Brother.

Fireball: They're glowy this time. Oooooh.

Fireballs, Yum: Every freaking time.

Flip Block: The Brick Block of this game. It spins if you hit it.

FLYING CHEEPS: Oh crap they're almost as bad as they were in Mario Adventure.

Food Mountain: World 4, basically. The game doesn't tell you what the name is.

Friendly Lakitu: A Lakitu which offers you a 1-Up. Little do you know it will 
cost you your SOUL.

Glowy Shell of Joy: Don't let it touch you with it's joy!

Gotta Go Fast!: Never forget.

Green Retard Paratroopa: A Koopa which just can't manage to fly, but is more 
dangerous as a result.

Hidden Door: A ninja door that only shows up when you hit a P Switch.

Inappropriate Bonus Music: It doesn't quite fit, but that's why we love it.

Koopa Football Player: They grab the Princess. Also known as Chargin' Chucks.

Koopa Wizard: They blast you with Shape Magic (is that a pun?), which can 
also change Flip Blocks into enemies (and sometimes coins). Also known as 

Koopas That Kick Shells: Blue Shellless Koopas believe putting back on lost 
shells is dishonorable and would rather die. And they do.

Lakitu: Why are you so angry? I have this doll.

Leaping Koopa Football Players: And I thought Green retard Paratroopas were 

Magic Balloon: Get it and Mario becomes a balloon. Also known as a P Balloon.

Magnum Bill: Jumbo-sized version of Bullet Bills. There is a mod to change 
Bullet Bill spawnings to Magnum Bills (it's fun). Also known as Banzai Bills.

Meh: My description of a challenging level.

Moon: A neat item that give you 3 lives, and are extremely rare. Never caught 
on, it didn't.

Moonwalk: You know what this is, right? Well, it would make Boos harmless.

Midway Tape: The marker you start from if you die. It biggifies you.

Ninji: Ninja starfish that are from Doki Doki Panic. The second enemy from 
that game to leak into Mario (first was Bob-Ombs).

Normal Door: A door that lacks remarkability.

P Switch: The Switch that makes stuff happen. There are two kinds, but the 
second isn't common enough to be called something else.

Paul Hammerbro: HAMMERS!

Pipe Lakitu: Hey, even Boswer's army needs to make cuts.

Poison Bubble: The green bubbles from several Ghost Houses. May be poisonous.

Pucker Fish: The fish that likes Mario slightly too much.

QQ: Waah.

Red Bull (tm) Enchanced Green Retard Paratroopa: They jump high due to being 
high. Oh how I hate them.

Roof Crusher: They come down from the roof and crush you.

Screw You!: Wasn't that bad of a level, actually. Funny how things turn out.

Shell: There's a lot of enemies with Shells, you know. I can't be expected to 
specify them every time.

Shellless Koopa: I'm pretty sure that isn't a word, but oh well.

Small Talk: Where we talk about the inconsequential.

Snake Block: A row of Blank Blocks which move in a certain pattern. Patience.

Spiky Balls: They are balls that have spikes. They are yellow, too.

Splitting Koopa Football Player: Look! I can't... believe it.

Spwecial Door: A door that wasn't born quite right.

Stone Block: A block which serves no special purpose.

Thwimp: A tiny Thwomp. I find them more deadly.


If you like my guides, you're out of luck. I'm taking a break for now, but I 
will return someday to do the Mini Mario Challenge Wii! If you don't like my 
guides, thanks for all the spam email you prick.


Super Mario World is one of the easiest to hack games in existence. There's a 
little program called Lunar Magic which can edit SMW in all sorts of 
wonderful ways. It does basic things like levels and the overworld, however 
there are a multitude of other programs that can do things like change the 
graphics, music, and so much more. But, as easy as it is to hack, the 
problem is learning how to. The site for all of your hacking needs is called 
SMWCentral, but please don't be a nuisance to the people there; the last 
thing I need is more hate mail. Oh, and don't ask them for a ROM of the game; 
they can't legally give you one.


This FAQ is the 2010 Copyright of me, MrL_Froslass. This may be not be 
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If you want to host it for some strange reason, contact me, I'll probably say 
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V0.04: An unreleased beta version of the guide.

V0.09: Another unreleased beta.

V1.00: The version first released.


There's not much to thank at this time.


Well, I finally got a level that was as hard as I've always wanted, but I 
can't help but feel that there should be, you know, more. This won't be the 
end; I won't stop until all Mario games have been done without powerups!
Except Super Mario Bros 2; f**k that.


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