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Item Tree by Tifas-Revenge

Version: 1.6 | Updated: 07/14/05

Super Metroid Item Tree 

By Cloud Strife J (John0309@aol.com John Reeske)

Version 1.6 (07-14-2005)

Table of Contents

1. Version History
2. Legal Info
3. The Item Tree
4. Descriptions and details of the Item Tree
5. Non-Twinked Item Tree
6. Item Checklists
7. Credits/References

1. Version History

Version 1.6 (07-14-2005)
Updated the NBMB checklist to 81%, to include the X-Ray scope
jumping Glitch by Illy and Kejardon. 

Version 1.5 (01-18-2004)
Added in checklists of items for 100%, the NBMB, and
14/15% Runs at the end of this FAQ.

Version 1.4 (12-11-2003)
I got bored and decided to add in a non-twinked Item Tree
at the very bottom of this guide. 

Version 1.3 (10-23-2003)
Fixed a few Branches and noted proper credits for everyone.

Version 1.2 (10-4-2003)
Re-positioned a few branches thanks to Ultima4701,
michealangelo, and MathonNapkins.

Version 1.11 (10-1-2003)
Fixed some minor errors and grammar, and a few touch-ups.

Version 1.1 (9-30-2003)
Added the descriptions section since my FAQ got rejected for
Lack of Content, I figured I would add to it so people could
see how these items can be gotten.

Version 1.0 (9-19-2003) 
First Version

2. Legal Info

This Item tree may not be distributed on any website or other media
source, except for personal, private use unless specifically notified
by my direct approval. Doing so is a violation of copyright laws and
could result in legal action taken by me against the violating party.

3. The Item Tree

This Item tree basically shows which items you can get in Super Metroid
legitmately (without any game genie codes or hacking) that you need to
get other different items. Keep in mind that you may need to get more
than one of the items by "climbing back up" the item tree, since there
are always more than one item of each type in most cases in this game.
This item tree only focuses on which items you need to have before
getting the next item. See the move list by MrFergo and the Glitch
FAQ by Brickroad for more details. HBJ= Horizontal Bomb Jump for those
who have asked. 

Update: 7-14-05: Since there has been a new glitch discovered with the
X-ray scope and jumping, it may be possible to get items even earlier
than anticipated perhaps. 

                       Morph Ball
                       /    |
    __________________/     |
   /                        |
Energy/Reserve Tank-------Bombs----------Charge Beam
                Wave Beam   |    Ice Beam   Grappling Beam
                     \      |      / ______/           |
                      \     |     / /                  |
     Spazer Beam------Super Missile--------Varia Suit  |
                     /       |     \                   |
                    /        |      \                  |
                   /         |       High Jump Boots   |
                  /          |                         |
        Speed Booster   Power Bomb------Gravity Suit   |
                      /     /     \             \      |
                     /     /       \             \     |
                    /     /         \             Spring Ball
                   /     /           \   
         Screw Attack   X-Ray--?--Plasma Beam 

?- The X-Ray Glitch has been used to get the Plasma Beam, but I
do not know if this glitch can be fully exploited to get other
items yet. The only use for it right now is to get the Plasma
Beam without killing Draygon, but that still requires the
Gravity Suit in Maridia. Special thanks to Kejardon for doing
this glitch. 

4. Descriptions/Details of the Item Tree

0. First Branches

a. Morph Ball - Missile
This one is easy, you can get the missiles right after the
morph ball just a normal game. Note that not all missiles can
be gotten with just the morph ball, others require more missiles
to use, power bombs, super missiles, the speed booster, or the
gravity suit. For more info on how to get these missiles, refer to
the other FAQs please.

b. Missile - Bombs
Bombs are easy to get, just defeat the Torizo as you would normally.

1. Bombs Branches

a. Bombs - Super Missiles
There are several ways to go about this, you can use the
mockball trick to get into the area with Super Missiles in
Brinstar, or you can fight spore spawn as you would normally. 
Note that only 2 packs of Super Missiles can be gotten this way
since we don't have power bombs or other additions yet. For a 
complete listing of where all the super missiles are, refer to
the other FAQs, or for how to use the mockball trick.

b. Bombs - Charge Beam
This is easy, you just bomb through the blocks as you would
normally to get down the Charge Beam, no other items needed.

c. Bombs/Missiles - Energy Tank
There are a few energy tanks you can get right off the bat
once you get the bombs, mainly the first one is the easiest as
you are going down the diagonal shaft to Brinstar in Crateria.
You can also get the first energy tank in Old Brinstar by Wall
Jumping up and shooting the block where it is hidden in the ceiling,
so no need for bombs for this one. The other 1 of them requires bomb
jumping, while one is in the old Brinstar area, the other you must
go through the Gauntlet in Crateria. For all other energy tanks
you need at least super missiles if not power bombs, and maybe a
few other additions.

d. Bombs - Reserve Tank
For this one, you can use the mockball trick in the same way
to get a reserve tank in the same room with the super missiles.

II. Super Missile Branches

a. Super Missiles - Ice Beam
Technically, you only need super missiles to get the ice beam,
since you already have everything else, but I would recommend
that you have collected all the 4 energy tanks possible before
attempting this. You also have to use the mockball trick like in
Brinstar to get under the closing gates. Getting out of there
is the hardest part, especially if you don't have the Varia Suit
because the rooms are heated, but it is possible with some tricks
and stuff.

b. Super Missiles - Wave Beam/Speed Booster
Technically, you only need the super missiles to get into the wave
beam room, however, it is highly recommended that you have the 
high jump boots and Varia suit before attempting this, if not; then
lots of energy tanks so you won't lose life. You can also fight
Kraid if you want to collect just his energy tank and not the Varia
Suit. You'll have to go through the heated rooms in Norfair, into
the bubble room, and then bomb-jump up to the doors on the upper
right hand quarter of the bubble room. Both paths are very dangerous
to take, but if you got here to the bubble room, you've done the
worst part already.

c. Super Missiles - Power Bombs
This is a little easier than the Norfair items, all you need to do
is wall-jump up the Brinstar Shaft, killing the rippers with super
missiles, and go past the flower room into the upper depths of 
Brinstar where you can get power bombs through the green door below.
The other way you can get the Power Bombs is to go into Norfair and
defeat Crocomire, but that is much more difficult without the Varia
Suit than wall-jumping up the Brinstar Shaft is without the Varia.

d. Super Missiles - Varia Suit
This is probably the 2nd easiest of the Branches to do, just defeat
Kraid and go grab your Varia Suit as you would normally.

e. Super Missiles - High Jump Boots
These can be gotten easily once you get into Norfair, they aren't
in any heated rooms, and are rather easy to get just as you would
in a normal game. 

f. Super Missiles - Spazer Beam
Once you get into the Brinstar Depths, you can grab this in the
room before the Maridia tube with just a few wall jumps after
shooting the blocks above to get them.

III. Power Bomb Branches

a. Power Bombs - Gravity Suit
You can get the Gravity suit as soon as you get the power bombs,
just do the HBJ over the "moat" to get to the room outside the
Wrecked Ship, and wall jump your way across the platforms. Then,
just beat Phantoon as you would in a normal game and then go get
your new suit. 

b. Power Bombs- Plasma Beam
You can get the Plasma Beam just after defeating Draygon just as
you would get the Space Jump, and it is confirmed whether
or not you can get the plasma beam without the gravity suit by
just defeating Draygon and not collecting the space jump. You can
just go through the flashing metal door after you escape Draygon's
room without gravity (2 super jumps needed, one to get up to the
ledge, and the 2nd to escape the spike pit. Special Thanks to
Kejardon for coming up originally with this method.)

c. Power Bombs - X-ray Scope
You can get the X-ray Scope without too much trouble in the
Brinstar Depths if you have enough energy tanks or power bombs
and super missiles to do a crystal flash. It is highly recommended
that you have the high jump boots and speed booster, and possibly
the ice beam, although if you are a master HBJer, you can get the
scope rather easily, you just need power bombs to get into the room.

d. Power Bombs/Super Missiles - Grappling Beam
Technically, you don't need the power bombs here, but I put it on
this branch since it might be easier, and everyone has gotten the
grappling beam easily after getting power bombs. For a challenge,
try to get the Grappling Beam with as little equipment as you can,
it's very difficult because of the heated rooms, and Crocomire, but
it can be done without the need for power bombs. Note that you can
do the Green Metal Gate trick here to get into Crocomire's room
from the wrong side, so you won't need the Wave Beam or the Speed
Booster at all to get into the room from the other sides. Thanks
again to Ultima4701 for noting this.

IV. Gravity Suit Branches

a. Gravity Suit- Space Jump
Although people have bragged about how you can get the space jump
without the gravity suit, you'll be stuck down there if you decide
to get the Space Jump without Gravity. You just need the Gravity
Suit because you have to escape the boss room and the spike pit
above the boss room to leave with the Space Jump. You can use a
super-gravity jump if you don't have the high jump boots or speed
booster, or you can bomb jump your way back up. (NOTE: I am leaving
the Space Jump on this Branch just because you will get stuck if
you attempt to get the Space Jump after defeating Draygon without
the Gravity Suit)

b. Gravity Suit + Grapple Beam/Ice Beam- Spring Ball
Although you can get to this room without the Gravity Suit, you
cannot collect the Spring ball without the gravity suit, because you
will get stuck along the way. To get into this room, you either need
to break the grapple block that leads up to the shaft, or go into a
room to the right and exploit the Ice-Mochtroid Glitch with some other
enemies. Even though you can get into the Spring Ball Room this way
in a No Boss Mini Boss room, you still won't be able to get it w/o
the gravity suit. Special thanks to Ultima4701 for noting this on the
Super Metroid Board.

V. Power Bombs + High Jump Boots - Screw Attack
Now this one has been fairly recently discovered. You can break
through Green Metal gates from the wrong side on the right-hand
side to cause them to open while you are running towards them.
So technically, you only need the power bombs to do this, but
since the Screw Attack is in Lower Norfair, you better have a lot
of energy tanks, power bombs for crystal flashes, and super missiles,
because just getting into Lower Norfair without either suit is 
very difficult, if not impossible on the console. Not to mention,
the high jump boots are required though if you want to do the trick
with the wall jump to get into Lower Norfair.

VI. X-Ray Scope Glitches (Future Section)
So far, the X-Ray scope can be used to travel in out of room areas
in the game into Secret Worlds. It is not known, however, how this
will affect the item tree as of yet. Further testing and glitching
is needed

5. Non-Twinked Item Tree (No Sequence Breaking or Glitches)

Getting these items in the order listed below qualifies as a
non-twinked Super Metroid Run. This also assumes that you cannot
do any sequence breaking at all, (i.e. wall jumping, bomb jumping,
glitches, etc...) Non-twinked means basically what you think it means
like in Diablo 2: Do everything in order and don't skip ahead. 

Morph Ball
Energy Tank
Super Missile
High Jump Boots
*Spazer Beam
Varia Suit
Speed Booster
Ice Beam
**Power Bomb
Grapple Beam
Wave Beam
Gravity Suit
%Reserve Tank
Space Jump
Spring Ball (interchangeable with Plasma Beam)
Plasma Beam (interchangeable with Spring Ball)
Screw Attack

* The Spazer Beam can be gotten anytime after you get the high jump
boots, although in my very first time playing Super Metroid, I got
it after completing the Upper Norfair run of items.

** The Power Bombs are very arbitrary. Some people have gotten the
ones after defeating Crocomire using a super-high jump or shinespark.
In my first run of Super Metroid, I went back up to the Brinstar shaft
and got them up there after I had the ice beam, and then headed back
to Norfair. 

% Reserve Tanks are also arbitrary, it is possible to get one as soon
as you get the speed booster normally. You would get this one in
Brinstar where the mockball glitch is performed. On my first run of
Super Metroid, I got the first Reserve Tank after the Gravity Suit
in the Wrecked Ship.

6. Items Checklist

These Checklists are for different runs in the game.
You need 100 Items for 100% runs, 73 Items for the
No Boss Mini Boss Run, and 14 or 15 items for the
low percentage runs. I won't even mention how many
items you need for the INSANE run, since it is like
over 30000.

100% Runs (all items possible):

1 Morph Ball
1 Bombs
1 High Jump Boots
1 Speed Booster
1 Varia Suit
1 Gravity Suit
1 Space Jump
1 Screw Attack
1 X-ray Scope
1 Grapple Beam
1 Spring Ball
1 Charge Beam
1 Ice Beam
1 Wave Beam
1 Spazer Beam
1 Plasma Beam
14 Energy Tanks
4 Reserve Tanks
46 Missiles (5-Packs, 230 Total) 
10 Super Missiles (5-packs, 50 Total)
10 Power Bombs (5-packs, 50 total)

Total: 100 Items

Note: See any general FAQ or Speed Guide for item locations. 

No Boss Mini Boss Run (NBMB, 81% as of this version)

1 Morph Ball
1 Bombs
1 Charge Beam
1 Ice Beam
1 Spazer Beam
1 Wave Beam
1 Plasma Beam? (Still Speculative)
1 Speed Booster
1 Screw Attack
1 High Jump Boots
1 X-ray Scope
3 Reserve Tanks
10 Power Bombs (Total 50)
10 Energy Tanks
7 Super Missiles (Total 35)
40 Missiles (Total 200)

Total Items for NBMB: 81
See my No Boss Mini Boss Run Guide for more info.

Low Percent Runs (14/15%)

A. 14% Run (Ice or Speed, requires glitches)

1 Morph Ball
1 Bombs
1 Ice Beam or Speed Booster but not both.
1 Charge Beam
*2 Missiles 
*2 Super Missiles
1 Power Bomb
1 Gravity Suit
1 Varia Suit
3 Energy Tanks

Total: 14 Items

* You can also do this run with 3 Super Missiles and
1 Missile. This run requires the use of Glitches, 
such as the Ice Mocktroid Glitch or the Blue Suit.

B. 15% Run (Glitchless Path)

1 Morph Ball
1 Bombs
1 Speed Booster
1 Varia Suit
1 Power Bomb
1 Gravity Suit
1 Charge Beam
*3 Missiles
*2 Super Missiles
3 Energy Tanks

Total: 15 Items

* This run can also be done with 2 Missiles and 3 Super

Note: See Kejardon's 15% Walkthrough for more info.

7. Credits

CjayC (For Posting this guide on GameFAQs)
Illy (The X-Ray Scope Glitch)
Death Angel XP (For giving me the idea to put an item
checklist in for the different runs)
Kejardon (ZMVs and the impossible, including escaping Draygon's Room
without gravity, and for his Low Percent Run FAQ I used in making
the 14/15% Checklists)
Ultima4701 (ZMVs, and noting suggestions)
Michealangelo (For noticing that I forgot the first energy tank)
MrFergo (Move List)
Brickroad (Glitch FAQ, and for coming up with the NBMB Run by first
doing the mockball trick to Bypass Spore Spawn)
MathonNapkins (For his recent trick with the green gates)
Myself (My NBMB Run Guide)

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