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PlayStation AubirdForce After Narration (Japanese)
GameCube Baten Kaitos Origins Japanese Voice: Wiseman
PlayStation 2 BCV: Battle Construction Vehicles Voice Talent: Ume Shurabe (Japanese)
PlayStation Bushido Blade 2 Voice Actor (Japanese)
PlayStation 2 Capcom Fighting Evolution Voice: Leo (Japanese)
Dreamcast Dead or Alive 2 Voice Actor: Bass:
PlayStation 2 Dead or Alive 2 Voice Actor (Bass)
Xbox Dead or Alive 3 Voice Actor for Bass
Xbox 360 Dead or Alive 4 Voice: Bass Armstrong
Xbox Dead or Alive Ultimate Voice: Bass Armstrong
PlayStation 2 DOA2: Hardcore Voice Actors
PlayStation 2 Galaxy Angel: Moonlit Lovers Sigurd Sidmeyer
PlayStation Growlanser Voice: Maxwell
PSP Growlanser Voice: Maxwell
LaserActive I Will: The Story Of London Voice Actor: Antenna (Japanese)
Dreamcast Interlude Additional Voices (Japanese)
PlayStation 2 Jak II Japanese voice of Mog, Baron Praxis
PlayStation 2 Lunatic Dawn Tempest Voice Actor (Japanese)
PlayStation 2 Mega Man X: Command Mission Voice: Silver Horned, Incentas
PlayStation PoPoRoGue Voice Talent: Zappa (Japanese)
PlayStation Ridegear Guybrave Voice Actor: Dahar (Japanese)
Sega CD Rise of the Dragon Voice: Barren (Japanese)
PlayStation 2 Samurai Warriors: Xtreme Legends Voice (JP): Takeda Shingen
PlayStation 2 Spartan: Total Warrior Voice Actor: Ares (Japanese)
PlayStation Star Gladiator Episode I - Final Crusade Voice Talent (Japanese)
PlayStation 2 Tales of Rebirth Tohma
PSP Tales of Rebirth Tohma
Xbox Tenchu: Return From Darkness Voice Talent (Japanese)
PlayStation 2 Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven Japanese Voice Actor
Arcade Games Time Crisis 4 Jack Mathers (Japanese Voice)
Arcade Games Time Crisis 4 VSSE Director (Japanese Voice)
PlayStation Tobal No. 1 Voice: Ill-Goga
PlayStation 2 Wild ARMs 5 Japanese Voice: Elvis
PlayStation 2 Yoake no Mariko Voice: Branco (Japanese)