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Cursed Shield Guide by Tze Jo

Version: 0.954 | Updated: 02/12/02

        ________  __       _   _       ___       __
        \  _____\ \ \     | \ | |     /   |     / /
         \ \___    \ \    |  \| |    / /| |    / /
          \  __\    \ \   | \ \ |   / /_| |   / /
           \ \       \ \  | |\  |  / ___  |  / /____
            \_\       \_\ |_| \_| /_/   |_| /______/
________   ___       _   _   _______     ___       ______ __    __
\  _____\ |   \     | \ | | |__   __|   /   |     / ____/ \ \  / /
 \ \___   | |\ \    |  \| |    | |     / /| |    / /___    \ \/ /
  \  __\  | |_\ \   | \ \ |    | |    / /_| |   /___  /     \  /
   \ \    |  ___ \  | |\  |    | |   / ___  |  ____/ /      / /
    \_\   |_|   \_\ |_| \_|    |_|  /_/   |_| /_____/      /_/
               ________                / /   _____
              |        \              / /   /    /
              |_____    \            / /   /    /
                    \    \          / /   /    /
                     \    \        / /   /    /___
                  ___/    /       / /   /         \
                 |       /       / /   /    ___    \
                 |___    \      / /   /    /   \    \
                     \    \    / /   /    /     \    \
                     /    /   / /    \    \     /    /
              ______/    /   / /      \    \___/    /
             |          /   / /        \           /
             |_________/   / /          \_________/

        V0.954, © Tze Jo 2001, 2002

/////////    CONTENTS    \\\\\\\\\\\\


II) INTRODUCTION=========================

III) BASICS==============================

 IV.a) DOOM-GAZE S METHOD (deleted)


VI) MICRO VALKTROU=======================

  =========WICH ONE TO CHOOSE?===========

VIII) LEVELLING UP=======================

IX)=========BEST WAYS TO GET=============
  =======EVERY ITEM IN THE GAME==========

X) ALL THE STATUS========================




This micro-FAQ is copyright me and I have power of life and dead on everyone
wich reads it :))
 Seriously, you can read it and publish it on a website if you want (but I
prefer you ask me first if you want to put it somewhere), but YOU CANNOT SELL
ANOTHER DIMENTION! You cannot modify it too and if you want to publish it you
must keep it in the present form. If you see some site wich don t respect this
please e-mail me. If you need to contact me:
  mail: TZEJO@WANADOO.FR (please put a subject like "final fantasy 6 shield")

 If I don t answer your mail, don t get angry, I have probably read it but
haven t taken the time to answer because it is not necessary (for example if
you tell me I ve done a mistake I ll correct it but it doesn t need any

Here are the sites wich can publish it, because they have asked me first, don t
tell me if my FAQ is on these sites:

Here are the sites wich will NEVER be able to publish it, usually because i
have had problems with them, if you see my faq on one of these sites tell me

-V 0.954 (12 february 2002)
 -Minor changes & mistakes corrections (well, i m tired of these minor changes &   mistake corrections ^^)

-V 0.953 (18 november 2001)
 -Minor changes & mistakes corrections

-V 0.952 (23 august 2001)
 -Minor changes & mistakes corrections

-V 0.951 (23 july 2001)
 -Minor changes & mistakes corrections

-V 0.95 (18 july 2001)
 -Item list completely updated
 -Morph list appears

-V 0.921 (12 july 2001)
 -Minor changes & mistakes corrections

-V 0.92 (30 june 2001)
 -Minor changes & mistakes corrections

-V 0.91 (16 may 2001)
 -Minor changes & mistakes corrections
 -Doom Gaze s method completely deleted because it cannot work (grr) !!

-V 0.9  (9 may 2001)
 Well, it s only v 0.9 because:
 -Some things will probably be added (for example other manners to uncurse)
 -Some mistakes should be corrected

II) INTRODUCTION=========================

 You probably all know FF6, this micro-FAQ isn t a valktru (there are already
hundreds of good FAQs), it s only a little guide about how to uncurse the
cursed shield and some other tips. Personnally I cannot claim being a FF6
Master, because it is my first game, but I have found some things wich can be
interresting, so I think everyone should know them. Because i m not a ff6
master, and i m not english born, i can make some mistakes in the language or
about the game, so if you see one, please e-mail me, if you have some tip wich
is not already in this faq, please e-mail me too, and if you want to insult me,
you can too. here are the adresses:
 -telling a mistake/a new tip: TZEJO@WANADOO.FR

III) BASICS==============================


 To get the cursed shield, you need to go to narshe with Locke (in the World Of
Ruins), he is able to open the locked doors here, you ll find the shield in the
house north of the weapon shop (above the stairs, a man will give it to you).
As you can see below, the shield is the worst one in the game, but if you do
256 (and not 255) battles with it equipped on a living character, it will morph
into the Palladin Shield, wich is the best shield in the game and a must have,
a character equipped with it will be almost invulnerable! And the Palladin
Shield teaches ULTIMA!!! But it will be a pain doing 256 battles with it
equipped, mainly because of all the status it puts on you and the weaknesses to
all elements (the character equipped with it will be killed almost every time
he is hit by an elemental spell). To make this a lot easier, you should equip
your character with a Ribbon (wich counters all the bad status inflicted but
condemned) and an armor that absorbs/reduces the elements (I suggest Force
Armor or Minerva). Some people usually uncurse it while playing the game, so
they don t waste time, but if you do that:
-you will be able to learn ultima very late in the game
-it ll be a pain trying to keep the shield s wearer alive through all the game
...so i strongly think it s better to uncurse it as soon as you get it!


   |Vigor   -7                                    |
   |Speed   -7                                    |
   |Stamina -7                                    |
   |Mag Pwr -7                                    |
   |Weak Point: Fire, Ice, Thunder,               |
   |            Earth, Poison, Water              |
   |                                              |     Prevent the bad
   |Puts you in:                                  |     effect with:
   |   Muddle    [you will attack your team]      | <--   Ribbon or Peace Ring
   |                                              |
   |   Berserk   [you will attack permanently]    | <--   Ribbon or Peace Ring
   |                                              |
   |   Seizure   [you will lose a little          | <--   Ribbon or Cure Ring
   |              amount of HP every few turn]    |
   |                                              |
   |   Mute      [you cannot use magic/lore/esper]| <--   Ribbon or White Cape
   |                                              |
   |   Condemned [you will die after a few seconds| <--   Safety Bit
   |             (generally between 40s and 60s)] |
              Do 256 battles with the
              Cursed shield equipped
              and it will become...
                    \  /
   | Defense:    59                               |
   | Evade %:   +40 (Useless but...)              |
   | Magic Def:  59                               |
   | MBlock %:  +40                               |
   |                                              |
   | Absorbs: Fire, Ice, Thunder, Pearl           |
   | No effect: Earth, Poison, Water, Wind        |
   |                                              |
   | Teaches ULTIMA (x1 rate)                     |

        It s not particularly the subject,
        but it s cursed too, and it doesn t take
        too much place, so i ll discribe it too:

   | Casts Condemned on wearer                    |
   | DOESN T UNCURSE                              |


-the Ribbon is NOT a requirement to uncurse the shield, it only makes it easier
-unequip the shield and reequip it DOES NOT increase the battles to do to
 uncurse it (but it s said so in some faqs!)
-running from a battle cannot uncurse it, you must "win" the battle, but you
 don t need to kill the ennemies, if they run away (like the doom gaze) or if
 they die themselves (like the ennemies in the solitary island) it counts a
 battle won too
-GOGO CANNOT UNCURSE IT!!(don t waste time like I did!)
-a dead character, or a petrified one, cannot uncurse it, and i think a zombie
 char cannot too, but i ve not tried, (a character with the relic ring is
 considered alive and can uncurse). An imp can, though.
-everyone (but gogo and umaro of course) can uncusre it
-unfortunately, doing battles in the coliseum cannot uncurse it
-You can uncurse the shield on the Veldt, but you cannot if gau leaps into an
 ennemy or comes back (in this case the battle is not counted)

-If you equip several things (shield, armor, helmet, relic) with different
 elemental resistances, your character ll have the best one for every element.
 (i.e you have equipped a shield weak against fire and that absorbs wind, and a
 jacket 50% fire and 50% wind, your character will absorb wind because of the
 shield and have a 50% fire resistance because of the jacket(PS: I know there
 isn t any shield or jacket like this, it was for the example))
-Ragnarok and Illumina use mps to do critical hits: they hit critical only when
 you have enough magic! They need a various amount of mps between 10 and 20
 (i think), probably depending of the damage they will do. but if you use them
 with offering, they won t hit critical and won t use mps too.
-The amount of mps Celes will absorb by runicking depends on her weakness to
 the spell s element (the whole info is from dhsmike@hotmail.com):
 -If she is weak against that element, she will absorb double mps
 -If she has 1/2 resistance, she will absorb half the mps
 -If she nullifies that element, she will absorb zero mps
 -If she absorbs the element, she will LOSE mps :(
 -Celes can absorb some of the spells called by Gau when he is Raged, use a
  rage like Aspik(gigavolt=bolt3) or Templar(fire2) and runic for free mp...

-Hyper Wrists, Atlas Armlets, Earrings and Hero Rings
 I have done some experiences and here is what I have concluded (I may be
 -1 Hyper Wrist raises your vigor by 50%
 -1 Atlas Armlet raises the fight damages by 25%. It s not addable, so 2 Atlas
  Armlets raise by 25% (and not 50)
 -1 Earring raises the magic damages by 25%. It is addable, so 2 Earrings raise
  it by 50%
 -1 Hero Ring is like 1 Atlas Armlet + 1 Earring (so it raises fight and magic
  damage by 25%)
 -2 Hero Rings are like 1 Atlas Armlet + 2 Earring (because the physical
  bonuses are not cumuled), so it raises fight damage by 25% and magic by 50%)
 So the more powerful associations I have found is Hero Ring + Earring (same
 effect as 2 Hero Rings because the fight bonus isn t added, but cheapest
 because Earring is easier to find) or Hero Ring + Hyper Wrist(raises the fight
 damage about 50% in all and the magic one by 25%)

-I have tried too Edgar s tools and Sabin s blitzes, and have classed them as
 follows (I haven t listed the one which do no damage or if the damage doesn t
 depends of vigor or magic and isn t raised by Atlas Armlet or Earrings):

 EDGAR:           Type of damage:      Depends of:
  Flash             magic                mag.pwr
  Drill             fight                vigor
  Auto Crossbow     fight                vigor
  Bio Blaster       magic                mag.pwr
  Chainsaw          fight                vigor

 SABIN:           Type of damage:      Depends of:
  Pummel            fight                vigor
  Aura Bolt         magic                mag.pwr
  Supplex           fight                vigor
  Fire Dance        magic                mag.pwr
  Air Blade         magic                mag.pwr
  Bum Rush          magic                mag.pwr


 (deleted of the FAQ because it couldn t work, sorry)


You ll need:
 -the Cursed Shield(of course)
 -a Ribbon
 -2 True Knight
 -2 Cure Ring (or better: Marvel Shoes)
 -If possible a Back Guard to prevent a back attack

You need 4 characters, take anyone you want, it s not important. Give someone
the Cursed Shield and a Ribbon. Give everyone your best equipement of course.
Give your 2 most resistant characters the True Knights and Cure Rings, they
will be the HPs Tanks. If you have a Back Guard, equip it to your fourth
character. Put everyone in the back row to minimize the damage they will take.
Go on the Solitary Island (Where Celes begins in the World Of Ruin). Here the
ennemies are very weak, and die themselves after a few seconds if you don t
kill them. In the battles select the "Fight" command for everyone (except Edgar
if you have taken him: select the Tools/Auto Crossbow). Walk on the island
until you have done the 256 battles, but don t go in the desert because you can
encounter some other ennemies a little stronger. You should go just one step
north of the desert, and walk left and right, keeping the "A" button (or the
"Confirmation" button) pressed. Basically, you don t even need to watch the
sceen: just keep the "A" button pressed and altern left/right. If you have a
programmable pad it will be even easier. If you use an emulator, activate his
"Turbo Mode" to make it even faster.

 -It is a lot better to walk left/right instead of up/down (especially if you
don t watch the screen and let your programmable pad do the work for you),
because you won t select any other command by mistake doing this (at worst you
will select "Row" or "Def").
Carey Adamson (cadamson1@mac.com) sent me this:
 I thought of a way to simply go around that problem all together.  Since you
 can assign different controllers to different characters in the setup, why not
 use two different controllers? Controller ONE would be the programpad,
 programmed to continuously move left and right.  In the controller setup, you
 can assign all your characters to controller TWO where "A" is simply taped
 down.  Now your characters aren't  "recieving left/right" in battle but are
 instead fighting the whole time...

 -you MUST keep the button "A" pressed to automatically close the windows wich
tell you how many exp, MPs and GPs you have won after the battle

 -It is the shortest method I have found (about 1H30 to uncurse)
 -The ennemies here give you fixed (and low) amount of exp: 1 exp/battle/char,
so you will only gain 256 exp for each character after doing the 256 battles
(good for a low level game), and if you know your strarting exp here for one
character, you can know exactly how much battles you have fought (and how much
there is remaining). For example, Edgar had 100000 exp when i started making
battles, and now he has 100113 exp, this means the team has done 113 battles
(and there remains 256-113=143 battles).
 -If you have a programmable pad you don t even need to pay any attention to
the game
 -You don t need any special equipement or high-level characters, because the
ennemies here are weak
 -The ennemies give you 1 MP each battle, so you ll have gained 256 MPs when
uncursed: equip some slow learning espers (like Phoenix that you OBLIGATORILY
have and wich has the VERY powerful Life3)


How does this work? Simply: the game stocks in one byte the number of battles
you ve made with the shield equipped, when you do a battle with the shield
equipped, this number increases. When this number is 255 and you do a battle
with the shield equipped, it comes back to 0 and the shield is uncursed. If you
have more than one Cursed Shield equipped (because of hacking with GG or AR),
the number will increase of the number of shields you have equipped in your
team (max 4). If you have several Cursed Shields equipped and this number is
just ready to pass (ie: you have 2 shields equipped and the number is 254), you
make a fight, then this will uncurse ONE of the Cursed Shields you are wearing
and the number will come back to 0 or a little more (if the number is 255 and
you do a battle with 4 shields equipped, one of the shields will be uncursed,
and the number will be increased 3 more times, so it will be 3). So if you don
t want to waste time, just find the Hex adress of this byte, and put it to 255,
so the next battle you do with the shield equipped will uncurse it.

On my version of the rom, the Hex adress is 7E1DD5, but I have read somewhere
that nintendo has done different releases of the game, to correct the bugs and
to frustrate hackers from finding more codes, so if this adress doesn t work
for your release, try finding the right adress by the codes finding tool.

Personnaly, I don t use this code (I uncurse the shield with the solitary
island s method with my emulator s turbo mode), but I have put this technical
information to be as exhaustive as possible. This isn t very bad cheating,
though, because it will only save you time (for me, bad cheating makes the game

VI) MICRO VALKTROU=======================

This is only a micro-guide for those who don t know what to do in the less
linear part of the game (when you get the airship in the WOR). You shouldn t
build your characters before having them all: when you get a character, he has
the same level as the average of your whole team (except gogo for me wich was 2
levels more than he should have been, so don t find him at first). (ie: if you
have 4 characters, 3 at level 20 and one at level 30, when you get one more
char he will be at lvl: (20+20+20+30)/4= 22), so DON T LEVEL UP BEFORE HAVING
ALL YOUR CHARACTERS, even if you don t do a low level game, it isn t hard don t
leveling up here.

-you get the airship
-go find MOG and the VERY valuable moggle charm! (in Narshe)
-go find all the characters you don t need to fight to have: Cyan, Gau, Gogo
-go find all the treasures you can have without fighting (using mog) in the
fanatic tower, in the ancient castle (take odin but DO NOT change him into
raiden yet!!, speed bonus), go 3 times in Kefka Tower (1st time with Mog in the
first team, 2nd time in the 2nd...) to take all treasures here,...
-go find the espers zoneseek & golem in the auction house in jidoor, find
sraphim in Tzen if you haven t it yet (talk with the man nord/east of the town)
-go find locke (phoenix tower), in one team put mog with moogle charm+sprint
shoes, the other team should have your best characters, and EDGAR if possible.
you ll encounter some hard fights you cannot run away (even with warp, grr!),
just use EDGAR s noise blaster wich corrupts all ennemies, and kill them with
non-physical attacks. these fights are the only difficulty here, so now you
should find locke easyly
-go find the cursed shield in narshe with locke
-uncurse the shield with the method you have choosen
-go take the ragnarok in narshe (see the ragnarok section)
-go find all your remaining characters:
 -shadow in the cave in the veldt,
 -relm in the owner s house in jidoor,
 -strago in the fanatic s tower(you need relm),
 -umaro in narshe (you need MOG with you!!)
-go find the offering in the ancient castle and the gem box in the fanatic s
-level up your characters (see the level up section)
-change odin for raiden in the ancient castle
-go in the coliseum for the marvel shoes and some good stuff (see the coliseum
-kill all the 8 dragons and doom gaze for bahamut and crusader if you haven t
done yet
-go in cyan s castle for cyan s dream
-go with strago and relm in Thamasa to do the elbot s rock quest
-go in kefka s tower to fight the bosses here and get all the good stuff here
that you don t already have(aura lance, etc.)

I think it s almost all, but I may have forgotten some or be wrong in the best
order, e-mail me if so.

===========WICH ONE TO CHOOSE?===========

In narshe you ll have to choose between the ragnarok sword and the esper (in
the weapon shop):
-the sword is the most powerful one in the game
-the esper teaches ultima and can morph ennemys into items (but has no level up

Forget that the esper teaches ultima, simply because it can be learned from the
Palladin Shield, the only remaining argument for the esper is that by morphing
you can get one item that cannot be obtained any other way (the Cursed Ring),
and morphing lets you have almost every item easier than the other methods to
have them (and sometimes it s the only way to have a type of items

-If you want to have every item in the game, take the sword: you ll be able to
have 252 items, and obtain the one remaining (Cursed Ring) simply by
magiciting, so you ll finally have 253.
-If you want to have every esper, take the esper of course, this way you ll be
able to get unlimitedly almost every item in the game, you ll finally have 252
items in all, and you ll miss the best sword in the game.

I usually take the sword, for it s power (uh, Illumina...), and having all
possible items.

If you still hesitate, you should uncurse the cursed shield first, before
choosing, and save your game. Now try one choice, and, if it doesn t meet you,
try the other one, knowing anyway you ll have the Palladin Shield already

NOTE: Don t think about getting all the items unlimitedly by using magicite to
morph unless you have some time to lose: it s VERY random:
-the magicite must cast the good esper (Ragnarok): 1 chance on 27
-Ragn must be casted on the right ennemy (kill the other ones before)
-the esper must success in morphing
-You must morph the ennemy into the good thing (1 chance on 4)
And if the magicite casts an esper wich kills the ennemy, you must restart the
fight and try to find the good ennemy one more time...
But if you morph with the esper:
-the esper must success in morphing (but it s not a problem with mimicking)
-You must morph the ennemy into the good thing (1 chance on 4)
So finally it s only one chance on 4 with the esper...
VIII) LEVELLING UP=======================


In this game, it isn t a good idea to level up early. Why? simply because you
get the best espers (wich give you the best level up bonus) late in the game.
If you get them at level one (in extreme!), you ll be able to level up 98 times
with excellent bonuses like vigor +2 or magic +2. You can do a low level game
(very hard) to have gods at the end (the best I ve heard about have reached the
WOR with characters at level 9! Congratulations to them!!), but even without
it, it isn t very hard to get in the World Of Ruins characters with level less
than 25 (in my first game they were all about lvl 23 when I got them all). The
best espers to level up with are:
 -Bahamut             HP +50%
 -Crusader            MP +50%
 -Raiden or Bismark   Vigor   +2
 -Zoneseek or Tritoch Magic   +2
 -Golem or Scarlet    Stamina +2
 -Odin                Speed   +1
Note that you should never level up with raiden because he is Odin transformed,
I STRONGLY suggest you to keep odin until all your characters are at lvl 99
(build their vigor with Bismark). And, some other thing is, you shouldn t build
your characters to the max in one statistic (128), because at level 99, they
will mainly do 9999 damage anyway, prefer building all their important stats a
little. You shouldn t build up Stamina, because it only affects your recovery
rate by the regen spell and tintinabar, and not that much, and your resistance
to SOME instant death spells, so it s USELESS. You should build up Speed for
every character, Speed is useful in EVERY battle, because you ll be able to
select commands more offen. Build it up anyway, and you can build another
statistic to a correct power, the choice remains between Vigor and Magic, and
is dependent, for each character, on his/her special abilities and on the
weapons he/she is able to equip. Another important info: don t build HPs or
MPs: anyway, even without building them, at level 99, all characters have HPs
above 9700 and MPs above 960, so it not very important having "only" 9753 HP
instead of 9999, i think, prefer spending levels in the other important
characteristics. But if you really want to have max HPs and MPs, build the HPs
up about level 70, and the MPs about level 49, because when you level up at
these levels, you gain a big amount of HPs or MPs, so you ll win 50% from a big
amount of HPs and MPs and you ll be able to have max HPs and MPs only by
building them about 2 or 3 levels each (info from Master ZED s HP/MP FAQ,
thanks to him), but i still think it s level wasting.

How much should you build? I think it s a good idea to get Speed and the other
characteristic(s) you have choosen about the same value for a good balance. To
simplify this, just get the lowest characteristic of the character to the value
of the other (if Edgar has 23 Speed and 30 Vigor, build his Speed until 30).
Then build him up alternating the espers (Odin/Bismark in my example) every 6
points gained for example (here, Odin for 6 levels, Bismark for the 3 next
ones, then Odin for another 6...). If you start building at lvl 24 for ex, you
ll build up for 75 levels, which gives you about:
- +50 Speed & +50 Vigor (or Magic) if you build only 2 characteristics
- +35 Speed, +35 Vigor & +35 Magic if you build the 3 main characteristics
Now you should have gods!!

If you want to keep the game hard, DON T USE LEVEL UP BONUSES, because if you
do this, your characters will be REALLY powerful and be able to kill every
ennemy in the game in one or two hits (including the final boss!!), so it will
probably kill the interest of the game if you want to keep the challenge...


There are 3 manners to level up (i think):
-build Speed to the max you can for everyone, they should be able to act VERY
quickly, but they won t do the max possible damage
-build the 3 main statistics for everyone (about +35 bonus in Speed, Vigor &
Magic if you start at lvl 24), everyone will be polyvalent in magic and attack
power (mostly 9999 dmg each attack at lvl 99 with a powerful weapon/spell), and
will be fast too (but not as much as the above method)
-build speed for everyone and choose for each char between building vigor and
magic (specialize them), your choice should depend (like i said above) of the
character s own ability and the weapons he/she is able to equip, for excessive
speed and power bonuses (50 if started at lvl 24), your char will do 9999 each
hit with almost every weapon/spell in his specialization and be fast, but won t
be polyvalent

I personnally used the 3rd method, if you want to do so, here are all the
characters and their important statistics ACCORDING TO ME. I have classed them
in 3 categories: those for wich you should prefferaly build up Vigor and those
wich are better with Magic:

 LOCKE: (Vigor & Speed) His chances to Steal DOESN T DEPEND OF SPEED!!! So
build up his Vigor, because he can equip the most powerful weapons in the game
(and my so loved Wing Edge!)
 EDGAR (Vigor & Speed) Almost every Tool (and especially the most powerful
ones) is depending on Vigor, and he can equip the best weapons in the game.
 TERRA (Vigor & Speed) I know she is normally an esper, but she can equip
almost all the good weapons, and with her "Morph" ability, she will be able to
do GREAT damage, even with the offering, wich decreases the power of each
attack by a half, she will be able to do 9999 each it with a good weapon...
 CELES (Vigor & Speed) She is normally a magic user too, and I use she as a
fighter too... well, she can equip the best weapons too...
 CYAN (Vigor & Speed) His SwordTechs depends on Vigor, so...
 SHADOW (Vigor & Speed) His throw command makes physical damage from anything
but the edges (fire, bolt water), he can equip some interresting weapons, and
there are already 6 mages and only 5 warriors, so I make him warrior

 SABIN (Magic & Speed) The damages of the most powerful blitzes are depending
on Magic, and the weapons he can equip are not that powerful.
 RELM (Magic & Speed) I THINK the succes of her "Sketch/Control" ability is
determinated by her Magic Power, her weapons are powerless anyway!
 STRAGO (Magic & Speed) His special ability "Lore" is 100% magic, and the
weapons he can equip are powerless!!
 MOG (Magic & Speed) I THINK the success of his Dances and their power is
determinated by magic, so...
 SETZER (Magic & Speed) His ability and weapons are so POWERLESS that I always
use him as a mage... (in fact I never use him :) )
 GAU ( Magic & Speed) He cannot equip any weapon, and the only physical attacs
he can do are from his rages, wich i never use (i don t like when i don t
control my character s actions), so i make him a mage.

 GOGO Since you cannot equip any Espers to him/her/it, it s not a problem :)
 UMARO You cannot equip any Espers to him too, so...


You must know that the experience you receive is divided in the number of
characters ALIVE in your group. i.e: you have 3 characters alive and kill an
ennemy wich gives 6000 xp, each character receives 6000/3=2000 xp. But you must
know that 1 char at level 99 STILL RECEIVES EXP!!! Yes, it s stupid but you
must know that. So it s useless to train a low level character in your team
with 3 chars at level 99!! It s experience wasting!

IX)=========BEST WAYS TO GET=============
=========EVERY ITEM IN THE GAME==========


Here are, according to me, the best ways to get every item in the game. I HAVE
NOT listed all the ways because it s useless and it would be too long. The
first list is made for people who haven t taken the Ragn esper, and the second
is for poeple wich have Choosen him (Morph list). In this description, "Unique
items" means the items you cannot get unlimitedly (force shield, force armor
...), "Obsolete items" those you can only get unlimitedly BEFORE the floating
continent, and "Unlimited items", those you can get unlimitedly in the WOR...
Since you can Morph ennemies into items with the Ragnarok esper, some unique
items without him can still be gotten unlimitedly by morphing, and some
unlimited items can be gotten more easyly with the esper. If you have taken it,
search in the second list first, and, if you don t find it, search in the not-
morphing list.

For doing this part, i made use of the following FAQs (I have NOT copied from
-Master ZED's "Monster statistics" FAQ
-The "Coliseum FAQ", from EdTheMoogle
-"The Mynock s guide to FF3" from... Mynock
They can all be found on gamefaqs.

ryan_gf@hotmail.com send me this a while ago (sorry i didn t make an update):

 "Ok here is my secret, first off I want all credit to me(R_HUGEWOOD). Ok this
 is a secret I knew about since the game almost first came out but it was always
 too good of a secret to give away. It is a secret to get some of the best
 equipment near the end of the World of Balance. Ok first off u turn some one
 invisible, then u use that sketch chick to sketch the person invisible. then a
 big glitch will happen(if not keep trying) and people will turn into weird
 things and screen will go screwy but u run when this happens or use smoke
 bomb(this is WAYYY!! better) now look in your items window and u will have a
 whole ton of items with weird symbols beside them and some of the most powerful
 equipment in the game. I haven't done this in awhile but I know it works
 because me and my friend are the *ONLY* people who know about this. I am only
 giving this too you because the game is old and you are the only person I know
 that still has an almost updated faq on the game(since the game is a few years
 old) If you could, could u please post this e-mail on your site because I want
 total credit and not just a little credits name at bottom I want everybody to
 know that this is my secret. I also knew about the Invisible doom trick to kill
 anyone in game(almost), before anyone else. I thank for your time and if u
 could please e-mail me back as soon as possible to see what you think of this
 ultimate secret.

 PS. You can sell alot of this stuff for infinite money too.
 PPS. I will also check the trick out again but it may take me awhile because I
 haven't played the game in like a year and I have to start a new game.
 PPS. I really want you to post this e-mail on your FAQ for me and my friends

Since i knew this since a while (i learned this on gamefaqs forum :-D ), i answered him with this mail:

 "Uh! Hello!
 I m sorry to tell this to you, but the sketch glitch is already known by a LOT
 of people! The first time i heard about it was on gamefaqs forum, there are
 there people who know much more than me about FF6, and probably much more than
 almost everyone :-D
 Same thing about the Vanish/Doom/X-zone trick.
 You may have discovered them yourself but a lot of people already know about
 it. :-D"

I got the following answer:

 Well I know I knew it since the game first came out so oh well I juss never
 seen it before in any faq or anything. But why didn't u meantion it in your faq
 because it is a good way to get all items in game faster.

And that s not totally false :-|
i should have put it in my faq before. This is corrected now :-D


In the "Name" column you will find the name of the item (of course), in the
"Nb" column the max number of these items you will be able to find in the WORLD
OF RUINS! If it s "%" it means unlimited. If you see "*", it means Obsolete
item (i think all the items marked with "?" too), they can be obtained
unlimitedly before the WOR, but cannot be found after the Floating Continent
So before going there check that you have at least one of every item marked ?
or *. If the item is unlimited, you ll see in the third column the
easyness/hardness to get it. In the last column you ll see how to get
the item: if you can get it unlimitedly you ll see only the 1 or 2 best
manner(s) to get it unlimitedly, else you ll see all the manners to get it. If
you see <<, it means "wagering at the coliseum". Since a lot of them can only
be obtained unlimitedly with the coliseum, i ll list the whole chain until the
item can be easyly unlimitedly obtained. This list is only valable in the WOR,
because some of the items you were able to buy in the WOB cannot be found after
the floating continent.

Third column legend:
V=Very easy: the item can be bought or is directly waggered in the coliseum
        from a buyable item.
E=Easy: the item can be easyly gotten by stealing/killing (the ennemy appears
        often and the item is easy to steal/get-by-killing) or the item is
        waggered from an easy or very easy item.
H=Hard: wether the item is hard to steal/get, wether the ennemy is hard to find
        (exemple: in the Veldt, the Brachosaur...), or of course, the item must
        be waggered from a hard item.
I=Impossible: the item is VERY HARD to get and searching it is very time
        consuming (especially if you play on a cartridge without Savestates).
M=Morphing: the item is unique or obsolete, but is unlimited with MORPHING only

Name       |Nb|Easyness|

Air Lancet  |%|E|Kill Scrapper (Mt Zozo)
Assassin    |1|M| Chest Cave to the Sealed Gate
Blossom     |?| |??
Dirk        |%|H|Steal Tap Dancer
Graedus     |1| |Fight Master Pug (Chest Cave to Ancient Castle)
Guardian    |4|H|Chest Mt Kolts/steal Merchant (South Figaro, Locke s Scenario)
Hardened    |%|E|Steal Woolly (Gogo s cave)
Imperial    |%|H|Steal Woolly (Gogo s cave)
Kodachi     |?| |??
Man Eater   |%|V|Buy Jidoor
MithrilKnife|%|H|Kill Iron Fist(Veldt)
Striker     |1|M|Chest Cave in the Veldt
Stunner     |1| |Chest Fanatic Tower
SwordBreaker|%|V|Buy Maranda
ThiefKnife  |%|E|Steal SlamDancer (Zozo)
ValiantKnife|1| |Chest Kohlingen

Atma Weapon |1| |Cave to the Sealed Gate(End of WOB)
Blizzard    |%|V|Buy Tzen
Break Blade |%|E|Steal Outsider (Kefka s Tower)
Crystal     |%|V|Buy Jidoor
Drainer     |%|H|Steal Lizard
Enhancer    |%|V|Buy Kohlingen, Nikeah, South Figaro
Epee        |*| |Buy Albrook (WOB)
Excalibur   |1| |Kill Goddess
Falchion    |%|V|Buy Maranda
Flame Sabre |%|V|Buy Tzen
Illumina    |1| |<<Ragnarok
MithrilBlade|%|H|Steal Karkass (Gogo s cave)
Ogre Nix    |%|V|<<Blizzard /<<Flame Sabre /<<ThunderBlade
Ragnarok    |1| |In Narshe with Locke (WOR), see Ragnarok s section
RegalCutlass|1| |Chest Secret Passage (South Figaro)
Rune Edge   |%|V|Buy Nikeah
Scimitar    |1| |Fight Blue Drgn
Soul Sabre  |%|E|<<Ogre Nix/Steal Karkass (Gogo s cave)
ThunderBlade|%|V|Buy Tzen

Aura Lance  |2| |Kill Poltergeist(Kefka s Tower)/<<Sky Render
Gold Lance  |%|V|Buy Kohlingen, South Figaro
Imp Halberd |%|E|Kill Tyranosaur (Dinosaur Forest)
Mithril Pike|1| |Mog has it
Partisan    |%|V|Buy Jidoor
Pearl Lance |%|H|Steal White Drgn (Fanatic s Tower/Veldt)
Stout Spear |%|V|Buy South Figaro
Trident     |%|V|Buy South Figaro

Ashura      |%|H|Steal Ogor (Gogo s cave)
Aura        |%|E|Steal Retainer (Kefka s Tower)
Forged      |*| |Buy Jidoor (WOB)
Kotetsu     |?| |??
Murasame    |%|E|Steal Ogor (Gogo s cave)/<<Hardened
Sky Render  |2| |Kill Doom(Kefka s Tower)/<<Aura Lance
Strato      |%|H|<<Aura/<<Pearl Lance
Tempest     |1| |Chest Cave to the Sealed Gate

Fire Rod    |%|E|Kill Wizard(Snowfield, Narshe(WOR))
Gravity Rod |%|V|Buy Maranda, Thamasa
Heal Rod    |2| |Chest GatheringPlaceOfTheEspers/Chest BurningHouse(Tzen)
Ice Rod     |%|E|Steal Wizard(Snowfield, Narshe(WOR))
Magus Rod   |3| |<<Heal Rod /Kill Dirt Drgn
Mithril Rod |%|H|Steal Joker(Plains/Forests on southern continent(WOB), Veldt)
Pearl Rod   |%|V|Buy Thamasa
Poison Rod  |%|E|Kill Toe Cutter(Cave on the Veldt)
Punisher    |1| |Chest Ancient Castle
Thunder Rod |%|H|Steal Wizard(Snowfield, Narshe(WOR))

Chocobo Brsh|1| |Relm has it
DaVinci Brsh|%|V|Buy Thamasa
Magical Brsh|1| |Chest Gogo s cave
Rainbow Brsh|1| |Chest Kefka s Tower

Ninja Star  |%|V|Buy Thamasa
Shuriken    |%|V|Buy Thamasa
Tack Star   |%|V|<<Ninja Star

Bone Club   |%|V|<<Sniper
Boomerang   |?| |??
Flail       |%|H|Steal Wart Puck(Gogo s cave)
Full Moon   |%|E|Steal Prussian(around Thamasa, WOR)
Hawk Eye    |*| |Buy Narshe (WOB)
Morning Star|?| |??
Rising Sun  |%|E|<<Tack Star<<Ninja Star
Sniper      |%|V|Buy Jidoor
Wing Edge   |2| |Chest Phoenix Cave/Chest Cave to Ancient Castle

Cards       |1| |Setzer has it
Darts       |%|V|Buy Kohlingen
Dice        |%|V|Buy Kohlingen
Doom Darts  |1| |Chest Cave to Ancient Castle
Fixed Dice  |1| |Chest Kefka s Tower
Trump       |%|V|Buy Kohlingen, Thamasa

Dragon Claw |2| |Kill Presenter AND Whelk Head(with an attack wich hits both)
                 (Chest Daryl s Tomb)
Fire Knuckle|%|V|Buy Tzen
Kaiser      |%|V|Buy Tzen
MetalKnuckle|1| |Sabin has it
Mithril Claw|?| |??
Poison Claw |%|V|Buy Tzen
Tiger Fangs |%|E|Steal GtBehemoth(Kefka s Tower)

Aegis Shld  |2| |Chest Mt Zozo/Kefka s Tower
Buckler     |%|H|Steal GreaseMonk(WOB/Veldt)
Crystal Shld|%|V|Buy Maranda
Cursed Shld |1| |Uh, don t remember...
Diamond Shld|%|V|Buy Kohlingen
Flame Shld  |%|E|<<Ice Shld<<Crystal Mail
Force Shld  |2| |Chest Kefka s Tower/Kill Ice Drgn
Genji Shld  |%|E|<<Thunder Shld<<Genji Glove
Gold Shld   |%|V|Buy Tzen
Heavy Shld  |1|M|Chest Secret Passage(South Figaro)
Ice Shld    |%|V|<<Crystal Mail
Mithril Shld|%|H|Steal General(WOB, Veldt)
Paladin Shld|1| |Uncurse the Cursed Shield
TortoiseShld|%|E|<<Imp's Armor
Thunder Shld|%|E|<<Genji Glove /<<Genji Shld/Steal Steroidite (Kefkas Tower)

Bandana     |%|H|Steal Brawler (Veldt)
Bard's Hat  |%|V|Buy Kohlingen
Beret       |%|V|Buy Tzen
Cat Hood    |%|E|<<Imp Halberd
Circlet     |%|V|Buy Jidoor, Thamasa
Coronet     |3| |Chest Kefka s Tower/<<Red Cap
Crystal Helm|%|V|Buy Jidoor, Maranda
Dark Hood   |%|V|Buy Jidoor, Thamasa
Diamond Helm|%|V|Buy Kohlingen
Genji Helmet|5| |Chest Daryl s Tomb/<<Regal Crown<<Coronet<<Red Cap
Green Beret |%|V|Buy Kohlingen
Gold Helmet |%|V|Buy Tzen
Hair Band   |1| |Celes has it
Head Band   |%|H|Steal Iron Fist(WOB/Veldt)
Iron Helmet |%|H|Steal HeavyArmor(Veldt)
Leather Hat |5| |Terra, Locke, Edgar, Sabin, Cyan have it
Magus Hat   |?| |??
Mithril Helm|?| |??
Mystery Veil|%|V|Buy Thamasa
Oath Veil   |%|V|Buy Maranda
Plumed Hat  |3| |Strago, Relm, Gogo have it
Red Cap     |2| |Chest Mt Zozo/Kefka s Tower
Regal Crown |4| |Chest Basement Figaro Castle/<<Coronet<<Red Cap
Thornlet    |%|H|Steal Hidon
Tiara       |?| |??
Tiger Mask  |%|V|Buy Tzen
Titanium    |%|E|<<TortoiseShld<<Imp's Armor

BehemothSuit|%|H|Fight SrBehemoth (Cave on the Veldt/Veldt)
Chocobo Suit|%|E|<<Tabby Suit
Cotton Robe |1| |Strago has it
Crystal Mail|%|V|Buy Maranda
Czarina Gown|%|H|<<Minerva
Dark Gear   |%|V|Buy Jidoor, Maranda
DiamondArmor|%|V|Buy Kohlingen
Diamond Vest|%|V|Buy Kohlingen
Force Armor |3| |Steal Guardian(K's Tow)/Kill StormDrgn(MtZozo)/Chest F's Tow
Gaia Gear   |%|V|Buy Nikeah
Genji Armor |%|E|<<Nutkin Suit<<Moogle Suit
Gold Armor  |%|V|Buy Tzen
Imp's Armor |%|E|Steal Tyranosaur (Dinosaur Forest)
Iron Armor  |1| |Chest Secret Passage(South Figaro)
Kung Fu Suit|1| |Sabin has it
LeatherArmor|4| |Terra, Locke, Edgar, Cyan have it
Light Robe  |%|V|Buy Thamasa
Minerva     |%|H|Steal Pug (Chest Umaro s Cave/Veldt)/<<Czarina Gown
Mirage Vest |%|H|<<Thornlet
Mithril Mail|?|M|??
Mithril Vest|2| |Setzer, Gogo have it
Moogle Suit |%|E|<<Chocobo Suit /Steal Dahling/SoulDancer(OwzersHouse)
Ninja Gear  |1| |Shadow has it
Nutkin Suit |%|E|<<Moogle Suit<<Chocobo Suit<<Tabby Suit
Power Sash  |%|V|Buy Tzen
Red Jacket  |%|V|<<Bone Club<<Sniper
Silk Robe   |1| |Relm has it
Snow Muffler|%|H|<<BehemothSuit
Tabby Suit  |%|E|Steal Wild Cat(Owzer s House)
Tao Robe    |%|V|Buy Maranda
White Dress |?| |??

Air Anchor  |%|E|Steal Scullion (Kefka s Tower)
AutoCrossbow|%|V|Buy Figaro Castle
Bio Blaster |%|V|Buy Figaro Castle
Chain Saw   |%|E|Find Zozo (6:10:50)/ Steal Dueller (Kefka s Tower)
Debilitator |%|V|Buy Figaro Castle
Drill       |%|V|Buy Figaro Castle
Flash       |%|V|Buy Figaro Castle
NoiseBlaster|%|V|Buy Figaro Castle

Bolt Edge   |%|V|Buy Maranda
Fire Skean  |%|V|Buy Maranda
Inviz Edge  |%|V|Buy Maranda
Shadow Edge |%|V|Buy Maranda
Water Edge  |%|V|Buy Maranda

Amulet      |%|V|Buy Tzen, Nikeah, South Figaro
Atlas Armlet|%|V|Buy Jidoor
Back Guard  |%|V|Buy Tzen
Barrier Ring|%|V|Buy Albrook, Thamasa
Beads       |%|V|Buy Nikeah
Black Belt  |%|V|Buy Tzen
Blizzard Orb|2| |<<Rage Ring / Chest Ancient Castle
Charm Bangle|%|H|<<Snow Muffler<<BehemothSuit
Cherub Down |%|V|Buy Jidoor
Coin Toss   |1| |Chest Cave to the Sealed Gate
Crystal Orb |%|E|<<Muscle Belt
Cure Ring   |%|V|Buy Nikeah
Cursed Ring |0|M|Well, this one is REALLY impossible to get without morphing!
Czarina Ring|%|V|Buy Jidoor
Dragon Horn |%|I|<<Economizer / <<Gold Hairpin
DragoonBoots|%|V|Buy Tzen
Earrings    |%|V|Buy Albrook
Economizer  |%|I|Kill Brachosaur (Dinosaur Forest)/Steal Aquila (Phoenix Cave)
Exp Egg     |%|E|<<Tintinabar<<MarvelShoes<<Rename Card<<Elixir
Fairy Ring  |%|V|Buy South Figaro, Thamasa
FakeMustache|%|H|Steal Still Life (Owzer s House/Veldt)
Gale Hairpin|%|V|Buy Nikeah
Gauntlet    |3| |Chest Narshe/Given by Banon (??)/Chest Kefka s Tower
Gem Box     |1| |Top of the Fanatic s Tower
Genji Glove |%|H|Steal Dullahan(Daryl's Tomb)/Steal Dragon(Floating Cont/Veldt)
Goggles     |%|V|Buy South Figaro
Gold Hairpin|%|I|<<Ribbon / <<Dragon Horn<<Economizer
Guard Ring  |%|V|Buy Jidoor
Hero Ring   |%|E|Buy Auction House (Jidoor (only once)) /<<Pod Bracelet
Hyper Wrist |%|V|Buy Nikeah
Jewel Ring  |%|V|Buy Tzen, Albrook, Thamasa
Marvel Shoes|%|E|<<Rename Card<<Elixir
Memento Ring|2| |Steal Wrexsoul (Cyan s Dream)/ Relm has it
Merit Award |%|E|<<Cat Hood<<Imp Halberd
MithrilGlove|%|V|Buy Albrook
Moogle Charm|1| |Just behind Mog when you find him in Narshe
Muscle Belt |%|E|Steal Borras(Mt Zozo)
Offering    |1| |Defeat KatanaSoul (chest in Ancient Castle)
Peace Ring  |%|V|Buy Tzen, Thamasa
Pod Bracelet|%|E|<<Hero Ring/Steal Doom Dragon (thanks Mech Gouki for the info)
Rage Ring   |2| |<<Blizzard Orb / Chest Cave in the Veldt
Relic Ring  |1|M|Chest Owzer s House (Jidoor)
Ribbon      |%|I|Steal Brachosaurs
RunningShoes|%|V|Buy South Figaro
Safety Bit  |2|M|Chest Fanatic s Tower/Steal Doom(Kefkas Tower)
Sneak Ring  |%|V|Buy Tzen
Sniper Sight|%|V|Buy Tzen
Sprint Shoes|%|V|Buy Albrook
Star Pendant|%|V|Buy South Figaro
Thief Glove |%|V|<<Sneak Ring
Tintinabar  |%|E|<<Marvel Shoes<<Rename Card<<Elixir
True Knight |%|V|Buy Albrook
Wall Ring   |%|V|Buy Albrook, South Figaro, Thamasa
White Cape  |%|V|Buy Nikeah
Zephyr Cape |%|V|Buy Nikeah

Antidote    |%|V|Buy Kohlingen
Dried Meat  |%|E|Steal Wart Puck(Gogos Cave)/Steal Brontaur(Kefkas Tower)
Echo Screen |%|V|Buy Figaro Castle, Tzen
Elixir      |%|E|Steal Peepers(Solitary Island)
Ether       |%|H|Steal L.?? Magic(Fanatic s Tower)
Eyedrop     |%|V|Buy Figaro Castle
Fenix Down  |%|V|Buy everywhere
Green Cherry|%|V|Buy Tzen
Magicite    |%|V|<<Fenix Down
Megalixir   |%|E|Steal EarthGuard(Desert on Solitary Island)
Potion      |%|V|Buy everywhere
Remedy      |%|V|Buy Kohlingen
Rename Card |%|E|<<Elixir
Revivify    |%|V|Buy Kohlingen, Tzen
Sleeping Bag|%|V|Buy Kohlingen
Smoke Bomb  |%|V|Buy Albrook
Soft        |%|E|Kill/Steal Cactrot
Super Ball  |%|V|Buy Tzen
Tent        |%|V|Buy Kohlingen
Tincture    |%|V|Buy Kohlingen
Tonic       |%|E|Kill Cruller (Cave of Figaro, Engine Room (Figaro Castle))
Warp Stone  |%|V|Buy Jidoor
X-Ether     |1| |After Poenix Cave (when Locke gives Celes all Those items)
X-Potion    |%|E|Steal Enuo(Ancient Castle)


Here you ll see all the items that can be gotten by morphing. The Chance column
contains the chance (in quarters) of getting the item when you succesful in
morphing, if you see 4, it means that each time you morph the ennemy(s) you ll
get this item, 3 means you have 3 chances on 4, etc. The "Type" column (sorry i
haven t found any better name :) ) contains the interest of morphing to get
this item. I haven t listed any buyable items in this list. I have listed too
in the list the items that you can have because morphing, for example by
waggering an item that you can get only by morphing in the coliseum. These
items have nothing in the number column.

Third column explanation:
O=Only way to get it unlimitedly: Morphing is the only way to get the item
           unlimitedly (the item has a "M" in the 3rd column of the above list)
M=Morph is better: the item is unlimited even without morphing, but morphing is
           less time consuming and easyer to get it (If the item has a "H" or a
           "I" in the 3rd column above), and even if you don t get the wanted
           item, you can get other good stuff in the same morphing list.
S=Same: it s about as long trying to get the item by morphing or with another

Name  |Chance?|Type|

Assassin    |1|O| Covert (Gogo s Cave)
Striker     |1|O| Covert (Gogo s Cave), Outsider (Kefka s Tower)

MithrilBlade|1|M| Drop (Figaro Castle (Engine Room)), Tomb Thumb (Umaro s Cave)

Genji Shld  | |M| <<Thunder Shld<<Genji Glove
Heavy Shld  |1|O| Drop (Figaro Castle (Engine Room)), Tomb Thumb (Umaro s Cave)
TortoiseShld|1|S| Cactrot
Thunder Shld|1|D| Dante (Figaro Castle (Engina Room)), Vectagoyle (KefkasTower)

Mithril Helm|1|O| Drop (Figaro Castle (Engine Room)), Tomb Thumb (Umaro s Cave)
Thornlet    |1|M| Didalos/Veteran (Kefka s Tower)
Titanium    |1|S| Cactrot

Mirage Vest | |M| <<Thornlet
Imp's Armor |1|S| Cactrot
Mithril Mail|1|O| Drop (Figaro Castle (Engine Room)), Tomb Thumb (Umaro s Cave)

Charm Bangle| |M| <<Relic Ring
Cursed Ring |2|O| Didalos/Veteran (Kefka s Tower)
Dragon Horn | |M| <<Safety Bit
Genji Glove |1|M| Retainer (Kefka s Tower)
Marvel Shoes|1|S| SlamDancer (Zozo)
Relic Ring  |1|O| Didalos/Veteran (Kefka s Tower)
Ribbon      |1|S| Dahling (Owzer s House)/Barb-e (Ancient Castle)
Safety Bit  |1|O| Woolly (Gogo s Cave)/Boxed Set (Ancient Castle)
Tintinabar  |1|S| Wild Cat (Owzer s House)/Spek Tor (Doma)

Dried Meat  |4|M| Ceritops (Umaro s Cave)/Nastidon (Narshe)
Soft        |1|M| EarthGuard (desert Solitary Island)...
Tonic       |3|M| Brontaur (Kefka s Tower)...

X) ALL THE STATUS========================

This part is from Master ZED (from the Game Faqs message board), and ONLY from
him, I haven t done anything, but I don t know any faq wich has a so complete
list of status, so i thought it was a good idea to put it here:

Blind: nothing. If you get it, enjoy the kewl shades. :)
Bserk: Always uses Fight, physical strength increased. A Raged character will
 only receive a strength increase when Bserk is cast upon him, as he can still
 use his special attack in Bserk w/ Rage.
Charm: Muddle, but this cannot be blocked if the spell connects. Also, the
 inflicted will not show any graphical representation of the status.
Clear: invisible, physical attacks won't touch you (as well as a couple odd
 Lore spells) but magical attacks are guaranteed to hit. Also makes *most*
 instant death spells able to strike those that normally can't be killed.
Condemned: countdown timer above head. If it hits 0, Doom is cast on the
Dance: character is using a dance and cannot be controlled. Can be cured by
 kiling the character or using Rippler.
Float: Floats in air, some spells (especially Earth-elemental) won't touch
 you, and neither will Chocobop or Interceptor's attacks.
Frozen: character is frozen, like Stop but longer. Can be healed by Fire-
 elemental spells.
Haste: speeds up time so character doesnt take as long to ready for the next
 turn and execute commands.
HP Leak: minor uncurable HP drain. Only found in the Phantasm spell.
Image: Makes any physical attack w/out a perfect hit rate miss. Only lasts
 through a few attacks.
Imp: can't use special abilities except Magic, but only for using Imp, and
 makes physical defenses by most armor weak. Also, this status allows you to
 use the physical defense and battle power stats of Imp equipment.
Interceptor: Interceptor will block physical attacks occasionally, with a
 random chance of one of two of his attacks countering the enemy (Wild Fang or
Life 3: character is revived upon infliction of Wounded. Doesn't work if
 character uses Spiraler or Pep Up.
Magitek: uses Magitek commands. Most special abilites are unusable.
Morph: attacks and defense all double in strength, only lasts for a limited
 time determined by how many Magic Points you've gained.
Muddle: confused, attempts to strike the party on it's own. Monsters will use
 commands from the Control command list when Muddled.
Mute: Cannot use Magic and Lores.
Near Fatal: can use Near Fatal attacks. Shows up when you have 1/8 HP left.
Petrify: petrified, character can accept no commands and takes 0 damage. Any
 status inflicted during Petrify is immediately nulled, but it is possible to
 have such things as zombie statues.
Poison: causes poison-elemntal damage every few turns and drains HP while
 walking on the world map.
Psyche: asleep. The Remedy spell or a physical attack will wake someone up.
Rage: character gains elemental properties, statuses, status defenses and
 special properties of a particular monster, becomes uncontrollable using 1 of
 2 commands in a monster's rage command list every turn. Can be cured by either
 Wounded status or through Rippler.
Reflect: bounces off spells back onto enemies. Also opens character to be
 struck by the Reflect??? lore.
Regen: heals every few seconds. Will damage undead, that's why the Ribbon
 blocks this status.
Safe: takes away 1/3 of all physical damage (only for attacks that don't
 ignore defense).
Seizure: minor HP drain.
Shell: takes away 1/3 of all magical damage (only for spells that don't ignore
Slow: slows down time so character takes longer to ready for the next turn and
 execute commands. If you are permanently Haste (RunningShoes or Marvel Shoes)
 this status can't be inflicted regardless of whether you defend against it or
Stop: character's gauge stops, cannot execute moves until Stop wears off.
Wounded: dead. Must be revived. Can then be hit by such spells as Life or
 ChokeSmoke that are intended to hit dead targets.
Zombie: HP drops to 0, becomes virtually invincible and uncontrollable. If
 only remaining characters are Zombies you're dead.


To Square and Nintendo making this game of course.
To everyone wich has already written a faq on it, some have been excellent
sources of informations.

To everyone on the Game Faq s FF6 forum and especially to:
-Master ZED for all the help and infos
-OG17 wich has spend some time to help me making this faq better.
-Mech Gouki for reading my FAQ ;) and some mistakes corrections

-Mike (dhsmike@hotmail.com) for the "2 Dragon Claws" Info (see Item section)
 and the "Celes Runic" info (see section III.c)
-CzechNmyMail@aol.com for the location of the X-Ether (Item section)
-r8f2000@yahoo.com for the info of the 3 Guardian dirks (Item section)
-Carey Adamson (cadamson1@mac.com), for the programmable pad method upgrade ^^
 (see section IV.b)

I hope I have forgotten no one, but if so, e-mail me plize.

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