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Boss/Character FAQ by The Zenix

Version: 1.42 | Updated: 03/19/06

                _/        _/    _/  _/_/_/      _/_/    _/  _/_/   
                 _/_/    _/    _/  _/    _/  _/_/_/_/  _/_/        
                    _/  _/    _/  _/    _/  _/        _/           
             _/_/_/      _/_/_/  _/_/_/      _/_/_/  _/            
                   _/      _/                      _/           
                  _/_/  _/_/    _/_/_/  _/  _/_/        _/_/    
                 _/  _/  _/  _/    _/  _/_/      _/  _/    _/   
                _/      _/  _/    _/  _/        _/  _/    _/    
               _/      _/    _/_/_/  _/        _/    _/_/       
                          _/_/_/    _/_/_/      _/_/_/   
                         _/    _/  _/    _/  _/          
                        _/_/_/    _/_/_/    _/  _/_/     
                       _/    _/  _/        _/    _/      
                      _/    _/  _/          _/_/_/       

Boss and Characters FAQ
  By The Zenix (zenixphoenian@hotmail.com)

This is a Super Mario RPG Boss/Character FAQ done by me, William, alias "Zenix".
You will find the stats and strategy on how to beat the numerous Bosses and
Side-Bosses in this game and as well as a description of each playable
character, how to do their timed attacks and their special techs. Enjoy!

If you find any error or have any questions about the game (it doesn't have to
be about the bosses. I've beaten the game 6 times so I know it completely!),
feel free to e-mail me at the address above.

DISCLAIMER : You can post this FAQ on your site as long as you DO NOT edit it.
You leave my name and you don't put yours, is that clear? That's the only

LEGAL STUFF : I do not own Mario nor any of the characters listed in this FAQ.
They're all copyright of Nintendo (in exception of Culex and other characters
who are owned by Squaresoft).

Here are the current sites where you can find this FAQ (if you found this FAQ on
another one, e-mail me and I check this out):



Version 1.42 : Guess what, I'm still alive! Been a whiole since I last updated
but here it is, the new version update... and a large one at that! I added a LOT
of alternate strategies and information about most of the bosses. There's a new
FAQ section and some errors where corrected. Oh, I also added an ASCII title :P.

Version 1.22 : No, I'm not dead! Still updating... but it might be one of the 
last updates... Anyway, added some information about Birdo strategy from 

Version 1.21 : Completely remade the Battle System Guide and corrected some

Version 1.11 : Added a Croco (First encounter) strategy and a Knife Guy/Grate
Guy strategy from Chris Davis.

Version 1.01 : Corrected Bowser Crush and Psych Bomb timed attacks plus
information about Come Back.

Version 1.00 : The first version is a complete one! It contains all the Bosses,
as well as Jinx, Jagger and Culex with the strategies on how to beat them plus
all the characters' techs and timed-attacks.


1) Version History
2) Battle System
3) Bosses
4) Side-Bosses
5) Characters
6) Frequently asked questions
7) Credits


Now, onto my NEW Advanced Battle System Guide! Err...anyway...

Super Mario RPG uses a Classic Turn-Based Battle system mixed with Player
Controllable Actions. I'll explain all that.

In the battle, there are two parties: Yours, and the enemy's. Your goal is to
annihilate the enemy's party to win the fight. If your party is annihilated,
you're dead. Characters takes turn performing actions. The characters' turn is
determined by its speed. When their turn comes, the characters have four choice:
A- Attack with equipped weapon (I'll call this "physical attack")
Y- Attack with skills or spells (I'll tell you which skill to use)
X- Uses items (I'll tell you which item)
B- Defend (I'll almost never tell you to do this)

When you choose a command, you select the target and during the attack animation
sequence, you must enter a Controller Command. I'll call this command a
Timed-Attack. Each character's Timed-Attack Commands are described at the end of
the FAQ. When you successfully enter this command, your character will do a
Timed Hit (which is DIFFERENT from a Critical Hit) who will do almost double
damage. The same applies when you defend: during your foes' attack animation
sequence, you must enter a VERY SIMPLE command called "Timed-Defense" or more
simply, "Press A"...

Anyway here's a simulated battle (The enemies described are NOT in the game,
they're FAKE enemies used for simulation only):

Your Party: Mario and Mallow
Enemy Party: Two Penguin Gods (Err...)

Anyway, the fight start. Mario has a speed of 12, Mallow, 10 and the Penguin
Gods, 11. Mario begins the fight. You physically attack with Mario, try to make
his timed-attack but poorly fails...(must be realistic!)Then the Penguin Gods
attack your two characters individually doing 300 damages each! (They're gods!)
You must heal, so you make Mallow uses an Kerokero Cola (Full Heal). Then its
Mario's turn again. He uses a "Super Strong Anti-Penguin Gods Fictive Item"! It
does 9999,99 damages to the penguins gods (The Game does not allow 1 000 000
damages) and they dies. You won this fictive fight and got no experience points
and no coins (talk about cheap!).

Now you're ready (even is you're not, go anyway) to take on the bosses of this
game...Good Luck. (You'll need it ;)


Now that you know the battle system, make your way to the first boss...

Bowser: Around 300 HP (It really doesn't matter anyway)
Kinklink: 50 HP
Exp: None
Spoils: None

The first fight of the game is usually the easiest... and it is! Anyway, use
Jump on Kinklink (NOT BOWSER!!! It will do only 1 damage!). If you did a timed
hit, then time-attack (that means attack physically with a timed hit) Kinklink.
If you did not, then use Jump again! It should be done for good...

Hammer Bros (2): 50 HP each
Exp: 6
Spoils: Flower Jar, 20 Coins.

Don't panic, even if they are two and you are one, it doesn't mean they'll last
more than 2 minutes. The first one can be defeated by two timed-Jumps (even not
timed, I think it does the thing). The second one will then use Vigor Up to
boost its defense. It's nothing you can't handle. Use two more Jumps (you DO
have 12 FP, don't you!?!). If its still alive (he should be), use timed attacks
to finish it. You've won your second boss fight! Wow, you're tough ;)

Croco: 320 HP
Exp: 8
Spoils: Flower Tab, 10 Coins.

Okay, he does have a good amount of HP, but heh, its nothing you can't handle!
Anyway, this is a fairly easy fight if you have Mario's Fire Orb and Mallow's HP
Rain. Open the fight by burning up Croco a little bit. After your first Fire
Orb, Croco will skip a turn to douse his tail. So here's the strategy, attack
him with a Fire Orb-Thunderbolt Combos barrage. Mallow should use a Honey Syrup
when needed and cast HP Rain when HP drops below 10. Be careful because halfway
of the fight, Croco will use a weird mushroom to recover 60 HP and after that,
he'll start throwing bombs! A single bomb could easily kill Mallow if he's not
at full HP. Continue the barrage until Mallow smash the Frog Coin out of Croco.

If you're good enough with timed-attacks, you should try to beat Croco with only
Mario's Fire Orb and Mallow's HP Rain (as well as some Honey Sirups). I was able
to deal about 90 damages with ONE Fire Orb!

Mack: 480 HP
Bodyguards: 30 HP each
Exp: 12
Spoils: 20 Coins.

Mack's the first "real" boss of the game. And it acts like a boss. The Sword-
thing will sometime cast Firewall to do a nasty 11 damage to all the party (may
vary depending on your levels). Now, make Mallow cast Thunderbolt once. Now
there's two different strategies depending of the level of Mallow. 1 - If you
killed every bodyguards with the Thunderbolt, you will have to kill all of them
with that attack again each time they reappears. 2 - If you didn't, finish off
three of them with timed attacks. Leave one alive, that way Mack won't call the
others back. Now, how to beat Mack, you ask. Fire Orb isn't enough powerful and
it consumes too much MPs so use Jump with Mario. Mallow should use regular
attack and heal when needed. If you did strategy 2, do not use Thunderbolt with
mallow (it would kill the remaining Bodyguard). If you did strategy 1, barrage
him with Thunderbolt (he's weak against lightning). Halfway in the fight, Mack
might jump out of sight. You must kill the remaining Bodyguards in order to make
him reappears. Anyway, he'll eventually be defeated. Congratulation, you got the
first Star!

Belome: 500 HP

Here comes the big fat BELOME! I suppose you have the Super Jump tech, if not,
use Fire Orb with Mario. Mallow should heal and cast Thunderbolt (as usual).
Halfway in the fight, Belome will swallow Mallow. Don't worry, after you deal
him enough damage, he will spit it out. The only thing you have to worry is the
scarecrow attack. It prevents you from attacking (which is not used it this
battle) and using items (AAHH!!). Hopefully, it only lasts a few turns. You
should defeat this guy enough quickly...

Here's some info for Christophe:

In both battles with Belome, he is weak to electricity, so Mallow's Thunderbolt
(in the first one) and Shocker (in the second) attacks work very well.

Bowyer: 720 HP
Exp: 20
Spoils: Flower Box, 50 Coins.

AAAH! 720 HP! NOOO! Hehe, nothing to worry about, you just got a third party
member: Geno! So here goes the strategy. Mario: Time-attack, Geno: Geno Beam and
Mallow: Heal (err...). That's a great strategy, doesn't it? But Bowyer does not
seem to agree. After the first turn he'll complain and set up a button-trap
system. It's simple, when he hit a button with an arrow, you can't use that
button anymore. He'll generally lock down the button which you use the most, so 
try not to use Y with mallow (Mario uses A, Geno Y, Mallow X) so that he doesn't
lock down the special techs. Try to keep the strategy above the most you can.
(One time he locked the X button during ALL the fight so I couldn't use Pick Me

Croco (second encounter): 750 HP
Exp: 10
Spoils: The Bambino Bomb, your items, your coins+50.

Now prepare for a hard fight. This guy has some strong attacks, and he doesn't
hesitate to use them. For Mario, the question is are you good with the Super
Jump. If yes, go ahead and smash this reptile-thing. If not, I hope you bought
the punch glove 'cause you're gonna need it! Geno should use Geno Beam. For
Mallow, healing is your priority. If you bought the cymbals, when Mallow's not
healing, time-attack Croco. Try to keep your FP up. Why? Halfway trough the
fight, Croco'll steal ALL YOUR ITEMS!!! When he does, never ever use tech with
the other two, you need to conserve FP for Mallow's HP Rain! So finish him with

Punchinello: 1200 HP
Microbomb: 30 HP
Bomb-omb: 90 HP
Mezzo Bomb: 150 HP

Now I hope that if you didn't buy the new weapons, you learned your lesson in
Croco's fight and got back to Molleville to buy them, didn't you? 'Cause this
battle is PURE PHYSICAL. Timed-attacks only (with Mario and Geno, Mallow should
be the healer). The only moments where you will use tech are the followings:
Healing (HP Rain), to destroy the bombs (Thunderbolt). He start with the tiny
Microbombs, then the classic Bomb-ombs, and then the HUGE Mezzo Bombs! The tiny
does around 10 explosion damage, the Bomb-omb are a little higher than normal
attacks and the big bombs can kill a party member in one shot (I'm talking about
Mallow, there!). After about 1200 damages dealt, he will summon a VERY HUGE
bomb...and blow himself with it...

Booster: 800 HP
Snifits (3): 200 HP each
Exp: 22
Spoils: Flower Box, 145 Coins.

To trigger this fight, you must lose the curtain game inside Booster Tower.
First, take out the 3 Snifits with Mallow's Thunderbolt (three or four shots
should be enough). Bowser should attack normally, Geno use his Geno Beam and
Mario should Jump (if you're not good with the Super Jump, use Jump). It's a
very easy fight and it gives good money and items!

Grate Guy: 900 HP
Knife Guy: 700 HP

You should try to defeat the Knife Guy because he has to lowest HP and defeating
either one will prevent them from doing their kinda "fusion" technique (y'know,
when they jump on each other). Mario should use Super Fire (or Fire Orb if you
don't have it), Geno should Geno Beam, Bowser use Chomp (I hope you have it) and
Mallow use Thunderbolt. You should have Mallow in your party because he's the
best healer. After you defeat Knife Guy, do the same pattern on Grate Guy. He
should soon be defeated.

Here's a strategy from Chris Davis:

Knife Guy and Grate Guy have different weaknesses, and the battle will go much
faster. Knife Guy has an EXTREME weakness to Fire, so using super flame is the
best way to go, it does 350+ damage on him(well depending on how fast you hit
the Y button)Grate Guy has a Strong Weakness to Lightning, so Mallow's
Shocker(if he has it) Is the best attack to use against him.It does about 250 to
300 damage each time... Use this strategy against them, heal every now and then
with Syrups, And that battle should go extremely fast.

Chief Torte and Apprentice: Around 100 HP each (doesn't matter)
Bundt: 6 candles (you'll understand)
Raspberry: 600 HP
Spoils: 25 Coins.

The turtles have weak attack power but an invincible carapace. You must attack
the cake (yes, I said it, the cake) with physical attacks. Soon, it will begin
to move, continue attacking until the turtles run away. Then begins the real
fight. You must blow out all its candles. It regenerates (fires) one candle per
turn, so you must have at least two character attacking it. When you defeat him,
you'll have to face off the almighty Raspberry. He can attack with a powerful
Sand Storm which does a horrible 100 damage to ALL the party AND turn status to
fear (half attack/defense). Prepare Mallow's HP Rain! You should basically time-
attack this boss. If you have Geno in place of Bowser (let's just hope it isn't
in place of Mallow), use his Geno Beam. The cake will fall down...into the
stomach of Booster! Piece o' cake ;)

Tentacles (8): Around 230 HP
King Calamari: 800 HP
Exp: 34
Spoils: 100 Coins.

You start off the battle in face of 3 tentacles. Defeat them the same way as
normal enemies (they're nothing more). Do the same for the second set. Don't
worry if a character get blown out by a tentacle, they'll soon come back...with
a little fear status as a bonus (half attack/defense). In the first set, don't
heal them. In the second set, wait until only one tentacle is remaining and heal
them all (I mean the fear status, not the HP!!!). Now face off against the owner
of those tentacles: the King Calamari, hahaha! Defeat the two remaining
tentacles (they're VERY annoying), then FULL POWER on King Calamari. That means
your highest flame attack with Mario (probably Super Flame), Geno's highest
attack (but I doubt you have the Geno Flash so use his Hand Gun). Have Toadstool
or Mallow be your healer (I would recommend Toadstool). Bowser should attack
normally. He'll soon quit this ship.

Johnny: 820 HP
Bandanna Blues (4): 150 HP each
Exp: 44
Spoils: 50 Coins

There's two way to do this battle. If you choose the hardest way (the most fun
also!) which involve a one-on-one fight between Johnny and Mario, do strategy
number 1. If you want the easiest (the normal way), do number 2.

1- Its simple, start off by defeating all the bandanna blues. Johnny will then
complains and you'll finish the fight between Mario and Johnny. You should make
Mario attack physically and heal when his HP drop below 70, or if you like more,
around every 3 turns. You might want to attack Johnny in the beginning with
everybody to make the fight easier.

2- You probably guessed it, you have to defeat each Bandanna Blues except one to
avoid Johnny's complaint. Then have Mario, Bowser and Geno attacks physically.
Toadstool or Mallow should be the healer (it still recommend Toadstool).

Here's something you could do to make the fight easier (from Christophe):

The Princess' Sleepy Time attack is very useful during the battle with Jonathan
Jones:  I always use a timed Sleepy Time to put all of them to sleep, then 
defeat all the Blue Bandanas but one, then start attacking Johnny.  This way, 
while you're taking out three of the Blue Bandanas, you won't be attacked, not 
even by Johnny, since they won't wake up until you attack them.  Of course, a 
Sleepy Bomb, if you have one, has the same effect.

Yaridovich: 1500 HP
Mirage: 500 HP
Exp: 40
Spoils: 50

It is, in my opinion, the HARDEST fight of the game! Yaridovich's attacks are
too powerful! His Water Blast can take out 150 HP from every member in ONE
SHOT!!! Better have Toadstool's Group Hug ready! I can't stress you enough to
always attack physically! Why you ask? Because when Yaridovich uses his Mirage
attack, it will automatically select the real one because the pointer memorize
the last enemy attacked! He will someday die...hopefully...

Here's an alternate strategy from Christophe:

Yardiovich is also very vulnerable to Mallow's Shocker, and when he uses his 
Mirage move, the enemy that takes the least damage is the real Yardiovich.

Belome (second encounter): 1200 HP
Mario Clone: 200 HP
Mallow Clone: 150 HP
Bowser Clone: 300 HP
Toadstool Clone: 120 HP
Geno Clone: 250 HP
Exp: 41
Spoils: 20 Coins

Don't worry, you won't have to fight all the guys up there! Belome has now
gained the ability to clone whomever he eat (but his attraction for Mallow
hasn't change!). That means he will mostly try to eat Mallow. That's why you
better have it in your party because it's the weakest clone (Toadstool is the
weakest in HP, but not in attack, and she can heal Belome!). Anyway, Mario
should use Ultra Jump if Belome is alone (and if you're good with Ultra Jump's
timed attack) or else use physical attacks. Geno use Geno Beam when Belome is
alone and Geno Blast (I hope you have it) when he has clones. Mallow should be
your healer. If (by bad luck) you replaced either Geno or Mallow with Bowser,
use Bowser Crush (if you have it) or use his physical attacks. If you replaced
either Geno or Mallow by Toadstool, then...you didn't follow my strategy so do
the fight yourself!

As noted by Christophe in the first Belome strategy:

In both battles with Belome, he is weak to electricity, so Mallow's 
Thunderbolt (in the first one) and Shocker (in the second) attacks work 
very well.

Smilaxes (6): 200 HP each
Megasmilax: 1000 HP
Exp: 40
Spoils: None (Not sure)

I have only two words to say: Mallow and Snowy. Those...things...anyway, they're
weak against cold. Firstly, there will be only one smilax. Defeat him with
physical (no snowy yet). After there will be two smilax. Defeat them (no snowy
again). Then, there will be three smilax. Start the snowy barrage with physical
attacks form the others. Then come the big Megasmilax. Mario: Timed hits.
Mallow: Snowy!!! Geno: Geno Flash or timed hits. Bowser: Physical or Bowser
Crush. Toadstool: Group Hug and items. Recommended party: Mario, Mallow,
Toadstool. That's all I have to say.

Here's some additionnal info from Christophe:

Snowy is great against Mega Smilax, but it is also weak against fire, so Mario's
Super Flame does ok against it, especially if you've raised Mario's Magic Attack
and Defense.  Also, Fire Bombs and Ice Bombs do large amounts to damage to all 
the Smilaxes on the field.

Shelly: 500 HP
Birdo: 777 HP
Eggberts: 10 HP each
Exp: 20
Spoils: 30 Coins

Start off by hatching Shelly with physical attacks then just defeat Birdo with
the basic pattern (physical + heal). Birdo may create some Eggberts who will
explode when attacked doing around 75 damages, so don't attack them. That's a
fairly easy fight so you won't have much problem.

Information from Bountyhunter9829:
Birdo does not automatically creat eggberts around her nest, you must have your 
character defend, and when she shoots a single-shot egg at you, the egg bounces 
off and lands on the nest, that's how they get there.

Added information from The Zenix: 
I think a timed defense would create eggberts too, not just a defense (by 
pressing B when its your turn).

Another batch of information from Christophe (I guess we all have our own ways
to fight this battle :P):
I've found that when battling Birdo, physical and magic attacks do miniscule 
damage against it, so this is my strategy against him:  First, have each 
character physically attack him once.  Then, when Birdo starts spitting 
Eggberts at you, have all three characters go into Defense mode.  When the 
Eggberts bounce off and float beside Birdo, attack them; they will do no damage
to you, but will blow up at Birdo and do 70 damage to him each time.  I repeat 
this until Birdo gives up.

Dodo: 1000 HP
Valentina: 2000 HP

Now, BEFORE the fight, place Bowser in the middle space of your party. Don't
come crying at me if you don't do it! Dodo will begin the fight by taking the
middle party member (it IS Bowser, isn't it?!?!) with him. There will now be a
one-on-one fight. It's quite simple: use Poison Gas to weaken his defense then
use the Spiked Link that you bought earlier...you DID bought it, didn't you!?
Anyway, finish this bird off and you will go back in the battle between
Valentina and the other two. Use physical attacks until Bowser and Dodo come
back. Then get Bowser physically attack Valentina. Mario should Super Jump or
attack normally. Geno should Geno Flash or attack normally. Toadstool (I hope
you took her) and Mallow should heal and use items.

Czar Dragon: 1400 HP

This is the first part of this battle. And it is quite easy. Just be careful
when Czar cast Flame Wall, it does awful damage. You should have a party of
Mario, Mallow and Toadstool. Mario should attack physically (I recommend using
the lazy shell with Mario), Mallow uses Snowy and Toadstool uses Group Hug.

Zombone: 1800 HP
Exp: 50
Now that's the real fight! He has the same attacks, except there 1.5 times more
powerful. Be very careful when he cast Flame Wall, now! Use the same strategy as

Alternate strategy from Christophe:

Zombone has MAJOR weaknesses against Mario's Ultra Jump and Mallow's Shocker and
Snowy.  Also, when the Princess has a chance, she can use Pure Water items to do
130 damage to Zombone.  For the reason, before going into the Barrel Volcano, I
return to the Kero Sewers to pic some of these up from ghost enemies (Hobgoblins
and Strawheads usually carry them; they can be found when you run into a Big

Axem Pink: 400 HP
Axem Black: 550 HP
Axem Red: 800 HP
Axem Yellow: 600 HP
Axem Green: 450 HP

Now, listen to me if you wanna survive. Mario uses the Lazy Shell or whatever
weapon he has. Mallow uses Shocker and Toadstool heals. You will attack each
single one in this exactly order (I will give you my reasons). Pink (Her damn
healing ability is TOO powerful!), Black (His black ball thingy is very
powerful), now Mallow uses Snowy, attack the Green (for his magic attacks), now
Mallow time-attacks and Mario Super Jumps, attack Yellow (for his physical
attacks). Now head to Red with Snowy, Lazy Shell and have Toadstool use a
protective item on her!!! You will know why. When you finish off Axem Red, the
reunite into...

Here's some extra info from (guess who?) Christophe:

When battling the Axem Rangers, Axem Yellow is weak against Mario's Ultra Jump,
and all the others, especially Pink and Green, seem to be very vulnerable to 
Mario and Mallow's physical attacks, especially Mallow's Sticky Glove and 
Mario's Lazy Shell.

Axem Rangers: 999 HP
Exp: 17
Spoils: None

This thing will fire the Breaker Beam every three turns! It is enough to take
out ALL your party member if you're at low levels (that's why I made Toadstool
use a protective item on her). Anyway, Shocker, Lazy Shell and Toadstool
DEFEND!!! Breaker Beam. Toadstool heals (resurrect if needed) and continue the
pattern until it is defeated.

Magikoopa: 1600 HP
Jinx Clone: 320 HP
King Bomb: 500 HP
Bahamut: 500 HP
Exp: 10
Spoils: 10 Coins and a box of Coins that never runs out!

Magikoopa's a weakling, so don't worry about him. It's the monster he summons
you should worry about! Mario should use Lazy Shell, Mallow heals, Geno use Geno
Flash, Bowser attacks and Toadstool heals and use Psych Bomb. It should be
enough to make some sense into Magikoopa.

Here again, we have extra info from Christophe:

When battling Magikoopa, if he summons a King Bomb, it can easily be cleared 
away by a single Ultra Jump or Ultra Flame from Mario.

Boomer: 2000 HP
Exp: 19
Spoils: 9 Coins.

Simple. Use physical attacks when its blue, tech when its red! Toadstool or
Mallow should heal (I still prefer Toadstool).

Exor: 1800 HP
Left Eye: 300 HP
Right Eye: 500 HP
Neosquid: 800 HP
Exp: 34
Spoils: None

Now, enough free fighting, you will listen to me, is this clear!?! Your party is
Mario, Bowser and Toadstool. Now, attack the Left Eye with physical attacks.
Toadstool should heal when needed. When the eye is down, attack Exor physically
with everyone (that includes Toadstool). Once the eye regenerate, use Ultra
Jump, Bowser Crush, Psych Bomb, Geno Flash and Star Rain. Once its
down, attack Exor. Repeat and you should easily defeat him.

Ding-a-Lings (2): 1200 HP
Count Down: 2400 HP
Exp: 67
Spoils: 100 Coins

I don't know why people hate this fight. I found it rather fun. Anyway, the
count down's really dangerous because he will cast several powerful spells, then
take a break...Err...Anyway, just physical attacks it to make him go out of
order, then smash the Ding-a-Lings (ouch! ;)) with the most powerful attacks
that you have. I mean Lazy Shell, Bowser Crush, Psych Bomb, Star Rain and Geno

And... extra info from Christophe! (If it continues like this, I'm gonna have
to write this guy's name beside mine at the top of this FAQ!)

In the battle against Countdown and the Ding-a-Lings, I always destroy Countdown
first, since he can heal; he is very weak to Mallow's Shocker, by the way.
The Ding-a-Lings themselves are also weak to Shocker, as well as Mario's Ultra 
Jump, which is good since you can still use these attacks if you are turned into
a Scarecrow.

Cloaker: 1200 HP
Domino: 900 HP

Another two-parts fight...sigh...Anyway, if you take out Cloaker, you will have
to fight Domino riding Mad Adder and if you take out Domino first, you will have
a horrible fight with Earth Link and Cloaker, so...take out Cloaker first! Lazy
Shell and other physical attacks are your best friends. Once Cloaker's down,
you'll end fightning...

Domino: 900 HP
Mad Adder: 1500 HP
Exp: 40
Spoils: None

Now the fight starts! Be careful as Mad Adder has some nasty attacks! Use the
same pattern you used above on Mad Adder, not Domino because if Mad Adder dies,
Domino does too! And since I've received a lot of e-mails about people who
actually prefer to fight Cloaker and Earth Link, here's a strategy by none
on how to fight these two.

In fact, according to Christophe:

I personally defeat Domino first instead of Cloaker; EarthLink might have more
HP than Mad Adder, but Domino's attacks do more damage then Cloaker's.

Cloaker: 1200 HP
Earth Link: 2500 HP

Now, either you're very brave or very stupid, but you ended fighting Earth Link
and Cloaker even tough all my warnings :P... Anyway. This guy seems to be 
affected by magic, so I think a Lazy Shell-Geno Flash combo would do the trick.
What?!? You say you don't have Geno?!? You are completely insane...With Bowser,
attack, with Mallow, Star Rain and Toadstool should heal. Don't tell me you 
don't have Toadstool because I will scream! If you don't have her, you 
shouldn't be reading this FAQ! Your place is in a hospital!

PS: And by the way, if you send me an e-mail to flame me because of that 
paragraph, I've got nothing to say to you. READ: That paragraph is a JOKE! I
realize that fighting the second battle may be easier.

Clerk: 500 HP
Mad Mallets (2): 200 HP each
Exp: 24
Spoils: 21 Coins

Hehe...I don't know why I list that as a boss... okay, on with the show. Take ou
the Clerk with physical attacks and the Mad Mallet will run away. If they don't,
then show them who's boss!

Manager: 800 HP
Pounders (3): 180 HP each
Exp: 41
Spoils: 46 Coins
Don't ya think they jes' look like the three other ones up'here?

Director: 1000 HP
Poundette: 150 HP
Exp: 61
Spoils: 92 Coins

I think their goal is to bore us the most they can until we turn off our SNES
and throw the controller on the wall (imaged).

Factory Chief: 1000 HP
Gunyolk: 1500 HP
Exp: 60
Spoils: 100 Coins

Now, there's a TRUE boss! If you have Geno (you should), cast timed-Geno Boost
on everybody to boost defense and attack power. Toadstool can try to Mute the
Gunyolk because of his horrible attacks, but she should stick to healing. Mario
uses the Lazy Shell as usual, Bowser attacks and Mallow cast Shocker. Just be
careful because the Gunyolk can cast Breaker Beam. Don't remember what it is,
let me show you a flash back...

"Axem Rangers: 999 HP
Exp: 17
Spoils: None

This thing will fire the Breaker Beam every three turns! It is enough to take
out ALL your party member if you're at low levels!"


Smithy: 2000 HP
Smelter: 1500 HP
Shypers: 400 HP each

What? It is the last boss and it only have 2000 HP? It is less than Earth Link!
Worst, when you defeat Smithy, the other dies as well! Is that enough easy for
you? If it's what you think, you'll die. Primo, Smithy's got 200 damages to all
party members like-spells, okay? Segundo, this is a two-part fight!!! I don't
consider defeating Smelter before Smithy. Smelter has too much HP and its only
purpose is creating Shypers. So concentrate your attacks on Smithy. Use the
basic routine: Lazy Shell, Bowser Crush, Psych Bomb, Geno Flash, Star Rain and
heal with Mallow or Toadstool when needed. I would recommend either the
following party: Mario, Geno, Toadstool or Mario, Bowser, Toadstool. If you use
a Mario, Geno, Mallow party, I hope you're at high levels 'cause your gonna need
it! Mallow's HP Rain isn't enough powerful to heal you to maximum now,
Toadstool's Group Hug is. Anyway, after sometime the screen will flash and Aero
and Drill Bit will then come to Smithy to calm him down. Smithy will be only
more angered! He'll destroy the entire factory! All the party will fall down and
Smithy will show his real form: Metal Smithy!

Metal Smithy's Head: 8000 HP
Metal Smithy's Body: 1000 HP (can regenerates after death)
Exp: None
Spoils: None

Now this part is a little complicated. You see, Metal Smithy's head constantly
changes. You must attack specific heads with specific attacks. Oh yeah, by the
way, attacking the Body is futile: it regenerates after 3 turns. Anyway, on with
the show. At the beginning, it will be Metal Smithy's head who's there. Attack
this head physically. After a few turns, it will change. Here's the strategy to
beat each head. Tank head: Use lightning attacks and special techs. Mage Head:
Use physical attacks to deal LOTS of damages. Vault Head: Nothing can hurt him
efficiently so use physical attacks until it changes again. Box Head: Ultra
Fire, Geno Flash, Psych Bomb, Star Rain, and Bowser's physical attacks. After a
little (long) while, you should defeat it. Congratulation! You've beaten the


Those are bosses that your not forced to defeat in order to beat the game. I'll
give the boss information, a strategy on how to beat it and as well a strategy
on how to reach it.

Jagger: 600 HP
Where: In Monstro Town. He isn't very hard to find.
Reward: Enable Weak Jinx.

You can easily defeat it the first time you're in Monstro Town. Use pysical
attacks with everyone but Toadstool which should be used for healing (you could
replace Toadstool with Mallow since it's a very easy boss).

Weak Jinx: 600 HP
Where: In Monstro Town. You must beat Jagger first.
Reward: Enable Normal Jinx.

You should use the same strategy as above. Watch out for its Jinxed attack, it

Normal Jinx: 800 HP
Where: In Monstro Town. You must beat Weak Jinx first.
Reward: Enable Strong Jinx.

Now he's dangerous! He's got a new attack: Silver Bullet. This attack is a ONE-
HIT-KO!!! And he use it very often! So time-Geno Boosts your party (or use
Crystalline and Power Blast items) and SMASH HIM! Heals periodically.

Extra info from Christophe!

Jinx also has an attack called Triple Kick, which can do some damage, but 
is easy to block.

Strong Jinx: 1000 HP
Where: In Monstro Town. You must beat Normal Jinx first.
Reward: Jinx Belt.

Use crystalline and power blast in the beginning (don't even bother with Geno
Boost, its not enough powerful). Now, he's got three attacks you gotta watch
out: Jinxed (strong damages to one party member), Silver Bullet (one-hit-KO) and
Bombs Away (STRONG damages to all the party). Use Group Hug (you could use HP
Rain, but I don't recommend it at all) when needed. Attack physically.

Culex: 4096 HP
Fire Crystal: 2500 HP
Water Crystal: 1600 HP
Earth Crystal: 3200 HP
Wind Crystal: 800 HP
Where: First, go in Molleville in the top left house and purchase Fireworks for
500 Coins. Sell the Fireworks to a little girl surrounded by crates for a Shiny
Stone. Now go to the sealed door in Monstro Town and use the Shiny Stone
(Press A) on it.
Reward: Quartz Charm and 244 exp.

Here comes, straight from Final Fantasy, the great Culex! Now THAT is the 
hardest fight of the game...not really. I'll tell you, it's possible to easily
beat Culex without the Star Egg or the Lazy Shell armor. Anyway, you must first
take out the crystals...they're four...it takes too long to attack them all 
individually so use the following attacks: Ultra Jump, Geno Flash, Snowy, 
Bowser Crush and Psych Bomb. Heal when needed. Once two of the four crystals 
are gone, make Mario use the Lazy Shell on Culex, and the other attack
physically the Earth Crystal. When the Earth Crystal is down, use the Lazy Shell
on Culex, Bowser's physical attack on Culex, Psych Bomb, Star Rain and Geno
Flash. Always heal when the HP or FP are low. If Culex dies first, you've won.
If the Earth Crystal dies first, concentrate all physical attacks on Culex and
you should win.

That's all for the Bosses!


Here I'll describe all playable characters in the game. We'll begin with...


Description: Who don't know Mario? The Italian plumber! The one who defeated
Bowser in all his attempts to abduct the Princess Toadstool! You're forced to
have him in your party. By chance, it's one of the strongest character in the
game (if not the strongest).

Timed-attacks: Fists - Press A prior to the punch.
               Hammer - Press A prior to when Mario swings the hammer.
               Shell - Press A prior to when Mario kicks the shell.

Special Techs:

| Name      | Magic Power |FP | Level | Timed-attack                           |
|Jump       |     25      | 3 |   1   | Press Y when Mario touches the enemy.  |
|Fire Orb   |     20      | 5 |   3   | Press Y repeatedly.                    |
|Super Jump |     45      | 6 |   6   | Press Y each time Mario lands.         |
|Super Flame|     40      | 9 |  10   | Press Y repeatedly.                    |
|Ultra Jump |     65      |10 |  14   | Press Y each time Mario lands.         |
|Ultra Flame|     60      |14 |  18   | Press Y repeatedly.                    |


Description: A marshmallow-like thing who's grandfather's a frog. Supposed to be
a tadpole. Not much of a fighter but he has some good healing and attacking
magic. I wouldn't place him instead of Toadstool, though. He does learn
Psychopath (no, it's not what you're thinking!) which shows the HP of
enemies...as well as their thoughts!

Timed-attacks: Fists (of marshmallow) - Press A prior to the punch.
               Stick - Press A prior to the hit..
               Cymbals - Press A AFTER he whacks the two cymbals together.

Special Techs:

| Name      | Magic Power |FP | Level | Timed-attack                           |
|Thunderbolt|     15      | 2 |   1   | Press Y just before the end.           |
|HP Rain    |     10      | 2 |   3   | Press Y just before the end.           |
|Psychopath |     N/A     | 1 |   6   | Press Y when the two lights join.      |
|Shocker    |     60      | 8 |  10   | Press Y just before the end.           |
|Snowy      |     40      |12 |  14   | Rotate the control pad.                |
|Star Rain  |     55      |14 |  18   | Press Y at each hit.                   |


Description: My favorite character! His physical attacks packs a lot and his
Geno Flash is super powerful! Not to talk of his timed-Geno Whirl which does
9999 damages! It is very difficult (maybe impossible) to do it on bosses,
though... Anyway, Geno's your best friend when you need power| He's the
strongest character in the game after Bowser. (Well Mario is stronger if he has
the Lazy Shell, but...) By the way, his real name is "(Hearth)(Musical Note)!?"
(you'll understand).

Timed-attacks: Missile Punch - Press A prior to when Geno fires.
               Gun-Arm - Press A prior to when Geno fires.

Special Techs:

| Name      | Magic Power |FP | Level | Timed-attack                           |
|Geno Beam  |     40      | 3 |   1   | Press Y to charge, then unleash!       |
|Geno Boost |     N/A     | 4 |   8   | Press Y just before the end.           |
|Geno Whirl |     45      | 8 |  11   | Press Y prior to end for 9999 damages. |
|Geno Blast |     50      | 8 |  14   | Press Y to charge, the unleash!        |
|Geno Flash |     60      |16 |  17   | Press Y to charge, the unleash!        |


Description: Yes, the almighty and mean Bowser is in the Mario Team! He joins
for the ONLY reason he want to recover his castle... Anyway, his magic sucks but
his physical attacks rocks! He THE strongest physical character in the game
(except Mario with the Lazy Shell). When you need physical power, be sure to
take Bowser in your team!

Timed-attacks: Claw - Press A before Bowser scratches.
               Chomp - Press A before Bowser throw the chomp.
               Mario Toss - Press A before Mario collides.

Special Techs:

| Name      | Magic Power |FP | Level | Timed-attack                           |
|Terrorize  |     10      | 6 |   1   | Rotate the control pad.                |
|Poison Gas |     20      |10 |  12   | Rotate the control pad.                |
|Crusher    |     60      |12 |  15   | Press Y prior to contact.              |
|BowserCrush|    58       |16 |  18   | Press Y repeatedly                     |


Description: Even the Princess of Mushroom Kingdom joins! Her healing techs are
nearly necessary to complete the game! Her Group Hug is the most useful healing
spell of the game! Her Come Back tech only restores 50% of HP but, its better
than staying dead, no? Unfortunately, she learns her only "true" Magic attack at
Lv.18 (Psych Bomb). Her Sleepy Time tech is completely useless.

Timed-attacks: Slap - Press A prior to the slap.
               Parasol - Err...Press A prior to the hit. (What the hell is that,
               Other Thingies - Press A prior to the hit.               anyway?)

Special Techs:

| Name      | Magic Power |FP | Level | Timed-attack                           |
|Therapy    |     40      | 2 |   1   | Press Y just before the end.           |
|Group Hug  |     30      | 4 |   1   | Press Y just before the end.           |
|Sleepy Time|     N/A     | 4 |  11   | Nearly never works anyway.*            |
|Come Back  |     N/A     | 2 |  13   | Press Y just before the end to restore |
|           |             |   |       | ALL HPs                                |
|Mute       |     N/A     | 3 |  15   | Rotate the control pad.                |
|Psych Bomb |     60      |15 |  18   | Press Y repeatedly                     |

* Can actually be useful in some mass battles, see the Jonathan Jones Boss

6 - Frequently asked questions

Three years after publishing the first version of this "FAQ", I finally noticed 
that this "FAQ" doesn't have any FAQ section... so here it is! If you have any
question about the game (it doesn't have to be about the bosses or the
walkthrough, it could be to confirm a glitch, a rumor or anything), feel free
to e-mail it to me. I'll send you the answer and even add it in this section.

--> Question: About the Geno Whirl attack. You said it was maybe impossible to 
pull off the time attack on bosses. Does that mean that there's no boss that 
are affected by it?

>-- Answer: In fact, according to Gregory Bradley, it's possible to pull it off
on Exor. If you look up at my strategy in the Boss section, when I say to attack
Exor physically with every party members (when the Left Eye is down), at that
moment, it would be possible to use the timed Geno Whirl to defeat Exor in 2-3
hits. (Thanks to Gregory for this information)
* I'm gonna replay the game to find out if there are any other boss where Geno
Whirl might work on. If you want to give information about it, feel free to
e-mail me, it'll be greatly appreciated.

--> Question: You're often referencing to the Lazy Shell weapon. What is it and
where can I get it?

>-- Answer: The Lazy Shell weapon, as well as the Lazy Shell armor, are the two
most powerful pieces of equipment in the game. To acquire them, you must have
defeated Smilax, taken up the Seed "note". Later, when you'll have beaten
Valentina, you must go to the east (which is toward the upper-left corner from
the camera's point of view) and find an invisibile pathway. At the end of this
pathway, you'll find a monster who gives you a Fertilizer. With these items,
you must go back to Rose Town and find an isolated house in the northern part
of the town (it's in another screen). You must then give the items to the guy
in the house. He'll then grow a beanstalk. On top of it lies... the Super 
Strong Anti-Penguin Gods Fictive Item mentioned in this FAQ's tutorial!! OK,
lame joke... on top are the Lazy Shell weapon and the Lazy Shell Armor.
However, be warned: the Lazy Shell weapon really is Mario's strongest weapon in 
the game, but the Lazy Shell armor is a double-bladed sword; it boosts your 
defense so much that almost no attack will do more than 1 damage on the 
character who wears it, but lowers your attack power of about the same amount! 
And finaly, I've tried equiping both the items on Mario and got strange results:
half of the time, Mario attacked with the full Lazy Shell weapon's attack power 
and the other half, he did 1 damage... anyway...

--> Question: How can I get a lot of coins easily and quickly?

>-- Answer: Well, apart from playing the casino game, the easiest way may be to
jump on top of the caterpillars' head in the Forest Maze. You get 1 Coin each
time you jump and if you jump 10 times in a row, you get a Frog Coin! (You jump
in the map screen, not in battles)

--> Question: A casino? Where?

>-- Answer: To find the casino, you must first go into Booster Tower after
having completed the Marrymore part. Climbing it, you'll eventually stumble
accross Knife Guy juggling with some colored balls. If you talk to him, he'll
ask you to play his game. The goal is to find in which hand the yellow ball
is hidden. You'll have to have quick eyes to notice it. Each time you win,
he'll go faster and faster. You must win 13 times to get the Bright Card.
Once you have it, you must go to Bean Valley. There's an area with a Shy
Away watering Smilaxes. You must kill one of the Smilaxes and go down the
pipe. Do this until you stumble upon an area with a gold Chomp. Go in the
corner nearest to the Chomp and jump a couple of times until you hear a
chime and a platform should appear. Use the platform to jump onto a ledge
and enter the next area. You are now in the casino. You can get a more
detailed explanation of this part in SpikeJSP's Secrets FAQ at GameFAQs.

--> Question: Is it true that Link, Samus and Luigi are present in this game?

>-- Answer: Yes, yes and unconfirmed. You can find Link after you get Geno. He
can sometime be found sleeping in Rose Town's Inn after you sleep there
yourself. Talk to him to hear the trademark "Treasure" sound from the Zelda
series. Now Samus. She can be found in Mushroom Kingdom after you get the 5th
Star Piece. She's asleep in the castle's guest room. You can speak to her and
she tells something about resting for Mother Brain (I don't remember the exact
text). As for Luigi, I've yet to confirm his existence in this game, but
some rumors suggest that he's the person you can speak to behind a house in Rose
Town... I'll confirm this myself with the next update!

--> Question: Is it true that Culex is from Final Fantasy IV?

>-- Answer: Now, time to break the rumors: No, Culex doesn't actually appear in
ANY Final Fantasy games. I've played all three versions of FFIV (SNES, PS, GBA)
and he doesn't appear anywhere in it. From all the Final Fantasy I played, he
FFXI, FFCC, FFMQ, FFT, FFTA and neither in the japanese versions of any of
these games. Culex is a Final Fantasy-LIKE character created by Squaresoft
especially for this game. The reason people think that Culex is from FFIV is
because, if I remember well, the battle music for this fight is Final Fantasy
IV's Boss Battle Music.

--> Question: Is it true that nobody actually asked you these questions and that
you do this to get attention and continue to update your FAQ even though you've
got nothing new to add???

>-- Answer: Err... shut up...


Square and Nintendo: For making this very good game.

Videogames: For making me learn English (no kidding!).

Me, myself and I: For writing this FAQ!

www.gamefaqs.com: They gave me this idea.

AstroBlue's Super Mario RPG FAQ/Walkthrough: For remembering me some bosses I
Donn: For giving the information about Come Back, Psych Bomb and Bowser Crush.

Chris Davis: For the Knife Guy/Grate Guy Boss strategy.

Bountyhunter9829: For the information about Birdo's eggberts.

Gregory Bradley: For the information about Geno Whirl.


Christophe: I should almost do a whole section for this guy. As you may have
seen throughout this FAQ, Christophe has contributed a HUGE amount of
information. So thank you again!

(c) Copyright 2003-2006 William "Zenix"

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