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PSP After Burner: Black Falcon Executive Producer
Xbox Armed and Dangerous Art Direction
Xbox Armed and Dangerous Character Design
Xbox Armed and Dangerous Conceived and Designed by
Xbox Armed and Dangerous Executive Producer
Commodore 64 BMX Kidz Title Screen
Apple II Conan Additional Graphics
Amiga Devious Designs Graphics
Macintosh Giants: Citizen Kabuto Co-Art Director
PC Giants: Citizen Kabuto Co-Art Director
PlayStation 2 Giants: Citizen Kabuto Co-Art Director
Commodore 64 IO: Into Oblivion Graphics
Macintosh MDK Design/Artwork
PC MDK Design/Artwork
Commodore 64 Mega Apocalypse Title Screen
Amiga MYTH: History in the Making Graphics
Amiga Quartz Graphics
Genesis RoboCop Versus The Terminator Lead Animation and Art Director
Super Nintendo The Terminator Graphics