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FAQ/Walkthrough by Iwillruleyou

Updated: 01/31/02

Iwillruleyou's Second FAQ for

The Legend of the Mystical Ninja

For the SNES console. (January 31, 2002)

It's a complete guide to how to beat the game and other stuff to know.


Table of Contents

1) About the author
2) Background
3) Gameplay/ The Basics
4) The Walkthrough
5) Special Thanks
6) Legal Information

1) About the author.
Hey. I'm Delbert. My gamefaqs.com nick is iwillruleyou. You can find me on the
message boards.
My e-mail address is deliharris@juno.com. But I mostly check,
s2dlharr@mail2.vcu.edu. This FAQ was finished January 31, 2002.
Oh, and this will probably be the only version of it.
Check out my Toe Jam and Earl (Genesis) FAQ too :P

2) Background
This game is a nice 1-2 player side scrolling action game.  You can play it
alone or with a friend.
Whoever holds controller one will be Kid Yin. Player two will be Dr. Yang.
They both have the same playing strengths (well, not really but mostly the
The story starts off when the Beautiful Ghost Woman turns evil!
Kid Yin and Dr. Yang (yin-yang, get it yet?) vow to right the wrongs and stuff.
However, the story gets more complicated and it will have the duo go on to far
off places.

3) Gameplay/The Basics

This includes Items, Stores, Character Descriptions and even an enemy summary!

Let's go through what Yin and Yang can both do.

First, in regular world.

A- Attack
B- Jump
X- not used
Y- Attack
R- change weapon
L- not used
Start- pauses the game. Activates Judo selection screen. Here, you can select
which Judo you want to use.
You can also view how many scrolls you have. (up to 10)
Select- Shows inventory.
Arrows move you around.

Second, in an Action Scene. (side scrolling)
A- Attack
B- Jump
X- Activate Judo attack.
It cost 10 scrolls to use. You can tell how many times that you can use this.
It's the number near your strength bar.
Y- Attack
L- not used
R- Change Weapon
Start- pauses
Select- Shows inventory.
Down- Ducks
Up- Looks/Aims upwards.

Special Skills (in action scene)
The Snail- Hold down. While holding down, you can hold right or left to 'snail'
your way along the ground.

The Ground Drop- Hold down and press jump. this can only be used when on a
platform or higher level.
It drops you straight down.

(NOTE: If you do the Ground Drop, but your partner doesn't, you may fall off
screen and lose a life.)

The Pigback Attack- 2-player mode only. One person holds down while the other
jumps on top of the other.
The down one carries the other one on their back. The one on the back can
attack. The bottom person runs and jumps.
Both can make the duo attack but the bottom one does the jumping/running. Great
when platforms and gaps appear.
To stop, have the riding player jump.

Kid Yin
Yin is the younger of the two.
He has 3 weapons.
1)The regular weapon
Level 1) It starts out as a pipe.
Level 2) The pipe gets longer.
Level 3) It's a yo-yo with spikes. Long distance.

2)The Death Coin
One of your most helpful attack. You launch a coin across the screen. It costs
$4 to use 1.

Bombs aren't any stronger. You throw them and they explode on contact. Not

Judo attacks
Level 1) Kobun Tiger! You ride a tiger. You can still get hit. Press down to
lower his head.
Ram into the bad guys. It doesn't last long (strength wise) but it last forever
until it dies.

Level 2) Lightning Blaster! You shoot blasts of lightning. It kills all on

Level 3) Super Yin! You fly around like a superhero. Doesn't last forever.
Stops when you get hit.

Level 4) Kabuki Quantum Yin! Your hair grows and whips around. It hurts the
enemy. Has a time limit.

Dr. Yang
This blue clad warrior is nothing but fun.
He also has 3 Weapons.
1)The regular Weapon
Level 1) A short stick.
Level 2) A longer stick.
Level 3) The party favor! Long distance.

2)The Ninja Star
Just like Yin's Coin. NOTE: In the walkthrough, when I say 'coin', I mean this

The exact same a Yin's.

Judo attacks
Level 1) Kobun...Cow? The same as Kobun Tiger.

Level 2) Dance of Death! You do some traditional Japanese moves and kills all
foes on screen.

Level 3) Fly Fans! You can fly by flapping fans. It's like Super Yin!

Level 4) Never seen it. Sorry. I'm usually Yin when I reach the farther levels.

1)Enemy items
2)Bought items

1)Enemy items
These are the items that you can get from killing enemies.
Scroll- Grab 10 of these. Every 10 will allow you to use one Judo attack.
Coin- Grab these for $10 a piece.
Grey Cat- They upgrade your weapon one level at a time. If you have a level 3
weapon, you get $10.

2)Bought items
Items that you have to buy
Sandals- These make you move faster and jump farther. The more you buy, the
faster/farther you can
run/jump. They deteriorate over time and you lose a pair if you get hit.
Pizza- This to go item heals yourself automatically when you get near death for
about 4 bars.
Whole Pizza- Same as pizza but it completely heals you.
Straw armor- Prevents some damage.
Chain armor- Stronger than Straw.
Gold armor- The strongest of all.
Straw helmet- Prevents damage from falling objects/attacks.
Iron helmet - Stronger than Straw.
Gold helmet - Strongest helmets.
Time - Buy time. There is a time limit on each stage but you shouldn't need to
Bombs- They give you bombs.
1-up Yin/Yang- Be careful! If you buy a Yin 1-up, Yin gets a life. It doesn't
matter who buys it. Yin gets the life.
Same way with Yang 1-ups. (you can tell by the picture on it)
Pass- You need a pass on Zone 6.
Text- You need this in Zone 8.
Hamburger- You can only buy this in Zone 3 at the fast food place. It's like

3)Other items
These are other items that you may find.
Golden Cat- This completely refills your strength and adds two more bars!
Heart- Completely refills your strength.
Elephant- It's a save point in action scenes. If you die, you can come back to
here or to the raccoon dog.

You'll find these everywhere.

Store- Buy some of 3 different items.

Food Store- Buy some of 3 different foods. These foods work when you buy them
and heal you. You can't store them.
Pay a little, heal a little. Pay a lot, heal a lot.
(NOTE: For both store and food store, if you go inside and say 'no', their eyes
bug out and they get mad!)

Inn- You can sleep here and heal.
Again, pay a little, heal a little. Pay a lot, heal a lot.
  Cheapest=Sleep on the floor
  Middle  =Sleep in a little bed
 Expensive=Sleep in a big bed

Sauna- Completely heal for $100.
(on two player, if both Yin and Yang heal, Yang passes gas!)

Job Place- Here is where you can earn some cash! Try to master at least one
 $60- Goblin
Throw a marble in the guy's cup on his head. Hold the button for about 1/3
Press it when the arrow is above his head.
 $80- Paint
Paint without touching the walls or blocks or previously painted areas.
It's harder on Two Player.
Use the arrows to turn the brush.
 $100- Mole
It's Whack a Mole. The arrows correspond to the holes on the left. The buttons
for the right.
Press the right button when something pops up. Bonus money for perfection.

Concentration- Another game where you can win money. $100 to play.
Basically, it's Yin vs. Computer or Yin vs. Yang (2 player).
I'd advise you to not have both players (in 2 player) play at the same time.
One will lose money.
Just play one at a time.
You turn over cards and try to match 2 of them. There are a few patterns.
Hopefully, the computer will go first.
Bonus bucks for getting 'omutzu', the smiling girl.
$720 bucks max!

Lottery- Pay $100 bucks for a card. Hope that it's a winner.
You pick an animal and a letter (A-D) and you get all numbers.
3rd place: $50 (automatic all the time).
2nd place: $200 (you have to match the letter and the number)
1st place: $1000 (you have to match letter, animal, and number)
It's a waste of time, unless you are lucky.

Race Track- Are you a bettin' man?
6 horses race around a track. You bet on the first and second place winners.
You have to have both.
The pairs have different odds. The bigger the odds, the less likely but the
more money won.
You can buy as many/different bets as you want. ($10 per wager).
Again, you have to be lucky.

Dice Game- Feeling lucky?
The guy will drop 3 dice. you bet if they will be high(greater than 10) or low
(less than 10).
Bet ranges from $10 - $3000. You have to have that much to bet it.
Another game of chance.

The Maze- Pay $100 to go through a maze. These are rare and it's explain better
in Zone 1 walkthrough.

The Quiz Show- there is only one and it's explained in zone 3.

Arcade- Pay $100 to play an arcade game.
 Hockey- 2 player only. It's like Pong.
 Tear Down the Wall- I've seen this in the arcades before.
You have to bounce the ball and make all blocks disappear. You can choose one
of 3 power-ups.
Slow down- slows the ball twice
Laser- lets you shoot 10 lasers up.
The wall- If you miss the ball, this will hit it back up. (only once)
You get 3 lives for this.
 Gradius- a rather famous Konami game. It's a good game but you get only one
  Speed- speed up
  missle- drop missles
  double- shoot horizontally and at a 45 degree angle
  laser- Strong thin beam
  option- creates a little orb that does whatever you do (max 2)
  ?- kills all minor enemies on screen
You can't have double and laser at the same time.
You get no prizes or anything for these games.

Dojo- learn the Judo attacks!
Training causes 4 bars of damage. You can't train if it would kill you.
It cost money to train and it depends on where and what you want to learn.
Each Dojo can only teach 2 different Judo Attacks.

Fortune Teller- Pay $20 to get a fortune. There are 3 outcomes.
1) ' I see good things... '
There will be women surrounding you when you leave. Grab them!
2) ' I see bad things... '
Enemies will surround you when you leave. The best thing to do is leave, go
back into the hut,
and leave again. The enemies will be gone.
3) ' I see nothing... '
Nothing happens.

Diary Keeper- She'll give you a password for free!

There are a lot of them. I don't know they're official names so I'll make them
They take 1 hit unless noted.
If an enemy hits you, you lose strength (or a little armor damage), a pair of
sandals and one level of your weapon.

Spear carrier- Carries a spear.
Bucket heads- Well, the name says it all.
Fish Carrier- Not too bad but hit him and he'll drop the fish. Then you have to
kill the fish to get the prize.
Regular folk- Can't describe 'em but they don't deserve it either.
Ghost/Rolling rocks- Enemies in Zone 1 after the dark scene appears.
Thief- The Thief appears rarely. He's quick and if he hits you, you'll lose
some money. He can jump.
Punks- My hated rival... He appears and jumps while throwing coins. Jump hit
him quickly.
Samurai- They travel in packs. They run, attack, run, and repeat.
Milk/Powder Throwers- They throw things at you. You can hit the milk/powder to
knock them away.
Carpenters- they throw hammers.
Warthogs- they run in a predetermined path.
Lady with a carriage- It shoots bullets.
Ninjas in trees- They throw bombs down at you.
Birds- They drop bombs on you.
Guards- They shoot 3 bullets at a time.
Bucks- deer. They take $10 away if you hit them.
Robot- These mechanical nightmares steal pizza/hamburger from you.
Robber- Steal money along with damage.
Amusement Park ladies- only in Zone 3. The bigger ones takes 3 hits.

There are more enemies in Action Scenes. They are mentioned in the walkthrough.

Hey, watch where you swing. There are a few ladies wandering around.
Touch them (not attack!) and get $50. Lose $20 if you hit them.

Girl- She's around a lot in zone 1.
Traveling Girl- She's around a lot in Zone 4.
Old Lady- She is very rare...

4) Walkthrough
Ok, here we go!

 Warlock Zone One : Mystical Ghost  (It doesn't get easier my friends.)
You start off in front of your house. There will be a few enemies wandering
Note that anything moving is an enemy! Did I say anything? DO NOT HIT THE
Touch her and you get money. All you have to do right now is hit folks and get
Also, you may want to find some cats to increase your weapon.  After you earn
some bucks, head to the store that is all the way on the left.
Buy a lot of sandals and maybe a pizza. Leave the store and go all the way to
the right and go up. One of those 'women' talks to you.
All of a sudden, the scene becomes dark and all enemies become ghosts/evil
spirits and stuff.
If you need health, go to the food store (the one with a knife and fork on it).
Go all the way to the left and enter the 'HORO' house.
Time for an action scene!

HORO House
Hey, look! It's the raccoon dog! That's the big brown thing you see.
In two player, either Yin or Yang can go in (or both). I'd choose both! Then go
on in.
This shouldn't be so tough.  Don't touch the reed looking things in the ground.
Just take the high road and sooner or later, you will get to a bell. A large
When you get to it, Flames will surround you. Hit the bell.
*Gong *
It instantly kills all surrounding enemies.
After gonging, stand right next to the bell and press Down and Jump.
(If you are in 2 player mode, do it at the same time!)You'll land on a
Hit the little grave thing and go into the secret passage. I hope you still
have some shoes.
Relax, no enemies. Just grab all the prizes that you can reach. Exit to the

You'll come back up farther in the stage with Umbrella men floating down.
Proceed right and say hi to the  Blue Man Group. These guys dig around the dirt
and pop up when you get close.
Get the elephant statue (continue point).
Go all the way to the right to meet the boss, the Mystic Ghost!

HORO enemies.
Skeleton Warriors- You'll know them when you see them. One hit KO.
Flame- Again, self-explanatory. They fly though. Not too tough. One hit KO.
Umbrella Folk- Living Umbrellas. Hit them or move on. It does not matter.
Blue men- These guys are sneaky! SNEAKY! You can see a clod of dirt move on the
ground, but then they pop up, smiling. One hit KO again..

BOSS- Mystic Ghost (She's kinda pretty.)
This will be an easy match up. The only thing that can hurt you is the dishes
that she throws at you.
So what can you do? Hit the dishes back and they'll hit her.
Simple, right? Don't get too overconfident. Just defeat her.

Or is it a her? What happened?

It's a cat. A shape-shifting cat. (Oh, hush. You make a better plot.)
It has a name, Kurobei.  Listen to his quick story and take his/her $100 and
You'll exit HORO and everything is back to normal.

Now, want to have some fun? The building over to the right is a maze. (Closed
It costs $100 per person to enter. This is so easy that it's not funny!
NOTE: on 2 player mode, take one person at a time.
Prizes inside the maze include a maze map, a life (? Block), 2 bombs, $100
chest, and some scrolls.
Press the jump button to see a map (or where you've been if you don't have the
map yet.)  Walk through the BLUE door to claim prizes.
Hmm. Wait a second. You spend $100 to enter. You get $100 out of the maze. You
also get an extra life.
You can go back into the maze as much as you wish.
Hey folks, that's infinite lives. (or as many as you want until you get bored.)

Ah. Now after all that fun, it's time to go.
There is a job center to the left side. Go down a screen.
If you need to, buy more sandals! Go all the way to the left and go down a
The first house is a fortune tellers house. (Feeling Lucky?)
Go all the way right to the traveler's selling ticket thing.
Buy a ticket to the next zone, Shokoku Island. NOTE: You can never come back!!!

Ticket Information:
Pack A: $50 No Tour Guide. You ride in a barrel. Is that a fish?
Pack B: $100 Refill 4 life bars.  Gonbei is your travel guide. Yin fishes, Yang
eats (no surprise), and Gonbei pilots. Is that Gonbei's real hair?
Pack C: $200 Refill 6 life bars.  Shizuka's your tour guide. Yin and Shizuka
are on the boat. Yang is hang-gliding. Is it safe to be up there?

(Cut scene to next Zone)
Warlock Zone Two: Statue of Cat (Hope you aren't allergic to cats)

What a playful little island. No time to relax now. Go left and down 1 screen.
If you have sandals to spare (4), you can go right and jump across the river.
Or you can go left.

So you went right? Ok. Immediately across the river is a food store.
Go down from there and you will see an arcade (Big whoop).
The games there are Tear Down the Wall and Hockey. Moving down, you can find an
Go left and go up the next chance you can. The first building is a Dojo.
Levels 1 and 3 can be learned. This is not necessary! Not at all! Save the
money and leave!
If you go left, you can cross the bridge of pain and suffering, which brings
you back to where going left would have taking you.
Bah. This way is more irritating. First of all, there is a store all the way
You can buy grass armor and helmets and sandals.
You can buy these and take the 'GO RIGHT' path or continue downward, towards
the Bridge of Pain and Suffering.
I've dubbed it that because of the enemies there. Punks and Samurai inhabit
this area.
Go right as fast and as painlessly as you can! There is a Judo Dojo there. You
don't need to train. Go down a screen.

South of the Dojo. Go right and you will find an inn. Go left to continue.
There is a store, a job place, a diary keeper, and a lottery.
If you need money, go to the job place. Lotteries are hard to win.
Go left and go down a screen to the event square.
Here, a punch of Pink Faces dance around a tent.
Kill the Pinks and the door will open. (Don't worry about the two on top that
jump down.)
Action Scene!

There's the old raccoon dog. On 2 player, you might as well take 'em both. No
action except for the boss, Lantern Man!

BOSS- Lantern Man (He doesn't like cats.)
You cannot hurt Lantern Man. At least, not yet. The white lanterns come to
Kill all of them. You can walk on the frame but don't touch Lantern Man or the
red ones.
When the White ones are gone, destroy the red ones. Both lanterns will throw
fireballs at you.
They are slow and are easy to kill. The lanterns take four hits to kill.
Throwing money works the best. When all lanterns are destroyed, Lantern Man
turns around.
His weak spot is his red head. Throw coins at it from afar.
There are four breakable pots around him. Clockwise from the one closes to the
starting point: Coin, Grey Cat, Heart, Grey Cat.

Once defeated, Kobun, the cat, gets free and all is saved and the game is over.

Yeah, right. The party's just begun.
As you'll find out from the cat, Princess Yuki has been kidnapped by the Otafu
A hero's work is never done.  Watch the fireworks and head to the next zone.
Warlock Zone Three: Amusement Park (The Happiest Place on Earth!)
Finally! A well deserved break from the world.
But, unfortunately for you, you have to get there first. Cross the bridge to
the right.
Equip the coins now. At the end of the easy bridge are 3 women, throwing stuff
at you.
Throw coins at them. Rush through them if you have to. (You can heal inside the
Admission to the park is free! Step up!

First scene.
From left to right, the buildings are:  Lottery, Burger Joint.
Grab a burger to go and head up. I hate lotteries.

Second Scene.
From left to right: Diary keeper, Quiz Show, Arcade (Tear Down the Wall and
some guy's house, and a Store (sandals, time, pizza).

Third Scene.
From left to right: Racetrack, Concentration, some guy's house, Job place, Dice

That's the Park! My advice is that you play Quiz Show a lot.
It costs $100 and the payoff is $300, so that's a profit of $200 and the
questions are easy!
Huh? Not easy? Hmm. Fine.  Here are the Q & A's.
How much did the hidden guarantee in Zone 1 offer? $100!
How many arms does ... have? 2!
How many legs does Lantern Man have? 2!
How many legs does the ghost woman from zone 1 have? 0!
Who did the Lantern Man capture in Zone 2? Kobun cat!
What was the Boss's true identity in zone 1? Kurobei!
What was the Boss's weapon in zone 1? Dish!
How much money did Kurobei give you? $100
He also asks a Q about the first zone. the answer is HORO. That should be

I'd advise you to not have both players (in 2 player) play at the same time.
One will lose $100.
Just play one at a time.

Play as much as you want and win money! (Watch the time.)
Hey, for all you 2 players at there, here's a code with Yin and Yang in the
?dL43 71"X1 TNw3w
@j3YY Td>wQ 3w6>/
D[heart]>73 t13v9 3vh32
tT2w3 2+>63

Man with Backpack
3 Fan Throwing Women

Park enemies.
Fat Lady
Fat Lady in costume (3-hits)

Sooner or later, you will have to leave the park. Head straight up.

There are a few enemies and, dare I say, a boss?

BOSS- Giant octopus (It's not an octopus...)
Throw money or attack swiftly. It's only attack is to make little octoes.
Beat him and move on. I bet you can even walk past him.
He will reappear if you go off screen and then on screen.

Post-Park enemies
Guy carrying buckets
Little octoes
Guy with backpack.

Scenes over. Eat some food and prepare for zone 4.
Warlock Zone Four:  Defeat Otafu! (I call it, National Wildlife Preserve)
If you enter the second house on the right, you'll hear a humorous joke.
(Konami code is mentioned.)
Follow the path and go up. (Note: Robot's steal held food!) Store has pizza,
sandals and lives for Kid Yin (NOT YANG).
There is an inn (the one with curtains).
Go right. Then, go down to the bridge.
After going down once, you will find your first bucks. Attack them and you will
lose money! ($10) It may be worth losing $10 than getting hurt. Cross the
On the other side, look out for the money tossing Punks.
Note: The building to the right of the one with a sign on it is breakable.
Break it for a secret passage and a golden cat (if you have enough sandals).
When you leave, you'll be on the same path. Go right. Look out for even more
If you go up, there is a Dojo, guarded by bucks. This a level 1/2 Dojo.
If anything, get the number 2 one. It does good damage with Yin. Leave the
Go south. You will find a lot of Bucks. There is a Fortune Teller to the left
and an Inn to the right. (good, if you trained at the Dojo.)
To the right of the inn is a Concentration. Go up, you can find a Job place
near with curtains.
Between the gap, you can find a diary keeper and a store. The store has chain
armor, bombs, and Dr. Yang's Life.
Leave and go back to where the Job was. Go left and head through the structure.
 Action Zone!

It's the raccoon dog. Take a deep breathe and go on through.  On 2 player mode,
you may want one person to try it alone until I say so.
Hand walkers will be in the way. They take two hits. Press up to get to the
background. Press down to get back to the foreground. Look out for bombs and
rolling baddies.
Next scene, hit the switch. You'll see these a lot.
Next scene, jump over the spikes. Throw a coin at the bouncing guy.
Note: For 2 player mode, use the piggy back technique.  Avoid the rotating
spikes and continue on!
After the switches, you are at the same place that you were last time, just on
the ceiling! Jump carefully and attack quickly.  Avoid the spike.
Contrary to the way it seems, the lowering spikes cannot be stepped on!!!
Four attacks kill the rolling baddies.  Jump down where the arrows say so. Kill
the bad guy before he can bounce. Hit the switch.
Smooth sailing for know. You can bring your partner in.

Go through this odd jungle gym. Nothing can harm you. Jump on the spinning
Keep going up.
It's the high one on the left.

Go through and check out the slot room. Stand on a trigger and the slots move.
Cat- Grey cats will fall. Huzzah!
Coin- Coins fall. Pennies from heaven!
Scroll- Scrolls fall. Good for later battles.
Heart- Hearts fall. Heal yourself (yourselves).
Bombs- Bombs fall. Grab them and save them. I'M JOKING! These bombs explode and
hurt you!
X- A bunch of those rolling fat guys fall down. Be on guard.
Keep going to the left. The next scene will be a boss.

Two fat sumo wrestlers. Do not stand where you are standing for long. The
second one will fall there.
They throw a power pall back and forth. Hit them in the head (Bombs or coins
When one dies, the power ball just bounces around.
Finish off the second one and it will walk to the center and die. Watch it's
ghost fly out...

BOSS (Face Off!)
...into the mouth of a face? The head gets bigger! This isn't good.
Man, that thing's got strength.
Grab your coins and jump toss 'em.
When you hit it, it gets bigger. It will drop it's face and fall back... and
attack again!
Sooner or later, it will start getting BIG. And I mean BIG! Finish it off and
it will crack.
On two player, try to stay on the same side and duck when it gets huge.

Face 1- Just float around. 4 hits to change it.
Face 2- If you get under it, it will try and most likely squash you. Beat this
one fast! 4 hits again.
Face 3- Bounces around the ground. Avoid and attack.  4 hits again.
Face 4- This face will get bigger and bigger and bigger! Takes 8 hits to finish
Face off. (heh, Face Off)
Your armor may take a few hits.
But that's what armor is for!

The face cracked! Huh? Hey, baby! A woman popped out! Is it Princess Yuri?
Hecks no.
It's ninja woman, Yae pops out. She has an idea to help you. (Don't think that
it's easy).

End Zone.

Warlock Zone Five: Ninja Castle (Aw. hear we go.)
This stage isn't pretty or easy. The baby carriage shoots bullets. Look out.
The curtained building is the Dice Game. What a place for a business.
Across the bridge is an Inn. Remember where this is. You may need to revisit
Go down and look out for rocks.
There are caves. Warthogs leave some of the caves.
If a warthog doesn't come out of a cave, you can go into it.
First cave, a shop with sandals, bombs, and pizza.

Next cave, DOJO !!!! This is a level 1/3 Dojo.

If I were you, I'd learn the level three ability.  If you do train, you may
want to go back to the inn and rest up.

Next cave, yet another shop. (I take back what I said earlier for the Dice
Game. This is the worth place for a business..)
This shop has chain armor, chain helmet and whole pizza. Stock up.
Last cave, the diary keeper. You gotta love a girl who would do this for you!
Go up and look out for Warthogs. Also, look out for Charlie, up in the trees.
You don't have to kill them since they don't give prizes.
Run as fast as you can to Big Iron gates up north. Action scene? You bet it is!

Hey Raccoon Dog. Long time no see!
Ninjas galore! There are a few types.
Halfees- they take two hits.
Sliders- They slide down a rope and throw a star at you. Dodge it or throw a
coin at it before it attacks.
Jumpers- they jump in the air and throw stars at you.  One hit. Sometimes they
jump so high, their head hits the ceiling and they turn into Halfees.
Pointers- They have a sword and jump at you. They get stuck in the ground for a
while if they miss.
Special- For lack of a better word. These drop little skulls.

After a few Halfees, you'll get to some lowering spikes. You can duck the first
two. The third one goes all the way down so move quickly.
Go up the rising platforms. Look out for spikes. Ride the pendulums up.
This is one reason that I suggested buying the level three judo attack. With
it, you can fly past this. Fall and you may land on the spikes.
Grab the elephant save point.
Look out for Pointers and a special.
Time for more jumping. This time, it's more serious. Fall and die! Flying is
And if you fall off, quickly start flying!
There are a few Specials hanging about. There is a golden cat in the highest
point of this area to the left.
Get past this area and get a Pink Elephant save point.
Get ready to find a weird enemy, Mrs. Tea. She'll walk towards you as if
everything is fine, but then she'll try and dump hot tea on you!
Coins can reach them before they spill the tea.  A little bit farther, you can
fly up and get a golden cat. Ignore it if you want. You have to fly and get it.
Beat the barrage of tea and get to the Boss.

So, how much endurance do you have?

BOSS- 9 Deadly ninjas! (Ninja! Ninja! RAP!)
A kite, carrying 9 ninjas (1 about to fall. O_o ) appears.
Two Halfees jump at you. It takes three hits each. (Coins are good.)
Two ninjas jump at you. If you hit it, they turn into Pointers. 2 hits total
Two ninjas jump at you. Hit it, and they turn into Jumpers. Two hits total
Two more ninjas jump at you. Hit it once, they will turn into Specials and
jump. 2 hits again.
Well, that's 8. Now, only 1 left. Feeling confident? You should be.

Of course, thanks to Konami, he's the worst of the all. And you have to ride
the kite too!

BOSS- Super Ninja
This guy's quick. Run and throw coins at him.
His main attack is his jump. When he does, little daggers fly from him in every
Keep the attack up and dodge those daggers.  The best place to stand is on the
bottom tier.
Throw them coins up at him and get on with the game.

You'll land in front of the old professor. Being a professor, he knows where
the Princess is.
Huh? What? You don't? Ugh! Fine. Dragon Pond. How do we get there? You're
kidding.  That thing?!

That's right, the Miracle Transport Machine will fire you to your location.

Warlock Zone Six: Tengu Mountain (yeah, Konami knows that you are out of cash.)

A lot of familiar enemies.

This place is a huge town. You can easily get lost. And I won't help you.

Why are you looking? I'm not gonna do it!


Your objective is to purchase a pass. With the pass, you can leave this place.
Problem is, a pass costs a lot of money $980; something you may be out of.
Well, in the first scene, there are (left to right),  store (sandals, chain
armor, Yin Life), store (Pass, Bombs, Yang Life), and a secret maze.
HUH? A SECRET MAZE! WHOO HOO! Remember the maze from earlier (Zone 1)? It's
It's a bit different but still easy.
Don't forget to press the jump button to see where you've been. Go get some
If you go right, across the bridge, you can go up and see a Fortune Teller.

South of the starting area, you'll find these (left to right):  guy's house,
guy's house, food shop, (across bridge) concentration, a race track, and an
arcade (hockey and gradius).

South of that area, there is more stuff. (Left to Right): lady's house, a
bridge, guy's house, DIARY KEEPER! Oh man, she's the best.

North of the starting area (Left to Right): sauna, inn, Job place, and a

North of that area (the most North): exit of the town, guy's house, food,
lady's house, (A secret passage lies between the two stacks of boxes.
The exit takes you to east side of the starting area.), winking girl's house
(hubba hubba), a bridge (w/ punks), and a Dojo.
A level 1/2 Dojo. This isn't necessary, especially if you are low on cash. If
you buy either, it would be helpful, but still not necessary.  If you do train,
heal. Sleep or buy food.
I take it back. If you are Yin, buy a level 2 for the boss.

By the time you earn enough money, you can leave any time after you buy a pass.
Of course, it's time for some action.

Hey, it's the raccoon dog. It doesn't get any prettier at all.

As you start, a bunch of monkeys attack you. Coins work well.
(Notice how useful long distance attacks are)
The monkeys aren't too much of a problem. They jump a lot.
Soon, you'll meet some birds with swords in hand. Climb the ledges and get a
golden cat on the top of one of those giant noses.
They aren't going to hurt you.  But, if you cross the bridge, you fight a boss.
A mini boss.
But you don't have to.
That's right. You can avoid this fight.
How? Well, you have to jump down can climb under that huge bridge that is to
the left of the golden cat.
It's not that easy folks. If you could fly, it'd be easier. Stupid Dojo.

Mini - Boss

These nerds are easier than going low. There are 2 red faces and 1 purple face.
The two reds fall first. Beat them.  They have a relatively simple attack
They jump from right to left and swing a slow sword. When one dies, Purple
steps in.
Purple fights the same as Red except he fires a slow green attack instead of a
Beat them with a level three weapon or.. COINS! (What can I say? It's all about
the money!)

After you beat Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber, go on to the next
Look out for monkeys and don't fall.

Next scene, the monkeys can send little crabs at you. You can ride moving
ledges into the waterfall background. Climb up the waterfall to the top.
Before you go into the background, grab the elephant!
Constant fish fall down the waterfall slowly.
They are in the background. Most crabs are in the background as well.
When you get to the top, go to the left!
The right will take you to a monkey ambush at the bottom of the waterfall.
There is a strategically place crab near the top left. You have to be in the
background to kill him. *Easier said than done *

In the next scene, there is a floating package. Inside it is Princess Yuri!
Attack it once, and the Princess is free and the game is over!

Nope, I was wrong. It's your next boss.

BOSS- Super Shogan (He's a florist with bad breath)
This guys is nuts. His weak spot  is that package on his back.
Don't touch him or the flowers he shoots.  You can attack the petals.
If you can't avoid the flowers, I hope you have a helmet.
After the petals go away, he jumps inside the box and floats around.
He'll try to land on you and shoot the flowers again.
So, how do you avoid his landing? Keep running towards the right.
After he bounces off of the wall and heads left, let him have the coins.
NOTE: If you went all out for Yin's level 2 Judo attack, you can use it to
destroy all the petals at once!

After the box is gone, he starts attacking you with his hat. (Hairpiece?)
He can also spit purple gas breath about 3 times in a row.
The hair/hat is easy to avoid. The breathes are a little tricky.
You have to be near him (about a 1/4 of the screen) and jump when the breathes
are condensed.
Throw coins at that crazy jibba jabba! When he bounces towards you, snail under
him quickly.
He's not too tough after that.

Whoo! He's gone! Now you head over to the left quickly and you...

Eat. You eat away into the next Zone.
Warlock Zone Seven: White Mirror (Crouching Heroes, Hidden Treasures)
Take a moment to pat yourself on the back. It's really hard to get this far.

I'm going to start writing my diary logs down. Here's the one for this Zone.

Rhltt tD8w4 x$3t1 (one)
@dtm" Dj!+d v1 (one) x@=

There.  Now, let's go.

This area is one long thin chain of repeating buildings!
There is a gate that leads you to the action zone.
But, if you want to know what buildings exist, I'll tell you.
Starting from the gate and to the right.
Gate, guy's house, guy's house, store (sandals, bombs, and pizza), food shop, a
level 1/3 judo ,  dice game, store (chain armor, iron helmet, and whole pizza),
concentration, sauna, guy/girl's house (I can't tell!), a level 1/2 judo, diary
keeper, and back to the gate.

Look out for those pesky bomb dropping birds.
Either make money or head through the gate. Action sequence.

Guess who? It's the raccoon dog!
Fish gotta swim and birds gotta fly. Look out for them both. Get on the boat!
The water is pretty thick. Press jump a lot or else you'll drown.
Some birds drop balls. Stand near the back of the boat and move forward when
the ball drops. You'll soon get to a dock.
Get off of the boat and head to the next area.
Jump across the logs and look out for that hermit crab. It's guarding a golden
cat and some coins.
You'll reach a collapsing bridge ahead.
Navigate your way past the funky floaters and grab the elephant. Then there's
the ring.
Walk forward and it moves forward. Simple enough.
Then, some ball hoping. Not too hard. Just jump off before they sink.
Golden cat in the pot up ahead. Jump from log to log. The last jump is too far!
Jump into the water then jump out as soon as possible.  Next scene.
That sounds like Boss music.
BOSS- Hakuryu (A Giant Dragon/Snake. Where did all the human's go?)
Hakuryu is the enemy.  He'll appear from below. Hit him in his head with coins
or weapon.
He only spits out 3 fireballs. Dodge them. He'll do it 3 times and then repeat.
If you're brave enough, try standing under his chin and throwing coins straight
Do it fast and repeatedly and hope you have armor.
When you beat him, go see that white mirror.  Well? What are you waiting for?
You heard the mirror!

Scene ends with you traveling by sea.
(I think the scene is the same as what you paid for in Zone 1. It was for me. I
got the expensive yacht.)
Warlock Zone Eight: Save Princess (Well, duh!)
Here's the diary entry for this zone.
%><TH  >qdhQ  L!gTT
9+H/# w>$>! JTLH!

Aren't you special? This is Zone Eight. A new enemy is here. The Carpenters.
They toss hammers and such.
Sooner or later, you will realize that some people can't speak English! Yikes!
Let's hurry through!
The building right where you start is a Job Place.
Going south  from here, there are a few houses: A level 2/3 Dojo, a guy's
house, another guy's house, and Mrs. Diary Keeper.
Going north of the starting area (left to right): guy's house, guy's house, old
lady's house.

North of that area. A HUGE CASTLE! With some odd looking statues.
Break 'em!
From left to right: secret passageway, nothing, nothing, gates, nothing, secret
passageway, secret passageway.
That's great.
Go through the gates.
More places. From left to right again: A level 1/4 judo, store (gold armor,
gold helmet, text), gates, store (sandals, bombs, whole pizza), food store.

Buy the text ($980!), go through the gates, and go see the king. Without the
text, you can't understand him.
It's the Raccoon Dog. Action Scene?

Not really. Talk to the king and go back to the statue area.
The second statue from the left is the one you need to go through. (Three
Raccoon Dog? 2 in 1? Wow. This time, it's a real action scene.  A long one too.

A bunch of Rolling Reds are falling. Dodge them all. They are tough to kill.
Pass the indestructible fireballs. Little statues are spiting fire. Hit the
If they go off screen, they'll come back. If you have Judo 3, you can fly up.
Destroy the highest one to move on. There is a rising elevator for you.
Bubbles are holding little reds. Hit it, it'll pop. Don't hit it, it'll pop.
When it pops, the little red drops. Not too hard here.
As soon as you get to the top, equip the coin. When you go to the next scene,
throw coins quickly.
There is a Carpenter there and he'll throw hammers. Grab the elephant.
Next, you'll see a few poles with Carpenters climbing them.
If you are quick, you can jump to each one before they reach the top.
Get past some more Carpenters. Bombs work well against Carpenters that are
lower than you.
Next scene is a mini boss.

Mini-Boss (A Tower of Power)
The head is the weak point.
The best strategy is to stand hear the left and jump (hop) on each little body
Then, when you reach the top, throw coins at the head. 3 hits will kill it.
As soon as it starts exploding, get off of the tower. The top becomes a new
Repeat this over and over. It gets easier when it gets smaller.
The floor will drop and you'll free fall onto a mind cart (sort of). Pigback
now! (2 players)
This is not easy. If you can, fly when it gets harder.
Jump when you have to and duck when you need to. It's not too long.
You'll land on some circular platforms.
Hop to the top while avoiding those electric little reds. The exit's at the top
Grab the elephant and go. Jump over the gaps and avoid the little reds.
Again, flying helps. Head up the stairs.
It's the princess! I'm serious this time. GO GET HER! It's not going to be easy
It's a boss.

BOSS (Tilt and Tumble)
Remember that head that got away? It's back on a new body.
It doesn't have a strength bar. The way to beat it is to hit it so that it
turns upside down.
Grab some coins and toss them.  He moves when you hit him.
The only way you can get hurt is touching his ball hands.
Also, falling is instant death. Two player mode is easier.

The princess is saved! The game is over! Huh?!? Nope.  It's not over.
You get tossed into the dungeon.
Warlock Zone Nine: Final Story (Hold on, you're on the home stretch!)
Bust out of the cell. There are prison guards.
They have guns that shoot three bullets at a time. Watch yourself.
You can go into cells and talk to prisoners, but they have nothing important to
help you.
Go down one screen.  Ok, some of the cells are stores now. (huh?)
From left to right, level 1/4 Dojo, a level 2/3 Dojo, the path you came from,
some guy's cell, another path that leads you to the king, and another guy's
If you talk to the king, he'll tell you how to leave. (I think you have to talk
to him for it to be there)
If you go south,
there are more places (left to right): Store (gold armor, gold helmet, whole
pizza), food shop, store (sandals, bombs, time),
the path you came from, and a diary keeper (you've got to respect someone who
would go to the ends of the earth to help you save).
Speaking of the diary keeper, here's mine.
&=k0(zero)J 2(two)pJjR Vj"Jg
-(heart)JLZ(zee) 0(zero)4k42 QBM0(zero)=

Make your way back to your cell (after talking to the king).
Break one of the back walls to escape. It's time for one last action scene.
Mr. Raccoon Dog, why didn't you tell me that you were here?

Powder throwers will chase you. If they stop, they'll throw. They also can jump
straight up.
They get annoying quick. Very quick.
They'll be a few Guards. Head through the 'town' and head up the dirt path.
Hey, it's ninja women, Yae! Grab the elephant and head to the right. Climb the
Those clouds are colored a different way. That means you can jump on them.
They ones that are still do not last long and they will disappear and reappear
Climb up to the floating castle.
Grab the elephant and prepare for a trip down memory lane...

Mini Boss

It's Lantern Man 2: Revenge of the Lantern
Same as back then... Easy. Don't run out of money though...
He explodes and you are teleported.

Mini Boss

It's the big face again! This time without the two fat sumos.
Follow the same pattern.
Once it cracks, say your prayers.

BOSS (The final attack!)

I hope you stocked up on helmets. It's the boss. For lack of a name, I'll call
him Boss.
Boss carries a bow and arrow and rides a beast.
Hit the arrows back towards the beast's head. He'll deflect the low ones.
If on two player mode, have the lesser skilled of the two walk up to the boss.
Have him repeatedly hit the beast in the leg.
It won't take damage, but it prevents them from moving.
Keep him in the back and it makes things easier.

Once the beast dies, Boss jumps off. (The beast turns into a cute fox. Aww...)
Don't relax. He'll spin after you. He's hard to jump over.
When he falls off the ceiling, you can attack him.
He'll take two hits and then start spinning. Stay on your toes. He'll start
Snail under him.
Then he'll repeat. Come on. You can do it!
You can hit him while he is spinning by throwing coins at him.

He turns into a little runt and runs away.
The 'great' general Shogun (that's his name) won't go down easily.
Things will work themselves out. Lay the smack down on him and the game is
I'll watch the credits for you.

The End...
You'll see this at the end. A pose from Yin, Yang, the Princess, Kurobei, and
some other jabronis.

You did it! Congratulations! That puts another video game victory under your

I won't lie. It feels good to beat a game that not many people have
beaten/played before.

5)Special Thanks
First, I'd like to thank me, myself, and I. If it wasn't for me, this FAQ
be possible.

Second, I'd like to thank www.gamefaqs.com. Because of them, I noticed that
there wasn't
a decent FAQ for this game.

Third, my brother. Being on 2 player is far more fun than one player.

Next, I'd like to thank Konami for making a fun game.

Lastly, I'd like to thank you, for playing this game and reading my FAQ.

6) Legal Information

This is a copyrighted work from Delbert Harris (2001).  Any usage of
this FAQ not noted by its author is banned. If you want to have it on
your site, just e-mail me at deliharris@juno.com and I'll be more than
happy to allow you to have it on your site, but you MUST ask. This FAQ
should only be on gamefaqs.com.  If you see it on any other site,
please notify me.

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