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Nintendo 64 007: The World is Not Enough Audio Technical Director
Commodore 64 19 Part One: Boot Camp Music
Amiga 688 Attack Sub Music
PC 688 Attack Sub Sound Effects
Commodore 64 Action Biker Music
Commodore 64 Battle of Britain Music
Genesis Battle Squadron Music Conversion
Amstrad CPC BMX Kidz Music
Commodore 64 BMX Kidz Music
PC Budokan: The Martial Spirit Music & Sound
Super Nintendo Bulls vs Blazers and the NBA Playoffs Sound and Music
Commodore 64 Bump Set Spike! Music
Commodore 64 Captain Zzap Music
Genesis Centurion: Defender of Rome Sound Programming
Commodore 64 Chimera Music
Commodore 64 Chop n' Drop Music
Commodore 64 Commando Musician
Commodore 64 Confuzion Music
Commodore 64 Crazy Comets Music
Commodore 64 Deep Strike Music
Commodore 64 Delta Patrol Musician
Commodore 64 Dragon's Lair Part II: Escape from Singe's Castle Music
Commodore 64 Dragon's Lair Part II: Escape from Singe's Castle Music
PC F/A-18 Audio Technical Director
Commodore 64 Formula 1 Simulator Music
Commodore 64 Geoff Capes Strongman Challenge Musician
Commodore 64 Gerry the Germ goes Body Poppin' Musician
Commodore 64 Hollywood or Bust Music
Commodore 64 Hunter Patrol Music
Commodore 64 I, Ball Musician
Amiga Indianapolis 500: The Simulation Musician
Commodore 64 International Karate Music
Commodore 64 Invasion Music
Genesis James Pond II: Codename: Robocod Music and Sound Effects Translation
3DO John Madden Football Audio Director
Genesis John Madden Football Music and Sound
Super Nintendo John Madden Football Sound & Music
Commodore 64 Kentilla Music
Commodore 64 Kings of the Beach Music
PC Kings of the Beach Music and Sound FX
Commodore 64 Knuckle Busters Music
Commodore 64 Las Vegas Video Poker Musician
Commodore 64 Lightforce Music
PC Low Blow Music and Sound Effects
Commodore 64 Mega Apocalypse Music
Amstrad CPC Nemesis the Warlock SFX/Music
Commodore 64 Nemesis the Warlock Music
Genesis NHL '94 Music and Sound
Genesis NHL 95 Sound Design
Super Nintendo NHL 95 Music and Sound
Super Nintendo NHLPA Hockey 93 Music and Sound
Commodore 64 Ninja Music
Commodore 64 One Man and His Droid Music
Commodore 64 Pandora Music
Genesis PGA European Tour Audio
3DO PGA Tour 96 Sounds and Music
PlayStation PGA Tour 96 Music
Super Nintendo PGA Tour 96 Sound and Music
Genesis PGA Tour Golf Audio
PC PGA Tour Golf Music
Super Nintendo PGA Tour Golf Sound/Music
Genesis PGA Tour Golf II Audio
Genesis PGA Tour Golf III Composer
Commodore 64 Phantom of the Asteroids Music
Commodore 64 Polowanie na Litery Music
Sega Master System Populous Sound and Music
Game Boy Populous Gaiden Music
Amiga Populous: The Promised Lands Musician
Commodore 64 Power Play Hockey: USA vs USSR Music
Commodore 64 Premier League Music
Commodore 64 Rasputin Music
Commodore 64 Ricochet Music
Genesis Road Rash Music
Genesis Road Rash Sound
Genesis Road Rash II Sounds and Music
Commodore 64 Saboteur II: Avenging Angel Music
Commodore 64 Sanxion Music
Commodore 64 Skate or Die Music
NES Skate or Die 2: The Search for Double Trouble Sound/Music
Amstrad CPC Spellbound SFX/Music
PlayStation 2 Swing Away Golf Audio Director
Commodore 64 Tarzan Music
Genesis Team USA Basketball Sound and Music
Commodore 64 Thanatos Music
Amiga The Bard's Tale 3: The Thief of Fate Musician
Atari 8-bit The Extirpator! Music
Commodore 64 The Human Race Music
Genesis The Immortal Music
NES The Immortal Music
Commodore 64 The Last V8 Musician
3DO The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes Music
PC The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Serrated Scalpel Music & Sound
Commodore 64 The Master of Magic Music
Commodore 64 Thing on a Spring Music
Commodore 64 Thrust Music
Commodore 64 Thundercats Music
Commodore 64 Trans-Atlantic Balloon Challenge Music
Commodore 64 W.A.R. Music
Amstrad CPC Warhawk SFX/Music
Commodore 64 Warhawk Music
PlayStation Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger Audio
Commodore 64 Wiz Music
PlayStation 2 X-Squad Audio Director
Commodore 64 Zoids Music
Commodore 64 Zoids Musician