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PlayStation Bloody Roar Voice Talent
PlayStation 2 Bloody Roar 3 Voice Talent: Yugo / System Voice
PlayStation Bogey: Dead 6 Voice Talent
PlayStation Clock Tower Voice: Rick
Arcade Games Confidential Mission Voice Actor
Dreamcast Confidential Mission Voice Actor
PlayStation Countdown Vampires Keith J. Snyder (Voice)
Wii Ghost Squad Voice Actor "Alex Havoc"
PlayStation Legend of Legaia Voices
PlayStation 2 Mega Man X7 Red (English voice)
PlayStation 2 Musashi: Samurai Legend Master Mew Voice Actor
PlayStation Resident Evil Voice: Barry Burton
Sega CD Robo Aleste Voice Talent
Dreamcast Seventh Cross Evolution Voice Talent
PlayStation 2 Silpheed: The Lost Planet Voice Actor
PlayStation Tobal No. 1 Voice: Referee
Arcade Games Toy Fighter Voice: Hero
Nintendo 64 WinBack: Covert Operations English Voice Acting
PlayStation 2 WinBack: Covert Operations English Voice Acting