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SNES/GBA Changes FAQ by Berserker_Blade

Version: 3.50 | Updated: 10/18/08

                             Donkey Kong Country
                             SNES and GBA changes
                                 Version 3.50
By Black Murasame63 (c)2003-2008

Table of Contents
I.   What's new...................................(DK001)
II.  Version History..............................(DK002)
III. Copyright....................................(DK003)
IV.  Contact......................................(DK004)
V.   Introduction.................................(DK005)
VI.  SNES/GBA Changes.............................(DK006)
        A. Imminent Changes.......................(CH00A)
        B. Additions..............................(CH00B)
        C. Graphical/Sound Changes................(CH00C)
        D. Changes that Affected the Gameplay.....(CH00D)
VII. Stage Differences............................(DK007)
        A. Kongo Jungle...........................(ST00A)
        B. Monkey Mines...........................(ST00B)
        C. Vine Valley............................(ST00C)
        D. Gorilla Glacier........................(ST00D)
        E. Kremkroc Industries Inc................(ST00E)
        F. Chimp Caverns..........................(ST00F)
        G. Animal Buddies Bonus Stages............(ST00G)
VIII.Boss pattern Changes and Differences.........(DK008)
IX.  Credits......................................(DK009)

I. What's New (DK001)
Wow, I've updated with a lot of changes. Check it out. Thanks DKCGamerGirl
for your contribution.

II. Version History (DK002)
October 18, 2008

I've updated with a lot of changes. Check it out. Thanks DKCGamerGirl
for your contribution.

January 02, 2008

3.0 The most significant revision yet. Changed the entire layout, fixed
numerous spelling errors as well as revising many sentences. Oraganized the
changes statements into its respected section. Added more changes. I 
finally added a table of contents as well as adding numerous sections.

February 08, 2007

2.2 Just added a few more changes and gave the boss patterns and changes its
own section

June 19, 2006

2.0 After a year, I finally got more time to update a lot of things such as:
re-arraged the order of the FAQ, added more changes and fixed grammar and

May 15, 2005

1.8 Finally updated the FAQ by adding more changes and deleted some unnessary

July 10, 2003

1.5 Added a lot of changes

June 25,2003

1.2 Added a few changes

June 22,2003

1.0 Initial release

III. Copyright (DK003)
This FAQ may not be reproduced in anyway except personal and privite use. It
will not be in any website or distibuted publicity without any permisson. To
put this simple don't take it without my permission.
(c)2003-2008 Black Murasame63  

IV. Contact Info (DK004)
On the stage differences section, there maybe numerous changes out there I may
have overlooked. So, feel free to tell me any changes that might be modified
in the GBA versions.Other than that, If you have anything to add to an existing
change, found errors or simply want to talk to me, go here:

E-mail address: Suikofreak@gmail.com. 

Please, by all means, get my permission before putting up this FAQ or anyone's
FAQ in your website. Also, any E-Mail that does not contain any constructive
criticism whatsoever or just simply trolling, I will not bother reading it,
and it will be deleted.

V. Intro (DK005)
The reason why this FAQ existed is because there are numerous changes between
the GBA and the SNES version. Regardless of how significant or how trivial the
modifications are, it's still a change. This SNES game has once ported to the
GBA. Once again, DKC was ported to  the GBA.This FAQ will tell you all the
major and minor changes between the SNES and the GBA version.

Recent changes *

VI. The Changes (DK006)

A. Imminent Changes (CH00A)
Imminent changes are modifications that cannot be avoided due to the hardware
of the system. For example, the GBA version of this game will obviously have 
very noticeable changes towards the quality of music and graphics.

-The interface itself is obviously based on the GBA controls.

A button- Jump, swim and confirm

B button- Run, roll, pick up barrel, throw barrel and cancel

L button- Switch Kongs, leave stage and dismount animal friend.

R button- Same as the B button

start Button- Pause, confirm, menu (world Map only)

Select- Same as the L button except you can leave the stage or quit(World Map)

- The port is much brighter than the original. As a result some of the colors
are washed out. This is supposed to address the brightness issue. The best
example of the washed out colors are the dark stages such as Winky's Walkway
or Mine Kart Kanage.

***NOTE: Remember this game came out before the GBA:SP***

- The music has been reworked to fit the GBA sound quality. As a result the
quality of thesounds and music aren't as great as the SNES counterpart. 
Oh well, it definitely beats the GBC version =D

- Needs two cartridges and a link cable to play multiplayer

- You can now save anywhere. Obviously, it's a portable game. Quicksave is a

B. The additions (CH00B)
No, not the addition attacks in Legend of Dragoon(PS1). They are the added
contents not found in the SNES version.

- The GBA version had a different opening sequence (Liked the Original better)

- There is Hero Mode and DK attack

- Now you look for Scrapbook pictures.
(The idea was based on the sticker book from GBC version)

- There are two new games. Candy dance Studio and Funky's fishing game.
(Funky's fishing game originates from GBC)

- The World Map is completely different from their SNES counterpart.

- I can't believe that I missed the obvious. This time, you get to see
HOW the banana hoard was stolen. In the original version, the story synopsis
was shown in the manual.

- Cranky also makes a comment whenever you defeat a boss.

- Now you see "B" on bonus barrels. (like DKC2 and 3)

- When you are in the warp point, you go to a weird room with floating

C. Graphical/Sound Changes (CH00C)
Alterations and additions found in the GBA version. Also, the results of the
sprites and background due to the hardware. These changes don't affect the
gameplay itself.

*- There is no visual transitions on the background. For example, in the SNES
version you can see that transition of day to night on the first stage. In
the GBA version, it does not exist.

- Cranky's cabin is been redone along with DK's Treehouse

- The colors on background have a slightly different shadings on the lighting.
(See brightness change on the Imminent section)

- There are some extra details in the background. For example, you can see
lizards moving in the jungle stages or spiders in the Cave stages. You can
even see rats in the background.

- The colors of the Kremlings are altered (ex. The Kremling in Jungle
highjinx is purple not green)

- The gnawtys on the millstones in the Temple stages are gray not light brown.

- When Necky's and Mini Necky's die, feather comes off.

- The numerous layers of jungle seen in the SNES are removed in the GBA

- There is mist on the bottom on tree top stages.

- In Millstone Mayhem, they added trees and vines in the foreground.

*- There are mists under the houses on the tree top stages

- The bosses turns red when they are invincible

- In certain stages where you have to spellout certain words while it spins, 
Instead of bananas, it is Kremling heads.

- On Rambi's 1-up bonus, they added snow.

- When a steel barrel goes to the slope, it bounces. On the SNES version, the
steel barrel goes at a clean slide when going down the slope.

- In the SNES version, when you go inside the bonus barrels, you blast up in
the air. In the GBA version, the "B" makes a swirly sound. Similar to the DKC3
bonus barrels.

- When you shoot from the blast barrels it's slower

- When you are inside the blast barrels the spin is slower

- When you have DK and diddy with you and touch the DK barrel, nothing happens

There are areas on the ground that are covered with leaves which you must hit
from a height to revel hidden objects. The leaves covering these areas are a
brighter color in the GBA version and not so cleverly disguised.
(Credits goes to DKCGamerGirl)

When you blast out of barrels, there is now a mist around you.
(Credits goes to DKCGamerGirl)

The bonuses in the walls of some levels are obvious, as the wall you need to
throw the barrel into is highlighted with a darker color then the rest of the 

(Credits goes to DKCGamerGirl)

In the SNES version, the KONG letters were small and they sparkled. In the GBA
version, they are bigger and they spin instead. (Credits goes to DKCGamerGirl)
- In the SNES version you hear a loud sound when you make contact to the
tracks. In the GBA version you hear soft sound when you make contact to the

- The blast out of the barrels are not as loud as the orginal.

- When riding the steel barrel he does not make a sound while he is riding.

- You hear a different Sound when Mankey Kong throws barrels

- You hear a different sound when you found a hidden Item 

- When you getting bananas you hear a different sound.

- Mankey Kong doesn't make that "whooosh" when throwing the barrels.

- Donkey and Diddy Kong makes a groan when you fall down the pit.

- Very Gnaughty doesn't make the noise when you hit him.

- Slippa doesn't made "hsssss" when it dies.

- The Kremlings make a different sound when they die.

- When Diddy and DK dies, the stars above their heads had diffrent sound.

- The animals friends make noises when they jump Except Rambi, Squawks and

- Also on stages where you are require to spell out a word, the letters
that are gathering don't make a sound compared to the SNES version.

- On Rambi's 1-up bonus, they added snow.

- Yes, they still have the rain effects on Ropey rampage. The effects aren't
noticeable on the original GBA.

- When doing the 50 lives code, instead of a chimp chatter Diddy says
"Not Bad."

- They don't have a nintendo logo when you have big banana

- The blast from the TNT barrel are bigger

- The enemies fom Stop or go station doesn't make a stomping sound while they
are running.

- The GBA version has some sound effects taken from Donkey Kong 64, ex: some 
of the enemy sounds, the sound DK makes when falling off a ledge sounds like 
in DK64 when you play the DK barrel blast game, and little bits of the 
music.(Credit goes to B3TA X)

- The Rock Kroc guys in stop & go station sound different when you make them 
stop running, and I swear they come alive faster at the part at the end 
after going through the warp thing because it was harder to get through that 
with both Diddy & DK still alive to the exit.(Credit goes to B3TA X)

The sound for breaking open a bonus room in a wall is different. You don't hear
the original SNES chime/bell sound. (Credits goes to DKCGamerGirl)

Necky's 'caw' audio is different in the GBA version for Neck's Nest.
(Credits goes to DKCGamerGirl)

D. Changes that Affected the Gameplay (CH00D)
In this section, there are modifications and omittions that inflenced the
gameplay itself between the two versions.

- Due to the revamped world map, some of the stages are out of order compared
to the SNES counterpart.

(ex. The last level before the boss in Vine Valley is Temple Tempest not Clam
City. The last stage in Gorilla Glacier is Torchlight Trouble not Rope Bridge

(In the SNES version of Kremkroc factories Inc, after Trick Track Trek, comes
Elevator Antics then Poison Pond. In the GBA version, the order of those two
stages are flipped around.) 

- The menu can verify the completion of each levels

- You can get into an airplane in GBA from the start menu without having to 
actually go to Funky & get a plane. I don't know if that difference is worth 
mentioning though.
(Credit goes to B3TA X)

- The golden animal icon stacks up, even if you died in that stage. In the
SNES version, it doesn't stack up until you beat the stage.

- Funky flights and Candys save point becomes Funkys fishing and Candys Dance

- The hidden areas in the water stages are much easier to spot as well as
bonus areas that are situated on the walls

- When you are in the bonus barrel, they tell you the objectives

- The bonus barrels stay even after you been there

Also, In the SNES version, the bonus areas are usually one-time only. In the
GBA version, all bonus areas are no longer a one time entry. Instead they
are accessible regardless whether or not you succeed that particular

For Example, the infamous bonus area in Oil Drum Alley where you have to get a
barrel as in order to enter the second bonus area is no longer a daunting task.
If you screw up, you can simply try again. (Thanks to Master Knight for the

- When walking the trail in between levels in a world, in GBA you can now 
control it by walking back & forth in between the two levels. In SNES you 
couldn't & you were forced to walk the whole way to a level if you pressed 
that direction accidentally. But now you can turn around mid-walk! Yay.
(Credit goes to B3TA X)

- In GBA when Diddy throws a wooden/TNT barrel, it doesn't go as far as it 
did in SNES.(Credit goes to B3TA X)

you throw a barrel at Mini-Necky, after he has spit an egg at you, the barrel
will hit the egg as well as the Mini-Necky. In the SNES version, if you throw
the barrel after he spits an egg, the barrel will only hit the egg.

(Credits goes to DKCGamerGirl)

You can now pause a level right after being killed 
(Credits goes to DKCGamerGirl)

VII. Stage Differences (DK007)
Basically the layout changes between SNES and GBA version.

A. Kongo Jungle (ST00A)
- I went around Jungle Hijinx on GBA pounding the ground w/ DK in all the 
places I know there are hidden bananas in the ground in the SNES version. 
But most of the places I slapped didn't have anything. They took out a lot 
of those hidden bananas, as well as in other levels.(Credit goes to B3TA X)

- Removed the day and night transition at the end of Jungle Highjinx as well
the end of Ropey Rampage

-No Thunder in Ropey Rampage

-in ropey rampage, Near the beginning of the stage, there is a rope that leads
to the tops of the trees. However, if you roll jump off of the cliff near the
rope, you hit a warp barrel!! In the SNES version, the warp barrel does not
(Credit goes to kerorain82)

- At the end Ropey Rampage, it still rains unlike the SNES version where the
weather turned sunny at the end.

- On Coral Capers, you see a arrow pointing down you see seaweed covering

- The golden Rambi icon in Barrel Cannon Canyon was placed differently

- Also on the SNES version of Barrel Cannon Canyon, after being launched on
the first barrel, you can get to the second barrel easily. In the GBA version
it cannot be done the same way. :(

B. Monkey Mines (ST00B)
-Yes, the warp barrel exists in the SNES of Mine Kart Karnage. You have to be
extremely lucky to pinpoint its location. In the GBA, it's much easier to 
pinpoint it's location.

C. Vine Valley (ST00C)

- In the SNES version of Vulture Culture, there is a glitch in the second
bonus area. After being deployed in the barrel and destroy the Necky, you
can destroy the wall by just landing to the wall. In the GBA version,
they removed the glitch.

- Near the end of Forest Frenzy, the array of neckys are slower than the SNES

In the stage of Orangutan gang, there is no transition shift from day to

In the SNES version of Tree Top Town, it was possible to enter the first bonus
barrel by jumping on the Gnawty. In the GBA version this doesn't give you
enough height and you must use the Krow instead.

(Credits goes to DKCGamerGirl)

In Tree Top Town, after you exit the second bonus room, you now come out on a
low platform with a barrel on it that shoots you to the main area. In the SNES
version, you just land on the main platform.

(Credits goes to DKCGamerGirl)

In Forest Frenzy, the Kritters at the beginning of the level are red, in the
SNES version they were the regular gray.

(Credits goes to DKCGamerGirl)

Zingers is now blue in some levels, such as Forest Frenzy.

(Credits goes to DKCGamerGirl)

D. Gorilla Glacier (ST00D)
 In the SNES version of Slipslide ride, there is a warp barrel at the
beginning of the stage. It is accessed by going up the rope at the dangling
rope leading up to the bonus area. Instead of opening the bonus area, have
Donkey Kong hug the wall and jump to the top left corner. Thus leading to the
near the end of the stage. However in the GBA, that warp is omitted altogether.

In the SNES version Slip Slide Ride, at the very end there was a second rope,
after the letter G, and right before the exit. This last rope provided no real
purpose and has been removed for the GBA port.

(Credits goes to DKCGamerGirl)

In Ice Age Alley, you can see more towards the tops of the swinging ropes, thus
making them look longer and easier to grab.

(Credits goes to DKCGamerGirl)

Right after the first Klaptrap, after the continue barrel, there is an extra
blast barrel down below. This is done because it is now a snapshot location.

(Credits goes to DKCGamerGirl)
E. Kremkroc Industries Inc. (ST00E)
- In Trick Track Trek GBA version towards the end when the enemies fall down 
onto your moving platform thing, I think there is a Klump or a Krusha up 
there who comes down onto the platform who didn't in the SNES version.
(Credit goes to B3TA X)

- And in Trick Track  Trek I saw the top of a bonus barrel at the bottom of the
screen after jumping aboard the platform at the beginning right after it
started moving along the track. In SNES I never saw that.
(Credit goes to B3TA X)

- The falling platforms in levels like Blackout Basement & Platform Peril 
seem to fall faster when they start shaking in the GBA version.
(Credit goes to B3TA X)

The Rambi color glitch in Oil Drum Alley no longer works, as Rambi can no
longer get hit with a barrel from behind in the GBA port.

(Credits goes to DKCGamerGirl)

The oil barrels, at the end of Oil Drum Alley, light up three times in a row,
instead of just two, like in the SNES version.

(Credits goes to DKCGamerGirl)

In the SNES version of Oil Drum Alley, once you get the TNT barrel for the
first bonus, you can just walk right into/over the oil barrel and it will
explode. In the GBA port, they no longer works and you have to throw the TNT
barrel at it instead.

(Credits goes to DKCGamerGirl)

In the SNES version of Trick Track Trek, some of the Kremlings stick on the end
of the moving platform for a few seconds before dropping. This bug has been
fixed in the GBA port.

(Credits goes to DKCGamerGirl)

In Elevator Antics, you can now see the path and wall opening to the second
bonus on top.

(Credits goes to DKCGamerGirl)

The elevators in Elevator Antics now have audio added to them.

(Credits goes to DKCGamerGirl)

The last bonus in Blackout Basement is one where you watch the balloon and try
to see which barrel it stops at. In the SNES version, you cannot see the
balloon or the barrels when the lights go out. In the GBA port, you can see the
black silhouette of the balloon over the barrels, thus making it much easier.

(Credits goes to DKCGamerGirl)

There is more time in the Rambi bonus area, as, in the SNES version, if you go
all the way to the end and back to jump across the top, in order to reach the
x2 statue, you will run out of time. Therefore, you can only go a little over
half-way and back in order to get it. In the GBA port, you can go all the way
to the wall and back and still have time to jump along the top and get the x2
statue. After that you still have time to get back to the main area for a bit.

(Credits goes to DKCGamerGirl)
F. Chimp Caverns (ST00F)

In the SNES version of Misty Mine, if you hold a TNT barrel in front of you and
run into a poison barrel, it will blow up. In the GBA port, you have to throw
it at the poison barrel.

(Credits goes to DKCGamerGirl)

The platform to the first bonus in Platform Perils is now easier to see.

(Credits goes to DKCGamerGirl)

G. Animal Buddies Bonus Stages (ST00G)

- In the Rambi bonus level on GBA, there are now little gold things to 
collect on the top row of snow/ice things that you jump on to get to the big 
gold Rambi. There were none on SNES.
(Credit goes to B3TA X)

- In the Expresso bonus level, the little golden things go up higher than in 
SNES.(Credit goes to B3TA X)

- In the Winky bonus level, when you get to the big gold Winky, there aren't 
any tires to bounce on to get out of that little room in the GBA version as 
there were in SNES.(Credit goes to B3TA X)

VIII. Boss pattern Changes and Differences (DK008)

- In Very Gnawty Lair, the GBA boss sprite has been swapped from its
Gorilla Glacier counterpart. The pattern is slightly altered. After the first
hit, Very Gnawty makes one huge jump and adds a series of hops afterwards.
On the SNES version, it's just a series of hops

- In Necky's Nuts, the GBA boss pattern is slightly altered. The only
significant difference is that the Big Necky turns invincible while spewing
a nut. In the SNES version, your allowed to damage the boss during the

- In the SNES version of Bumble B, Rumble, when Queen bee turns red, she 
flies in a Zig-Zag Formation. She you can't attack her until she stops 
turning red. In the GBA version, She have five zingers to protect her.(Similar
to DKC2 King bee boss) You have to kill all 5 of her servants to hit her

- Also, the barrels have also been altered. For example, in the SNES
version, there are two barrels already set out for you. In contrast, the
GBA version has only one barrel. Once it is used, another barrel will
fall from the sky and into the Kong's hands.

- In Really Gnawty Lair, the GBA boss sprite has also been swapped from its
Kongo Jungle counterpart. In the GBA version, this time there are a pillars
of stalagtites hanging down the ceiling. After the first hit, the boss makes
one giant leap and stalagtites will fall off. During that time, Really
Gnawty is invinceable until the all stalagtites have fallen off.

-In the SNES version of Boss Dumb Drum, the entire boss battle is basically a
a survival match. After you defeat two armies, the boss immediately dies. 
In the GBA version, Defeat the enemies and a TNT barrel appears.
you must throw it to him in order to move on.

-In the SNES version of Necky's revenge, you only have to fight one big necky.
For each time you hit him he'll spit out two nuts. In the GBA version you have
to fight TWO neckys, Each shooting on both sides. Then if one of them is dead,
the other start switching sides and beign to shoot four nuts.
(Credit goes to Ariane T.)

K. Rool

In Gang-Plank Gallon, King K. Rool now has audio as he runs.

The cannons in Gang-Plank Gallon do not bounce as much as they did in the
original SNES version.

When King K. Rool jumps, in Gang-Plank Gallon, there is no longer a spring
noise. It has been replaced with a softer noise instead. 

(Credits goes to DKCGamerGirl)

IX. Credits (DK009)
GameFAQs- For posting this FAQ
Rare and Nintendo- For making this game

Here is the people who added stuff or corrected my mistakes...

- B3TA X
- Ariane T. 
- kerorain82
- Master Knight
- DKCGamerGirl

Thank you so much!!!!!!

I look forward to hear more about the changes. So if you feel like there's
something is missing, please feel free to contact me.

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