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Sega CD Aisle Lord Visual Graphics
MSX Arcus II: Silent Symphony Graphics
Genesis Arcus Odyssey Graphic Design
Sharp X68000 Arcus Odyssey Graphic Design
Saturn Battle Arena Toshinden URA Background and 2D Graphic Design
Saturn Choro Q Park Graphic Designer
Sega CD Cobra Command Design Supervisor
Genesis Crusader of Centy Graphic Design
Saturn Cyber Speedway Assist Design & Texture Mapping
Genesis Dino Land Graphic Design
Genesis Earnest Evans Graphics
Sega CD Earnest Evans Stage Map Graphics
Sega CD Earnest Evans Visual Graphics
Sega CD Fhey Area Visual Graphics
Genesis Final Zone Graphics
Genesis Granada Graphics
Saturn Linkle Liver Story Graphic Design
Super Nintendo Neugier: Umi to Kaze no Koudou Graphic Designer
Dreamcast Resident Evil Code: Veronica Graphic Design
Sega CD Sol-Feace Graphics
Sharp X68000 Sol-Feace Graphics
Nintendo Switch Super Mario Party Art
Sega CD Tenbu: Mega CD Special Art
Sega CD Time Gal Design Supervisor
Sharp X68000 Zan: Kagerou no Toki Artist