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Boss FAQ by itsnotmyfault

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 07/29/04

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                              Boss Guide

Table of Contents
1. Intro & version history
2. Boss Guide
3. Legal Mumbo Jumbo
4. Contact Info

1. Introduction to FAQ

I was looking at gamefaqs and realized that there is no proper boss guide for 
this great game. I figured people might be playing this again on the gba port
so here it is. This FAQ was written while playing the snes version of the 
game so I’m sorry if there are differences in the gba port.

Version 1.0
June 23, 2004
Finished the strategys for bosses

Version 2.0
July 29, 2004
Made Boss Descriptions and fixed some grammatical errors.

2. Boss Guide
A. Very Gnawty

He is a brown beaver with giant buckteeth that bounces across the stage. He
also has an annoying laugh. "Huh huh huh".

How To Beat It: 
This is a very easy boss. He will bounce around back and forth across the 
stage. In order to hurt him you must jump atop his head. He does not move 
very fast so this should be easily accomplished. After every hit he gets
slightly faster but still doesn’t pose much a threat. When five hits are up
he will go down.

B. Necky

She is a very long-necked bird with a pink neck and head. She seems to have
an endless supply of nuts in her mouth (I know what you're thinking you sick
freak). You are never able to see the rest of her body. When she is hurt she
sounds like she is hacking up something. 

How To Beat It:
Necky will peak her head out on either side at different heights. She will
then proceed to spit a nut at you.  You may attack her by bouncing on the 
tire in the middle and landing on her beak.  Try to do this right when she
can be seen before she spit’s the nut. If you are unsuccessful just avoid 
the nut and try again.  She will also go down in five hits.

C. Bumble B

This is exactly what the name implies, a giant bumble bee. When angered it can
turn red. While in this state it is impervious to attack.

How To Beat It:
First off I suggest being Diddy. The bee will fly around the perimeter of
the stage. You can hurt this bee by throwing barrels at it or just let it 
crash into the barrel that you are holding.  Diddy holds the barrel in 
front of him that is why it is good to be him. After causing damage the 
bee will turn red and fly back and forth up and down in a zigzag fashion. 
If you are being cornered to the wall wait until the bee reaches its climax
in height and then run under it.  He will eventually turn yellow again and 
then you can hurt him.  Each time he is hit he will stay red longer. Again 
five hits will take him down

D. Really Gnawty

This is essentially the same as the first beaver. The one difference is that
this one is greenish.

How To Beat It:
The beaver is back and better than ever. At first it will seem like the same
boss, which is pretty much true except for a few improvements. When you attack
by jumping on his head he will do that annoying laugh and then jump really
high. That’s not all; he will also bounce across the stage much faster for 
each consecutive hit. Also every time you hit him he will do one more high
bounce than last time. Eventually you will have to run under him to avoid 
being hit. Same goes here that went with the bee when red. Once more five
hits will bring him down.

E. Dumb Drum

This is a giant black oil drum. It has a skull and crossbones picture on its
front with glowing eyes. Enemies come out of it to attack you.

How To Beat It:
This boss is different from the others you don’t actually attack it. It will
try to slam you into the ground and then dump enemies at you. You must kill
these enemies and then he will try to pound you to the ground again. With each
set of enemies disposed of he slams an extra time. First you fight kritters,
then slippas, klap-traps, klumps, and armies. It might be a good idea to be DK
in order to kill the armies and klumps.

F. Necky 2

She is basically just a purple version of the last Necky boss with a few new

How To Beat It:
She’s back and sure is angry about last time. This is the first truly 
challenging boss. This time you may not attack her until she is done spitting
nuts and after every hit she spits an extra one at a time. These can be tricky
to avoid. I suggest using Diddy because he is more agile. Jump on the tire at 
fixed intervals to avoid the nuts. Do not jump as high as you can because you
will be pelted by the next nut. Rather jump at a medium height to avoid the
nuts. When she is shooting the last nut jump on her head. This might take a
few attempts but as with all previous bosses she will go down in five

G. King K. Rool

He's a big green kremling. I assume he is royalty to the kremlings because of
his title. He wheres a crown and a cape.

This big brute can be tricky at first but if you memorize his timing you 
shouldn’t have too much trouble. Anyway he will start off by throwing his 
crown at you. Jump over this and then hop on his crownless head. He will then
charge you. Jump over him and he will throw his crown again. Land another blow
to him and he will charge back and forth across the screen. He throws the
crown again so jump on him and he will charge across the screen three times.
Hurt him the same way but this time he will jump to the other side of the 
screen and cause cannonballs to fall from the sky. When they approach you
should roll under them. Attack him again and the cannonballs will go across
twice. One more attack and the cannonballs will go across thrice. After you
hit him he will fall and “Kredits” will role. Hah did you really think that
was the end. He will get up and make a large leap. If you are standing next to
him you will not be hit. He will throw the crown rather fast so be prepared.
After landing the next hit stand next to him once more and let him bound over
you. When he reaches the other side he will come back in a slower and lower
bounce formation. Roll under him when he approaches and he will throw his
crown. Whack him in the head, stand next to him and roll under him once more.
Now he will begin his slowest and lowest jump. Time the roll under him and
avoid the crown. Bounce off his head once more and he’s down for the count.

     Congratulations you finished the game. Now watch the real credits

3. Legal stuff

This FAQ in its entirety is property of Kevin Dolch a.k.a. itsnotmyfault
Copyright 2004. Gamefaqs is the only site allowed to post this unless given
permission by me. (see below)

I would like to thank
Rare and Nintendo for producing this awesome game
CjayC for making Gamefaqs
And you for reading it

4. Contact info

If you want to post this on your website or somewhere else contact me at
kdolch@optonline.net or on AIM screen name chaospanic89. Or if you just want
to help contribute to the FAQ or have any questions you may also contact me. 

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