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Amiga 9 Lives Musician
PC Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Sorcerer Music
Amstrad CPC Altered Beast Music
Commodore 64 Altered Beast Music
Commodore 64 Altered Beast Music
Commodore 64 Armalyte Musician
Amiga Atomic Robo-Kid Musician
Commodore 64 Atomic Robo-Kid Music
Amiga AV8B Harrier Assault Musician
Commodore 64 Back to the Future Writer
PC Barbie Horse Adventures: Mystery Ride Art Manager
Xbox Blood Wake Art
Commodore 64 Chameleon Coder
Commodore 64 Chameleon Music
Game Boy Chuck Rock Music and SFX
Commodore 64 Citadel Music
Commodore 64 Citadel Programmer
Game Boy Cliffhanger Music
Game Boy Cutthroat Island Music
GameGear Cutthroat Island Music
Amiga Devious Designs Musician
Commodore 64 Dragon Breed Music
Game Boy Earthworm Jim Sound
GameGear Earthworm Jim Music
Sega Master System Earthworm Jim Sound
Commodore 64 Final Blow Music
Amiga Hunter Musician
Amiga Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Musician
Amiga Legends of Valour Music/Sound Effects
PC Legends of Valour Audio
Commodore 64 Ninja Spirit Music
Amiga R-Type II Musician
Amiga Reach for the Skies Musician
Arcade Games Rod-Land Sound
Commodore 64 Rodland Sound
Commodore 64 Rupert and the Toy Maker's Party Creator and Music
Commodore 64 Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe Music
Amiga Spindizzy Worlds Music
GameGear Sports Trivia Music
GameGear Sports Trivia: Championship Edition Music
Game Boy Street Racer Music and SFX
Commodore 64 SWIV Musician
Game Boy Tarzan: Lord of the Jungle Music
Amiga Thunderhawk Music/Sound
Commodore 64 Time Machine Music
Super Nintendo Time Slip Music and SFX
GameGear VR Troopers Music
Game Boy Waterworld Sound Driver
Game Boy Yogi Bear's Goldrush Music