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Low Level Walkthrough by josher1212

Version: 1.00b | Updated: 02/19/04


(C) 2003-2004 josher_1212@sbcglobal.net

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This is a good idea for any RPG game. I've reached level 99, 9999999 exp,
all magic at level 8, and have almost all my weapons at the best upgrade.
Besides the sword, I don't have the level 9 whip or the level 9 axe. Well,
the only other thing you can really do is see how LOW of a level you can
finish the game at. This was a Power Challenge from NP Magazine, but I don't
have the results of the challenge because I don't have the following issue!
Well, I've beaten SoM 5 times, three times without dying. It isn't challenging
anymore. Until I thought of this. I've been on this challenge for a while,
but I haven't finished yet. I lost to the Vampire (Northtown Ruins) at Lv. 22.
To do well in the challenge requires a GREAT amount of skill. 

The main problem you'll run into is not a lack of levels, but a lack of money.
The farther you get into the game, the more evident this becomes. There may
be a spoiler here or there, so bear with me and don't complain if I spoil the
story. It shouldn't be a problem if you have finished the game. If you haven't
done so, go to another walkthrough!

Your destruction of enemies will be more significant later in the game, so if
you get stuck early, you can level up a bit early in the game.

Let's roll.

~Path to the Mana Sword~
No enemies. No problem. Just get the Rusty Sword and cut the grass to the

~Path to Potos~
Because this is a low-level challenge, don't destroy any of the Rabites on
the way to Potos. You may take some damage, but don't worry about it.

At this point, Josh (the boy) should be at level 1.

~Potos Village~

After speaking with the elder and getting into a fight with Timothy, a quake
rocks the village and you fall into a hole to fight the Mantis Ant.

BOSS! Mantis Ant
Type: Insect
150 HP, 20 MP, 10 Exp, 100 GP

Abilities: Acid Breath
           GEM MISSILE Lv.0

You can't do anything to prepare because you have no money. Save you game
at the Inn if you want.

Just battle him as you would in the regular game, except you can't use
the power attack. If you die, Jema will revive you each time. The boss does
use Gem Missile Lv.0, but you can't die here anyway. Just hack and slash
~After Banishment~

Take the cannon to the Water Palace. You'll head there to seal the Water Seed
(for now) and pick up a Spear. This is the weapon I recommend for Jenna, the
girl. You don't have any other business here, so head for Pandora.

Josh should still be level 1 at this point.

~Road to Pandora~
Avoid all the Rabites and Mushbooms. You may want to defeat the Lullabuds.
They give 3 exp, but they also give 8 GP each, so if you're desperate for
money, go after these.

Josh should be level 2 at this point if you got some cash.

~Pandora and Gaia's Navel~

Go to the castle and join up with Jenna. Give her the Spear you got from Luka
at the Water Palace and level it up to level 1 (defeating Lullabuds and
Buzz Bees only!) if you desire. If you have over 150 GP, buy the Hair Ribbon
for Jenna.

Josh should be at level 2 at this point.
Jenna should be at level 1 or 2 at this point.

~Witch's Forest~

Be extremely careful here. If Jenna dies, don't worry. After the first
teleporter, go to the left and try to cut the barricade. It won't work
because you need an axe. This will make sure that Jenna follows you into
the cave at Gaia's Navel. If you don't do this, when you try to go back to
the forest, you'll be assaulted by a couple of Werewolves, worth a honking
30 Exp. each! Plus at the low level you'll be at, they will be extremely
dangerous because they will take out Sammy (the Sprite) quickly.

~Gaia's Navel Cavern~

Again, ignore all the enemies. Head through the cave to the Dwarf Village.

Josh should be level 3 at this point.
Jenna should be level 2 at this point.

~Dwarf Village~

Go to the Dwarf Show first, then to the Armor Shop, then to the blacksmith.
Make sure you've got 100 extra GP to forge your Sword. Save your game after
the show. If you have cash, buy armor for Josh only. The Spiky Suit is likely
out of your price range. If you can afford it, buy Josh some Head Gear. It
will increase his Defense by 7 points.

Josh should be around level 4.
Jenna should be around level 3.

BOSS! Tropicallo
315 HP, 0 MP, 80 Exp, 132 GP

If you couldn't afford armor, go into the cave and trash some Blats and Kid
Goblins for cash. Buy some armor and 4 pieces of Candy. Save the game before
forging your Sword.

If you want money, try to beat the Brambler before you beat the boss.
The Brambler gives only 2 Exp, but 24 GP! Jenna goes down quickly and won't
be much help. Try to let the pumpkin blasts get close, then RUN (A Button)
away before you get hit for 20 damage. Use a powered-up sword attack to do
the most damage.

At this point, Sam (the sprite) will join you. Buy some armor for him AFTER
you buy Watts' Axe for 100 GP. 

Josh should be around level 4 or 5.
Jenna should be around level 3 or 4.
Sam should be around level 1.

~Gaia's Navel Revisited~

Go back to Gaia's Navel and do exactly what you shouldn't do - LEVEL UP.
If you try to conserve levels now, you wont even GET to Spiky Tiger. The
Werewolves will get you first. Instead, keep beating Lullabuds and Buzz
Bees, as they give you the most GP per EXP point. Beat a few dozen of them,
then head back to the Dwarf Village and upgrade your armor. Stock up on Candy.

~Witch's Forest~

Shortly into the forest, you'll find Neko. He sells items at TWICE the usual
price, but what choice do you have? You will deplete your candies getting to
the boss. Chocolates cost 60 GP, but buy 3 anyway. You'll be leveling up here
anyhow, so get the supplies you need. Neko can also save your game.

When you get to the plants that you hit with your Axe, head to the right so
you can lower the barricade to the castle. Defeat the Eye Spy as he may drop a
fourth Chocolate. Anyway, press the switch to lower the barricade, then back up.
Now hit the plants with your axe and progress to the castle.

Josh should be around level 8.
Jenna should be around level 7 or 8.
Sam should be around level 6.

~Witch's Castle~

Immediately when the map changes from the forest to the castle, start charging
your sword. (It should be level 2 by now.) There are two Werewolves ready to
assault you the moment you step foot in the area. Playing with a partner helps
a lot here. On the way in, you'll see more Eye Spies. Beat them, they might
drop Chocolate. Also beat the Werewolves, for they might drop something a lot
better: Cup of Wishes! It sends the reaper running, but they aren't cheap.
Neko's the only place you can get them, and he charges 300 GP a pop!
Progress through the castle carefully. In particular, watch out for the Polter
Chairs at the beginning, as they can do fatal damage if they trap you in a
corner. When you reach a narrow passage about twice as wide as Josh, charge
your weapon because two Werewolves come out of nowhere. After you beat them,
you'll find a switch that apparently won't work. Head downstairs and you'll
find soldiers that tell you the solution. You'll also find Neko. Replenish your
Candies and Chocolates, then SAVE before buying anything else. Head back to
the switch and your whole party will unlock the path to Elinee's lair. You'll
have to deal with two Polter Chairs; handle them as you did the Werewolves.
Now progress to Spiky.

Josh should be around level 9 or 10.
Jenna should be around level 8 or 9.
Sam should be around level 8 or 9.

BOSS! Spiky Tiger
Type: Beast
520 HP, 21 MP, 210 EXP, 288 GP

Hi Jump
Swift Roll
Fire Breath

Preparations: Save your game in Neko's cell, as I told you to do before.
Try to not take any hits on the way from there to the boss fight. If you lose,
you restart at Neko's cell. Purchase as many Cups of Wishes as you can afford,
then try again. If you still lose and you have money left over after the Cups,
buy Royal Jam. This should be enough. Bear in mind that if he engulfs you, a
Medical Herb will dissipate the flames (odd I know, but it works.)


This battle is why I chose Sam to use Chobin's Bow instead of the Boomerang,
because that is the only thing that hurts the boss when he has leaped out of
range onto a high platform. That is also the only time he uses Fire Breath and
the magic spell. Playing with a partner or two is helpful here. If you go it
alone, you can charge your weapons or not. It's up to you. But control the
Sprite (Select cycles among your characters) and shoot the tiger with normal
attacks. If you don't, he'll stay up there forever. This is a tough fight, but
you can win it.


~Undine's Cave~

Exit the Castle (you can't use the Magic Rope!) and the forest via the shortcut.
Don't help Undine just yet. Go to the nearest non-Potos town, save and restock
your items. NOW go to Undine's Cave (right of the Water Palace) and help the
Water Elemental. You'll have to defeat a mini-boss here to proceed, but I won't
write a strategy beacuse he is easy if you restocked your items. Beat him and
you get some valuable help. You can FINALLY cast magic! Jenna gets defensive
spells (including HEALING magic!) and Sam gets offensive magic. Head to Pandora
and restore your HP.

~Gaia's Navel AGAIN?!~

Yes, you'll be coming back here very often. Here, you'll want to level up
Jenna's and Sam's magic. Cast Freeze or Energy Absorb on the enemies and cast
Jenna's Remedy on whoever until their MP run out. Head back to town and stay
at the Inn and save your game. Don't level up Jenna's magic in town or it
takes twice as long. Repeat until Jenna's and Sam's Undine magic have both
reached level 1. Then head for the Underground Palace, the entrance of which
is in the Dwarf Village. Don't forget to replenish your item supply.

Josh should be around level 10.
Jenna should be around level 9 or 10.
Sam should be around level 9 or 10.

~Underground Palace~

Cast Freeze on the Energy Orb to drain the lava. When you enter the Palace,
run through and ignore all the enemies. Run around and hit all the switches
that open passages. When you reach the stage room, Sam must be alive. If he
isn't, the game will not let you proceed.

BOSS! Fire Gigas
850 HP, 66 MP, 326 EXP, 360 GP


Preparations: Make sure Sam's MP is full and Jenna has at least 4 MP. This
won't take long.

Strategy: When he isn't teleporting, bash him with Sam's Freeze spells one
right after another. When he teleports, use Jenna's Cure Water spell to heal
the party. As before, this won't take long.


Enter the stage room, seal the Earth Seed, and pick up Gnome's powers of Earth.
You're done here. If you can and you have Orbs, forge a better Bow for Sam.

~Pandora/Gaia's Navel~

Now that you have Gnome's magic and another Mana Seed, go back to Gaia's Navel
and level up Sam's Undine AND Gnome both to level 2. Also level up Jenna's
Undine to level 2 and Gnome as far as you can while Sam's magic is leveling up.

When you finish that, talk to Phanna, the blue-haired girl in the south part of
the city. She teleports to the Pandora Ruins, south of the city.

Josh should be around level 10 or 11.
Jenna should be around level 10 or 11.
Sam should be around level 10.

~Pandora Ruins~

This is a short but difficult maze. The music is somewhat frightening, but don't
let it freak you out. The Tomato Men here can cast a powerful FIREBALL Lv.2
spell that can do 70 damage, so just run through the areas ignoring the enemies
you meet. When you get to the end, you'll find Thanatos. He sends you into a
hole where you find a boss.

BOSS! Wall Face

Type: Evil
920 HP, 99 MP, 580 EXP, 720 GP

Leaden Glare

By rushing through the maze, you conserved HP and MP. This comes in handy here.
There is really no preparation needed.

Strategy: Use Sam's GEM MISSILE Lv.2 or EARTH SLIDE Lv.2 on the center eye of
the Wall Face. It can't last a lot longer than 4 spells. Be warned that if you
knock out both of the Chamber's Eyes, the Wall Face will push you back. If you
get crushed into the back wall, you can say goodbye to the rest of your party's

Before leaving Pandora, enter the castle and find the king. He grants you access
to the Vault. It has six chests. Four contain 50 GP each. The other two have
Weapon's Orbs; one for the Sword, one fot the Spear. If you have over 800 GP
now and you can afford to do a little extra spending, buy armor from the second
arms merchant on the right side of the city.

~Dwarf Village~

First of all, forge your sword and spear. Second, restore your HP/MP and save.
Now you can go down the hole and battle the Scorpion Army's creation, Kilroy.
If you check your status screen, you'll find that your Water Seed is missing.
Don't forget about the weapon's orb in there!

Josh should be around level 12.
Jenna should be around level 11.
Sam should be around level 10-11.

BOSS! Kilroy

Type: Machine
900 HP, 13 MP, 686 EXP, 650 GP

Hammer Attack

Just stay at the inn.

Stay away from him and keep casting Earth Slide Lv.2 and Gem Missile Lv.2.
If he hits you with his hammers, you will probably end up moogled. Keep Medical
Herbs ready in case. Bear in mind that he speeds up later on in the fight. If
Josh's sword is at level 3 (and it should be), that does over 100 damage and the
boss only has 900 HP...no problem!

~Water Palace Revisited~

Save the game now. This next battle is very hard for the underleveled party.
Head to the Water Palace. You'll find the Empire there, waiting to break the
Water seal. They'll ask you a series of leading questions but will result in
the same result: a tough boss fight. Consider buying a Faerie Walnut from
Neko if you can afford one.
BOSS! Jabberwocky

Type: Lizard
950 HP, 90 MP, 800 EXP, 768 GP

Head Attack
Poison Breath

Stay at the inn and buy a Faerie Walnut if you can afford one, and pray.

No, seriously, this is a hard fight. It's too bad you don't have Salamando
magic, because that's what he's weak to. Have Sam cast Level 2 Earth Slide or
Level 2 Gem Missile. If the boss poisons the party, have Jenna use a level 2
Remedy on the entire party. The trick is to end the fight quickly because his
level 3 Cure Water restores almost all of his HP. Have Josh use his level 3
charged sword attack. Acid Storm Lv.3 can wipe you out if you're not careful.

~Dwarf Village~
Go back here and get the Midge Mallet from the elder. This comes in handy in
a future boss battle. Now go to the cannon travel outside Potos and blast off
to Upper Land, after healing and saving the game of course!

~Upper Land~
Talk to the Moogles a couple of times before heading for Watts and Neko.
Watts is in the area you blas to, while Neko is one area south. Forge Sam's
Bow if you can, then head to Neko and save. Don't buy armor here, though.
Head for Summer (one area east of Neko) and go to the upper left corner. Take
out the three Pebblers with charged attacks. Get the weapon's orbs after the
fight. Talk to the moogles again, then exit. You will receive a clue.
"Walk the seasons from spring to winter, spring again and we can enter."
This means to exit the forest, walk counterclockwise around the forest until
you hear a tone. Then you can enter Sam's Village and an easy boss fight.

BOSS! Spring Beak

Type: Bird
720 HP, 99 MP, 1090 EXP, 864 GP


Make sure Sam's magic is full or close to full.

Very easy. Pelt the boss with three or four Earth Slide Lv.2 spells from Sam.
The boss won't have time to cast a single spell!

Right now, the party should be around level 12 or 13.

~Wind Palace~

Nothing to do here except seal the Wind seed... it first seems. This is THE
BEST place for leveling up Jenna's magic (except Lumina, which I don't bother
with.) When her MP run out, just talk to the old Sprite in the palace and he
fills up your HP/MP. Rinse and repeat until Jenna's magic is at level 3.
You will receive Sylphid's magic in here.

If you wish, head to the cannon travel station in Summer and blast back to
Potos. From there, head to Pandora. Just outside of Pandora are weak enemies
perfect for leveling up Sam's magic to level 3. Also if the party's weapons
aren't powered up, you can do this here. You will have to do this eventually,
so why not get it out of the way now?

~Upper Land~

Head to the lower-left corner of Spring, go through the passage, then cast an
Air Blast Lv.3 spell on the Orb. This grants you access to Matango, after a
LONG trip through forest. As usual, ignore all enemies. The Silktails are an
annoyance because of their Acid Storm Lv.0. Notice that Square is recycling
enemies already. The Silktail is really a Rabite Lv.2.

Right now, the party should be around level 13.


Purchase armor at the shop if you can afford it. Then head for King Truffle.
He will then give you a quest to rescue a young dragon from the cave behind
the palace. Faerie Walnuts are cheap here, at 500 GP, so purchase at least one
of these.

~Matango Cave~

The enemies in here are tough, so rush through. Flip switches and activate
Orbs. At the end, you will find a boss.

The party should still be at level 13.
BOSS! Great Viper

Type: Lizard
1330 HP, 8 MP, 1410 EXP, 1056 GP


Make sure you have a Faerie Walnut, the Midge Mallet, and everyone's HP/MP
is full.

This is a fast, mobile boss. When you use level 3 attacks, be careful. If you
miscalculate, this boss can spit you out pygmized, basically killing you if
you get hit again. This is where the Midge Mallet is handy. Use it on pygmized
party members and they're back to normal. The trick is to end the battle fast,
with Sam's Level 3 Air Blast. Thunderbolt does more damage, but 2 Air Blasts
do more damage than one Thunderbolt. Without leveling up Sylphid, it took me
four tries to win.

You get a Sword's Orb here, giving you the ability to power up your sword to
level 4. Doing it now would be kind of tedious, so I suggest doing it at a
more convenient time.
Note: You can go to the desert or the Ice Country at this point. I suggest
heading for the desert first, because the enemies are very hard in the Ice area.

Now head into the next cave. After a scene, you and the dragon are transported
to Fung Castle. The dragon stays with Truffle, and you are on your way to the
desert, after stocking up on items of course!

The party should be around level 14.

~Kakkara Desert~

You'll do a lot of meandering around here. There is a Kakkara Desert Map on
GameFAQs that shows how to get through quickly. Use it.

~Republican Sand Ship~

Talk to Sergo a couple of times to get out of the area, then look around
to find your friends. The soldier on top of the ship will save your game.
After you find your friends, Geshtar will attack.

BOSS! Mech Rider A

Type: Machine
980 HP, 18 MP, 1595 EXP, 1055 GP

Mechcycle Charge
Mechcycle Missile

Not a lot you can do. Just wing it.

This is an even faster boss. But he is very vulnerable when he's not charging
to the other side of the field. Whack him with Josh's level 3 sword (or level
4 if you have it at this point.) Have Sam hit him with any Level 3 spell.
I prefer Air Blast. This won't be too fast a battle, so expect Jenna to heal
a few times.

If the last place you bought armor was Pandora, you should have plenty of money
to buy some Chest Guards and other armor here. It helps a lot because the
enemies in the Ice Country are strong. Don't forget to stay at the inn before
heading for Ice Country.

The party should be around level 15 or 16.

~Ice Country~

Save the game at the Inn but don't stay. Head into the Ice Forest and you'll
immediately get assaulted by Howlers. They have a fairly high critical hit
ratio. If they get a critical, expect about 125 damage to come your way.
After wandering around, you'll face a (recycled) boss.

BOSS! Boreal Face
  aka Tropicallo Lv.2

Type: Plant
1100 HP, 12 MP, 2245 EXP, 1040 GP

Pumpkin Bombs
BURST Lv.4 (this kicks butt)

You've already done everything they can legitimately do. Just pray.

This is a long fight because any of your spells aren't really effective. Have
everyone use their weapons here. There's no trick, it just takes practice.

~Scorpion Army's Resort~

You can look around, but there's only one thing to do here: get Salamando magic.
And the boss you just beat was weak to Fire magic...that is a shame!

The party should be around level 16 or 17 now.

At this point, I strongly recommend heading back to
Pandora/Gaia's Navel/Wind Palace and leveling up Sam's and Jenna's Salamando
magic to level 3. Why only level 3? You have four elementals, but only THREE
Mana seeds. Too bad. And why both of them? Jenna can actually ATTACK now!
She gets a couple of (weaker) attack spells that will be handy.

~Outside Ice Palace~
Talk to Neko and save. Don't purchase anything. You should've bought Faerie
Walnuts in Matango when you went back to level up Jenna's magic.

~Ice Palace~

This can be a maze, so see another walkthrough if you need more help. The Blue
Drops are a nuisance in particular because they freeze you. If you get frozen,
head for a door so you don't take any more damage. After some wandering,
you get to a familiar boss: Tonpole/Biting Lizard. Except you face three of
them. This is an easy fight because with the new armor you bought, their
attacks barely damage you. Now we get to the REAL fight....

Oh, by the way, the party should be around level 17 or 18.

BOSS! Frost Gigas
  aka Gigas Lv.2

Type: Spirit
1140 HP, 99 MP, 3045 EXP, 1200 GP

Freeze Breath
ACID STORM Lv.6 (this is nasty)
ICE SABER Lv.6 (casts this on you, causing your attacks to do nothing)

Be sure your fire magic is at level 3.

This is a short fight. Slam him with level 3 fire spells from both players.
He'll go down in a hurry.

NOW you get the Fire Seed, but you have to seal the Seed at the Fire Palace to
gain its power! So head back to Kakkara now.

The party should be around level 18.

Buy supplies like Faerie Walnuts/Cups of Wishes, then buy armor if you can.
Save and rest at the Inn, then head for the Fire Palace. To get there,
head into the desert, then one area south, then one area west, then one area

~Fire Palace~
This is kinda hard because the Robin Foot enemies (Chobin Hood Lv.2, notice the
irony?) have a Flame Saber Lv.4 spell that causes you to be engulfed. Exploring
is important here because there are chests that have 1000 GP, and you
desperately need money. Don't forget that you have to use an Exploder spell
on the crystal orb to blow the lava away. There is a tough boss fight ahead.

BOSS! Minotaur

Type: Beast
1200 HP, 99 MP, 3348 EXP, 1440 GP

Horn Charge
EARTH SLIDE Lv.7 (yikes)

You've done everything you can at this point.

Tough fight because his horn charge can put you to sleep, and his Earth Slide
is level 7! Immediately have Jenna heal the party after an Earth Slide. Sam
uses level 3 Air Blast constantly.

The party should be around level 18 or 19.

The big reward is sealing the Fire Seed.

At this point, head back to Pandora/Gaia's Navel/Wind Palace again (I know it's
a very long trip, but do it anyway) and build up Jenna's magic and Sam's magic
to level 4.

Now the cannon travel in Kakkara can take you to the Empire. Heal, restock your
inventory, and save before heading to the Empire.


This is where you'll end up after Cannon Travel. Look around for a spy heading
back to her house. Enter the house and she'll tell you a secret code 634. You
need to speak to her before you can input it to the guard, even though the code
is the same every game.

~Empire Sewer~

The only new enemy here is Dinofish (Iffish Lv.2.) Run through here quickly,
avoiding all enemies. At the end, you wind up at Resistance Base in Northtown.


Stay at the Inn and save, but don't buy anything yet. Head for Northtown ruins.
The party should be around level 19 or 20.

~Northtown Ruins~

This is a very long and hard dungeon. We will take two trips just to be cautious.
On the first trip, just get the three weapon's orbs in here (Sword, Spear, and
Bow...the three weapons we chose at the start...how convenient!)

Now head back to Northtown and get at least the Sword forged.
NOW you can buy items (you won't be able to afford armor.) Save and head back
to the ruins.
The party should be around level 20.

~Northtown Ruins~

Now go back in and finish the job. It should be a slightly shorter trip.
Conserve your resources for the dual Boss fight at the end.

BOSS! Doom's Wall
  aka Wall Face Lv.2

Type: Evil
1180 HP, 99 MP, 4750 EXP, 648 GP


Make sure you forged Excalibur for Josh as it is a Light-element sword.
The party should be around level 20-21.

This is similar to the Wall Face execpt there's no spiked wall (yay!)
His magic is stronger too, and he has more of it. He likes to use Energy
Absorb and Thunderbolt in particular. Use Gem Missile/Earth Slide as before.
He's weak to Light magic but you have none right now. Don't use too much magic
here, remember there's another boss fight after this!

Now, the party should be around level 21.

At this point, you have two options: go back to Northtown and save, or head to 
the other boss now. I suggest going out and buying at least two more Faerie
Walnuts for Sam. He'll need them.

BOSS! Vampire

Type: Evil
2550 HP, 99 MP, 5148 EXP, 696 GP

Sleep Ring

Make sure you have 2 to 3 Faerie Walnuts and Josh has Excalibur.

This boss has a LOT of health, meaning this will take a while. Try casting
Freeze, Air Blast, Gem Missile, and Fireball. Then use whichever one did the most
damage to him. Don't use Energy Absorb as the boss reverses the effect, meaning you
take damage. Jenna's Cure Water Lv.4 will be used a lot here. Take your time, this
is a long fight.


Head for Resistance Base. This triggers your ability to enter the Emperor's Castle
(good music theme in there!) But save and buy Faerie Walnuts. I know that it's
tempting to buy armor right now, but don't do it yet.

~Emperor's Castle~

Follow the path the soldiers are in. After you find the Emperor, he locks you up.
Talk to the guard and he lets you out. You then face a boss.
The party should be around level 22 or 23.

BOSS! Metal Mantis
  aka Mantis Ant Lv.2

Type: Insect/Machine
1220 HP, 40 MP, 4749 EXP, 1464 GP

Double Claw
Fire Beam

Nothing really.

This guy isn't hard, he just has more attacks than his cousin. Attack with any
of Sam's spells. Basic strategy. Easy.

Now the castle is filled with monsters, and you can't go back to save the game!

The party should be around level 23.

Now the enemies get tough. The Embermen can engulf you, and the Dark Ninjas can go
invisible and use Flame Saber, but it's only level 2. Don't forget the chests;
some have much needed money inside! Make your way back around to the entrance and
take the left stair this time.

BOSS! Mech Rider B

Type: Machine
1258 HP, 30 MP, 6013 EXP, 1500 GP

Mechcycle Charge
Mechcycle Missile
Wave Cannon

Nothing really.

There is only one difference between this fight and the one in the desert:
a special attack called Wave Cannon, but it can do upwards of 150 damage. Other
than that, this fight is pie. Have Sam whack Geshtar with Air Blast.

The party should be around level 24 now.

After the fight, King Truffle (of all people) saves you from destruction. He
provides you with Flammie. You can now fly on this dragon wherever you need to go.
It's faster (and cooler) than Cannon Travel. This is why I wanted you to hold off
on buliding up your weapons. After you fly Truffle back to Matango, head for
Pandora again. Level up your active weapons to level 5.

Now you can head for the Lofty Mountains.

Save the game at the Inn and buy supplies. Buy Circlets and Ivy Amulets if you can
afford them. Do not purchase Magical Armor.

Head through the Lofty Mountains to the Dark Palace.

The Dark Knights here (Armored Man Lv.2) will sometimes drop Magical Armor or
Gauntlets. Fight them until you get one, then equip it, head to town, and save your
game. If you fight more than 8 or 10 of them, getting no item, hit reset and try
again. This armor will help a lot in the next three Palaces.

The party should be around level 24 or 25 now.

Go through the Dark Palace, getting the weapon's orb. At the end of the Palace,
a boss awaits.

BOSS! Lime Slime

Type: Morph
3470 HP, 99 MP, 8000 EXP, 3000 GP

Slime Bubbles (various effects, depends on color)

Make sure you got the armor from the enemies.

This is a fun fight. The boss shrinks when it takes damage. Dark Force can cause
problems as it will do loads of damage. The trick is to have Jenna and Sam cast
level 4 Fire spells, but leave a few of Jenna's MP for healing the party.
Don't cast status-altering or saber magic, as the boss will get rid of it. 

After the fight, head for the Gold City. Stay at a cheaper Inn before coming here.
Go to the Inn to save the game. The armor here is WAY out of your price range,
so don't bother. Just talk to the guy on top of the elevated area. You have to
go all the way around to get to him. After the conversation, have Flammie
fly you to Southtown. Talk to Mara (the spy) and she gives you a key to the Light
Palace. Fly back to Gold City, save, then enter the Light Palace. There is another
dual Boss fight here.

~Light Palace~

You are immediately assaulted by two Beast Zombies (Howler Lv.2.) Skip them,
getting the orb on the way back. Very shortly, you encounter the first of two
Bosses here.
The party should be around level 25 or 26.

BOSS! Blue Spike
  aka Spikey Tiger Lv.2
Type: Beast
1980 HP, 99 MP, 9150 EXP, 3840 GP

Swift Spin
Acid Bubbles
Fire Breath

Not a lot you can do, just be careful, for there is another boss ahead.

Spells don't have much effect, so use whatever you want. I suggest controlling the
Sprite the entire time, because he is the one who has the bow. The tactics used
with the Spiky Tiger work here, although you can evade his Swift Spin by diving
into the lower left or upper right corners. He doesn't die the first time he
starts to blow. When this happens, he's down to about 500 HP.

After the fight, you encounter a room very similar to the last one.
There is another boss on the next floor, as well.

BOSS! Gorgon Bull
  aka Minotaur Lv.2
Type: Beast
2470 HP, 99 MP, 9755 EXP, 4800 GP

Horn Charge
Fist Slam

None really.

Use the same strategy as with Minotaur. This boss is even weaker to Air Blast
than his cousin is, so go to town with that.

Now you can get Lumina magic! You're probably anxious to level up magic now, but
let's take one short trip first... Use the Magic Rope to go to the entrance.
Don't forget the weapon orb you left behind! After you exit, ride Flammie to the
desert section with a very dark area in it. This area leads to the Moon Palace.

The party should be around level 27 or 28.

~Moon Palace~

Run past the Marmablues and into a door. Wander around in the next area until you
find an orb. Use a Lucent Beam on the orb and you transport to the stage room.
Get Luna's powers and seal the seed.

NOW you can level up your weapons and magic. Ride Flammie to Potos. Use the Cannon
Travel to go to the Upper Land. You could fly to Matango, but the trip to the
Wind Palace is longer. When you get there, level up ALL of Jenna's magic to
level 7. When you finish that, fly to Pandora and level up all of Sam's magic to
level 7, especially Luna. Level 7 Magic Absorb is vital to success in the rest of
the game. Now continue with the rest of the game.

~Tasnica Castle~

There is an Imperial Spy in the castle, so it's your job to fly here, find him, and
take him out. This spy is a Dark Stalker (he's an enemy on the Mana Fortress!)
and he's powerful. He has a Shuriken and a sword, and he likes to use power attacks
with both of them. They do about 160 damage at this point. Take him out and hope
he drops Ninja Gloves. Afterward, you get a Sword's Orb. Don't forge it yet,
you should have enough money to purchase better armor in the castle. Don't
forget to save the game.

The party should still be about level 27 or 28.

~Lofty Mountains~
Ride Flammie to the Lofty Mountains and go to the top. Sage Jehk will give you a
test. You enter a cavern with very powerful enemies; ignore them. Make your way to
the end of the cave and you find your evil twins. Josh has 999 HP, and Jenna
ans Sam have 800 HP each. Notice that they have the same HP your level 99
characters will have? They use charged weapon attacks up to level 7. If you can
beat them, you have proven that you are more powerful than yourselves!

After the conversation with Jehk and Joch, fly to Mandala and save the game. Now
the hard part of the game begins...

~Tree Palace~

Quickly ride Flammie to the Tree Palace. It's in the middle of a sunken continent.
Enter and you'll find the Empire waiting to break the last Seal. You will face a
boss almost immediately.

The party should be around level 28.

BOSS! Aegagropilon
Type: Plant
3016 HP, 99 MP, 11050 EXP, 1800 GP

BURST Lv.7 (this hurts big time)
WALL Lv.7 (this also hurts)

This is a very tough fight, so make sure you have four of every restorative
item as well as any armor you can afford.

Wall reflects your magic back at you. Ow. He also casts Sleep Flower often.
Cast magic until he uses Wall, then use Dispel Magic, level 5 or higher. Dispel
Magic of any level or lower cannot undo Wall. Consider having Jenna use Level 7
Moon Saber to recover HP instead of using Cure Water. If you can't get rid of Wall,
reset the game and build up your Shade magic.

You lose the power of ALL your Mana seeds after this battle, but you can still
raise your new Dryad magic to level 7, and I recommend you do (the usual way.)

After the battle, Flammie rescues you from the rising continent, and you can 
explore it afterward. If you want, you can repeat the "Dark Palace" procedure
for getting Magical Armor or Gauntlets if you need to. Avoid the Metal Crawlers.
If a party member gets trapped by one, he's good as dead.

The party should be about level 29 now.

~Underground City~

This is really tough because the enemies are frequent. The Kimono Wizard spawns
Metal Crawlers. Run through quickly, pressing all the switches. Conserve items
here, for there is a dual Boss encounter here.

BOSS! Hydra
Type: Lizard
3382 HP, 99 MP, 12439 EXP, 3600 GP


The only thing you need to do is make sure Dryad magic is at level 7.

This boss can really do a lot of damage to you with its head attacks.
Finish it quickly with Fire Bouquet and Exploder spells, both level 7.

Now you have a LONG walk through the Underground City, and the place is teeming
with enemies. Ignore them and rush through. Be advised that there a few Dark
Stalkers near the end. At the end, you'll end up facing the Scorpion Army, and
they have a Super Deluxe Special Robot Level 2, Kettle Kin.

BOSS! Kettle Kin
  aka Kilroy Lv.2
Type: Machine
1230 HP, 33 MP, 15555 EXP, 3360 GP


The only thing you need to do is make sure Dryad magic is at level 7.

This is a quick fight. A few level 7 Burst spells should end this.

Now you have to re-enter the Tree Palace from the bottom entrance. A shortcut
has been created for you so you don't have to go through the Underground City
again. Ride Flammie to Matango to restock your items, then ride to Gold City or
Tasnica and purchase armor.

~Tree Palace~

Conserve items here, there is a TRIPLE Boss threat at the end.
The Heck Hounds (Howler Lv.3) can spawn more wolves. All the enemies in here are
annoying, including Turtlance (Shellblast Lv.2), Gremlin (Imp Lv.2), and
National Scar (Mystic Book Lv.2.) There are seven rooms which have an orb, one for
each element. When you hit the last one, a staircase will allow you to the level
at which you entered the first time. There you face a powerful foe.

The party should be around level 32 or 33.

BOSS! Snap Dragon
  aka Biting Lizard Lv.2
Type: Lizard
1215 HP, 6 MP, 19200 EXP, 12480 GP


All magic is at level 7.

Finish this boss quickly with Fire spells, and hide in the corner. If he attacks
a party member, the party member is done for.

Now head to the stage room, and enter the next room. There you face the second
of three Bosses.

The party should be around level 34.

BOSS! Hexas
Type: Evil
3465 HP, 69 MP, 20103 EXP, 14400 GP

Pygmus Glare

All magic is at level 7.

Annoying Pygmus Glare can be countered with the Midge Mallet. After casting some
magic, use Magic Absorb to refill Sam's Magic at the Boss's expense. This is
a long fight, so be patient.

The party should now be around level 35.

BOSS! Mech Rider C
Type: Machine
4327 HP, 38 MP, 21104 EXP, 16000 GP

Wave Cannon
Diffuser Cannon
Mechcycle Charge
Mechcycle Missile

All magic is at level 7.

Geez, I'm getting sick of this guy... Same strategies as before, except when he
uses Wall, get rid of it with Dispel Magic, then use Magic Absorb and attack

The party should now be around level 36.

Here's my situation. My party is around level 35,
and I have most of the armor from Tasnica. I save, then ride
Flammie to Pure Land. About 10 seconds into Pure Land, a Needlion
(Pebbler Lv.2) killed both my other party members in ONE hit. This is
easily the hardest part of the game. There are SIX bosses to deal with
here. Josh then lost his HP when an Ice Thug used Acid Storm Lv.7 for
421 damage. (He only had 389 HP.) Back to the drawing board.

~Pure Land~

About the fifth or sixth time I died in Pure Land's first few screens,
I was ready to give up. That is, until I saw an Eggplant Man (Tomato Man
Lv.2) use LUCID BARRIER Lv.7! That's when it dawned on me - a way to overcome
my handicap! Lucid Barrier! Anyway, the trick to getting through Pure Land
without dying all the time is that spell you've probably never used in the
entire game.

Section 1

When you first get to Pure Land, immediately run up the screen and you might
not get hit. If you are hit, you can say goodbye to both your party members.

In the next area, cast Lucid Barrier on the entire party. If you don't, the
Griffin Hands will whack you for 300 damage!!

In the next area, quickly cut through the grass and head to the right, then up,
then to the left when you see a cave. Go through the cave and IMMEDIATELY cast
Lucid Barrier again. You'll find out why shortly.

BOSS! Dragon Worm
  aka Great Viper Lv.2
Type: Lizard
3525 HP, 99 MP, 24290 EXP, 17460 GP


Party's HP is full and Lucid Barrier and Wall are active.

This is an easy fight if you can keep Sam alive. If he falls, use Revivifier or
a Cup of Wishes. Eight or nine Air Blasts (Level 7) should finish this boss.
Don't let him swallow you, it will do over 200 damage and you come out
moogled AND pygmized. If you get hit in that state, expect to take 999 damage.


Section 2

This is a short section. Before you advance, go back to the boss arena and
re-cast Lucid Barrier in case Wall is still active. Head to the next area

The next area has no enemies. A spirit at the gate tells you that you have
to defeat the dragon to the left in order to pass. Not only are the dragons
hard to beat, you almost have to attack them with magic.

The party should be around level 37.

BOSS! Snow Dragon
Type: Dragon
3525 HP, 99 MP, 24290 EXP, 17460 GP

Breath Wing
Freeze Breath

Party's HP is full and Lucid Barrier and Wall are active.

The trick to this battle is to stay away from the dragon. All his attacks
can deal 200+ damage and Wing Breath targets the entire party. The trick is to
not quite chain-cast the Exploder spells so damage registers, but the dragon
can't do anything. Eight or nine Exploders should do the trick. Don't try to
use Magic Absorb - it won't do you a bit of good. 

At this point, your supplies will be running low. Have Flammie fly you to
Tasnica and you can restock your inventory. Then fly back to Pure Land.
The only downside is that you have to retrace your steps from the beginning.

Section 3

This section goes through a cave. Don't forget to re-cast Lucid Barrier.
When you pass the gate, save your game. Have Sam cast Magic Absorb on an
Ice Thug or a Griffin Hand. This should recover all his MP. Hurry through
the cave to meet ANOTHER Boss...

BOSS! Axe Beak
Type: Bird
2800 HP, 99 MP, 27748 EXP, 20400 GP


Party's HP is full and Lucid Barrier and Wall are active.

Very easy fight. Since you can't hit him with weapons, let Sam have
fun chilling the heck out of this Boss. About 7 or 8 Freeze Lv.7 spells
should do it.

The party should be around level 38 or 39.

Section 4

This is a short section. Another spirit requires you to defeat a dragon to
gain passage. This section takes you into another cave, where you find
the next dragon....

BOSS! Red Dragon
  aka Dragon Lv.2
Type: Dragon
3000 HP, 99 MP, 29000 EXP, 21000 GP

Fire Breath

Party's HP is full and Lucid Barrier and Wall are active.

Just use the same strategy as the previous dragon, except cast Freeze spells
rather then Exploder spells. 

Section 5

This is a very lengthy section, covering more than four large screens.
Re-casting Lucid Barrier helps here because the enemies are strategically
placed in each of the screens. At the end of this section comes another

BOSS! Thunder Gigas
  aka Gigas Lv.3
Type: Spirit
4462 HP, 99 MP, 30277 EXP, 30600 GP

Blitz Breath (This is the bad one)

Party's HP is full and Lucid Barrier and Wall are active.

Geez, I hate this guy for one reason: Blitz Breath! He uses it on Sam and
I see an insane 733(!!) damage! As with the dragons, you have to time your
spells so that he can't use this. It takes about ten Earth Slide Lv.7 spells
to defeat this boss.
The party should be around level 40.

At this point, retreat back to the Lost Continent (or what's left of it).
You should have enough money to purchase three Needle Helmets. This item
helps bunches in the Mana Fortress. Then, head for Gold City and buy a Battle
Suit if you can raise 30000 more GP. Restock your inventory, heal at an Inn,
and save the game. Ride Flammie back to Pure Land (for the third time),
retrace your steps back to the fifth Boss arena, and head for the short
last section.

Section 6

This section has three areas, including the gate area. You know what that
means? You are fighting another dragon!

BOSS! Blue Dragon
  aka Dragon Lv.3
Type: Dragon
3200 HP, 99 MP, 31570 EXP, 28560 GP

Blitz Breath

Party's HP is full and Lucid Barrier and Wall are active.

Again, the strategy is the same as the previous two dragons, except you now
cast Earth Slide. Seven or eight castings and it's over!

The party should be around level 41 now.
Head back to the gate. You now watch an extended cut scene. At the end,
you receive the power of the eighth Mana Seed!

Now ride Flammie back to Pandora/Gaia's Navel/Wind Palace and level up all
of Sam's and Jenna's magic, as well as their weapons, to level 8. Then
purchase what armor you can afford and save the game. Ride Flammie up to
the Mana Fortress deck and it begins!

~Mana Fortress~

Outer Deck
No problem, just quickly get to the double doors.

Area 1

At this point, you may want to give Sam the whip, there are a lot of gaps to
cross here. Run as fast as you can through this area. Find the next double
door, enter, and step on the warp tile within. You will emerge in a Boss arena.

BOSS! Buffy
  aka Vampire Lv.2
Type: Evil
4200 HP, 99 MP, 35686 EXP, 22200 GP

Sleep Ring

Party's HP is full and Lucid Barrier and Wall are active.

This shouldn't be too hard, just use Gem Missile or Burst instead of
Lucent Beam. Stay away from the boss and have Sam do all the work.
The party should be around level 42.

Section 2

There are a couple of bad paths you can take, but just head straight up for the
most part until you reach a Whimper. From there, there is really only one
way to go. At the bottom of the long path at the end, there is another warp tile.
It takes you to another Boss.

BOSS! Dread Slime
  aka Lime Slime Lv.2
Type: Evil
5000 HP, 99 MP, 37000 EXP, 26400 GP

Magic Learner Lv.7 (see below)

Party's HP is full and Wall is active.

Whack him with Dark Force for damage and Magic Absorb to recover Sam's MP.
The description says the boss has 99 MP, but he really has somewhere around
500. If you cast any other spell on him, he learns it. So don't cast Cure Water
when you have Wall on or else he'll learn it at level 7. This boss gets GIANT
when his HP is really low, so giant he covers the entire screen!
The party should be around level 43.

Section 3

One section seperates you from victory. But the enemies are STRONG!
Any party member trapped in a corner by a Master Ninja is good as dead.
Just make your way through this long, winding section. The warp tile at the
end takes you to another room. Take the other warp tile to meet....

BOSS! Dark Lich
Type: Evil
6666 HP, 99 MP, 37000 EXP, 26400 GP

Freeze Beam         DARK FORCE Lv.8
Petrify Beam        EVIL GATE Lv.8
Sleep Ring          DISPEL MAGIC Lv.8
Confuse Hoops       BURST Lv.8
FREEZE Lv.8         EARTH SLIDE Lv.8
And maybe more.....

Party's HP is full and Wall is active.

This takes a while. Repeatedly cast Burst. If you want, try Magic Absorb.
You might get something. It's an easy, but long, fight. And I like the
music with this battle!
The party should be around level 45.

After this fight, the seal on Dryad's Mana Magic will dispel, giving Sam
and Jenna enough power to revive Josh's Mana Sword. This is necessary for
the final conflict....

BOSS! Mana Beast
Type: Dragon
9990 HP, infinite MP, 0 EXP, 0 GP

Flaming Flight
Swoop Charge

Party's HP and MP are full.

The trick to this is to heal just after the boss is ready to charge into
you. Do this twice, then use Mana Magic and Moon Energy. This combo
will cause 999 damage every time you make contact. Don't charge up your
sword. It should only take two cycles to beat him. Now is the time to take
your screenshot. 

Congratulations! You have now completed the Secret of Mana Low-Level
Challenge. Following this guide will result in a finishing level of 45,
which is very good! I think the lowest level you can possibly finish at is
around 42 or so.

How to Sumbit Results
To submit results, you don't have to beat the game, you just have to tell
me the following things:

1. Your location in the game
2. Your party's levels (boy, then girl, then sprite)
3. Your party's exp points (boy, then girl, then sprite)
4. If you played with human partners at any point, who you played with

If you send me a screenshot, send me the main screen (the one you're battling on)
or I can't tell where you are. I recognize the level of the party by their HP.
I will credit the game as "Finished" for screenshots that show the Mana Beast
blowing up.

Current Results
Location                                       Boy         Girl        Sprite
Mana Fortress Deck                             L41/ 393268 L37/ 272668 L41/ 395052

SquareSoft - For this game.

Myself - for writing this guide.

God - I wouldn't be here if it weren't for Him.

All sites that are hosting this document.

All who have submitted me results.

You - For reading this.

Version History
0.88 - Missing walkthrough for Pure Land on.
0.96 - Missing Mana Fortress walkthrough.
1.00 - Walkthrough complete.
1.00b- My email changed, so I had to update.

~End of File~

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