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FAQ/Walkthrough by JD Cyr

______________________________JD CYR PRESENTS______________________________
                    THE 1998 FINAL FANTASY III REVIVAL

    /  ______/  _____/_  _  _  __/	  
   /  /____ /  /___   / // // /
  /  _____//  ____/  / // // /        F I N A L   F A N T A S Y   I I I 
 /  /     /  /    __/ // // /__
/__/     /__/    /____________/

           *\  _    _  _   _    _  _ ____ _  _   __   __   _ _   __  _  _
            || \\/\// /,\  ||_  ||// -.|- ||_|| |0 \ //\\ ||_|| //__ ||_||
            ||  \/\/ //`\\ |__| ||\\  ||  || || ||\\ \\// \___/ \\// || ||
 0000       ||
             |	 	       P  A  R  T        O  N  E

							  (C)1998, JD Cyr


Final Fantasy III is my all-time favorite game, and I made this walkthrough
feeling it still deserved a little attention. It's been 4 years since its
North American release so I'm sure hardly anyone still plays it, but to me,
FF3 is still the best game out there in every way. The music, the graphics,
the storyline, the gameplay... all perfect. Hardly any game compares to this
one. If you don't already own this game, I urge you to buy it now! This 
walkthrough is split into 2 sections because the game was too long to fit 
on a single NOTEPAD document. It is divided by FF3's 2 worlds.


                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

1.	5 Important Rules
2.	Cast of Characters
3.	Walkthrough (part one)
4.	Tips and Tricks (part one)
5.	Items Not to Miss
8.	The Perfect Save Log
9.	Epilogue / Copyright


                             5 IMPORTANT RULES

1-	SAVE OFTEN:	If you don't, you'll have to redo alot more whenever 
			you die. Also, if you screw up, you have the chance
			to restart without having to worry about losing all
			the work you put into getting to where you are.

2-	EXPLORE:	There's lots of hidden stuff in FF3, most of which
			isn't in this walkthrough, so explore everything and
			make sure to check all those clocks for Elixirs!

3-	EQUIP GEAR:	Take the time to equip new gear whenever you have the
			chance, this can make the difference between winning
			and losing. Also, just because "Optimum" gave a guy
			specific gear, doesn't mean it's the best gear for 
			the situation. Do it by hand, and use strategy.

4-	USE ITEMS:	I know people who ended up with about 3000 extra 
			items at the end of the game. If it's there, it's 
			just wasted space. Use the Elixirs and X-Potions and
			everything even after you have spells, or else GET
			RID OF THEM!!! You'll get money and be happier.

5-	LATE LEVELS:	Unlike other games, in this game it's better to gain
			levels later. Why? Because later on you have all the 
			good espers, which give better bonuses, which let 
			your favorite characters attain "ultimate" status.


                            CAST OF CHARACTERS
                         (in order of appearance)

	Terra Branford:
Terra can be perceived as the game's main character. She is an 18 year old
half-human, half-esper who was born with the gift of magic. Early on she is 
controlled by the Empire, but soon joins the returners, an elite group 
combating the Empire.

		Special Skill: Morph
   		   	At a point in the game, Terra gains the ability to morph 
		   from her human form to her esper form. In her esper form, 
		   her attacks and spells are twice as effective, and her 
		   speed greatly increases.

	Locke Cole:
A treasure hunter joining the quest early in the game; Locke quickly becomes
friends with Terra, and introduces her to the Returners. He is quick and a
good thief. His skills greatly aid the quest many times.

		Special Skill : Steal  ---> Capture
                   Locke's skill is stealing items from enemies. This comes
		   in handy many times during the game. If a certain relic 
		   is acquired (the Thief Glove), Locke can then attack as 
		   he steals.

Leader of a group of moogles living undeground, apparently having come here
from the Upper Land of Mana. When Terra is in a bind, the moogles show up
and come to her aid. Mog is a good attacker early in the game, and is the
only one able to use certain extremely useful relics.

		Special Skill: Dance
           	   	Mog learns dances native to the areas he visits, and uses
		   them to help attack during battles. These dances, though 
		   useful at first, quickly become obsolete.

	Edgar Roni Figaro:
He is the king of Figaro Castle, a technologically advanced castle that can
travel underground. A great mechanic and secretly supporting the Returners.
Edgar is also known as a womanizer by the women of his castle. He is of
great use to the party in the beginning of the game.

		Special Skill: Tools
           	   Edgar, being a mechanic, is great at using an assortment
		   of tools. These tools can do many things; from pummeling
		   an enemy with darts, to making one self-destruct!

A dark warrior who chooses when and go. An overall well-balanced character 
with skills that can sometimes be devastating. His trusty doberman Intercep-
tor is also good for high-powered attacks. A good character to have.

		Special Skill: Throw
                   Shadow can be given items to throw at enemies for a large
               amount of damage. Any stars and weapons can be thrown; the
		   more powerful the weapon, the more damage inflicted.

	Sabin Rene Figaro:
Edgar's twin brother who left the castle when his mother died. This character
is throughout the game, pretty much one of the strongest characters to 
control. Both his physical and magic attacks are extremely powerful. His 
special skill is also one of the most powerful.

		Special Skill: Blitz
                   Using special combinations of button pressing, Sabin can
		   perform great attacks and even heal the party. This again,
		   is perhaps the most useful skill in the game. 

	Celes Chere:
"The product of genetic engineering, battle-hardened MagiTek Knight, with a 
spirit as pure as snow..." Celes is one of the greatest attackers to have 
in your party. Previously a knight for the Empire, she soon decides to 
switch over to the returners after being betrayed by her own.

		Special Skill: Runic
                   With this useful skill, Celes absorbs magic spells cast in
		   the direction of anyone in the party, and turns them into
		   MP for herself to use. A very useful skill at times.

	Cyan Garamonde:
Swordsman and defender of Doma Castle. His family is murdered by Kefka of
the Empire, and so he vows revenge upon them to avenge his family's death.
Able only to use weapons specially crafted for him, Cyan is an great fighter
who, if trained and equipped properly, becomes the ultimate combatant.

		Special Skill: SwdTech 
  		   	As Cyan's character evolves, so do his sword techniques. 
		   His first technique is as rapid to command as a normal 
		   attack, and does a huge amount of damage. From there, most
		   techniques are not often used, but still quite powerful.

Wild child abandoned on the Veldt as an infant, and raised by the beasts
inhabiting the area. Gau is a strong physical fighter with a huge number of
skills. Not a very well balanced character, but can be helpful at times.
		Special Skill: Rage
                   Gau has the ability to leap onto enemies and learn all 
		   that they know. What he learns ranges from powerful 
		   healing magic to devastating attacks.

	Setzer Gabbiani:
The eccentric owner of the only airship left in existance. Setzer loves to
gamble and take chances. His attacks are rather weak and his special skill
usually does not work, but his main purpose, really, is to provide the team
with a ship they can use to get around. There is one item that makes him a
decent character though, the Fixed Dice which often can cause 9999 damage!

		Special Skill: Slot ---> GP Rain
                   In battle, he uses a slot machine which determines what he
		   will attack or heal with next. This special attack really 
		   isn't that great and sometimes even backfires. If equipped
		   with the Coin Toss, this skill is changed to GP rain; an
		   attack that sends your gold flying towards the enemy. The 
		   more gold thrown, the stronger the attack, the poorer you 
		   get. This last skill is purely for those with excess GP.

	Strago Magus:
Grandfather to Relm and possibly to Shadow. Strago is a decendant of those
who lived in peace with the espers, and lives in the magical village where
people have a natural gift of magic. Not an often used character, who'se
most powerful attacks are long of spectacular. 

		Special Skill: Lore
                   When Strago is attacked by a monster, he has the skill to 
		   learn that attack and use it against enemies later, to the
		   party's advantage. Some of the attacks can come in handy.

	Relm Arrowny:
A young artist living with her grampa Strago in the town of Thamasa. She is
quick-witted and funny, but not much of a fighter. Her skill is not very
useful, and her attack powers leave something to be desired.

		Special Skill: Sketch ---> Control
                   Using her special talent, Relm can sketch an enemy's 
		   picture, who will then attack it's live reflection. When 
		   Relm is equipped with a Fake Mustache, she has the ability
		   to control the mind of a foe, to turn him against his own.

A cave-welling beast, guardian of the Terrato magicite, and friend to the 
neigboring Moogles of the Narshe caves. A bulky, slow character with an 
amazing attack power. When Umaro is fighting in a battle, nothing can stop 
him. Give him a Green Cherry to augment his powers! 

		Special Skill: Storm, Rage
                   Although you can't tell him what to do, equip him with a 
		   Rage Ring and Blizzard Orb, and his number of attacks 
		   increases. He can the cast the Blizzard spell, and even 
		   throw one of your own characters at the enemy.

Gogo is a mysterious stranger dressed in odd clothing, with the ability to
mimic exactly what another character can do. Not very strong, but a handy
character to have.

		Special Skill: Mimic
		   Gogo can mimic the last move used by any character before 
		   him. He can also use any character's special skills when 
		   you go to the "stats" menu and fill out the empty slots 
		   under "mimic".

                          W A L K T H R O U G H

                      FINAL FANTASY III : PART ONE
                        - The World of Balance -

1.	Narshe
After the intro, walk straight up through Narshe and enter the caves after
Vicks opens the gate. Follow the tunnel and use the save point on the left,
then walk north some more to reach the boss "Whelk". To kill him, use normal
attacks, but never attack the shell. If you do, he will strike back. 

2.	Arvis' House
Terra will wake up back in a house without her slave crown. Search the clock
for an elixir, and when the guards come, escape through the back door and
head left back into the mines.

3.	Mines of Narshe
Follow the path and pick up the items. Terra will be forced into a corner and
will fall through the floor. After a short cut-scene, Locke shows up to help
Terra, but enemies appear to fight. Moogles then come to your help. The point
of this fight is to prevent the enemies from reaching Terra, and to kill the
commander. Switch between the groups with the "Y" button. Use a group that's
in good shape to kill the Marshal. Just kill the Lobos first and then keep
hitting him, he'll be dead before you know it. After this, Locke escapes 
Narshe with Terra through a secret passage. Remember this for later. Now you
can't access Narshe, but enter the beginer's hall to the left of the gate.

4.	Beginner's Hall
In here, you can talk to the people to learn more about game controls and you
can gather treasures from chests and pots. Exit Narshe and head south for
Figaro Castle in the desert.

5.	Figaro Castle
Go straight up to the throne room and meet Edgar. After this, visit the Tool
Shop and buy at least an Autocrossbow. Now visit the left tower and talk to
the Matron, she will teach you about Sabin. Visit the throne room again. Now
Kefka is approaching the castle. After the cut scenes, you will be in control
of Terra... follow Locke to the room and rest. Next thing you know, the place
is on fire. Talk to all the guards, and there will be a cut-scene. In the
desert you must now fight an M-Tekarmor. To kill him, have Terra use fire,
then Edgar use Autocrossbow a couple times. Now head south to the caves.

6.	Caves of Figaro
At this point there's not much of interest, but you keep coming back here.
Getting the items isn't crucial, but there's 2 Tinctures and a Fenix Down.
When you exit, go south-southeast and enter South Figaro.

7.	South Figaro
There's a heck of alot of hidden items in this area, so search all the crates
and pots and alleys, then enter the Cafe to meet Shadow. Go to the Relic 
Shop to purchase Sprint Shoes for one character, they are extremely useful.
Search the far north-western house well for lots of cash. Find the far south-
eastern house and talk to the woman, who says something about Sabin. Exit 
this village and head north. Rent a Chocobo not to have to fight (80GP).

8.	Sabin's Cabin
In here, Edgar remebers lots of stuff about Sabin, but there's nothing but
a tonic in a bucket, and a bed where you can rest for free. Exit and look
for a path in the mountain to the east.

9.	Mt. Kolts
Follow the path picking up the items, and you'll eventually reach the valley
of the mountain where Vargas is. He a little tough; to kill him, first get
rid of the Ipoohs, then keep whacking him until Sabin appears. When he does,
immediately use Pummel (left, right, left) or Aura Bolt (right, down, left)
if he has it. This will make him freak out and self-destruct.

10.	Returner's Hideout
First off, follow the guard and talk to Bannon. Search the chests for a Fenix
Down, and Air Lancet, a True Knight a White cape and a Potion. Pots and
cuckets also contain little items. Go outside where Bannon is and talk to him
with Terra. If you want a Gauntlet, say "yes" right away when he asks you a 
question, if you want a Genji Glove (better for now), say no, enter the cave,
talk to him again, say no again and so on. Now the Empire found the base so
you have to escape on a raft. From Bannon's room, go down to reach the raft.

11.	Lete River
The point is not to let Bannon get killed, if he dies, you lose. When you 
encouter bad guys, have everyone attack and Bannon use his healing skill. At
the first save point, rest if you must. At another crossway, choose the left
path and you'll be at a save point. You should save here. At the next area,
Ultros the octopus must be fought for the first time. For this guy, have 
Edgar keep using Autocrossbow, Sabin use the Aura Bolt Blitz, Terra use the 
Fire spell, and Bannon constantly use Health. After a cut scene, you appear 
at a save point... save. Now you have to pick one of 3 scenarios. The order
doesn't matter, but Shadow joins you in one of these, and if you do Terra, 
Edgar and Bannon's scenario before Sabin's, he'll stay on the team longer. 

                      TERRA, EDGAR, AND BANON's SCENARIO

12a.	Lete River (cont.)
You'll still be rafting down the river. Still be careful Banon doesn't die
or your game's over. You'll end up east of Narshe, edge the lake and enter

12b.	Mines of Narshe
Some guards won't let you in through the gate, so use the secret entrance 
from before. In the mine, follow the path and you'll come across a Moogle
security system. You have to follow the flashing light to get through safely.
If you screw up, press the A button when the light is in front of you, if not
you'll have to fight and retry until you get it right. After this you're in a
Moogle cave. Remember this place for later. Go left and down to a chest that
contains the Rune Edge. Exit the mines and enter Arvis' house. After a bit 
of dialogue, the scenario ends.
                            LOCKE's SCENARIO

13a. South Figaro
At this point, only Locke will be in your party. One rule for this place;
don't talk to the magitek-armor guys or you're dead meat. Also, make sure to
equip your stuff. Visit the item shop and talk to the merchant near the clock
to start a fight. Now in the fight, use the Steal command and take his duds,
he'll wimp out and escape. Now you're dressed like a merchant! Go to the 
house south of the Item Shop and walk downstairs. You'll be able to pass as a
merchant. Walk onto the boardwalk and fight the guy in the green suit and 
steal his clothes. Now go near the center of town where there are three 
guards, talk to the bottom ones. Enter the Cafe's basement and beat up the
merchant for his clothes, you'll get Cider too. Go give the Cider to the 
crazy guy, who will try to give you a password, but forgot. Go downstairs and
give the kid the word "courage". Go through the tunnel and upstair in the big
house, and go in the first room. Walk behind the bookcase into the hidden
stairway. Go all the way down and scroll against the bottom wall to enter a
hiden area where there are two good items. Enter the first room and remove
Cele's chains. Talk to the guard to get a key, and visit the second room to
save. Go to the third room and wind the clock to open the secret passage.

13b.	Secret Passage / Caves of Figaro
There are lots of hidden items in this area, so scroll the walls well and 
make sure to find at least the Ribbon (VERY IMPORTANT), and the Earrings.
Just follow the tunnels in this area and go up the stairs and exit this
place and the town. Go northwest and enter the caves. Just go through, and
heal at the spring. Right before you exit, a boss attacks. The TunnelArmr is
kind of easy, just have Celes keep using the Runic skill, and Locke attack.
Once the boss in\s dead, Locke's scenario ends.

                            SABIN's SCENARIO

14a.	House on the Veldt
Shadow and a Chocobo-riding salesman are here. You can buy stuff before the
guy leaves, or just talk to Shadow to get him on your team. Exit this dump 
head east, then south until you reach a bridge. This is the Imperial Camp.
In the camp, you overhear a little conversation...

14b.	Doma Castle
You now play as Cyan. After the poisoning, exit the castle and you can choose
to fight all the guys, or just go for the boss and get it over with. The guy
is easy, just use SwdTech 1 (Dispatch) about twice and he's dead.

14c.	Imperial Camp
The right tent has a chest. Hit it if you don't feel like fighting. You get 
a Star Pendant. Go down to the second screen, where you hear about Kefka 
involving poison. You get mad and chase him around, he's easy, just hit him
once. He keeps running away and you end up having to fight soldiers. Kefka
poisons Doma, and you now control Cyan. Go to the throne room then the room
east of it. Cyan freaks out, so go help him fight, he then joins you. You
escape the camp in MagiTek suits, cool! Go southeast and enter the forest.

14d.	Phantom Forest
If you haven't done Terra's scenario yet, then Shadow leaves right away. This
area is easy, just go right one screen, up once to a beautiful lake (also a 
recovery spring), keep going and eventually you find a phantom train. Enter 
the train.

14e.	Phantom Train
Right when you enter, go to the caboose to the right and have the ghost join
your team. When you use the ghost's skill, he'll die. Also save and talk to 
the stupid guy. The first 2 cars are full of ghosts, they either want to join
you or kill you. Some sell things. All ghosts in the train will do one of 
these. In the 3rd car, kill the ghost that blocks you, then go outside and
climb on the roof to hop across to the next car and again one more. In this
car, pull the switch to detach the rest of the cars, the pull it again to
open the wall and keep going. Next car is a restaurant with a nice ghost that
will replenish the group when you eat. Next car, in the first room, Siegfried
will attack you. Beat him, but he takes the chest and you never hear from him
again. The next room contains 4 chests, and the next car has a save spot. In
the control room, pull switch 1 and 3, then climb on the train and pull the
switch on the chimney. Now you have to fight the train. One of the easier 
bosses; just give him a Revify, or a Fenix Down and he's instantly gone. 
After the cut scene, exit the area and enter the path on the Mountains. 
Shadow will leave here so make sure to unequip him not to lose your stuff.

14f.	Barren Falls / The Veldt
Jump off the edge of the cliff, and as you fall, you'll have to fight 
Piranhas and a Rizopas. There's lots so it's kinda tough. After your fall,
some kid wakes you then freaks out and leaves. Don't fight on the Veldt 
without Gau, it's a waste of time. Visit Mobliz to the southeast.

14g.	Mobliz
Go buy a dried meat at the shop. For a good item, visit the sick guy from
Maranda and send a letter to his chick at the post office below. After this,
visit the guy that speaks about the Serpent Trench, or sleep in the bed at 
the Relic Shop so you don't have to waste any money sleeping. Keep visiting 
the guy and mailing his letters. Eventually you get the Tintinabar. Exit the
town and get into fights until you find Gau.

14h.	The Veldt / Cresent Mountain / Serpent Trench
Once you're in a fight vs. Gau, give him a dried meat and don't attack him.
He'll join your team. and says he has something for you at Cresent Mountain.
You should make him Leap until he has the Catscratch enemy attack from the
Stray Cat, then head to his cave to the south. Walk around and Gau will 
point stuff out. Don't go near the upper left platform or else you'll lose
500 GP. At the end of the cave he shows you the "treasure", a scaphandre 
helmet. Go down and into the serpent trench. In here the fights are pretty
easy. Keep choosing the RIGHT HAND pathes to get all the items. The trench
take you to Nikeah.

14i.	Nikeah
Seriously not much to do here, but you can buy stuff. Visit the docks and
talk to the sailor. then hop on the boat and off you go. End of 3rd scenario.

15.	Narshe Snowfield Battle
The teams will meet up in Narshe and head to the Snowfields where the esper
is being kept. Here Kefka and his troops will come for the esper. The point
is to kill Kefka and survive the troops' attacks. You can go straight for
Kefka, or use characters to block off the path until no troops are left. Near
the esper, Terra goes nuts and disappears.

16.	Narshe
From the Elder's house where the team is grouped up, pick the characters you
want on your team for the next event. Pick only 3 if you want Shadow to join
the quest in a bit. Search Narshe for items and buy new weapons. The items 
are the Wall Ring, Sneak Ring, Hyper Wrist, Thief Knife, Earrings and 5000GP.
Rest in the bed in the weapon shop for free, head for Figaro Castle.

17.	Figaro Castle
When you enter the castle, go down the left staircase and talk to the old 
man, he will submerge Figaro and make it reappear past the mountains near
Kohlingen. If Sabin and Edgar are in the party, a cut scene will ensue at the
castle. If you rest in the left tower, you will learn even more. Have Edgar 
as team leader and visit the castle's shops for new items at a good discount!

18.	Kohlingen
Go into the Cafe where Shadow is, and he will join you for 3000GP if you have
3 or less characters in the party. If Locke is in the party, visit the top
left house for a cut-scene that explains some of his past. The top right 
house also shows a flashback. You can head north to visit the man who wants
to build a colloseum, but make sure to go to Jidoor. Jidoor is far to the 
south. Follow the west coast to get there.

19.	Jidoor
Not much to do here now... just some OK items and one Tincture in the house
up north. Make your way make your way north east to reach Zozo, a town in 
which you can get attacked even in the streets.

20.	Zozo
First off, go past the first 2 buildings and up into the alley, where there
will be a building containing a clock. Reset it to 6:10:50 to get at Edgar's
best weapon, the Chainsaw. In the Relic Shop, walk up as far as possible to
find a chest with the ThiefGlove. From there, go back down to the floor with
the open doorway, and push against the window to jump across to the other
building. Right before the end of the tower, Dadaluma fights you. He has 3270
HP and is weak against Poison, and calls up Ninjas to help him. Shred him 
with your best attacks and you will receive the FireKnuckle. Up in the tower
you'll get the first 4 Espers, equip your favorite characters with those
giving bonuses at level-ups, and unequip Shadow cause he's leaving now. After
the cut scene, pick 2 more characters to make a full group, and go to Jidoor.

21.	Jidoor
Visit the Impresario's house to the north of town and pick up the letter he
drops. You find out about Setzer, who has an airship. Go from here to the
Opera House to the south.

22.	Opera House
You'll play as Celes in the role of Maria to trick Setzer. When the play 
begins, pick the right parts quickly or you get kicked out and have to 
restart (Oh, my hero..., I'm the darkness..., Must I...). After this a guy
appears. When he fades away, grab the flowers and head for the top floor
quickly or you have to restart. Now you're Locke in the dressing room. Return
to the balcony and talk to Impressario. Because Ultros is back to his scheme
again, you have 5 minutes to stop him. Run right to the northeast wing of the
Opera House and hit the	far right switch. Go back through the balcony and
up to the northwest wing, where you will cross girders to get to Ultros. 
After he's dead, Setzer shows up and takes Celes. After the cut scene in the
airship, you are taken to the continent where Vector (the Empiral Base) is.
From your crash spot, you can choose the go straight to Vector, or visit
the three towns.

23.	Albrook / Tzen / Maranda
Albrook is almost pointless, but has a few crappy hidden items. Tzen sells
some good Mithril armors, as well as Maranda, and also so OK weapons. After
you explose through, go to Vector in the center area. If you're in Maranda,
there's a chocobo stable in the woods nearby.

24.	Vector
You can rest in the INN, but the keeper might steal 1000GP. There's a tiny
house with a woman on a rocking chair. Say you're with the returners and guys
will attack you, but then she'll heal you for free. Don't talk to guards in 
this town or you have to restart. Don't try to go through the gate cause 
there's a Guardian at it (BIG monster). Talk to the guy crouching behind the
box near the Inn, and he'll help you get in the factory.

25.	MagiTek Factory 
Pick up all the items you find. First off, grab that hook thats moving 
around by pressing A. Get the chest and go back. Go right and enter the 
second pipe to the right of the stairs, grab the chest and climb back through
the pipe and enter the first pipe. Get the treasure and cross the conveyor 
belt to go down a level. There's 3 chests here, on the left, right and one
thru the door to the left of the one you entered. Scroll the right wall near
the boxes to get to 2 more chests. Kefka will talk and kick espers down a 
chute. Right now, look around for the "Blizzard" which Umaro uses that you 
can only get here. It's at the bottom left part of this area. Now, hop down
the chute the espers went and talk to them. You'll have to fight them, but
they'll end up giving you their powers.Enter the left door to save, and the 
right door to keep going. Climb the stairs and you'll be in a room with 
holding tanks. Walk to the left and down to find the Break Blade in a chest.
Go up and fight number 024 who guards the door. He changes weak points, so
SCAN him then use the appropriate attacks on him. Now enter the door and
walk to the end of the hall and press the switch. After a cut scene and 
receiving all the magicites, you're in the basement with Cid.

26.	Escape From the Factory
Use the save point and Cid will push you in the cart after the quake. You'll
have to fight Mag Roaders here which are kind of easy, but then you'll face
Number 128. Heal with Locke and attack the body with the other characters.
Now you're back in Vector. Setzer will come and you'll be on the airship, but
Kefka will use the Cranes to attack you. Kill the right crane first, then the
left, and your'e on your way. You'll be taken to Zozo.
27.	Esper World
You're back in the tower at Zozo, and after Terra explains stuff, you're in
a dream, controlling the esper Maduin. This part is easy and has no hidden
anything. After this, you can control the airship. You should head straight 
for Narshe, but can explore the world.

28.	Narshe
You're taken to Bannon. From this area, go to the far right treasure house
where lone wolf is. He escapes and the chests are empty. Follow him north
up to where the esper was and Terra went nuts. You have the choice between
rescuing him or Mog. Rescue Mog if you want him in your party later, if not,
talk to the Wolf to get the Gold Hairpin which cuts magic points used by 50%.
If you picked Mog, add him to your team and go to Cresent Mountain and hop in
the Serpent Trench, make him fight to use the Water Rondo dance. Then from
Nikeah, walk north until you reach the House on the Veldt, then go back thru
the Imperial Camp, the Phantom Forest and go down the Barren Falls. Now go
grab the airship and head for the Imperial Base east of Vector. 

29.	Imperial Base 
Have Terra on the team or you get kicked out. Just go right through this area
now, there's nothing of interest. Exit  through the right side.

30.	Cave to the Sealed Gate
In the moving bridge area, find Coin Toss and  move on. From here, go up the
bridge and pull the switch. Go back down and grab the Genji Glove. Go back 
and take the right path. Go up and pull the left lever, then enter the new
doorway, grab the treasure, and save the game. If you pull the right switch
you have to fight a Ninja. Pull the next switch and go down the new stairway
Go through the hole after you get the chest and step on both switches. Go
down then left and step on the switch to enter the door. Get the Atma Weapon,
the game's 2nd most powerful sword. Leave and go past the bridge, then up and
pull the switch. Now cross the bridge, pull the other switch and go up and
left across the bridge. Hit the switch in the chest and return to the right.
Go up the stairs and your at the sealed gate. After you fight Kefka, go back
through the base and on the airship. Not espers will attack you and the ship
will crash south of Maranda. From here, go to Vector.

31.	Imperial Palace
Vector is in flames, talk to the villagers for more info. Go past the village
and enter the palace, the Guardian is gone now. Make your way to the room 
where you will talk to Gestahl. He tells you to talk to as many soldiers as
possible in 4 minutes. This is hard and can be very rewarding. Don't get 
treasures while you do this, and don't talk to Kefka in his cell. Some 
soldiers will fight you, so do it quick. Now during the banquet you are asked
questions. Answer as follows for maximal rewards; 

1- (toast) To out hometowns
2- (Kefka) Leave him in jail
3- (Doma) It was inexcusable
4- (Celes) She's one of us 
5- (more questions) *ask them all, but DO NOT ASK THE SAME QUESTION TWICE!!!*
6- (espers) They've gone too far
7- (what question asked first) *say the applicable answer*
8- (break) YES - take a break
9- (anything else) The war is over
10- (favor) *say YES the first time*

About halfway through, when Cid proposes the break, talk to the sentries, who
will test your strength. Sit whenever you want to continue. After the meal,
Terra and Locke decide to head to Albrook. Before leaving, make sure to go
grab all the treasures and maybe speak to Kefka. As you leave, a soldier will
reward you for talking to the soldier on behalf of the Empire. What you get 
depends on how many soldies you spoke to and how you answered the questions.
In the best-case scenario, you would have gotten the troops to withdraw from
South Figaro and Doma, access to the weapons shack in the Imperial Base, a
Tintinabar and a Charm Bangle. Now visit the Imperial Base treasure room.

32.	Imperial Base Treasure Room
At the Imperial Base, go to the locked door in the building at the bottom. In
here, open all the chests to get a Cherub Down, an X-Potion, an Ether, a Cure
Ring, a Back Guard, 2 Elixirs, RunningShoes, a Wall ring, and a total of 
39000 GP. Also in the stove is hidden a Flame Saber. Now head for Albrook.

33.	Albrook
If you go to Tzen, there's a guy selling Saphrim for 3000GP, but if you wait
a bit more, the price drops to 10GP... not bad! So you're in Albrook. Go to
the docks and talk to General Leo. Now go to the Inn and rest, then back to
the ship and talk to Leo, then you're off. Shadow joins here.

34.	Thamasa
Follow the light green path leading to the peninsula and enter Thamasa. Talk
to Strago in the far top right house, then go rest for a cool 1GP. All of a
sudden a fire erupts in a house, after Strago joins you, enter the house.
Avoid the flames or you'll have to fight Balloons, which can take off alot.
Equip everyone with water or ice gear and spells to couter the fire. Whenever
you can pick between 2 doors, always take the right hand one. You'll end up
facing FlameEater. Kill him with water and ice spells, and Strago's Aqua 
Rake. Now Relm will appear and Shadow will save you. Unequip Shadow now
because he's leaving. Now take Strago west to the mountains and enter a cave.

35.	Espers' Gathering Place
In the first room, take the right exit. After a while you come across 3 
statues. When you walk away, Ultros once again attacks. Just have Relm Sketch
him for a quick victory. Keep going up and use the save spot. To the right of
this are three holes; the top ones lead to items while the bottom one leads 
to the espers. Now you're back in Thamasa.

36.	Thamasa
This is kind of the FF3 fake ending: the Espers and the humans have reached 
an agreement and everyone is happy.... and then Kefka shows up. You control
General Leo for this next part.  Don't try to leave town or Guardian will
attack you. Talk to Kefka and use Flash. After the fight, you are now outside
Thamasa. Go back to Thamasa to find Strago's friend Gungho and learn more 
about Hidon. When you enter the airship, the triangle island will break away
from the earth and float up into the sky. You can go anywhere for now, but 
when you're ready, make a party of 3 characters and choose "find floating 
continent" from the airship menu.

37.	Battle In The Sky
On the airship, a bunch of Sky Armors and Spit Fires must be fought, and 
after a little while, Ultros shows up with his friend Chupon. They each have
20000 HP, and Chupon sneezes you away after you beat them, which makes you 
fly off the airship and into a battle with Air Force. Air force has 8000 HP
and is weak against lighting and water. Use your best attacks nonstop. You
will then land on the island.

38.	Floating Island
After you land, go talk to Shadow and save. Equip eveyone to optimum and give
them good relics. Go down the path and grab the orbs (the first is Cyan's
Murasame... equip it now with the Tempest and give him a Genji Glove). One
orb is Gigantos. He has 6000 HP and is weak to poison, but a tough cookie.
Have someone use Cure2 continuously, Shadow Shiruken his ass, and Edgar use
Drill or Chainsaw. Sabin use Aurabolt, Cyan use Quadra Slam, Dispatch or 
attack, Gau use Stray Cat, etc... Use the Phantom esper early in the fight. 
He gives you the Hardened blade. Push against the mound things, they open up
and turn to teleporters. This maze is the game's most difficult, so I won't
explain it. Go down one mound thing and you find a save point. Later, there's
a sort of hole in the island, and you see the airship. Don't jump or else you
have to restart it all. When you keep going you end up at the Atma Weapon.
This guy has 24000 HP and has no weak points, but also has no specific strong
points. Use all your best spells and attacks and keep healing. When the fight
is over, a great cut scene ensues. Run eastward until you come to a thing
that looks like a save point, it's really a monster. Nerapa has 2800 HP and
is weak against ice, lightining and pearl, but has a wall spell. Attack him
lots physically, and cast wall on your own character, then an attack spell on
that character to hurt Nerapa with magic. When you get to the Airship, wait
for shadow until the last 2 seconds, he'll come. End of the world / part one.


                             TIPS AND TRICKS
                               (part one)

Theft, the only way to go:

	*As soon as you get the Thief Glove, equip it! Instead of just 
	 attacking, Locke will both attack and steal at once, this can get 
	 you great items for free. Most of the time the items won't be that 
	 good, but be patient and you will be rewarded.

	*In the Vector Magitek Factory you can steal Magicite from Flans.
	 This can also be stolen from the Intangir on Triangle Island (WOB).

	*Steal DragoonBoots from Wyverns (WOB), these sell for lots of $$$.

	*Steal unlimited Genji Gloves from Dragons! (Floating Continent).

Spell Secrets:

	*You can instantly obliviate an enemy by Vanishing him, then using
	 Doom, Break or X-Zone. This works on almost anyone! If you Vanish
	 an enemy and have Relm Sketch it, the game might glitch up... if you
	 notice strange things when you're fighting, run away and check your
	 inventory.... it might be FULL of great items.

	*Cast 5 spells per turn! First, get the Gem Box, and in battle, cast
	 one spell, then Quick, and you can then cast 4 more spells!

	*For easy magic levels, go to the Triangle Island and fight Intangirs
	 ...they give 10 MP each, so stick around for lots of new spells.

	*You can summon up espers by using a Magicite, or selecting the esper
	 name in the Magic menu within a battle. Each have different effects.

Final Attacks:

Almost every character has a special low-HP attack. This means that if a 
character is about to die, and you still make him attack, there is a chance
of him or her using an extremely powerful "desperation attack", here;

  TERRA:  Riot Blade  - spinning things strike enemy
  LOCKE:  Mirager     - a straightforward attack with a cool sound
  EDGAR:  Royal Shock - light rays leap from enemy
  SABIN:  Tiger Break - leaps toward enemy in a tiger or dragon head
  CYAN:   BlackBlade  - screen turns black and you see a circular sword slice
  MOG:    Moogle Rush - exactly like the blitz Pummel
  SETZER: Red Card    - throws three sets of three cards
  RELM:   Star Prism  - 3 orange stars kill enemy intantly
  STRAGO: SabreSoul   - jumps towards, and kills enemy
  CELES:  Spin Edge   - she spins with her sword out
  SHADOW: ShadowFang  - jumps at enemy and makes claw marks
  GOGO:   X-Meteor    - causes a large meteor to hit all enemies

Pretty interesting miscellaneous stuff

	*Get an extra Memento Ring in Strago's house upstairs in the left
	 corner of the room. Face down towards the indent and press A.

	*Buy Magicites Golem and ZoneSeek at Jidoor's Auction House.

	*(WOB) there's a forest west of the veldt that is full of Bombs...
	 fight long enough and you may encounter the elusive Grenade!

	*When you go from Figare Castle to South Figaro through the caves,
	 leave all the chests alone... go back for them in the WOR and they
	 will all be more valuable!

	*Fenix Down, Revify or Life spells will instantly kill undead 
	 enemies (including bosses), while death spells will heal them.

	*To save cash, use Sleeping Bags on parties of 2 or less, and Tents
	 on 3-character to full parties.

                            ITEMS NOT TO MISS

Whatever you do, don't miss any of these items. They're very helpful and will
make your quest alot easier and even more fun.

1.  ChainSaw:   Edgar's most powerful Tool to be found in Zozo. Reset the 
		clock in the northern building to 6:10:50 to reveal the 
		hidden staircase containing this item. 

2.  Exp.Egg:    A handy relic that makes fights give twice as much EXP 
		points. Can be found in Daryll's Tomb in the Wolrd of Ruin
		in the basement. Scroll the bottom and right walls of the 
		square room with the flight of stairs to the left to find a
		hidden passage leading to this item and more.

3.  Economizer: Cuts the amount of MP used to 1. Can be won from Brontosaurs,
		(tyranosaur forest) but are VERY RARE! I've played hundreds 
		of hours and only have gotten 6 so far! 

4.  Gem Box:    A relic allowing a character to cast 2 consecutive magic
		spells. Find this atop the fanatic's tower (WOR).

5.  Offering:   Find this relic in the Ancient Castle, allows fighters to 
		attack 4 times in a row! Pair with a Genji Glove for 8x the 
		attack power.

6.  MoogleCharm:A relic only Mog can equip that lets the player evade fights
		altogether. Found in the Narshe Moogle Cave where Mog was
		sitting (just face the wall and press A).

7.  Ribbon:	Prevents all adverse statuses, this relic can be stolen from
		Brontosaurs, and one can be found in a South Figaro house's
		basement during Locke's scenario.

8.  AtmaWeapon: A must-have weapon; attack power varies depending on HP 
		level of user. Find this in the Fire Cave, and steal one from
		the Godess (third statue) in Kefka's Tower.

13. Ragnarok:   The most powerful weapon in the game. Find this in a Narshe
		home (WOR). Allows user to learn the Ultima spell.

14. Illumina:   A sword equal in power to the Ragnarok, but attacks for to
		same damage from either row. To get this sword, bet the 
		Ragnarok at the Colloseum.

15. Fixed Dice: Cheat your way to Glory, Setzer's ultimate weapon.


                           THE PERFECT SAVE LOG

FF3 is not only about beating the game, it's about finding all the secrets,
training the ultimate fighters, and truly enjoying every aspect of what this
game has to give you. For those truly hardcore FF3 players, I have compiled
a list of how to make your log the PERFECT save log, in which you may have
played the game for all it's worth.

1-	Every player has his favorite characters, and their most hated. Why
	would someone want a bad character on his team? One reason this game
	is so great is for the fact that you don't have to have a team 
	comprising of any bad characters! When you reach the world of ruin,
	just ignore the phases you need to do to get those characters you
	dislike. You may leave behind a few important items, but it's not a
	great price to pay to have a team comprising of only the best! My 
	team only has 7 fighters, only 1 of which I hate: Setzer! I just kept
	him for the airship. 

2-	Get rid of all the crap in your inventory. Find out which items you
	are apt not to use, or have not used throughtout most of the game, 
	and sell them! Equip all your characters to their optimum, including
	relics, and sell the rest. Keep any items you might want to switch
	from time to time (ie; the Atma Weapon or Tintinabar), but GET RID OF
	EVERYTHING ELSE. Not only will your inventory look much cleaner, but
	you'll be super rich and you won't select the wrong items by mistake.
	When you're done getting rid of all the useless stuff, reorganize it
	and rearange it in the order you like best.

3-	Get all your favorites to level 99 and try to max out all their stats
	from an early level by equipping the right espers. I got my Cyan to 
	be the ultimate fighter by doing this, now every single attack he 
	does takes off 9999, and he attacks 8 times in a row! You can probab-
	ly do this with any character if you just play your cards right. 

4-	If you went and got a character you didn't want, simply turn him into
	a type of "SuperImp". This is easy, just go to the Colloseum and 
	fight using an Elixir to get a Rename Card. Then go steal an Imp 
	Halberd from a Weed Feeder, an Imp's Armor from a Sprinter, a
	Titanium from a Tumbleweed and and a Totoise Shield from a Geckorex 
	(most of these enemies can be found near Kefka's Tower). Cast IMP on
	the hated character, then use the rename card on him and call him 
	whatever you want (I called mine Kappa, after the imp that teaches
	you stuff at the 3 scenarios thing). Finally, equip the new Imp with
	all the new gear... there you go, one super imp, one less crapacter.



You've just read part 1 of my FF3 walkthrough and guide, so make sure not to
miss the other half for a walkthrough to the World of Ruin, as well as a 
whole bunch of new tips and tricks, secrets and answers to all you need to
know about Final Fantasy 3. Thank you for reading my walkthrough, you can
contact me at jdcyr@hotmail.com.


I wouldn't apreciate it if someone was to copy from this guide or use stuff
from it to his own profit. You can post this guide on your site without 
alterations, but get my permission before doing anything else to it. Thanks.

                               (c)JD Cyr, 1998

______________________________JD CYR PRESENTS______________________________

                    THE 1998 FINAL FANTASY III REVIVAL

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   /  /____ /  /___   / // // /
  /  _____//  ____/  / // // /        F I N A L   F A N T A S Y   I I I 
 /  /     /  /    __/ // // /__
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 0000       ||
             |	 	       P  A  R  T        T  W  O

                                    (C)1998, JD Cyr


This is part 2 of my FF3 walkthrough. The half it covers is more of a non-
linear type thing where you have a choice of what to do next. In this half
you even get to choose what characters to have on your team (except 3), so 
you have a chance to build a save log with only your favorite characters.
The parts where you can skip or get a character are outlined. Enojy!


  			           TABLE OF CONTENTS

1.	Walkthrough (part two)
2.	Possible Endings
3.	Tips and Tricks (part two)
4.	Glitch Secrets
5.	Epilogue / Copyright


                           W A L K T H R O U G H

                        FINAL FANTASY III : PART TWO
                           - The World of Ruin -

1.	Solitary Island
One year after the ordeal, you wake up as Celes on a small island. Cid also
lives here, but is dying. Save him by going to the beach and feeding him the
fast-moving "delicious" fish. If you feed him the slow ones, or you don't 
feed him enough, he will die. When Cid dies or gets better, Celes decides to
kill herself, but survives. Back at the hut, you learn about a raft that Cid 
made, so decide to leave. Equip yourself and head to Albrook.

2.	Albrook
Not much to do here, but you learn abit about life after the holocaust and 
you hear a bit about your friends. Check a pot in the weapons shop for a
Tincture, then if you want, buy new gear. You hear about Sabin being in Tzen.
If you want Sabin on your team, head north past Kefak's Tower to Tzen.

3.	Tzen
As you enter town, the "Light of Judgement" hits and things start to flare 
up. Buy and equip a Jewel Ring and go to the house Sabin is holding up. You
are given 6 minutes to rescue the kid and get out, while grabbing treasures
along the way. Avoid the chest next to the stairs going down, and the one
next to the kid, they are monsters-in-a-box. Now get out and Sabin will join
the team. If you want Terra on the team, head east past the bridge, and south
following the coast and enter Mobliz.

4.	Mobliz
Follow the kid in the house and go downstairs. Terra will be here, and after
a cut scene, Phunbaba will attack. Terra fights but gets her ass kicked. Now
it's your turn, he has 28000 HP and is weak to poison. Don't attack with 
lightning, it heals him. Make yourself invisible, it helps. Terra still won't
join but you'll get the Fenrir esper. Head north-northwest to Nikeah.

5.	Nikeah
Talk to everyone in the Cafe, and follow the thieves onto the ship. Go back
to town and talk to 'Gerad', and follow him... you're headed to South Figaro.

6.	South Figaro

Go to the Cafe, into the door marked Inn and through to Gerad's room. The
thieves will leave after you talk to Gerad (Edgar). Shop around, then head
west to the Caves of Figaro. 

7.	Cave of Figaro
Sigfried will be here, and tell you to wait there. Don't listen to him. If 
you didn't alrady search the chests, do it now. Go through the cave and into
the new section. Jump across the turtle and past the chests. You'll event-
ually get to Figaro Castle's basement.

8.	Basement of Figaro Castle
Go up the stairs and down the other way, keep going down. After searching the
rooms (and the statue to get a Soul Sabre), go talk to Gerad, he'll admit 
he's Edgar and join your party. Now you have to fight the 4 tentacles; their
combined HP is 22000, and the bottom left one is weak against Fire, the
bottom right one against Ice/Water. When it's dead, get out and Figaro will
resurface. Now go buy Edgar some new stuff and visit the old guy that 
operates the castle to take you to Kohlingen.

9.	Kohlingen
Setzer will be in the Inn. He'll join you, you have no choice. Make your way
south then west to Daryll's Tomb.

10.	Darill's Tomb
Go right to basement 2, then left and down. Search the chest and go back up
through the doorway. Press the switch in the pond, then go back to the room
with the stairs going up and the chest in the middle. Scroll the bottom wall
for a passageway leading to the Exp. Egg. Go back to the start of basement 2
and enter the right door. Examine the gravestone, then go up to press the
switch and down to grab the treasure. Go to the room with the turtle on your
left and ride across, and use the save point. The left chest is a monster 
(Presenter, weak against Fire) that gives you a Dragon Claw, and the other 
has the Man Eater. Go up through the door and examine the statue, you will 
have to fight Dullahan. 23450 HP and weak against Fire. Use the drill to bust
him up good. After you get the airship, the world is your oyster. You can try
to beat the game now, or gather all the other guys and get your levels up.
Next sections explain all the non-linear aspects.

                               HOW TO GET CYAN

11a.	Maranda
From Daryll's Tomb, visit Maranda and go into Lola's house. Read the letter
on her desk, then exit the house and talk to the pigeon. Follow the pigeon
to Zozo.

11b.	Zozo
Gotalk to the guy in front of the Inn and buy the Rust-Rid from him for 1000 
GP. After this, enter the Café and climb until you reach the door that is 
rusted shut. The Rust-Rid helps that, and you can now enter Mt. Zozo.

11c.	Mt. Zozo
Walk through the path getting the treasures, and you'll arrive at 2 pathes.
Take the left one first to get the treasure, then the right one to keep going
onward. You'll eventually find Cyan. He'll join your team. Go back outside 
search the glowing thing if you want some pointless items from the chest
inside. return to the save spot and go step on the switch to release the 
Storm Drgn. He has 42000 HP and is weak against Lightning. To get rid of him 
fast, use Vanish then Doom or Break. You'll get a Force Armor and you only
have 7 more dragons to go. Now get out of here and back to the airship. Go to
Maranda and have Cyan visit Lola, and examine the letter... he'll switch it.

                               HOW TO GET GAU

12.	The Veldt
From there, take the airship to the Veldt with a party of 3 and fight until
Gau shows up, it's as simple as that. I recomend skipping Gau because he 
sucks. If you DO get him, take him and Sabin to the house on the big island 
north of the Veldt to learn more about Gau's past. It's sad but oh well. From
here, go to the cave on the Veldt.

                          HOW TO GET RELM OR SHADOW

13a.	Cave on the Veldt
In here you'll find a chest containing the Alloverm he has 8000 HP and is
weak against Fire and Pearl. He can cast Doom, so watch it. Hw gives a Fire
Claw when he's dead. Anywho, keep on down the pathes and you'll reach a door
with a switch beside it. Pull the switch and keep going until you find Shadow
(Relm is you left Shadow on the Floating Continent). Go check him/her out and
SrBehemoth will attack. He has 19000 HP and is weak against Fire and Poison.
Just keep hitting him until dead, but then his ghost shows up. Just use a 
Fenix Down on him and he'll die right away. Now you're headed to Thamasa.

13b.	Thamasa
Go rest in the Inn and when you wake up, go check on Shadow or Relm. Go back
to the airship and go back to the Solitary Island where Celes started, visit
the beach and pick up the Palidor esper. If you want, you can go back to 
Thamasa and you'll hear Shadow went to fight at the Colloseum.

14.	Colosseum 
You wager items and fight monsters to win other items here. When you bet the
Striker (you find it in the cave on the Veldt), Shadow will fight you. When 
you win, he will stay on your team forever. 

Shadow's Dreams
You can learn more about Shadow	when you take him to an Inn, and he dreams.
The dreams are pretty freaky, and there are 7 in all. If you see them all,
the ending changes. Anyhow, go to Jidoor to get Relm if you want.


15.	Jidoor
I absolutely suggest you skip this, because all you'll miss is one esper you
don't need anyhow, and it's a huge giant pain in the ass, this area. Anyhow,
go north to Owzer's house and check out the paintings. Some of them will make
you fight, some of them will give you info. After all this, enter the new 
door and fight out the picture, then take the left door, then back and 
through the right one. Now take the left door. You'll get to a room with
floating chests, who will fall and attack you. If you look at the painting, 
you'll have to fight Still Life. Enter the door that appears when it's dead
and use the save spot. Take the right door or it's just a detour. You'll find
Relm and Owzer, and have to fight Chadarnook. He's real tough. 56000 HP and
weak against Fire. Have Edgar use Drill and everyone else use Fire and such.
You get Starlet for beating it. 

                              HOW TO GET TERRA

16. Mobliz
Back in the house basement, everybody's saying that Katarin is missing. Go to
the house on the left where Duane is, and follow the dog behind the bookshelf
to find Terra and Katarin. While you're down there, Phunbaba will attack 
again, and you'll have to go back outside and fight him. He has 26000 HP and
is weak against poison. After a few from your team get blown away by Baba-
breath, Terra joins and helps. Just kill him like you did before. Get back
to the airship, and now Terra's on your team.

                              HOW TO GET STRAGO

17.	Fanatics' Tower
Relm must be in your party for this. Just land near the tower and enter it.
Relm will make Strago snap out of his coma or whatever, and join your team.
Don't climb the tower yet, instead take the airship to where the mountains
form a star and press B to decend. This is situated north of Tzen.

                              HOW TO GET LOCKE

18a.	Phoenix Cave
Just make 3 groups with each a good fighter and follow down the path, 
stepping on switches and such to clear the way for the other groups. There
are only 2 items of interest in this place (Wing Edge, Ribbon), so don't 
break your head trying to find everything. At one point you come across the
Red Dragon. Equip all Ice armor and use Ice and Water spells on him. After 
the maze, you'll find Locke and be automatically returned to Kohlingen.

18b.	Kohlingen
You'll learn more about Locke here, and receive the esper Phoenix. Locke will
also give you all the stuff that was in the empty treasure chests in Star
Mountain. Locke is now on your team. Head for Narshe.

                          HOW TO GET MOG AND UMARO

19.	Narshe
Locke will be a big help here since he can open the locked buildings. In the
house with no markings, talk to the man in bed, he'll give you the Cursed
Shld, which if worn for 255 battles will transform to the Paladin Shld, who
teaches Ultima. Get into the weapon shop and find the old man, who will give 
you a choice between the Ragnarok esper and sword (the esper teaches the most
powerful spell Ultima, while the sword is the second best in the game, and is
needed to get the best sword in the game... I'd pick the sword since attacks
eventually get as strong as any spells). 


20.	Narshe Mines
Enter the mines through the secret passage through Arvis' house, and then go 
to the Moogle Cave where Mog will be waiting to join you. Once he's out of 
the way, check the wall behind him and get the Moogle Charm. Return to the 
airship and add Mog to your party.  


21.	Umaro's Cave
Go back into Narshe and go straight to the Ice Fields. The Ice Dragon is here
and weak against Fire. Equip all fire gear and kill him. Now go to where the 
frozen esper where Terra freaked out is, and fight it to get it's powers. Now
jump in the indentation in the back. There are 3 chests down here. The Pugs
once beaten will give you the Minerva Armor (best female armor in the game).
You'll find a switch, don't pull it. Cross the bridge and pull the one you 
are near, and you will fall in a den. There's a skull here, go check it out
to get Terrato. Umaro will appear and try to kill you, but he only has 17200
HP and is weak against fire and poison, and cold spells heal him. Once Mog
makes him feel bad, he joins the team. Head for a triangular island somewhere
to the far east of the overworld map.

                              HOW TO GET GOGO

22a.	Triangle Island
Walk around until you get attacked by the ZoneEater. Don't attack it, just
let it suck up all your characters. Once all engulfed, you're in a cave.

22b.	Cave in Triangle Island
Follow the bottom path and pick up treasure along the way. Once you're at a
spot where you have to jump from platform to platform, do it but let yourself
get knocked down by the guys once to get the loot. After this is a place with
a ceiling that goes up then falls. Avoid it or you die. You'll end up meeting
Gogo, who'll join your quest. Go to his Stats menu and equip him some 
abilities, then use Warp or a Warp Stone and get out of there. Now you may 
have all the characters, so the next section's just a bunch of random events.

                              RANDOM EVENTS

1.	The Gem Box, Fanatic's Tower
Take a Berserked Umaro, Gogo with the Fight command equipped, and 2 good 
magic users who have Vanish and a death spell or X-Zone, or take Mog equipped
with the Moogle Charm and 3 good magic users who have the same above spells.
You also need the Life3 spell for the boss. This is a very long tower. When
you rach the first door, search the chest, then press A on the wall to the 
right of the chest, exit the room and go down a floor. There will be a new
door. Enter and get Edgar's Air Anchor. Another door contains the White 
Dragon.  He has 18500 HP and has no weakness. Use Flare and Ultima ot kill
him and get the Pearl Lance. Atop the tower, after you get the Gem Box, 
equip it right away and exit to fight the Mage Master. He changes weak points
often, so Berserk him and he won't be able to anymore! He has 50000 HP. Make
sure at least one guy has Life 3 cast on him or else your climc has been in
vain. Anywho, use your best spells on him, and if you get his weak point to
stop at something like Fire, then use fire spells. After the fight you have
to climb all the way back down. Now find Doma Castle.

2.	Cyan's Dream, Doma Castle
With Cyan in your party, go to the room to the right of the throne room to
gather the treasure.  Then enter the door south of this room and follow the
path until you reach a door which leads to a couple more chests. Now return
to the hall leading to the throne room. Go south from the throne room door
and then into the right door. Search the pot then go left and enter the 
second door you come to.  Get the chest and then goo back and enter the door
you passed up. Take a nap and you will enter Cyan's dreams. You start out 
with one of the 3 characters in a weird dreamworld. Head left and enter the 
right door and then the next right door. Now you can go down and get another 
of your characters back. Now enter the door, go right and enter that door. 
Now go left again and this time enter the left door. Go down and get you 
remaining character. Enter the door. Now enter the top door, then the door 
on the right, and then the only door there. Now go right and enter the door.
Go down and try entering the door. Larry, Curly, and Moe will attack. Larry 
(left stooge) has 10000 HP and is weak against fire. The top stooge Curly has
15000 HP and is weak against ice and water. The right stooge Moe has 12000 HP
and no weaknesses. To kill these, use Ultima and Bahamut. Finish them off 
with regular attacks. Enter the door that appears, and you'll find yourself 
on a train. Go left into the train car. In the second car pull the switch as
you enter and then hurry around the couch to get the treasure. Now go to the 
far left of the car and get the Lump of Metal from the chest. Return right, 
to the open chest that moves. Push A and you'll put the Metal into the chest 
allowing you to get by it and get the chest in the back. Now go left and pull
the switch, notice which chests close. Continue left into the next car. 
Notice there is a chest just to the left of the entrance on the other side of
the couch. There are 4 switches. Use them in the following order (they are 
numbered 1 to 4, from right to left): 1, 2, 1, 3. Now you can reach switch 
#4. Before pulling it, close the chests so they match the set-up in the 
previous car: open open closed,  closed closed open. Once you have the chests
set up like above, pull the switch and the wall will open allowing you to go 
on to the next car. Enter the engine room and then attempt to exit. You'll 
find yourself in some mines. Go down and follow the path until you re-enter 
the cave. As soon as you enter the cave turn around and exit. You'll end up 
in a new spot. Trying to cross the bridge you'll fall and end up in the 
sleeping chambers of Doma Castle. Go to the throne room where you'll find
Wrexsoul. Just use Vanish on him, then X-zone, that takes care of that! After
defeating Wrexsoul Cyan will rejoin your party capable of using all 8 
SwdTechs and you'll wake up back in the sleeping chambers. Go to the throne 
room and you'll find the esper Alexandr. Now return to the airship and go 
north to Duncan's House, it's hidden but look for 5 trees in a plus sign
patern, his house is the center tree.

3.	The Bum Rush, Duncan's House
Make sure you have Sabin in your party. As you enter the house Duncan will 
come out and teach Sabin the Bum Rush blitz. Now go to Figaro Castle. 

4.	The Ancient Castle
With a party of whoever, enter the castle and go down the stairs to the left.
Talk to the guy	and have him take you back to Figaro. On the way you'll get
stuck! Stop and explore. Go up the stairs and then down the other ones. In 
the back of the far right jail cell is a doorway. Enter it and you'll be on
your way to the Ancient Castle. Go down the passage and open a chest you find
that will contain the Master Pug who will give you the Gradeus. Once you 
reach a room with a stairway going down into a hole, get the two chests in 
that room then go down the stairs, past the save spot and up some stairs. 
You're now at the Ancient Castle. Go straight into the castle intil you reach
the statue of Odin. Examine it and you'll get the Esper Odin. Stand on the 
right throne and walk five steps down. Press A and a secret passage will 
open. In the secret room you'll find a statue of a girl and the Blue Dragon.
Defeat the dragon then examine the statue. This will change the Esper Odin 
into the Esper Raiden (you should get Odin's spell before getting Raiden). 
Once you've visited all four rooms that go off from the throne room (one on 
the left, one on the right, one to the north, plus the secret one) then 
return outside.  A couple steps to the right of the stairs is a door. Enter 
and get the chest. Now enter one of the doors to the left of the stairs. When
you defeat the monster-in-a-box (KatanaSoul) you get the all-powerful 
Offering relic. Now return to Figaro castle by going back the way you came 
and have the guy continue your journey to Figaro. Once you get there talk to
him again and have him take you back to Kohlingen so you can get your 
airship. Now go to Thamasa.

5.	The Hidon Battle, Thamasa
When you enter town you'll find Gungho hurt. You find out that Hidon did it 
and that Gungho wants you to avenge him. Now go to Ebot's Rock, just north
of Thamasa (called Eboshi Rock on the map). As you enter step on the switch 
to be transported. North of where you appear is a Coral eating treasure 
chest. Wander around the cave, stepping on switches to get around, and pick
up coral from the chests. If you end up back at the coral eating chest, feed 
it. If you've fed it enought he'll let you thru. If not go get more coral. 
Once it lets you through, go straight north and you'll find Hidon. Kick his
ass with earth, fire and pearl spells. After you beat Hidon you'll return to
Thamasa to brag to Gungho. Now go to the Opera House. NOTE: Hidon revives 
after you beat it so you can return and beat it as many times as you like.

6.	The Dirt Dragon, Opera House
Equip as many characters in your party as you can with Gaia stuff. If you 
have some on each character it'll make life much easier for you. Go to the 
balcony and talk to Impressario. You'll learn there is a dragon on the stage.
Go northeast to where the stage	master and 4 switches are. The rightmost 
switch won't do anything. The leftmost switch barks and the one right next to
that turns the lights off. Pulling the only one left will cause you to fall 
to the stage where you'll have to fight the Dirt Drgn. He has 28500 HP and is
weak against wind and water. If some of your guys don't have Gaia gear, make 
them Float. To see your character jump on the heads of the audience go back 
to the switches after you defeat the dragon and pull the one that drops you 
to the stage. Now it's about time you go fight DoomGaze.

7.	Doom Gaze 
At this point it may be a good idea to fight Doom Gaze. Fly around the map 
and eventually he'll attack you. You can kill him in one shot if you equip
Celes with a Genji Glove, the Offering, the Atma Weapon and another good 
sword. If you don't kill him, he escapes, but the next time you meet him,
his HP will not have regenerated. So if you continue to run into it, 
eventually you'll kill it. And when you do, the Esper Bahamut is yours. This
guy has 55555 HP and is weak against fire and pearl. You may want to fly 
around until you defeat it.  It's worth it to get Bahamut. Well, now you've 
done pretty much everything, except the final event...

                               KEFKA's TOWER

Fly over the tower and try landing on top. Make 3 groups of good fighters.
Your 3 groups will land in 3 different areas of the tower. Each group will be
designated as follows:  G1 wil be the group that landed on the left side of
the tower, G2 will be the group in the middle, and G3 will be the group on 
the right. You start as G1. 

G1: Go around to your right and get the chest then enter the little hatchway
    to your left. Continue on this path until you come to a dead end. You 
    should see a switch and a chest on the other side of the room.

G2: When you have to choose between going up and down, go up first and get 
    the treasure then go down. Going down will lead to a prison. In the far 
    left cell you'll find Atma. He has 55000 HP and is not weak against any-
    thing. Defeat it and it'll change into a save spot.
    Now go down out of the prison and continue on that path until you have
    to choose between two pipes. Don't go in the rightmost pipe, it'll just 
    take you back before the prison. Enter the left pipe. Before you enter 
    the hatchway that you find, go to your far left to get a chest. Enter the
    hatchway, step on the switch and get the chest, then go back up and enter
    the door to you right. Keep going staight and you'll reach the Gold 
    Dragon (32400 HP, weakness = water... don't use lightning spells). After 
    defeating it you get the Crystal Orb. Now continue you journey. When you 
    reach a room with a switch, stand on it and switch groups.

G3: First enter the hatchway that is next to the chest to get two more chests
    then come back and enter the other hatchway. Continue on that path and 
    you'll eventually reach a save spot. A few more steps and you'll get 
    attacked by Inferno, Striker, and Rough (a big ol' monster and it claws).
    Attack Rough (left claw) with Ice spells, he only has 8000 HP. Inferno is
    weak against lightning and has 30800 HP... Striker (right claw) and his 
    11000 HP are weak against fire. Once you've defeated them continue on 
    your journey. When you get to a chest with a glowing thing on it, examine
    it to open up a passage that your other group will need to get past. Then
    keep going and you'll reach the Skull Drgn. Weak to fire and pearl, and
    has 32800 HP. When you defeat it you'll get the Muscle Belt. If you've
    killed the other 7 dragons, you'll also receive the Esper Crusader. Keep
    going and you'll end up on the other side of the room you left G2 in. 
    Stand on the switch.

G1: You are no longer at a dead end. Follow the path and you'll eventually 
    reach the room your other two groups are in. Continue straight and then,
    after you reach the switch, pick a side to go on (it doesn't matter 
    which). For illustrative purposes I'm gonna say go left. Now go down. 
    Move G2 off the switch and then push the weight off the edge. Now go back
    inside and stand on the switch.

G2: Enter the main doorway and do what G1 did, except on the right side.

G3: Go in through the main door and step on the switch. This will open up a
    pathway. Go south and step on the platform to open up a couple other 

G1: Go down and out to where you pushed the weight off. To your left there is
    a door. Enter the door and go stright where you'll find Doom, 63000 HP,
    weak against pearl. Make sure to steal the Ragnarok this guy has. When 
    you beat it you'll get Cyan's Sky Render and there will be a save spot
    there. Now enter the pipe to the north and stand on the switch.

G2: Go down and out to where you pushed the weight off. To your right is a
    door. Enter the door and go staight where you'll find  Goddess, a 44000
    beeotch with no weaknesses from who you can steal an extra Atma weapon.
    When you beat it you'll get Excalibur and there will be a save spot 
    there. Enter the door and step on the switch.

G3: Go north and you'll be attacked by Guardian (remember it? this time you
    can beat it thought!)... He's got 60000 HP and is weak to lightning. When
    you defeat it a save spot will be there. Go north and keep following that
    path until you reach Poltrgeist. 58000 HP, weak to poison. Defeating it
    will get you the AuraLance. Go north and drop down the hole. Step on the
    switch and it's time for the final multi-battle showdown. 

                              THE FINAL BATTLE

Put your characters in the order you want them to fight. The first 4 in your
list will fight 1st. If anyone of those 4 are dead at the end of any of the 
stages of the last fight the next characters in line will replace them. This
goes on until all 4 fighting members die or you beat the game. To beat it 
very easily, have Celes with a Genji Glove/Offering and 2 Atma Weapons keep
attacking, while Terra, or a good magic user equipped with the Gem Box, and
Economizer cast Ultima, Quick, then Ultima, Ultima, Ultima, Ultima. Have Gogo
mimic this, or have a good magic user constantly heal. Have the others attack
with their best attacks. When you reach Kefka, have Celes attack once and 
he'll die right away (he only has 65000 HP), or attack him with a weaker 
character to make him use his Goner spell (the coolest looking spell I've 
ever seen!), then finish him off, that's it, You beat the game! Sit back and 
enjoy one hell of an ending!

                              POSSIBLE ENDINGS

FF3 has one basic ending, but it does slightly change depending on what 
characters you have, and if you did specific things during the game. Some of
the changes are pretty minor, but still interesting to see. When I say "beat
the game without X", I mean; don't get that character during WOR.

1- beat the game with all the characters (complete ending)

4- beat the game without seeing any of shadow's dreams

5- beat the game having seen at least 3 of shadow's dreams

6- beat the game after having seen all 7 of shadow's dreams 

7- beat the game with anyone but Terra

8- beat the game with anyone but Strago (must have Relm)

9- beat the game with anyone but Relm (must have Strago)

10- beat the game with anyone but Locke

12- beat the game with anyone but Sabin 

13- beat the game with ONLY Celes, Setzer and Edgar


                            TIPS AND TRICKS
                              (part two)

Battle Techniques

	*Equip Umaro with the Gauntlet relic to raise both his Bat.Pwr and
	 his Defense. Give him a Green Cherry to raise them even more!
	*Give Locke the Theif Glove and the Offering to attack/steal 4 times.

	*Fight the "Retainer" enemy in Kefka's tower, then exit and have Gau
         Leap him on the Veldt... old General Leo's SHOCK attack!
 	*Equip someone with a Genji Glove, then an Atma Weapon and a Valiant 
	 Knife. These depend on HP levels for their power, so are sure to 
	 deal a good amount of damage at any HP level during a fight!

	*Te Relic Ring has great battle possibilities. Equip it to the party
	 leader and cast Doom on him to completely heal the entire party. 
	 Take note that all healing magics directed to the wearer will cause 
	 him/her harm.

	*Make Shadow's dog Interceptor attack by making Shadow "Guard"... 
	 when a monster attacks him, the dog gets mad and attacks him!

	*Keep a chracter low enough on HP so that he slouches, and have him
	 equipped with a protective relic and one that casts Haste. Then have
	 all other characters equipped with a True Knight, and one cast Quick
	 on the weak character. The weak character will quickly do his low-
	 energy attack and decimate the enemy.

Easy Levels

	*To get Rages and Lores quickly, take Strago, Gau, Relm and another 
	 to the veldt. Have Relm CONTROL enemies and use their special 
	 attacks on Strago. Make Gau leap on enemies that don't teach Lores.

	*(WOR)Fight in the forest shaped like a dinosaur's head on the 
	 continent north of the Veldt. It contains Brachosaur and such, which
	 give about 8500 EP each (with the Exp.Egg).
	*Send only ONE character at a time to level fight, that way all the
	 exp. is sent only to HIM. Equip him with the Exp.Egg and the Offer-
 	 ing and fight (equipped with the appropriate espers) until level 99.

	*(WOR)Go to Doma Castle and fight with only 1 or 2 characters that 
	 are Vanished. Equip the Exp.Egg and up to 20000 EP can be acquired
	 EVERY SINGLE FIGHT! Beware the Tumbleweeds, they cast LifeShaver!

	*For easy Magic Levels, find a tiny desert southwest of Thamasa, it
	 contains Cactrot (10 MP) and Hoover (5 MP).
	*For lots of money quick, fight LeapFrogs in the forest above 
	 Thamasa... they give an average of 24000 GP each fight!

Miscellaneous Stuff

	*To see an often-missed cut scene, after the airship crashes in WOB,
	 return to it and check out the engine room with Setzer in the party.

	*For another rarely seen cinema, in Cyan's Dream right before you
	 fight WrexSoul, go to Cyan's room.

	*At the Colloseum, wager a Ninja Star, it will get you a Tack Star,
	 which you can wager for a Rising Sun, which you can wager for a Bone
	 Club, which you can wager against the powerful armor Red Jacket.

	*If you want an extra Exp.Egg, go to the Colloseum and wager an Imp 
 	 Halberd for a Cat Hood, then a Merit Award, then Marvel Shoes, then
	 a Tintinabar, then the Exp. Egg! Or cut to the chase and wager an
	 Elixir for a Rename Card right away. You can also use the Ragnarok
	 esper to Metamorph a Harpy, who will turn into a Exp.Egg.

	*Steal unlimited Muscle Belts from Borras in Mnt. Zozo.


                              GLITCH SECRETS

There are a few errors present in FF3. You can take advantage of these 
glitches and get lots of free items! I don't recomend doing these though,
since some have been known to erase all save logs, or render FF3 unplayable.
The effects of the glitches vary, and some may be undesired. Careful here!

1-	Summon Palidor, then sketch a monster
2-	Sketch a Vanished Gobbledegak or Dark Wind
3-	Have Gogo sketch the Storm Drgn.
4-	Have Relm sketch while she is muddled
5-	Sketch a Chaos Drgn. in the Phoenix Cave
6-	On the Veldt, have Gau Leap, and when he returns, quickly tell Relm
	to Sketch once, then another time. Run away from the battle.
7-	(WOB) Visit Triangle Island with Relm, and encounter an Intangir. 
	Before anyone does anything, Sketch him, and escape the battle.
8-	You have to do this one without any characters acquired after Strago,
	without high levels, and without having any Magicite teaching any 
	high-level spells. With Relm and Gau in a party of 4, walk around 
	Jidoor until you encouter 3 Crawlies. Have Gau use the Behemoth Rage 
	(Behomoth from the Floating Continent), and he should cast Meteor. 
	Now have Relm Sketch the far back Crawly and the screen should go 
	weird. Now you have General Leo on you party, as well as the spells 
	Quasar, many times, and HyperDrive. This is not joke, but very rare!
9-	Try sketching monsters from the Floating Continent (try Brain Pan).
10-	When you get Terra back from Zozo, get her to Narshe and head right
	for the hidden passage and hit the switch instead of talking to the 
	guards that block the gate.
11-	(WOR)Go fight Test Riders in Narshe, and every turn have someone cast
	Vanish, then have Relm Sketch. Escape from battle when it goes weird.
Some versions of FF3 have been "unglitched", this means that the tricks above
cannot be preformed. But if they DO work, the effects seen can be amazing!


                          EPILOGUE / COPYRIGHT

This is it, you've reached the end of my FF3 walkthrough and guide. I hope
you enjoyed it and learned new things about FF3. If you have questions or
comments, send them this way at jdcyr@hotmail.com

Thanks to Square for making ff3, and especially to Carson Lee cause I copied
lots of stuff from him to make this! The entire last quarter of my walkthu
was originally made by him, so 100% of the credit goes to him. Anyhow, thanks
to YOU for reading it. Read my OTHER walkthroughs, available on my website.


                 (c)JD Cyr, 1998   -  (c)Carson Lee, 1998

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