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Game Boy Batman Forever Graphics
GameGear Batman Forever Graphics
Genesis Batman Forever Additional Graphics
Genesis Batman Forever Backgrounds
Super Nintendo Batman Forever Additional Graphics
Super Nintendo Batman Forever Backgrounds
Amiga Big Run Graphics
Commodore 64 Counter Force Graphics
Commodore 64 Double Dragon III: Rosetta Stone Graphics
Amiga Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone Graphics
Super Nintendo Firepower 2000 Game Artist
PlayStation Forsaken Artwork
PlayStation Forsaken Level Creation
Commodore 64 Hades Nebula Graphics
GameCube Hot Wheels: World Race Environment Team
PC Hot Wheels: World Race Environment Team
PlayStation 2 Hot Wheels: World Race Environment Team
Super Nintendo Mr. Tuff Graphics
PlayStation 2 Rally Fusion: Race of Champions Art Team
Commodore 64 Shinobi Graphics
Acorn Archimedes SWIV Game Design
Amiga SWIV Designer/Artist
Commodore 64 SWIV Designer
Super Nintendo The Lawnmower Man 3D Graphics
Commodore 64 The Ninja Warriors Graphics