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Super Nintendo ActRaiser ENIX America Staff
PlayStation Astronoka Executive Producer
PSP Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Production Executive
Super Nintendo Dark Half Project Manager
PSP Dissidia: Final Fantasy Production Executive
Wii Dragon Quest 25 Shuunen Kinen: Famicom & Super Famicom Dragon Quest I-II-III Production Executive
PlayStation Dragon Quest IV Publisher
PlayStation Dragon Quest Monsters 1+2: Hoshiori no Yuusha to Bokujou no Nakamatachi Publisher
PlayStation 2 Dragon Quest V: Tenkuu no Hanayome Publisher
PlayStation 2 Drakengard Publisher
PlayStation 3 Elevator Action Deluxe Production Executive
PlayStation 3 Final Fantasy XIII Production Executive
Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XIII Production Executive
PlayStation 2 Itadaki Street 3 Publisher
PlayStation Itadaki Street: Gorgeous King Executive Producer
DS Kingdom Hearts Re:coded General Producer (h.a.n.d)
Nintendo 64 Mischief Makers Executive Producer
PlayStation Mystic Ark: Maboroshi Gekijo Executive Producer
PlayStation Planet Laika Executive Producer
Super Nintendo Soul Blazer Enix America Staff
PlayStation Suzuki Bakuhatsu Executive Producer
PlayStation 2 The Fear Publisher
3DS Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call Production Executive