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Game Script by HarkenSlash

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/07/06

Tetris Attack (Super Nintendo)
Game Script
Created 6/7/06
Version 1.0
Written by: HarkenSlash

|                           Table of Contents                          	      |
|  1. Introductions                                                           |
|       1.1 Version History                                                   |
|  2. Game Text                                             	              |
|       2.1 Vs. Mode                                                          |
|       	2.11 Vs. Mode Text                                            |
|       	2.12 Endings                                                  |
|       	2.13 Death Text                                               |
|       2.2 How To Improve                                                    |
|       2.3 Profiles                                                          |
|       2.4 Stage Clear                                                       |
|       2.5 Codes                                                             |
|       2.6 Menus                                                             |
|  4. Special Thanks                                                          |
|  5. Contact Info                                                            |
|  6. Legal Information                                                       |
|                                                                             |

1. Introductions
1.1 Version History
June 7, 2006

Version 1.0
Completed FAQ

2. Game Text
2.1 Vs. Mode
2.11 Vs. Mode Text
Howdy there!! Welcome back to Yoshi's Island.
Oh, no!!
Bowser and his friends are at it once again.
Using mage, he started the rains, a regular deluge.
He even cast a spell on most of my friends!
If nothing is done, the world will be flooded.
Luckily, his spell didn't work on me,
and, I've figured out how to remove the spell.
The time has come to defeat Bowser and his cronies.

Lakitu and

Lakitu and Goonie are now free!

Bumpty and
 Dr. Freezegood.

Bumpty and Dr. Freezegood are free of the spell!

Poochy and 

Poochy and Grinder are no longer enchanted!

Flying Wiggler and

Flying Wiggler and Eggo-Dil are rid of the evil magic!

Froggy and

Froggy and Clawdaddy are no longer spellbound!

Gargantua Blargg
and Flamer Guy.

Gargantua Blargg and Flamer Guy are free of the curse!

Lunge Fish and
   Flopsy Fish

Lunge Fish and Flopsy Fish are off the magic hook!

Raphael The Raven
and Shy-Guy.

Raphael The Raven and Shy-Guy are no longer bewitched!

Hey everyone, I'm so glad you're all back to normal.
OK, now that we are back together once again...
Let's go kick Bowser's tail out of our home.

    The Koopa!

How c-c-can this b-b-b-be? How is everyone f-free?
Well, too b-bad. I'm j-just g-gonna have to stomp you.

We're free of the spell. Let us fight for you!

How'd I l-l-lose?

Naval Piranha!!
You fools!
Do I have to teach you the penalty for removing the spell?
You get to come for supper...
MY supper!!

Huhh?? How could this have happened?

Kamek and
Kamek's Toadies!!!
How dare you interfere with one of MY spells?
Toadies... Get that Yoshi!!!

Did I really lose?
Hocus - Pocus! Stop this insanity

Who is it? Who dares to wake me from my nap?
What!! You mean you dare challenge me? What a joke!
Why do you bother? Silly little one.
Now! Taste the bitterness of my wrath!!

2.11 Endings

Arrrghhh!! How could I lose...
Just you wait... Wait and see!
I'll return soon to teach you once and for all.

We did it! Out world will now return to normal.

I am so excited! We have done it.
I can play once again in the peaceful sky.

Yahoo! We did it. I'm so, so, so hap-hap-happy!

Woof, woof, woof! I'm a good dog! A-rooooooohhhh!!

How nice it is. I just can't wait 'til tomorrow...
I'll get to float again among the lovely flowers.

Ribbet... I'm so happy. Ribbet, ribbet!

Whew, it's finally over. I raised such a sweat.

That Bowser sure was a toughie...
Gosh oh golly, why am I suddenly sooo hungry?

Caww! Caww! We did it - caww. We did it - caww.

Wait a moment! Who's coming?
Oh my! If it isn't Little Yoshi!
Yoohoo! It's Little Yoshi... Let's go play!
Hey you Koopa! I can beat you- bring it on!
Don't worry about Bowser little one.
What? Please say you're kidding me...
It's not fair... I was gonna show you how cool I am.
Woof, WOOF! You can depend on me. A-roooohhhh!!
That Little Yoshi, he's SO cool.
Ribbet, ribbet. For someone who's not a frog, ribbet,
I sure do admire the little guy. Ribbet, ribbet.
Oh well! I guess it's OK.
I don't have to be the star every time.
Now, I can just sit back... sit back and re-lax.
Well, I guess I'll just be takin' a nap then...
Caww, caww! Little Yoshi's it! Little Yoshi's it!
I'm not afraid of the big bad Bowser...

Right you are.
You know how we took care of that bully?
We all helped each other.
Really? Well, I guess you are right.
Yahoo! Together we are so strong.
Together we should stay.
Let nothing come between any of us, ever again.

YES!! Working together...
We have nothing to fear.
We can protect the peace of out world together.
You are so right.
Together we can protect the peace of Yoshi's Island.
Together we own our world.
Now, let's go play, together.
Together under the clearest of blue skies.

What's wrong?
It's not quite right... Hmm------
Have we been the best we can be?
We can't just beat Bowser. We must crush him!
We can't just be strong. We must be strongest.
I can be stronger too...
Hey everyone! Let's show how strong we can be.

Congratulations, you won! Good luck when you challenge the next level!
Hey! Forget about any special reward for finishing the EASY level!
Just press RESET so you can challenge the next level.
HEY! I'M NOT KIDDING! That's all, there isn't anymore. Press RESET!

Hey! Quit trying to cheat!! To see the ending, you must turn the CPU switch OFF.

2.11 Death Text

No way! I will NOT lose here!

I hate you - openly and without regret!

Wah! Wahh!! I'm such a loser.

Woof? I think I lost!

I DID NOT lose... Somebody cheated me!

Ribbet, ribbet. No more, ribbet...

I lost! I just don't think I like it here.

Ain't gonna fight no more, I need a nap.

Caww! Caww! Caww!
Caww! Caww! Caww!

2.2 How To Improve


[RULE 1]
Howdy It's me, Yoshi! I'm here to show you how to play this game. I've got lots
to show, so pay attention. This is the cursor! To the right or left. From top to
bottom. It can move freely! You can use either the A or B Button. This is how 
you can arrange the panels! If you want, you can drop them, just like this! 
Align there or more like panels vertically or horizontally, and they will 
disappear!! You can make more disappear. Keep going, and don't miss any. Ah,
there's one more! You can even raise the whole stack by pressing either the L or
R Button. But don't hit the top or the Game is Over!! Now it's time to teach you
about Combos and Chains! It's a little harder to clear this way, so you're 
rewarded with a higher score! A Combo is when you clear many panels 
simultaneously. Watch this!
Clear 4... Clear 5... Clear 6... And... even Clear 10!! Now, on to Chains! First
a x2 Chain! Or maybe a x3 Chain!! Well, that's it for this lesson! In the next 
lesson, I'll teach you some advanced techniques! See ya!

[RULE 2]
Welcome back! I've been waiting for you.
This lesson is a bit more difficult, so if you don't mind... Pay attention!
Let's cover Chains. Really, they're pretty easy, and all the kids are doing 
First, place these... and most importantly, if you move this panel, you can form
a Chain!
Hurry! Hurry! See! I did it I got a x2 Chain!
I'll do it again, a bit slower though... First, you place one, then...
Slide this one over. A x2 Chain!
Next, this one... It's a x3 Chain!
You can clear lots of panels forming Chains this way!
Forming Chains like this are called Skill Chains.
This is a very important technique. So, keep practicing, and it'll come easy!
OOPS! I forgot to tell you a little something!
When you form Chains the sound the panels make when they disappear changes!
And... should you form a Super Chain, a lovely fanfare will sound!!
Hmm... Let's see... Did I tell you about "Stop"?
When you do a Chain or Combo, the stack will stop rising for a short time.
Yes! 4 Cleared! While the fireworks go off, keep clearing panels. Don't 
When you are in big trouble, they'll stop a little longer.
At that time, a "Stop" mark will appear.
Then, you'll hear someone shout quite loudly, "Stop!", and the stack will stop.
Oh no, it looks like the Game will be Over!! Whew... It's OK now...
In the next lesson, I'll introduce you to the VS. mode! I just can't wait!

[VS. RULE 1]
I've been waiting for you! I'm so glad you came to see me again.
This time, the lesson is about the VS. mode.
In VS. your goal is simple. Make your opponent lose the game.
As you play, the [!] panel will appear.
Clear the [!] panel and you'll attack your opponent.
See! A nice garbage block will drop onto your buddy!
You can also attack by using Combos and Chains!
This example shows what happens when you Clear 4!
Clear 5! Clear 6!! Clear 10!!!
The more cleared at once, the more severe your attack!
Now... let's see how Chain attacks work.
x2 Chain! x3 Chain!! x4 Chain!!!
Progressive Chains will create thicker garbage blocks.
To clear the garbage blocks, you need to...
Oh, I guess I'll wait 'til the next lesson to teach you that. Bye!

[VS. RULE 2]
This time, we'll learn how to clear garbage blocks!
Uh, oh!! My opponent just sent me a present!
At a time like this, where you clear panels is important.
If the panels are touching the garbage block, then...
It'll transform into panels! Quickly, continue to clear them!
Incoming!!! Different colors are cleared the same way!
If like colored garbage blocks are touching...
They will all be transformed at one time!
But, any different colored blocks won't transform!
You will need to transform each individually.
When dealing with thick garbage blocks...
Only the bottom line will transform.
Each layer must be transformed seperately.
It's kind of hard though!
That's it! Lesson's over!! School's out!!!! Now go play!!!!!
If my explanations were too fast to understand...
Choose "HOW TO PLAY" on the "SELECT" screen again!
Well... see you again! Bye bye! 

2.3 Profiles

[Yoshi's Profile]
Hello everyone! I am Yoshi.

I'm very glad to see you all again. A little problem has come up here. But, with
help from Little Yoshi, I think we can take care of it!

[Lakitu's Profile]
Hey you- my name's Lakitu

A funny thing happened today. I had to stop to play a game with Yoshi. Hey, ever
hear the one about the Koopa King, Yoshi and a Magikoopa...

[Bumpty's Profile]
Hello everybody, I am Bumpty.

The Ice World is my home. Brrrr! People think I'm cute, but I hate that. 
Instead, you should just think of me as being cool.

[Poochy's Profile]
I am Poochy- Woof, woof!

You didn't know I like monkeys? Well see, I'm friends with everybody. Woof! 
Especially that Yoshi. He gives me eggs! Woof, woof, WOOF!

[Wiggler's Profile]
I, am a Flying Wiggler.

I like the pretty flowers so much. Being surrounded by so many lovely things 
makes me so happy. HEY THERE! Don't step on my friends!

[Froggy's Profile]
Ribbet, ribbet. Froggy here!

For frogs, a lot of rain is good. But... ribbet. Not everyone is so happy about 
it, ribbet. Well... ribbet. I don't care! Ribbet!

[Blargg's Profile]
I am a Blargg, Gargantua Blargg

My exploits are kind of famous. I rule the Lava World, and all should fear me. 
But lately, this rain has put a damper on my powers. Hmmm...

[Lunge Fish's Profile]
Howdy y'all- I'm a Lunge Fish.

Ya want to know what I think? I don't really like that Yoshi guy, he gives me 
indigestion. Got anything to eat? I'm kinda hungry!!

[Raphael's Profile]
Raphael Raven here! Caww!

It's Yoshi - caww!
It's Yoshi - caww!
Raphael has to - caww!
Raphael has to - caww!
Play and defeat - caww!
Play and defeat - caww!
That darn Yoshi! Caww!

[Hookbill Koopa's Profile]
I'm a K-Koopa, Hookbill Koopa.

It's m-my j-job to b-b-beat Yoshi! And, I'm a g-g-gonna m-make m-m-mincemeat out
of that c-c-cocky little wimp.

[Naval Piranha Plant's Profile]
I'm Naval Piranha Plant.

Hey Yoshi! Ready to give in yet? Do you still dream of defeating me? Har-har! Go
see yer momma, you little green lizard. Go home and cry, baby.

[Kamek's Profile]
I am the magical genius, Kamek.

This is it - You little... Now, bow down to me. No! Better yet, kneel before 
your new master. Kneel before Kamek, Tee, hee, hee, hee!

[Bowser's Profile]
I am THE King! I am Bowser.

Go Yoshi, while you still can. You'll never beat me. Not in 10 years... Not in 
100 years... Not even in 100,000 years will you beat me.

2.4 Stage Clear

Hello, Yoshi here! Before each round, in these messages, you can learn lots of 
different hints. Eliminate everything above the CLEAR line in order to clear 
each stage. Remember - stay clam and DON'T panic!

Look at me- I'm Lakitu! When you form a Combo or Chain, the panels stop rising 
for a while. When the stack is stopped,  Mr. Time  will appear on the screen.   
Timing is everything in this game. Keep practicing, and be persistent.

Hi, I'm Poochy. Woof!! If there isn't enough space for even one more panel at 
the top, form a Combo or Chain, and the stack will stay stopped longer than 
usual. Woof!!  So... Never give up. WOOF!!

I am Bowser. King of the Koopas! So you think you can defeat me? What a simple 
creature you are. So naive... So simple... Did you know this simple one?

Confound it, you still donkey. Just you wait... Just wait and see.

I am Froggy. Ribbet! Bowser's sure a tough one alright. To defeat him... Ribbet.
You must be better! Ribbet. Ever tried Combos... Ribbet? Or  Chains...      
Ribbet, ribbet? For lessons, go to the Select Screen and choose, "HOW TO 
IMPROVE". You just might find the skills useful. Ribbet, ribbet!

I am Gargantua Blargg! Let's see... Just a bit more... I was wondering... Have 
you learned about Combos yet... Have you learned about Chains E yet... The key 
to beating Bowser E... Is using Combos... And using Chains... Should you get 
into trouble... All you need to do is just clear 4... It'll make life a little 
easier... Good Luck... P.S. Trust me... I'm on your side, really.

Caww! Caww! I'm Raphael The Raven. You re nearing the final round, Caww! The 
most important thing... Caww Caww! Is to stay calm... Caww! Don't panic... Caww!
Good luck... Caww! Caww! 

You've come a long way, little one. But, if you can't do Combos or Chains, 
you're not only wasting YOUR time, you're wasting MINE! Oh please, stop your 
blubbering. Let's get on with it.

2.5 Codes

When the POWER is turned ON, Yoshi says "Nintendo." On that screen use 
Controller 1 and enter the code "B-A-L-L." Then, even if you do a COMBO or 
CHAIN, the stack will not stop rising! It will be harder, but you CAN do it!!

When playing a 2PLAYER game, on the STAGE SELECT screen, press the L and R 
Buttons on Controller 1 and 2 at the same time. This will let you select your 
mascot from Bowser and his friends.

To play using the "Extra" Puzzle set, input this password: FP5D29J!

Press A,B, START and SELECT all at the same time to RESET.

Play the HARDEST level! Choose the 1PLAYER VS. mode. On the LEVEL SELECT screen,
put the cursor on HARD. Press and hold the L Button, (UP) on the +Control Pad 
and then press the A Button. Do it right and the screen turns red.

2.6 Menus

These games are for one player.

This mode plays until Game Over. There are several endings to see. Score higher 
for better endings.

You have limited time in this mode. Try and score as high as you can. To get the
high score... You'll want to do Chains and Combos!

Clear all stages one by one. Each round has five stages. There's a total of 30 
stages! Find the King Of The Koopas. Defeat him to reach the ending!

You must clear all of the panels using only limited switches. It might seem easy
at the start, but it doesn't stay that way. There are sixty puzzles to do! But 
if sixty aren't enough for you... just you wait and see!

Play this mode against the CPU. To attack, use Chains and Combos! You win when 
your opponent loses! Shock panels will attack too! For details, see the 
instructions, or see How To Play - Vs. Rule. Also, if you want to improve... see
the How To Improve mode! Oh... One more thing! If you clear Shock Panels 
Combos... Your attack power will increase!

These games are for two players.

Compete for the highest score. The Handicap will adjust the score.

In this mode, you must play to win! Make sure to use Chains and Combos.

See controller functions and learn how to play this game.

This shows the controller layout.

Basic explanation of how to play.

This introduces more techniques.

Learn more about VS. mode.

Learn to clear garbage blocks.

This mode shows you tips and will teach advanced techniques.

You can change the settings for several options using this mode. For details, 
see the instructions.

	TEXT TYPE               : ENG
	MATCH PTS.              : 2P
	SOUND TEST              : 00
	MUSIC TEST              : 00
	CHARACTER               : 00
		1P CPU		: OFF
		1P CPU LEVEL	:  0
		2P CPU		: OFF
		2P CPU LEVEL	:  0
	MARK ON/OFF             : OFF


6. Special Thanks
- Nintendo, for releasing this great game
- GameFAQs, for having guides on games
- You, for taking the time to read this

7. Contact Info
My e-mail address is HarkenSlash@gmail.com if you ever need to contact me. 
Please contact me if I have missed some text in the game.

8. Legal Information
This FAQ is written by HarkenSlash and Copyright 2006 HarkenSlash. The only 
websites that have permission to use this FAQ are:


If you would like to host this guide on your website, please contact me first.

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