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Rage Guide by Skoobouy

Version: 3.9 | Updated: 10/25/06

Condensed Rage Guide 3.9

By Skoobouy <skoobouy at hotmail dot com>

Compiled and useful
for Final Fantasy III for the Super Nintendo
or Final Fantasy VI for the Sony Playstation.

*** Introduction

Gau is a skinny kid with a mullet who managed to spend his whole life eating
grass on an African flatland without so much as getting a tan or growing 
any stubble. But don't make him mad, because he will UWAAOOO all over you, and 
you don't want that to happen. Believe me, you just don't. Don't even ask me 
what it means. It's too horrible.

Anyway, his skill, Rage, is powerful but intimidatingly large, so I wrote this
guide to make it less intimidating. This guide is not really for beginners,
so I do not use much space to explain basics or plot-points. It is pure data.
Almost. I wax poetic sometimes.

*** Revision History

3.9, Oct. 22nd, '06 -   First update in over a year! Rewrote certain parts, 
                         rearranged chapter I based on player experience.
3.8, March 8th, '05 -    Rewrote parts of section I; reworked section III.
3.7, March 3rd, '05 -    Per request, separated sections I & II.
3.6, March 1st, '05 -    Corrections.
3.5, February 7th, '05 - Combined sections I & II, rewrote specific advise.
3.4, February 3rd, '05 - Some important corrections; tightened formatting;
                         added an "Element" column to chart. Changed title.
3.3, February 2nd, '05 - Chapter I elaborated; Chapter II better; footnote
                         method now consistent. Added a Rage, and chart now
                         indicates easy-to-miss Rages. I improved spell
                         descriptions in Chapter III. Deleted the stupid
                         ASCII art.
3.2, February 1st, '05 - Removed all Lore material. Cleaner, nicer guide to
3.1, January 31st, '05 - Added information on some Rages and modified
                         formatting and rewrote some paragraphs.
3.0, January 30th, '05 - It returns! I FINALLY filled in the status effects of
                         Rages, and redid the tables. Also, modified 
                         formatting, and other minor changes.
2.5.5, May 5th, '03 -    I skipped a number. Rewrote the Lores guide and chart.
                         Made lots of minor corrections.
2.3, April 25th, '03 -   More niceties, rearranged the order of the guide.
2.2, April 24th, '03 -   Added to Rage skill descriptions, and a brief 
                         explanation of column titles, and changed Gau's
                         "Minimum of Fuss" guide.
2.1, April 22nd, '03 -   Filled in gaps, corrected some mistakes.
2.0, April 20th, '03 -   Complete rewrite, added Strago section.
1.0, April 9th, '03 -    Added to "Important Rages" section, updated
                         Introduction, and modified Strategy section.
0.9, April 8th, '03 –    Microsoft Word version.
0.8, April 7th, '03 -    The first draft! Lists Rages in a few ways; not easy
                         to read and not convenient to print.

*** Other Rage Resources (and their specific contributions)

The Rage Guide by Djibriel:
Source of better information about NightShade|Charm; the Muted Intangir
strategy; Flare Star; useful Rages; and Tyranosaur|Meteo. Also, contains
exhaustive information about Rage/Veldt/Equipment/Status mechanics, glitches,
and so on; recommendations for equipment, boss strategies, and many other
surprising facts. (Added to v. 3.5: info on Gau's default Rages, getting
Anguiform and Aspik before the MRF, some advice on Rages with the same skills
but better stats, and info on obtaining Flame Shlds).

Algorithms FAQ V 1.6 by Terii Senshi (teriisenshi at aol dot com):
Numerical details and correct spelling for all of the Rage skills.

(In)Complete List of Monsters 3.0 by Garry Dobson:
A very thorough Rage by Order of Apppearance list. Helpful!

FF3us Monster Stats Guide 1.1 and
FF3us Attack Guide v1.1 by Master ZED (cytekzed at aol dot com):
Correct spellings of monster names, accurate locations, filled in nasty gaps
of information like Virite, Flare Star, and Shock, and immense help for the 
Lore Locations Chart. Also special thanks for suggestions for improvement, and
info about Veteran and Tempest.

Lord J's FF3usME v. 6.2 (lord_j at hotmail dot com):
Accurate information about enemy scripts, which I scanned for hours looking
for Lores.

*** Table of Contents

CHAPTER I:  All the Best Rages with a Minimum of Fuss
    A. WoB: From Narshe to the Phantom Train
    B. WoB: From the Serpent Trench to Zozo
    C. WoB: After the Magitek Research Facility
    D. WoB: The Sealed Gate and the Floating Continent
    D. WoR: From the Solitary Island to the Daryl's Tomb
    E. WoR: Miscellanious Quests

CHAPTER II: Chart of Rages by Monster Order of Appearance
    A. WoB: From Narshe to the Phantom Forest
    B. WoB: From the Serpent Trench to the Magitek Research Facility
    C. WoB: From the Sealed Gate to the Floating Continent
    D. WoR: From the Solitary Island to the Daryl's Tomb
    E. WoR: Miscellanious Quests

CHAPTER III: Chart of Rages by Skill
    A. Damage-Dealing Special Skills
    B. Status-Causing Special Skills
    C. Magic Skills

APPENDIX: On Tempest



I. All the Best Rages with a Minimum of Fuss

Don't get every Rage. Seriously. Just don't do it. Look, I'm a completionist,
too, but completionism only makes sense if it offers some kind of reward,
right? Right? *Sigh* OK, if you want to be obsessive-compulsive about it, skip 
down to CHAPTER II and take note of any monster with a (¹) next to it. Those
are the ones that are easy to miss. Djibriel's Rage Guide has more thorough
information on strategies for acquiring those Rages (especially Red Mag Roader)
so I direct completionists his way.

This section concerns itself with the cream of the crop, and even then, it is a
little inflated. IMO, a short Rage list is a happy Rage list, and the less time
I have to hear the Veldt song, the happier I am.

A. WORLD OF BALANCE: From Narshe through the Phantom Train

Here are a few tips you will want to keep in mind as you play. First, you might
want to try and maximize the formations of monsters you want, and minimize 
battles with monsters you don't want. This will greatly ease your Veldt 
hunting. Second, battles that you run away from WILL appear on the Veldt. 
Third, I recommend choosing Sabin's scenario SECOND (after the Terra scenario) 
because Locke's scenario has no noteworthy Rages, and will only clutter the
Veldt cycle. Of course, Terra's scenario houses Dark Side|Ice 2, and we want

Now, let's look at the cream of the crop for the first part of the game:

     Great Rages           Awsome Rages       (Gau's Default Rages)
   Cirpius|Haste 2        Marshal|Wind Slash        Lobo|Tusk
Primordite|Numblade       Areneid|Numb          Were-Rat|Poison
  Pterodon|Fire Ball       Rhodox|Snare       M-TekArmor|Tek Laser
   Templar|Fire 2         Trilium|Bio             Hornet|IronNeedle
   Telstar|Sonic Boom   Dark Side|Ice 2        Rhinotaur|Mega Volt
                        Stray Cat|Catscratch     Brawler|Stone
                            Hazer|Bolt 2         Exocite|Scissors
                             Bomb|Blaze       Trilobiter|PoisonBarb
                        Over-Mind|Elf Fire       Whisper|Demi

-Rhodox|Snare will be your premier instant death attack for a long time,
 especially because it stops enemies from retaliating against a successful hit.
 This also makes it your one-stop Intangir killer.
-Fire Ball looks pretty (especially when there are lots of enemies), but I
 demoted it from "Awesome" to "Good" because, between Elf Fire, Blaze, and Wind
 Slash, you will likely never use Fire Ball.
-Numb and Numblade are exactly the same. Primordite protects against Imp and is
 weak against Bolt instead of Water and Ice. If you get one, you don't need the
 other one. 
-Telstar protects from everything except Slow and Stop.
-Hazer has protection from instant death.
-Blaze looks pathetic, but it's actually stronger than Fire 2--hence Templar's

Easily Missed Monsters:
-Dark Side will only appear if you DON'T follow the sparkly thing through the
 cave in Banon's scenario. Don't leave until you see Dark Side. Try to get
 both formations!
-Telstar is a Monster-in-a-Box in a tent to far lower left of your entry into
 the Imperial Base.
-Over-Mind is a somewhat rare monster found only inside one train cars of the
 Phantom Train: the one housing the switch to detach the cars (c.f., Djibriel's

B. WORLD OF BALANCE: From the Serpent Trench to Zozo

This is where the game REALLY begins. Marshal and Stray Cat are strong, but 
they will be piddly compared to the glory that awaits you. If you're willing to
walk a long way, you can teach Gau any Rage up to Zozo monsters BEFORE going to
the Magitek Research Facility. Before doing anything, you can get 
Anguiform|Aqua Rake and Aspik|Giga Volt, which together make the Research 
Facility a walk a field of daisies. Walk all the way south of Narshe, through 
Figaro Cave, over Mt. Kolts, through the Returner's Hideout and Lete River, 
over to Nikeah to buy a chocobo, all the way down the eastern continent, to the
Veldt. Once you have your Rages, hop into the Serpent Trench back to Nikeah, 
sail to South Figaro, and go back through Figaro Cave to resume your quest.

However, as an editorial point, I strongly recommend holding off on your second
Veldt visit until after you complete the Zozo quest. Aspik and Anguiform are 
not vital before that point (story completionists won't even use Gau), and if 
you wait, you will be rewarded with the following Rages, with less Veldt 

     Great Rages           Awsome Rages            "Upgrades"
Hadesgigas|Magnitude8   Anguiform|Aqua Rake   SlamDancer|Ice 2
                            Aspik|Giga Volt

-None of these monsters are hard to meet.
-Lots of strong multi-enemy attack spells here; Magnitude8 is great, and Aqua
 Rake can take care of fliers, not to mention whole armies of wind-weak
 Imperial sissies.
-SlamDancer|Ice 2 has the simple advantage over Dark Side|Ice 2 of not giving 
 the Rager Undead or Seizure status.

C. WORLD OF BALANCE: After the Magitek Research Facility

Once you escape from the Magitek Research Facility, you have control of the
airship! Thus, before we take our most important jaunt to the Veldt, it 
behooves us to visit a few interesting friends. First, fly to the continent 
east of the Veldt (where Thamasa is), and search the forests for both 
formations of Chimera. Chimera is tough, so don't be afraid to run away if you
must. While you are there, have Locke steal four Gaia Gears from the Baskervors
in the plains--I will explain shortly (and thanks to Djibriel for the tip)!

Next, fly to the unofficially named Triangle Island to the far northeast. 
Intangirs be here! Use that Rhodox Rage I told you about, and you're done for 
now. Fly to the Veldt.

     Great Rages           Awsome Rages            "Upgrades"
    Wyvern|Cyclonic    ChickenLip|Quake          Chimera|Aqua Rake
    Rhinox|Life 3         General|Cure 2
  Intangir|Pep Up

-For some real shenanigans, have a character learn "Float" from Stray (obtained
 in Zozo), Float your characters, and commence Quaking whenever you can.
 Otherwise, equip those Gaia Gears you "treasure-hunted," and Quake will heal
 all your non-floating party members (note Edgar and Cyan cannot equip Gaia
 Gear without a Merit Award). You'll be the most violent Quaker there ever was.
-Chimera combines an awesome skill with protection from status ailments and
 from instant death.
-If you cast Mute on the Rager before Raging Intangir, you have a Hasted, Safe, 
 Shelled, Clear, Floated, 'Ribboned', element-absorbing behemoth of a character
 (but not protected from Slow or Stop). Intangir|Pep Up is also the easiest way
 to teach Strago the Pep Up Lore, which I am sure you are DYING to do (hur 

D. WORLD OF BALANCE: The Sealed Gate and the Floating Continent

I presume you will want to visit the Veldt sometime between the Sealed Gate 
scenario and your first romp through the Floating Content, but there are not
enough interesting Rages between them to divide these sections. 

Gigantos, Behemoth, and Ninja come from the Floating Continent. While the first
two are nothing to have puppies over, Ninja|Water Edge is literally the cutting
edge in multi-target damage. Too bad it will soon be horribly outdone by Aero.

     Great Rages           Awsome Rages            "Upgrades"
   Zombone|Condemned        Ninja|Water Edge    Gigantos|Magnitude8

-Zombone|Condemned is the fastest way to teach Strago the Lore, Condemned.
-Aqua Rake takes a back seat to Water Edge for flying monsters from here on;
 but you might still consider Chimera|Aqua Rake for its superior protection
 from status ailments and instant Death.
-Gigantos, unlike his "little" brother Hadesgigas, gives Protect status.

D. WORLD OF RUIN: From the Solitary Island to the Daryl's Tomb

With small variations, the first half of the World of Ruin is basically linear.
You'll likely come across all of these beasties without even thinking about it,
although to be safe, make sure you don't leave the Solitary Island without
watching an Earthguard starve to death.

     Great Rages           Awsome Rages            "Upgrades"
Earthguard|Big Guard      Peepers|Pearl Wind  
  Buffalax|Slow 2      Gilomantis|Shrapnel
 Mad Oscar|Sour Mouth     Harpiai|Aero
      Orog|Pearl       PowerDemon|Flare
                         Mesosaur|Step Mine

-Mesosaur|Step Mine ought to be a favorite weapon, since it has all of the
 benefits and none of the drawbacks of Stago's Lore of the same name. To get
 the damage up to 9999, you have to walk 319,968 steps, and there's no worry
 about MP. Here's an easy way to do it: at any time when it's convenient, go to
 Jidoor and walk into it from the left. Continue walking, and you will exit the
 city, and then immediately re-enter. Now tape the D-pad down, and with Sprint
 Shoes, your mad little pilgrimage will be over in about 15 hours. (Thanks to
 Xuxon in the GameFAQs forums for this tip).

E. WORLD OF RUIN: Miscellanious Quests

The World of Ruin after getting the Airship is your leisurely smorgasbord of 
positively awsome Rages. Go ahead, be a glutton, go after the best Rages first.
If you're too weak to beat a monster, run away! It will still appear on the 
Veldt. Use this for toughies like Tyranosaur if they tenderize you into 

     Great Rages           Awsome Rages            "Upgrades"
  Punisher|Bolt 3      Nightshade|Charm          Vectaur|Pearl Wind
SrBehemoth|Fire 3       Magic Urn|Cure 3      Evil Oscar|Bio
    Woolly|Ice 3       Tyranosaur|Meteo  
  Luridian|Land Slide       Mover|Merton 

Notes on Skills:
-Veteran|Roulette and Nightshade|Charm are two very broken skills; the former
 is an unblockable death spell; the latter is a permanent, universal "Muddle"
 that can be cast on one monster at a time. Sick, is all I have to say.
-Replace your dilapidated Trilium Rage with Evil Oscar--same delicious Bio
 skill, exciting new element-absorbing package! (except fire).
-Use Vectaur instead of Peepers for Pearl Wind, because Seizure = bad.
-Which of Gau's offensive Rages is best? Depends on the context. 
  1. If you need to and can, exploit enemy elemental weaknesses with Bolt 3,
     Ice 3, Quake, Pearl, or Bio.
  2. Failing that, do a Merton+Flame Shlds combo (esp. if the critter has a
     weakness to fire/wind). Buy Falchions in Jidoor and bet them at the
     Colliseum for Flame Shlds to equip your whole party.
  3. If Merton's fire and wind elements work against you, resort to Meteo or
     Shock for multiple enemies, or Land Slide for one as it is less likely to
  4. Or just use Meteo constantly, 'cuz it's METEO AND TI ROX0R5!1!! (Glee!) :3


II. Chart of Rages by Monster Order of Appearance

This chart lists monsters by rough order of appearance; not only can you know
everything about a particular Rage, but also generally where to find it. Read
the KEY closely to understand each listing. After each section, there is an
"interlude," which discusses the best Rages from the group, easy-to-miss
monsters, little strategy-ets, and other dribs and drabs.


"Note" Column:

$ - A great Rage! Try to get it.
¹ - Easy to miss.
g - Gau starts with this Rage.
x - Rage cannot be normally obtained.

Status effects:

D - Dark/Blind           « - Slow
Z - Zombie               » - Haste
P - Poison               X - Stop
V - Vanish/Clear         [ - Safe
I - Imp                  { - Shell
S - Stone/Petrify        R - Regen
Ø - Death/Mortal attack  W - Wall/Rflect
# - Condemned/Countdown  ^ - Float
B - Blink/Image
M - Mute                 Worthwhile special info:
! - Bserk/Rage
? - Muddle/Confuse       U - Undead/Cold
@ - Seizure              º - Dies at MP=0
) - Sleep


f - Fire
i - Ice
b - Bolt/Lightning
p - Poison
a - Air/Wind
h - Holy/Pearl
e - Earth
w - Water
+ - All Elements

A. WORLD OF BALANCE: From Narshe to the Phantom Forest

   Monster     Skill       Note  Gives   Immune From       Absorb   Weak 
   Lobo        Tusk        g                                        f
   Guard       Critical                                             p
   Vomammoth   Blizzard                  )                          f
   Were-Rat    Poison      g             D)                p        f
   Vaporite    Blaze             U^      DZPISM!)          p        fh
   Repo Man    Exploder                                             p
   Marshal     Wind Slash  $             P                          p     
[Outside Figaro]
   Leafer      Incisor                                     i        fw
   Dark Wind   Break             ^       I                          f
   Sand Ray    Tail                                                 iw
   Areneid     Numb        $                                        iw
   M-TekArmor  Tek Laser   g     [       DIPSZ#@                    b
[Figaro Cave]  
   Hornet      IronNeedle  g     ^       I                          f
   Crawly      HeartBurn                                            f
   Bleary      Doom                                                 f
[Outside South Figaro]
   Rhinotaur   Mega Volt   g             S«x               b
   GreaseMonk  Shell             »                                  p
   Rhodox      Snare       $
   Brawler     Stone       g     !       P                 p        i
   Tusker      Blizzard                                             f
   Cirpius     Haste2      $     ^       I
   Trilium     Bio         $             I                 w        f
[Lete River]
   Nautiloid   Ink               [       I                 w        fb
   Exocite     Scissors    g             DI                w        fb
   Pterodon    Fire Ball   $     ^       I                          f
[South Figaro]
   HeavyArmor  Tek Laser         [       ZPIS@                      bw
   Commander   Break                                                p
   Vector Pup  Bite              »                                  f
[Figaro Cave 2]
   Trilobiter  PoisonBarb  g     [       I
   Primordite  Numblade    $             I                          b
   Gold Bear   Gouge
[Narshe 2]
   1st Class   Stone                                                p
   Wild Rat    Scratch                                     p        f
   Dark Side   Ice 2       $¹    U@^     DZPISM!)          p        fh
   Rinn        Fire        ¹     U^      DZPISM!)          p        fh
   Spectre     Fire        ¹     U       DZPISM!)          p        fh
[Outside Doma]
   Beakor      Duster                    I                          f
   Rhobite     Life                                                 w
   CrassHoppr  Bserk             ^       I)                         fa
   Stray Cat   Catscratch  $
[Imperial Base]
   Soldier     Fire                      D)                         p
   Templar     Fire 2      $     [                                  p
   Doberman    Bite        ¹                                        f
   Telstar     Sonic Boom  $¹    ^       DZPVISØ#BM!?@)             bw
[Phantom Forest and Phantom Train]
   Ghost       Bolt 2            U^      DZPISM!)          p        fh
   Poplium     Cling             U^      DZPISM!)          p        fh
   StillGoing  Osmose            U       DZPISM!)          p        fh
   Whisper     Demi        g     U@^     DZPISM!)          p        fh
   Bomb        Blaze       $     ^       DZPIS             f        iw
   Hazer       Bolt 2      $     º       ZIØ#                       h
   Over-Mind   Elf Fire    $¹    U       DZPISM!)          p        fh

B. WORLD OF BALANCE: From the Serpent Trench to the Magitek Research Facility

   Monster     Skill       Note  Gives   Immune From       Absorb   Weak 
[Serpent Trench]
   Anguiform   Aqua Rake   $      D       I                 w        b
   Actaneon    Clamp              D       ZIM!?)            w        fb
   Aspik       Giga Volt   $      D^      DIM?)             w        f
[Narshe Battle]
   Bounty Man  Bite                                                  f
   Trooper     Swing                                                 p
   Fidor       Pounce                     S)                         f
   Rider       Virite                     ZI?                        fp
[Outside Kohlingen]
   Red Fang    Drain
   Vulture     Shimsham           ^       I                          w
   Over Grunk  Bane Touch                 DZI!?)                     f
   Mind Candy  SleepSting         ^       I)                         fw
   Iron Fist   Stone                                        p
   FossilFang  Sand Storm         U       DZPISM!)          p        fihw
   HadesGigas  Magnitude8  $                                e        p
   Gabbldegak  Vanish                                                p
   Harvester   Haste              »^      I«X                        p
   SlamDancer  Ice 2       $              PI!?                       p
[Opera House]
   Vermin      Scan                                         p        i
   Sewer Rat   Incisor                                      p        f
[Outside Vector]
   Ralph       Tackle                     S
   Joker       Bolt 2             ^       I                          bp
   WeedFeeder  Bserk              ^       DIM)                       fw
   Wyvern      Cyclonic    $      ^       I                          i
   ChickenLip  Quake       $              PISØ#M)                    i
   Bug         Stop               ^       DIM)                       iw
[Vector and the Magitek Research Facility]
   Garm        Demi                       ZPIS@                      bw
   Commando    Rflect                     ZPIS@                      bw
   Pipsqueak   Imp                        ZPIS@                      bw
   Flan*       Slimer                     DPIS              f
   General     Cure 2      $      [                                  p
   Trapper     L.3 Muddle         ^       ZPIS@                      bw
   Rhinox      Life 3      $      [       SØ#               b
   Gobbler     Shimsham           ^       I
Pl Mag Roader  Bio                [       ISØ#M?)           i        f
Rd Mag Roader  Mute        ¹      »       ISØ#!)                     i
   Chaser      Plasma             ^       ZPIS@                      bw

*-Flan nullifies (reduces damage to 0) poison, wind, pearl, earth, and water
  elemental attacks [pahew].

C. WORLD OF BALANCE: From the Sealed Gate to the Floating Continent

   Monster     Skill       Note  Gives   Immune From       Absorb   Weak 
[Sealed Gate]
   Lich        Fire 2            ºU^     DZPISM!)          fp       h
   Apparite    Imp               U@      DZPISM!)          fp       ih
   Coelecite   Magnitude8                DIM!?)            f        i
   Zombone     Condemned   $     U       DZPISM!)          p        fh
   Ing         Lifeshaver  $     U^      DZPISM!)          fp       hw
   Ninja       Water Edge  $     ^       DS?@)«X           p        bh
[Vector 2]
   Sp Forces   Safe        ¹     [       DZPVSØ#BM!?@)«X            p
[Outside Thamasa]
   Cephaler    Husk              [       IØ#?                       b
   Chimera     Aqua Rake   $             DZPVISØ#BM!?@)«X
   Baskervor   Cyclonic                  PØ#
[Flaming House]
   Balloon     Exploder          ^       I)                f        iw
[Esper Mountain]
   Slurm       Slimer                    DVIBM!?@)«X       f
   Adamanchyt  Acid Rain         [       SØ#?
   Abolisher   Poison                    ISM)
   Mandrake    Raid              ?       DPVISØ#BM!?)      w        f
   Insecare    Wing Whisp        ^       DIM?)                      fa
[Woods west of the Veldt]
   Grenade     Blaze       ¹     ^       IS                f        iw
[Triangle Island]
   Intangir    Pep Up      $     ºV^»{[  DZPISØ#M!?@)      +
[Imperial Air Force]
   Sky Armor   Tek Laser         ^       ZPIS@                      ba
   Spit Fire   Tek Laser                 ZPIS@«X                    ba
[Floating Continent]
   Brainpan    Blow Fish         ºU      DZPIM!)           p        fbh
   Dragon      Revenge                   ISØ#M!?@                   b
   Behemoth    Meteor      $             DPI#M?)«X                  i
   Misfit      LifeShaver        ºU^     DZPIM!)           p        fh
   Apokryphos  L.3 Muddle        º       ZPI#!?                     bhw
   Wirey Drgn  Cyclonic          ^[      I
   Gigantos    Magnitude8        [       ?)                         p

D. WORLD OF RUIN: From the Solitary Island to the Daryl's Tomb

Note: The World of Ruin is linear until you get the new airship after Daryl's
Tomb. Following the advice of NPCs will carry you to Maranda and Mt. Zozo;
after that, the obvious choice is to plunder the Veldt Cave. However, with the
world being your Rage oyster, I'll be conservative and guess that you picked up
Gau right after the Tomb. If you do nothing else after that, here are the new
monsters you will see.

   Monster     Skill       Note  Gives   Immune From       Absorb   Weak 
[Solitary Island]
   Peepers     Pearl Wind  $     @       P                          iw
   EarthGuard  Big Guard   $     @[      DIS#)                      w
   Black Drgn  Sand Storm        U@      DZPISM!)          p        fh
[Southern Continent]
   Lunaris     Face Bite                 Ø#M)
   Osprey      ShimSham          ^       IS#M)                      i
   Chitonid    Stop              [       SØM                        b
   Gigan Toad  Slimer                    PØ#                        i
   Mesosaur    Step Mine                                            i
   Gilomantis  Shrapnel    $             IØ#?)                      f
   Scorpion    Poison                    DISM!?)
   Pm Stalker  Drain             ºU@^    DZPISM!)          p        fh
   HermitCrab  Net               [       DISM)                      w
[Serpent Trench]
   Buffalax    Slow 2      $     P       S)                         fw
   Delta Bug   Mega Volt                 DPI!?                      f
   Bloompire   Bio               ºU      DZPISM!)          w        f
   Lizard      Break                     SM                p        i
[Outside South Figaro]
   Maliga      Remedy                    DIS#BM!?@)                 ibw
   Nohrabbit   Cure 2            »       #M!                        w
   Latimeria   Magnitude8                DPIØ!I                     b
   Sand Horse  Sand Storm        º       DISØ#M!?)                  iw
[Figaro Cave]
   Dante       L.3 Muddle        ºU      DZPISM!)                   p
   Neckhunter  Doom              »       I                          p
   Cruller     Slimer            ºUDP    DZPISM!)«X        p        fh
   Humpty      Poison            ºU      DZPISM!)          p        fh
   Drop        Muddle            º@      DZPVISØ#BM!?@)             bw
[Outside Kohlingen]
   Harpiai     Aero        $     ^       ISØ#?)«X                   a
   Bogy        Oogyboog          [       S
   Muus*       Pep Up            º{      DZPISØ@!?)
   Deep Eye    Dread                     I)                         f
   Siegfried   Flare       x     [       SØ#                        +
   Chupon      W Wind      x             ZPISØ#?@          f        iw
[Daryl's Tomb]
   Osteosaur   X-Zone      $     ºU      DZPISM!)          p        fh
   Mad Oscar   Sour Mouth  $             I#M)              pw       f
   Orog        Pearl       $     U       DZPISM!)          p        fh
   Exoray      Virite            U{      DISM!?)           p        fh
   PowerDemon  Flare       $     ºU      DZPISM!)          p        fh

*-Muus nullifies (reduces damage to 0) poison, wind, pearl, earth, and water
  elemental attacks [pahew].

E. WORLD OF RUIN: Miscellanious Quests

Well, from this point on, kindly disregard all semblance of order. There is
no "before" and no "after" - lies, lies and chicanery, all of it! Whatever
punishment your party can withstand--that quest is yours to complete, within
limits (e.g., you have to get through Ruined Narshe before you go through
Umaro's Cave).

The game does make suggestions, though. Messenger Pigeons inspire Celes to
tell you to go to Maranda, where another pigeon directs you to Zozo, where Cyan
mentions Gau and the Veldt, etc. That is that order listed here. If you follow
it, you won't have the best Rages--like Tyranosaur|Meteo--until the end of the
game. Not good! So anyway, here it is.

   Monster     Skill       Note  Gives   Immune From       Absorb   Weak 
[Outside Maranda]
   Crawler     Step Mine                 P                          i
   Mantodea    Wind Slash                DISØ#@)                    f
   Reach Frog  Slimer                    P!?)                       i
   Hoover      Sand Storm                IS)                        iw
   Cactrot     Blow Fish                 DZPVIS#BM!?@)              iw
[Mount Zozo]
   Borras      Revenge                   Ø#M                        p
   Ursus       Net                       ZPVM?                      f
   Punisher    Bolt 3      $     »       I)«X                       p
   Luridan     Land Slide  $     ^       DI!?)                      fa
   Scrapper    Elf Fire          »       SØ#!?             p
[Veldt Cave]
   Toe Cutter  Shrapnel                  DPISØM!?)         i        fa
   Rhyos       Surge                     DISØ#M!?
   Allo Ver    Quake       x     U       PIM!)X            p        fh
   SrBehemoth  Fire 3      $             ZPSØM!?@)         i        fp
[Outside Thamasa]
   GloomShell  Net                       DPIS!?)                    i
   Harpy       Cyclonic          ^       ISØ#)
   Prussian    Land Slide                S?
[Owser's House]
   Nightshade  Charm       $             DZPVISØ#BM!?@)    w        f
   Dahling     Cure 2            º       DZISØ#M!?)                 p
   Vindr       Acid Rain         ^       I)                         f
   Wild Cat    Blaster                   M                          fw
   Crusher     LifeShaver                DISØ#!?)                   f
   SoulDancer  Osmose            º       ISØ#                       p
   Still Life  Lullabye          º       DZPVISØ#BM!?@)«X           f
[Phoenix Cave]
   Aquila      Cyclonic          ^       ISØ#)             f        i
   Chaos Drgn  Disaster                  SØ#?)             f        i
   Trixter     Fire 2            º^      DIØ#M?)X                   h
   Necromancr  Doom              ºU^     DZPISM!)          p        fh
   Phase       Blow Fish         º^      ISØ#M)            f        i
   Parasoul    Flash Rain        º^      ISM«X             f        i
   Uroburos    Quake                     DISM)             f        i
   Sea Flower  Sleep                     DPIM!?)           fw       ib
[Outside Narshe]
   Geckorex    Break                     S                          i
[Ruined Narshe]
   Red Wolf    Rush                      DPSØ#M!?)«X
   Nastidon    Blizzard          [       Ø#                         f
   Test Rider  Flash Rain        º       ISØ#M?                     p
Yl Mag Roader  Haste             º       PISM
Bn Mag Roader  L.4 Flare         º       PISM
   Wizard      Demi                      DISØ#!?                    bp
   Psychot     LifeShaver        ^       DPISØ#)           f        i
[Umaro's Cave]
   Anemone     Giga Volt                 DI!?)             bw       fb
   Pug         Break                     SØ#!?)X           w        f
   Tomb Thumb  Step Mine                 ZPIS@                      bw
   Kiwok       Imp                       ISM                        i
   Poppers     Stone             [       I                          f
   Ceritops    Giga Volt         º[      DPSØ#?            b        f
   Pugs        Knife       x             SØ#!?)X           w        f
[Triangle Island]
   Woolly      Ice 3       $     º^      DPIS!?«X          ibpaew   f
   Tap Dancer  Slow 2            º       DPIS!?)                    p
   Covert      Wind Slash                SØ#M?             p        h
   Karkass     Bolt 3            ºU^     DIØ#!?)           p        fh
   Wart Puck   Rasp                      PIØ#!?«X                   f
   Ogor        Storm                     SØ#M)                      bp
[Fanatic's Tower]
   Magic Urn   Cure 3      $     º       DZPVISØ#BM!?@)«X  +
   White Drgn  Pearl                     PISØ#B!?@)        h
[Outside Doma]
   Sprinter    Aero                      DPIS«X                     b
   Tumbleweed  LifeShaver                DPIM!?)           w        f
   Spek Tor    Blaster                   Ø#M                        w
[Cyan's Dream]
   Barb-e      Love Token        º       DZPVISØ#BM!?@)             p
   Critic      Condemned         º       DZPISM!)«X
   Pan Dora    Revenge           ºU^     DZPISM!)          p        fh
   Allosaurus  Doom              P       DZPISM!)                   fh
   Parasite    Giga Volt         º       DZPISM!)                   f
   Samurai     Lullaby                   ZISØ#BM!?                  p
   Suriander   Aqua Rake                 ZVIØ#!?«X                  h
   Rain Man    Bolt 3            º^      ZVISM!)                    ihw
   Io          Flare Star  $             DZPVIBM!?@)X               bhw
   PlutoArmor  Tek Laser                 ZPIS@                      bw
   Sky Cap     Megazerk          ^       ZPIS@                      baw
[Ancient Castle]
   Enuo        Cleansweep        @W      DPI!?)«X                   h
   Goblin      Bolt 3            ºW      I#M!)                      h
   Figaliz     Dischord          W       P)                         i
   Lethal Wpn  Grav Bomb         W       DZPVISBM!?@)               bw
   Boxed Set   Meteor            º^W     PI                         h
[Ebot Rock]
   Slatter     Cave In                   SØ#M                       h
   Opinicus    Slide             U@      DZPISM!)          p        fh
   Displayer   Doom              ºU      DZPISM!)          p        fh
   Hipocampus  Flash Rain        ºU^     DZPISM!)«X        p        fh
   Eland       Bio                       I)                         b
   Cluck       Quake                     DPISM!>)          p        i
   Warlock     Pearl             º       ISØ3M!?                    bp
[Dinosaur Forest]
   Tyranosaur  Meteo       $             DZPISØ#BM!?@X              i
   Brachosaur  Disaster                  DZISØ#BM!?)X               i
[Kefka's Tower]
   Vectaur     Pearl Wind  $             DPØ#!?)«X                  iw
   GtBehemoth  Meteor                    DIS#M?«X
   Evil Oscar  Bio         $             DM                ibpahew  f
   Land Worm   Magnitude8                I                 e        i
   Brontaur    Fire 3                    Ø#!?                       i
   Outsider    Pearl             »       DPI!?)            p        h
   Mover       Merton      $     º^      IS#BM!?@)         p
   Madam       Pearl             º       DSØ#M                      p
   Hemophyte   Shock Wave                ISØ#
   Dark Force  Cleansweep        º       IM!?)X                     h
   Retainer    Shock       $             DSØ#?)                     p
   Steroidite  Blizzard                  DPISØ#M)                   h
   IronHitman  Dischord                  ZPIS@                      bw
   Veteran     Roulette    $             ISØ#
   Didalos     Merton            U       DZPISM!)X         p        fh
   Dueller     Mega Volt                 ZPIS@                      bw
   Fortis      Fire Ball                 ZPIS@                      bw
   Scullion    Dischord                  DZPVISØ#BM!?@)             bw
   Innoc       Virite            ^       ZPIS@X                     bw
   Sky Base    Doom                      ZPIS@                      bw
   Junk        Pep Up            ^       ZPIS@                      bw
   Doom Drgn   N. Cross          º^      ISØ#M!?)«X
   Vectagoyle  Aqua Rake                 DISØM!?@)«X


CHAPTER III: Chart of Rages by Skill

A. Damage-Dealing Special Skills

These Rages are nothing more than attacks with different strengths and their
own names. They aren't very exciting, but look out for Catscratch. The Level
numbers operate in the following way:

Damage = (Normal 'Fight' Damage) + 
([Normal 'Fight' Damage] x [Special's Level / 2])

Skill       Level  Power   Monster
Bite        1      1.5x    Vector Pup, Doberman, Bounty Man
Catscratch  6      4x      Stray Cat
Clamp       1      1.5x    Actaneon
Critical    1      1.5x    Guard
Gouge       3      2.5x    Gold Bear
Husk        1      1.5x    Cephaler
Incisor     1      1.5x    Leafer
IronNeedle  1      1.5x    Hornet
Knife*      14     8x      Pugs
Oogyboog    2      2x      Bogy
Pounce      2      2x      Fidor
Rush        4      3x      Red Wolf
Scissors    1      1.5x    Exocite
Scratch     1      1.5x    Wild Rat
Swing       2      2x      Trooper
Tackle      1      1.5x    Ralph
Tail        1      1.5x    Sand Ray
Tusk        1      1.5x    Lobo

* - Cannot be normally obtained.

B. Status-Causing Special Skills

These Rages look like attacks, but cause no physical damage. Instead, they
inflict a status effect. They are much more reliable than their magical

Skill        Effect   Monster
Bane Touch   Poison   Over Grunk
Cling        Slow     Poplium
Duster       Poison   Beakor
Face Bite    Blind    Lunaris
Heart Burn   Seizure  Crawly
Ink          Blind    Nautiloid
Numb         Stop     Areneid
Numblade     Stop     Primordite
PoisonBarb   Poison   Trilobiter
SleepSting   Sleep    Mind Candy
Wing Whisp   Bserk    Insecare

C. Magic Skills

These Rages take the form of traditional Magic, Lore, or various enemy skills
which only Gau can use. For easy comparison and selection, they are organized
as follows:

Attack Spells         Status Spells         Healing Spells
  Single Target         Enemy Targets         Single Target
  One or All Targets    Ally Targets          Multiple Targets
  All Targets


Pwr - Power; Non-damage-dealing spells and spells whose "Pwr" does not reflect
      their actual strength are n/a.
Hit - Hit Rate; unblockable skills are n/a.
El -  Element of attack, as follows:
      f - Fire            p - Poison          e - Earth
      i - Ice             a - Air/Wind        w - Water
      b - Bolt/Lightning  h - Holy/Pearl      - - Non-elemental or n/a

I -   Ignores Defense; sometimes means that a skill is very powerful, but
      sometimes refers to healing or to a special mode of damage
      calculation. Non-damage-dealing spells are n/a ("/").
U -   Unblockable; these skills won't miss except in cases of enemy immunity.
      Untargetted spells are n/a ("/").
N -   No Split Damage; these spells do not become less effective when cast on
      multiple enemies at once. Single target and non-damage-dealing spells are
      n/a ("/").

Attack Spells: Single Target

                                   Special Effects
Skill       Pwr  Hit  El  I  U  N    Monster Sources
Blow Fish   n/a  n/a  -   Y  Y  /  Damage is 1000
                                     Brainpan, Phase, Cactrot
Cave In     n/a  n/a  -   N  Y  /  Reduces target HP to 25% and causes Siezure
Demi        n/a  120  -   N  N  /  Reduces target HP to 50%
                                     Whisper, Garm, Wizard
Drain       38   120  -   N  N  /  Drain; no damage past caster max HP
                                     Red Fang, Pm Stalker
Elf Fire    72   n/a  f   N  Y  /  ---
                                     Over-Mind, Scrapper
Exploder    n/a  n/a  -   Y  Y  /  Damage is caster HP; kills caster   
                                     Repo Man, Balloon
Flare       60   150  -   Y  N  /  ---
                                     Power Demon, Siegfried
Grav Bomb   n/a  100  -   N  N  /  Reduces target HP to 50%
                                     Lethal Weapon
Land Slide  65   n/a  -   Y  Y  /  ---
                                     Luridan, Prussian
LifeShaver  84   n/a  -   N  Y  /  Drain; no damage past caster max HP
                                     Ing, Misfit, Crusher, Tumbleweed, Psychot
Pearl       108  150  h   N  N  /  ---
                                     Orog, Warlock, White Drgn, Madam,
Plasma      70   n/a  b   N  Y  /  ---
Poison      25   100  p   N  N  /  Causes Poison
                                     Were-Rat, Abolisher, Scorpion, Humpty
Raid        40   100  -   N  N  /  Drain; no damage past caster max HP
Revenge     n/a  n/a  -   Y  Y  /  Damage is caster max HP minus current HP
                                     Dragon, Borras, Pan Dora
Shimsham    n/a  n/a  -   N  Y  /  Reduces target HP to 50%
                                     Vulture, Gobbler, Osprey
Shock Wave  25   120  -   N  N  /  ---
Sonic Boom  n/a  n/a  -   N  Y  /  Reduces target HP to 37.5%; causes Siezure
Step Mine   n/a  n/a  -   Y  Y  /  Damage is the number of steps divided by 32
                                     Mesosaur, Crawler, Tomb Thumb
Tek Laser   20   150  b   N  N  /  ---
                                     M-TekArmor, Heavy Armor, Sky Armor,
                                     Spit Fire, Pluto Armor

Attack Spells: One or All Targets

                                   Special Effects
Skill       Pwr  Hit  El  I  U  N    Monster Sources
Bio         53   120  p   N  N  N  Causes poison
                                     Trilium, Mag Roader (Big Purple),
                                     Bloompire, Eland, Evil Oscar
Blaze       68   120  f   N  N  N  ---
                                     Vaporite, Bomb, Grenade
Bolt 2      61   150  b   N  N  N  ---
                                     Ghost, Hazer, Joker
Bolt 3      120  150  b   N  N  N  ---
                                     Punisher, Karkass, Rain Man, Goblin
Fire        21   150  f   N  N  N  ---
                                     Spectre, Rinn, Soldier
Fire 2      60   150  f   N  N  N  ---
                                     Templar, Lich, Trixter
Fire 3      121  150  f   N  N  N  ---
                                     SrBehemoth, Brontaur
Giga Volt   110  130  b   N  N  N  ---
                                     Aspik, Anemone, Ceritops, Parasite
Ice 2       62   150  i   N  N  N  ---
                                     Dark Side, SlamDancer
Ice 3       122  150  i   N  N  N  ---
Mega Volt   20   150  b   N  N  N  ---
                                     Rhinotaur, Delta Bug, Dueller
Shrapnel    120  120  -   N  N  N  ---
                                     Gilomantis, Toe Cutter
Stone       40   75   -   N  N  N  Causes Muddle; multiplies damage by 14x if
                                   caster and monster at same level
                                     Brawler, 1st Class, Iron Fist, Poppers 

Attack Spells: All Targets

                                   Special Effects
Skill       Pwr  Hit  El  I  U  N    Monster Sources
Acid Rain   25   100  pw  N  N  Y  ---
                                     Adamanchyt, Vindr
Aero        150  125  a   N  N  N  ---
                                     Harpiai, Sprinter
Aqua Rake   71   150  aw  N  N  N  ---
                                     Anguiform, Chimera, Suriander, Vectagoyle
Blizzard    25   140  i   N  N  N  ---
                                     Vomammoth, Tusker, Nastidon, Steroidite
Cleansweep  50   150  w   N  N  Y  ---
                                     Enuo, Dark Force
Cyclonic    n/a  75   -   N  N  N  Reduces target HP to 6.25%
                                     Wyvern, Baskervor, Wiry Dragon, Aquila
Fire Ball   50   150  f   N  N  N  ---
                                     Harpy, Pterodon, Fortis
Flare Star  n/a  n/a  -   Y  Y  N  Damage is 80 times the level of a random 
                                   target, divided by the number of targets
Flash Rain  60   140  iw  N  N  N  ---
                                     Parasoul, Test Rider, Hipocampus
L.4 Flare   66   n/a  -   Y  /  Y  Targets enemies of level divisible by four   
                                     Mag Roader (Small Brown)
Magnitude8  100  130  e   N  N  N  Cannot hit targets with Float
                                     HadesGigas, Coelecite, Gigantos,
                                     Latimeria, Land Worm
Meteo       60   80   -   Y  N  Y  ---
Meteor      36   n/a  -   Y  Y  N  ---
                                     Behemoth, Boxed Set, GtBehemoth
Merton      138  n/a  fa  Y  Y  N  Targets allies as well
                                     Didalos, Mover
Quake       111  n/a  e   Y  Y  N  Targets allies as well; cannot hit targets
                                   with Float
                                     Chicken Lip, Allo Ver, Uroburos, Cluck
Sand Storm  45   n/a  a   N  Y  Y  ---
                                     FossilFang, Black Drgn, Sand Horse, Hoover
Shock       128  n/a  -   N  Y  N  ---
Slide       75   n/a  e   N  Y  N  ---
Storm       100  n/a  i   N  Y  N  ---
Surge       55   n/a  i   N  Y  Y  ---
Virite      20   80   p   N  N  N  Causes Poison
                                     Rider, Exoray, Innoc
Water Edge  100  n/a  w   N  Y  N  ---
Wind Slash  48   n/a  a   N  Y  Y  ---
                                     Marshal, Mantodea, Covert
W Wind*     n/a  100  -   N  N  Y  Reduces target HP to 6.25%

Status Spells: Enemy Targets (Single target unless otherwise specified)

                                   Special Effects
Skill       Pwr  Hit  El  I  U  N    Monster Sources
Blaster     n/a  70   -   /  N  /  Causes Death
                                     Wild Cat, Spek Tor
Break       n/a  120  -   /  N  /  Causes Petrify
                                     Dark Wind
Charm       n/a  80   -   /  N  /  Causes 'Muddle'-like status; no immune
                                   enemies; never wears off; cannot be
                                   lifted; only works on one target at a time
Condemned   n/a  n/a  -   /  Y  /  Causes Condemned
                                     Zombone, Critic
Disaster    n/a  62   -   /  N  /  Causes Dark, Imp, Condemned, Muddle, Float
                                     Chaos Drgn, Brachosaur
Dischord    n/a  100  -   /  N  /  Reduces target to 50% its prior level
                                     Figaliz, Iron Hitman, Scullion
Doom        n/a  95   -   /  N  /  Causes Death
                                     Bleary, Necromancer, Allosaurus,
                                     Displayer, Sky Base
Dread       n/a  75   -   /  N  /  Causes Petrify
                                     Deep Eye
Imp         n/a  100  -   /  N  /  Causes Imp; removes Imp status
                                     Pipsqueak, Apparite, Neck Hunter, Kiwok
L.3 Muddle  n/a  n/a  -   /  N  /  Targets enemies of level divisible by three;
                                   Causes Muddle
                                     Trapper, Apokryphos, Dante
Love Token  n/a  n/a  -   /  Y  /  Makes target take physical damage for caster
Lullaby     n/a  90   -   /  N  /  Causes Sleep
                                     Still Life, Samurai
Megazerk    n/a  n/a  -   /  Y  /  Targets all enemies; causes Bserk
                                     Sky Cap
Muddle      n/a  94   -   /  N  /  Causes Muddle
Mute        n/a  100  -   /  N  /  Causes Mute
                                     Mag Roader (Small Red)
N. Cross    n/a  45*  -   /  N  /  Causes Freeze (Hit is 90, but only effective
                                   half of the time)
                                     Doom Drgn
Net         n/a  100  -   /  N  /  Causes Stop
                                     HermitCrab, Ursus, Gloom Shell
Osmose      26   150  -   /  N  /  Drain; affects target MP
                                     StillGoing, SoulDancer
Rasp        10   150  -   /  N  /  Damages target MP
                                     Wart Puck
Roulette    n/a  n/a  -   /  Y  /  Causes Death; never targets allies
Scan        n/a  222  -   /  N  /  Displays target HP and weakness
Sleep       n/a  111  -   /  N  /  Causes Sleep
                                     Sea Flower
Slimer      n/a  100  -   /  N  /  Causes Slow
                                     Flan, Slurm, Gigan Toad, Cruller,
                                     Reach Frog
Slow 2      n/a  150  -   /  N  /  Causes Slow
Snare       n/a  100  -   N  N  /  Causes Death; stops enemy counterattack
Sour Mouth  n/a  100  -   /  N  /  Causes Dark, Poison, Imp, Mute, Muddle,
                                     Mad Oscar
Stop        n/a  100  -   /  N  /  Causes Stop
                                     Bug, Chitonid
X-Zone      n/a  85   -   N  N  /  Targets all enemies; causes Death; stops
                                   enemy counterattack

Status Spells: Ally Targets (Single target unless otherwise specified)

                                   Special Effects
Skill       Pwr  Hit  El  I  U  N    Monster Sources
Big Guard   n/a  n/a  -   /  Y  /  Causes Safe and Shell on all allies
Bserk       n/a  150  -   /  N  /  Causes Bserk
                                     CrassHoppr, WeedFeeder
Haste       n/a  n/a  -   /  Y  /  Causes Haste
                                     Harvester, Mag Roader (Big Yellow)
Haste2      n/a  n/a  -   /  Y  /  Targets all allies; causes Haste
Rflect      n/a  n/a  -   /  Y  /  Causes Rflect
Safe        n/a  n/a  -   /  Y  /  Causes Safe
                                     Sp Forces
Shell       n/a  n/a  -   /  Y  /  Causes Shell
Vanish      n/a  n/a  -   /  Y  /  Causes Clear

Healing Spells: Single Target

                                   Special Effects
Skill       Pwr  Hit  El  I  U  N    Monster Sources
Life        n/a  n/a  -   Y  Y  /  Lifts Wounded; restores target to 12.5% HP
Life 3      n/a  n/a  -   /  Y  /  Causes "Life 3" status; when target dies,
                                   casts "Life"
Pep Up      n/a  n/a  -   Y  Y  /  Heals one ally; amount is caster HP; caster
                                   is removed from battle 
                                     Intangir, Muus, Junk
Remedy      n/a  n/a  -   /  Y  /  Lifts Dark, Poison, Petrify, Mute, Muddled,
                                   Seizure, Sleep, Slow, Stop

Healing Spells: Multiple Targets

                                   Special Effects
Skill       Pwr  Hit  El  I  U  N    Monster Sources
Cure 2      28   n/a  -   Y  Y  N  Heals one or all allies
                                     General, Nohrabbit, Dahling
Cure 3      66   n/a  -   Y  Y  N  Heals one or all allies
                                     Magic Urn
Pearl Wind  n/a  n/a  -   Y  Y  Y  Heals all allies; amount is caster HP
                                     Peepers, Vectaur

*-W Wind cannot be normally obtained.


APPENDIX: On Tempest

As noted in Master Zed's Attack Guide, Cyan's Tempest sword has one really
cool effect: when combined with Rage skills, it makes them unblockable, and
distributes them to all enemies. Catscratch, NumbBlade, and other skills
suddenly become WAY more powerful than they were ever intended. Obviously,
Cyan cannot use Rage. Solution? Merit Award! Unfortunately, Square blocked Gau
from equipping the Merit Award in the PlayStation versions of Final Fantasy
VI. Solution? Gogo! Yes, our favorite Mime can be a Doma-Retainer-Sword-
Wielding-Wild-Boy-of-the-Veldt in a matter of seconds.

If you ask me, this is cheating. It's no different than Psycho-Cyan, Vanish-
Doom, Relm-Sketching for Ragnaroks and $$$, or other things. Don't get me
wrong; I have no morals against cheating. But I don't think this tactic will
get you far in the Low-Level-Game or Natural-Magic-Game circles.



If you liked this guide, write me at (skoobouy at hotmail dot com) and let me
know. If you didn't like it, write me at (djibriel at gmail dot com) and let me
know. Little joke! Don't tease the octopus, kids!

Copyright 2006 Jeffrey Zimmerman

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