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FAQ/Walkthrough by Logik

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/02/01

BY: Logik (logikzer0@aol.com)
Questions, Comments, Flames??  Email me!

Version 1.0 - FAQ Only

    |   *                           *                                   |
    |           ______   *                                 *            |
    |          |  ____|                         *                       |
    | *        | |____ _    _ ______ _____ ____                   *     |
    |          |____  | |  | |  __  | ____|  __|       *                |
    |      *    ____| | |__| | |__| | __|_| |                           |
    |          |______|______|  ____|_____|_|                   *       |
    |                        | |                                        |
    |  *                *    |_|                 *                      |
    |                          ______ _                    _   *        |
    |                         |  ____| | *                | |           |
    |            *            | | ___| |____ ______ _    _| |_____      |
    |  *                      | ||__ |  __  |  __  | |  | | |  ___|     |
    |                         | |__| | |  | | |__| | |__| | |___  |     |
    |                     *   |______|_|  |_|______|______|_|_____|  *  |
    |         *                                  *                      |
    |                     ______ _                         *            |
    |     _              |  ____| |    *               _                |
    |    /_/ ______      | | ___| |____ ______ _____ _| |_ _____        |
    |       |  __  |     | ||__ |  __  |  __  |  ___|_   _|  ___|      *|
    |       | |  | |     | |__| | |  | | |__| |___  | | | |___  |       |
    |  *    |_|  |_|     |______|_|  |_|______|_____| |_| |_____|       |
    |                *                                           *      |

Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts -- the Super Nintendo sequel to the painfully difficult 
NES game, Ghosts 'N Goblins -- was one of the earlier releases for the SNES.  I
bought this game when I was about 10 years old, and boy was it difficult.  I
eventually lost the game somewhere along the line, and the other day I was at
funcoland looking at some old games, and bought this for like $5.  Needless to
say the game was quite a bit easier, but not easy by ANY means.  I hope you
enjoy this FAQ/WALKTHROUGH and I'll be happy to answer and questions through
email.  And if you want to use this FAQ on a site for any reason, please just
email me, it won't be a problem.


  1. Story
  2. Basics
  3. Armor
  4. Weapons
      A. Normal Weapons
      B. Enhanced Weapons
      C. Magic
  5. Treasure Chests
  6. Items
  7. Enemies


  1. Stage 1
      A. The Haunted Graveyard
      B. The Forest of Fear - BOSS
  2. Stage 2
      A. The Graveyard of Ships
      B. The Sea of Despair - BOSS
  3. Stage 3
      A. Crucible of Flame
      B. Towers of Molten Steel - BOSS
  4. Stage 4
      A. The Ghoul's Stomach
      B. The Ghoul's Stomach Part 2 - BOSS
  5. Stage 5
      A. The Ice Forest
      B. The Ice Wall - BOSS
  6. Stage 6 - Castle of the Emperor - BOSS
  7. Stage 7 - Hallway of Ghouls - 2 BOSSES
  8. Stage 8 - Throne Room


1. --- STORY ---

Not really a whole lot of story.  The intro starts with our hero running
through some type of celebration...armor and all.  He runs into a castle and
meets his Princess.  As they come closer you see something closing in on the
castle window, then CRASH!!!!!!!!! your girlfriend, the princess, is snatched
up by a demonic flying creature and swept away.  Obviously quite pissed, you
set off to rescue your chick.  From then on you take your variety of weapons
and armor to fight off an army of Ghouls and Ghosts, and finally the evil

2. --- BASICS ---

LEFT/RIGHT - Move left or right
DOWN - Crouch down
B - Jump (press B again in the air for a double-jump)
Y - Weapon (hold Y to charge magic with Gold Armor)
START - Pause

*NOTE - If you throw your weapon after double jumping, you will spin and the
hit will be more powerful

Weapons, items, and armor are automatically picked up when you run into them.

If you fall off the edge of a cliff you fall STRAIGHT DOWN, you have no control
over this.

Water kills you, always.

You start out with regular silver armor, if you get hit once, you're down to
your boxers, get hit one more time....pile of bones...you're dead.

Even if you gain better armor, one hit will take it away.  (Unless you have a
shield, in which case a projectile can be blocked.)

You can't throw your weapon when climbing a ladder, so don't even try.

Double-Jumping or standing in certain places can reveal certain hidden treasure
chests...I don't know if I've covered every single one, so experiment!

3. --- ARMOR ---

Like I said before, you start out with regular silver armor, which will protect
you for one hit.  If you get enough treasure chests, you can attain different
types of armor, which have their benefits.

BRONZE ARMOR (I dunno, looks green to me) - Makes your weapon enhanced

GOLD ARMOR - Makes your weapon enhanced, and allows you to use magic!

SHIELD - Comes with the Gold Armor, protects you from 1 projectile

SHIELD UPRGRADE - Found in treasure chests, protects you from 3 projectiles

*NOTE - Both armors are gone after one hit...back to the boxers, so be cautious

4. --- WEAPONS ---

Throughout the game you can pick up different weapons, these can either come
from treasure chests or from enemies carrying containers.  It's random as to
which weapon you get.

A. Normal Weapons

LANCE/JAVELIN - This is your default weapon at the start of the game, it flies
in a straight pattern and you can only have 2 on the screen at once, it ends up
being quite slow and is not a great weapon to have.

KNIFE/DAGGER - This weapon also flies in a straight line, but you can have up
to 3 on the screen at once.  This is one of my favorites because of its speed.

AXE - Flies to your left or right, depending on the direction youre facing, and
moves in quick circles.  It's kind of awkward and can be difficult to hit
enemies with it...not my favorite at all.  You can only have one on the screen
at at time.

SCYTHE/SICKLE - Flies in a straight pattern and hits the enemy twice.  I don't
think it actually does more damage though.  If you press down while throwing
this you can make it swoop downward as well.  It's not a bad weapon, but not
the greatest because you can only have one on the screen at a time.

FIRE/TORCH - After throwing this it falls to the ground and poofs up about 4
small columns of flames...very low range weapon, not too useful.  You can have
two of these on the screen at once.

CROSSBOW - I love this weapon!!  It shoots out 2 arrows at once, one at a 45
degree angle and one at a 20 degree angle.  Each arrow only does half as much
damage as normal weapons though.  I believe you can have 3 or 4 of these shots
on the screen at once.

TRI-BLADE - This weapon has a strange pattern, kind of the shape of an L.  Goes
up, then back down, then forward, then back to you.  Not real useful since its
terribly difficult to aim, but if you can get directly under an enemy it works
wonders!  You can have 2 of these on the screen at once.

GODDESS RING - You can only get this on your second time through the game.  It
is necessary to defeat Sardius at the end.  It shoots out a comet-like energy
ball in a straight line in front of you.  This weapon grows stronger and has
more range as your armor is upgraded, it can also block projectiles.

B. Enhanced Weapons

FLAMING LANCE/JAVELIN - Pretty much the same as the regular weapon, just more
powerful, you can have 2 on the screen at once.

LASER KNIFE/DAGGER - Daggers turn into laser as soon as you throw them, this
weapon is AWESOME!  If it hits an enemy it keeps going until its off the
screen.  You could line up 15 Zombies and destroy them with one hit!

DOUBLE-EDGED AXE - This is one huge axe, flies upward the back down and finally
forward, destroying everything in it's path.  Only one on the screen at once.

SUPER SCYTHE/SICKLE - Same as the regular weapon, just looks prettier and is a
little more powerful, you can only have one at a time on the screen.  This can
also be curved downwards like the regular scythe.

MEGA FLAME/TORCH - Well, it looks like a fireball now, and it does pretty much
the same thing.  The flame columns are a little higher now, only two on the
screen at once.

HOMING CROSSBOW - Shoots three homing balls out that seek anything from
treasure chests to enemies.  You can only shoot one at a time though, so it can
be kind of frustrating when it won't leave the screen.

SHURIKEN BLADE - Does the same thing as the tri-blade, just a little more
powerful.  Looks a bit cooler too.

C. Magic

Hold the Y button down until the bars at the top fill up twice and the weapon
icon changes..and you have magic!

LANCE/JAVELIN MAGIC - Lightning bolt comes down from above you, then shoots out
both sides of you to the end of the screen.  This can be helpful if you have
lots of enemies coming towards you on the ground, but it doesn't last very

KNIFE/DAGGER MAGIC - A fire dragon comes out of you and flies in a odd pattern,
destroying everything in its path, not a very useful magic.

AXE MAGIC - A circle of lasers erupts from your body.  Useful in tight spots,
but the lasers are thin and can miss pretty easily.

SCYTHE/SICKLE MAGIC - Two large tornadoes circle outward from your body, it
covers a wide area and is probably the best magic in the game.

FLAME/TORCH MAGIC - Three fire shields come out and surround you, circling your
body.  This shield kills enemies and blocks projectiles.  But they can still
sneak in between the flames, not as good as it may sound.

CROSSBOW MAGIC - This magic is a little strange, it doesn't harm enemies or
protect you.  If you use it, and there are hidden treasure chests on the
screen, they are revealed.

TRI-BLADE MAGIC - A nuclear explosion erupts above you, not that great.


Throughout the game you may encounter hidden treasure chests.  These reveal
themselves from the ground when you step on a certain spot or jump in a certain
spot.  There is a pattern to the items you receive.  The following pattern is
based upon having silver armor and not losing it.

1. Weapon
2. Bronze Armor
3. Gold Armor
4. Shield
5. Weapon
6. Bear Trap

If you get more than this, which doesn't happen too often ...trust me... you
will either get weapons or wizards.  Wizards turn you into helpless forms,
usually a baby.

If you are hit with armor on, you become naked (or close enough anyway). 
Collecting treasure chests will go in a different pattern after this.

1. Wizard or Weapon
2. Silver armor

Then it follows the first pattern.

6. --- ITEMS ---

Items include anything you obtain that isn't a weapon or armor.  These are
pretty much useless, just add a little variety, and give you some extra points
for your efforts.

Unarmored Statue - 200 pts.
Armored Statue - 500 pts.
Gray money bag - 500 pts.
Gold money bag - 1000 pts.

7. --- ENEMIES ---

*NOTE - I am making up my own names for these, since I haven't seen the credits
yet with the enemy names.

 Stage 1 Enemies -

ZOMBIE - Grow from the ground in coffins, walk slowly towards you, just like a
zombie!  There is really no threat from these guys.

WOLF - Sits and waits for you, then jumps high in the air and back down.  Watch
out for these guys when they are underneath you, otherwise, no problem.

FIRE SKULLS - Skulls sit on the ground until you get close enough, then they
rise on a column of fire and spit fire balls at you.  I don't like these guys
at all, they take quite a few hits and the fire balls can get really annoying.

BONE TOWERS - Not really a live enemy, they drop skulls, 3 at a time, be
careful not to get hit when you walk underneath them.

OYSTERS - Found in the tsunami area of Stage 1, these guys jump up and spit
eyeballs at you, time your hit to hit them before they spit out the eyeball. 
They only take one hit.

PULSING SPORES - Start out very small, but quickly grow in size to a large
pulsing ball.  Kill these guys quick before they erupt and shoot fireballs in
all directions.

SKULL-ON-WHEELS - Just sits there until the ground moves, then theyre directed
by gravity, just jump over them.

 Stage 2 Enemies -

GHOSTS - Fly around in the background and do no harm, but watch out when they
start to spin, theyre about to turn into a ghost, one hit takes care of these
guys, and as long as you keep running they won't be able to gang up on you.

AXE PENDULUM - Swing back and forth, some faster than others, can get annoying
when you are fighting off ghosts.

SPERM-IN-A-BOX - I don't know what else to call these guys, they start out in a
pseudo-treasure box, peek out, and then fly towards you.  They really do look 
like sperm, and if you kill them while theyre in the box, the box disappears
too.  Otherwise, sperm are recreated indefintely.

PIRHANA - Little fish that swim around in the water and try to kill you, not
much of a threat, just watch out when jumping over columns so you don't land on

SPITTING ANEMONE - Little sea anemones that cling to columns and spit starfish
out of their mouths.  Don't underestimate these guys, they take quite a few
hits and the spitting is annoying because of the constant water movement.

FISHMAN - Float in the background, where they are harmless.  But watch out,
they will sneak up on you from below...hit them a couple times and they are

 Stage 3 Enemies -

FIRE FAERIE - Emerge from the lava and try to sneak up on you.  They can be
quite fast and hard to hit...frustrating!

BEHEMOTH - Big fat wolf looking guys that spit lines of fire at you, stand at a
distance and plug away at em...no big deal.

LAVA GACKER - Little head statues that sit above lava pools.  Time your jump
between their spits.

RED GARGOYLE - The hardest enemy in the game!!!  If you shoot at the they move
out of the way, they attack you VERY quickly when you least expect it.  You
better have crossbow or magic crossbow if you plan on making it past these guys

BAT - Just a plain old bat...fly towards you in either a straight or diagonal

GARGOYLE STATUE - Sit on the sides of the towards, and they don't do a damn
thing, just get in the way.  Hit them twice to crumble them.

GOBLIN - Falls from above with a spear in hand, quickly move and strike to take
these guys down.

 Stage 4 Enemies -

AXE GENIES - Buff blue guys that swoop side to side holding axe's...kill them
before they gang up on you.

GUT FAERIES - Same as fire faeries, just a different color...annoying annoying

 Stage 5 Enemies -

ICE BEHEMOTH - Same as behemoth, just breathes ice instead of fire.

GREEN SKULLS - Same as fire skulls, but they spit a greenish fire.

ICE WOLF - Same as a regular wolf, but they run as well as jump.

ICE SNAKE - Grow from the ground in a random pattern, you have to hit them a
couple times to break them, don't get trapped.

SHIELDERS - Fly towards you in an up-down pattern, shielded in the front...hit
them in the back once to take care of them.

 Stage 6 Enemies -

MINI COCKATRICE - Like the boss on the first level, except its just the head,
attached to a wall.  Watch out when they extend and shoot fireballs.  They take
quite a few hits to destroy.


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