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DS Advance Wars: Days of Ruin Artwork
3DS Animal Crossing: New Leaf Artwork
GameCube Chibi-Robo! Artwork
3DS Crashmo Artwork
3DS Detective Pikachu Artwork:
Game Boy Advance Fire Emblem Artwork
DS Kirby Super Star Ultra Artwork Support
Wii Kirby's Epic Yarn Artwork Support
DS Learn with Pokemon: Typing Adventure Artwork
Game Boy Advance Mother 3 Artwork
Game Boy Advance Pokemon Emerald Version Artwork
DS Pokemon HeartGold Version Artwork
3DS Pokemon Rumble Blast Artwork
DS Pokemon SoulSilver Version Artwork
3DS Pokemon X Artwork Support
3DS Pokemon Y Artwork Support
Wii PokePark 2: Wonders Beyond Artwork
DS Style Savvy Artwork
DS Trace Memory Artwork
3DS Yoshi's New Island Artwork [Nintendo]
Wii Zero: Tsukihami no Kamen Title Logo Design