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FAQ by EIHoppe

Version: COPOUT | Updated: 05/26/08

-----------------------------000. Ugly ASCII Art-------------------------------

 ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||  |||||  ||||       |||  ||||| |||||  |||   |||| |   |
   |   |       |   |   |   |   |          |   |   |     |   |   | |     |  |
   |   |||||   |   ||||    |    |||       |||||   |     |   ||||| |     |||
   |   |       |   |   |   |       |      |   |   |     |   |   | |     |  |
   |   |||||   |   |   | ||||| ||||       |   |   |     |   |   |  |||| |   |
                                                     F.A.Q. by EIHoppe
(Rather ugly ASCII art provided by EIHoppe)

==========100. F.A.Q. STUFF==========
This F.A.Q. is by EIHoppe (E-Mail: eihoppe@yahoo.com).
The date of the last (LAST!) update: 5/26/2008
----------110. Table Of Contents----------
{S} = Complete WITH Extras!!!
{A} = Complete!
{B} = Nearly Done...!
{C} = Partially Done.
{D} = Just Started...
{F} = Haven't Started Yet...
000.       Ugly ASCII Art {A}
100.       F.A.Q. Stuff {A}
 110.       Table of Contents {A}
 120.       About the F.A.Q. {A}
 130.       F.A.Q. History {A}
200.       Tetris Attack Overview {A}
 210.       About Tetris Attack {A}
 220.       Controls {A}
 230.       Combos and Chains {A}
  231.       Combos {A}
  232.       Chains {A}
  233.       Skill Chains {C}
   233a.      "Quick-Set" {A}
   233b.      "Vertical Slip" {A}
   233c.      "Rush-Under" {A}
   233d.      "Timed Drop" {A}
   233e.      "Support Switch" {A}
 240.       The five main types of Tetris Attackers {A}
 250.       How To Improve {A}
  251.       First Timer {A}
  252.       Beginner {A}
  253.       Moderately Skilled Player {A}
  254.       Advanced Player {A}
  255.       Expert {A}
300.       1-Player Mode {B}
 310.       Endless Mode {A}
 320.       Time Trial Mode {B}
 330.       Puzzle Mode {D}
  331.       Puzzle by Puzzle Walkthrough {F}
  332.       Puzzle Mode Passwords {F}
340.       Vs. Computer Mode {C}
  341.       Easy Mode {B}
  342.       Easy Mode Passwords {F}
  343.       Normal Mode {B}
  344.       Normal Mode Passwords {F}
  345.       Hard Mode {B}
  346.       Hard Mode Passwords {F}
  347.       S.Hard Mode {B}
  348.       S.Hard Mode Passwords {F}
350.       Stage Clear Mode {C}
  351.       Stage Clear Tips {B}
  352.       Stage Clear Passwords {F}
400.       2-Player Mode {A}
 410.       Time Trial Mode {A}
  411.       Tips to Win {A}
 420.       Vs. Mode {A}
  421.       Tips to Win {A}
500.       Frequently Asked Questions {C}
600.       Closing Statements {A}
 610.       Contributor Credits {F}

----------120. About The F.A.Q.----------
This F.A.Q. was written and designed by EIHoppe (Me!). I mainly did it because
I saw a very limited amount of F.A.Q.s on Tetris Attack, and I decided to make
my first submission on one of my favorite puzzle games: Tetris Attack.

----------130. F.A.Q. History----------
5/28/2008: Version COPOUT: Updated some minor bits such as e-mail and closing
statements (in short, this is public domain as of this update) and I will
very probably never update this thing again.
6/23/2003: Version 0.70: Vs. Comp, some Stage Clear (through 4-1), and some
Puzzle passwords have been added (through 2-1). Some contributor information
has been added as well. As a note-please contribute more!!
4/12/2003: Version 0.50: I've added a lot more information; I'm hoping my
F.A.Q. gets accepted this time! *Crosses fingers*
3/23/2003: Version 0.25: Started the F.A.Q. Began to compile and add
information. (It's amazing what you can do in a day, isn't it?)

==========200. TETRIS ATTACK OVERVIEW==========
----------210. About Tetris Attack----------
Tetris Attack is a fast-paced puzzle game in which you switch "panels", or
blocks of different colors and shapes, trying to get three in a row. It seems
really simple, but what's wrong with that? =P

----------220. Controls----------
Control Pad - Moves cursor in game, Changes selection in menus
A Button - Confirms selections in menus, Switches panels in cursor in game
B Button - Cancels selections in menus, Switches panels in cursor in game
X Button - Cancels last switch in Puzzle Mode
Y Button - Cancels last switch in Puzzle Mode
Start Button - Pauses Game
Select Button - Nothing, to my knowledge
L Button (on top of controller) - Raises the stack one whole level.
R Button (on top of controller) - Raises the stack one whole level.

----------230. Combos and Chains----------
----------231. Combos----------
Clearing 4 or more panels at once. This gives a small bonus, and doesn't create
many garbage blocks on a Vs. match. Use them to enhance your chains, or as a
"last laugh" attack. Combos are the beginner's staple, so if you see only
combos, with an occasional "luck-based" chain, you know you're playing against
a relatively new player.
A diagram: (A is a type of panel; blanks are other panels that don't match with
A and B, uppercase is not-cleared, lowercase is cleared)
[ ][A] (Switch the A [ ][a]{4}
[ ][A] and the blank [ ][a]
[A][ ] panel")       [ ][a]
[ ][A]               [ ][a]
----------232. Chains----------
A chain occurs when you make a match, which causes some panels to fall on top
of other panels to make another match. These give greater bonuses, and as you
get into the x10 range, you can be getting 1000 a pop. You see the advanced
players using chains often.
A diagram of a simple chain: (A and B are 2 different types of panels,
is not-cleared, lowercase is cleared.)
   [B][B]    (Switch the A and     [B][B]                 {x2}
[A][A][B][A] B in the middle):  [a][a][a][B] makes:    [b][b][b]
----------233. Skill Chains----------
A skill chain is a chain that you move the other pieces around to make the
chain WHILE the pieces are disappearing. You can tell when you are playing
against a player who mastered Tetris Attack, because they will be using these
like crazy (Oftentimes, they even pass x20 chains!!).
There are many different types of Skill Chains.
----------233a. The "Quick-Set"----------
This is the "easiest" Skill Chain, simply because it requires no timing, only
pure speed. Basically, you make a match, and move the other pieces around to
make it so the chain continues.
A diagram: (A and B are 2 different types of panels, uppercase is not-cleared,
lowercase is cleared.)
   [A][A]       (Move A    [A][A]                 {x2}
[B][B][B]<--[A]   over) [b][b][b][A] makes:    [a][a][a]
----------233b. The "Vertical Slip"----------
This is a fairly easy Skill Chain, as you have a decent window of opportunity
to "slip" the panel in for the chain. To put it in words, you make a vertical
match with two of the same panel above and below the match, with another of
that panel to the side. After the match has cleared, slip the panel into the
hole and watch the chain clear. (Thus why I called it the "Vertical Slip") See
diagram for more details.
A diagram: (A and B are 2 different types of panels, blank is other panels that
don't match with A and B, uppercase is not-cleared, lowercase is cleared)
[ ][ ][A][ ] (right after   [ ][ ][A][ ]        [ ][ ] {x2}
[ ][ ][b][ ] the b's are    [ ][ ]   [ ]        [ ][ ]   [ ]
[ ][ ][b][A] done clearing, [ ][ ]<--[A] makes: [ ][ ][a][ ]
[ ][ ][b][ ] slip the A     [ ][ ]   [ ]        [ ][ ][a][ ]
[ ][ ][A][ ] into the hole) [ ][ ][A][ ]        [ ][ ][a][ ]
----------233c. The "Rush-Under"----------
This is a nasty chain to pull off, you have to be really fast and oftentimes,
it isn't worth it. After all, it is only one more added to your chain for a lot
of extra work. What you do is clear a horizontal match with one panel on top of
it to one side, and two of that same panel to each side. As the match is
clearing, quickly move the panel that doesn't have the one on top so that the
one on top of the match will fall and make a chain. (The diagram probably
explains this better.) You have to be very fast, as you probably have a good
1/5 or 1/6 of a second or so to move that panel in the right place. (Thus the
name "RUSH-under".) Typically, you want to use this as a LAST resort.
A diagram: (A and B are 2 different types of panels, blank is other panels that
don't match with A and B, uppercase is not-cleared, lowercase is cleared)
         [A]    (Quickly move the A over          {x2}
[A][b][b][b][A] two spaces to the right)       [a][a][a]
----------233d. The "Timed Drop"----------
This is a toughie, it requires fairly precise timing. This one is tough to
explain in words, just look at Mr. Diagram.
A diagram: (A and B are 2 different types of panels, blank is other panels that
don't match with A and B, uppercase is not-cleared, lowercase is cleared)
[A]       (Now comes the tough part.
[A]   [A] Right as the B's are almost       {x2}
[b][b][b] finished clearing, drop the A) [a][a][a]
Some things to remember: Timing is very important; you drop the A too early,
and the A match will clear in midair. Drop it too late, and they will clear on
the ground without any chain. The trick is to drop the A a split second after
the B's have completely cleared. Once again, it's tough.
----------233e. The "Support Switch"----------
This is an extremely tough skill chain, as you have approximately 1/30 to 2/30
of a second to pull it off. You clear a vertical match; one block above the
lowest block of the bottom you have another set of 2 blocks, with the third on
top of the match. What you do is switch one of the blocks just below one of the
second set, next to the original clear at JUST the right time so the block
supports both the block that falls and the original block supported by the
block you switch. Confused? The usual diagram follows:
A diagram: (A and B are 2 different types of panels, blank is other panels that
don't match with A and B, uppercase is not-cleared, lowercase is cleared)
   [B]    {Switch either blank panel       {x2}
[ ][a][ ] below either B at just the    [ ]   [ ]
[B][a][B] right time; remember, you     [b][b][b]
[ ][a][ ] have merely 1-2/30 of a sec!)  [ ]  [ ]
----------233f. The "Midair Switch"----------
This is another extremely tough skill chain, with that very small 1/30 to 2/30
of a second to pull it off. Clear a vertical match with another type of panel
above it and 2 of that panel to the side-right next to the clear. As the one
is falling, switch it in with the one that isn't the right one, and you'll get
a chain. This works best if the one to switch is in the middle or the bottom
of the original clear.
Yes, the usual diagram, with the usual rules-a refresher of the rules...
(A and B are 2 different types of panels, blank is other panels that
don't match with A and B, uppercase is not-cleared, lowercase is cleared)
[B][ ][ ] (switch the B and the    [ ][ ]
[a][B][ ] blank between the Bs {x2}[b][ ]
[a][ ][ ] at EXACTLY the right  [ ][b][ ]
[a][B][ ] moment for the chain)    [b][ ]
Thanks to Graham Fredrick (fredga01@holmes.ipfw.edu) for this Skill Chain!
I can't believe I overlooked this one!! =P
----------240. The five main types of Tetris Attackers---------
There are, in my opinion five types of Tetris Attackers.

First Timers: People who have basically tried the game once or twice, mainly
just clear blocks, don't look for combos and chains, usually get aforementioned
combos and chains out of luck. This guide can help you a lot. Get reading!!

Beginners: People who play the game quite a few times, can look for combos and
get them, still can't set up chains that well, need luck for that. This guide
can help you guys quite a bit.

Moderately Skilled Players: These guys can set up and execute combos in a snap,
can set up chains quite well, can't do skill chains at all yet, or just very
easy skill chains. This guide can help you a fair amount.

Advanced Players: These guys are excellent at setting up combos and chains, but
they still trip over the tougher skill chains. This guide won't help you too

Experts: These guys can be extremely potent players to play in Vs. Mode. They
find, set up, and execute combos, chains, and skill chains almost flawlessly.
They are usually able to defeat a Lv. 7 computer (set CPU Switch) in a Vs. mode
match, and can beat Vs. Computer (1 Player) on Hard or Very Hard. If you are in
this category, you will probably gain one or two things (if that!) off this

----------250. How to Improve----------
This section will detail on how to "Level Up", so to speak (i.e. From First
Timer to Beginner). Because this can change depending on your "Level", I've
broken this down into the 5 levels.

----------251. First Timer----------
The best thing First Timers can do is work on finding matches more quickly, and
to work on locating combos, even just 4s, 5s, or 6s. Another thing to work on
is finding normal matches faster, which is best done with practice. Doing the
speed improvements now, when it's relatively not complex, will definitely help
in the end. If you are feeling mighty confident, try finding a 7 or 8 combo.
Even a little bit will cause you to "Level Up" into the Beginner level. In
fact, the jump from First Timer to Beginner is amongst the easiest.
*Good places to read*
Just about every section in this F.A.Q., but Combos and Chains in particular.
You may want to check out the puzzle section if you're interested in that kind
of thing.
*Criteria for Level Up*
Can find 4, 5, or 6 combos.
Can find and clear normal matches with a decent speed.

----------252. Beginner----------
Now that you are finding combos easily enough, there are a few ways to improve.
One, learn to find combos FASTER. This is best done with practice, but a tip
from me is to look at colors, not symbols. Another thing to work on is finding
BIGGER combos. Look for 7s, or 8s now. Also, work on CREATING combos. If you
see a 3, but there's one of the same color on a higher level, start setting up
combos instead of clearing the match UNLESS it is for a definite and desperate
purpose, such as clearing a large garbage block or clearing some blocks that
are really close to the top. The last thing to work on to "Level up" is to
start setting up chains. Luck isn't much of your friend in this game; chains
aren't just going to come out of nowhere when you need 'em. Look at the chain
section or watch How To Play a few times and get some pointers. The jump from
Beginner to Moderately Skilled is, in my opinion, a really tough jump, unless
you learn to make chains quickly. Don't give up!
*Good places to read*
Chains would be a good section to read many times, at this level you might want
to give skill chains a quick once-over. If you like the puzzles, but are stuck,
give Puzzle a read as well.
*Criteria for Level Up*
Can find 7 or 8 combos quite easily.
Can set up 4, 5, or 6 combos.
Can set up a x2 chain.

----------253. Moderately Skilled Player----------
All right, so you can make combos well, can pull small chains often, and you're
doing quite well. If you think you've mastered Tetris Attack, think again! To
level up, venture into the Skill Chain section. It will give you tips to start
making chains AS THEY'RE CLEARING!! Right now, just worry about the
"Quick-Set", as the others will come as you improve. Another thing you might
want to work on is "Garbage Chains". Some info on that can be found in the Vs.
Mode section. Make sure that you get your combo and normal chain skills to
excellent levels (setting up 7s, 8s quickly, setting up x3, maybe x4 chains) as
well, and you will be worthy of the semi-final "Level up"!
*Good places to read*
You definitely want to read Skill Chains a lot, especially the "Quick-Set"
section. Also, if you are still stumped with the "Quick-Set" skill chain, watch
the How To Play #2 a lot. Puzzle is always a fun read, as well.
*Criteria for Level Up*
Can set up 7 or 8 combos quickly.
Can set up x3 chains.
Can do a "Quick-Set" skill chain with a good regularity, pulling x3 chains with
Can perform x4 Garbage chains.

----------254. Advanced Player----------
You are nearing the cream of the crop; you can pull "Quick-Set" chains like no
tomorrow, setting up 7, 8, even 9 or 10 combos like that, setting up x3, x4,
perhaps x5 chains! However, you still have a long way to go. Now that you've
got "Quick-Sets", work on the tougher skill chains, such as "Vertical Slips".
These timing related skill chains will help you make even LONGER chains. At
this point, skill chains and speed are probably the only things needing major
improvement. Speed, as you probably know, improves with practice. The skill
chains part I can help with, however. See that neighborhood friendly Skill
Chain section!! One last thing to work on is improving the Garbage chains,
combined with skill chains; you've got a very deadly combination. (Not to be
fooled with combos.) Get those medium level skill chains down so you can "Level
up" into the final level: Experts.
*Good places to read*
Skill Chains, Skill Chains, Skill Chains. In particular, "Vertical Slip", as
that's the second most used skill chain. Puzzle is a good read, but you
won't need to read it if you aren't the puzzle type.
*Criteria for Level Up*
Can set up x6 skill chains, using both "Quick-Set" and "Vertical Slip".
Can set up x7 Garbage chains.
Can use Garbage chains and skill chains to pull off x9 chains or higher.

----------255. Expert----------
(Hey, isn't the section number ironic? It's FF in hex code, the highest you can
get with one byte. Kind of like experts, there is big numbers involved when you
have numerical scoring.)
At this point, there's not much I can tell you. Work on those tough skill
chains, like the dreaded "Rush-Under" or the even more dreaded "Support
Switch". (Or the newly added, and yet even more dreaded "Midair Switch".)
Speed is always something to be improved as well. Just keep playing!
*Good places to read*
Skill chains could still give you some useful information. Other than that, the
only place you may find worthwhile information is in puzzle mode, if you are
stuck on a puzzle or whatnot.
*Criteria for Level up*
You are at the maximum level. The only thing I can suggest is to keep
practicing to improve your already excellent skills. If you have a lot of
lesser skilled friends, practice against a Level 7 computer by way of CPU
switch. (In options) If that's too easy, get friends who can play better. =P

==========300. 1-Player Mode==========
----------310. Endless Mode----------
Endless Mode has a simple premise: Play the game until you die. However, as you
go along, it gradually gets faster and faster, until you're literally just
clearing like mad to SURVIVE. The main way to get better is to practice getting
faster, which is done with practice. Also, working on combos, chains, and skill
chains will help you get bigger scores and get 99999 faster.
You get better endings depending on your score.
Endings I've observed: (You will get the highest available ending depending on
10000+: Music plays, it shows how many of each level of combo and chain you got
during the game. (4 - 48, 5 - 21, x2 - 27, x3 - 5, etc.)
30000+: Same as 10000, better music, credits play. (?)
60000+: Same as 30000, better music, credits play for sure.
99999: Same as 60000, best music, credits play.
----------320. Time Trial Mode----------
Time Trial is a bit trickier to get good scores on. You have 2 minutes to get
many points as possible. Efficient use of combos and especially chains will get
you a good score. Make sure you don't keep it going past "x?", because you
don't get the bonuses for it. (unless you happen to be using a hacked ROM, that
makes x?'s worth points or something.) At "x13", just clear as many matches as
possible, as each clear actually gets you the points that you would normally
get for getting a "x13" chain! (Known to many people as "bonuses")
Not sure about endings, I'm checking for that, it'll probably be in the next
next update. (Yes, I'm lazy. Sue me. You won't get much money anyhow... =P)
----------330. Puzzle Mode----------
In Puzzle Mode, you have a limited number of flips to clear all panels. It
requires your brain a lot more than your speed. However, time does count up, so
you have something to compare to your friends with.
----------331. Puzzle-by-Puzzle Walkthrough----------
This will come when I actually come up with an easy way to show the puzzles, as
well as completing the majority of puzzle mode. =/ If you have an idea for
showing the puzzles easily, or you have some solutions (beyond normal world 5,
I can get that far.), please E-mail me at eihoppe@yahoo.com.
----------332. Puzzle Mode Passwords----------
Note: "1-0" means 1-10. I just didn't want it to screw up the nice, flush way
it all aligns if I do it this way. =P
1-1: N/A
1-2: FPSD299K
1-3: FP%J2923
1-4: FPBD2%9P
1-5: FPYJ2%2D
1-6: FP7J2S!R
1-7: FP1D25CZ
1-8: FPMJ25!?
1-9: FP8D27C2
1-0: FPGD2724
Special Puzzle Passwords:
...wow, that's a lotta puzzles... @_@
----------340. Vs. Computer Mode----------
In this mode, you make your computer lose at Tetris Attack. If you need help on
how Vs. Mode works, check How to Play.
As a note: None of these passwords have any losses on them. This is especially
important to those playing S. Hard mode, because if you have losses, your
ending is worsened.
----------341. Easy Mode----------
The computer is meat at this level. It starts to get tough for the beginner
right around Lunge Fish or so. However, you can't see the full ending because
the game ends at Level 10, Naval Piranha Plant, so there isn't much reward.
(Read note: Barely ANY)
----------342. Easy Mode Passwords----------
Level 1: N/A
Level 2: SKDJ79J!
Level 3: S&DG799!
Level 4: SXD8797!
Level 5: SLDF79!!
Level 6: S4D579D!
Level 7: S8DL792!
Level 8: SGRL79N!
Level 9: SF?L7%C!
Level 10: S1?L7%J!
----------343. Normal Mode----------
The computer is a little tougher here; you should be moderately skilled or so
before you attempt this. It stops at Level 11, Kamek. The ending isn't...well,
all too good, but it's definately more rewarding than the Easy mode ending.
----------344. Normal Mode Passwords----------
Level 1: N/A
Level 2: S!DJ7SJ!
Level 3: STDG7S9!
Level 4: SND87S7!
Level 5: SHDF7S!!
Level 6: S2D57SD!
Level 7: SQDL7S2!
Level 8: SJRL7SN!
Level 9: S1?L75C!
Level 10: SM?L75J!
Level 11: SC?L759!
----------345. Hard Mode----------
On this mode, the computer is pretty tough, so you should be advanced before
attempting this. You actually get a pretty decent ending here, for you can go
all the way to the end; Bowser.
----------346. Hard Mode Passwords----------
Level 1: N/A
Level 2: S&DJ77J!
Level 3: SXDG779!
Level 4: SLD8777!
Level 5: S4DF77!!
Level 6: S8D577D!
Level 7: SGDL772!
Level 8: SFRL77N!
Level 9: SM?L76C!
Level 10: SC?L76J!
Level 11: SB?L769!
Level 12: SY?L767!
----------347. S.Hard Mode----------
To access this mode, on the difficulty select screen, highlight Hard, Hold L,
Up, Select, and hit Start.
This mode is TOUGH. The computers seem to start at the equivalent of a Lvl. 5
CPU switch, matches clear quickly, making "Quick-Set" skill chains tough to
pull off, and as you go, it just gets harder! Don't even attempt this unless
you are an Expert at Tetris Attack. If you make it all the way through, you'll
get the best ending possible, made even better if you complete it without
----------348. S.Hard Mode Passwords----------
Level 1: N/A
Level 2: STDJ7YJ!
Level 3: SNDG7Y9!
Level 4: SHD97Y7!
Level 5: S2DF7Y!!
Level 6: SQD57YD!
Level 7: SJDL7Y2!
Level 8: S1RL7YN!
Level 9: SC?L7BC!
Level 10: SB?L7BJ!
Level 11: SY?L7B9!
Level 12: S6?L7B7!
----------350. Stage Clear Mode----------
In this mode, you clear blocks until all the blocks are below the clear line.
As you move on, the stack starts higher and the clear line is further below the
stack. Sometimes, you'll "battle" Bowser, meaning you use combos and chains to
lower his HP. It's tough, but possible.
----------351. Stage Clear Tips----------
If you can handle the extra panels, raise the stack to clear the stages faster.
Chains clear panels more efficiently than combos.
Getting a good chain will basically defeat Bowser in the Special/Final Stages.
----------352. Stage Clear Passwords----------
1-1: N/A
1-2: X9JG!S1Z
1-4: NCJG9B9J
1-5: &5DG7MT2
2-3: &6DZDQX7
2-4: &XJZ9HT7
2-5: XNJZ7N3%
3-1: &TK8NTZY
3-2: X7R8!!M%
3-3: X%G8DKHP
3-4: T1G89RDJ
3-5: &RR87?82
Special: T2R!X9X!
4-1: &D6!X%?2
==========400. 2-Player Mode==========
Play with a friend! This mode is one of the main reasons this game is so danged
----------410. Time Trial Mode----------
It's basically like Time Trial for one player, just with two people. Overall,
it's the less played 2 Player mode, because there are no garbage blocks. In
fact, this mode is usually the one that experts end up playing with beginners.
(Becuase Experts on Vs. Mode...well, send x13 garbage blocks right off the bat,
and beginners usually cope with either combo garbage blocks or x1 garbage
----------411. Tips To Win----------
See the 1P Time Trial tips. They apply here. Or you can just set a 9999
handicap to yourself, if you're THAT desperate to win. Just don't be surprised
if your opponent is angry if you are the better player and giving yourself a
----------420. Vs. Mode----------
This is the mode that is extremely fun. It's like Vs. Computer, except with two
players. Of course, that's what makes it all the more fun!!
----------421. Tips to Win----------
Clear those garbage blocks quickly. If you let a lot pile up, you may find
yourself overwhelmed, panic, and lose.
Use every skill you got; pull as big of a chain as you can. However, stop at
x?, because the garbage blocks don't get any bigger at that point. (They will
always be a x12 garbage block, from x13 on.)
Combos are weaker than chains. Use combos to finish off a weaker foe, but try
not to have them in your chains, as that may give them another match to keep
going when they'd normally have no hope.
Pair ! blocks with combos for devastating effects. For instance, 4 ! blocks
creates a ooo combo g.block, AND 2 gray ! garbage blocks!! 5 of them in a combo
is a oooo combo g.block, AND 3 GRAY ! GARBAGE BLOCKS!!! If you manage to clear
6 or more, there's even an echo effect for your character's taunt sound (Ex.
Lakitu's "Hey" or Hookbill Koopa's "Mmmnnnappp!!") and literally TONS of
garbage blocks for your foe!!
Garbage chains is an important skill in Vs. Mode. Done correctly, you can get
x9, x10 chains with ease. What you do is while the garbage blocks are clearing,
look at the panels that will come out of it. While the garbage block is
clearing, they won't match, so look for a way to set up a chain, and watch the
panels fall, and make you a chain. In addition, if you have the chain set up at
the highest point on your stack, the chain will be a match by the garbage
block, so the process starts over again! It's incredible what you can do with
this strategy!
==========500. Frequently Asked Questions==========
Q. What's with the numbers in front of your sections?
A. That's for easier navigation around the F.A.Q. If you "Search" for the
of the section you want, it will get you there a lot easier than just sifting
through the whole file. NOTE: It's usually best to search by the numbers,
because oftentimes the actual headings may change. Blame it on my horrible
short-term memory... -_-'

Q. I have a question. W-
A. Good for you.

Q. Hey! You didn't let me finish!
A. Very observant of you... By the way, that isn't a question. Neither was your
previous statement.

Q. I know that! Anyhow, let's try this again. I have a question. Where do I
submit it?
A. As of this writing (version COPOUT), chances are very good I'll ignore
anything that is sent to me. I'm probably not going to update this as most of
the information I present is now presented in other locations, and probably
presented better.

Q. Who makes up these questions?
A. Typically, I do. I'm trying to put something in this section so it doesn't
look bad. Submit some questions so I can get rid of some of my kinda...well...
not-even-slightly-funny-but-trying-to-be-humorous-questions. =P

==========somewhere between 500 and 600. Compiled List of Records==========

******This section has closed. People are telling me about
www.tetrisattack.net, which after checking, has a heck of a lot better records
list-updated too! So basically, this section will remain to tell people to
head to www.tetrisattack.net.******

==========600. Closing Statements==========
Well, for one, I'd like to say "Thank you" to you, the reader, for reading my
first F.A.Q. I'd also like to thank CJayC for uploading my F.A.Q. to GameFAQs.
I don't particularly care much if you take my F.A.Q. and place it on your site-
as of version COPOUT I don't intend to fix anything. At this point, all of the
content of this F.A.Q. is public domain. For those curious, I did not
purposely steal any information. If you found any information that happens
to be in your F.A.Q., don't bother e-mailing me--I'm probably not going to
update this ever again. If you found this F.A.Q. on some other site or you found
any part of this F.A.Q. reproduced, sold, etc, as of this writing, see my
previous statement. If you found any errors, have any suggestions, made any
ASCII art that is decent, or have any comments, you may e-mail me at
eihoppe@gmail.com-but I make no guarantees that I'll bother to read it or reply.
Note: All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
their respective trademark and copyright holders. (Not really sure if I
mentioned any Nintendo characters from Tetris Attack in here, but, better safe
than sorry, right?)
Note after the Note: If you actually read all the Closing statements, I pity
you. Seriously. Go read the rest of the FAQ, quit wasting your time here!
I mean it! Go! Shoo! Shoo! Up! Oh, darn it, you're not listening...
...Well, if you think I'm leaving a secret in there, you're highly mistaken!!
The secrets are hidden (in plain sight!!) farther up! So go! Shoo!!
----------610. Contributor Credits----------
Graham Fredrick (fredga01@holmes.ipfw.edu)-The "Midair Switch" Skill Chain
Method I seemed to overlook when I was making this. Maybe if it wasn't so
dreadfully hard to pull off, I wouldn't have overlooked it... =P

(This F.A.Q. copyright EIHoppe 2008)

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