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Magic Leveling Up FAQ by Xi

Version: 3.1.1 | Updated: 09/20/08

Secret of Mana
In-Depth: Magic Leveling Up FAQs
                                                       / -= Information -= /
>> Author:   Jeff Decker
>> Nick:     Xi
>> Version:  3.1.1
>> Updated:  Sept 20, 2008
>> Profile:  http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/11749.html

*** NOTE: Check my GameFAQs.com contributor page for current information 
before contacting me. Sometimes my contact information changes.

/ -= Index -= /
1. About the FAQ
    >> Introduction
    >> Copyright
    >> Email Policy
    >> Revisions/Versions
2. Basic FAQs
    >> Elementals
    >> Mana Seeds
    >> Magic Level
    >> Rhythm
    >> Where to Level Up
    >> Super Magic
3. Sprite
4. Girl
5. Credits

/ 1. About the FAQ /
This section provides information about why it was made, the copyright 
information, and the latest revisions/versions of the file.

>> Introduction (aka: why it was made)
Secret of Mana has always been a great game. It was probably the first or one 
of the first RPGs I played. I know it was the first game by SquareSoft that I 
had played. I know as a little kid I played this game hours and hours on end 
with others.

The original version of this FAQ was written in one day. I was sitting here 
while sick, playing Secret of Mana, and I realized that there has to be 
faster ways to level up magic. I knew some little tricks, but I really 
started to do some research about it, and I found a couple of other tricks 
that seem to work well. Every second seems to count when attempting to level 
up magic, because you have to cast so many times. Shaving off a couple of 
seconds off of every cast can save you a half an hour in the long run.

>> Copyright
This document was originally created to be posted at GameFAQs.com, but I have 
decided to change the license of this work to allow it to be posted on other 
sites as of September 20, 2008. 

Except where otherwise noted, content in this document is licensed under a 
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. 

For more information on this license please visit:

I will ask that if you use this text anywhere that please contact me. My 
current info is always on: 

>> Email Policy
I have noticed that sometimes I get emails about information that is already 
explained in the FAQ or questions about the game. Please notice this FAQ is 
only about magic leveling up and not about where to find the elements or 
anything that is already covered in a walkthrough of the game. If you have 
questions about how to get through the game, then check out one of the 
walkthrough FAQs.

Please only email me if you have a question about magic leveling up or you 
think you have found something about magic leveling up that hasn't already 
been covered in the FAQs. You will be credited for providing new information!

*** NOTE: Check my contributor page at GameFAQs.com for my current contact 
information in case it has changed since this version of this FAQ!!!

>> Revisions/Versions
v3.1.1 (09/20/2008) Changed copyright license.

v3.1: (05/20/2003) Added email policy; Super Magic sub in Basic FAQ section. 
More information about magic level about it being able to reach 8:99.

v3.0: (12/02/2002) Changed the line width to 78 characters. Changed index.

v2.0: Added information about rhythm and using the Midget Mallet to mini 
yourself. Also changed some of the layout of the FAQ and changed the section 
"About this document" to "Revisions". All of these updates were done on June 
14, 2002.

v1.0: Started the FAQ on October 24, 2001. This was the first complete 
version of the FAQ and completed on the same day.

/ 2. Basic FAQs /
There are some basic FAQs that you should know about leveling up magic for 
the Sprite or for the Girl.

Overview: Elementals; Mana Seeds; Magic Level; Rhythm; Where To Level Up

>> Elementals
There are a total of eight elementals that come along to help you. Each of 
them has a different power they give and each of them has three spells. Think 
of when you are casting a spell that you are actually casting that elemental.

>> Mana Seeds
How many Mana Seeds you have, otherwise known as your Mana Power, is the 
maximum level you can get your elementals up to. (e.g. If you have only 
released one Mana Seed, then you can only get all of your elementals up to 
level 1.)

>> Magic Level
When you look on Magic Skill page, you will see all of the elementals for 
that person; with a number next to them that looks something like this:


Most likely it will be a different number though. The first number or the 
number that is left of the colon is the current level that elemental is at. 
The number to the right is the percent is it to the next level. So I look at 
the number above as being at level 1 and 15% to level 2.

The percent to the next level increases every time that elemental is 
summoned. When you are at lower levels the percent will increase faster then 
when you get to later levels.

Your magic level can reach to a max of 8:99 after collecting all 8 Mana 
seeds. (Thanks to <ChibiTenshiko@aol.com> for reminding me that this wasn't 
in here.)

>> Rhythm
Most of leveling up spells is rhythm; rather then how fast you can hit the 
buttons. If you go into the ring too fast, you will not be able to cast the 
spell until they have completed summoning the elemental.

* Tip: You can use the Midge Mallet to minimize yourself and that will cut 
back on your recovery time as well (Thanks to "Jeremy Miranda" 

>> Where to Level Up
Most likely the best place to level up is the Wind Palace. There you can get 
your MP refilled for free, and when standing inside of the Wind Palace, your 
weapons are out so the Girl will be gaining the full amount of percent each 
time she summons an elemental.

>> Super Magic
After you get all 8 Mana seeds and have leveled up an elemental to level 8, 
sometimes you might notice that after you cast a spell, the screen will 
freeze and the spell will be stronger than normal. This is what I call "Super 

After an elemental is above level 8, the closer that elemental gets to 8:99, 
the high the chance for super magic to occur.

/ 3. Sprite /
The Sprite has attack magic given to him from the Elementals. One of the 
first steps to leveling up magic is to know what all of the spells do. It is 
also important to know what is probably the best spell to use from each 
elemental. I have marked the one that I normally use to level up with, with a 

     Spell             MP use   Description
   Undine (water) --------------------------------------------------------
    *Freeze            2mp      Causes a freezing ice storm.
     Acid Storm        3mp      Acid rain lowers enemy's defense.
     Energy Absorb     2mp      Takes away enemy's HP.
   Gnome (earth) ---------------------------------------------------------
     Earth Slide       3mp      Covers enemies in rock slide.
     Gem Missile       2mp      Rains jagged diamonds on Enemies.
    *Speed Down        1mp      Lowers Evade X and slows attack.
   Sylphid (wind) --------------------------------------------------------
     Air Blast         2mp      Wind-burn damages the enemies.
     Thunderbolt       4mp      Strikes the enemies with lightning.
    *Silence           2mp      Confuses the enemies.
   Salamando (fire) ------------------------------------------------------
     Fireball          2mp      Sends fireballs at enemies.
     Exploder          4mp      An explosion rocks the enemies.
    *Lava Wave         3mp      Magma engulfs the enemies.
   Shade (dark) ----------------------------------------------------------
     Evil Gate         8mp      Wave of darkness hits the enemies.
    *Dark Force        2mp      Enemy's energy explodes.
     Dispel Magic      4mp      Sets enemy's gauge to 0/halts magic
   Luna (moon) -----------------------------------------------------------
     Change Form       5mp      Transforms enemy to weaker level.
    *Magic Absorb      1mp      Takes enemy's MP.
     Lunar Magic       8mp      Makes enemy/you do curious things.
   Dryad (life) ----------------------------------------------------------
    *Sleep Flower      2mp      Lulls enemies to sleep.
     Burst             5mp      Hidden energy strikes enemies.

As you can tell, it is usually the spell that uses the least amount of MP 
that I normally use to power up with. This is sometimes because it is the 
spell with the least MP and that allows you to cast it more times before you 
need to refill your MP somehow.

There are exceptions of course. If you look at Salamando, I normally use Lava 
Wave, which uses one more MP then Fireball. This is because of the repetition 
factor, which is something I will explain.

Repetition Factor: The ability to cast over and over again on the same enemy 
                   before destroying it.

There are a couple of things that will help you achieve this. First of all, 
if you are trying to level up the Sprite's magic, be someone other then the 
Sprite. I prefer to be the boy. That way I can usually control both the 
Sprite and the Girl easily.

Now find an enemy and choose an elemental that you want to level up. Go into 
the Sprite's magic ring by hitting the "X" button and select a spell with 
good repetition factor. Cast the spell on the enemy. You will see the 
elemental appear as the Sprite summons it. Right when the elemental 
disappears from the screen, hit the "X" button again, go into the Sprite's 
magic ring and select the same spell and the same enemy, and cast it again. 
You will see the elemental appear and at the moment it disappears hit the "X" 
button again and repeat the process.

You should see what I am talking about. Your spells will be hitting the 
enemy, but you will not be giving time for the damage to show up on the 
enemy. This will make it so you are not killing the enemy and saving you time 
in having the search for more enemies to cast on. Once you run out of magic, 
or if you slow down in your casting, it will add up all of your hits and do 
that damage to the enemy.

This is the fastest way I have known to level up the magic on the Sprite.

Another tip to give out is that of Luna's Magic Absorb. This is an important 
spell to level up and when you get low on magic, you can use this so you do 
not have to travel all the way back to an inn to refill your MP.

/ 4. Girl /
The Girl receives recovery and indirect magic from the elementals. Generally 
the Girl is easier to level up her magic since you do not have to travel 
around too much to do so. There are some important things to know about 
leveling up the Girl's magic however. I will start with her a list of her 
spells, though.

     Spell             MP use   Description
   Undine (water) --------------------------------------------------------
     Ice Saber         2mp      Weapons gain the power of water!
     Remedy            1mp      Recovers status.
     Cure Water        2mp      Recovers HP.
   Gnome (earth) ---------------------------------------------------------
     Stone Saber       4mp      Weapons gain the power to petrify.
     Speed Up          3mp      Raises evade X and speeds attack.
     Defender          2mp      Raises defense/decreases damage.
   Sylphid (wind) --------------------------------------------------------
     Thunder Saber     3mp      Weapons gain the power of wind!
     Balloon           2mp      Lowers wisdom/confuses enemies.
     Analyzer          1mp      Detects traps/enemy's weak point.
   Salamando (fire) ------------------------------------------------------
     Flame Saber       2mp      Weapons gain the power of fire!
     Fire Bouquet      3mp      Scalds enemy/lowers battle power.
     Blaze Wall        4mp      A wall of fire engulfs the enemies.
   Lumina (light) --------------------------------------------------------
     Light Saber       5mp      Weapons gain the power of light!
     Lucent Beam       8mp      Evil foe hit with pure light.
     Lucid Barrier     4mp      Protection from weapon attacks.
   Luna (moon) -----------------------------------------------------------
     Moon Saber        3mp      Weapons gain the power to take HP!
     Lunar Boost       2mp      Raises battle power.
     Moon Energy       2mp      Raises critical hit X.
   Dryad (life) ----------------------------------------------------------
     Revivifier       10mp      Sends the reaper running.
     Wall              6mp      Makes a barrier to ward off magic.

Generally when leveling up the Girl's magic, you want to use the spell with 
the least amount of MP used for casting it. Some spells do need to target 
enemies however, so use the same strategy as I gave for the Sprite for those 

Also it is important that you are in an area where you weapons are out when 
you are leveling up the Girl's magic. If you weapons are not out, your 
percent to the next level will only go up half as fast as it would when your 
weapons are out.

You also want to use somewhat of the same idea as I told you with the Sprite. 
You want to be able to cast as fast as possible. I suggest changing to the 
Boy. Then going into the Girl's ring with the "X" button and selecting the 
elemental you are going to level up. Then cast it, but only cast it on the 
Sprite. Once the elemental disappears, hit the "X" button and cast the spell 
again only on the Sprite. This will make it so you can cast a lot faster then 
if you cast it on the whole party.

/ 5. Credits /
I would like to thank Jeremy Miranda <tonpole@hotmail.com> for the 
information about using the Midge Mallet for cutting back on recovery time. 
Also thanks to <ChibiTenshiko@aol.com> for reminding me about magic levels 
going up to 8:99.

Thanks for everyone that has taken the time to look at my FAQs! (I know it's 
lame, but I had to do it!)

                   / Content under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License /

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