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NES/SNES Changes FAQ by Kenshin Zlash

Updated: 03/19/03

                        Fire Emblem: Monshou No Nazo
                          NES to SNES Changes FAQ
                             For the Super NES
                  By Kenshin Zlash(Kenshin_zlash@juno.com)

I. Legal
II. Introduction
III. Changes
IV. Closing

Version Info

3/19/03 - FAQ is completed.

I. Legal Info

This FAQ is property of Kenshin Zlash.   This FAQ is only allowed to be put up
on: (1) gameFAQs.com, (2) Any site owned by the author.  No one except the sites
listed may use this FAQ.  PERIOD!
You are allowed to print and distribute this FAQ freely
as long as no money is paid for it.  If anyone makes money off this FAQ, it
better be me.    Anyone caught taking this guide as their own at any time
will be severely punished.

II. Introduction

This is just a FAQ stating all the changes from the first Fire Emblem on NES
to the remake of it in Book One of Monshou No Nazo.

III. Changes

- The graphics have been updated from the original.

- The music has been remixed.

- Battles now have backgrounds.

- In the original, characters would attack, then run back to where they were
  standing when the battle began.  Now, they just stay where they are.

- The characters now have dodging animations.

- When characters die they say something.

- Marth's critical hit animation has been taken away.  Now the screen just shakes
  if he lands a critical hit.

- There was an item bank in the original.  Now Marth is the "item bank".

- Weapon appearances now change during battle.  For example, on the NES, every 
  single sword looked exactly the same during battle.

- In the original, Marth's attacking animation would change depending on which
  sword he had. Now he attacks the same way all the time.

- When you leave a wounded character on a fort, you now see his HP increase after
  one turn.

- When an important character would fight you, you would see the text before the
  game went into the battle screen.  Now it occurs during the battle.

- You can now see how far you can move a character indicated by yellow squares.
  The original didn't.

- You can now see how far your opponents can move.

- Social Knights were able to use swords while mounted on horses.  Now they can
  only use them when they are dismounted.

- Soldiers on horses can now dismount.

- You can turn off battles. Now you will see your character icons fighting instead
  of the battle screen.

- There is now an introduction before every stage, telling various things like the
  background of the land you are entering, etc.

- Maps have changed slightly.  Things like mountains, houses, etc have been moved.

- Dialogue has been changed or edited now.

- Characters have been removed, changed, or added.

- The status screens have now been changed.  Before it was two vertical boxes, one
  telling the HP, Level, and name of the character, the other telling strength, defense,
  etc.  Now it is a horizontal box displaying only HP, Level, Experience, picture
  of your character, and what weapons he holds.

- Characters move across the map alot faster.

- Pegesus and Dragon knights attack slightly differently.

- In the original, the computer would sometimes take forever moving it's characters.

- In the original, the command to make a character stay was the last option, now it
  is the first.

- When you end your turn, it now says "ENEMY" instead of "COMPUTER".

- In the original, while the computer was moving it's characters, you would see
  the cursor highlight the character, the move a space where it would place the
  character.  Now, you don't see the cursor.

- You can now choose to skip the stage's opening dialogue.

- When characters were talking, all of their conversations would take place in
  one large box, with their picture on the side.  Now it is the two character's
  pictures with comic-talking-bubble-things.

- Marth now wears pants  :P

IV. Conclusion

End of the FAQ.   If you spot any errors, or know any changes i left out, please
email me.

Special thanks goes to BlackKnighCamus for some of his corrections.

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